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Hii can you make an optional bias piece where you and him are best friends and u guys haven't seen hung out in awhile, since he's in the kpop industry, so you guys go to a kbbq restaurant (ones with the grill in the middle). P.S you both like each other but haven't really said anything, until a waiter or random customer bring it up. So some fluffy & angst would we great heheh... Thank you.

Well hello anon! To be honest, I’m not used to the ‘angst’ category, so after doing some research, I tried my best to work it in the piece. Make sure to let me know how well I did which isn’t at all, I know Sorry if you wanted it shorter, I got carried away. Make sure to send in a request, or if you want a rewrite of this.

This is an optional bias piece, angst/fluff, and long in length

Enjoy, everyone

When Strangers Notice


You missed him. You really missed him. You never realized how much you’ve felt this way, but it was true. You were in love with a K-pop idol. Or, soon to be, anyways.

But unlike most other fangirls, you actually knew him very well. You had known each other for ages, and you two became fast friends, then best friends. You were the one that first mentioned his amazing performing abilities. This inspired him to train to become much a better performer and you were with him every step of the way to help him become an idol. You became his main and only motivator, since his family was strongly against his choice. He was meant to start working at his mother’s catering business, so the sudden change in his preferred profession didn’t go down well with his parents. But you were by his side then too, telling them what great progress he’d made and how you thought that he could make it in the industry easily. After some more begging and pleading on both of your parts, his parents agreed to it only if he got good scores. You then stayed up with him night after night to help him study. His scores weren’t bad before, but he wanted to impress his parents so he could get permission to go to an audition. After getting on top of his class, his parents permitted him to go to an open audition in the local area. He requested that you go alongside him, and you wouldn’t miss it for the world. You were astounded by how well he pulled off everything he taught himself. When his recording time ended, he walked back to you, all sweaty & gross but it glistened on him so well, it was something you normally wouldn’t notice. It was then you thought about all that you and he had gone through, and you realized that you liked him. Was it sappy? Yes. Was it kind of lame? Yes. But did you care? No.

You chose not to say anything only until the verdict of his success. If he didn’t make it, you would say something to him about it. Maybe he’d actually like you back. If made it through to debut, you’d leave it be. The fangirls can go crazy over one female being around their “oppa”, so you chose to spare yourself that pain. And spare him that pain as well. The male can get just as many threats as the female can, so you wanted to spare him of that too. He doesn’t deserve that. It’s not fair how these girls act, but you can’t change that. So, you just have to roll with it. It breaks your heart to think that way, but, as the phrase goes, ‘If you really love something, let it go’.

-Few Months later

It had been a couple of months since he was recruited as a trainee, and now time seemed to pass by so slow without him there. You kinda wished he hadn’t debuted, so you can finally tell him how you felt. You just wanted him to know, was all. He didn’t even have to like you back, you just wanted him back around. You missed how he always interacted with you. For him to talk to you, to tease you, to make you feel better from your life. There was nothing really wrong with it; it was just so boring for you. Everything always had to be quiet around you. It was part of the culture, you’d tell yourself. There’s nothing wrong with silence every now and then, sure. But not all the time. You’d want to sing out loud and off key, you wanted to speak up to people, you wanted to make a sound that could change the norm you lived in. But, it was something you had come accustom to, so you repressed these thoughts often. Maybe it’s why you missed him so much, he was almost exactly like you. Or, who you wanted to be. He was crazy, loud, obnoxious at times, and he was what you felt deep down inside you would be. Everyone still accepted him, but probably he was an attractive guy, people will do anything for pretty people. You did hate how you were always overshadowed, but you didn’t mind. It was nice to watch craziness than actually doing it, even if you really wanted to join in. It was the closest thing to an outlet for you. That must’ve been another reason why you missed him so much. On the way home from school, you chose to try giving him a call when you got home. He didn’t have a lot of time to chat with you, but he’d always tried whenever he could. From the last time you two chatted on Kakao Talk was when he was telling you about how he was starting to warm up to his new members. You were happy he at least started to get used to everything. You’d hear on the news about how hard the struggles were to be a K-pop idol, but you were glad it wasn’t deteriorating him too badly. So you decided to go to him first. You normally never did this for the fear he wouldn’t pick up and that fact alone would depress you. But, you decided to throw all of your cares away for a few minutes and see if he would pick up and chat some, if he could. When you walked in your house, you still pondered your choice. You still highly doubted he would pick up, and you know how you’d feel if he didn’t. You get so insecure about yourself about every small thing. It was such a burden that you felt like such a burden all the time. He would always reassure you that you were the furthest thing from, but you still doubted it. You felt like just another girl that always stayed quiet in every situation and didn’t know how to speak up for herself. You still wondered why he even bothered to keep updated with you, you were nothing compared to the people at this company he’s at now. Those people are actually talented and have self-worth. You quickly snapped out of this mindset, knowing it’s not healthy to think that way. You walked up to your room and set your bag on your table. You sat down at your desk, still feeling conflicted. You picked up your phone and scrolled to find his contact. You stared at his contact photo. It was a selca he took while he was on break once to send you because you told him you were upset.

-The Conversation-

-Well, what has you upset, __________ -ah? (Him)

-Parents are making things hard on me. Got scolded for screaming at a game that was on. (You)

-Here. See, I’m smiling, and so should you. You look better when you smile (MMS). He had sent a selca of himself on what seemed like a couch. You instantly cheered up.

-I guess I’ll take your word for it then ^o^  

-Alright, practice is starting up again, I’ll get back to you soon, ok __________-ah?

-Alright. Hwaiting! Do well! v(^_^)v

-End of Conversation-

It was such a good picture of him, you thought. He was glistening in that sweat that made you realize how you felt about him in the first place, and his smile seemed genuine. Did something happen before he took it or was just talking to you really make him that happy? You still couldn’t tell to that day. You slammed down on your desk and pressed the ‘Call’ icon. You had a lot of force when you hit your desk and knocked over your pencil cup. While you waited to be connected, but was quickly able to put everything back. When the last writing utensil was placed back, you were connected. There was a voice on the other line that you knew wasn’t his. It was someone else’s. You contemplated dropping the call, but you were courageous now, so you stated your name and asked if he was close by.

“Wait, is this your picture on here? You look like that? What the hell? You sound prettier than you look.” You were quickly brought to silence. It didn’t last long when you asked who the hell he was and what he was doing with your best friend’s phone. You felt better by acting so quickly but he continued with the attitude of an asshole.

“I’m another member of his group. He went on a coffee run and must’ve left his phone. Why, do you know him? It just shows your name here, but no nickname. Normally important people get nicknames. Is someone like you actually important to him? I’d be surprised.” Your confidence was dwindling fast. You instantly regretted this call with every fiber of your being. You just stuttered into the phone. You could hear his stifled laughter and it only sent you closer to the brink of tears. You heard some very faint rustling in the background of this jerks taunting. You heard other voices on the line. You could pick out phrases. You barely heard a difference between them, so you identified them as one person:

“Who are you calling”? “That’s not your phone, is it?” “You know the coffee will be here soon, right? Get off the phone, babo.”

“No, this is his phone. Some girl tried to call him. Look at her.” There was a pause then some more laughter. You could only assume he was showing them your contact photo. What photo did he use of you? You almost never sent bad selcas to him, but now you wished you had never spoken to him in the first place.

“She looks like that. And knows HIM? How does that even work? Yeah, something happened there. Not sure…. What……” their sentences just ended up in more laughter. You felt a tear run down your face. You rubbed it off forcefully. You wanted to stay strong and call them out, but the first member only interrupted you.

“Are you still on the line? I think she still is, guys. Why are you still on? He’s busy with something actually important & worth his time. All you girls are the same, being materialistic. Quit wasting his time.” You then heard the dial tone. You sat there for a few moments in silence, not recalling what had happened in the past few minutes. You lost grip of your phone and it fell to the desk’s surface, almost not making a sound. Did they really just act that rude to someone they didn’t even know? It was so hard to believe. You were just a random person that he apparently knew if you were already a contact. You wanted to call them back and go off on them, but you know there would be no use. You’d probably just get made fun of more. And you couldn’t find any more confidence to do it because they took every last bit of it from you. You tossed your phone onto your bed, then yourself. You began to squeeze a bunny doll that was on your bed, but you quickly chucked it across the room in even more frustration. You almost forgot why you threw it, but it came back to you.

He won you that bunny in a game at a fair for you at last years

-A Few Days Pass

You hated him. You never wanted to see him again. You deleted everything about him in your phone, including his number. You threw that bunny in the back of your closet for you to never take it out again. You were steamed for the past few days, becoming quieter then you normally were. Everything just pissed you off more than normal. You stopped helping the kids who’d ask for assistance in class, you ate lunch by yourself, and you didn’t speak a word to your parents. Not like they mentioned it. Silence, just the way they like it. But with this rage, you found opportunity to study better, so you focused on your school work much more intensely then before. You would get a message every now and then from other friends, but you rarely ever received calls. So you were surprised to see the “Incoming Call” sign on your phone. It was an unknown number, but the number was regional. You contemplated answering, but chose to do it. Maybe someone from school needed you to tutor. A voice you didn’t want to hear was on the other line

“Hey, I was checking my call log, and it said there was a call between us a few days ago? Did you try to call me? I’m sorry if I missed it.” Were you gonna tell him? Or play it off? You decided he needed to know. No one should let their members act so rudely. You needed to let this off your chest, because you tossed caution to the wind again. But you would be braver than last time. You were going to stand up for yourself. Besides, you had to get reassurance from him if his members were right.

“If you’d pay attention to the log, you would notice the call lasted for a few minutes. Look, you should see.” There was a pause, you only hoping he was obeying your orders.

“I do see that. And it was kind of a long call. Did someone pick up for me?”

“What photo did you use of me for your phone?” You thought it would help shed some light as to why they hated your appearance.

“You, you remember the one selca you sent me with the crossed eyes? Oh, that one is my favorite, so I used that one. You were cute in that one. Why do you ask?” What? That one was the one they saw? You actually remembered sending it and liking the way it looked. And it made him laugh, so you were happy to brighten his day.

“They photo wasn’t even all that bad! Why would they make comments about that photo?”

“____________-ah,  I don’t know what you’re talking about. What comments? Who is ‘they’?”

Oh you felt the rage boiling within you now. You could tell he was probably playing dumb to seem better off.You decided to let him have it. Rip him a new one.

“You listen and you listen good, ok,  Geseki? After pondering for weeks and weeks on if I should try being the first to call you for once. And I regretted the choice of not only calling but ever associating myself with you. Yes, I did call while you were out on a “coffee run”, and one of your members picked up, surprised how good I sounded compared to how ugly I looked in my contact photo. He questioned my importance to you because I’m not under a nickname in your contacts either. Then your other members walked in, trying to defend the fact that he was using your phone when he wasn’t supposed to, but quickly changed their minds when they say my photo too. They laughed, wondered how we two even meet because we’re apparently just on opposite ends of the spectrum, and even told me to drop the call because all I do is waste your time. Is that true? Am I just a waste of time? Were all these years we’ve known each other for nothing? Was this a waste of my time as well? I know that I’m not talented, or dedicated, or worth anything, unlike yourself, but come on!  I thought you were my friend, I trusted in you but I’d highly doubt any friend would let anything like this happen to another friend, especially their best friend. Or was that a lie too, to spare my ‘worthless feelings’?” You had finally said it. Bottling up emotions isn’t ever healthy, but you were glad you had a few days to think about what you really wanted to say, and you feel like you put it together very well. There was more silence. You checked your phone: the line was still connected. You also wondered if he had anything to say for himself.

“Look, practice is going to start up again soon, but I’d like to talk about this. I really would. Let me take you to this new Korean barbecue place that opened up recently. I get off practice early on Saturday, so I’ll come then. All expenses paid. I’ll bring a rental car and park outside of your house. I’ll wait for you to show, ok _______-ah?” You heard the dial tone. Did he really just do that? What were you going to do? Saturday is tomorrow, and that wasn’t going to give you enough time to think this through. Well, you had to be sure you could go (even if you wanted to), so you went downstairs to ask for permission.

They told you that you were doing so well in school that you could. You were surprised they let you go so easily, but it only made your choice harder. It would’ve been easier to say ‘Hey. My parents won’t allow me to go on such short notice.’, but now you can’t hide behind that excuse. You knew that they thought he was an amazing man, so they’d cave and let you go out if it was with him. They then asked you why, and you gave them the version without his members bullying you, and they said it sounded nice to meet up after he had been training so hard.

You went back up to your room to think about the offer some more. Why did it have to be a Korean barbecue? He knew that was your favorite. He must’ve done that on purpose. Jerk. After giving it some more thought, you asked yourself why you were mad at him. He didn’t even do anything; it was just his members that were rude. He couldn’t really hold him responsible. Thinking this way made you feel better instantly. Your mother walked up to your room, asking to come in. After allowing her entrance, she thought it would be nice to get you a new outfit for your meet with your newly forgiven friend. You were again surprised at your parent’s sudden approval of everything you asked for. If it had been any other day, you would have to bow in seiza position to get to go out for an hour. But not like you were complaining. You told her that is sounded lovely and you both chose to go on ahead and go. You told her to go downstairs for a few minutes to get ready, and she walked out of your room. You walked over to your closet and looked deep inside of it. You found the bunny you shoved in there a few days ago. You looked at the rabbit and took it in your hands as you sat on your bed. You gave it a small squeeze in your arms. The kind of hug you wanted to give him ever since we left. And now you finally could.

The next day he came around noon in a really nice car. You saw him standing outside, waiting for you to come out. You were already the pretty sundress that your mother bought you. You walked out to greet him and you saw his face light up when you opened the door. When you stopped in front of him, he enveloped you in a big hug. You were caught off guard indeed. You just awkwardly wrapped what was leftover of your arms around him, since most were squished between the two of you.

“You look really nice today .I thought you wouldn’t come.” This tugged at your heartstrings some. You realized you were wrong, but you let him have his moment. Everything would be discussed at lunch, after all. You tried your best to keep the car ride quiet, and he kept silent as well. When you arrived at the restaurant, he helped you out of the car and walked right in. It turns out he had already made a reservation. Sneaky bastard. You were both lead to a table near the back of the restaurant. The table’s grill seemed cleaner than the other tables you passed by, so that only made you want to get straight to eating the moment you sat down. He sat across from you, and behind him you saw an elderly ajumma sitting by herself. You waiter came quickly and you both requested two orders of galbi. As soon as the waiter left, your friend spoke to you.

“Look, I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you, but I just want to talk rationally,_________-ah.”

“After giving it some more thought, I realized I was wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry or lashing out on you. That was far from fair. Your friends made those comments about me, not you.” You were glad that you could finally say it to him. This wasn’t that way you wanted your first conversation to be after his start of training, but to least it was resolving quickly. You also hated admitting you were wrong, but this was the only exception. This time with him all together was more amazing. He seemed in much better shape than he already was. You were glad he was moving on from his old, lame life.

“Well, I’m glad you think that, but I also had something else to say. I just wanted to prove that they are nothing but liars. They said they thought you were a stalker fan that I knew from the past. They said they thought with a lack of nickname meant that I didn’t care for the person in the contact. They were trying to send you off, much like others do in idol groups to get sasaeng’s to back off their “oppas”. I still don’t really believe that, but I agreed to it just to shut them up. But they are wrong in every way. They’re nothing but a bunch of animals. The only reason I used such a silly picture is because if I used any other picture of you, they’d be bugging for your number. I’m just trying to protect you from a bunch of greaseballs. ..……Besides, it’s advised against nicknames in our phones. We never really get any privacy, to be honest with you. That was the main rule we follow in order to keep them in the first place, but I would have one for you if I could.” You were blushing really hard; you didn’t expect to hear all of this so quickly. You had your hand covering your face when the ajumma spoke up behind your “date”.

“Aw, young love. What I wouldn’t do to get my husband back to feel what you two feel. How long have you two been together? You both make a lovely couple, both so good-looking.” You both turned around in shock and said that you both weren’t together almost in sync. You then turned to each other’s surprised faces, scared by how much in sync you both just were. When you looked back to the ajumma, you could just feel the look of disappointment in her eyes. She then spoke up again with a louder voice. Of course ajummas could do whatever they wanted. At least she wasn’t loud enough for everyone else to hear what a commotion she was making.

“All of you young ones are the same! Denying chemistry that is obviously there between two people! You need to speak of it before you get old and can’t love like how you can now. You, young lady, have a man who is fighting to keep you for himself! All the signs are there! Protecting you from his friends, sparing you from crazy fans, and inviting you here! And you, young man, are lucky she’s here. Your friends ruined her self-esteem, and the fact she even considered coming here in the first place must means you’re something REALLY important to her! You men just take woman for granted sometimes, and it makes me aggravated. Hope you two change that this afternoon! And good luck on being an idol, which is what I’m assuming you meant by ‘fans’.” She stormed off right after that. You looked at her table to see that she at everything already, and you were relieved she didn’t waste anything. You would have felt bad if you had made her feel so mad that she left behind food. You looked back up to him, seeing him blushing as hard as your were. Were all those things true? Could she have been right? You really wondered if it was or not, but you both sat in silence. You looked at your hands, twiddling your thumbs.

“Well, she was a colorful character, huh?” He spoke up, trying to lighten the mood, but he failed. He hesitated a few times, trying to ask you something, but it soon came out as

“Well, was she right? Do you have feelings for me?” You were a braver person now, so you were straight with him about it. The moment had finally come, you thought. Just let it out………

“Yes, I do. And I have for a while. When you came back from your audition taping, that was when I realized it. But I chose to not say anything if you made it to becoming a trainee. Spare us the pain of being apart. And from crazy fans and your company. I wasn’t sure if I could handle keeping it so secret. If you even could look past everything wrong about me to think of me that way, which I highly doubted. You deserve someone so much more than what I can give you, and we both know that.” You had believed in what the members had said about you long before the members even said it. You never had told anyone about this, but it felt great to get off your chest.

“It was only then when you noticed? Makes me look like the easy one……” He was acting all nervous in the cute way that made you melt witnessing. But, wait, what did he say? He meant what you thought he meant, right? All you could mumble out was a “huh?” which made him go into more detail.

“Ajumma was completely correct. I don’t want my friends knowing about my beautiful best friend. I want her all to myself. I’ve kept contact minimum so fans won’t be going insane and hurting you like how my members did. And I invited you here to make up with you because I don’t want to lose you. I need you ________-ah. I’ve liked you when you sat next to me to plead to my family. It shows that you really cared about me, and the fact that you are perfect in every way to me only emphasis that. Why do you think I always call you whenever I need help. I would want no one else but you helping me for anything. You don’t listen to my members, they don’t know you like I do. I know you well enough to know that you are the best girl I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t trade for anyone else to be my best friend. But I would trade that friend status for something a little more……..” Your jaw dropped because you had no other response. You never thought he would actually cared about you so much. You thought he would meet some other beautiful female trainee and live happily in the K-pop industry. That’s how all most idol relationships start. You didn’t know what to tell him, so you reached for his hand over the table (but not over the grill) and held in firmly. You smiled warmly at him and smiled right back, squeezing your hand. The waiter came back with both of your orders, and you both quickly pulled away to arrange the plates on the table. Your waiter was quick to pick up and exclaimed

“A happy meal for the happy couple!” You were both sheepish, but then just looked back at each other. The waiter then bowed followed by an apology about the ajumma’s behavior.

“She may seem rude, but she really wants what best for the younger lovers. Her and her husband always went to a recently opened restaurant for their anniversary, to spice it up every year is what she told me. Unfortunately, she lost him last year in his sleep, but she said she wants to keep the tradition going until she joins him once again. She forced me to sit down with her and talk about it when she came in an hour ago. She’s a crazy one, huh?”  You all laughed a little while the waiter was ringed to another table. You then continued to behave like you both always did. He told you stories of how his members were idiots in front of cameras and you told him about how the class you two would have been in was almost like a drama. You two just spent time catching up, almost forgotten you even confessed to each other.

When you reached your house, he walked you out to your doorstep. He was quick to speak, since he had to be back at the company building soon. He cupped your face in his hands.

“You know that talking will be limited? You know that if I could stay here with you, I would? You know that days like this will not be often? You know all of this and are still interested in me?” You nodded at his last sentence. You saw his face melt at your response. He gave his final goodbyes with a kiss on your forehead. He was always one to be kind of greasy, but in a sweet way. Then he walked back to his car and headed off. You stood there for a moment, happy for the events of today, and walked back inside. Your mother was sitting on the sofa with a book in her hands. She looked up to see your happy face and asked you right off the bat.

“How did it go? You two are technically dating now, aren’t you? Sounded like it outside.” Did she really stalk your conversation outside? She wouldn’t have! But you nodded in agreement. She then exclaimed.

“Well it was about time! Your father and I knew it would happen at some point, we just didn’t think it would take so long. I’m happy for you, dear. It will be a struggle with him training and everything, but you two can make it work. I know you can.” You were glad she was so supportive, but also nervous about what your father would say. Regardless, you both knew that you could get past everything as long as it was with each other. Your mother than asked you how he confessed to you.

“Well, actually, a stranger noticed out behavior and she made a comment, a very loud comment.”

“Well, you know what they say. Something between two people can go unnoticed, but when a stranger notices, it’s for real. They have no real context, so they only base off what they can see. So when a stranger notices, you better believe them.”


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