his shirt says not for sale

Bucky sees Natasha wearing a long-sleeved crop top paired with high waisted jeans one day and get curious. He decides to try it out. The crop top, that is, not the jeans.

The next time he’s at the mall with Steve, Bucky finds one in a popular clothes’ shop and tries it on, while Steve waits, sprawled out on the surprisingly comfy armchair outside the fitting room.

“I’m not sure I understand the point of a t-shirt that covers only half your torso.” Bucky says, frowning quizzically at his reflection in the mirror.

“I dunno,” Steve drawls, tilting his head to one side. “But I’m liking the view,” he catches Bucky’s eye in the mirror and grins.

Bucky rolls his eyes, turning from side to side. It’s a tight fit even as he’s picked the largest size, and it barely covers his chest, leaving his abs completely bare. He thinks about it for a moment longer, while a sales assistant comes up to him and tries to tell him “that top is actually from the women’s department” and perhaps he’s “made a mistake.” Bucky gives her his patented Winter Soldier death glare until she skitters off, looking a little alarmed, while Steve barely manages to keep himself from bursting into laughter.

i am no longer endorsing the #foothive culture or any nigga-based feet related activates ( statement below )

listen my dude im at work and im helping this couple and the lady,, she fucking she says she needs a footie you know like the sock to put on – so i grab it, im a good man a good sales associate. the thing is her boyfriend cuts me off before i give it her, this nigga, this foul ass light skinned demon, this deep v-neck t-shirt wearing baby oil on his chest ass boy goes “ i got it bruh, we good ” and he takes the footie from me and moves to his girls foot. now immediately a lot of danger alerts are going off in my heart – no my soul, i feel something truly sinister about to be born from this – however im on the clock and i left a pair of shoes by them so im morally obligated to stay and not run to the backroom. this nigga… this absolute depraved ass instagram star starts fucking doing handseals and shit on his girl’s exposed bucket naked ass foot and i immediately freeze up, im paralyzed, im asking myself “ this real? word? ” and its not just an instant this shit go on for some minutes and shit my nigga straight up increasing the chakra flow for her toes and shit, this nigga touching the fist of the north star kenmei point on her fucking feet and start talking to her dirty and shit, start talking to her feet like they the pig from charlottes web and shit and i just black out – i mentally, spiritually and emotionally reject the event in front of me

ejokerblad  asked:

While we know the gems don't remember anything with Ford will the shape shifter take advantage of this weakness also when the gems lost them memories was the memory gun aimed at their gems cause as I remember when used the memory gun is usually aimed at the head because that's where the brain is for the ray to erase the memories also when Greg came to gravity falls was his manger Marty and Stan we're intense rivalry because Stan sales souvenirs for his mystery shack and Marty dose shirts and CDs

Hmmmm maybeeeeee And I’m not saying anything about that because I’m not confirming or denying that’s even what happened yet tbh. And nah mostly because to my understanding Marty was only in Gravity Falls for one night (and then Greg came back to be with Rose). 

By the time I went to this op, I had seen Misha several times and Jared once just before.

I went up to them, said hi to Misha, who winks and does his cheesy grin, and Jared looks at my shirt (it says Dead Peoples Things For Sale) read it aloud and laughed (he did that like 20 minutes beforehand)
So I’m standing in between them, looking at Jared, and I feel hands on my shoulders… and they start massaging my shoulders. At the exact same time, Jared asked “So what do you think!?” My brain short circuited, I stared at Jared and was like… What? He asked again and I was thinking of what to do for the photo op and it was really fucking hard to concentrate because Misha Collins was massaging my shoulders. So I was like “Ummm I don’t know. I guess a squish or something?”. Jared and Misha were like uhh yes definitely!
I was literally being squished by Jared and Misha, but mostly Jared. My back cracked and when Jared let go, he laughed and said “Wow that was really squishy.”
Man, I really needed that though, my back felt amazing afterwards.

Jongin’s jersey number 88 trending in Japan and his goods sell the most at Japan SUM (7net)

There was A-nation concert in Japan yesterday and this is something like SM town concert where all the different fandoms gathering together in one place. which means a lot of them don’t know about EXO. after the concert ended, other fandoms started talking about them online and Jongin and Baekhyun got the best response. (apparently Jongin gained many fanboys from this concert too..they were saying how his smile was cute and etc ) 

Since they don’t know the members’ names, they just searched things up with their jersey numbers and only Joingin’s number 88 made it on searching words ranking. and you can see other suggested search words under his number like..
( number99, EXO, number12, number94, number61, KAI , EXO fan, ballad)

And there’s this list about SM artists goods sales at Japan SUM and their online shop on 7net.. there were two items (a bracelet and a t-shirt) for each EXO member in the top 200. DBSK is still doing so good in Japan, 1th~22th were DBSK’s and the 23th was EXO’s (as a whole) and Jongin’s bracelet was in the 24th, Xiumin’s was the 26th and other members’ were like 34th,36th, 51th…

and for the t shirt, Jongin’s was the most popular one again, it was in the 99th and 105th too (large size one was 99th and the medium one was 105th) and Xiumin’s was in the 124th and Chanyeol’s was in the 130th and etc.

Do u know what’s Jongin’s nickname among Japanese fans? it’s ‘Asia’s first love’ LMAO..some people say that he got that nickname from yesterday’s concert but no they’ve called him that since Japan fanmeeting in April 2015.

How familiar the danger


“Master, I’m home. I picked you up another silk shirt– it was actually on sale. I’ve been following your advice. Also I was thinking about making stir-fry for dinner, what do you think?”

“Aww, thank you, Genos,” Sai almost purred, standing from where he was waiting for his doppleganger to get closer to the cyborg, leaning over him with a flirty grin. “You’re the sweetest, you know that?”

He leaned in, ghosting their lips together. “I can think of  plenty I’d like to eat right now.”

Pressing their lips together, Genos pulled away, sucking his teeth in disapproval. 

“Dinner first,” he said, pressing his shopping bag to Saitama’s chest. 

He couldn’t help it if Saitama was in one of his moods, but there were a few things he wanted to get done first. Luckily for him, he knew Saitama usually backed if Genos wasn’t reciprocating at the moment. He admired how patient his lover could be.

What the heck is up Seaworld ass? Do they really think Harry promo'ed them when he literally wore the dolphin project t-shirt on stage for the last concert of WWA? That he did it because he needs followers? He has ten millions of followers Seaworld and the funny thing is that he opened his mouth for 10 seconds in protection of something and since then I read articles and I’m planning to watch Blackfish. All because Harry Styles mentioned you on concert. On their stadium tour, I might say. Nearly sold out stadium tour. Declining sales. That was a very original comeback Seaworld. I hope your ass will be dragged down on court with the 2 lawsuits filed against you.