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I am always trying to find excuses to draw the fish boy, and I had a thought yesterday that he would love going treasure hunting on the bottom of the sea for Stan 

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Holy sh*t I’m out of shape. 

Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends


How you feel? Do you even know how you feel? You’re doing this because of me. You’re avoiding me. Because you like me. If you like me, you should like me. Why are you avoiding me? Wasn’t love on your list of things you wanted to do before dying? Why lose that chance? You wanted to do everything else, but why run away from that?

If I like you too… Will you still think love is absurd?

title: all i see is dominoes falling up | Read on AO3
summary: krtsk train!au. tsukki is some sort of a famous DJ and kuroo is a fan but doesn’t know who he is. they meet at the train. kuroo’s POV.

a/n: i was listening to Flume’s Tiny Cities on loop as I was writing this. title of this fic is from that song. all from all music by tsukki mentioned in this drabble are story specific. :3

He hears the EDM blasting through the boy’s headphones.

Tetsurou has a thing with people blasting music so loud the sound leaks out of their headphones. It makes him worry for their hearing even when he knows it’s not his business and therefore should not care. The boy is standing a couple of feet away from him, there’s a business man in the middle of them, and yet he can still hear the muffled sounds of an EDM through the boy’s large (and probably expensive) white Sony headphones.

To keep his sanity in check, he plugs in his own earphones and scrolls through his current favorite playlist. He sets it on an acceptable volume (unlike the stranger near him) before scrolling through his messages as he waits to get off at his stop.

He pulls up his music player app and browse through his song list for the current song he’s had on repeat for days.

“You listen to Firefly?”

A voice sounded beside him and Tetsurou looks up to meet bored yellow eyes. It’s the boy with the loud music and he’s now standing beside him.

“I’m sorry?” Tetsurou takes an earphone off. “How did you know what I was listening to?” He didn’t think his music is loud enough to be heard by anyone else, at least not if they have their own music blasting through their ears, too.

The stranger blinks, startled as if he couldn’t believe Tetsurou heard him, and he slides his headphones down to his neck.

“Oh—umm—Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just looked down and saw the album cover and I—sorry.”

Tetsurou regards the stranger—tall, blonde, pretty—as he sheepishly looks away.

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You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.