his route was bland and slow yet too quick for development

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Can you make a Servamp age au drabble for Mikuni and Jeje please???

Ahhh, this ask has been sitting in my inbox forever - I hope you didn’t think I forgot!! I ended up giving their first meeting a great deal of thought and decided to go that route for these two. Hence why it ended up being a longer than normal drabble~ 

@crazyanime3 It’s here!! Let me know if there’s anything you want me to fix. Your AU gives me life, have I told you that lately??

Title: Nice to Meet You
Rating: G, family fluff time~
Characters: Jeje, Mikuni, Misono, Lily
Summary: Age AU. First impressions are often incorrect. And some? Some are ridiculously accurate.

The new experience finally settling in, Misono grabbed onto his big brother’s hand. None too gentle as he held on. “It’s okay,” his brother soothed, “you’re going to like it here.” In return, Misono puffed out his cheeks, not agreeing to anything. It earned him a poke to the cheek as Mikuni laughed, “So quick to disagree. And we’re not even there yet!”

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