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*discreetly slides over $10 and a pack of gum, whilst looking around sketchily* got any modern au romantic angry titan boy headcanons for me, fam?

I got you, fam. ;) 

  • Eren is the smoothest guy in the entire world… until he realizes that he has a crush or that someone has a crush on him. 
  • He’s so kind and charming and funny to everyone, (except Jean, but that doesn’t count.) His smile rivals that of the sun, his laugh is always genuine, he gives great hugs, he listens when people talk. He’s just pretty great. And because of this, he’s considered one of the biggest heartthrobs in the entire school (high school and college, and we could probably even trace this back to grade school.) 
  • He is, however, totally oblivious to his own power. He doesn’t know that half the student population is crushing on him. He just does not get it at all. 
  • This comes crashing down when he learns that someone has a crush on him. Then he’ll get super flustered around that person, (especially if he likes them back,) and he’ll tell really lame jokes, list of awkward facts, trip over his own feet, and just generally act like the most awkward specimen of the human race that has ever existed. He completely forgets how to act around them, and it’s awful. 
  • It’s especially awful if he likes them back, or the crush comes from him. If Eren’s crushing on someone, he cannot speak to them without making a complete fool of himself. 
  • Or at least not right away.
  • Give Eren some time, enough to ask them on a date, and everything will be fine. 
  • Dates with Eren are always fun. He loves to tell jokes, to use sarcasm and humor as a means of getting to know each other, and slowly getting closer with his date as the night goes on. He never wants his date to leave disappointed, and tries to make the date as fun and funny as possible. 
  • He will always hug goodbye, regardless of the status of the relationship. (Eren loves hugs and gives the best hugs ever.)
  • He’s always a perfect gentleman on a date: he holds open doors, pulls out chairs, asks before holding hands/hugging/kissing goodbye, etc. It’s something his mother drilled into his programming when he was younger, and he couldn’t be happier that she did. 
  • He’s the world’s biggest cuddler. He LOVES to cuddle. He loves all forms of cuddling. He’ll often card his fingers through his S/O’s hair, and also loves it when they pet his hair too. 
  • He’s also a phenomenal kisser. Absolutely out of this world. 
  • Eren’s the kind of boyfriend who communicates a lot of his love through actions and physical touch. He loves to do things for this S/O, from helping them paint a wall to planting a garden to cooking them dinner. He’s also the one that instigates hand holding, and will sneak up behind his S/O and wrap his arms around them, burrowing his head into their back. He just loves to be in love. 
  • Eren will usually apologize first in a fight. He’ll get mad at the time, fume over it for a day or two. But then he won’t be able to stand the thought of his S/O upset, and he’ll capitulate and apologize. 
  • He’s a sucker for cheesy, romantic dates. Roller blading, ice skating, putting two straws in one milkshake, taking a walk through the park, drive-in movies, etc. He loves holding hands in public, and sharing food, and being adorable so that other people will consider them goals. He loves dancing with his S/O, (usually just slow dancing, but he’s up for learning to ballroom dance, or tango, or swing dance.)
  • He likes to sing to his S/O, playing his guitar for them. Eren’s also the guy who thinks about his S/O whenever a romantic song plays on the radio. Every romantic song reminds him of them. So he’ll text them about it cause he’s cute like that. 
  • He actually texts his S/O whenever anything reminds him of them. 
  • Eren’s just an adorable human when it comes to love. 
Cat and Mouse

Yixing watched as she closed her eyes tight, hands above her head gripping the sheets tight. His teeth hurt, his toes were digging into the mattress, he was so close. Her soft groans issued through clenched teeth, only made him that much more excited. His right hand skidding down her side, the left hand grabbing hers entangled their fingers together. If he could stay on the precipice of this feeling forever, he’d kill for it. However; the moment of ecstasy was something to live for.  

“I’m gonna-” He cut her off, placing his mouth over hers, and speeding up his movements.

And just like that, she came apart underneath him. He could practically see every cord that wound her so tight, popping free. He let the feeling take him over, and like a wave it crashed on it, slowly ebbing away. In the aftermath of their lovemaking, he held her to his chest, her head on his arm. Yixing rubbed his nose on the back of her neck, taking a deep breath of her. 

“Are you still mad at me?” He asked softly, knowing she wasn’t asleep yet.

“I’m not mad. I was annoyed. Highly irritated.” She moved from his grasp, and he was sorry he even asked, laying on his back now, watching her. 

She sat at her vanity and began to twist her hair in chunky twists. He watched her with rapt  fascination. He loved her curls, loved how they bounce and how shiny they were. How many different styles she came up with, and then how she could make it straight. Shrinkage is what she called the length difference between her hair curly and straight. He was always fascinated by that.

Sighing, he sat up in the bed, adjusting himself between his legs. “We have class tomorrow but this weekend lets go meet my parents.” 

She turned on the bench, staring at him for awhile before she spoke. “What?” 

He knew that she heard him. “Let’s meet my parents. This Friday. Is that ok with you?” 

She just finished the last twist, wrapping is around itself then pinning it down on her head. “Isn’t that something serious?” 

Usually, you didn’t meet parents unless you thought this was the one. “Yes. I’m serious with you. So, why not?” He climbed out of the bed, grabbing his boxers walking to the bathroom. 

Melat sat quietly on the bench, biting her lower lip as she placed her bonnet on her head. He was serious about her. At least he was saying that. His parents? She had to have the right outfit. Should she introduce him to her father? No, he was much too busy right now. This was exactly what she wanted. 

Yixing came from the bathroom, sliding back in her bed. “Yes? No?” He propped his arms behind his head. 

Getting off the bench, she picked up her shirt and placed it back on then climbed into her bed with him. “Yes.” 

 The rest of the school week passed by uneventfully. She hung out with Anna a few times after school, and met up with Yixing. Chuntao wasn’t at school that week and so she didn’t see the Art teacher near Yixing. Thursday, however she was in Yixing’s class again. Innocent, this time trying to get him to at least help her study. 

 “You want answers and I won’t. Your Mandarin is improving. Your reading is barely 4th grade but it’s better.” He laughed and she flicked some paper at him.  

“You’re so rude, I know English, Oromo and some French. Mandarin is nothing like these.” She watched as he sat on his desk in front of her. 

“You do a good enough job on the curse words, and the dirty things you whisper in my ear.” He winked at her. 

“You’re embarrassing me.” She stood up, gathering her books into her backpack.  

“Come now Baobei, be sweet to me. I’ll be at my house around 7pm I have a meeting with the other language teachers.” He grabbed her around her waist, kissing the side of her neck. “If I give you the key will you be waiting for me?” He pushed her hair aside, kissing her neck as his hands roamed over her breasts. 

He was getting bold. 

 “An Hinbeeku, why should I?” (I don’t know) She smiled as his lips touched under her ear. An erogenous zone. 

“Cause if you cook for me, I’ll personally tutor you for this test. You have a 70% in my class. Barely passing.” She leaned her head back eyes closed as he pulled her into his pelvis. 

“I hate you. That’s not fair.” Turning around in his arms, she sighs. “Give me the key.“ 

 Yixing let her go, removing his house key from the ring. "What’s the magic word?“ 

Grinning, she held her hand out palm up. "Please." 

 Dropping it into her hand, Yixing leaned in giving her cheek a gentle kiss, when his door opened and Junmyeon entered. "Hey Yixing, let me tell you what-oh I’m sorry.” Junmyeon smiled, leaving the door ajar. 

Melat and Yixing pushed away from each other, with Melat talking first. “It’s ok Professor, I’m done.” “Thank you Professor Zhang.” She quickly left the room. 

Junmyeon bowed slightly at her as she left, then made his way over to Yixing. “She’s here quite often." 

"She cares about her grades.” Yixing replied, hoping that Junmyeon didn’t see him kiss her. He was breaking out into a sweat at the mere thought. 

“I was gonna tell you about how Professor Huang, fell through that open floor board for like the 3rd time this week. It’s sectioned off and everything. I mean how does he do that? Guy is a magnet for holes. It’s funny but it’s not.” Junmyeon sat on the edge of Yixing’s desk. 

“You’re mean. The guy is quiet and nice.” Yixing tried to look busy straightening his desk. 

 "Didn’t say it was funny. So, coming out this weekend?“ Junmyeon looked from the door back to Yixing noticing how his friend seemed to be flustered. 

"I’m visiting my parents this weekend. My mother says I never come home. You know how it is.” Yixing looked up at him smiling. “We can go bowling this coming week or something." 

Junmyeon grinned. "I’ve got a nice girl to set you up with. A girl I’ve been talking to, her older sister." 

 Yixing shook his head. "No, I’ve been meaning to tell you as well. I’m in a relationship. It’s kinda new so, I’ll introduce you later, but I’m out of the game." 

That made Junmyeon stand up. "Really? What is she like?" 

"Beautiful, intelligent. Classy but feisty.” He grinned describing Melat. 

“And your dimple is showing hardcore, you’re blushing. Falling in love so fast?” Junmyeon reached across the table, poking Yixing’s dimple. 

“Stop. I don’t know. She’s just amazing.” Grabbing his essentials for home, Yixing moved toward the door. “I’ve got a teachers meeting, are you busy tonight? I can call you." 

"No. I’ll talk to you later, I’ve got work to do.” Yixing followed him out the class. 

As Junmyeon was walking to the teachers lot, he mused over what he saw. He was sure he saw Yixing kiss that woman’s cheek. He was quite sure, no Yixing wouldn’t date a student. He crossed the lot and looked up hearing the laughter of some girls, it was her. Melat was her name right? She was leaning on a car talking to another girl, then got inside. He watched as her silver car with bright pink fluff balls on the mirror, left the parking lot.

Junmyeon walked to his own car and drove home, thinking about the possibilities. 

After the meeting, Yixing made his way home. He was tired, he didn’t want to hear the other professors complain about the lack of gumption in their students. If the students weren’t interested in learning that was their fault, they had to make teaching interesting. He sighed, finally pulling into his spot for his building, spotting Melat’s car in his visitors spot. The building allowed two spots, one for the resident and one for visitors. He took the elevator from the garage, and into the building. Then past the door man and up to the fifth floor.

As he pulled his spare key from his pocket, he opened the door to a variety of smells. He saw the rice steamer going, she was currently putting down some bread he knew as Injera, when she looked up. 

“I made a few Chinese dishes, fried some chicken, and made injera as well as atkilt wot.” She put the last piece of bread down, and washed her hands.

“Is that the dish wish cabbage, potatoes and carrots?” He removed his shoes, putting them in the closet, then set his bag down. 

“Yes.” Coming over to him, she touched his face gently, kissing his cheek. “I haven’t forgot about my tutoring session.”  

He grinned, at her moving past her to go to his room. “No free answers, Melat.” He noticed she had cleaned up as well. 

After putting on some more comfortable clothes, he came back into the living room, sitting down at the table. “Thank you for cleaning up.” 

“No problem.” She sat food down in front of him, and watched as he began to eat.

Like he was supposed to, Ethiopian cuisine rarely used utensils, instead the spongy injera bread was used in place of a spoon or fork. As they ate, she mused over the idea that she was going to meet his parents tomorrow. 

“How many days are we staying?” He had a mouthful of food, as he answered. 

“My parents? We can leave in the morning, or that evening if-” A knock at the door caught his attention and he looked at it.

Another knock. “Yixing, it’s Junmyeon.”

Getting up, Yixing looked at her. “I’m sorry, just…”

“Yea, yea.” She picked up her plate and placed it in the sink with her cup. “I’m gonna shower and change my clothes.”

As she walked to the back, Yixing answered the door. “Hey, whats up?”

Junmyeon rolled his eyes. “You used to open the door, now you crack it. Don’t be weird, let me in. I have a flash drive here, and I put one of my exams on it.” 

“Sorry.” Yixing opened the door, hearing Melat close the door to his room gently.

“It’s a bright green one. Remember? I brought it here when we were going to watch movies.” He went for the TV, knowing he set it on the stand when he discovered movies weren’t on it.

“Yea, but I cleaned recently, so I’m not sure where I could have put it.” Just then Yixing’s cell phone vibrated, taking it out of his pocket it was a text from Melat.

Look in the coffee table drawer with the remotes.

He slid the phone back in his pocket, and opened the drawer. “Here it is.” 

Handing the flash drive to Junmyeon, the other male thanked him. “Say, listen Yixing. Are you ok? I mean you’ve been acting weird, kinda secretive.”

Yixing raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? I haven’t noticed.” 

“Of course you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t notice how you were acting. Are you sick? Is there something going on?” Junmyeon stood looking at Yixing. He wanted his friend to tell him something if he needed to know.

“OK..actually there is something.” Yixing rubbed a hand over his face. “I uh…I’m a spy.” He stood with a straight face, nodding his head yes.” 

“You’re an ass sometimes you know that?” Junmyeon turned around and started walking towards the door. “I worry about you Yixing, you get so clueless sometimes, and quiet.” 

“I don’t mean to be. I just get like that, or maybe it’s just who I am.” Yixing shrugged, and his hand clasped on Junmyeon’s shoulder. “You’re a good friend to worry though, thank you.” 

Junmyeon shrugged, giving a brief glance into Yixing’s closet. “You should be a better friend and come out with me more often, be my wingman or something. Bring ladies to me.” 

“We’ll see what I can do.” Yixing grinned. “Going home?” 

“Yea, I’ll text you when I get there.” 

As he left, Melat came from the room, in her pajamas. “Secretive, ohh.” 

“Stop. I hate lying. It’s unnecessary.” He made sure the door was locked and went back to the table sitting down. “Are you sure, you’re done?” 

“Yea, I was kinda snacking as I went along.” She started to put away some of the food, as he finished.

“No class tomorrow, what are you wanting to get into tonight?” Yixing bit into his chicken, savoring the crunch. 

“I don’t care, we can do whatever you want.” She sat back down at the table.

“Sleep? Good idea.” He stood up, going to the sink to wash his plate.

“Oh my god, Yixing…”

As Junmyeon got out into the parking lot, he was in such a rush that he didn’t notice he didn’t even park in the right space. He was in someone else. That car, it couldn’t be. Walking over to the visitors spot for Yixing, Junmyeon looked at the numbers on the ground. This was Yixing’s area, he walked around to the front of the car, looking in the windshield. The same bright pink fluff balls. 

The next day was raining. It was a cold rain mixed with sleet and she shivered in her jacket as they walked up the driveway to his parents home. The car ride was long, and she slept on some of the ride, not knowing how early they would have to get up. Apparently, Yixing’s mother wanted them there for lunch. 

As he stepped into the gate surrounding their home, a small brown and white dog ran up to Yixing barking happily. He patted the dogs head, and looked back at Melat.

“Nervous?” He rang the doorbell not giving her time to answer.

“Yes. Have you at least told them about us?” Yixing kissed her cheek.

“Contrary to what you think, yes I have told my parents I was dating a wonderful young woman.” He put his arm around her waist as he heard his father telling him to hold on and opened the door. 

“Yixing.” His father clasped his hand around the back of his sons neck. “My son the teacher.” Yixing hugged his father, then turned and brought Melat forward. 

“Baba, this is Melat Avtau, my girlfriend.” Melat bowed at his father, coming to a stand smiling at him. 

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Taking in the young, brown woman before him, his father was quiet, assessing her. 

She was short, lithe, with wide hips. Her neck was long, oval shaped head, and full lips. 

“So this is the woman, my son is so enamored with. You are a beautiful girl, please come inside.” He moved out of the way, bowing at Melat as well.

As they walked inside, Yixing pulled her closer to him again, removing her coat from her shoulders, hanging it up. Once they stepped inside the dry part of the home, shoes came off and Yixing followed his father, leading Melat up a few stairs and into the common room of the home. It was warm and cozy, with pictures of Yixing from various ages all around. Any trophies that he had were polished and dust free. She stopped and looked at a picture of a young Yixing as he posed with a basketball on his knee. 

“Yixing loved sports as a child.” His father commented from his seated position. “Do you play sports?” 

Melat prayed, her Mandarin didn’t come out sounding shaky. “I played volleyball in high school, but that’s about it.” 

His father smiled nodding his head, as his mother came from the kitchen. “Your Mandarin sounds good from what I hear. My Yixing is doing a good job teaching you. His pupils must excel at their speaking.” 

His mother came in holding a tray of many different foods on it, setting it down on the low table. Melat came over, bowing at her. “He is doing well, thank you. I am Melat Avtau.” 

His mother grinned, taking her hands. “You are quite the pretty girl aren’t you? What is your major? What job will you take?”

“Mother.” Yixing started, looking over the food. 

Melat sat down next to him. “No, it’s fine. I will be taking a job at my father’s company in Human Resources. He has a branch here in China, one in Ethiopia and one in the United States. I will be working at the Shanghai branch.” 

His parents nodded. A good job it seemed as them hmm and ohh’d. She heard Yixing’s phone vibrate in his pocket but he ignored it. After lunch his parents sat around with baby books and videos of little Yixing. 

They asked about her family and his mother inquired as to how many siblings she had. When she said none, his mother said that it was alright, she would be there to help with the baby after. The statement took Melat by surprise and she was embarrassed at his mothers candid talk. At one point when they were alone in the living room, Yixing took his phone from his pocket texting. 

 What is it Junmyeon? I’m at my parents.

 I know. We are friends aren’t we, Yixing? 

 You asked me this yesterday. What’s going on? 

 You’d tell me, if something was going on right? 

 Yixing sighed, trying to figure out what was wrong with Junmyeon. It wasn’t like him to ask cryptic questions like this. 

 Yes, I’d tell you. 

 Ok…so are you and Melat Avtau dating?

Chapter Six

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I love it when people say "Penguin is straight in the comics". Like. It was never stated? Yes, he's been with women, but he didn't say he wouldn't go with a man if given the opportunity. So. Yeah. Who cares? Homophobes are gross.

Its extra funny bc most of these ppl have never even read a comic or payed any attention to Oswald outside of Gotham because hes fat. 

Back when straight penguin discourse was a big thing I legit had arguments w/ fangirls who tired to claim that Gotham Oswald is perfect and the best Penguin because its “THE FIRST TIME” Penguin has ever been portrayed as a sympathetic character and his relationship with his mother is so unique 

If you’ve ever read a penguin comic this slays bc Oswalds relationship w/ his mother has been a part of his character since the 40s. And even Batman Returns Penguin had a sad backstory. 

Gotham Stans are the worst. 

PREQUEL - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition

  • スパロボOG   うますぎWAVE」第24回 RADIO
    Sugita mentioned that Nakamura was caught by his fangirl just now…
    Miyazawa: “It was a long time since I saw Nakamura. At least I want to see his picture, I miss him so much”
    Sugita: *proudly take his cell phone* “My screen saver is Nakamura picture!”
    ….Everyone was so shocked….
    Sugita: *rambling happily* “Actually before, it was a 2D picture, but when Nakamura saw it, he went ‘Humankind has fallen'「こいつ人间として终わってる」that kind of expression… so I asked him what should I do. He said, "What do you think?” so I snapped him and make the picture into my screen saver!“ (Nakamura later was proven to be too embarrassed and speechless to even stop Sugita from continue taking his picture)

  • Because of the constant, tirelessly story of 'Nakamura this and that’ from Sugita (all over BLOG, RADIO, interview, hand written interview,and so many more); all the people around them already believed that Sugita + Nakamura = BFF even before they even become a close friend ^^” On the other side, Nakamura didn’t really realized Sugita 'handwork’ until a moderator teased him about “Its So Nice to be IN LOVE~” (RABU RABU ね〜)

  • Seven years ago, to maintain 'healthy relationship’ in public face, Sugita went to Taiwan to attend an event, all by himself. There was period of time, that the agency told them to keep distance each other, to stop mentioning each other in their blog, practically to stop seeing each other. Sugita in Taiwan, although with super high spirited fans, still feel bit stressed out. When his fans asked about Nakamura, he answered, “We’re good. Best friend.”
  • Two days in Taiwan, Sugita received five email. Two from his mother, one from agency, and the other two are from you-know-who. Still, the first phone call he received after back to Japan, was from his best buddy, Nakamura :) Gradually the chaos went down and their relationship was as good as ever be.

Yesterday, I carelessly pick any fact that happy or funny, but I never really really read it until today… Just today I realized, that their relationship wasn’t always sunshine and rainbow.

*source on request*

*I love how Morikawa-san memory seems to be perfect mwahahahahaha*

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I really like your idea of bed hopping freelancers. So here is a fluff prompt: platonic cuddling freelancers.

Physical Therapy

(Credit where it’s due. Partially inspired by this post by @submarinefleet)


It’s a quirk of the Freelancer agents that none of them sleep alone if they can find a bedmate.

They all have their go-to sleep partners.  Maine and Connie are Wash’s personal favorites.  Connie is just the right size to hold in his arms and tuck up under his chin.  She wraps an arm around his waist and throws a leg over his, and with her head cradled into the crook of his shoulder, they can sleep like that all night without moving.

Maine likes to treat Wash as his own personal stuffed animal.  Wash has been spooned, flopped on, enveloped, laid on, used as a pillow, used as a blanket and, in a hideous reversal that York unfortunately got blackmail photos of, held close and tucked up under Maine’s chin.  The man is a cuddling machine, and he has no off switch.  Not that you’ll catch Wash complaining.  It unknots something deep in his chest that gets clenched tight when they’re away on missions for days, trying not to die while killing other people as effectively as possible.

“It’s pretty fucking odd,” Niner informs them during one of her spectacular time-killing rants on the way back from some destination they were ordered to rain hell on.  “I can’t tell if it’s a marathon orgy you assholes don’t have the courtesy to let me in on, or if you’re in some kind of nine-way poly relationship, or if it’s the galaxy’s laziest game of tag.”

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That’s what I’ve always loved about kurama and yusukes relationship. when they met, they were on opposite sides, with kurama more invested in his own than others.

Yusuke never beat kurama with his power, in fact at that point in the series I feel confident in saying he probably couldn’t have and kurama would have killed him.

no he beat kurama through, literally, the power of friendship, by putting up his spirit and life to save Kuramas mother from her illness and it’s funny because he never really changed kurama. he may have made him more likely to open up to people but if you think about it all that really happened was through being selfless and kind yusuke made it ONTO that list of people kurama would do anything to protect.

kurama has the life, knowledge and jaded synical outlook of hundreds of years kurama isn’t an ally cause he wants to save the world he’s an ally because he wants to protect those who matter

kurama is complex and I love him

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(no Fic Rec Of The Week last week ! I’ll be without wifi on holiday, then in Paris for the week-end)

- The Devil You Know, by @a-writerwrites  : Harry walked slowly to the door, an eerie sense of déjà vu rolling over him. “Who is it?” he called out through the varnished maple.“Can Harry come out to play?” The voice on the other side of the door was light and airy, musical, with a raspy edge.Louis.Harry felt his pulse race a little before he found words. “Harry’s not home right now.” He smirked.There was a pause and then a light tap-tap-tap on the door, right at Harry’s ear. “Bullshit.”**** Louis is a vampire.  Harry is probably too curious for his own good.

Larry Vampire AU (37k) : holy shit, it’s great. The story is amazing, there’s no smut but it’s hot as fuck though … Really, read this. Also I want : 1/a prequel about Niall , 2/ a OS with all the smut please please please.

- keep holding me this way , by orphan_account  : An English grad student, a frat jock, and an unimpressed rich boy walk into a bar. No one walks out.

Larry Uni AU (13k) with sassy!Louis,  lots of banters and pinning. Really fun and smut is great (bottom Louis)

- Needing You More and More, Let’s Give Love A Try , by supernope   : (…) OR when Harry gets pregnant after a one night stand, Louis helps him get everything together, from buying pregnancy clothes to taking him on a babymoon. Somewhere along the way, they realize that their feelings for each other are more than platonic.

Larry MPREG Harry and BFF to lovers (34k) : no angsty , so full of fluff I feel like a melting marshmallow  right now. Also smut. So much smut. (bottom Harry)(obviously).

- Cosmic Love  , by @smittenwithlouis : Sudden chills rake over his body yet again, making him stay rooted to the ground. Static in the air makes every hair on his body stand up straight. That’s when he notices something a couple feet in front of him lying on the ground. It’s what appears to be a person, weird white beams snaking around them like Christmas lights. Louis’ heart rate picks up. Is the person alright? What are they doing here? What the fuck is happening? Or Louis lives in a small desert town in the middle of nowhere Texas yet a strange visitor manages to find Louis among the stars.

Larry Alien!Harry AU (27k) : absolutely cute! (bottom louis for the smut)

- You’re Writing Verses About Me , by Rearviewdreamer : Everybody knows that Louis has never been one for serious boyfriends. His reputation around campus precedes him, which is why he doesn’t think twice before proudly telling his mother about his new and completely fabricated relationship with his oddly quiet and completely gorgeous new roommate Harry to shut her up about his lack of commitment. It’s the perfect lie; a flawless plan, or at least it was until Louis’ ordered to bring his fabulous new boyfriend home.

Larry roomates and fake relationship AU (23k) . Funny and fluffy ! And so much pining … (no smut)

- say you want me , by  loveekateexo: Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else.

Larry famous-not famous and Hate to love AU (37k) : I’m such a hoe for famous-not famous using social medias… So this one is great, not really smutty, with a coming-out and some songwriting :)

- let me outshine the moon  , by  sarcasticfluentry : “Fuck,” echoes Liam, shaking his head at them with a small smile on his face.  “Just don’t get yourselves killed.”“You can come too, if you want,” says Niall, standing up.“I wouldn’t be caught dead at a vampire bar,” Liam scoffs, standing up as well.  “Wait.  Fuck.”…or, boarding school students Niall and Harry chance a trip to the local vampire bar.

Larry Vampire AU (10K) : Yes, again. But this one is totally smutty. so so smutty. Like exhibitionist smut. Wow . (bottom harry)

- MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! , by @zaptains :  Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all  - Louis x

Larry YouTube AU and BFF to lovers (20k) : fake wedding for YouTube challenge, funny and cute (not really smutty).

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'you broke off your engagement with your long time boyfriend/girlfriend who you were supposed to bring home to meet your family so now you need me to pretend to be them' Soumako AU

I may have gone a little too deep with this one

“Please, please, please, please.” Makoto begged on his knees, inching closer to Sousuke with every please.

“There’s a word I’m looking for, now what is it?” Sousuke pretended to ponder. “Oh right. No.”

“Please! You know I wouldn’t ask unless I was desperate.” He cried dramatically.

“Well doesn’t that make me feel loved?” He rolled his eyes and walked out the room.

Makoto groaned as he watched his friend’s retreating back before jumping up and following after him.

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Why Darcy is the only one Thor didn’t call with last name ? He can ask her easily, right ? That’s why I love Thor’s movie, the writer have left so many blank space with amazing Darcy Lewis that we can fill them with our imagination.


  1. Darcy loves music and loves her ipod too much.
  2. D love talking pop culture + enjoy music/movies ( cause it’s not always available in the past )
  3. D good at hacking + be able to make her own false identity
  4. D is fluent in sarcasm + use humor as self-defense mechanism
  5. D had no fear of death when facing Destroyer/Chitauri.. but she will use taser to protect her friends from any danger. ( while they still have no clue at that moment) 
  6. D is totally loyal and feel protective of Jane, who despite facing lots obstacles in her career, still moves forward for her love of science.
  7. D is really love animals ( maybe because she’s been lonely for her safety )
  8. D is a languages lover and because she tried to learn as much as possible about her affliction had a medical phD.
  9. D is quite an adrenaline junkie. She always willing to go adventures with Jane
  10. D get paid only a little of money even after 2 years. It’s maybe because D has no trouble with money

ERIK IS DARCY & STEVE ( or other male character )’s SON

  • E asked D’s current major – as something relating to science because she’s learned so many different majors through the decades. This time she’s studying political science.
  • D totally support Jane + Thor relationship and ship them 100% ( to her, love is a precious thing, you will never know what would happen )
  • while Erik didn’t, due to the lack of father figure, he want to protect his mother and Jane from any danger )
  • D is friendly/ informal with Erik/ they takes care of each other / D is worry about banana-balls E / D totally feel normal with his mind-control pantless situation.
  • E is really funny , he totally get the humor from his mother, with those comments “Steriods” / Loki, brother of Thor ? / Loki is dead - Oh, thank God …

 The point is if these mentions things above is real, when you rewatch Thor, you will get a whole different viewpoint, it all make sense weirdly !!! 

p/s : I really want to know the viewpoint of an ageless/immortal WOMAN when she has to suffer everything all by herself  through all decades, beside those famous MALE character like Steve, Bucky or Logan …

Mindy Is Nailing It This Season

I have a ton of confidence in Mindy Kaling. She has proven time and time again that she is capable of producing television that is funny, intelligent, and incredibly entertaining. After Mindy and Danny kissed last season there were several episodes where I felt she, and the show, lost their way. You can read my thoughts on that here.

When they reunited in the finale, I was slightly nervous about how things would work out once season 3 started. It’s always a little scary once two characters who have had incredible sexual tension finally get together. But I love Mindy and Danny and was hopeful that Mindy would find a way to make it work, and not get boring.

And man, has she delivered. After the first two episodes (which I acknowledge is not a large sample size), I am beyond relieved (and impressed) at how well the new dynamic is working. And I think it’s because of one main thing:

Mindy and Danny’s togetherness is a foregone conclusion.

There’s all kinds of drama and hilarity that occurs, but none of it, not even for a moment, threatens the core of Mindy and Danny. Whether she’s blabbing all of their secrets to anyone who will listen or he’s letting his mother think she’s his cleaning lady, it never becomes an issue for the relationship. They are solid, and everything else is just happening around that foundation. That allows the hijinks that ensue to be funny and enjoyable, rather than stressful and frustrating.

I’m sure at some point something will arise that will complicate their happiness, but for now, I’m really enjoying the way that their being a couple hasn’t come into question.

Also, Tamra and Morgan are amazing.

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i love Mal Rockabilly so i’m doing this: 

My questions:

1. What album can you relate to and why?

it’s been years since i bought an album.  i bought the first mumford and sons. many of the lyrics capture this period of my life. i gave it to my SIL as she fought cancer but i honestly doubt she ever listened to it.

2. What is a tv show you have to watch and anticipate each new season?

sherlock. it is so rare to have tv surprise me and stretch my brain.

3. If money was not an option what vehicle would you drive?

an early 80s two toned Ford F150. 

4. Have you ever had an out of body experience?  What was going on?

yes. i meditated once and i was up on the ceiling looking down at my body. i had a hard time getting back in and there was an electrical zapping sound. mind fuck.

5. If you could have the career of your choosing what would it be? 

directing a multi camera tv sitcom in front of a live audience. 

6. Are you able to sing the chorus of a song you’ve only just heard for the first time?

yes. i have a sick memory. hard to market that skill though. 

7. If you had only one wish what would it be?

unlimited wishes….:p or to need for nothing. not to be rich mind you, to just not have to need things like food for my kids, health care, etc. the basics for life.

8. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Tell me about it. 

a guy in college, my sophomore year, his senior. prior to him i didn’t see the point of relationships. he was jewish and both our parents cockblocked us. but he was worth lying to them about. he called me 10 yrs ago to tell me he finally met a blonde jewish girl in a bar and married her. to bad his mother never lived to see it. jesus she hated me.

9. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

if you consider god to have a great sense of humor, just about everything that happens to you can be funny. i enjoy his infinite jest.

10. Are you happy?

on the daily? 80% when i’m teaching improv? 100% i’m working on the deficit. 

11. What is the funniest thing your kids or kid or SO said that has stuck with you?

hard because CD drops the mike on the regular. that little shit is funny. but before they left they were talking about ‘being a baby’ to each other and CD said, 'i’m not a baby. would a baby have guns like these!?’ and pushed her shirt up to show her piddlyass muscles. i died.