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Shimura Doubutsuen [2017.06.24]
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i told my dad i was bi yesterday at the car dealership because he literally asked me straight up if i was

he took it “better” than i thought he would (ie: not straight up disowning me or telling me to stay out of his life)

but he also told me its just a “phase” and that im “feeling obligated” to identify as such because of how much im being “exposed” to the community and that because im catholic its demanded that i dont act on these impulses and that i “just havent met the right boy”

and then he said he only wants to see me in heaven and that he’s gonna schedule an appointment with a priest to talk to the two of us



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ok so basically I read in this fanaccount that Jaehyun is like very very flirtatious with fans. so um can you do a short reaction to his gf getting kinda salty about his flirtatious fansign to the point where it gets repetitive and irritating? tia~

A/N: Honestly tho, he’s kind of annoying…. leik in his Boy video they’re like ‘You know you’re handsome, right?’ and he like denies- bein modest n shit, but then it’s stuff like this and you’re like YoU KNoW uR hANdSoME iF U dO tHiS!!!!1 smh #fake
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Honestly, he’d be surprised you were upset with him- like he would have never seen it coming….
He’d listen to you intently tho and he’d be a bit understanding because, hell, if you gave the waiter a stare for too long he’s already getting salty.
It might sound weird, but on the inside I think he’d actually be thankful you got so upset. It would mean you loved him that much if you got that jealous….
In seriousness tho, he wouldn’t want you to be upset and would tell you it was nothing to worry about, that they were just words because he felt it’s what the fans would like [and he owes a lot to them]. He’d tone it down a bit, being mindful of you at next fan meetings, etc…

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Ushijima is an olympic gold medalist in volleyball and his female s/o is a world known singer and theyre this spotlight couple. Maybe we can see his reaction the first time he saw his girlfriend's very sexual music video for a song of her's thats quiet dirty~? 😉😉

Omg, I really like this, Anon! They really would be the spotlight couple, that’s for sure. Hope you enjoy!

“Did you watch it yet?” she questioned, her voice echoing over the speaker of Ushijima’s phone and he could hear the smile in it. She was away on concert, touring in Europe right now for the release of her new music video. Usually he would have joined her for the debut, but due to his own practice regime with the olympic volleyball team, he had to miss it this time. “It’s online now.”

“Not yet,” he answered, the phone pinched between his ear and shoulder. Walking into his bedroom, he seated himself on the bed to pull off his shoes, body sore from the work he had put it through. “I will though,” he promised. And he would, he would always support what she did.

“Watch it while I’m on the phone with you,” she instructed, and he noticed the lilt in her voice as she said it, “I wanna hear your reaction.”

Giving a small noise of acknowledgement, it took him a moment to reach for his laptop and pull up the internet. They made idle conversation as they did so. How his practice went and how the team was doing. How the concert had gone the night before and what venue she was heading for next. When he found the video, he let his voice drop away, the music playing through the speakers making her own quiet so that he could focus on the footage.

The video itself was only four minutes long. But it was some of the most torturous four minutes of his entire life. For there she was on the screen, clad in a deep red lingerie that accentuated every curve of her body as she moved with the steady beat. He watched as the camera moved in on her face, her hands rising to her hair, eyes looking deep into the camera - no past the camera, straight at him.

A shiver ran straight up his spine and he was sure a whimper passed between his parted lips at the sight. In that moment, he wanted to be with her, he wanted nothing else than to be with her. And he wanted her in that very outfit, but instead of for her video, he wanted it all for himself. He selfishly wanted her laid out before him on the bed that he sat on now and he wanted her to do whatever she wanted to him. 

Her voice was beautiful, it always was, and it was still beautiful when they video ended and he heard her question how he liked it across the line. It took a minute for his mind to drag itself away from his fantasies. Clearing his throat, he tried to hide the goal evidence at just how aroused he was and answered with a simple, “it was good.”

She gave a laugh which held a sultry tone and his fingers twitched in response to it. “And how about I tell you want I’ll do to you when you get back,” it wasn’t a question, nor did Ushijima expect it to be. Shoving the laptop aside, he focused on only her voice, letting himself get lost in what was to come.


Haechan teasing Mark with his own rap 😂 ❤️️❤️️