his remix


his fucking HOTS remix is fly as hell holy fuck sounds like shits boutta going down with the choir vocals 

We Move Together (Nexus Remix) is here!

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cant believe y'all complain when bieber helped introduce latinx rythms into america like wtf your problem?

oh jesus, WHAT’S MY PROBLEM?

My problem is that Justin Bieber is a disgusting piece of shit who has done nothing but act like a gross diva every time he set foot on Latin America. 

My problem is that I’m supposed to be like “aw he tries” when he sings in spanish but immigrants are mocked and humiliated for their accents.

My problem is that Latinx kids start learning English when we’re on KINDERGARTEN because that’s just how we must adapt to USAmerican Imperialism.

My problem is that he couldn’t ass to at least learn how to properly pronounce the words when that’s his DAMN JOB to do so. 

My problem is that y’all yanquis are giving credit to that ugly worm for ~introducing reggaeton to USAmerica~ when he only put his voice in it MONTHS AFTER THE SONG CAME OUT. 


Neither Daddy Yankee nor Luis Fonsi need to be introduced ANYWHERE. Hell y’all are familiar with La Gasolina, guess who’s the singer? (hint: daddy yankee). 

NONE OF US need an ugly gringo to do anything. He can shove his ugly remix up his ass. 


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Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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punk goes pop au

fic prompt: in which Keith is famous online for covering popular pop songs and giving them a punk/early 2000’s emo twist. However, he doesn’t go by his real name and never had a face reveal, so his identity is virtually anonymous.

Lance is a music major and during late night internet surfing, he stumbles upon Keith’s cover of Beyonce’s Drunk In Love and is absolutely furious. How dare some jackass ruin his favourite song?! Out of spite, he creates a youtube channel and uploads his pop remix of MCR’s Welcome To the Black Parade & tags Keith, his description complete with “I fucking dare you to touch a Rihanna song.”

Keith watches the video, obviously outraged and that following Sunday, a punk rock cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella is uploaded onto his account. The intro includes “This is dedicated to some dickwad who messed with MCR,” followed up by a link to Lance’s channel. Hunk promptly shows it to Lance and soon enough the internet fucking explodes.

Cue an internet rivalry and highkey subtle shading turning into a slow-burn, mutual pining mess.

(And little does Keith know that the cute, blue-eyed barista near his college’s local Starbucks is his actual worst nightmare.

That is, until that very MCR remix blasts out loud while he’s standing in line and hears Lance, rather smugly, talk to his coworker about gaygane being a god damn asshole.

Add in a rather loud “YOU’RE SHARPSHOOTER69?!” and a broken coffee machine.)

So Harry, who has been largely absent from social media and out of touch with fans for a year, had his twitter and IG accounts directly promote, sell and link his single and his album during his promo week.

While Louis who has been active on social media since the hiatus and has kept in touch with the fandom, was not allowed to directly promote, sell or link either his single, his song or any of the remixes on his social media accounts.


The inequity is stunning. It’s undeniable.

What are the conditions that allow for all of this to take place for these two artists that puts one of them at a severe disadvantage despite the existence of assets that could be used for his benefit?

The way this has gone down is just mind-blowing. The imbalance is so blatant.

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like

Theorist Time - Activating

Alright so the theorist part of my brain has gone in to full activation mode xD

I know I’m probably just looking WAY too much into the nitty gritty of things, but…

Anyone else notice how much the 2 latest video titles correspond with each other?

“Greetings. I have found you”

And how much the past 3 video thumbnails correspond in kind of, creep factor? 

Even in his Passpartout video, he talked a lot about “The Red Man” and than just kind of….stopped. Cut off, no mention of him again whatsoever. It’s like he was obsessed with him and than just, poof. Cut off.


it could just be looking for any small thing to go on, but idk. Something….tells me otherwise.

We had his “Darkiplier/Markiplier Remix” not too long ago, and now all this creep factor that’s going on, something tells me he’s planning something….

Maybe a return of a certain someone?