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Can I request a BTS reaction where it's raining outside and your white shirt gets soaked and your bra is showing but you don't notice cause your innocent. Thanks!

Hi! Sorry, I know this is really late, I tried, but my laptop needs to be checked
I’ve always wanted to do one like this xD I’ve been waiting

BTS Reaction When It’s Raining Outside and your shirt gets wet

You and Jin were on a dinner date. It was beautiful when you entered the restaurant, but time flied by and you didn’t even notice the rain. Sadly, the two of you didn’t expect the weather to change so drastically, so none of you had an umbrella. The both of you also walked to the restaurant.
“Let’s just run it jin”
“What- Are you crazy?!” You grabbed his hand and ran back to your apartment. Luckily, it wasn’t far away. As soon as you entered, the both of you took a breather. He glanced over to you and noticed that your clothes were soaked, “See? You’re soaking wet princess. I’ll go start a bath for you”
“Ah, thank you Jin” You stood up and stretched, “That was good exercise, huh?” He didn’t answer back so you looked at him and found him staring at your chest. He swallowed thickly before looking back at your eyes, “S-Sorry, I was distracted, what?”

The both of you return home soaked. “Well that was unexpected” he said, breaking the silence, “No kidding” You took off your sweater which was completely drenched and threw it into the laundry. You didn’t notice that your soaked sweater also got your white shirt wet. The shirt itself was almost see through, but there’s no doubt it definitely isn’t now. You walked back to Namjoon, he was changing his clothes. You walked in on him changing. He stared at you (Or more specifically your chest) “Uhh… B-Baby, would you like to.. borrow a shirt?”
“That would be great, thank you” He sighed at the fact that you were so innocent. He told himself to stay calm as he threw a shirt over to you before walking out the door, “uhh, I’ll leave you alone to get dressed” He would say before closing it and maybe accidentally knocking something over in his attempts to stay calm

You were on your way to see Jimin for the first time since he came back from tour. You were happily walking to his house when rain drops slowly hit your face. “oh shi-” Before you could even finish, it started down pouring. You dashed towards the house that was still a few blocks away. You slipped a few times, but not enough to make you fall over. You quickly rang the doorbell and you were greeted by a smiling Jimin, “Hi Jagi! I missed you- oh..” You quickly entered the house, soaking wet. Jimin couldn’t help but stare. You took off your shoes and tried to fix your hair. You were about to head to the bathroom to fix yourself up but Jimin stopped you when he pulled at your waist, bring you into a back hug, “it’s the first time you see me, and you’re not even going to give me a proper hug?”
“I’m sorry Jimin, I just need to fix myself up-” He kissed you passionately and you couldn’t escape his grasp. He started playing at the hem of your shirt, pulling it up. He nibbled on your ear before his hot breath spoke, “You know I love lace, right?”

You always did things like this. You always did the smallest and most innocent things that would make Yoongi’s heart flutter and his stomach flip. You were so fragile and innocent and he secretly loved it about you. The way you would absent mindedly eat a popsicle or lick a lollipop would make his thoughts go wild. And now, you’re standing before him, dripping wet god cleanse your minds people, your bra showing through your white tee. You had no idea what you were doing to him, yet you still played so innocently. He couldn’t handle himself any longer and attacked you with kisses, “Yoongi-ah! stop it! You’ll get wet!”
“Maybe I already am"asdfghjkl


Playing in the rain was a thing. And you did it with your boyfriend. It was a ton of fun, splashing around, acting out raining movie kisses. But it was when You started sneezing when Taehyung said the both of you should so inside. The both of you had so much fun outside that you didn’t even notice how drenched you were. You took off a sad excuse for a rain coat and went into the bedroom to get some new clothes. You realized Taehyung was in there and he was half naked. It made you blush at the sight, but he didn’t seem to notice. Not wanting to bother him, you asked him to throw you a shirt, “just come inside, I don’t mind” He smiled. You walked inside the room and he looked at you. Scanning your body up and down, his blank face showed before it turned into a smirk. He licked his lips and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We had a lot of fun outside, but how about we do something to warm us up, jagi?”

It was a great day for the two of you. Just having a casual walk in the neighbourhood. Your hands intertwined. Nothing could make this day bad, or so you thought. The rain drops hit. Light at first, but soon taken over by heavy pounding. Once returning home after getting drenched you looked at each other. There was a moment of silence before the both of you burst into laughter. “Well, that was a great way to end our walk” he said, grabbing a towel for the both of you, “yeah, That’s too bad though… I was looking forward to it, but we didn’t even make it to our destination” “That’s okay, because I get to see you like this” he walked closer to you. You noticed that a dark glare took over the happy one, “I think the rain was trying to tell us something” he said, moving in for a kiss

The shower head broke. You yelled for Jungkook and he came rushing in, “Everything okay??” “The shower head is broken, could you fix it?” “Yeah, you might have to help me though” The two of you struggled trying to get it back into place. You accidentally turned the shower on while trying to help him, which eventually got the both of you soaking wet. “JAGI!!” “IM SORRY!!” You panicked and moved back, letting him finish the job as you watched. Once he was done, he walked out. You noticed you could see through his shirt and you blushed a little. He wasn’t any different. He saw your bra showing. He told himself not to stare, but it wasn’t something he could help. He walked over to you and kissed you out of no where, “what was that for?” You asked, clueless, “it’s just so I can temporarily stop my hunger. But I’ll be coming back for more in a bit. Just you wait jagi” he smirked before leaving the room.

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