his rage is hilarious

I was listening to old podcasts, when it was brought up that in the original office tour short, Brandon (the guy in the orange shirt) and the rest of the guys having a nerf war had no idea Burnie was filming the short, and thought his rage was real. They were laughing at Brandon’s hilarious, genuine reaction.

I went back to see because it sounded funny, and just…

Oh. My. God.

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For some reason I really want to see Sangwoo fail some minor task, or in some way embarrass himself. Like spilling coffe on himself in the morning, stubbing his toe on door frame or dropping his phone. The thought of his rage would be hilarious, but It would probably give poor Bum a heart attack lmao

If Sangwoo ever drops his phone, I hope the screen cracks.

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oh! askbox is open? a scenario of villain deku being jealous and possessive over his fem s/o

I… accidently made it genderneutral. I’m not gonna change it but I hope you will still like it. It’s lots of fluff coming there, yeah.

In public he always had to take some distance.
The glances they sent him by occasion when those two would meet by accident during their every day life and stay in each others sight didnt help him at all. It just caused Midoriya to feel even more riled up to wrap his arms around their beautiful form leading him to a further trail of thought to just bite into their neck, marking them as his own… Which he’d have to delay for the evening at home of course. A groan escapes his lips as he tries to look at them as little as possible.. Until a certain somebody flung their disgusting hands over his lover.

At first, he didnt mind that much, trying to focus on the things he had to deal with himself but as time went on and on, one of his eyes had started fluttering due to annoyance. ‘Who the hell is that person…?’ That sentence ran through his mind several times. It stirred hilarious rage within him yet he remained silent and tried to make more room for emotional distance within his heart. For the sake of your relationship he had to contain all of those feelings and to repress the urge to grab that person by the collar and throw him against the next wall. Maybe if the male feels up for it he’d follow them and take them out right there just to have some self-satisfaction before returning home to his partner’s arms. Though the way they smiled at that nuisance caused him to stop in his track for a few seconds before he went off, finally out of their view.

As soon as his foot took a step into the couple’s apartment to be greeted by the smile he fell so deeply in love with, the male threw off his shoes and himself then into their arms. His lover was surprised at first but then winced when he felt his teeth digging deep into the skin of their neck. Midoriya groaned and held their body as close as possible, not hesitating to lick, bite and suck further into any exposed skin that he could get a grasp on with their current outfit, not giving a shit if he’d accidently hurt them at all. Slowly removing himself from the neck area he yanks their head forward to meet him in a french kiss, sighing at the satisfaction from only having his love close to him and marking them.

When they part they sent him a worried glance, running their hand through his green, messy hair: „Izuku… What’s wrong?“ Biting his lip thoughtfully, the male leans his forehead onto their shoulder, his arms now lazily hanging around their waist. „Just…“, he turns his head slightly to see a bruise on the back of their neck that he had given them on the night before. Taking a deep breath, he exhaled and muttered into the skin: „You’re mine.“ Even if he didnt look up to see their expression, he could feel how a soft smile was spreading on their lips while pulling him into a gentle embrace: „I am.“ 
I love you so much.“, the words remained unsaid, lingering in his heart.

„By the way“, by now the two were lazily hanging out on the couch watching some stupid series, his partner’s head resting on his chest. They lift it up in curiousity as he places a soft kiss onto their forehead: „I beat up that ass.“ 
„What ass?“ 

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Hey! I was wondering if you could do something for all the grillbys (other than baby bones) if they had an s/o who was short n chubby? They really like sweets ;o

Alright, my first ask with the BBQ boys… Hope I did this right!
Since I am a Short n Chubby, this one was a little self indulgent…

Undertale Grillby
★ Aww, so cute! Your height and weight are too adorable. He thinks you’re the cutest thing.
★ Along with wrapping his arm around you, he mindlessly rests himself on your head or shoulder. He’s not entirely aware that he’s doing it though. So if you don’t like it, tell him. He’ll do his best to stop.
★ You’re the best cuddle partner for him. He’s so comfortable cuddling with you that he’ll be sound asleep before long.
★ Oh, you like sweets? He’ll do his best to bake you little sweets like cookies or cupcakes sometimes, but don’t expect him to be very good at it. His specialty lies with the grilled stuff.

Underfell Grillby/Ash
★ He’s a bit of a douche. He’ll tease you about your height constantly, but will never pick on your weight. He knows better than that. Besides, he likes how soft you are.
★ Is totally down to carry you around. Most likely with one arm. Because he can do that. Or bridal style.
★ He can’t take you seriously when you’re mad. How could something so small contain so much rage? It’s hilarious and adorable. His chuckling the entire time you’re freaking out.
★ Sweets? Shit. He’s terrible with sweets. He can’t bake for shit. He’ll buy you some sometime, but he’s not going to risk burning his place down trying to bake you something.

Underswap Grillby/Sweetfire
★ Short in stature? No problem! He likes it that you’re so small compared to him; teasingly, he’ll rest himself on your head sometimes. But if you don’t like it, he’ll stop.
★ And regarding your weight, he can’t get enough of it. He absolutely loves how you look. You’re just so soft, and cuddly! He’ll try to tickle you at times to cheer you up, if you don’t mind it of course. He likes to hold your hand, too, only if you hold mind holding your arm up for longer than usual.
★ If you need help reaching something, he won’t just get it for you. He’s going to put you on his shoulders and give you a boost.
★ A sweet tooth, you say? I hope you know what you’ve just done, because every night he’s going to have a new, weirdly complicated and beautiful desert made just for you.

Fellswap Grillby/Sweettart
★ So small. So squishy. So cute. But he won’t openly admit it. He’ll compliment you on your look on occasion, but nothing more.
★ Like Grillby, he likes to be holding you somehow without being actually aware of it. He likes having you hold his arm the best.
★ He tries to respect you when you’re upset, but seeing something so small and squishy go on and on about something that’s pissed them off is too much for him. He’ll hide the fact that it’s just so amusing to him, but he’ll sometimes do something just to make you mad just so he can see the look on your face.
★ Sweet tooth, huh? He’s into it. Really into it. He’s going to make you new sweets constantly as a sign of affection. Which is special, because he doesn’t do that for anyone.

More Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#21: Zuko rehearses joining the GAang in “The Western Air Temple.”

“Hello, Zuko here.” Until now, Zuko has been the emo teenager bad guy that we were all desperately rooting for. We watched him struggle through angst and confusion, confront his father (and survive), and emerge on the other side.  But that leaves us wondering: who is Zuko if he is not defined by his rage?  

He’s an extremely awkward but hilarious dork:

I absolutely love Zuko’s impersonations of Uncle Iroh and Azula in this episode, and voice actor Dante Basco NAILS IT by incorporating tones from Mako’s and Grey DeLisle’s voices into his own.  The body language is totally spot on, too.

I remember laughing so hard when I first saw this scene for the first time. Who knew Zuko could be such a comedy star?

i need a fic where Derek and Stiles are like gamer youtubers but they work on their own channels and Derek’s known as the ‘hard-faced gamer’ in which he gets popular for his good looks and hilarious rage towards games and where Stiles becomes popular for being the witty and overall funny gamer and they get asked by their subscribers a lot to collaborate a lot and do a video together and eventually they do because they actually live within travelling distance of each other and they get a lot of views and good feedback for it so they do more and more and fall for each other and stuff and have cute mannerisms with each other like sitting pressed against each other or sometimes Stiles half-sitting on Derek’s lap when they’re playing and they don’t even notice until more and more subscribers mention it and ask if they’re going out and female viewers start writing fanfics and make drawings and stuff ;u;