his reactions to everything are so cute

I know all I can do right now is talk about the Renora scene on the airship but can we please talk about the renora scene on the airship? But most importantly..REN’S EXPRESSIONS. 

When he first looks at her, he looks a little unsure but then his face gradually turns into a soft expression. 

It’s like Ren made the realization that he loves Nora (although, he probably realized that earlier when Nora pushed him under the building…or earlier than that but it’s now more apparent that the Grimm that killed his parents is dead and that’s A LOT off his shoulders and mind). 


NORA’S INITIAL REACTION IS SO PURE AND CUTE AND EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED. (And Ren’s face is just…wow…have you ever seen him more serene with the world because I haven’t)

And then Ren puts his hand on-top of Nora’s and Nora holds up his hand and I can just see her examining it like “he really put his hand on my hand”. The way they readjust their hands just kills me in the best way. 

NORA’S EXPR/ESSION HERE IS EVEN PURER THAN THAT LAST ONE AND IT JUST SCREAMS “REALLY?”. Like, she’s looking at him to make sure what’s happening is really happening…that he might have the same feelings for her that she’s felt for him for so many years. 



I thought this entire scene did an amazing job of developing their relationship and taking it beyond being close friends/crushes with just the smallest details in the animation. A kiss would have amazing and gladly accepted, but I thought their expressions and body language did soooo much more than what a kiss could have done here (besides, there’s plenty more time for kisses in the next volume ;)). 

{Reaction} EXO finding out you have ticklish thighs

Hi! Could you do EXO + Topp Dogg’s B-Joo’s reaction to their s/o having ticklish thighs?

This was such a random request, but it was fun all the same! As this is an EXO reaction, I will do Topp Dogg’s B- Joo on a separate post, just so I’m not mixing everything around. Enjoy!~ Fighting!~ Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol grinned when he found out that you have ticklish thighs, he giggled into his hands as you crossly told him not to irritate you as you don’t like being tickled.

Chanyeol: “But how can I not when you look so cute, Jagi?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo’s hand accidentally ran across your thigh, he jumped when you flinched. For a moment, he was terrified you were scared of him, but then he remembered that you just have extremely ticklish thighs. He sighed in relief, pulling you into a hug.

Kyungsoo: “Sorry Jagi, I forgot about it.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Let’s be honest, if you tell Baekhyun not to do something, he’s more than likely going to do it anyway. So when you tell him that you don’t like being tickled on the thighs, he going to see it as more of a personal challenge.

{y/n}: “Baekhyun! Get off me this instant!”

Baekhyun: “Not until you admit I’m the best!”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun pretends like he isn’t bothered about you having ticklish thighs, but really, he does like seeing you squirm and giggle as he tickles you,s o he will do it occasionally, just to get a reaction out of you.

{y/n}: “What did I say about touching me there?”

Sehun: “Oh no, I can’t remember.” *smirking.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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If you tell Yixing not to do something then he more than likely won’t do it, because he;d a good boyfriend and doesn’t like to upset you at all.

Yixing: “That’s fine Jagi, I won’t do it then.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen grinned as you told him, then he dived forward, pinning you underneath him before he started tickling your thighs at once, laughing as you giggled between protests.

Jongdae: “Stop? Nah, why would I do that when you look so cute?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok wouldn’t tickle you unless he really had a purpose for it, and that purpose was not necessarily innocent either. He would tickle your thighs to tease you, not too much that it was a turnoff, but enough to get you gasping for him.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao doesn’t really tickle you, because he’s just as ticklish as you are and he also heats it.it would be too bad if you didn’t tickle him back, but he knows that if he tickles you, you will only get your revenge.

Tao: “Okay Baobei, I won’t, just don’t tickle me either, okay?”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho didn’t tickle you there for the longest time, but he soon got curious and decided to see what would happen if he tried it. He soon regretted it as you arm swung and caught him in the chest.

{y/n}: “I’m so sorry! Instincts! I told you I was sensitive there!”

Suho: “I know, I know. Curiosity killed the cat and all that, I won’t be doing that again any time soon.”


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Luhan tickles you on the thighs all the time now that he knows it’s your weak spot. Even though it annoys you, he thinks it’s cute, and it’s the perfect methods for revenge or when he wants something.

Luhan: “Give me a kiss!”

{y/n}: “No!”

Luhan: “Guess I’ll have to keep tickling you then.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai doesn’t do it all of the time, especially when he knows that it frustrates you, but sometimes he will when he’s feeling particularly daring, or he genuinely matches you there accidentally.

Kai: *Hand glides across your thigh, making you jump* “Ah sorry Jagi, I was aiming for your butt.”

{y/n}: “I don’t know if that’s better or worse…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris doesn’t really tickle you either. With his ‘cold city guy’ reputation to uphold, he doesn’t have time for cutesy couple cliches where he’d pin you down and tickle you in the hopes for a kiss. But he will do it sometimes, if he’s seriously agitated, or wants something a little impure.

Kris: *Runs your hand over your thigh.* “Oops, sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to get you there. Did it hurt? How about you pull your skirt up so I can get a closer look.”

His child wears a bee costume to one of their concerts (Block B)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Zico: -he would stop everything that he would be doing and instantly start cooing to his little girl so cutely dressed in her bee costume- “my little princess look how cute you are”

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Jaehyo: -when his son started walking out on stage and fans reacted he turned and found it to be the cutest thing ever- “that’s my boy”

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P.O: -he would kiss his son as soon as he saw the little costume on him- “wish daddy luck before I go on stage”

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B-Bomb: -he would find it really cute that his little girl was dressed up like a bee- “I’m going to do the best for you baby girl”

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Taeil: -he would be so happy that you brought your son out to see him. He had sound from headphones on that you put the antennas on and black and yellow stripped clothes- “he looks so cute”

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U-Kwon: -he was in love with his little girl dressed in her little bee costume- “if I keep looking at you I won’t be able to preform at all”

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Kyung: -he would kiss your baby as soon as he saw him and smile stroking his little cheek- “daddy’s gonna do so good now when he goes to preform”

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Okay but there is not a single part of me that doesn’t believe that Lance doesn’t lose his shit at the slightest mention of an axolotl.

You can’t even bring up salamanders around him, cause then he’ll just break out into the salamander song (a song where an axolotl gets turned into a salamander) and then procede to gush about his favorite pink and purple axolotl from the aquarium that he could swear would recognize him every time he came in

Plus their faces seem so cute and chubby like a baby’s that he just can’t stop himself from squealing when he sees them

Shiro doesnt quite understand, but smiles and nods anyway. Hunk finds them equally as cute. Pidge agrees, just doesn’t care as much. Keith doesn’t care at all, but finds Lance’s reactions absolutely endearing. Allura is the definition of confused. Coran immediately researches everything he can about axolotls.

SF9 when you shyly ask for a hug


There’s no way he’s missing out on an opportunity to hug you. He’ll pull you in and cuddle you well for a while.

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He just melts and smothers you with love. “Yah, come here, Y/N. You’re so cute!”

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Brings you into his arms and asks if everything’s alright, wondering if you were shy because you thought something was wrong. You two end up having a really long conversation about life as he hugs you.

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Soft Dawon activated. He’s worried you’re shy because he’s too loud and crazy, so he’s mellow and holds you sweetly.

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“Hmm, you’re cute when you’re shy,” he tells you, hugging you and kissing the top of your head while he’s at it.

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His brain is short-circuiting because you’re so cute when you do that, and all he can do is hug you- maybe a bit too tightly.

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“There’s no need to be shy,” he says. Really he doesn’t understand why you’re so shy, but it’s definitely cute to him.

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Can’t handle how cute you are so he grins and takes a moment to recompose himself before he hugs you, still smiling like a fool.

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He’s kind of awkward about it, but he smile and tries to act warmly for you.

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••• Ari

(It was so cute with Pentagon that I wanted to do it with SF9 too.)

Bts Reaction To You Acting Like A Baby

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Jin: *Turns into Mom!jin and treats you like a baby*

Yoongi: Look at your pout jagi! *Laughing his ass off*

Hoseok: *laughing at her at first then buys her everything she wants*

Namjoon: *Get’s so stressed about all her demands*

Jimin: You want everything Jagi! calm yourself down… *used to being the baby that got everything*

Taehyung: look at how cute you are, my little baby!

Jungkook: *Finds it funny at first then realises that the demands she is making must be met*

EXO’s Reaction to His Girlfriend Being on Her Period *As Requested*

Junmyeon // Suho

Junmyeon would try to do everything in his power to make you feel at ease, being on your period and all. He would think that it hurt much worse than what it actually did, trying to spoil you in more ways than one. He would buy you anything that you even said looked cute, he would make you breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he would pamper you by giving you massages and so forth. He would literally do everything he could possibly think of to make you feel better quicker. “Jagi, I bought some more pain meds for you~” He’d say, before hurrying to let you take it. The sooner you felt better, the sooner he would too.

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Kyungsoo // D.O

Kyungsoo would know a little bit about periods, but only things that he had learned from school or on the internet or from friends, considering he only has a brother and doesn’t have any sisters to teach him otherwise. He would be one of the most considerate out of the other boys, letting you rest as much as you needed while he did chores around the house, cook, and clean and other things  of that nature. He would make sure you were taken care of, and once his small chores were finished up, he would most definitely want to cuddle with you all night long. “Jagiya, are you feeling any better? I made you chocolate cake for dessert~” He’d state, really hoping that you were up for eating, because he loved to see you eat his food. 

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Baekhyun would definitely, being the little shit that he is, joke around about it at first but then seeing that you were in pain and probably a little bit moody, he’d try to change his attitude a bit. “I’m sorry you’re hurting jagiya, and I’m sorry for mocking you.” He’d apologize, pouting like a little puppy. “Maybe instead of going to the park today for a walk, we can just stay in and cuddle? I have a few movies picked out for us to watch!” He’d say, rushing like a little kid to get the movies and just cuddle with you all day long - just like he suggested. 

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Jongdae // Chen

Jongdae would definitely mock you, mocking your whiny tone and mimicking you all day long until you’d either snap at him or start crying/pouting about it. “Aish, I’m sorry jagi, I’ll stop teasing you and start being supportive and caring…” He’d apologize, seeing that you were obviously fed up with his teasing and just wanted some love from him. He wouldn’t hesitate at all to give it to you either. He’d just lie down with you on the couch and cuddle with you, kissing you all over. “Next time, tell me when I take things too far okay?” He’d whisper in your ear, pulling your body closer to his. 

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Chanyeol would know all about periods from his older sister, telling him how they worked and why they happened and the symptoms - everything he needed to know, not that he’d ever need to know it other than to help his girlfriend out with it. He would have a heating pad ready for you, some chocolates, and movies for the two of you to watch with some pain medication if you needed it. “Okay jagi, I’ve already got a lazy day planned out for us - we can order take-out today too, since I’m too lazy and you’re hurting~” He’d say, before placing a sweet kiss on your temple and sitting down beside of you, rubbing your stomach or anywhere else you might have been cramping. 

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Yixing // Lay

Yixing wouldn’t know much about periods, but he’d get the gist of it all. He’d know that you were in pain and it wasn’t a pleasant experience emotionally nor physically. He’d ask you where you were hurting and he wouldn’t hesitate to either massage or rub you there - wanting to make you feel better sooner. “Jagi, how about we just take a nap together? I’m tired.” He’d suggested, gently playing with your hair and awaiting your response before just carrying you to bed where you’d both take your nap if you had agreed to it. 

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Jongin // Kai

Since Jongin has more than one sister, he would have a pretty good idea about what having a period meant. He would definitely do everything he could to make you feel better. He’d even cancel any plans that you two might have made to go out someplace and just stay home and have a lazy day with you - since you were in pain and he wouldn’t want you out and about while hurting like that too. “We’ll just stay here and have fun enjoying one another’s company, jagi~” He’d say before softly kissing your cheek and cuddling you.

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Sehun wouldn’t know as much as he should about periods, but he definitely wouldn’t be clueless either. “Jagi, how much are you bleeding? Are you okay right now? Are you hungry? Thirsty? I can get you something to eat or something to drink if you need me to.” He’d suggest, wanting to pamper you but in a more naive and innocent way. He’d really be caring and considerate of you being in pain or moody and would try not to be as sassy as usual, understanding that you might be having a bad day or might just be in a mad mood due to your hormones. 

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Minseok // Xiumin

Minseok would be really cute and clingy the whole time, even if you got aggravated with him, he’s still be right there by your side like a little lost puppy. “Jagi, I’m really sorry that you don’t feel good. I just wanna be here and make you feel better.” He’d whine, kissing all over your face as he cuddled with you. He would cook for you if you needed him to, or even run out to get pads/tampons unlike most guys. He’d be really considerate, and he’d definitely keep you in his thoughts even if he had to go to work while you were like this. Texting you every five seconds just to make sure that you were okay or feeling better.

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Luhan would be a wreck dealing with your hormones, that would be his only pet peeve. Other than that, he wouldn’t mind you being on your period. He’d cuddle you and get you what you needed/wanted, even though he might huff and puff about it at first. He’d definitely cater to you just like you needed him to during this time because he knows that you’d do the same thing for him if he were hurt or sick. 

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Yifan // Kris

Yifan would be another one who would occasionally mock and tease you, but not as much as the beagle line would. He would definitely know his boundaries there, not wanting to make you too angry or upset with him over something like that. He’d also be the type to cuddle you when you were cramping and massage you if you were sore or hurting somewhere like your back, or shoulders, stomach, any places like that. He’d want to cater to you much like the others would as well. 

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Zitao // Tao

Zitao would definitely be another one to make fun of you/mimic you while you were complaining about your period. “Oh, it hurts so bad baby!” He’d whine, copy catting almost everything you said. “But it does!” He’d continue, just teasing you while laughing a bit before letting you know that he was only joking around and picking fun at you in a good way. He’d kiss your lips and hold you close, rubbing your stomach and telling you to feel better soon because he didn’t like to see you hurting like that. 

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BTS Reactions to You Wearing Their Shirt


“I like how my shirt looks on you Y/N…but it still looks better on me,” Jin would playfully tease before he kissed you on the forehead, “I’m just kidding, everything looks amazing on you Jagiya.” 

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He’d be overdramatic as he whined, “Jagiya how many times have I told you to ask before you borrow my clothes?” Yoongi would pretend to complain but he wouldn’t actually mind. He’d love seeing you in his clothes. 

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“Ahhh Jagi you look so cute! Let me take a picture!” Seeing you in his shirt would make Hoseok really happy but more than anything he’d be freaking out over how adorable you looked in oversized clothing, especially his oversized clothing. 

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Namjoon would look you up and down but he’d begin biting his lip as his eyes caught sight of your exposed legs. “Damn Jagi, how’d I get so lucky?”

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Jimin’s heart would melt at the sight of you in his shirt. That wouldn’t last long though, as he’d realize just how attractive it was seeing you in clothes. “I really like seeing you in my shirt Jagiya, but I think you’d look better out of it.”

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Taehyung would laugh from how happy he’d get from seeing you in his shirt. He’d rush to envelop you in a big bear hug before he ruffled your hair, “you should wear my shirts more often Y/N.”

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Jungkook would immediately tease you about his shirt being too big on you. “Ah! You’re so small Jagi,” he’d say as he patted your head, attempting to get a rise out of you. However, Jungkook would secretly find you in his clothes extremely attractive. 

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I thought this would be cute to do! I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send in requests (:

~Admin C

I think out of all members Yixing surely changed the most. And I’m not just speaking about his personality. I mean his whole aura, his presence and his eyes, everything just became so mature. I remember a slightly dreamy boy, who was nicknamed the Unicorn of his group, always having that bubbly smile and was known for his purity and ever so cute reactions. I remember Yixing as the boy who couldn’t help but become a puddle of tears and needed to lean onto Yifan’s shoulder for support as Exo-M won the “Most Popular Group Of The Year” award back in 2012, his voice ripped apart as he needed to give his “thankyou”-speach. All in one, Yixing always had given me the vibes of a young, light-hearted boy who discovered the world around him with bright, open and curious eyes and all the humans around him with an equal open and warm heart. 

Now I see in Yixing something entirely different.

I see a twenty-four year old, self-confident man, who needed to keep his head and courage high, even after three other chinese member leaving. I see a man, who didn’t grow the least bit tired of proving his loyality to his group a hundred, a thousand, a millionth time, despite the burden of being the only chinese member left and the never ending hate people were giving him.

I don’t see the purity or lightness in his smile anymore. His eyes have now become somewhat more heavy and deep with wisedom and experience about all the things that occured to him over the past four years, about the obstacles he needed to cross. He’s now a strong and very disengaged chinese artist who’s sure of the way he’s chosen and lays infront of him and who’s taking every new step with a never faltering or bending heart. Zhang Yixing has grown so, so much and it’s apparent in his facial expressions or whole body language and I couldn’t be more impressed to the bottom of my heart that the boy, who was deemed as the slightly shy and too-soft member in the end has proven that his heart and will was way stronger than anyone could’ve ever expected.

If you still can’t follow me or don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at these pictures. The first ones show Yixing back in 2012, while the other ones are more recent from 2016.

ASTRO REACTION: Meeting a fan who fits their ideal type

Jinjin: I think he’d act as a cute dork when he meet you, he’d be so fascinated with the whole thing.

MJ: “omg guys look how cute she is when smiles”

He’d be a fanboy, just loving everything about you.

Eunwoo: “so… hi I don’t know you really well, but I already love you”

Moon bin: Moonbin, for me, would be all shy when he realizes that you’re his ideal type, and it’d be the cutest thing ever.

Rocky: “hi~~ “

He’d have a big smile in his face and would think that was possible to hear the beating of his heart.

Sanha: He’d be happy to know someone who fits his ideal type, but would be shy at the same time, so would stare from afar until you talk to him, making his cheeks pink.

My first Astro reaction, I hope it’s good enough, since I still knowing they

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

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Could I request a scenario? Chris' response to his S/O planning everything on valentines day (Chris' B-Day) like he thought they had forgotten then S/O shows up at his door all dressed up with flowers and plans for the whole day and a big cheesy grin on their face. And whatever you think his reaction would be for this and they have two of everything (gift, card, etc) because it's two special days in one so Chris is gonna get spoiled today (since valentines is coming up soon) THANK YOU :)

// ahh I haven’t been on as much and was going through our drafts and realized we didn’t get this done in time for valentines! I thought this was super cute but only had time to do it as headcanons so i hope you enjoy this! -mod kat //

-Chris is basically just on the verge of irreversible mopey-ness when his s/o gets there

-when they tell him what all they have planned for that day for his birthday he just melts with relief that they didn’t actually forget

-He’s just so excited, he absolutely lives for being spoiled like this. 

-Of course he has the perfect vase for the flowers and takes ten years making sure they look perfect on his kitchen table

-He thinks it’s the sweetest thing that they’re celebrating both his birthday and valentines day in one ordeal

-all the extra chocolate and things is also a big plus though

-at the end of the night they end up curled up on the couch with chris’ cat and hot cocoa

Exo Reaction To Their Female Best Friend Being Gay

(( I do now own any gifs unless otherwise stated))

Requested by anon

Xiumin: did you just find out? why did I not know?

Luhan: It’s okay! we tell each other everything and even if you are gay it doesn’t change anything!

Kris: (Finds out because she admits she had a crush on his sister) not me? I thought you liked me!

Lay: I thought you were crying over something else! I was so worried!

Suho: *Doesn’t really react to it*

Baekhyun: *points out every girl* is she cute?

Chen: So that means we can’t be the stereotypical couples that start as best friends? *joking only sorta* 

Chanyeol: how long have you been hiding this? *more shocked she didn’t tell him*

Kyungsoo: cool! *Not really shaken by it*

Tao: *shook af*

Kai: stop crying I’m not angry!? I just don’t know why you would hide it from me!

Sehun: *Supportive*

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Alright time for some karaoke bar au! Fell Sans' crush pretty much forces him to sing a duet with them (Yours Alone by The Brothers Bright)? What'd his reaction be? Thank you♡

* What is this? High school musical? HEHEHHE
* It’s so cheesy
* It’s so cute
* Yes.


He half-asses the entire song, mumbling everything with his face so red you’d think he might spontaneously combust. He absolutely can’t make eye contact with his crush or he’s sure he actually would black out right there and then holy SHIT when they sing the implications of the song hits him hard and asdfghjkl someone save him.
The moment the song ends, he excuses himself to the toilet, locks himself in and absolutely has a mini meltdown because oH MY GOD THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. He does the whole looks at himself in the mirror with a pep talk and splashes water on his still blushing face. It is like half an hour before he comes out again. Everyone is looking at him knowingly. He wants to die from embarrassment all over again. 

ASTRO: Being shy.


Originally posted by woojei

Eunwoo would find it absolutely adorable, just like the rest of you. “Jagiiii, you’re so cute! Isn’t s/he cute, guys?… Wait! Don’t answer that! S/he’s mine.”


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

As for Rocky, I think he’d be a bit confused. He’d constantly be pulling you onto his lap or holding your hand around the others, because the shyness might make him feel as if you like the others more than him. “I’m your favorite, riiiight?”


Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Moonbin would be a different story - he’d try everything he could to make you laugh. From his aegyo to just plain terrible jokes, he’d always be trying to make you giggle. “S/he’s usually not this quiet!”


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

He wouldn’t understand that you were getting shy, he’d think you were just being quiet. However, that’s something he’s not used to so he’d wave his hand in front of your face and whine, “Jagiiiii, are you in there? Earth to (Y/N)!”


Originally posted by barristabin

This boy would laugh nervously, as he had bragged to the boys about how outgoing and funny you are. “You’re killing me, jagi…”


Originally posted by woojei

MJ would think it’s the funniest thing ever, unable to control his laughter when he saw your red cheeks and awkward stance. “Jagi, why are you like this? These guys are losers, I’m the one who should make you shy!”

BTS Reaction: When their wife and son visit them at a fansigning

Jin: They were just beginning the event and he almost immideiatly saw you and his baby boy in the crowd. Luckly he quickly covered up his shock as a cute gestrue towards the fans (mostly towards you two) so everything would stay smooth.

“aww she even dressed him up his cute little bts shirt”

Suga: You noticed that suga was busy taking selca on his phone so to get his attention you sent him a photo of you and your son doing the same pose that he was doing. Once he looked at it he was confused then looked in the crowd to see your smiling faces. It just completely made his day 

“haha they couldn’t just yell out my name like others. thats why their special to me”

Rap mon: namjoon didn’t want the fans to get all riled by knowing his family was in the crowed so he rarely repsoned to you two until you held up your phone wanting too take a photo of his. His son told him which faces to make on the side of you. he couldnt resisted then.

Jhope: You had already went up and to him and said your hey’s and jhope notice that you had dressed his son up similar to him. He though this was so cute but the only thing that was different was your baby boy had a little green bow. Luckly you brought one just for Jhope and took so many photos of him and his son together

“haha its me and my mini-me, ready still still your heart >>>”

Jimin: once you got up to him your son was so excited to show his dad his cool arts and craft project his did just for Jimin. He handed it to his mom to hand it to jimin who looked at the cute headband. 

“you did this all by yourself (sons name)” 

son: *nods* yeah i let mommy help too”

Taehyung: He saw his son trying to stay awake and you just looking at him and chuckling as your son first with sleep. Taehyung also found this amusing and started mimmking your son. You both had a pretty fun laugh about it.

Jungkook: This child alwayals take his chance to show his love to you and his son and because it wasnt really a smart idea to kiss you in front of a whole bunch of fans he just blew a kiss and place a finger kiss on your sons forehead 

‘see you two at home, love you 

son: ‘love you more appa” 


okay here this what i was supposed to post and now it  don. 

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Bai For Now   

NCT cheering you up when you feel sad

Ten:Look baby what I got for you! Your favorite candy!!!” Finally you let out a shy smile…You just can’t resist his charms…and that candy looks really delicious!

Taeyong: *attempts doing aegyo* *you’re not smiling yet* *tries one more time* You finally burst out into laughter…he does it so cute and prettily, that makes you forget everything!

Doyoung: *makes a video call* *shows weird faces* *you look confused* Finally you let out a big laughter making him laugh too at your reaction! He is really good at bringing your mood up! Such an adorable bunny!

Kun: *sends you a video message

If you won’t come over I’ll drink your favorite coffee…oups I already drank some!” You make an angry face but finally smile, now you want to hurry up and have a taste of that coffee from his lips… 

Hansol: *takes you out for shopping*

 “Choose everything you want, I’ll buy it for you…” he grabs a sexy outfit for you. At first you feel shy to change into it, but you go on with a smile and try it. He approves as how good and sexy you look…but he does it so seriously, that you can’t hold your laughter anymore…you are finally feeling happy again!

Jaehyun: *offers you a potato chip and while you open your mouth, he puts away his hand and eats it by himself, savoring it really loud*  You look at him a bit mad, but finally show a shy smile as you watch him eating! He is so cute every time he eats something, you want to cherish his smile forever!

Yuta: “Come here honey, let me show you something…” 

*attempts grabbing your hand, but you won’t let him* 

Tries one more time, while he brings it near his face and kisses it like a gentleman, comforting you at how beautiful you look when you are happy…you finally face him with a big smile! It’s impossible to resist to his charms…

Taeil: He’s not very good at cheering up other people, since he always looks awkward or makes weird gestures. This time he lets out his crazy inner self by making funny faces and it’s just impossible for you to keep you face straight…I mean, what’s with that tongue tease? He asks to be kissed too, after he made you laugh so hard.

Win Win: He loves non-verbal language and uses it every time he wants to cheer you up, since he knows that you laugh pretty hard at his funny way of expressing himself…by making those cute gestures. You go on with a smile and join him for playing…whatever he wants to play… 

Mark: First, he tries to pull-off a seductive expression, but then he faces your disappointed face and cracks up laughing…of course you laughed too at his cute failed attempted of making you think he was some kind of player…Well, in your eyes he is so sweet, you just can’t view him in any other ways.

Johnny: A masculine tall man like him doing aegyo is something you can’t handle…Your sadness goes away the moment you crack up laughing at how dorky-cutely looks making those face gestures.

Jaemin: *plays his favorite song* He starts dancing like a crazy excited kid pulling off some “manly gestures”, but you already laugh as soon as he starts bouncing. He is so adorable and his smile is really contagious…impossible to feel sad around this cutie pie.

Haechan: *shows you some moves, while he tries to act out seductively* You ask him to stop being so quirky since he is a still a kid, but he goes with it and you just can’t stop laughing at how mischievous he looks…

Jeno: Asks you if you want some food, while he stills chews up on some rice…you burst into a hard laughter at how funny he looks…and if it wasn’t enough even he laughs of his own derpy actions… He is so precious!

Jisung: He doesn’t need words or silly actions to cheer you up, just looking at him being adorable makes you laugh so hard! He knows his presence makes people feel happy, that’s why he sticks to his cute-sweet image! He does look like a baby-chick for some reason…

Dating Changkyun

  • He’s type of guy who needs his own space, so you should be okay with that. Sometimes he’ll want to stay alone and don’t bother him. Remember that he still loves you endlessly. 
  • He’s perfect boyfriend material.
  • Funny, cute, humorous, understanding.
  • Best friend boyfriend.
  • He’s very intelligent, so wait for a long and deep talks about literally everything.
  • Dates would be likely at cinemas or at home.
  • He’s very adventurous, you will have many crazy memories with him.
  • He tries to act cool, but we know how weird and shy goofball he is, so first kiss will be a bit awkward.
  • Except many 4D Changkyun too. His weird jokes, faces, but how can you don’t like it?
  • He’ll be very protective around you, but tries to hide it. He becomes jelly very easily. But it’s cute right?
  • Just imagine him calling you ‘baby girl’ with that voice omgabskjsihdoasfhfa
  • He doesn’t keep many people around him, so you’re already lucky enough to be his #1 in his life.
  • Just treasure this lil cutie. Please give him a lot of love, because he deserve it.
Dating The8/Minghao

Dating The8 would be like……

  • random cute gifts…… literally all the time………
  • spoiling you with everything because you’re HIS and that’s what you deserve
  • Snapchat selfies
  • you accidentally forgetting to answer his Snapchat and losing your streak
  • him getting really sad that you lost your streak
  • restarting the streak
  • him forgetting about the streak this time
  • couple sweaters!!
  • dancing whenever there’s music
  • him showing you his new dances
  • you being in awe because he is so so so wow.
  • him singing you a lullaby to sleep
  • cuddling and forehead kisses
  • trying to call him but having Jun pick up
  • facetiming Jun because where even is Minghao and why does Jun have his phone…..
  • Jun literally tagging along with you guys all the time but it’s okay because The8 keeps you closer when Jun’s around
  • asking your opinion of which hair colour to go for next
  • him not knowing some Korean so you have to google translate
  • build-a-bear dates!!!
  • amusement park dates where he drags you on all the rides
  • bringing you to the dorm because the members are always going on and on about not knowing you enough
  • you being there to help him when he struggles with the language barrier/culture difference
  • trusting you with his whole life
  • selfiesssss
  • him going from super cute to super HOT
  • him coming over after practice to see you asleep on the floor wearing his hoodie with your phone in your hand
  • him chuckling because you’re sO ADORABLE
  • lifting you onto the bed and then blushing as he climbs in next to you
  • hugs where he literally buries you in his arms
  • having to stop on the streets so he can pet EVERY.SINGLE.DOG that walks by
  • his soft singing voice filling the house in the mornings when he thinks you’re still asleep
  • forcing him to do face masks with you all the time
  • him always whining about how you don’t need makeup as you put makeup on
  • you petting his head like he’s a dog because he’s such a cute idiot
  • you having to initiate skinship first sometimes because he’s just really shy and thinks you are really, really, reallyyyyy beautiful
  • buying groceries and putting them away when you get home
  • he accidentally drops the eggs
  • so you both have to drive back to get more eggs
  • hours and hours of laughing over the dumbest things ever
  • scary movie marathons at 2AM because you both can’t sleep anyways
  • watching him practice with only the two of you in the practice room and you realize you have never, ever been so in love before