his scruffy chin

After Cass: Part 2

           It was a long drive back to Kansas. Sam stayed at the wheel, blasting the air conditioning so as to delay the inevitable decomposition of the fresh corpse in the rearview mirror. Dean never moved to the front. He didn’t sleep either but spent the ride transferring his gaze from the window to the angel. Neither Winchester spoke again until Castiel had been placed on his bed in the bunker, his head on a pillow and hands resting on his stomach.

           “Where, uh,” Sam cleared his throat and nervously stroked his scruffy chin. “Where do you want to- “

           “Not yet.”

           “Okay, Dean. We can wait. But if it’s okay I’ll start digging.”

           “You should get some sleep.”

           “So should you.”

           “I’m fine, Sam.” Dean’s voice was surprisingly steady now. He almost sounded like himself. His brother knew him well enough to understand that this could only mean one thing; he was planning something. For a long moment, he stared at Dean in silence, trying to imagine what futile course of action he could be considering.

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because the winter finale of S6, au in which princess!Emma has a pirate sneaking into her bedroom at night and all the guards secretly know but they tell no one of the royal family about it

Y’know I should probably finish this one before it all gets Jossed to hell this Sunday…

Quite on accident, Emma found herself half in love with a pirate, of all people.

She’d accepted her young widowhood quite graciously, focusing all of her energies on raising her son – and a fine young man Henry was turning out to be. She’d thought nothing else would honor her late husband’s memory than to ensure that their son, the future crown prince, would bring nothing but honor to their family.

But Henry was growing up, as all young boys do, and as he went squiring about and having his own adventures, he needed his mother less. Emma found herself drifting from one activity to the next, bestowing her princess’ favor upon charities and the good people of her kingdom, but something felt… off.


Until the night a man vaulted over the railing of her balcony, mistaking her rooms for some treasure vault.

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stars and moons

summary: lin gets taken back to the past to write Hamilton: An American Musical. When he meet’s Y/N he falls head over heels.


tags: @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @ask-liza-schuyler @letuscomposefanfics

Early 1780’s…

Y/N stood with her sister, their arms inter-looped together. “You see that man?” Eliza whispered and pointed at the man with a bun on the back of his head and facial hair that was scruffy on his chin, she nodded softly as Eliza smiled while Y/N’s eyes fixated on how amazing this man looked. His poster was straight and his clothes made him look wealthy. His hair was in a perfect little bun and his eyes were the most perfect shades of brown. Y/N looked at her sister when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

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Not So ‘Quick and Bracing’

Description: Killian sees his fiance making breakfast, and soon they hunger for more, which eventually leads to the shower… (Canon/scene divergence from the pancake scene of 6.18). 

Rating: E (because, reasons…)

Word Count: ~2600 

Author’s Note: I know, know…Everyone and their mom is doing this, but @killythecowardlypirate ask me to “do the thing,” and so…here’s my version. It’s a “what if Snow didn’t interrupt” version. And yes, Chantal, syrup is included… I mean, what’s pancakes without syrup, amirte? lol This is unbetad, because I just needed to get it out, and it’s twice as long as I intended it to be. Smut, humor and feels: just what you come to expect from yours truly! Enjoy!!

Killian quietly wrapped his arms around his fiancé as she flipped another pancake onto an already towering stack. He nuzzled her ear, his trimmed facial hair tickling her exposed appendage. “Something smells delicious,”  he whispered.

Emma smiled from ear to ear, the heat from Killian’s body radiating from behind her. “It’s just from a box…”

He practically growled as he responded, “I wasn’t talking about the pancakes..”

Emma turned swiftly in his arms, taking no time to lock his lips with her own. He must have recently brush his teeth, because she could still taste spearmint along his tongue. Her hand travelled from his scruffy chin, to his slightly exposed chest (he was in the middle of dressing himself and didn’t finish before walking down to the kitchen). After exploring each other’s mouth for what seemed like an eternity, she broke the contact, looking into his cobalt blue eyes.

She must have been staring far too long, because Killian broke her concentration, asking, “What?”

“I’m just…happy. Still surprises me sometimes.”

He just smiled. “Aye, love. Me, too.” Killian then leaned down for another kiss, this one more gentle than the previous one. As he lifted his lips from hers, he ask, “So, should I look forward to this every morning? My loving wife, dressed in naught but her black silk robe, making me breakfast?”

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Characters: CastielXPregnant!Reader, ft. Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1135

A/N: Drabble request from anonymous – “Could you please do an imagine where the reader is pregnant with twins (boy and girl) and Castiel is happy yet worried cause the babies are Nephilim.” Well, this one went in a bit of an interesting direction. Fluff, descriptions of child birth (nothing super intense), perhaps ever-so-slightly angsty in the middle, and then even more fluff, cause fluff.

Originally posted by princesscas

“She’s an angel.” Castiel stared awestruck at the sticky squirming pink newborn held in his trembling arms.

“Yeah man, she’s beautiful,” Dean agreed, squeezing his friend on the shoulder before aiding in the angel’s awkward attempt to swaddle his infant daughter. Dean grimaced at the total ineptitude of Cas’ swaddling ability, gently prying the baby out of his fumbling arms to wrap her securely, “No offense, but she’s lucky she got her mother’s looks.”

“No Dean,” Cas corrected, shaking his head, tone disbelieving, “I mean she’s an actual angel.”

“You mean?” Dean’s jaw slackened askance.

“She’s not a Nephilim.” The wash of joy and relief flooding Cas’ expression was short-lived, drowned out by your renewed screams in the adjoining room.

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Summary: An unexpected visit to your bakery by Bucky Barnes leads to a childish food-fight and perhaps the start of something new. 

Word Count: 1,370.

A/N: See that mini HSM reference I did there? So this cute idea randomly came to me and I knew I had to write it down immediately. Unfortunately there’s no new part for “Wedding Planner” but there will be next week! Hope you enjoy, xo.

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A Fool’s Hope

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, mention of Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1487

A/N: What do you get when you mix a traditional day of pranks with a wise-ass Winchester, a bumbling well-meaning angel, and a love-struck doubting reader? This fluffy April Fools’ Day drabble, that’s what!

(not my GIF)

“Y/N?” Castiel tarried at the threshold of your open door scanning the apparently occupant-less room.

Hair disheveled, sporting sleep rumpled pajamas, nestled on the floor amidst a comfy pile of pillows and blankets on the far side of the bed, lost in the pages of a book, you stifled a groan – the angel had developed a particular knack as of late for catching you at the worst times. Just last week he ran into you in the hall, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you had been stark naked, having forgotten a towel for the shower and not wanting to get your clothes wet, and engaged in a somewhat leisurely stroll to your room under the mistaken belief you had the bunker to yourself. For several days afterward, Cas maintained a curiously strong interest in the ceiling whenever he was in your presence. It might have been amusing if it weren’t so embarrassing – and also if you didn’t happen to be so head over heels in love with the angel. Combing fingers haphazardly through tangled locks to smooth them, you peeked over the mattress. “Hey Cas, what’s up?”

“Is this a bad time?” He took a tentative step further into the room.

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The ER.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Charlie, Ellen, Sam and a mention of a few other SPN characters.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x Doctor!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, blood, some angst. But just for a hot moment. Then it’s fluff, promise.

A/N: it’s an AU because I love those.This was sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while and today inspiration struck. Thank you for reading! You like, let me know because I looooooove feedback!

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Summary: Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end.

Genre: Fluff, Sleepy Gameplay, Heart-to-Heart

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you guys like this! It’s a cute lil reflection of Danny’s thoughts about his friendship with Arin. It’s supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Please let me know what you think!

That was always the funny thing about Arin.

He felt like home.

Danny sat back, stretching his arms behind his head as he watched his best friend snarl at the screen. His character, Link, jumped around for a helpless moment before falling onto the ground, defeated. Arin groaned and commented on the poor control system of the game.

He was only half listening. He watched as Arin picked up the game again, this time cracking a comment about Shadow Ganon’s weird nose and Zelda’s inability to help out his character–named Quaff or something equally as ridiculous.

Danny laughed offhandedly, studying the details of Arin’s face. Both men had been extremely busy lately. They hadn’t had a Gru//mp session in almost two weeks–they’d kept having to post Ste//am Tra//in videos to keep the slots filled.

As a consequence, they’d been at it almost all day playing various games. Sometimes he played, sometimes Arin did. But it was nights like this, where it was getting to be almost too late and they were hyped up on caffeine and sugar, where Danny found himself to be completely enjoying life.

His tongue still held the taste of his Skittles and his back was sore from sitting for so long, but he couldn’t have been happier. His throat felt mildly scratchy from laughing so much.

But it wasn’t just the sugar high or the sheer hilarity of the moment that made this so memorable for Danny–it was being able to spend some quality time with Arin. As cheesy as that sounded–even to himself–it was goddamn true.

Danny loved Arin. Arin loved Danny. It was one of the most obvious and accepted things in the Gru//mp Space. Sure, Brian and Danny were very close friends and partners, Suzy was Arin’s wife and they loved each other, but Danny and Arin had a bond no one else could touch.

He really loved that. He loved that he had a friendship so special it was coveted by everyone. Anyone who’d met Arin knew how charismatic and funny the guy was. Honestly, it felt like a fucking honor just to be considered Egor//aptor’s friend.

But Arin was so much more than Egoraptor. He was Arin. It was impossible to describe to anyone that didn’t know him. Arin just had an aura about him–something that made your chest swell and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

Danny knew this all too well. If he was with Arin, everything was amazing. He could laugh, he could cry, he could be himself, and nothing would ever change the bond that had formed between the two men.

When Arin joked, Danny was the first one to laugh. When Danny needed someone, Arin was the first person he called. When they were getting ready to record, both just relaxed and prepared for a few hours of pure enjoyment.

His eyes traced Arin’s brown eyes, knitted in concentration, down his scruffy chin to his broad shoulders and his messy shoulder-length hair. The musician smiled fondly.

“Dude, you didn’t tie your hair up again.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Arin murmured, twisting his arms as if that would help him defeat Shadow Ganon. “Fuck, dude!”

“Here, I’ll tie it for you.” Without waiting to hear Arin’s reply, Danny scooted over and pulled back almost all of Arin’s hair. It was very soft, which he’d expected, since Arin washed it every day, and glossed through his fingers like water. Danny couldn’t help but to marvel at it for a moment, since he could never do this to his own wild curls.

Arin waited patiently, not paying him much mind since he was focused on the battle. Danny continued pulling back the rest of his hair, taking his sweet time. Because, honestly, he’d really, really missed Arin through the last couple weeks and texting him wasn’t the same at all.

“You good, dude?” Arin asked absently as Danny released a small sigh.

“Yeah. I just really fucking missed you.” Danny replied honestly, twisting the blonde streak through his fingers.

Arin nodded, biting his lip in frustration as his character died again. “Me too, man.”

Danny’s chest felt full. He’d honestly been so grouchy the last couple of days, and it had shown. Brian had finally stopped a NS//P writing session in exasperation, saying, “What is up with you? You’ve been turning into Gru//mp instead of Not-So-Gru//mp lately!”

At the mention of Game Gru//mps, Danny’s face had lifted slightly, and Brian rolled his eyes. “If you miss Arin, just get a fuckin’ Gru//mp session scheduled already. Or go hang out with him. Whatever. You’re going through Arin withdrawals.”

And Danny had nodded, because Brian was right (he always was) and everyone knew about Arin and Danny’s friendship and how much it meant to both of them. He had nothing to be embarrassed about–this sort of thing was normal.

And Arin, obviously, felt the same way.

Danny had been so happy to see him, he’d just stood there and positively beamed with joy when he’d run into the Grump Space that morning and saw Arin sitting behind his desk, editing something.

Arin had looked up at him and his eyes had lit up too, because he’d missed Danny just as much and they’d shared a big hug amidst Ross’s playful jeerings.

Everyone knew how close they were. Danny had never had a friendship like Arin’s in his whole life. He hoped Arin knew just how much he meant to him.

And now, running his long fingers through Arin’s hair and watching Arin finally beat the boss, he felt more at home than he ever had before.

Arin grinned. “Got him! Finally!” his eyes fell to the timer. “I think it’s about time for next time on–”

Danny panicked a little. If they ended this recording session, he’d have to go home. He’d have to say goodbye to Arin until they cleared enough time in their busy schedules to hang out again.

He didn’t want to say goodbye yet.

In his agitation, his fists clenched and Arin’s sentence was cut off by his yelp of surprise. “Dude, what’re you pullin’ my hair for?”

Danny blinked and released the silky hair in front of him as Arin turned to give him a curious look. The recorder was still on. They were still filming.

“We’ve still got time!” Danny blurted, eyes darting to the timer. “Another minute! Then we can do next time on Game Grumps!”

“Aww,” Arin groaned, but lifted the controller again. “Alright, Danny. Caught me slackin’ off, didn’t you?”

Arin’s tone was teasing and drawn out, which relaxed the older man. They weren’t done. He’d get to spend some more time with his friend.

“Zelda’s not much help, is she?” Danny joked, tentatively reaching back out to pull Arin’s hair back again.

Arin snorted. “Nah. She just likes to watch you suffer, y’know.” He lifted his pitch, imitating Zelda’s voice. “Oh, Quaff! Watching you die over and over again is really doin’ it for me!”

Danny laughed, tugging a bit on a small knot in the hair. He, too, imitated the princess’s voice. “You being impaled by Ganon? Mmmm….that’s the shit!”

Arin laughed loudly, letting out a small cackle, and Danny felt a goofy grin overtaking his features, feeling slightly proud of himself. He always felt like this whenever he got Arin to laugh. He chalked it up as a victory.

“Geez…I missed you, buddy,” Arin remarked once he caught his breath, making his character leap into the next temple.

Danny pressed his lips together to repress the glow of joy spreading through his body up to his face. He grinned, his eyes sparkling. “Oh, Arin, you know I love it when you talk to me like that!”

Arin chortled, glancing at the timer. “Much as I’d like to pursue that train of thought, Dan, we gotta end the episode.”

Danny deflated slightly, seeing that they had actually gone over time and really needed to stop. “You’re right. Next time on Game Gru//mps.”

Arin yawned his approval before leaning forward to switch everything off, pulling his hair away from Danny’s grip. He shuffled back to the other side of the couch, watching his friend fiddle with the microphone before standing up and stretching.

“Aw, man, dude, I got sore from sitting for so long.”

Not hearing a witty reply, Arin turned to look at Danny, who was watching him intently with the saddest doe eyes he’d ever seen.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, buddy?” Arin sat beside him, forehead creasing. “Everything okay in Sex//bang land?”

Danny stared at him, letting himself take a moment to appreciate the concern reflected on Arin’s face before replying timidly. “Um…do you mind if…we just hang here for a minute?”

Arin’s head tilted slightly. “Like here on the couch?”

“Yeah,” Danny mumbled. “It’s just I haven’t seen you in a while and I don’t want to go home yet and I missed you a lot.”

The younger man’s eyes softened and he smiled. “Sure, Dan. We can kick back and just talk for a while. I like talking to you.”

So Arin sat back on the couch and Danny threw his legs over his friend’s lap and they laughed at the ridiculous things that had happened to them today and Danny had never felt warmer, drawing a blanket around himself.

As it got late and their voices dwindled to soft tones, Danny felt his eyes drooping as he snuggled into the couch. His voice was so quiet he wasn’t sure if Arin heard him: “D’you think we’ll be friends forever, Arin?”

There was a small silence and Danny was about to check if Arin had fallen asleep when he heard the soft reply: “Even longer, Danny.”

It was the last thing Danny remembered before waking up the next morning with the sun filtering into the Gru//mp Space and Arin tucked underneath him, still fast asleep.

That was the funny thing about Arin.

He always felt like home.

Negan’s - Part Two

Title: Negan’s

Characters: Negan x You

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, rough sex

Note: Since it’s Valentine’s day here and a lot of you requested for a second part…well here it is! Not happy with my writing but I really want to post this already for y’all. xoxo

Part One

Part Two

With your approval, Negan hovered over you as he pinned your arms above your head. Taking your hands together, he wrapped them with his belt, looping the leather through the headboard of his bed to keep you from moving. Once satisfied, Negan straightened up and looked down at you hungrily as he licked his lips and caught his tongue between his teeth. There you were, on the bed with your hands locked together writhing with desire. Your black dress was bunched up to your waist, your lower half exposed.

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I think 2016 has resulted in a lot of people in need of some cheering up… so here’s a piece that I hope makes my followers smile! An alternate first meeting between a much younger Arthur and Merlin, the little dumplings… Oh, and please feel free to totally ignore this and imagine whatever you wish for the scene, but I did write a short accompanying fic… which took so much longer than the actual art, ahh!

I’ll probably edit it here and there, since writing is not my forte, so I apologize for the slightly different versions that’ll end up going around, lol… Nonetheless, please enjoy, and here’s to our fantastic and everlasting fandom! May 2017 bring peace and happiness and many good things! Happy New Year!  

♥ Whimsy


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The final act

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Donald Pierce x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary: Donald and you had an argument and Donald is blaming himself.

It’s been two weeks and four days since you left in the middle of the night. It’s been an impulsive decision, but now you think it was a smart choice. He brought you to the edge, every day a little further and you were willing to jump for him over it, but you couldn’t. Your mind stopped your heart from that decision. You love him, you still wait for him to knock on your door, but you know that he won’t.

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“I’m being forced to go to a poetry reading by this visiting author i’ve never heard of and i’m waiting for it to start when you sit down next to me and i try to make conversation, and yup, you’re the fucking author” au


Jyn needs to pass Latin American literature in order to graduate next month.

And she is. Kind of. Well, almost.

She will be passing once she gets her extra credit points from attending this goddamn poetry session.

She’s never been quite the best at analyzing literature or writing essays or poems or anything of that kind of sort (she’s a maths kind of girl or more specifically, a programming kind of girl), much less anything past British literature. But she needed to knock out her goddamn global cultures and writing flags before she graduated, so she figured the class could kill two birds in one stone.

The only minor problem being that, her stone was not killing either birds, figuratively.

Which is how she finds herself at some dumb poetry reading by a Mexican author of sorts who is supposedly an alumnus or grad student or other at Yavin University of which her professor could not stop going on and on about because one of his former students was published—and really, Jyn can’t help but roll her eyes to the back of her head.

It’s a bloody poem, Christ, not a cure to cancer.  

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.2

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Vampire!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2152
Genre: AU
Warnings: None
A/N: Yeah this is gonna be a slow burn, my friends. Sorry! 😅
I hope you like it though!
ALSO: I’m sorry loves, but TAGLIST IS CLOSED. There’s almost 100 urls down there and it’s just a bit overwhelming for me. I’m sorry but I hope you’ll understand. ❤❤

Click HERE for a little more character information.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

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You had become so fixated on Bucky, and he with you, that you both forgot you weren’t alone. The other creatures in the room had been watching your interaction intently.

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It’s bathing day again, and it’s how Emily knows another couple of weeks has passed, give or take. 

Her sense of time is still a blur, but there’s the unmistakable flow crisp of icy air replacing the moist scent of rotting leaves, and the chilled metal of her doorhandle bites at her fingers as she grabs it. And she knows it must be the Month of High Cold.

And she would climb up and push the metal shutters in the dusty corridors to see if the snow has covered the metal cat outside, if it has covered the roofs and the gardens and the round terrace on her right, or if it’s a windy, dry, snowless kind of winter, but a woman in dusty overalls and a heavy little suitcase came in with the madame some weeks before that, and fiddled with the old broken lock, and before Emily could even move to get up, the door slammed and the rusty old key turned, scraping at her spine.

Today one of the girls turns the key inside the lock, sheepishly, a stack of towels under her arms, and against the darkness of the freezing hall Emily sees the faint glow of the girl’s breath, a ghostly little cloud around her mouth. Emily sways, getting up from her spot, and feels a dull hit of embarrassment against her throat, at the aching weakness of her knees, of moving around so little when she used to be running around the Tower’s gardens for hours and could climb the hightest tree if only her governesses would let her. Could run and run and get scratches on her laquered shoes from running so much, almost as fast as Corvo, and she would be chastised for returning back to her studies all sweaty and red-faced and her voice hoarse and raw from the chilly air outside, and now she could barely get herself to follow the girl down the stairs, each step echoing painfully through her soles.

She wonders, briefly, if she could be so weak because she’s falling sick. 

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~Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked~

TITLE: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked


AUTHOR: bookwarm85



FIC SUMMARY: Sometimes you just can’t wait…


WORDS: 1,790

NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s rated S for a reason…

If you are not and would like to be tagged in this or any of my future stories then let me know and I’ll add you to the tag list.

BIG SHOUT OUT to @pathybo for betaing this for me!

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You had worked very hard to get this promotion, you had spent many nights hunched over your laptop working on depositions and case files and it had all finally paid off and your boyfriend Jai Courtney was taking you out to celebrate.

You rummaged through your closet to find a sexy fun outfit, you settled on a black crochet romper, you curl your long chestnut brown hair and grab black pumps and exit the bedroom to see Jai waiting on you at the bottom of the stairs.

You had been together 3 years and he could still make your heart skip a beat with just one look of his steely gray eyes, you felt your cheeks grow warm and the corners of your mouth turn up as his hungry gaze roams your body.

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Stuck Inside My Head

Chapter Two | Chapter Four

Chapter Three: Butting Heads

Negan knew that his son was greatly distracted once he started to ask random questions. He remembered reading about toddlers asking over 200 questions a day, or a week, he couldn’t recall exactly, but he thought: Yeah, I think I’ve answered nearly 50 of them fuckers in the past 20 minutes. He didn’t mind the funny, odd questions Jude had asked; he needed it, he wanted his mind off Valerie for just a little while.

“Why is dis good?” Jude asked, raising a blueberry up in between his tiny sticky fingers.

Negan hummed, sounding intrigued -as he learned from Valerie- “I don’t know, Jude. Your tummy just thinks it’s really fuckin’ yummy.”

Jude giggled, popping the blueberry into his mouth, “S'good!”

Before Jude could ask another question, Negan’s phone rang and vibrated on the table top. He frowned upon seeing “School” as an incoming call; “What the fuck?” He muttered.

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Heaven (Ashton)*

|| without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?|| 

*=smut | WARNING: this has a bit of a religious theme so proceed with caution.



Forget whatever crap people have been feeding you- hell is a cold place. 

Its got an old, battered chalkboard in the front that’s tilting with age and about thirty students  behind it scribbling nonsense into their store-bought notebook binders. 

You grudgingly accepted this, one particularly freezing and pouring Monday morning, the sleeves of your sweaters pulled up to obtain maximum warmth. Theology class had never been one of your favourite classes, and neither had been being forced into a frilly white frock for Sunday Mass. 

You cringed at the memory, scribbling absent-mindedly into the margins of your blue-lined notebook paper, praying for the end of the world rather than have to listen to twenty one more minutes of this light-from-the-sky nonsense. Shrugging your pen onto the paper again, you threw your head back in frustration and decided you’d do something else as doodling profanities had inevitably lost its appeal. Ruffling through the contents of your purse, your hand grazing against several candy wrappers you had meant to thrown out the day before, your fingers finally wraps around the pack of cigarettes that you’d been searching for. Pulling out  the white, little death stick, you hastily turned your back on the lecture and grabbed a lighter from where you kept it tucked inside your boot. 

You knew smoking  in class was a bit of  a stretch even for you, but something about a teacher preaching about following moral standards sparked a hunger in you to defy it. Resting the little stick between your lips, you balanced it using your forefingers and flicked the lighter on, allowing the end to blaze slightly. 

Leaning out a little against the window hanging to your left, you took  a huge drag before columns of smoke leave your mouth and make its path through the dewy morning air. You weren’t worried about getting caught at all. The teacher  hardly ever roamed the classroom as she lectured and the students drowning in their scarves and heavy coats probably couldn’t give two shits what the hell you were doing in the back anyway. 

You were almost through, the warmth from the fire filling your body with its drug when the spawn of the devil herself plucks the little troublemaker from between your fingertips and crosses her arms like Christmas had come early this year. 

“Smoking in class, are we?” She smirks, showing off her equisite skill of having more lipstick on her teeth than she did her actual mouth. 

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elezenchaser  asked:


Bellamy tilted his head and reached up to stroke his scruffy chin as he gazed appraisingly at the stranger who had ambled into the bar. Unlike his own physique, this man was all toned, rippling muscle. He had to admire the hard work that went into sculpting that body, but that hair… It left a bit to be desired.

“Mm… A solid six, at least.” He murmured to the waitress who had elbowed him insistently (and in no way discretely) in the side when the Midlander had walked in, asking about what he would rate him. Why she wanted to play matchmaker was beyond him. “Looks a bit young, though. Reckon he’s even old enough t’drink?”