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Hey, while we’re at it, I have a slight issue with this?

Maybe this is an entirely semantic issue and I’m just being picky, but I don’t think Shou is necessarily “bad at being calm” like it says in his profile. 

To me, someone like Serizawa is bad at staying calm, but Shou? Shou seems to be usually very self assured and fairly good at reigning in his emotions. 

I mean… he looks pretty calm for somebody who’s got a sword at his neck????

I mean I guess it could refer to his generally energetic personality, but… Idk

Anyway… judging by the interesting decisions this boy makes over the course of the story, I think a better translation might have been something like “rash” or “impulsive”. Shou makes a number of risky decisions, seemingly on the fly or out of desperation (his crazy plans to provoke Mob’s emotions, trying to take on Touichiro by himself, also his freaking catchphrase “attack is the best defense”…) Anyway I don’t speak Japanese lol I might be wrong here 

I’m not critiquing anybody, the translator least of all… but I feel like perhaps the fandom’s view of him has been a little distorted by this particular character profile…. maybe that’s just my interpretation though. Hmm. 


“What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” Lily shouted, angry. She couldn’t believe her friends were doing this to her sister. “Fleur doesn’t deserve this!”

“Oh my God, calm down Lily! It’s not that big of a deal.” Apple replied, annoyed by her friend’s reaction.

“Calm down?! How can I CALM DOWN? SHE IS MY SISTER! She really cared about this Peter! How could you do this to her?!”

All of the girls were very surprised and disappointed to see Lily so angry about what they thought was just an innocent prank.

“You’re gonna stop texting her and you’ll shut his profile down right now!”

Little PSA

John Douglas is an extremely well known figure in true crime circles and he has made incredible contributions to law enforcement, but never forget that he purposefully tailored a profile to fit a suspect, and his profile played a huge part in that suspect being wrongfully convicted. To top it off, he has never answered to charges that he deliberately tailored his profile.

Experts get things wrong too. Please remember that.

(if you want to check out Douglas’ role in a wrongful conviction look up the Amber Hagerman case)

anonymous asked:

Hey I've heard that Vernon has French ancestors that he apparently said but I just wanna when did he say that was in it in a vlive or at a meet and greet

i don’t think he’s ever said it out loud on a show or anything but from my memory, i think it was something mentioned on his early 2013 profile, before they even debuted. 


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