his shirts are sick

you know why i want to date phil?

its not because he’s cute, funny, or really creative (even though he is)


i just want to be his shirt stealing girlfriend


thats right

i’m in this

for the



The sun was just beginning to stain the sky a light pink when Barty stirred, his head pounding and mind foggy. Unable to take in his surrounding all at once, he took it a step at a time- He was outside, certainly… And what was that on his shirt? Slowly, it registered as sick as he glanced around for an explanation and found a pool of it by the nearby rose bush. A wave of nausea washing over him, Barty struggled to keep it together as he continued to piece together the events of the previous evening.

There’d been a party- that much he remembered. It was Malfoy’s Halloween masquerade, and he’d gone as Achilles, which would explain the discarded golden laurel wreath that had previously resided amongst his curls, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember how it had gotten there. He couldn’t recall anything that had happened after his fight with Amycus in fact, and with a groan he resigned himself to writing it off as a drunken disaster. 

Rubbing his temple, he slowly stood and collected himself to prepare to apparate home. The thought of going home, drawing the curtains, and doing nothing but sit in the darkness with a gallon of water and pain potions for the rest of the day sounded too good to be true, and indeed it was, as with a snap of his fingers he found himself at the door of his and Rabastan’s apartment with one less toenail than he’d had before. Shite. Really, he should have known better than to apparate in the state he was in, and his splinching was just another incident to add to the statistics demonstrating the dangers of apparating whilst intoxicated. 

Stumbling into the apartment, he was surprised to find that his flatmate was nowhere to be found, leaving him to dig through the cupboards alone until he finally found a small vial of Essence of Dittany. The boy let out a string of curses as he poured a few drops onto his big toe, and had to bite his lip to hold back a shriek as he felt the potion’s effects kick in. After his small injury was taken care of, he went into his room to change out of his filthy costume. 

It was only after he’d changed into sweats and a white t-shirt that he really allowed himself to wonder where Rabastan had disappeared to. With a frown, he considered that he must have gone home with someone else after the party and had yet to rise and leave yet. It was probably Amycus, he thought, his blood pressure slowly rising, Hell, Lestrange would probably stay for breakfast. He was snapped out of considering the hypotheticals when he heard a sharp knock on the door, however, and he cringed as the sound of it hit his sensitive ears. “I’m coming!” He barked, bolting to the front door and swinging it open to reveal none other than the boy he’d been thinking about just moments before, looking incredibly worse for wear. “Merlin’s pants,” Barty exclaimed, eyes widening as he took in the boy’s bloodied appearance, “What the fuck happened to you?”

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The elevation of James’ voice causes a visible shudder to rip up Jarvis’ spine; eyes momentarily flutter closed as he re-acclimates to the atmosphere of the room. Bucky’s concern doesn’t frighten him, but after what he’s just been through he can’t help but be on edge. Teeth grit and fingers shakily undoing the buttons of his shirt; removing his wet clothes to avoid sickness. He is halted though by a towel being moved over his shoulder, and the tender dabs against his chin to wipe away any blood that still runs there.

Jarvis sighs audibly.

I don’t want you to…-Jarvis stops Bucky’s hands from cleaning his face, his skin cold in contrast to the man’s warmth.  ❝ …It’s…alright. Bucky, I know this must upset you but…I don’t want anymore violence. Not on my behalf. My darling, I am fine. I promise.

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Hope you got my fluffy sick!Len prompt but here is some Killerwave: The teams are working together again and Barry and Len are bickering, while Cisco and Lisa are flirting. It's snowstorm's wedding anniversary, after Ronny went missing (or they got divorced). Caitlin is sad and not talking much, which is weird to Mick. So he decides to distract her. "You're a doctor, right? I have trouble moving my arm lately, care to see why that is?" And he just takes his shirt off for her then and there

I didn’t get a sick!Len prompt :’( Damn I hate my ask box. You remember enough of what you wrote to send it again?

oh my god I was reading that thinking all these cute scenarios and then I got to the last line and I am legitimately crying with laughter. I’m definitely going to write this as a one-shot (maybe two), I’ll post it some time soon!

Imagine#10: Cute moment-Daniel (Skip)

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Daniel caught a fever and you didn’t know until you came back from work. You saw him in bed looking horrible.

“ Omg Daniel why hadn’t you called me I could of came home early.” I said as I grabbed a wet cloth to cool  down his fever. “ I didn’t want to bug you love. plus you love working with the kids.” He explained than coughed. “ I know but Daniel they have the other teacher that will watch them.” I sighed and wiped his face with the cloth.

“I’m requesting off the next two days” I said and changed into one of his shirts. “But yn-” I cut him off. “ No butts your sick babe” I ran and got medicine and water for him. “ take this it’ll help” He drank the liquid and gave a sour face “That is just gross.” he drank more and laid down. I got into bed and scooted closer to him. He scooted away. “ Nooo i’m gonna get you sick” Daniel coughed. “ It’s okay Daniel” I laid down and cuddled with him.

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Daniel laid on my stomach as I read paper towns. I played with his hair for a little while and kept reading once I got tired I turned off the light and hugged Daniel. “ Such a weirdo but I love you” I kissed the top of his head and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of coughing. I Looked at the clock and it was 4 in the morning. “ Daniel are you okay” I said and walked to the bathroom to were he was. “ yea i’m fine babe you can go back to sleep. “ no i’m staying up till you sleep” I said and hugged his waist. “ I don’t mind babe as long as your okay” I hugged him tighter. He smiled and walked back to bed with me still hanging on. I let him go and got a cold cloth and medicine plus water. “ here babe” I laid down and waited till he drank all of it.

He laid down “ thank you for taking care of my sick ass yn” I giggled. “ it’s not a problem bby as long as your healthy. I love you” I pecked his lips he smiled and grabbed me “ I love you too yn” He kissed me once more and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and made Daniel some breakfast. I cooked pancakes and bacon for him. As I was cooking I heard the bedroom door open. “ babe is that you?” I called out. I felt a pair of arms around me and he pecked my cheek. “ yes what are you doing love” He swayed us back and fourth. “ your food skip” I grabbed a plate and place the food on it.

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“ thank you again for everything babe” He said. I grabbed the food and Daniel carried me bridal style on onto the couch. we ate and ended up watching movies all day. Daniel’s fever soon went down. I coughed really bad. “ looks like the princess has to be pampered now” He laughed and kissed you.

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14 and 21

14 he just walks around in shorts and a t-shirt when he’s sick

21 his most expensive thing to wear um i guess his new dress shirt and pants

The Bane of the U.S. Government’s Secrecy Guardians: FOIA Expert Jason Leopold

July 20, 2015

A Wizard at Prying Government Secrets From the Government

Ravi Somaiya

New York Times

July 20, 2015

LOS ANGELES —  When the reporter Jason Leopold gets ready to take on the United States government, he psychs himself up by listening to the heavy metal bands Slayer and Pantera.

Mr. Leopold describes himself as “a pretty rageful guy.” He argued recently with staff members at his son’s preschool because he objected to their references to “Indians” and they objected to his wearing family-unfriendly punk rock T-shirts to school meetings.

Mr. Leopold, 45, who works for Vice News, reserves most of his aggression for dealing with the government. He has revealed about 20,000 pages of government documents, some of them the basis for explosive news stories. Despite his appearance — on a recent day his T-shirt featured the band name “Sick of It All” — his secret weapon is the opposite of anarchic: an encyclopedic knowledge of the Freedom of Information Act, the labyrinthine administration machine that serves it and the kind of legal judo often required to pry information from it.

His small office, just off the kitchen in his home here, is littered with envelopes from various branches of the government and computer disks filled with secrets. His persistence has led to numerous revelations — some in documents that have been released exclusively to him, and others in documents that have been released to multiple reporters after pressure has been brought by Mr. Leopold.

They have included a series of disclosures from Guantánamo Bay; racist emails from the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department released after the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer and the subsequent racial unrest in the city; and some details of unreleased Central Intelligence Agency memos on torture (another report was released by the Senate Intelligence Committee in December).

“Every time I have a FOIA I think nobody has come across, he seems to already have a piece of it,” said Adam Goldman, who reports on terrorism and national security for The Washington Post.

Since the Obama administration has overseen a crackdown on government employees talking to journalists, the Freedom of Information Act has gained a new importance as a source of information. But critics accuse the government of deliberately making the process difficult — Mr. Leopold must often sue to get documents. Its role, as a fraught but increasingly mainstream means of maintaining government transparency, has been the subject of a series of congressional hearings, which have aired the experiences of journalists and others, including Mr. Leopold, who testified at one this summer.

A number of stories over the last several years based on government documents leaked by WikiLeaks and by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden seem to have piqued the interest of the public, and of journalists, in acquiring such materials, Mr. Leopold said.

In 2009, according to its own figures, the government received about 560,000 Freedom of Information Act requests. By 2014, that number had risen to about 715,000.

And nobody seems to do it as obsessively as Mr. Leopold. In an era of ideologically driven news, Mr. Leopold says, publishing government documents is perhaps the most neutral form of reporting. A recent scoop, a defense intelligence agency document that said the government had estimated that Mr. Snowden had taken 900,000 Defense Department documents, was seized on by supporters and opponents of Mr. Snowden to make their own points, he said.

“I would love to have somebody drop a million pages of documents on me,” Mr. Leopold said, referring to leaks. “But even if that does happen, it’s not going to happen every day, every week, right? So I have to figure out how to do this work.” He has studied the law in its entirety, about two dozen pages, and follows each legal and administrative development that affects it. His submissions requesting information are so detailed that they sometimes run to 10 pages, he said.

He has thousands of requests outstanding, he said. Every day he comes home and checks his mailbox. When he sees the envelopes, and thinks they may contain documents he wants, he drops everything he is holding and rips them open like Christmas presents.

The rush of adrenaline, he said, can be compared to a cocaine high. Mr. Leopold would know. He has written, in a book entitled “News Junkie,” of his addiction to the drug and his felony plea for stealing CDs to feed a $300-a-day habit.

Mr. Leopold has also been through a series of scandals, including accusations of plagiarism and improper sourcing (which Mr. Leopold disputes). He was fired from The Los Angeles Times in the early 2000s after threatening to rip off another journalist’s head after the colleague had complained of his loud music.

A decade ago, he was an outsider, trying to break news on smaller websites from his house. Until he joined Vice News in 2014, he used a credit card to pay thousands of dollars required for lawsuits, an essential part of forcing documents out of government archives and into public view.

“I love the score,” he said. “So maybe there’s this drug-ish thing in me that still exists, maybe that was always part of my personality. I love the score. I love the score! Particularly when it is from the government! I just got you to give me your own documents, you know!”

The Freedom of Information Act was enacted in the 1960s to help citizens gather information on their government. In practice, it can seem as if Kafka and Orwell sat down together to plot a nightmare of bureaucratic complication.

“It’s impossibly slow, and it seems on many levels arbitrary what exactly they’re classifying,” Mr. Goldman said.

Each government agency or department has its own FOIA office that it must finance out of its own budget, said Scott A. Hodes, a lawyer specializing in freedom of information requests, and a former acting head of the F.B.I.’s Freedom of Information Act section litigation unit. Some records are kept electronically, and are easily searchable. Others are more antiquated.

The office of the secretary of defense, a man who runs a department with an annual budget of more than $500 billion, was reported, in 2013, not to be accepting FOIA requests because its fax machine was broken. The C.I.A.’s FOIA website has been down for some time, Mr. Leopold said, and there seem to be few signs it will be fixed. And there is one small Treasury Department office, he said, that has no working email, fax number or address, and that does not answer the phone.

Even when Freedom of Information Act officials are accommodating, Mr. Hodes said, they often have trouble persuading colleagues that the public good would be served by allowing journalists and citizens to look at documents.

Melanie Ann Pustay, who helps oversee the government’s compliance with the law as director of the Office of Information Policy at the Justice Department, denied that officials used the complexity of the law to halt legitimate disclosures. The problem, she said, is the strain on the system as it deals with more and more requests, most of them from private citizens, or companies, rather than reporters. “That’s really the No. 1 problem,” she said, “to keep up with demand.”

Mr. Leopold has no intention of easing off. In fact, he put in a request for any of Ms. Pustay’s emails that include the term “FOIA.” His work, he said, is a kind of redemption. Decades ago, he noted, he had to hide his felony plea and former addictions from employers, and fit appointments with a parole officer around job interviews.

Though Mr. Leopold has landed scoops and big interviews by more conventional means, he said, using government documents feels beyond reproach. Others may question their conclusions, but not the source. “It was subconscious, but it was there,” he said. “This is part of the way that I am going to win back credibility. So I thought: I am going to work really hard at this.”