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Suga and Hoseok reaction to Their Child Trying to Act Brave [Daddy!AU]

This is part one of three for BTS reaction to his child being embarrassed to be scared in front of him because they wants to seem brave or cool

I had a little fun writing this one <3 


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If you go back to Meridian after the epilogue your crewmembers will be hanging out in random spots at Port Hyperion, this is what Jaal has to say to you. Also he will say his mothers (Sahuna and the rest) and extended family want to come, I didn’t manage to get that one in this video though.

I just love his reaction to Ryder’s reaction to the possibility of ice cream lol, and that he seems to have made a friend! Also looks like he wants to live on Meridian~!

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coldflashwave au where something happens and now they are trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm

1 - Mick makes fun of Len because it’s “his element” but actually Len is a city-born boy and his reaction to being snowed in with no heat is “time to embrace sweet death, I guess”. Barry isn’t much better. Mick is the only one of them who knows how to start a fire.

2 - Barry is the first one to suggest snuggling naked. He then turns bright red and spends twenty minutes stammering and insisting he meant it platonically. (He did! The less platonic stuff was just a bonus). The suggestion is gently put aside for now.

3 - At least, it’s put aside until Barry tries to vibrate himself warm and accidentally lights all his clothing on fire. After that, it’s just polite for the other two to get naked as well. Would be rude to leave Barry freezing like that.

4 - Len nobly sacrifices his portion of dinner to the hungry speedster, but steals all of his hot chocolate.

5 - They go back next year for their anniversary. Len packs as though he’s expecting to endure a siege. Mick and Barry laugh at him.

6 - That’s the year the gorilla army attacks. Mick and Barry both insist that it’s just a coincidence, but are forced to admit Len’s preparation is very useful.

7 - Barry still doesn’t know why Len thought a rocket launcher was the right thing to pack for an anniversary weekend, but it was AWESOME. (it was for Mick to play with. Len is good with gifts)

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What will your reaction be if in the first episode of season three it opens with rolotor (my name for the rolo is lotor headcanon though it could totally be a ship name, i have no fucking clue) getting a message on some kind of communication device and his reaction is along the lines of "o fuk. Nyma wanna meet my family?"

nyma: isn’t your family terrible?

rolo: yeah

nyma: are we scamming them or something?

rolo: [a Very Bad Idea dawning on him] …hey actually,

PSA for the new Beauty and the Beast movie:

There is a transmisogynistic “men in dresses” joke during the battle scene at the castle, when the furniture is fighting the villagers.

Also the whole Lefou thing is cringe-worthily bad, campy gay stereotypes and sotto voce and even a “gurl you’re too good for him” interaction with Mrs. Potts, and the “gay moment” (lol) is… he dances with another dude for .25 seconds at the very end of the movie. we don’t even get to see his reaction to getting a dude partner, it’s literally an eyeblink moment. if a million homeschool moms are going to get up in arms at least make it something worth getting up in arms for.

Surprisingly, nothing fatphobic that wasn’t in the original.

Also, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Ian McKellan were wasted.

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Can I get Iwaizumi's reaction when his girlfriend beats him at arm wrestling fair and square on a bet? Tnx

He would have definitely found his dream girl if she could beat him at arm wrestling! xD

Well, this was… surprising?

The understatement of that thought zipped through Iwaizumi’s head as Mattsun, Makki, and Oikawa chattered excitedly. Large grins split their cheeks and their loud laughter penetrated through his skull. His own eyes were wide on the girl grinning victoriously across from him, her hand still pressing his down against the table.

She beat him. She beat him in arm wrestling.

He initially hadn’t thought much of the challenge that was made by her and had agreed quickly; even cockily offering to go easy on her. Turns out, she wouldn’t need it.

She had always been athletic, that had been one of the things that drew him to her. And they had spent time running or at the gym together, so he knew she was strong. He hadn’t anticipated her to be this strong.

When the back of his hand connected with the table, all of his breath left him and his eyes stared widely at the scene. The cackles of laughter evolved into a full blown hysteria from his friends because “this is INCREDIBLE!” and “finally, someone to put Iwa-chan in his place!”

He was standing before he could stop himself, their clasped hands rising with the action and he tugged her along behind him as he strode for the hallway. She questioned where they were going but he ignored her, stopping only when they were away from prying eyes did he turn to look at her again, her expression concerned.

“Hajime, I didn’t mean to upset you, but this male pride of yours–” her sentence was cut short by the press of his lips to hers, tongue instantly taking the opportunity to push past her lips. She hummed, her previous comment lost as she sunk into the kiss.

Iwaizumi parted after a moment, eyes taking in her newly dazed expression. He grinned, fingers rising to tangle into her hair as he spoke roughly, “Male pride, my ass, I want you to do it again.”

Because that definitely had to be the hottest thing he’s ever experienced.

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How do you think Emmett heard about Royce and co.? What do you think his reaction was? He's such a do-er that I imagine his inability to avenge Rosalie himself bugged him.

I like to think that Rosalie herself told him.  Edward generally keeps these things to himself, or only refers to them vaguely, so I don’t think he’d spill the beans on something so personal, and Esme and Carlisle would keep it to themselves too. 

I sort of imagine her just slowly, over time, letting down her guard and it comes out one day, and I’m sure Emmett’s immediate reaction was to leap to his feet and start gunning for Rochester, and then Rosalie stopped him to say that she already took care of that. I think he was probably frustrated he didn’t get to do it personally, but I think also really . .. proud? Amazed? that Rosalie did it herself. I’m sure he thought that was really brave and badass and strong. Edward uses the “what a proficient assassin” thing somewhat mockingly, but I think Emmett would mean it literally and in a “you are so kick-ass, babe!” 

I do think, after Rosalie confided in Emmett, Carlisle took him aside for a talk about what it’s like to love a person who has been abused and is dealing with that kind of trauma, having experienced a sort of similar thing with Esme–although of course the circumstances and reactions were different. 

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If Levi walked in his s/o masturbating, what would be his reaction?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I imagine his reaction would most likely be to fuck.

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since it's been a topic on your blog lately, maybe an H headcanon about his reaction to your confession (or lack thereof if he just finds out by some kind of accident) of never orgasming before. or one about him finding out you ordered a vibrator because you can't get yourself there while on the phone with him when he's far away without help. i feel like he'd be jokingly smug but also very considerate.

The idea of Harry helping you have your first orgasm gets me so hot. 

“Can I give you your first?” 

I think he would be so sweet about it, his hands soft and warm against your skin, caressing your parted thighs, gently reassuring that it’s okay, it’s just him, he’s going to make you feel good, he promises. Helping you find your clit, reveling in all of the little moans and whimpers and sounds you make as he rolls and rubs your clit under the pads of his fingers, how wet you are, how you bit your lip when he uses just a little more pressure. A soothing thumb smoothing across your stomach every time he feels you tense up from the unfamiliarity of every new sensation. He understands that this is all new to you and he’s careful and soft with you, but he wants it to be so good. 

“Feel good? You’re gonna feel so good, baby. Feel how wet you are?” 

Gentle, comforting sponging of his lips when things start to get intense and you get closer, getting a little panicky because you’ve never felt this before. Soft kisses everywhere, his warm breath on your skin.

“Sound so pretty, baby. That’s it. There it is.” Encouraging you to be as loud as you want with your moans, fingers softly skimming your shaking thighs as you come back down, watching you carefully  as you finally loll your head over to him with a satiated grin and he combs his fingers through your hair, smirking happily at you.



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How would Seth Rollins react if you called him "daddy"?

How would Seth Rollins react if you called him “daddy”…

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

~ You’d let the small words, “daddy” slip between moans within the soft, passionate reunion sex you had long awaited after Seth’s travels.

~ His eyes almost instantly widened in pure shock as you paused before rolling off his chiseled build.

~ At this moment in time it was fairly hard to distinguish his reaction, his face was solely ripped of expression.

~ You instantly regretted the words that had left your mouth.

~ “Er-er I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that…”

~ As you attempted to get up out of the bed, Seth tugged you back into his embrace by your arm.

~ “No apologies needed, I love you y/n.”

~ He ran his hands down your bare back, placing fierce kisses down the side of your neck.

~ His fingers tangled with the knotted curls of your hair as his lips slowly made their way to your mouth.

~ In Seth’s eyes, that was by far the sexiest thing you’d ever said.

~ What was previously a slow reunion between the two of you soon took a drastic change into a more rough, needy sex.

~ Lots of ass grabbing and biting.

~ “Who knew Rollins, that such a simple word could turn you on this much?”

~ “Who knew a person could be so damn hot y/n.”

~ He practically begged for the name “daddy” to be repeated multiple times in his ear, which ultimately drove his desire for you over the edge.

~ Once his overbearing passion died down a bit, the two of you were left closely connected in a tight hug under the sheets.

~ He whispered in your ear one last time, “Maybe I could get used to that.”

Oh my lord, Seth is just too much, ugh! He’s too hot. Anyways hope you enjoyed this ;) ~ Nikkii

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How would Lithuania, Iceland, America and Prussia react to their s/o crying because of the stress and their parents being harsh on them? I'm sorry, I need some mood lifting words...

Lithuania: He’d be very understanding and would listen to their problems. He’d try to calm them down and would offer his help to them on any level he can.

Iceland: he’d be rather confused by their parents reaction; in his eyes, they should be encouraging them! He’d offer to help and would tell them that everything will be fine

America: dUDE first of all he’d be pretty upset by their parents behaviour. Then, he’d say that even though school is important, their life doesn’t depend on it. Everything will be fine if they’d give their best

Prussia: “you know, that one grade won’t determine your future… It will be fine, believe me! You don’t have to win ever battle to win the war, darling!”

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Matsu reaction when his baby grabs his hand and starts sucking his finger?

Osomatsu: Hes on cloud nine obviously. He’s one of those weird people that loves babies more than puppies, and he’s taking this as a sign his baby has accepted him as a father.

Karamatsu: When the baby went and grabbed Kara’s finger, he was in love as a father. But when the baby put the finger in its mouth, he was still in love as a father but slightly grossed out.

Choromatsu: Just surprised he has a baby!!! Also happy the baby has good reflex skills, enough to grab his finger and put it in their mouth.

Ichimatsu: Tears are falling from his eyes. Stuck between loving this child, or loving cats more.

Jyushimatsu: his mouth closes in a gentle smile, cradling the baby back and forth as the baby tries to teeth on his finger.

Todomatsu: The squeal he has in the beginning to being held turns into a disgusted grunt. He waits for the baby to let go and washes his hands immediately.

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Do you think it'd be interesting to make gameplay videos once in a while? For example, let's say..Jake. If you're playing Skyrim, you record your reactions while playing it into a mic. And another time, let's say Ed's playing Mass Effect. He could do the same thing, recording his voice reactions into a mic. I think it would be really cool and interesting for you guys to do that.

I would love to do a Skyrim Let’s Play :L aha

I tell ya what, when (eventually) Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, I’ll do one! 

p.s. It’s only Ollie and I that play any games ^_^ nobody else really enjoys it… though sometimes Jess will dabble

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How would UT Sans and UF Sans react if their crush drunkingly came up to them and said "can i play an important role in your wedding? Like your bride/groom/gender neutral term?"

Tale Sans

He would freeze for a moment and be pretty much floored by it. He would try to play it off, joking around with them until everything calmed down. He would make sure they got home safe but the thought would be in his mind, kinda driving him crazy until he finally brought it up to them. More to gauge their reaction to it, and to see if they remember.

Fell Sans

He would laugh along and say “sure buddy” and just laugh it off as a joke. He wouldn’t bring it up again but the crush might if they remember. It might be the thing to push them to actually talk to him about feelings and see where he stands because his reaction concerned them a bit.

Sorry it is taking so long to answer these. I’m still trying to get a handle on my own visions of the Fell, Swap, and Swapfell characters. So my ideas may be vastly different from the norm. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

~Mod Kai