his reaction to it is just perf

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favourite todomomo manga moments? :3

Yay! I love this question :p I screenshotted some snippets from the anime and the manga; by no means am I saying these are all of my favourites because there are too many and also by no means am I saying that everyone has to interpret their interactions as romantic. I’m just gonna say some of my thoughts about each one so bear with my long answer! 

1. The cavalry battle (these are all from S2 E5): I really like their teamwork here. Given that Iida and Kaminari are also part of the team, I should mention that as a team everyone works so well together, it’s insane. BUT I wanna focus on the fact that Todoroki calls on Yaoyorozu multiple times, I’d say more than Iida and Kaminari, and she doesn’t doubt his judgement either; he relies on her quirk and quick reaction while she relies on his fast perception in any situation. 

Yaoyo making him a pole for his freezing at the final confrontation against Midoriya and Bakugou after he calls on her

Also Yuki Kaji’s voice is so perf for todo like everytime he says her name I just can’t

2. In both cases you see that Yaoyo really really looks up to him….LIKE CLEARLY…”Todoroki…this and Todoroki that…”

Chap 20-Invasion at USJ

Chap 84- Bakugou rescue team

3. FINAL EXAM, of course I gotta mention this. Todoroki notices that she’s bothered and worried about the practical exam when he thinks that she shouldn’t be. He voted for her in chapter 10 dammit. Like 53 chaps after it’s revealed that he’s the one that voted for her? Shoujo sht right here. 

Chap 60

Chap 63-Look how happy she is goddammit.

4. This is part of the rescue arc too. I just wanna note how cute she is being so flustered when he asks her the question about why they had to buy costumes. AND what the hell if you notice in chapter 95, at first they stood like this: Yaoyo, Iida, Mido, Todo, Kiri…..then after a few panels, they go to the train station, and everyone’s standing around the same place except for Yaoyo and todo. Perhaps they live in the same direction. Just cute. im ded.

Chap 85

Chap 95

Honorable mention is the drama cd where they both go to the Ennichi Festival :D

THANKS FOR YOUR ASK!! I honestly was gonna type like a whole essay about them.           

Update: woops I realized I also forgot to mention that part when todo’s like “hey you sick? If you are theres a pressure point on top of the foot…..” And yaoyo’s just trying to hide that fact that she’s tearing up in chapter 64 XD

Reaction: Noticing them


*accidentally rips shirt* “whoops”

Bobby would accidentally go outside shirtless or wear a shirt which reveals his arms because he definitely just feels hot and doesn’t want to impress you at all. He’d randomly start working out in front of you and then catch the perfect time to start a conversation with you. Bobby isn’t that shy, at least not when he likes a girl because he’d do anything for her to notice him, so he would be pretty open and honest with you, trying to impress you with his real self (or well, his body).


“uhh- hi” *stares at you from the distance*

Chanwoo would be kinda helpless at first because he is too afraid to start a conversation with you. He wouldn’t want to seem like a weirdo or stalker so he’d secretly keep an eye on you literally stalking you. It would take a while but Chanwoo would open up little by little and start small conversations with you that would lead to more talking later on. He would actually build up your relationship with time and not rush into things just because he likes you.


*acting cute* “if you need help or something, i am here”

Being the sweetheart he is, Donghyuk would actually try to make you notice him by helping out. Like he’d ask you if you need help in studying or cleaning something outside when he catches you doing so. With that, you’d start talking and he’d tell you about his hobbies and show you how he plays the piano etc. aka impressing you with his skills aka hypnotizing you with his perf voice


*waves from the window*

Yunhyeong would be very open and act natural. He’d bake cookies or make food to bring it over as a welcome gift and then casually start talking to you. Nothing in particular, he’s just good with talking to people/being open and very cheerful so that’d make you notice him, although he didn’t even necessarily intended to.

- moyo


To this day I still cannot understand how in the world a scene where someone:

1. rendering you unconscious and then teleporting your ass out of the planet,

2. mentally undressing you,

3. and then undressing you for real while you’re still unconscious,

4. and dressing you,

5. and showing you a massive hologram of you floating in the air in the room you wake up in (god knows what he’s been doing with that behind closed doors, if you catch my drift),

6. and then saying “I finally have you” with lust, 

7. and then shoving his tongue down your throat,

8. and then you shoving him off of you with blatant disgust and tears,

can get a reaction varying from ‘aw!’, ‘omg I ship them’, ‘[sigh dreamily]’, ‘they’re so perf together!’ to even a complete, indifferent silence


your bf gets viciously called names from ‘creep’ to ‘child molester’ because you give him consent to touch you (friendly reminder: you’re 15 and he’s 17)

what is wrong with this fandom

(while you work out the answer for me, I’m just gonna throw up real quick in the toilet because my body is literally still shuddering with repulsion)

seriously. You need to re-evaluate your life.

and for the record, I’m not even a MamoUsa shipper (and I don’t even pair them with someone else from the story), so no, this is not about me stirring a ship war. This is about me questioning what goes on in your head.

I'm just gonna drop this here...


“Please come again!”

“Yeah… right…”

Nico’s reaction to the new Happy Meal box

I absolutely love you for drawing this!!! I never thought someone would actually be nice enough to draw it, it’s perf and asdfghjkhdfgsadfghj

I don’t even know what to say! It’s hilarious and thank you so much! <3 :D


The video had just been aired and everyone in Rainbow was cheering for its wonderful production but they were also looking at Judith. On the other hand she was still staring at the screen. Never did she knew the footage would be used! Not even did she know he had written her a song! Simply she had agreed to be filmed for a video. Obviously this had been planned and she was sure she was sitting next to the brain of the whole thing. Turning around she looked at Axl. He was the one who had invited her to watch the airing of their new video. Now it all fit. “No words” she said placing a finger on his lips before getting closer to him and kissing him passionately.

Axl was feeling incredibly nervous for Judith to finally hear and see the video he’d been working on for awhile now, and which little did she know she starred in. The sole reason the song even existed. And it made him wonder how she was going to react to it, while not only that but he was about to express his actual feelings to her as well. Once it began playing, the next 5 minutes were probably the longest in his entire life and as it came to an end he then glanced over at the girl along with everyone else. Before he could even question what she thought about it, he surprisingly then just felt her lips meeting his and he softly kissed her back. Taking that as a good enough answer.