his puppy eyes when he askes if she loves him

Cuddling With...

Request: Cuddling with anyone tbh will be gr8 thank youu

A/N: Just some drabbles about a whole bunch of people I absolutely adore to be quite honest. 

Word Count: N/A

Newt Scamander-

“Please come back to bed, (Y/N)…” A sleepy Newt called out to you as he grasped around the bed in search of your warm body. You padded out of the bathroom and smiled at his adorable and pouty self. His brown curls were messy, eyes heavily lidded due to his half awake state, and the blankets were wrapped tightly around him. 

“I’ll coming, just had to use the bathroom, Newt.” You chided and slipped back under the covers, immediately curling into his side and he sighed in content. 

“Thank you. It was quite cold without you, love.” He murmured into your hair as his arms wrapped around your body, drawing you in as close as possible. His fingers traced delicate patterns on the small of your back as his lips pressed a small kiss on your forehead. You couldn’t help but giggle at how affectionate and cute he was half asleep. Your hands went up to meet his hair and allowed your fingers to weave through the soft locks. It was going to be a lazy day and you were perfectly fine with that if it meant spending time with your favourite Hufflepuff.

Queenie Goldstein- 

Your reading time was quickly cut off when Queenie took her place beside you and poked at your arm. You set the book down, turned your head to face the woman and arched your eyebrow.

“Yes, love?” You asked, though you already knew what she wanted. It wasn’t as if you could read her mind, but she’d only interrupt you while reading if she was in dire need of attention. She smiled sweetly up to you and moved to press a kiss on your cheek tenderly. You shifted all your attention towards her, forgetting about the book’s plot. ‘Save it for another time.’ You thought. 

“Just bored is all. You’re always spending time reading instead of talking.” She commented and rested her head on your shoulder. You chuckled and rolled your eyes before proceeding to wrap your arms around her.

“You got my attention. Happy yet, gorgeous?” You asked her.

“Yes I am.” She beamed. 

Sirius Black-

“Baaabeeee.” Sirius groaned, tugging at your arm childishly as you tried to finish an essay for potions. When you didn’t immediately respond to his pleas, he moved until you could see his face and pouted, complete with the loving-yet-annoying puppy dog eyes. 

“Ten more minutes, Sirius, okay? Almost done.” You mumbled, trying to ignore his cute facial expression because the minute you looked, you melted and give into his pleas. His voice was raised about three octaves when he said, “What?!” and you looked down at him, shrugging your shoulders. The boy shook his head and picked you up before you even knew what was going on. 

“No, I want to cuddle with you right now. Your potions essay can wait, it’s not even due for a few days.” He stated and set you down on the couch by the roaring fire. You allowed him to wrap his arms around your torso, already giving up at fighting against this. He was quite warm after all and maybe you could spare thirty minutes for Sirius’ pleasure. You laid your head against his chest and deeply inhaled the scent that could only be described as Sirius. He peppered kisses along your collarbones and you hummed at his affection. 

“Not so bad, is it, baby?” He muttered against your skin and you merely giggled in response. Not so bad, indeed.

Remus Lupin-

How you two ended up, limbs tangled together, with books strewn everywhere on the bed, was a mystery to you both. One minute you had been studying late into the night with each other, and then you two were cuddling. Not the worst thing to be doing on a chilly night, you had to admit.

“Remus…” You murmured to the boy as you gently tapped a rhythm on his chest while he rubbed small circles on your shoulder blades, relieving the tension that built up over the past few days. He stopped what he was doing and looked at you and pecked your nose.

“Yes, my love?” He acknowledged while tugging your body closer to his. 

“Just wanted to say I’m thankful for you, is all.” You chirped and kissed his jawline. He, in return, gave you a lazy smile and moved his head down to give you a proper kiss on the lips. You smiled against his lips, giddy for who knows what. Probably because you were with Remus and finally got to relax after a stressful week. 

“As am I.”  

Draco Malfoy-

“Draco, I’m cold.” You complained and opened your arms up, hoping he’d take the invite and come cuddle with you. When he didn’t look over right away, you pouted and let out an exasperated sigh. That got his attention and he looked over at you, eyebrow arched and a smirk adorning his lips.

“I’ll take care of that.” He drawled and approached you. The boy sat down beside you then moved your frame until you were resting comfortably in his lap. You giggled and began to pepper kisses along his jawline and neck. Draco responded by squeezing your waist and leaning his head back. 

“Warmer now,  princess?” He chuckled and lowered his head to capture your lips with his own. Your arms moved to wrap around his neck, brushing the platinum locks at the base of his neck. You pulled away from him and beamed. 

“Always warmer with you around, Draco.” With this statement, he pulled you closer to his body and nodded his head, content with your answer. You could hear him mutter a ‘good’ under his breath, making you smile. 

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Act Like You Love Me

A/N: If this seems familiar to anyone, I wrote something alike on another blog a couple years back (belonging to another fandom, football), but then I listened to Act Like You Love Me a couple weeks ago and I wanted to work with this again. I have like two more part of this story, but I don’t know if I will post them, or just leave this as a one shot.

Word count: 1,786

Act Like You Love Me

January 7 th, 2023

“Baby, say goodbye to daddy” You said, looking down at your beautiful baby daughter.

She sent you a friendly smile reaching her eyes, which shortly reminded you of Shawn when he was younger.

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requested: low-key upset there’s only going to be one more season of teen wolf 

Dating Scott McCall would include:

  • the first time Scott sees you he is overwhelmed by your beauty and stops whatever he is doing 
  • Stiles notices this and nudges him, smirking and raising his eyebrows
  • the two of you spent months flirting but did not acknowledge your feelings
  • until the pack sits Scott down and tells him you love him and the two of you should stop dancing around one another 
  • so the next day he’s a fumbling awkward mess that has a bouquet of flowers in his hand and is trying to find the words to ask you out 
  • you find his nerves endearing and of course say yes
  • Scott’s puppy eyes being your weakness and of course he knows this 
  • you and Melissa scolding him 
  • and when you’re alone Scott getting all whiny and cuddly complaining that his girlfriend and mom are ganging up on him
  • she honestly just loves you 
  • like she will find you and Scott asleep in his bed cuddling and will take some cute photos of you guys
  • being close with Stiles
  • helping Stiles with research for the pack
  • you and Scott being that cute couple that everyone adores and secretly wants someone to love them like you love each other 
  • but behind doors you and Scott can be kinky little shits
  • Scott loves bending you over his knee and spanking you 
  • dirty talk 
  • teasing you in the middle of class by running his hand up your thigh and putting pressure on your clothed clit which leaves you aroused (which he can smell) and squirming for the rest of the lesson or day 
  • if you had time Scott will drag you into the closest room and fuck you over a desk 
  • Scott’s alpha eyes turn you the fuck on 
  • and once he learns this he will always flash them in the bedroom and command you, “yes Alpha”
  • finding comfort in your scent 
  • Scott can get crazy protective/possessive, especially if you’re being touched or hit on big time by some douche that won’t leave you alone
  • forcing Scott to watch some of your favourite tv shows
  • “oh come on, I’m way more attractive than him” 
  • “of course you are darling”
  • the tendency to tickle one another 
  • piggy back rides from time to time
  • Scott loves seeing you in his lacrosse jersey and after a win (and loss too probably) he will take you home and fuck you in nothing but his jersey 
  • slow sex where you just memorise every detail of each other’s bodies 
  • lots of eye rolling at your boyfriend
  • Scott getting really excited at the smallest of thing and you love the way his eyes light up and he gives you that adorable grin when he does 
  • hickies on his jaw
  • rides on his motorbike 
  • yes that includes motorbike sex
  • Stiles walking in you on 
  • “oh my god! Put a sock on the door or something! My eyes, I think I need to go pour some bleach into my eyes now, bye”
  • Stiles third-wheeling
  • never forgetting you (IM SORRY I HAD TO)
leliana/warden skyhold headcanons

1. the warden finds what she needs for her quest and immediately heads to skyhold. she shows up during a war meeting, ignoring any guards or agents and bursts through the doors of the war room bc there is no way a bunch of political bullshit is gonna keep her from seeing her love for a moment longer. (maybe she has even managed to dig up some dirt on corypheus, which she slams onto the table before striding around to leliana) then she practically picks leliana up and spins her, both are crying (if morrigan is there, she rolls her eyes and tries to hide her smile) bonus points if the warden was a circle mage. she throws a cheeky wink and smirk over leli’s shoulder at cullen, who is blushing furiously (the warden then takes every opportunity to make out with leliana whenever cullen is around. leliana also thinks his reaction is hilarious)

2. the warden soon finds out that dagna is at skyhold and they immediately start working together on all sorts of things, many of which can be carried in bottles and thrown at enemies (much to sera’s delight). this eventually devolves into a prank war, which goes on for weeks and has many people on edge and paranoid. finally it ends. leliana is the winner.

3. in between spending time with leliana, advising, training recruits, and drinking in the pub (bc she fuckin deserves a break at this point) the warden starts hanging with kieran (he affectionately calls her “aunty”) and soon gets in trouble with morrigan for distracting him from his studies and teaching him tricks that morrigan thinks are ‘immature and irksome’

4. after hearing about what happened with the rest of the grey wardens, the warden is furious, and goes on an angry rant about what “fucking asshats” they’ve all been. any time grey wardens are mentioned around her from then on, she is likely to start cursing again, and maker forbid she runs into one at skyhold when she’s in a bad mood.

5. the warden loves teasing the inquisitor about how easy they have it. comfy bed, big castle, resources, none of alistair’s terrible stews. the inquisitor tries to one-up her but after “have you ever been attacked by shrieks at camp while you’re butt naked and in the middle of sex?” the inquisitor just gives up.

6. the warden brought dog with her. he is getting old now, some days he helps train recruits, others he just naps in the sun and roams skyhold, flashing his puppy eyes at anyone and everyone in order to get treats. he starts getting a bit chubby but the warden isn’t too hard on him about it bc she figures he deserves to relax and be spoiled for once. kieran loves him, morrigan is less than thrilled to find him hanging around asking for belly rubs and to play fetch

7. one day when having a few drinks with varric, he mentions that he has a friend called isabela, and that she claims to have ‘met’ leliana and the warden. she smiles, drifts off into a daydream for a few seconds before confirming. she tells him that isabela was gracious enough to teach her a few tricks. “was this in bed, or on the battlefield?” he asks. “yes.” she replies, with a smirk.

drape me in your warmth

a/n: au after 4x02/ or Hope is having trouble adjusting to her new family members (just a lot of fluff because honestly this season of TO is so lit and I can’t wait for more klope so i wrote some).

It’s not enough that Uncle Kol steals her cereal in the morning, or that Auntie Rebekah braids her hair and dresses her in the most ridiculous outfits everyday. But now, Hope Mikaelson can’t even sleep in her own bed.

She finds her father rolled up in a ball, passed out under her pink unicorn sheets and snoring. 

“Mommy,” she squeaks, as Hayley notices the drama and smiles in the process. “Why is he here? He has his own bed!” Hope goes on to complain.

“He just missed you,” Hayley says, with this big goofy smile plastered on her face. “I’m sure he’ll start sleeping in his own bed soon enough,” she reassures her daughter.

Hope looks annoyed. She watches the strange man in her bed who she’s supposed to call ‘father’. And she finds herself scowling as she hears bickering in the next room, the hair dryer going off in the bathroom, and the stereo blasting loud music in another.

“I don’t really like having all these people here,” Hope mumbles. “It’s so…different,” she tells her mom.

Hayley sighs at her little girl’s fussiness. “I told you honey,” she exhales, placing a hand on her shoulder. “It wasn’t going to be just the two of us forever,” she reminds her.

“You didn’t mention that everyone was an even bigger kid than me,” Hope exclaims. “You know Auntie Freya ate all the chocolate? Again!” her voice squeaks higher as she gets more and more emotional. No one messes with Hope and her chocolate.

“Yes, and your Uncle Elijah went out to get more of it,” her mother attempts to calm her down with that. “Don’t worry so much, they’re our family, they love us,” she says.

Hope looks confused for a moment. It’s not that she’s a fussy child per say, she’s always been nothing but manageable. But so much change all at once would disrupt anyone’s well-being. And all her life, it’s just been her and her mom, on the run. So settling down, with a real family, so full of life and laughter…was strange.

“They don’t even know me yet,” Hope sighs. “And I want my bed back,” she demands.

Hayley laughs at the silliness of it all.

“Well,” she whispers, “Why don’t you go wake him up?” she smirks, pointing to Klaus.

“Fine,” Hope huffs.

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Welcome to the Family

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Modern AU

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1578

Warnings: Implied smut, newborns, kid hamilsquad

Request: HOLY CRUD-OLA I’VE BEEN GONE FROM THIS FOR SO LONG! I love all of the Imagines I may or may not have binge-read at 1AM… Anyways, could you do one-I know y'all are realllly busy, but maybe sometime in the future, maybe- more sequel to the “Becoming Part of the Family” with the reader pregnant and Alex flips out like “I’M THE CENTER OF ATTENTION HERE NOT SOME BABY!” and then when the baby is born its a girl and James and Mullifan wants to dress her up like a doll? Thanks babes!😍❤💓💖❤❤❤ - anon

A/N: I am so sorry I didn’t get this out on Thursday like I promised! I freaking love writing about this whole family situation in this imagines so if you ever want anymore let me know! This is the second half of the request, in case you didn’t know. I hope that you guys like it and have an amazing day! Love you!

“They’ll be here any minute now!” John squeaked, straightening out the pillows on the couch.

You and George were heading home from the hospital with your new baby girl while at the house, the boys were frantically trying to clean it before you got there. They wanted it to look perfect for the first time their baby sister would see it.

“They’re here!” Aaron screamed as he peaked his head between the curtains covering the window.

The boys bolted down the stairs into the living room. They all sat down on the couch facing the door, waiting anxiously to see the little girl again. They had only seen her once or twice at the hospital and they, excluding Alex, couldn’t wait to see her again.

“Boys!” George called, as he opened the door. His eyes widened in shock as he stared at the boys sitting anxiously on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, not hearing the usual pounding of footsteps as you walked up to the porch.

“Nothing, just the boys are already waiting for us.” George chuckled, opening the door for you and the small baby cradled in your arms to get through. George walked in behind you holding the baby bag.

“Hi boys!” You grinned, all of them looking more at the baby then you as they returned your greeting.

“How’s she doing?” James asked, jumping in his seat in excitement.

“She’s doing good! The doctors say that she seems very healthy for a newborn.” You said, looking down at the small baby in your arms fondly.

“What did you decide to name her?” Thomas asked, a wide smile on his face.

“We decided to name her Eleanor.” George said, putting an arm around your shoulders and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Isn’t that an old lady name?” Alex scoffed, looking at the baby with distaste.

“I think it’s adorable! I can already tell, it will suit her perfectly!” Laf shot down Alex’s comment.

“Thank you Laf.” You paused, a yawn escaping your lips.

“You’re tired. How about me and the boys watch Eleanor while you go take a shower and a nap.” George suggested, looking down at you with worry.

“I’m fine, I don’t need to take a nap.” You protested, not wanting to leave your newborn and miss the next adorable thing she would do.

“You’re exhausted, now go. She’ll be in good hands and I promise I will wake you immediately if she does anything new.” George promised, gently taking Eleanor out of your arms.

“Fine.” You sighed, turning and walking up the stairs to your room.

“Can I hold her?” Hercules asked, his hands fidgeted nervously as George stared him down.

“Of course you can, but you must be very gentle.” George said, helping Hercules put his arms in the right position before softly placing the baby in Hercules’s arms.

“Wow.” Hercules breathed out, staring at his younger sister in awe.

He had never seen anything so pure and innocent before. All he wanted to do was protect her from anything bad in the world and keep her safe. He smiled down at Eleanor as she smiled back up at him. It was a moment that Hercules would never forget.

“Hercules.” George said, breaking Hercules out of the trance he was in. “Let’s take Eleanor up to see her new room.”

Hercules grinned and nodded, slowly walking towards the stairs while holding Eleanor tightly in his arms. The other boys followed closely behind him and George as they winded up the staircase and through the hallways until they found the recently built nursery. The room used to be George’s office, but he had quickly given it up when he realized the baby would need a room to sleep in.

“Eleanor, this is your room.” James said, turning to look at her. “This is the crib you’ll sleep in. The closest has lot’s of clothes for you to wear and we already have a whole stash of toys for you!”

“You know she doesn’t understand that, right?” Alex snarked, standing near the door frame of the room.

“She may not understand it, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the tour any less. Any welcoming voice is something she loves to hear.” Hercules defended James, glaring slightly at Alex.

Ever since the pregnancy had been announced, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get Alex to like the idea. He had told everyone that he would always hate the new addition to the family. They thought him meeting her would change it, but sadly it was no use.

“Can we dress her up?” James asked, jumping onto George’s side.

“James, she’s a baby not a doll.” George said, giving the boy a look that very clearly said no.

“I know that! But we could surprise mom when she wakes up by having Eleanor all pretty and ready for the day!” James explained, giving George his biggest puppy dog eyes.

“She would love that!” Hercules grinned, turning to George with his own puppy dog eyes.

“I guess she might enjoy that…” George sighed as James and Hercules looked at each other with excitement, most of the other boys left the room not wanting to participate.

“Being a fashion guru, I guess you will need my help.” Thomas said, strutting further into the room, Lafayette following closely after him.

“I’m his assistant. I may not know fashion as well as he does, but I do know a good outfit when I see one.” Laf said, his walk much less confident than Thomas’s.

“Okay, James start going through the closet! Laf and Thomas, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be in charge of changing her and making sure the outfits aren’t a complete disaster before I put them on her.” Hercules ordered, each of the boys moving to their part.

“Where to start?” James sighed, looking through the large amount of baby clothes.

“Start with casual day wear.” Thomas said, turning to look at George who leaned against the wall watching them with amusement. “How are you going to be helping?”

“By making sure you don’t break my baby.” George replied, not taking his eyes off of Hercules and Eleanor.

“Good idea!” Laf grinned, giving his dad a thumbs up.

“Thanks Laf.” George chuckled quietly.

“Thomas, I don’t know how to tell you this…” James trailed off, trying to figure out how to tell Thomas without him freaking out. “It seems that all Eleanor has is casual day wear.”

“What? Nothing else? That will not do!” Thomas cringed slightly at the sight of the clothing items. He was going to need to start shopping for better outfits for the baby because obviously he’d be the only person good for the job.

George pushed himself off the wall and quickly left the nursery. He knew that you would kill him if you didn’t get to see this. With that in mind, George ran into your room and kneeled by where you lay on the bed.

“Babe.” George whispered, lightly shaking you awake from your nap. “You’re going to want to see this.” George laughed, extending his hand to help you off the bed.

You followed George down the hallway where you could hear giggling. There was a hushed conversation about clothes at the end of the hallway where the nursery was. You looked at George in confusion as he continued to tug you towards the room.

When you walked in, you couldn’t believe your eyes. There stood Hercules holding Eleanor in his arms wearing a cute gray elephant onesie you had bought a couple months back with pastel pink pants. James was behind Hercules, rummaging through the closet and putting together outfits. Laf and Thomas sat on the ground in front of Hercules, giving constructive criticism for the outfit Eleanor was currently wearing.

“What’s going on boys?” You asked, slightly giggling.

“We’re going through Eleanor’s wardrobe. I think I need to go with you the next time you go shopping for clothes.” Thomas explained, still studying the outfit Eleanor was in. “She needs a couple more classy outfits. And maybe a bit more edgy.”

“She doesn’t even have a leather jacket! It’s all casual day wear!” Laf exclaimed in horror, you and George trying to hold back the bursts of laughter that was bubbling up.

“Well she’s going to be growing very fast over the next couple months, so I don’t want to blow a bunch of money on clothes that won’t laster her longer than a couple weeks or so.” You said, Thomas looking at you with wide eyes.

“But fashion, mom, fashion! It doesn’t matter how long she can wear it for! She needs to slay and break hearts!” Thomas said, the other boys nodding at his words.

“We can continue this conversation later. It’s meal time for Eleanor, but afterwards I believe this fashion show will need to continue.” You smiled at the four boys, Hercules handing Eleanor to you.

You walked back to your room sitting alone on the bed with Eleanor while George stayed in the nursery to talk to the boys.

“Welcome to the family Eleanor.” You whispered, smiling at the small girl in your arms. “We’re a crazy bunch, but don’t doubt for a minute that we don’t all love you. Even Alex loves you, he’ll just need a little longer than the others to realize that. This is where you belong, we’re your family and we’ll always be here.”

Negan imagines - The Blame Part 4

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N: Hot diggity dog, I’ve been waiting for this episode very patiently and I must say it was worth it for all the dirty ideas that ran through my head. But can Jeffrey seriously quit it with the lip licking thing he does, a girl can only take so much, you know?

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Negan finally pays Alexandria an early visit

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2, 961

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, sexual tension (idek), Carl’s a little shit (Joking)

You thought it’d be a normal day until Michonne came down stairs a little earlier than you usually would. You saw her take the hidden rifle and head towards the door. 

“There’s barely anything out there.” You told Michonne. You knew since you had been the one letting off some steam by going out there all week and killing off the bastards. 

Michonne stopped in her step but didn’t answer. You sighed knowing she’d still go out there anyway. Michonne broke her pause and left the house as if you never even caught her. 

You saw no point to leaving the compound today if Michonne was going out there. You knew she needed space just as you do. So, instead you retreated back upstairs and showered. 

Once you had finished, you saw that Judith’s room door was ajar. 

“Dad?” You called out as you pushed the door open further. Rick was stood there holding Judith like you expected. 

He was surprised to see you still at home, he figured you had left Alexandria by now to avoid everyone’s judgemental gaze and your paranoid thoughts. 

You offered to give your baby sister breakfast, and just as she finished is when you heard the trucks pull up outside the gate. 

“Be good.” You warned your sister as you placed her back into her crib before heading outside. 

You kept back, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. 

You felt your hair rise at the sound of the whistle and the shadow approach the gate with a swinging Lucille beside him. 

He was early. 

“Little pig, little pig! Let. Me. In.” Negan rattled on the gate and rested his bat on his shoulder. You felt your stomach flip and your knees go weak. 

Spencer opened the grate but you couldn’t hear what he and Negan were saying. Rick soon intervened anyhow. 

You neared the men when Negan was too busy battering a walkers brains in to notice you. You folded your arms across your chest and cock your head slightly. 

“Hey Rick, you see that? What I just did? That is a service, I mean we almost get turned away at the gate, who is that guy anyway? Do I get mad, do I throw a fit, do I bash some ginger’s dome in? Nope! I just take care of one of these dead pricks that could’ve killed one of y’all.” Negan rolled his hand as he took a bow and you couldn’t help but smile a little at his behaviour. “Service.”

Negan entered Alexandria, handing Lucille to Rick to hold for him. 

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anonymous asked:

Any chance you could share your thoughts on what a typical morning in the West-Allen household might look like? :)

(*rubs hands together*  “Dar” is my nickname for Dawn, who I headcanon as Dawn Rose, aka Dar.  Don’s is short for Donatello, as in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.)

1.  “Bar?”

Snoozing on the floor adjacent to the bed, partially entombed in blankets, Barry doesn’t move.  Iris leans over and nudges his back with a foot.  “Bar?”


“Comfy?” she asks, amused.  He yawns deeply and attempts to untangle himself for a moment before settling into his fate.


2.  “Hey, hon?”

Barry rolls over, eyes surprisingly alert for two AM.  “Hey, hon,” he echoes, reaching out to brush her arm.  “What’s wrong?”

Iris, sleepy and amused, can’t help but say, “You do realize pregnancies are nine months long, right?  It’s week five.”

Barry leans over and kisses her forehead, squeezing her arm gently.  “I know,” he assures.  “I just – wanna make sure everything goes okay.”

Iris tucks herself more comfortably in his arms, flat stomach just shy of showing a bump.  “Know what would make it really okay?”


Kissing him, Iris whispers, “Browniiiies.”

Barry’s laugh is soft and sweet and so happy to comply.

3.  “Mom.”

It’s a tiny whisper and ohhh she is tired, but Iris still forces her eyes open to see a little face looming at her from the bedside, four-year-old quiet.  “Don, baby, what’s wrong?” she asks slowly, holding out her arms.  He steps into them and holds on, small hands and big heart.  “Bad dream?”

“Uh huh.”  He keeps his voice low as if Dad, sleeping soundly, will actually wake up.  Iris is tempted to nudge him, up and at ‘em big guy, but she doesn’t need to because seconds later Dar pads into the room and tugs on Barry’s sleeve.

“Hi.  Cuddles,” Barry decides, and Dar scrambles eagerly over him, settling in the space in the middle, and Don squeezes in beside her and Iris smiles because yeah.  Cuddles.

4.  “I love being a speedster.”

“Why’s that?” Iris asks, her knees bracketing his hips on the bed, his hands at her lower back.

“Because I need less time to get ready, so I don’t have to go anywhere yet,” he replies.  “I love spending every second with you.”

Iris smiles and leans down to kiss him, savoring the sunshine and his hands on her back, when – bzzzzzt.  Bzzzzzt.  Bzzzzzt.

He groans.  “I jinxed it,” he sighs, turning his head to check his phone.  “I’ll be right back,” he promises, all puppy dog eyes and hope, and she flops onto the bed beside him permissively and zip, he’s off.

And back in a flash.  Iris smiles as he crawls on top of her and murmurs, “’Kay, all yours.”

Yes he is, Iris thinks, curling her arms around his neck.

5.  “Your pancakes are better than Dad’s,” Iris comments, digging into another mouthful, and Barry’s quiet flush of pride is so worth it.

“Don’t tell him that,” Barry teases, helping himself to a fresh box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  He doesn’t bother with a bowl, tipping the open box back into his mouth.  Iris has resigned herself to the fact that she’s dating an animal.  “He’ll never cook for me again, and I happen to love Joe’s cooking.”

Iris hums, resting her feet on his when he takes a seat at the table.  “I won’t tell him,” she promises, and he leans across the table to kiss her.

“You smell nice,” he murmurs appreciatively.

“You smell like cinnamon,” she replies.

Belatedly, he offers the box, and she laughs.  “Gross, speedster cooties,” she says, nudging him in mock rebuke with her foot.

“Gross,” Barry agrees, kissing her again.


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Kings Part Four:

Camille sighed as she looked around the slowly emptying bar. With the witches preparing for Roman’s arrival and Marcel protecting them business was slow but still pretty exhausting with just Camille and the chef in the back who had bunked off and hour before hand.

After a while Camille sat down to read, the only sound was the gentle chatter of regulars while rain pattered down the window. She smiled when her phone lit up and she received a long-rambled text about something irritable that Klaus had done followed by several of how sweetly he’d made it up to you.

For some reason a sudden feeling of dread settled into Camille’s body, which was when she looked up to find Roman leaning on the bar, smirking at her. She hadn’t heard him come in and no one seemed to notice him.

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pumpkin, cheddar and taffy

Lukas is sitting on the couch with Philip’s feet in his lap when his phone starts ringing. He briefly looks at Philip, narrowing his eyes, and for a small moment he has no idea who might be calling him. It’s got to be some kind of spam shit, because he literally just got off the phone with his dad, and if Helen and Gabe wanted to do some kind of secret surprise for Philip, they’d text or email. 

He sees the name ANGELA flashing on his phone. 

“Oh hey!” he says. “It’s the nice girl from the subway!”

“Oh cool!” Philip says. “Answer!”

“Right, right,” Lukas says, fumbling to press the right button before the call drops. “Hello?”

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A/N: More Pride for you all. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: A Dog Makes Three

Requested by: Anon - “21 and 32 with Pride”

Word Count: 476

Pairing: Pride x Reader

21. “You owe me.”
32. “Just this once, okay?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle when the little pup yapped at your feet. You lowered yourself down onto the squad room floor, behind your desk, sitting crossed legged and grinned when the pup climbed while stumbling over your legs, “Aren’t you beautiful…” You cooed at the little golden Labrador.

The puppy was once owned by a Marine, but he’d been killed three days ago and as of yet, nobody - not even the family had come to collect her. She had stolen your heart as soon as you and LaSalle had gone over to the Marine’s home to process the house and belongings. You had set up a little bed for her in a makeshift crate and two of NCIS bowls from the kitchen cupboards for her water and little bits of food.

Reluctantly you’d placed the calls to the local shelter for them to take her but they were bogged down this time of year, Christmas. Everybody wants a dog - some people can’t afford them.

You stroked over the Labs small head when you heard Pride coming down from the living space. Peeking over the top of your desk he started chuckling when he saw you.

“Y'realise she does have'ta go back eventually…” He said, coming to perch on your desk, hands clasped on his lap.

You didn’t say anything at first but nodded when the little pup licked at your chin, “She doesn’t have to.” You pointed out quietly.

“[Y/N]..” He warned and stood.

“Look at her, King. She’s beautiful.” You argue softly and stood too, looking up at your boyfriend and boss, “Can’t I just put in for keeping her? I’ll pay for her to be micro-chipped, I can get her the shots she needs-”

“-It’s not that simple, [Y/N].” He tried, holding up his hands, giving you a sympathetic look, “There’s procedures-”

“-I can make arrangements, ring whoever I need to…It is that simple.” You said with a strained smile, “Please…”

You raised up the pup a bit more, giving Pride your best puppy dog eyes, “Just this once, okay?” You asked placing your hands on his arm, “I don’t want to become the crazy dog lady…but I’ve fallen in love. Again.”

He groaned quietly and shook his head but smiled at the pair before him, “Y'serious about this?” He asked, tilting his head.

The both of you chuckled when the little pup let out a squeak when she yawned, “I am. I love her. I think she’d be a nice addition. When she’s bigger she can be our mascot.” You grin cheekily, causing Pride to roll his eyes.

“Fine. But just this once.” He held up a finger which you grabbed and wiggled.


Pride leant down and pecked your lips and then stroked the Labrador’s head, “You owe me.” He mumbled to you, smiling when you beamed at him.

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  • whenever you try acting cute around him he’ll do his best to brush it off, but he’s actually so easy to read and he becomes a flustered mess because how can you be so adorable……
  • sends you pics of his cat whenever he visits home because he knows you like pics of animals
  • the first time you texted he kept annoying seungkwan to help him think up witty responses and now like seungkwan makes fun of vernon for it all the time whenever you’re over at the dorm because vernon gets suPER embarrassed about it like dude ple a s e  don’t b ring that uP…..
  • gets really excited when showing you around korea, specifically hongdae because he grew up there and he just wants you to experience everything he loves about the place he calls home
  • keeps his lyric book a secret from everyone else but you because he feels like you really inspire him and he wants to know your opinion on what he wrote before he shares it with anyone else
  • whenever you trick him into watching a scary movie he hides his face in your neck and completely forgets about the fact that he’s shy of skinship 
  • his phone background is a picture his mom took of you together and that his sister decorated with cute stickers on this app because she thought you were really pretty and keeps asking vernon to bring you over for dinner
  • he likes taking walks with you at night because it’s quiet and you two can talk freely and also when you grab his hand you can’t see him blush because it’s dark
  • when you’re angry or upset with him he makes it up to you by buying you your favorite ice-cream and candy and bringing it over in a bag and sort of apologizing while giving you the lost puppy dog eyes and you can’t resist so 
  • finds you most attractive when you’re laughing. he really loves the sound of your laughter, even if you yourself don’t. he once told dk if he could have a ringtone he’d want it to be your laugh. dk thought that was hilarious so he told you but vernon never found out 
  • likes it when you play with his hair while he’s relaxing. also likes it when you two are watching a movie together or laying around on the carpet reading webtoons on his phone
  • always tries to impress you with fancy dinner dates but at some point you’re like vernon let’s just eat pizza together in the pledis practice room and play j.cole really loud and he’s thankful for that
  • whenever you kiss him out of the blue his ears turn red
  • he’s tried to give you surprise kisses, but he always ends up chickening out at the last second because what if he misses your mouth?? he would never live it down
  • seungcheol jokingly bought you and vernon couple tee’s and vernon was like nO but you were like yes and now you two wear them as a little inside joke
  • you keep asking to braid his hair and he’ll get all whiny about how he doesn’t want you to but ends up giving in after you bribe him with chocolate 
  • likes going to bakeries with you and looking at all the sweet stuff even when he’s got to diet.
  • says he doesn’t like it when you fee him because he can do it himself and it’s embarrassing, but secretly he really enjoys it 
  • when he kisses you, he likes holding the back of your neck. you don’t know why but the reality is he saw it in a drama and thought it was cool
  • if he thinks you two are in a crowded place, he turns around and offers you to take his hand and it’s like the only time he openly initiates skinship in public but he looks really serious and worried about you getting lost from him
  • you two play with all the dogs you see around the neighborhood and when vernon is alone the owners ask him where you are and send little winks his way and vernon gets sUPER rED like !!!! 
  • whenever you’re stressed he feels horrible that he can’t do anything so he wraps you up in a blanket and kisses your forehead and promises that anything you want or need - he’ll get it for you right away
  • would probably make trips to the grocery store at 3am if you wanted him to 
  • whenever he’s upset or mad about something, he likes it when you talk to him soothingly. he finds comfort in your voice, especially when you tell him that you’re there to support him no matter what
  • when people bring up sensitive topics that hurt him, he won’t tell you how he’s feeling right away, but you’ll be able to read his expression and offer words of comfort and he’ll be thankful for that all his life
  • his dad keeps trying to give him dating advice and all of it is ‘outdated’ according to vernon 
  • appreciates the fact that you take his love for lyric writing and music seriously and when he wants someone to talk to it about, you’re all ears and you always strive for giving him an honest opinion
  • gets jealous when the hyungs hang around you or tease you because what if you fall for them because they’re older or more mature……
  • once tried to impress you with his knowledge about something but jun corrected him and vernon took it personally so you had to assure him that no, just because he forgot where the capital of China was you don’t love him any less
  • hates when you tease him by saying your favorite is mingyu because hey- mingyu is tall but vernon’s still growing too!
  • thinks it’s really cute when you tried on the bandanna that he wore for some adore u performances,  forced seungkwan to take a photo of you so he wouldn’t have to do it himself
  • eye smiles when he laughs at your jokes and keeps saying that he’s never meet someone who could make him laugh so hard he snorted it other than you
  • although he can be shy around others if someone is bothering you, vernon is levelheaded about the situation and politely tries to get you out of harms way. even if his shyness pulls him back, he’ll never tolerate anyone being rude to you in front of him
  • whenever he wants to cuddle he can never…..say it……so he just sort of opens his arms and turns his head away but motions for you to come into his chest. likes resting his chin in your hair.
  • sleepily murmured that he loved you before knocking out into a nap and didn’t remember that he said it when he woke up
  • you rapped his parts in ‘ah yeah’ and he thought it was amazing so he took a video and sent it to everyone in the group chat like ‘look at the person im dating, you wish you guys could find someone like this’
  • pretends to be mad when you steal his snapbacks, but in reality thinks you look a+ in them
  • you know his weakness is tickling so whenever he’s ignoring you for work, you attack him with tickles and you two end up on the ground rolling around in breathless laughter
  • the first time he gets serious with his feelings, vernon has to pause a couple of times before the words ‘i love you’ come out crystal clear and you throw yourself into his arms and he’s more than happy with your reaction
  • you got a bubble machine and he said it was childish but then you ended up turning it on and dancing around in a bunch of bubbles to adore u
  • vernon isn’t good with controlling his blush but he’s good at making you fall for him even harder each and every day 

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Dating chanyeol

I plan to make these for all the boys. If you want a certain member next, feel free to message me.

-we all know yeol stays up till ungodly hours
-facetiming with him at these hours
-you won’t even realise youve stayed up so late because your calls are so cute
- sometimes you have to nag him to go to sleep because you worry for him
-when u guys cuddle its just ur legs tangled with his long limbs hes calls legs
-big spoon
-sometimes he wants to be the little spoon though
-definitely the ‘oppa’ type
-he’ll always try his best to take care of you
-he’d be a gentleman
-he’ll always do cute small things in the relationship like opening the door for you
-smug af.
-sometimes he might even put stuff where you cant reach on purpose
-because he wants to see you struggle bc its cute
-and he wants you to ask for his help
-you wont be needing to get a puppy
-because firstly, youll be dating one
- you might aswell be dating baekhyun too
- it would get to a point where chanyeol has to reassure you before dates
- “its only gonna be us, i swear”
- he loves his music and he loves you
- expect him to share his compositions with you
- when you say you like them his eyes will light up because YESSS SHE LIKES MY MUSIC!!!
-expect songs written about you and for you too
-he would be all for pda but not extreme
-he’d love showing you off
-cute instagram pics
-he’d hold you hand in public
-put his arm around your shoulder or waist
-he can get a little protective
-and a little jealous
-but you still love him
-arguments and fights would only last a day because he hates having the both of you being upset
-he’s totally a sucker for cute little things
-like wearing his jumper
-he’d actually squeal
-you tease him for it but you squeal when he looks after any child relatives
-he’d be the perfect boyfriend for your parents
-he’d make a good impression faster than u can say chogiwa
-he would smile to himself whenever he sees your comments on a livestream
-he would sing to you and you would die
- would try and teach you how to rap but nahh guys cant take it seriously itll just turn into a make out session
-tbh hes just perfect lol he aint even my bias i wanna date him

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(Oneshots, please!) fem! s/o just lounging around until their lover comes over and starts using their boobs as a pillow. (76, Reaper, and Reinhardt)

Soldier: 76:

76’s s/o was lying in bed on her phone browsing the internet, it had been a lazy afternoon for her. She had no work, no errands, and sweat pants, just a really chill day. She was getting a little bored though and was starting to miss 76. She had seen him earlier, but he was busy training and she knew that if he found out that she had nothing to do, that he would give her something to do. He doesn’t believe in off days. “Not when there is so much work to be done,” he would say.

She stopped browsing the internet when she heard the door open, speak of the devil and he will appear. Because in came 76, in all his sweaty glory. When 76 looked over at his s/o lounging, he chuckled a little. She looked really comfortable on his bed, it might as well be their bed now since she spent more time in his room than hers.


She just hummed and held her arms out to him, asking for a hug. She hadn’t gotten to spend any time with him today, she needed cuddles. He was really sweaty, so he tried to refuse her, but she started giving him puppy eyes. He sighed, but made his way over to her. When he was about to lean down and hug her, she pulled him down so that his head was laying on her chest and she held him tight to where he couldn’t move. Well he could, but she probably wouldn’t let go.

“I have to shower. I smell, love.”

“I don’t care. I need cuddles, I missed you.”

He once again let out a sigh, he knew she wouldn’t give up. He needed to wash the sheets anyway. So a little bit of sweat would be okay. Plus he liked when she stroked his hair.


Reaper was not having a good day at all. His higher ups at Talon have been getting on his ass about the newer recruits. After so many of the older recruits had pretty died or gotten hurt, his higher ups are blaming him, saying that his training isn’t good enough and that he should change the way he does it. His training, HIM. Reaper, ex-Blackwatch commander. It wasn’t his fault that some people were just incompetent.

The rest of the day was him having to train all of the new recruits and he was not going easy on them at all. He never went easy on them in the first place, but his bad mood had made him amplify everything by tenfold. The recruits were not happy about this and spent a lot of the time complaining behind his back as if he couldn’t hear them.

So overall it was just a frustrating day for him and he was reaching his breaking point. He made Widowmaker take over for him, and that was a rare occasion, so she didn’t question it. She did not want to be on the receiving side of his mood right now. He stomped his way back to his room, where his s/o was laying on the bed watching TV. When she saw him, she immediately lit up until she noticed that he was in a bad mood.

“What’s wrong, my love?”

Reaper just grunted. You know Reaper was in a terrible mood when he wouldn’t even talk to his s/o. He went over to the bed stripping off his mask and his outer clothing and he sat down and put his hands over his face. His s/o was really worried, he was a strong man, but in the end he was still a man. He still had emotions, he just had to hide them around the base. She saw his shoulders start trembling a bit, and knew that he needed silence.

She made her way over to him and pulled him into a laying position so that he was laying on her chest. He needed a place to cry and she would provide that for him. She held him there and stroked his hair. Humming lightly so that it wasn’t completely silent and to comfort him. When he started to calm down, she lifted his face and gave him a gentle kiss on each eye. He was clearly feeling a bit better, and he gave her a small smile before face planting back into her chest.


Reinhardt was really excited to show his s/o a dessert from his childhood when she told him that she had never tried it before. He invited her over, so that he could attempt to make one for her. She had insisted on buying one from the bakery, but he really wanted to try his hand at making it full of love for her. So after a bit of coaxing, he managed to convince her to let him try to bake it.

He wanted it to be a surprise a little bit, so he made his s/o relax in the living room while he baked in the kitchen. He had all the ingredients ready and it didn’t seem like it was too difficult to make based on the instructions. But when he started to bake, it turns out that it was a lot harder than he thought. He had to throw out a lot of failed attempts. The kitchen looked like a disaster, but he was not going to give up.

When he finally came out with an attempt he liked, he excitedly plated one as delicately as he could for his s/o and came out to the living room to give it to her. He was greeted by the sight of his little s/o laying on the couch taking a nap. When he checked the clock, turns out a lot more time than he thought had passed. No wonder she fell asleep. She looked really comfortable too… and he could feel his eyes growing heavy.

When his s/o finally woke up, they felt like they couldn’t move and that there was pressure on them. She looked down to see Reinhardt was laying on her, using her chest as a pillow. He looked so precious and was snoring a little. She really didn’t want to wake him up, but she was starting to get sore. She lightly tapped on his shoulder and it took a while but he woke up. That’s when he realized that he had brought the dessert for her. But he couldn’t find it anywhere. Oh no. He dropped it when he went to take a nap with his s/o.

“I’m so sorry! I was really excited to show it to you, but when I saw you napping you looked so comfortable and I started to get tired and-!”

His s/o had hushed him with a kiss and giggled. She reassured him that it was okay and that next time they should bake it together. He lit up at the idea and at how cute she was being. Maybe next time it won’t take so long if she helped! He pulled her into a huge bear hug, he loved her so much.


Request:Where stiles tries to ask you out but continuously fails.

(this isn’t proof read super srry!)

thanks so much for the request! I appreciate it. and oml, that gif is the cutest. Also, i kinda wrote this to were he finally does ask you out. hope that’s ok.

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“Maybe I should buy her something?” Stiles suggested looking at himself in the mirror. Scott looked up from his book.

“Maybe, flowers would be the best,” he told Stiles. In which, Stiles nodded to before huffing.

“I mean what if she doesn’t like flowers?”

“What if it ruins everything?”

Stiles continually asked questions, worrying himself even more about asking his crush out. Scott laughed softly at his friend.

“I’m sure she’ll love flowers. And come on, you can’t mess up again,” Scott said. Though, Stiles spazzed face made his think over his words.

“And that, that right there is what scares me ok! See, I’ve already messed up THREE times. I failed to ask Y/N out THREE TIMES!” Stiles ranted, his hands flying.

“Yea yea, but this time you’re gonna get her. You are going to get the girl of your dreams. okay?” Scott told him, standing up to grip Stiles’s shoulders.

“Oh don’t go all alpha on me,” Stiles scrunched up his face. Scott laughed softly again.

“But yea, ok I’m gonna get her this time,” Stiles smiled at him. Scott nodded his head, approving.

“There we go. Now, get her flowers. She’ll love them.” “How do you know? Stiles quizzed suspiciously.

Scott looked down for a moment.

“Uh…..well…..I may have asked Kira for some guidance,” Scott shrugged. Stiles eyes went wide, he huffed and blowed.

“What! No, what if Kira tells Y/N!”

“She won’t. probably,” Scott tried. Stiles ran his hands down his face.

“I’m going to die.”

In Kira’s defense, she really tried to keep Stiles’s secret. But not even she could resist your puppy eyes when you asked what she was keeping from you.

“Stiles is gonna maybe ask you out,” she finally mumbled. Your mouth went dry, but a smile stretched across your face.

“Are you lying? Like for real, be honest,” your mouth popped open.

“100% being honest. Oh… I really shouldn’t have told you that. Stiles is gonna kill me,” Kira groaned.

“Kira! This is the biggest news of my life!” you squealed. Gripping the kitsune’s shoulders, she looked at you puzzled, but still happy.

“Oh crap, what am I gonna wear?” you suddenly pondered. Kira grinned at you, secretly ecstatic for you and Stiles. You two were gonna make the best couple if Stiles could pull of what he’d planned.

“But, he hasn’t even asked you out. Why do you need to change?” Kira asked.

“Well, whenever he does ask me out I need to look smokin,” you giggled. Kira smiled again, before you took her hand and began thrifting through your closest for what to wear tomorrow. You were so thrilled.


“Go do it,” Scott said pushing Stiles in front of him a little bit. Stiles shuffled up a bit.

“I’m scared,” Stiles whispered. Scott laughed, before pushing Stiles again.

“I’m going ok,” Stiles huffed finally. He stood still for just a second longer before making his way to were you sat.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Stiles smiled his normal goofy one. He then plopped down into the cafeteria seat beside you. You looked up, returning the favor.

Kira gave you a thumbs up from across the table.

“Hey Stiles, what’s up?” you asked. You couldn’t wait for him to ask you. You were practically jumping out of you skin for him to ask you out.

“oh yea….um well,” he trailed off at the end, playing with his fingers. You leaned forward at every word hoping it would be the ones you were looking for.

It never was.

Kira then coughed something along the lines of,“ Get on with it.” Before smiling at Stiles glare.

“Yep, well….I u-uh. I was wondering if you wanted to go watch a movie with me,” Stiles mumbled out the last part but you knew what he said.

A smile smacked you in the face, but you didn’t mind.

“Of course,” you told him. He lifted his head up at your words. He smiled wider than ever, before springing up out of his seat.

“Yes!” he danced around.

You shook your head. But you knew this boy was going to be perfect.


I present an example of an author/comment chain done well and with kindness and mutual respect. Romanogers AU (loosely inspired by the 101 Dalmations).

Natasha is working the 24 hour crisis line at the Vetrinarian’s Office when Steve calls, frantic, because his new dog is in a very compromising position with the neighbor’s dog. In short, the dogs are stuck and Steve needs to know how he’s gonna get them unstuck ASAP because oh God, what if his neighbor lawyers up? Oh God, what if he’s supposed to pay child dog support? Oh God why didn’t he listen and pay the fees to get his poor schmuck of a dog fixed?

“Relax,” Natasha says as she finishes typing up the slash fanfiction she was working on using the vet office’s wifi. “Don’t do anything, just chill out and let things happen.”

Fast Forward to a few weeks later when he bumps into his neighbor and her very pregnant golden retriever. When he bumps into Natasha and her very pregnant golden retriever. When he and his louse of a dog are pushed against the wall so an angry Natasha can ask him what the hell happened that her dog, who was going to breed with someone else’s dog, got knocked up by the too-dumb-to-neuter-neighbor’s dog.

It’s love at first sight, though Natasha would never admit it, and soon there is another puppy baby and two lonely people have somehow made a home, dogs included.

~* And nat just rolls her eyes because he’s such a dork but he’s her dork and she wouldn’t have it any other way *~

(link here to the comments and a thanks to @Romanoffmyhead for being so kind as well as for feeding this idea!)

Please Stop (Lydia Martin Imagine)

Requested: Could you do an Lydia x reader imagine where the reader and Lydia are secretly dating and Stiles has a crush on lydia and everyone is telling him he should ask her out except the reader is trying to stop him cause she dating lydia? Thanks love!! ❤

Words: 1,039

A/N: Hey there! Thank you for requesting! Sorry the ending was a bit sloppy :3. Have a good day/night! 

“Stiles, when will you ever ask the girl out?” Scott asked, annoyed as Stiles’ puppy love eyes was once again on the strawberry haired girl, Lydia, who was at her locker, taking some books out. 

Stiles’ eyes broke away from Lydia and onto his best friend. He sighed, annoyed and rubbed his face. 

“I can’t! I don’t think she likes me back.” Stiles’ said sadly, glancing at Lydia for a split second. 

“Well, you won’t know that if you don’t ask her, you know?” Scott said. 

“I know.” Stiles replied and walked off to class as the bell rang. Scott sighed, and went to his class.

“Stiles! Cut it out with those love eyes already!” Y/N said annoyed, as Lydia walked off to get a drink. To the pack, it may seemed that she was just as annoyed as them at Stiles because he still hasn’t ask Lydia out already.

But Y/N was annoyed and jealous. She was annoyed at how Stiles looked at Lydia, when she was the only one who could look at her like that. She would’ve told Stiles to not stare at Lydia, but that would just make it suspicious as why she’s acting this way. They could come to a theory that Lydia and herself are dating. But it was highly unlikely as both are great actors, and acted as best friends around each other, no sign of flirting.

But better safe than sorry and let the secret come out. 

“I know right! Just ask the girl already.” Scott agreed, along with nods from the rest of the pack members, excluding Liam, who decided to sit with Mason and a few other friends of his.

“Take her to the park, have a picnic, and stay there under the stars at night in each other’s arms.” Kira said, sighing at the thought, her chin resting on her hands as her elbows are on the table. It would definitely work, Lydia would love those types of things.

“Or! Or take her ice skating! You know?” Malia bursted excitedly, butting in the conversation. 

“Thats a great idea! She loves ice skating man! Remember we went ice skating a long time ago, with Allison?” Scott reminded Stiles of the wonderful memory. Although it hurts Scott a bit still to talk about her, but he moved on, and is now with Kira. But it doesn’t mean he will forget Allison, and Kira understood that and didn’t mind. 

While the pack were chattering about how Stiles should take Lydia out on their ‘date’. Y/N sat back silently, annoyed. She wished this conversation would just dissolve already. 

Her wish was granted as Lydia walked back to the table, making Stiles, Scott, Malia and Kira stop talking immediately, afraid that Lydia would hear their conversation. 

It was the end of school, Y/N was outside on the bleachers, watching Scott, Stiles and Kira practice Lacrosse, while doing her homework. She finished 30 minutes later and decided to watch for the rest of the practice since she had nothing else to do. She would’ve went to Lydia’s, but Lydia was going somewhere with her mother.

The whistle blew, and everyone went and sat at the bleachers, drinking water, having a small water break. After having his drink, Stiles headed to Y/N and sat beside her but didn’t say anything. It was an awkward 10 seconds before he spoke.

“Hey Y/N. Since you’re the closest to Lydia out of all of us, do you mind if I ask what is Lydia’s favourite flowers? What her idea of a perfect date be?” Stiles bombarded Y/N with questions, making her jump. 


“Sorry.. just panicking. I’m planning on asking Lydia out tomorrow after school. I just want everything to be perfect for her.” Stiles apologized, stressed out.

“No it’s okay.” Y/N said, before sighing and brushing a few strands of her hair back.

“How do I say this?” Y/N mumbled.

“Say what?”

Y/N hesitated, before responding, “I really hate to break it to you Stiles, but..” Y/N paused, “She’s not seeing anyone right now..” She murmured quietly and softly, afraid that she would hurt Stiles.

Y/N looked at Stiles and saw sadness on his face. Stiles rubbed his face with both hands and groaned. 

“Oh.. Great.. So much for the perfect date.” Stiles mumbled sadly. He looked like a kicked puppy making Y/N feel bad, that she had to lie to him and not tell the truth.

“I’m really sorry Stiles..” Y/N said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“ALRIGHT EVERYONE, BACK ON THE FIELD NOW!” The coach shouted. Stiles stood up and grabbed his lacrosse stick. 

He turned to Y/N, “Thanks anyways.” With a sad smile, he jogged to the field, leaving Y/N deep in her thoughts. 

After practice, when Y/N arrived home, she immediately went to shower and did a bit of studying before calling Lydia on Skype. They talked randomly, about school, about new clothes trends, the pack and more. 

“Hey Lydia?” Y/N asked suddenly.


“I think we should tell the pack now.. about us.” Y/N nervously said.

“I was thinking the same thing, I think it’s time to tell them. They deserve to know it.” 

“Guys, there’s something you guys should know..” Y/N said, as everyone sat down.

“What is it?” Scott asked. 

“Does it have something to do with our conversation yesterday?” Stiles randomly asked. Y/N nodded and looked at Lydia and nodded. 

“We’re dating.” Lydia blurted out. Shock filled the air, everyone eyes were widen and mouths hanging down, but no one saying anything. 

“You’re joking..” Stiles asked, nervously.

“I’m afraid we’re not..” Stiles turned to look at Y/N, realizations filled his face. 

“So thats why you told me Lydia wasn’t seeing anyone!” Stiles pointed at Y/N, who nodded.

“I’m sorry I lied, but we weren’t ready so the best response I could come up with was that.” Y/N apologized. 

“Its fine.” Stiles waved it off, even thought it hurts him, he now knew the truth and couldn’t feel any happier for the two. 

“Well… today was an eventful day..” Malia awkwardly say after a pregnant silence. 

The pack bursted into laughs and they talked and ate as if nothing new happened. Which Y/N and Lydia was grateful for. 

I Can’t Watch A Movie Without Making An Ass Of Myself - M.C.

Summary: Michael thinks he messed up. 

Pairing: Michael Clifford x  Female Reader

- - - 

“Fuck, that movie was disgusting,” Y/N shuddered as the closing credits started rolling down the screen. She sat up from her corner of the couch, reaching across Michael’s lap and grabbing one of the many bags of hot cheetos he stole from the convenience store. “You’re disgusting,” Michael shot back teasingly, giving her shoulder a playful nudge. “That’s one of my favorites, don’t be an ass.”

Y/N stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed the remote, returning to the Netflix home screen. “What do you want to watch next?” She asked, scrolling through the movies. Michael knew this was a rhetorical question- she had already stopped on Pulp Fiction and gave him the puppy dog eyes. Michael couldn’t say no to a Tarantino movie or Y/N’s gorgeous eyes, so he let out a sarcastic groan and nodded. Y/N squealed in excitement and hit play, then let her head fall back onto Michael’s shoulder. His breath hitched slightly.

Through the movie, Y/N had her head on Michael’s shoulder and her arms around his soft torso. Michael couldn’t focus on the movie in front of him when the love of his life was cuddling him, and he was just sitting there like a total douche. His arm slowly snaked around Y/N’s waist, butterflies erupting in his stomach as she curled closer to him, humming with contentment. Michael got too caught up in the moment. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on the top of Y/N’s head.

“Michael,” Y/N mumbled warily, sitting up and looking at her best friend. The movie was paused. Fuck, Michael thought, mentally beating himself up. “Fuck, Y/N, I’m sorry,” Michael sighed, bending over and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Michael, I-” Y/N began, but Michael wasn’t done talking.

“I’m sorry I kissed you, that was a total dick move of me. It’s just- I’m… I’m in love with you, Y/N. I know I’m nothing to you, I’m total scum-of-the-earth probably, but I just want you to know you’re everything to me. Oh my god, I can’t watch a damn movie without making an ass out of myself! When you laid on me I was stupid and assumed that-”

Y/N leaned in and connected her lips to Michael’s very gently, one hand resting on his neck and the other pressed lightly against his chest. Michael’s eyes widened and he let out a surprised squeak, but he quickly relaxed and let his eyes closed as his lips moved in sync with Y/N’s. She pulled back shortly after, a smile curving on her face. “That was an excellent way of telling me to shut up,” Michael breathed out, a grin forming on his own face. Y/N leaned in again, but this time she let her forehead rest on his.

“I love you too, Michael,” she giggled, kissing him again.

Knight in Shining Armor

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Request: Okay, so hi! First off, love your stuff and I have a request. :3 SamxReader, they’re best friends & he saves her from an abusive fiancé - moxtiel

Warnings: abusive fiance, abuse to reader, fluff

Words: 3207

Note: I’ve been having Sam/Jared feels this week, so, enjoy! Let me know if you want smut because it just got really long and I REALLY WANT TO RIGHT SAM SMUT, OKAY?

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anonymous asked:

Percabeth please? Like Annabeth hears Percy sing and playing the guitar really really good and she's shocked that he can sing and play guitar and he gets all nervous/embarrass about his skills! Sorry I bothered you!!

So it’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, but here you go.

Annabeth thought that she and Percy told each other everything. That was generally what happened when best friends fall in love. So her confusion was totally understandable when she opened the door to the apartment she shared with her fiancé after a long day at her architecture firm, and heard singing. Singing wasn’t something that happened regularly in that apartment, but it was definitely singing. When she listened closely, Annabeth could make out lyrics to I Won’t Give Up, by Jason Mraz.

“…And just like them old stars, I see that you’ve come so far, to be right where you are…”

Creeping forward quietly so as not to disturb the singer, she found Percy in the room they shared, singing and playing guitar. He was sitting on their bed, with his back to the door. Why Percy had never told Annabeth about his interest in music, she never knew. While Annabeth would never admit this to anyone, Percy was a much better singer than herself. So Annabeth stayed in the doorway and listened to her best friend as he sang. Percy was so immersed in the music that he didn’t notice Annabeth listening. After he finished a couple songs, Annabeth cleared her throat to get his attention. Percy stood up so quickly that he dropped his guitar on his foot.

“Ow!” He shouted, hopping up and down as Annabeth doubled over in laughter.

When she was collected enough to speak, she wiped the tears from her gray eyes before asking, “Since when do you play guitar?”

Percy sheepishly looked down and rubbed the back of his neck, saying, “I dunno, a while?” When Annabeth rolled her eyes, he continued. “I know I’m not that good, and it’s just a hobby, so I never told you because I knew you wouldn’t like it, and –” His ramblings got cut off when Annabeth shut him up with a kiss.

“Seaweed Brain,” she smiled at him fondly, “you’re really good.”

“I – really?” he asked her.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Yes, Percy. Will you sing me something?”

Percy eyed her apprehensively. “I dunno. I mean, I’ve never played for anyone other than my mom.”

“Please?” Annabeth asked, trying to give her best puppy dog face.

“Fine.” Percy huffed after a moment. He sat back down and picked up his guitar, serenading the love of his life.