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A Different Feeling

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Summary: Hansol isn’t one to get jealous.. and when he finally does, you can’t help but to laugh at how clueless he is about it.

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You were currently sitting in front of a mirror doing your make up. Tonight was a date night with your boyfriend Hansol, and you couldn’t be more excited. You didn’t get to see each other often, and when you did you tried to spend every minute together. Even if that means your watching him practice in the studio, or if he’s asking you what line fits better for his rap. It’s hard dating an idol yes, but Hansol was the perfect boyfriend, and no social class ranking would change your mind. You smile at the thought that Hansol would bend backwards just to make you happy, and you would do the same for him. Your phone goes off and pulls you out of your thoughts.

From: Vernonnie <3

I’ll be there in about 5 minutes, you about ready?

You reply with a quick yes, and finish doing any last minute touch ups on your makeup. It was a causal date, nothing to fancy. One that happened quite often actually. You two would go to a little diner and ask for a booth in the corner, then order burgers for each of you and a milkshake to share. You guys would talk about how Hansol’s career has been going and if he’s getting enough sleep and he asks how school is going, or how your family is. Once the food is settled in, you guys head to the shopping center and walk around. You would drag Hansol to the candy shop and he would drag you to the hat shop, where he could try on endless of bucket hats and snap backs, asking for your opinion of which one looks the best on him.

This time it’s the doorbell that pulls you out of your thoughts. Knowing it’s Hansol, you quickly put on your shoes and head for the door.

Opening the door quickly, you come face to face with your boyfriend and you couldn’t help but to jump into his arms. Chuckling he gives you a quick kiss on  the forehead.

“You ready? You haven’t eaten yet, right?” Hansol asks, already knowing the answer. You nod in reply. “Then what are we waiting for? I can hear the hamburgers calling our names.” He says, closing his eyes and rubbing his stomach. You giggle at his silliness and lock the door. He holds out his hand for you to hold, and you accept it. You walk to his car and he opens the passenger side for you to enter. That’s another thing you love about Hansol, he’s such a gentleman. He always open doors for you, and gives you his jacket when your cold. He also does it without thought, like it’s a second nature to him. He gets into the drivers sit and his eyes go wide.

“Ah, I forgot my wallet at the dorm. You don’t mind if we stop by do we?” He asks sheepisly.

“Of course not! Besides I haven’t seen the other boys in a while.” You loved going over to the dorm. When you and Hansol met, you also met 12 other boys who suddenly became a big part of your life. All the members were sweet and giant goofballs, making their company enjoyable.

Its not a very long drive to the dorm and once you arrive you don’t give Hansol enough time to open the car door this time for you because you’re already out of the car, heading towards the dorm. Getting out his keys Hansol unlocks the door and let’s you enter first.

“Let me grab my wallet, and we’ll go.” Hansol says as he walks into his room. You walk into the living room to find some of the members sitting on the couch, watching an action movie. Feeling another presence in the room Wonwoo turns his head.

“Y/n, It’s been a while! What are you doing here, I thought Hansol picked you up for your guys date?” Wonwoo asked.

“He forgot his wallet, and since I haven’t seen you guys in a while I wanted to say hi while we stopped by.” You explain.

“Ah, Hansol is always forgetful!” He lets out a small laugh. “Where’s my hug, huh?” He teases, not noticing that Hansol is in the room. Not one to resist giving people hugs, you give him one. “You look great by the way.” You blush at his compliment. It’s not like it means anything, you’re just not used to hearing it from other people. Soon all the boys join in.

“Y/n, you look so pretty in just casual clothing. I bet you look great in anything!” Dino says, and you couldn’t help but to smile.

When Hansol hears the compliments from the other guys he feels an unknown feeling in his stomach. He dismisses the feeling and before they can say anything else, Hansol speaks up.

“Um, I found my wallet. We should go now y/n.” You say your goodbyes and both of you walk out the door. The whole way there Hansol is quiet and you start to worry.

“Hansol, are you okay?” You asked concerned.

“What? Oh yeah, sorry. I guess I just spaced out a little.” He gives you a big smile, and you ease up. You turn on the radio and your favorite song was playing. You start singing along, and soon Hansol joins in. The fun ends though as he pulls into the diners parking lot. You guys walk into the diner hand in hand and the waitress sits you in your normal booth. She hands you the menu, and says another waiter will be with you soon.

“I have to go the bathroom real quick. If I’m not back in time just order whatever you get.“ You nod.  Before he walks off he adds “and you can pick the flavor of shake tonight.” He walks of in the direction of the bathroom and you look through the menu.

“Well hello there, I’m Byran and I’ll be your server today. What can I get for the pretty lady today?” The waiter asks.

“I would like two classic hamburgers, both with a side of french fries and a chocolate Oreo shake with extra whip cream” You recite.

“Wow, that’s a lot of food for just one person. Would you like some company?” He asks, leaning against the table. But a hand appears on his shoulder, pushing him away softly.

“Sorry dude, but she’s on a date.. with her boyfriend.” Hansol gives the boy a glare, showing a different side of him you’ve never seen. He almost looks intimidating. You laugh on the inside, because seeing Hansol like this is a foreign concept.

“Ah, my bad. I didn’t mean to intrude. I’ll be right back with those orders.” The boy gives a small bow and runs to the kitchen. Hansol slides into the booth across from you as if nothing happens, and you let out a laugh. He gives you a confused look.

“Did I do something? Why are you laughing?” He asks.

“You don’t even realize it, but you were so jealous of that guys fail attempt of hitting on me.” You say. “And that’s probably why you wanted to live the dorm early too, isn’t it?”

“I guess? I don’t know.. When I saw him talking to you I got this weird feeling in my chest, it was the same when all the guys were complimenting you and giving you hugs. I usually just ignore it, but couldn’t this time.” He admits.

“Well you’re extremely hot when your jealous.” Hansols eyes get bigger and his cheeks warm up, returning back to his awkward self. You giggle and lean over the table to give him a quick peck on the cheek. The same boy from before delivers the food and Hansol is giving him the same glare.

“Alright alright, down boy. I think he gets it.”      

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