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Let Me Say It Back - Nurseydex

[I was asked to write “saying I love you for the first time” with nurseydex so here it is! I hope you like it.”]

Nursey knocks on Dex’s door before hearing him say “it’s open” and going in. Dex is on the bed lying on his stomach and working on his computer. The light on the nightstand lamp outlines his profile and the light from the computer shines in his face. It has been almost four months since they started dating and the sight of his boyfriend still takes his breath away. The crease between his eyebrows as he concentrates, mused hair from running his fingers through it, jeans that perfectly show the nice curve of his ass and right now he was wearing one of Nursey’s sweaters that looked so much better on him that it ever has on Nursey.

“Give me a second.” Dex smiles his way for a minute before looking back at his computer, his cheeks hold a faint blush and Nursey knew Dex had noticed him staring.

He puts the pizza he got on the desk, takes off his shoes and shrugs off his jacket before throwing himself over his boyfriend with a sigh of content and pressing his cheek to his back. The sweater is warm and smells like Dex which is a mix of coffee, his shampoo and something else almost minty. Nursey presses a kiss between his shoulder blades and closes his eyes at the feeling of Dex relaxing under him.

A couple of minutes later Dex stops typing, closes his laptop and moves to sit up to leave it on the nightstand. Nursey sits up too and smiles when Dex is suddenly straddling his hips and puts one hand on each of Nursey’s cheeks.

“Hey.” Nursey whispers pressing his forehead against Dex’s.


Dex’s lips are on his in a second, his hands moving from his cheeks to the back of his neck and hair pulling him closer. Nursey wraps his arms around his waist as their lips move softly against each other. His hands slip under Dex’s sweater going over paths and muscles he knows all too well drive Dex and himself crazy. His boyfriend hums into the kiss and bites his bottom lip deepening the kiss while his hands find Nursey’s cheeks again. Nursey remembers how Dex had been shy at first, hesitant even, when it came to kissing and touching but once he was comfortable with it and initiated physical contact, Nursey knew it would be the death of him. Just like in that moment, his wandering hands and lips were making him lose his mind.

They breathe against each other’s lips when they pull away, smiles brushing each other.

“This may come as a shock for you, but I missed you.” Dex pulls back a little to look into Nursey’s eyes as he spoke.

Nursey smirks, “Not shocked at all babe.”

“Oh really?”

“Really.” Nursey brings a hand up to Dex’s hair, a smug smile on his lips, “I know you always miss me.”

Dex laughs before he gazes back into Nursey’s eyes again with a smile and leaves him breathless once again. His smile soft, red thoroughly-kissed lips, flushed cheeks making freckles disappear and a look in his eyes Nursey knows it only his.

He is suddenly unable to look away from the most beautiful man the stars have ever shone on, the one with the misunderstood angry eyes that aren’t really angry if you take your time to know them. Angry eyes that close softly when he’s kissed, that are half lidded when he’s touched, eyes that shine when he laughs, that squint when he’s confused and that tear up when the world feels like too much. There’s so much of him that he loves, he doesn’t know where to start. All Nursey knows is that he loves him and he wants to love everything about him, he wants to love his mind, his eyes, his laugh, their fights, god his body and each detail that makes his Dex, Dex. He knows his eyes are probably screaming I’m so fucking in love with you right now but he wants to tell him, he needs to tell him or he’ll combust.

“You’re right.” Dex whispers as he nuzzles his nose on Nursey’s cheek to bring him back to the present and mostly because he flushed so bad under Nursey’s loving gaze. “I always miss you.”

Nursey’s heart misses a beat at the tenderness of the caress and the kiss that follows and he knows he’s gonna tell him.

“I love you.” Its barely a whisper close to Dex’s ear and they’re so close that he feels Dex’s breath catch on his throat. Dex is silent for a few minutes and Nursey’s brain starts to panic.

“I also brought pizza so you know if you want we can forget I said what I just said and eat that? Or maybe I should tell you that I really do love you and I fell in love with you even before I knew I had and I’m crazy about you or I probably just made things worse? Let’s just-”

Dex chuckles and gives him a soft kiss to stop him from rambling on, “Shut up and let me say it back.”

Nursey realizes that it isn’t panic or awkwardness that leave you speechless when you hear those three words, it’s actually the sudden realization of what those words mean and it’s the feeling of warmth that spreads through your body at the same time a smile widens on your face. So when Dex whispers the three words just as softly as he had, all he can do is press Dex’s back on the mattress and kiss him senseless not helping the smile that plays on his lips all the way through.

“I love you, I looove you.” Nursey smirks pulling away and looking down at Dex.

“You already said that.” Dex smiles up at him adding an eye roll to dismiss his red cheeks.

“I know that.” They both sigh when Nursey nuzzles his nose with Dex’s, placing a kiss on his cheek and another between his brows. He can’t help himself. “I’m going to keep saying it you know, I’m never gonna stop telling you.”

Dex leans into the touch, eyes sparkling as he smiles so happy, so in love. “I know.” He brings Nursey close for another kiss. “So, about that pizza.”

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Actually I've never seen anyone pointing it out but... Did Sangwoo have a nose plastic surgery. In his military profile shot his nose is way more hooked than in his present profile shots :0 I'm just very curious if it's intentional or not. If it is, then why would he? I know that in Korea this is a trend to have those surgeries and it's not an odd thing if someone's decided to have one.

Plastic surgery in South Korea is popular but I don’t think Sangwoo’s gotten it. And I doubt he has the money to spend on it. Plus, before his army profile is shown, we see his profile when he was in college and his nose doesn’t have a hook.

“We met on the Internet four months ago. Both of us are divorced. It’s been forty years since I felt this way. I’m so happy, but I’m nervous too. It’s hard for me to get rid of this feeling that it won’t work out well. But I chose him because he wrote on his profile: ‘I’m an honest man. And I will do what I say.’ I’ve been disappointed a lot. Every past relationship has left a scar. Hopefully this time there will be no scar.”

(Rosario, Argentina)