his pride would be hurt

All I’ve got II pt. 2

Jungkook x reader, Namjoon x reader

genre: contents of smut, slight fluff, angst, tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings? 

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Game of Thrones Preference: They're attracted to you

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Joffrey liked keeping you in his company all the time, if it was possible. But a fact he loves you – it was something he never allowed himself to admit. Moreover a fear of rejection was too big. What if you laughed at him? He was a king and such shame would be hard to handle. It would hurt his pride. But when Cersei started to arrange marriage with Margaery he knew he must tell what he felt for you. Or he’ll lose you forever.



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Sansa was your very close friend. So it took some time for her to realize what she felt for you was actually something more than friendship. She decided to keep it as a secret because she was unsure how would you react. If you didn’t take a first step and confess, your love would probably stay only platonic.



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Jaime was surprised he could be so attached to someone else than his sister. True, you had blue eyes and blonde hair but it was all new for him. You started spending more and more time together and it meant getting closer. One day Jaime found you crying in the garden. You refused to tell him what happened and he let it be. But he promised to himself he’ll never make you suffer like this.



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Ramsay eliminated every man who just looked at you. What if one of them confessed before him? And steal you away? You belonged to him. You were his, you’ve always been. You just didn’t know yet. But it was a small detail. Something he didn’t have to worry about. He already had a plan in his wicked mind how to make you officially his. How to make you his lady.



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Daenerys always stared at you. She could stare for a couple of minutes which was very uncomfortable. But she had a reason. She was wondering why did she feel affection towards a woman. On top of that towards someone like you. She was aware there was nothing special to be so amazed by you but she simply was. Once she was sure what she felt was really love, she went straight to a point and confessed to you.



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Tyrion showed he cared for you more than for anybody else in a very specific way. Whenever Joffrey tried to raise a hand to you, Tyrion showed up and saved you. Even when Joffrey was insulting you, he slapped him without any regret. He didn’t mind he’ll be punished later. All what mattered was he defended you successfully.



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Oberyn had many sexual interests. And he didn’t try to hide it. You were also one of them. But unlike others, he never had you. You knew who prince Oberyn was and you weren’t interested in one night stand. Everytime he got close to you, you avoided eye contact and walked away. And exactly your ‘‘playing hard to get‘‘ (how Oberyn liked to call it) moved his heart and for the first time in his life he felt something.



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Tommen didn’t know how to tell you. Everytime he tried to confess, he got nervous and lost his words. Like this, he failed countless times. It was enough for him. So instead of telling you he loves you, he was surrounding you with presents. Usually with beautiful dresses or expensive jewels only a king could afford. He just needed to wait for a right time which didn’t come yet.



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Yara didn’t hesitate to show she was highly interested in you. Not even in a middle of a crowd of people. Whenever you appeared in her sight, she whistled, checking you from head to toes. She also tried to get you with pick up lines but you just blushed and looked at the ground. Yara knew you were shy but it was what made teasing you even more fun.

bakugou: gets kidnapped by villains and offered a place with them, does not accept So Hard he accepts help from classmates which would otherwise hurt his pride

the whole fandom still: yea he still could be a villain tho :// one time he said kill yourself

Goddess of the Underworld (Part 1)

Summary: Greek mythology!AU. James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself mortals call Persephone but you’re still scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter betroth you to Hades, you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark, attractive god. Maybe he’s not what he seems. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

A/N: Hey loves! I tagged everyone who voted for this story. Let me know if you want to be untagged and of course if you want to be put on the taglist. Also this first chapter is to introduce the twelve Olympian Gods, so you have an idea which of the Avengers is supposed to be which god of the Greek mythology. xoxo Debbie ♥

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes (Hades) x Reader (Persephone)

Warnings: None so far

Word Count: 1081


Part 1          Part 2 •••► coming soon! 

Gold. Gold and white polished marble was all around me. Today was my first time on Mount Olympus. I had a feeling about the home of the twelve most powerful gods would be pretentious, but this even outweighed my imagination. The great hall, where the councils were held, was enormous.

In the middle of the half circle stood the biggest and most pompous marble throne. Right next to the throne from our king of the gods, Zeus, was the one for his wife Hera. On each side of those two thrones were five smaller ones for the remaining gods. All of the twelve Olympians were currently sitting on their own rightful white polished marble throne.

The roof of the great hall was pillared, decorated with the symbols of the gods hewn in the white stone. The giant columns were embraced by hundreds of sky blue and golden flowers, making the whole hall shine heavenly and tempting. Floating in the air were thousands of lights in bulb shape, illuminating the hall, and casting slight shadows on each of our faces.

I was standing beside my mother, Maria, formally known as Demeter, who was talking quite animatedly with Athena beside her. I knew Athena all my life, which gave me the privilege to address her as Sharon. Due to respect we all spoke to one another with our godly titles and even more so at official congregations.

Like anticipated we were waiting for Zeus and Hera, our king and queen to appear for the meeting to begin. So far I still had no clue why I should attend this gathering in the first place. Some of the gods, like the twins Artemis and Apollo almost looked apologetically in my direction more than once. Others like Ares, Hermes and Dionysos sent me suggestive winks from time to time. Arrogant idiots!

I heard of their escapades, more times than I could count, and I clearly had no intention of being part of a single one. Not now, not in the future. My gaze wandered to Aphrodite and Hephaestus who had only eyes for the other. I was wondering if that was because of them being newly-weds or the fact Natasha was the goddess of love.

They were obviously happy in love and I caught myself wishing for someone to look at me with the same amount of devotion as Bruce looked at Natasha. My thoughts were interrupted when Tony and Pepper at last decided to show up. My father sent me an unnoticed smile before greeting everyone. Normally my father would hold a long speech and the fact he got straight to the point made me kind of nervous.

The more when he also sent me side glances over and over again. “The reason I asked you all to come, can simply be said with a single word. Hades.” To say my curiosity was awoken would be an understatement. I knew not much of Hades, brooding and dusky god of the dead and king of the underworld. On very rare occasions he would be invited on Mount Olympus, but his empire was the underworld and not the world above.

Only on very rare occasions Hades itself would show up on Mount Olympus, to take part at the meetings. The more I was paying attention to the next words my father spoke.

“We all know it’s nothing special or uncommon my dear brother stays secluded in the underworld. But now some worrying news got to me and my brother Poseidon’s attention.” Tony nodded at Steve, my uncle and god of the seas, who took it upon himself to continue.

“I spare you all the details, but the underworld is slowly falling apart. Hades lives more reclusive than ever. He ignores his duties of ruling the underworld and taking care of the souls. We came to the conclusion what Hades needs is a companion, someone who wakens his interest, helps him rule his empire and brings him back to live his life as the king he is. It is super important to make sure the balance of the worlds is ensured. We quickly came to the only solution. Hades has to get married.”

After this statement everyone started to speak loudly with his neighbor. The god of war, Thor, formally known as Ares was the loudest to be heard, with his loud booming voice.

“Who possibly would want to marry Hades willingly?” He said mocking. Zeus once again rise to speak. “Luckily we already found the perfect woman to become his wife. There couldn’t be someone more fitting. I’m proud to announce my lovely daughter Persephone will be marrying Hades.”

No way! I was shocked, unable to form words or even process what just happened. I could feel all eyes in the hall on me. I took a deep breath, to wake up from my surprised state.

“Are you kidding me right now?! No way I’m becoming the wife of Hades! Let alone my uncle!” I gritted out through my teeth, anger clearly evident in my hysteric voice.

“You know my brothers and I were created not made. You’re not blood related. It’s already decided. You will go right after this meeting. But you can’t let Hades know about our decision, he can never know about our arrangement. If he knew he would be grievously hurt in his pride. It has to be his free will to marry you. You need to make him fall in love with you. You understand?”

“But …” At my attempt to reason with my father his commanding voice, like I called it, came out.

“[Y/N]! I am your father! And I am your king! You will do as I say! When the meeting is over you will go to the underworld, you will make Hades fall in love with you and you will become his wife! End of the story!” He took a small dramatic pause.

“Do you even have an idea how important it is to remain the balance?! You are the most logical choice. As goddess of spring who breathes life into dead flowers and creates light, you’re ideal to bring some stability in the underworld. There can be no life without death and no death without life.”

I knew that what my father wants, my father gets. There would be absolutely no way I could change his mind now. Slowly but surely I had to get used to my new duty to protect the equilibrium of the worlds. I inevitably would have to make Hades fall in love with me.


PART 2 •••► coming soon!

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Point of contact

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Request: Hi, can you do a twilight imagine where the reader is new to town and one day she’s at the beach and Paul sees her and he imprints on her but she’s really shy and just the opposite of him so every time he tries to talk to her she makes an excuse to leave and you can choose how it ends. Thank you!
Words: 1,132
For: @itssssxxlillian

Paul x reader
A/N: I will never be sorry for slipping books that I like into imagines.

There he was again. Paul, the ridiculously muscled cheeky faced boy from La Push beach, who been following you around since that first meeting - or rather it felt that way.
Trying to ignore your face flushing, you hid your face back into your book and hoped that he and his friends, who seemed more like a gang really, wouldn’t notice you sat at the back of cafe with your book and a drink. You tried to focus on the lines of your book but you found your eyes moving without taking anything in.
Why the hell was your heart beating so fast?

It wasn’t like you’d even spoken to him for more than ten minutes but how could you not get flustered while talking to a guy with a real life Greek God bod? Never mind the fact that you tripped over your tongue in normal conversation.

Your hopes of remaining hidden didn’t last too long when you heard his naturally loud voice tell his friends to ‘stay out of trouble I’m going to say to Y/N’ and not a moment later he was sliding into the opposite side of your booth, his flirty grin already firmly in place.
“Hey Y/N, how’s it going?” He asked, his voice brimming with interest. Did he use this voice for everyone?
“Good thanks, how’re you?” You whispered from behind your book shield. If he thought you were being rude, his smile didn’t falter.
“All the better for seeing you.” He answered smoothly like his voice didn’t make your face burn even hotter. He reached over the table to nudge your book up so that he could read the title but the sudden contact made you jump and drop with a bang on to the table.

“I’ve got to go, nice to see you.” You squeaked, picking your bag up from the seat and high tailing it out of there. Paul tried to catch your wrist, to ask for your number or apologise if he was coming on too strong but you were gone, replaced almost instantly by Jared and Embry.
“So she took one look at your face and ran off, bummer dude.” Embry feigned sympathy and bit into his sandwich.
“We always knew that there was going to be that risk.” Jared laughed.
“You two don’t know shit, I’ll get her to talk to me.” Paul grumbled and rubbed his hair with one large hand hoping that the familiar action would distract him from his hurt pride.
Jared thought Paul was coming on too strong, he’d spent months having to build up his relationship with Kim and she’d fancied him something rotten. He tried to implore his friend, “Face it Paul she’s ran away from you what five times now?”
“I make it six.” Embry corrected through a mouthful of food.

“But now I have a reason for her to talk to me.” Paul said triumphantly as he leaned back into his chair.
“Go on, spare us the grand reveal. What’s your plan?” Jared asked. Paul reached over the table and picked up the book that you’d left on the table in your haste. Now he had his point of contact.

Paul found you somewhere you couldn’t escape, at your part time job in the small diner in town. You could already feel the heat threatening your completion when you saw him sat to the counter, turning his stool side to side and waving to you. You stepped over and offered him a shaky but friendly smile, “Good afternoon, what can I get you?”
“It’s more what can I get you.” He told you, the overly flirtatious nature of his tone had dropped since the last time you spoke to him and now he spoke slowly and quietly as though he was afraid he may scare you away.
“I’m sorry, I don’t follow.” You managed not to stumble over your words but had been worrying the edge of your work shirt as you spoke and had to remind yourself that you were a work and Paul, no matter how attractive, was a customer. You forced yourself to give him eye contact and were rewarded with his dimpled smile.
He pulled his hidden hand from under the table and put your book on the counter top. You could have jumped for joy when you saw it and in a rush of gratitude you put both of your hands over his large warm one, “Thank you so much!”
All at once you remembered yourself and went to pull your hand away, your usual blush back in place. Paul lightly caught one of your hands and held it softly, with enough space that you could pull away from him if you wanted too, you didn’t.

“Small confession, I may have read the first couple of chapters before I brought it back so that I’d have something to talk to you about. Ya know, because you keep running away from me.” He joked but despite the embarrassment you felt incredibly touched.
“Sorry, I’m not always great with new people.” You explained quietly and glanced around quickly to make sure that no one as waiting to be served and thankfully there wasn’t.
“Neither am I, but I’m willing to try to get used to each other.” His flirty smirk made a comeback.

You bit your lip, “I would like that. Did you really read some of my book so that we could talk about it?”
Paul nodded, “Yeah, I liked the talking skeleton, he’s a badass.”
“He just gets sassier, I’ve got the whole series. Derek Landry is a genius.” You gushed over the Skullduggery Pleasant series. Paul ran his thumb over the back of your hand, enjoying the, albeit brief, contact.
Your boss coming into the diner made you pull your hand from Paul’s and straighten your back. Paul clicked on quickly when you pulled your notepad from your back pocket and asked him, “So, what can I get you?”
“A burger and coke please. Oh, and your number.” He gave you a cheeky wink on the side that your boss wouldn’t see and you willed your cheeks to stay calm this time.
“Right away Sir.” You gave him a bright smile which was received and reciprocated with earnest.


here is the other boyfriend!mark


Originally posted by marksseunie

- mark is like the perfect boyfriend istg

- like I say that about every idol but c’mon

- its mark tuan y’all

-even if he isnt your boyfriend he is perfect

- but like can you imagine mark being so shy when he meets you but he just really wants to talk to you and take you out on a date and all that

- but that was when he first met you

- and when he finally got the shot to ask you out he would be so awkward and so grateful like “omg im on a date with the most amazing person in the world i feel blessed to the bone”

- but when you guys went on more dates and when you guys spent more time with each other he starts to get more comfortable with you

- he would also be on a roll with skinship

- like he would not allow himself to not hold your hand, give you forehead and nose kisses, back hugs, playing with your fingers

- hell he would probably a happy little kid even if you just brush your arms together

- but that would only happen when he is not around his members

- he just wont stand his members teasing the both of you

- or he just doesn’t want to hear gyeom, bambam or jackson go “EEWW”every five seconds

- but when the others are not around he wouldnt have second thoughts showing his affection for you

- you would be at the dorm all the time

- members: “dont you have a house?”

- mark: “she does but she’s staying”

- when the others aren’t looking he would just randomly give you kisses all over your face

- like (count how many times i’ve said like) the both of you would be at the kitchen while the others are watching tv or playing around and you would be like washing the dishes or something then he just wraps his arms around your waist and he would start kissing your cheeks

- then youngjae would enter the kithcen then go “OH NO IM TOO INNCOENT FOR THIS”

- the jaebum would start screaming “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CHILD?!?!1?”

- then mark would defend the both of you and bambam and jackson would be watching with their feet up and eating popcorn

- while you just stand there with your mouth wide open like wtf is happening

- but dont worry its only a playful fight

- mark would also want to pay for everything when the two of you will be going out

- it would hurt his pride and ego if he didn’t

- “but im supposed to be a gentleman”

- “mark shut up”

- dating mark would include being best friends with jackson

- and the 3 of you would just talk together in english and insult the other members

- but then bambam understands them and he would just be like “I AM A MAN OF HONOR DO NOT DISRESPECT ME”

- since mark is the oldest hyung, you would be the members’ noona

- even if you are younger

- they call you noona

- fights with him would only about minor things

- like he would be mad at you for spending more time with Coco than him

- mark: “Why won’t you rub my belly?”

- you: “Are you serious right now?”

- mark: “of course not, youngjae take Coco away from her please”

- youngjae: “Coco is my baby get your own”

- over all dating mark is like a dream come true tbh

BTS Reaction to You Telling a Lame Joke


You: Do you know how a train eats?
Jin: How?
You: It goes “chew chew”.

Jin would laugh so fucking hard. It would be a really lame ass joke and this fucking DAD would think it’s the funniest shit in the world. 

“YA! I didn’t think you were that funny, but this changes everything! Tell another!”


You: What does a nosy pepper do?
Suga: Y/N, please…
You: It gets jalapeño business

Yoongi is done. He’s finished. 



You: What do you call an alligator that reads a map? …. A NAVIGATOR!
RM: ….*tries not to laugh*

He knows he thinks it’s just a teeny bit funny. He doesn’t wanna laugh though, his pride would be hurt. 

“….Uhm…*smile*, that’s not funny.”


You: Why did Tae stare at the carton of orange juice? 
J-HOPE: Cause he’s weird?
You: Nope. Cause it said “concentrate”

He would laugh, not knowing why he’s laughing. J-Hope laughs at everything. 

“Ya! Why is that funny?”


You: What’s it called when a banana eats another banana?
V: …
You: CanaBANANAlism!

It’s honestly a hit or miss with Taehyung. Either he gets it, or he doesn’t. There’s no use in explaining it if he doesn’t get it. He would just argue why it doesn’t make sense to him. He may try to overthink the joke.

“That makes no sense, Y/N. Bananas are not even alive. They can’t eat anything. DUH”


You: Which country does bacteria like the most?
Jimin: What??
You: GERMany!

He would think that bullshit is funny forreal. ESPECIALLY if he’s around other people. He would laugh and then regret laughing because he know’s it’s stupid.



You: What did the dog say to the wall?
Jungkook: Wol Wol.
You: …you little shit.

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

He would never let you finish the joke. Cause he’s an asshat.

“AHA! You gotta do better than that.”


Them Getting Injured During Practice and Her Volunteering to Help: SEVENTEEN


Would highkey lowkey think it was super cute, but he would have to uphold his manly pride, so would pretend like he didn’t need help, and end up hurting himself even more. 


The disappointment of not being able to practice would be forgotten as soon as the help is offered. He’d be too busy rubbing it in the other members’ faces to be sad about not being able to practice. 

“See that? That’s my girlfriend. I have a girlfriend that’s going to take care of me, and you don’t.”


“Awww, Jagi. Aren’t you the sweetest thing ever?”

*S/O’s biggest fan mode: activated*


He’d play it cool, acting like it was no big deal, but when she turned her back, he’d look at the other members like: “I hope you just saw that, peasants.”


His eyes would probably disappear for a solid ten minutes, and any words out of his mouth would be incoherent giggles. 

god he’s so cute i just can’t


Wouldn’t say anything, only just smile to himself and turn a bit red.


“Ahhhhh, what am I going to do, Jagi? You’re so cute, I might die.”


One happy lil bean.


Would refuse at first so that he could get her to try even harder/plead etc and then be like: “Lmao see how much she wants me


Would absolutely love it. After he recovered, he’d try hella dangerous moves, and when she’d tell him she didn’t want him doing that anymore, he’d pull the: “If I get injured again, you’ll take care of me :)))” card.


“Idk what to do she’s so cute and helpful and adfadf-”


This child would go into extra™ mode and take advantage of her so much omg. He’d pretend to fall and be more hurt than he actually would be, and catch her off-guard by kissing her when she ran over in worry.


Can I just say: e g o  b o o s t oh my god. He’d be such an overconfident little shit after that.

on a side note isn’t that gif just aDORABLE

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Madara, Tobrima and Hashirama having a fem s/o who's physically stronger then them?

♦ Madara would stay very quiet about it. He wouldn’t comment on the fact that you’re physically stronger than him even if it were to make up an excuse to justify why you were able to beat him in this field, because it would mean admitting that you are indeed physically stronger than him and there is absolutely no way he would ever do that. He’ll probably try to convince himself you tricked him or you cheated just so his pride stays intact, or he might just completely deny it even being a thing.

♦ Tobirama would be very surprised at first. Then, he’d be torn between contradicting emotions; on one hand, he’d be very proud of you, but on the other hand, it would definitely hurt his pride. He might bluntly ask you if you cheated or ask you how you were able to beat him. He’d probably ask for a rematch too, or come up with some kind of competition to showcase your strength, just to show you he is the stronger one, even if it’s not true. He would be very stubborn about proving you wrong.

♦ Out of the three, Hashirama is the only one who would think it’s really cool. He’d be super proud of you and brag about your strength to basically anyone who wants to hear — or doesn’t, Hashirama doesn’t really care. Of course at first he would be shocked, but after the initial surprise and confusion settles, he’d wrap you in his arms and tell you how amazing you are and shower you with praise and compliments.

BTS Reaction

Anonymous said: Bts reacting to seeing a girl prettier than their ideal type

Seeing a girl prettier than their ideal type


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

“No, not today.”

He hated to admit it, but this girl was so attractive, he almost felt jealous. I think his pride would be a little hurt. Trying to show the girl who is the prettiest, he would walk up to her, but just end up gaping like a fish. He’ll surely get her number.


Originally posted by imonaworldtour

*not amused*


Originally posted by bulletproof-heaven

“So, you think you can just come here and ruin my ideal type? ‘Cause you’re absolutely right!”

I think Hoseok would straight up just walk to the girl and start having a short chat. Since he is the representation of the literal sun, he would most certainly brighten up the girl’s day. He would be confused at first when he saw her, but he wouldn’t be as phased as the others. Let’s be real, those two would most likely become friends.

Rap Monster

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“Oh, come on..” *laughs awkwardly*

He finally had his ideal type sorted out; then this happened. Why? But he wouldn’t overthink this. He’s rather open-minded so I’ll think he’ll accept the facts and maybe even talk to the girl. Who knows? not me


Originally posted by park-jimizzle

*laughs out of embarrassment*

As soon as the girl entered his area of sight, he was baffled and decided to laugh it out. The other members would look at him weirdly, but he wouldn’t be able to explain to them why he was laughing. He would make eye contact with her a couple of times, but would always look away giggling, and hiding behind either Jungkook or Tae.


Originally posted by jjilljj

(this gif could also work for Yoongi’s reaction lol)


He would be in awe. He’s so easily amazed by so many things in this world and this girl would also be one of them. He wouldn’t be nor confused nor baffled, he would be like a small puppy, wagging its tail. I think he’s rather open when it comes to types of girls, so I don’t think he would overreact because of the girl, but just because he’s a drama queen.


Originally posted by baekon-stripss

‘Everything is a lie.’ *has an existential crisis*

Confused Kookie. That’s all I have to say.

BTS Reaction: You being stronger than Kookie [requested]

A/N: I want to try something new, since this request is a bit special and would show Kookies reactions in all of them. So instead I’ll write a little scenario and I’ll put the final (quite short) reactions in the end. I hope you enjoy anyway! ^^

- Admin Satellite

Today was their day off and they wanted to relax while having some fun doing different things. So an adventure center it was. 

You all had climbed on walls, jumped on trampolines and done different challenges against each other. 

“I’m starting to get hungry, where’s the food court?” Jin asked as you all walked around the place in search of food. “I think it’s over there” JHope said as he pointed to the other side of the park. 

Not entirely sure of where the food court was, you all referred to the map. Luckily for Jhope, he was right and he pointed out the direction of the food court again.

“Let’s go then!” V said as he started running “Last person to get to the court needs to pay!” all the boys started running off in the direction JHope had pointed to. 

“Hey that’s unfair!” you said as you started running after them. Seeing it was the right direction. You started sprinting after them, hoping to run past someone. You focus then shifted onto Suga. He was usually not a runner. But even though that was true, he had started running first after Tae so he had a major advantage. 

You were the last one to arrive to the court, just after Suga. You had almost run past him, but you missed by just a couple of seconds.

“Y/N you’re the one paying!” V said happily and you groaned. 

There must be something you can do to not pay… And that’s when you remembered the map. A tug-of-war section was next to the court. “I have an better idea. You guys cheated! So I want a rematch” you said and all of them turned to you. 

“Sore loser” you heard Jungkook mumble but you ignored him 

“You guys can choose a person to go against me in tug-of-war. If you win, I’ll pay the food. If you lose, the person you choose pays the food” you suggested

Some of them seemed to need time to think of it while some agreed pretty fast “I’ll go up against you” Jungkook said confidently. 

“Are you guys okay with that?” you asked and all of them nodded. 

“But are you really going to do this? There isn’t really a point Scientifically speaking men are generally stronger physically than women” Rap Monster said.

“Well, we’ll see about that” you said and walked towards the tug-of-war rope. 

“I think Y/N will win” Suga said, as he watched you take one of the ends of the rope “Me too” Tae chimed in. 

“I think our Kookie will win” Jin said, patting Jungkook on the shoulder. Suddenly two teams had formed, those who cheered for Jungkook (Rapmon, Jin and Jimin) and those who cheered for you (Hobi, Tae and Suga) . 

You watched Jungkook as he grabbed the other end of the rope. You smiled a bit to yourself, all of them underestimating you. But you played your part, they can’t know you’re extremely strong. 

“You ready?” you asked as you started getting ready for completely destroy him. 

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?” he asked

You just sneered at him. “Cocky as always I see. Just let the strongest person win” you said and you both got into position.

“I’ll count down” JHope said “3…2…1!” as soon as he go to 1, both you and Jungkook started tugging at the rope. You have to admit he was a bit stronger than you thought he would be, but you still hadn’t shown your real strength. You waited a little while, letting yourself go a bit towards him as if he was about to win. 

The boys around you cheered on the person they wanted to win “Come on Y/N! You can do it!!” Tae yelled “Yeah, beat him!” JHope added. You smiled at that and then started to tug at the rope for real, and it didn’t take long then until Jungkook had stepped over the rope and lost. 

It got silent for a second around you.

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He stared at you with big eyes, almost getting a bit scared. He’d be in total shock mode and made a mental note to not get on your bad side. Internally he’d be like in the gif.  But on the outside he’d just stare at you. 

He also made a mental note to have your number in case he needed help with opening jars in the future. Those that even Jungkook can’t open.

*internally screaming*

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He’d stare at you with shock but with a smile on his face because 1) he was right and 2) the maknae isn’t the best at everything. So he now has the material for some great shade.

“You can’t even win against a girl huh?” 

(here you can also see the reaction of Jin on the outside and how Jimin avoids you in the future if you’re angry)

Originally posted by ninaashleen

JHope/Hobi/Jung Hoseok:

He’d be in a state of shock before screaming out in excitement. You had won! Over the maknae! He’d be super happy and laugh at the losing team’s faces.

“That’s our Y/N!”  

Originally posted by jaayhope

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He’d be surprised to say the least. He underestimated you. You were out of the “generic mold” and didn’t follow the ‘men are stronger than women’. He’d be very curious and interested.

“I guess my science failed me today…”

(this gif kinda shows Yoongi’s internal reaction too lol)

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He’d stare at you in shock, the purest form of it. Even him had problems with Jungkook and for you it seemed so easy. He’d be speechless.

“Wha- I… What happened” 

Originally posted by remade-jimintensify

V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d be happy and scream just like Hobi. He’d be clapping his hands excitedly and he’d smile. He’d probably run up and hug you. He’d also never let it die down and always remind Jungkook of it in the future.

“Our Strong Woman Y/N!” 

Originally posted by jjks

Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:

He’d be in a state of confusion and shock. He wouldn’t want to believe it and it would definitely hurt his pride. He would just stare at his hands trying to come up with excuses as to why he would lose.

“It’s because the ground is uneven! I want a rematch” 

(who’s the sore loser now? and here is Yoongi about to throw shade at the maknae)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

I hope you liked this kind of reaction. I’m trying out some new styles etc. So give me some feedback if you liked it or not! ^^ 

- Admin Satellite

Liv says: Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of this story! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve learned from it <3 (I’ve never finished an AU before?!)

Read the fic here.

Our Story - The End

Despite all the years Jamie has been an author—his success turned moderate after a succession of similarly moderate novels—he has never become accustomed to seeing his own face in public. His 35-year old hair, fuller than it is now, on a book jacket. His 35-year old eyes, suggesting a wisdom he is gradually losing, on a poster. The ghost of him, always haunting.

It is a strange thing to see oneself in the hands of strangers—and stranger still to imagine the places in which one’s face has unknowingly been. A woman in Tallahassee carries What My Father Told Me in her beach bag. Two of Us Now is piled among the Strand’s $2 pickings. 

Right now, his current face is looking at his former face from across the aisle of a plane. The reader—a young woman, chipped nails, roughly 30—has failed to notice the resemblance between JAMES FRASER (emboldened, size 45 font, Times New Roman) and Jamie Fraser (human, 6’3”, approaching old age). For this, he cannot blame her. Even he finds the connection between himself and this shade, though only a few feet away, incredibly tenuous.

Over the intercom, the pilot announces their impending arrival with a lilt and un-American vowels—a voice that sounds like home. The young woman looks up from Jamie’s book and squints, as if, by narrowing her vision, the pilot’s words will write themselves into the air, more easily deciphered. Jamie laughs quietly to himself, suddenly proud of the physical (and unlikely) contact between his face, his words, and this person who is so very different from him.

(He has touched more people than he knows.)

Jamie looks out the plane window. Through the darkening light, he can almost spot the places he and Claire will visit in Scotland: Lallybroch, the university. The small studio where he had once made promises that, for the most part, he has managed to keep. He watches his wife, whose head rests just beneath his ear, and listens to her breathing—a whistle more constant than his own reflection. He turns to the reader, then back to window, the sky growing darker, darker. The tarmac coming closer, closer. And as the ground nears, he sees that familiar but foreign thing lying in the shadowed moors: His face, forever a part of this land, staring up at him.

Jamie has begun to write separate reflections, expanding the narrative of their story with brief asides. They are scrawled on napkins, on hotel stationary, on the coasters he has swiped from corner pubs. Jamie has slipped them between the pages of Claire’s notebook, their crumpled edges sticking out like so many erratic pathways, which mirror the aimless movements of his mind. 

In the hotel lobby, Claire reads them before she writes, though she has not mentioned this to Jamie. His honesty—stated so freely in these passages—could find no justice in spoken language. Out of respect, she has let his words sit between them, a significant but mute presence, for the past three days:

Today, I watched you kneel down to touch our daughter’s grave and say, “Hi sweetheart.” Today, I wondered when I’ll forget her. Today, your voice kept cracking and your eyes kept watering, and I thought, Turn away. And I thought, Give her privacy. And I thought, I should have been there, I should have been there, I should have been there. But I did not turn away, and I did not give you privacy—and no, I had not been there on that day in April. Instead, I crouched beside you today. I held your trembling hands today. After all these years I have learned to bear my pain, but still—I can never bear yours.

Today, we stumbled upon a small café and you told me it was planned, it was all on purpose. This was where I kissed you in front of our closest friends, the very first time, did I remember? I could see it meant something to you—my memory of that old gesture and that old kiss—and because you mean the world to me, I lied. “Yes,” I said. “I remember.” Today, you couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Today, you made bannocks with Jenny and sang lullabies in broken Gaelic. You knew exactly where the extra blankets were kept. Today, you did not ask Ian if he needed help carrying in the firewood. You knew it would hurt his pride. And when you passed the portrait of my mother, hanging in the upstairs hallway, I saw you incline your head, just so, as if you knew her too. Sometimes I worry that I have not said “I love you” enough.

Claire returns from the lobby to their room and crawls between the covers. Jamie’s honesty may be unspeakable, but she can acknowledge it with her body: flesh to flesh and mouths in the dark. Her hips, in sure but languid motion, are her own confession. The vulnerable way she shakes when she’s unraveled by his hands—the purest reciprocation she can offer.

A woman lets them into the apartment building on Fury Street. She grins when she sees Jamie and Claire, whose feet—now dancing a nervous shuffle—once walked this path every day. The woman’s mouth reveals crooked teeth, and the grip on her groceries shows the blue-green ropes of her veins. Claire is twenty years her senior, at least—and yet. Standing before the brick and mortar of her past, Claire feels so young, so prepared to beg for the approval of those yellowed teeth and those blue-green cords. She rushes to take a bag and open the door like coming here is a race she could lose. 

“I canna very well let James Fraser wait on me doorstep,” the woman says, once they’ve introduced themselves and their purpose for coming. “Welcome. I’m Fiona, by the way. Fiona Graham.”

It is surreal, climbing these stairs, surrounded by the ghosts of their 20-something selves. The band stickers, once pasted above the landing, have been scraped away. The section of banisters, which gaped like a broken smile, have been replaced. The door does not stick when a man, dressed in an Argyle sweater, swings it open and says, “Well, what have we here?”

“Oh, these people used to live here, Mr. Wakefield. Before the expansion, aye?”

“My, is that so?”

There is also no sign of their former neighbors—a couple whose screams had matched the music of their faulty plumbing. And when Mr. Wakefield shows Jamie and Claire their old studio, having so graciously invited them inside, they can only walk in circles. One thing, at least, has been preserved: the weak floorboards near the entrance. (A fleeting fancy: Claire wants to yell, Babe, I’m home, just to see what it’d sound like again.)

“They tore down the walls to make a bigger place, you see,” the Reverend says. “Hardly enough room for one person, much less two. Don’t know how you folks managed.”

Claire nods, yes, though her eyes are fixed elsewhere, on a certain window just ahead.

This had been their window—the one whose lancing evening light had lit up their bodies in the dark. It was by this window that Claire had learned Jamie’s secrets: the triangular birthmark on his chest, the scar on his thigh, the slight curve of his lips when he slept. It was this window that had given her a view of a world she’d thought was permanent.

To be kind, Jamie says, “It’s verra nice, sir,” though his eyes are fixed upon his wife, whose eyes are still fixed upon the window. This is the window, he vaguely realizes, from which he saw a group of carolers sing and the glare of a golden light, sparkling in the snow. He had paced before this window, a lump in his throat, before packing a bag of clothes—the tiniest clothes—inside a garbage bag. Long ago, he had spoken out of this window and wondered if she could hear him. These memories emerge and bring a hot wetness to his eyes.

“And how long have you lived here, Mr. Wakefield?” Claire asks.

“Oh, about fifteen years now.”

After all this time, Jamie is able to derive the meaning from his wife’s pleasantries and the false bravado of her chin. There is a sadness in the way she is looking at that window, trying to summon the past back through it. 

Jamie steps forward to take the crook of her arm and ignores the Reverend’s endless rambling. He points to the ceiling and says, “Look.”

They had both been secretly hoping it was there—and it is. Like a solar eclipse, a speck of marigold still shines in the northernmost corner.

Claire smiles.

Years later, the Reverend will remember the couple who seemed more at home in his place than himself. He will remark—perhaps to Alice—about the way they moved, as if in orbit. A sort of cosmic revolution that required a certain degree of closeness and a certain degree of separation, for their own balance.

In passing, the Reverend and Alice will say things like, “I’m so glad they came by,” and,  “They were a lovely couple.” On the surface, these will seem like complimentary remarks, but they will mean something else entirely.

What they will mean: I haven’t forgotten.

What they have not forgotten: the way this brief entrance has reverberated throughout their lives. Like two stars, which have long since smoldered, but whose light can still be seen from the distance of a thousand years.

And it will be the same for others as well. A nurse in 1968 can still feel the trickle down her brow, precipitated by the birth of red-haired child. A priest who said a funeral in 1992 still holds the sound of the mother’s remorseful keening. And a writer named Mary McNab still recalls a night of half-hearted passion. She can feel the magnitude of an invisible sorrow, her own willing surrender, and her own gentle possession inside a lonely mountain cabin.

All of them will think of Jamie and Claire Fraser, two strangers who became a part of their own story and changed it—even if just for a moment.

People’s stories are so malleable. One decision causes a ripple and then, however infinitesimally, changes their trajectories. A look, a touch, a conversation—what if the nurse had not delivered the baby into his mother’s dying arms? What if the priest had not said the service? How much of their stories would be different? And for that matter, how much of their stories have been edited by the stories of others?

Jamie and Claire live on in such memories—the small legacies they have carved for themselves in different lives. Pieces of them will remain, thriving, even when it seems they have been forgotten. They are two points, forever at the origin of a stranger’s long-ago decision: to say “push,” to oversee the funeral, to knock on the door at midnight. In this way, Jamie and Claire are immortal. In this way, the universe remembers them.

In the end, we are all echoes carried in the bones of things.

Today, you wore the bracelet I gave you when Brianna was born. Today, I didn’t realize you meant to kiss me, and so you found my cheek like a teenage lover. The charms moved, tinkling, when you held my hand. Have I told you that I always think of this? Those little tokens of your life, calling out as you reach for me. I felt the baby rattle, the stethoscope. The small penguin, with its jewel encrusted eye, pressed its wing into my skin. Here’s the thing, Claire: it has always been forever.

They are at Arthur’s Seat. The wind blows them sideways, and it threatens to sweep them into the city below. Claire’s earring falls from her lobe, and Jamie catches it. Jamie’s scarf unwinds from his neck, and Claire snatches its tasseled ends before it flies towards the sea. Their feet are imbalanced on the uneven terrain, and they duck haphazardly out of tourists’ photos.

Claire, seeing Jamie hoist up a struggling climber, thinks of how recklessly, how wholly she has loved him. And Jamie, seeing Claire let down her hair, marvels at their easy tumble—how effortlessly they have become a staple of his life.

Eventually, the darkening horizon predicts a storm, and the clouds roll in. Jamie and Claire are one of the few still on the peak, most visitors already picking their way down the hillside, hidden beneath plastic ponchos.

“There,” Claire says. She points to something in the distance: a dark-brick building, just on the edges of Edinburgh. “Where we first met,” she clarifies.

“Does it look the same, d’ye think?”

“Yes,” Claire says. Looking down, she laces her fingers through his, as if to give him the understanding of its sameness. “Yes, I suppose it does.”

They both support each other against the wind, thinking of the opening words in their now-shared notebook. Like a dream—to see the place where Claire had once fixed her lipstick, where Jamie had once loosened his shirt collar, where they had once walked together through a crowded room and realized how easy it was to fall in love.

They both laugh when two little girls stick out their tongues to catch the rain.

“So here were are,” Claire says.

“Here we are,” Jamie replies. And he kisses her.


And if you’re bored and would like an Our Story playlist—here are the songs that gave me feels while writing.

EXO Reaction to you being an Idol as well and winning a daesang against them.

anon requested: Can you please write a reaction on how EXO would react if youre an idol as well and happen to win a daesang against them like how they’d congratulate you when you see eachother (doesnt have to be smutty but go w the flow if u know what i mean ;))))) but in general how would they show their pride hehe. Thank you!!

- admin s.

Intro for all individual reactions: He and you had been friends for a while now but there had always been something more than friendship between the both of you. 


Originally posted by icallhimbangjamesbang

You were walking up the stage currently and Minseok couldn’t take his eyes from your figure. He had watched you the whole evening and he was getting hornier by the minute. He was in no way angry or sad that is group lost against you, he was, in fact, very happy to give you a congratulations gift later that both of you would like. 

Later when everyone was backstage congratulating each other, Minseok made it quick in walking to you and taking you with him around a corner no one except for the two of you was. He kissed you on the lips desperately and smirked after you had parted. 

‘‘Congrats for winning against us. I have a gift for you that I wanted to give you for long but now I finally have a reason.’‘


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Junmyeon was a little bit angry and sad that they had lost but he was still happy for you. When you were walking down the stage he quickly grabbed your hand when everyone was already focused on the announcement of the next award and kissed the back of you hand slightly. 

‘‘Congratulations, princess. I’m very proud of you! Let’s meet up later… Daddy has a present for his little winning girl.’‘

You were shocked at first but there had always been some sexual tension between you and Junmyeon so you couldn’t wait until later, to see what his present was and you hoped it would bring you to cloud 9. 


Originally posted by baekshitbyun

Yixing is like the biggest patron you’ll ever see. He had already won so many awards he really was happy that this time it was you who had won the daesang. 

The award show had already ended and you were a little bit sad that Yixing hadn’t congratulated you yet but the moment you were walking out the back door to your car, you saw Yixing leaning against the wall smiling at you. 

‘‘You really thought I forgot you, huh? Come on, I’ll drive you home.’‘

While he was driving you home he laid his hand on your bare thigh and caressed the skin under it. You wouldn’t be sleeping today, that was for sure.


Originally posted by sefuns

To be honest Baekhyun had waited for this moment for so long now. He was rooting for you to win this award so bad, he wanted to lose against you just that he can finally make the next step. 

It was time for the aftershow party and all the ídols had already gathered in the club. Baekhyun was sitting in the lounge with the rest of Exo when he saw you enter. He quickly stood up and walked to you, immediately sliding an arm around your waist when he got to you. He whispered in your ear and slowly slid his arm down until his hand rested on your butt. 

‘‘Hey beautiful. I waited for so long for this moment. Let’s celebrate your win, shall we?’‘


Originally posted by lawlliets

Jongdae and you were already this far in your relationship that you both knew you liked each other more than only friends but more than meeting up in secret sometimes and holding hands hadn’t happened yet. 

The moment you got announced that you had won the daesang, Jongdae knew today was the day he would make the next step. As soon as you both were alone he kissed you passionately. 

‘‘How about we do the next step in our relationship today, baby? You know, as a celebration of your win and as comfort for my loss.’‘


Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

As soon as he heard your name Chanyeol began to smile brightly and clap like a maniac, he was so so proud of you he almost forgot you had won against them. He even stood up and clapped when you walked passed them. You giggled and made a sign, telling him to meet you later.

In the short break of the show Chanyeol and you met up but it wasn’t like you thought it would be. Chanyeol crashed his hand into the wall beside your head and captured you in between himself and the wall behind you. 

‘‘I’m very proud you have won. You really deserve it. But you won against us, you think you can comfort me?’‘

He smirked and you exactly knew what that meant. This night would be longer than you expected. 


Originally posted by lovinthesoo

I think Kyungsoo is like Yixing. He is also a very big patron and doesn’t mind to loose since Exo already won so many awards. After the show is over he texted you to come to the parking lot where he will wait for you. So you walked there and saw Kyungsoo leaning against your car, smiling. 

‘‘Hey sugar, I’m going to treat you for a late dinner, whatchu say?’‘ 

You smiled back and nodded but before you could enter the car, Kyungsoo gave you a little kiss on the lips, whispering against them.

‘‘As my girlfriend of course…’‘

You knew that you would never forget this day.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jongin had already given you looks the whole evening. You didn’t know if it was just you being paranoid but when there was a little break and he grabbed your hand dragging you into an empty dressing room, you knew you haven’t been paranoid. 

‘‘Let’s have some fun Y/N. Oh and congratulations for winning against me…’’

His undertone made clear he was happy for you but would still have to punish you for being so successful. 


Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun and Junmyeon are the only ones who would be a little bit angry and sad over their loss. Sehun though would be annoyed too that he had lost against you. Of course, he would be happy for you but it hurt his pride that he had lost against the one woman that made him feel like a horny teenage boy again. 

Soon, when there was a moment you two could meet, he grabbed your chin and pressed a dominant kiss on your lips. 

‘‘I guess I have to show you that I’m still the boss between us, don’t you think sweetheart? Oh and congrats for winning.’‘

There was no way you could walk properly tomorrow. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Let her go (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: I was wondering if it would be possible if you could write a Damian Wayne imagine where he breaks up with his girlfriend (for superhero reasons) and then the bat-fam helps him win her back  
Summary: Damian breaks up with you because he fears putting you in danger. 
Word count: 1047
Warning(s): angsty, but like fluff as well
Tag: @pinkwitch21
Note: I’m pretty sure I’ve done something similar before, so I’m sorry. Also, this is written to celebrate 3000 followers since Dami is the main boy I seem to write for, so I tried to make it a bit longer than usual :)

Never in his worst nightmares had he thought that it would come down to this, but what else was he supposed to do, let you suffer because of him? He just couldn’t do that to you.

He was afraid. Not at all because of himself, but because he couldn’t get all the scenarios playing in his head to stop. Seeing what happened to him or Jason happening to you would kill him. His heart would break, he would no longer wish to exist, so as much as he loved you, he knew he had to let you go, for your own safety.

He was contemplating whether or not he should tell you the truth. You obviously already knew about his free time activities, which didn’t just include walking Titus and brooding in the manor. But he knew that you would never in a million years accept the truth. You would cling on, refusing to leave. You would want to make it work.

“If you love her, let her go” He bitterly chuckled to himself, giving himself a once over in the mirror for the last time, trying to hide the sadness in his features. He was really doing this.

The words he spoke hurt more than anything in the physical world could. They were much harder to say when it came to it. He struggled to keep his composure. He wanted so desperately to hold you as tears slid down your gentle face, shivers racing through your gentle frame, sobs falling from your lips. It honestly hurt him more than words could express, more than anything he’s ever felt before. He tried to soften the blow as much as he could but telling you that he never loved you would never be easy, lying hurt his pride, hurting you was breaking him apart. At the same time, your heart was aching, believing everything in this relationship was a lie, even though it was more than difficult to believe.

The look on your face when you finally turn away, your posture deflated and small, nothing like your usual confident and good posture and cheerful walk. His heart broke completely, tears tugging at the corners of his eyes.

He speed walked to his room, taking three steps at a time up the stairs, slamming his door and plopping face first into his bed, thinking of all the good times you two had. He had to hide the picture of you two on his bed side table in the drawer to minimize the pain in his heart and mind.

He was raised an assassin, he wasn’t supposed to get emotional over things. He can kill without blinking an eye, but his heart was aching. Luckily, or so he thought, before he could drown in his self-pity, he was called to the cave, to get ready for patrol. He hoped that crime fighting would take his mind off of things. Today he was patrolling with Dick since Bruce was busy with work related issues.

It was peculiarly quiet during the patrol, not that there were no criminals and not that Damian usually talks much, but there’s usually a snarky comment here and there, especially when Dick was around, but today, today there was nothing. In all honesty, it made the hairs on Dicks’ neck stand up, feeling as if Damian was completely unpredictable. Damian couldn’t help but feel distracted, missing one too many punches, and getting hit one too many times.

Dick pulled him to the side after dealing with yet another criminal that night. “What’s up with you, I’ve never seen you fight this bad Lil D,” He asks the younger boy. “Nothing,” He mumbles, trying to walk away, but Dick quickly catches him by the shoulder. “That shit might work with Bruce, but It won’t work with me,” Dick says firmly. Damian was in no mood to fight back today, he had no fight left in himself, to be honest, he felt drained. “I broke up with y/n to keep her safe.”

Suddenly Dick had nothing to say, he was shocked, to say the least. You had kept Damian somewhat tamed, making him show his genuine self. For a while, Damian’s relationship with his family had started getting better, just because you had been there to mediate. This meant that things would Wwere possibly be getting worse than they had ever been before, and as much as no one in the family really got along with Dami, his happiness did matter to them more than he could have ever imagined.

Dick didn’t poke at it for the rest of the night, and they went back home early, Damian nearly running to his room, locking the door. He didn’t want to see anyone.

Dick obviously as a good older brother had to let the family know what’s up. When usually the brothers would have used this situation to their advantage, they knew it’s best not to poke the tiger with a stick, because the consequences were going to be dire.  

For a few days, Damian wouldn’t leave his room, unless he wanted to let out some steam by working out or for patrol. All his meals were delivered to his room by Alfred, who observed the absurd mess in his room, that would have normally never been there, and the extra holes in the walls.

Then he started coming to the family dinners once again. At first, everyone was quiet, no bickering, no pointed glances that were the norm in a Wayne manor dinner. The only looks shared were looks of concern for Damian and his well being. But at some point, it got too hard to not do anything. “You should get her back, Damian.” Jason says, an agreeing noise coming from everyone in the room, only silence meeting them. “Damian, she was the best thing that ever happened to you, and we all know it.” Jason pipes in, much less aggressively than he usually would.

“Yes she was, and her getting hurt, or much worse, dying, would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.” He says, taking his plate to the sink, signaling that the conversation was over. Everyone knew then, that Damian intended on letting go, rather than putting you in any sort of danger.


With love,

Got7 reaction to you saving them from getting hit by a car

Anon asked Hi can you do a Got7 reaction to you saving them from getting hit by a car, thank you

I hope this is what you wanted 

Mark: He wasn’t paying attention when he was crossing the road and didn’t see the car coming. Lucky for him you saw and rushed to grab him to pull him out of the way. He almost had a heart attack when he saw the car racing passed where he was standing and realized he almost died. He turned to you stunned for a moment and taking in the fact you had saved him. After the shock wore off, he’ll pull you in for a tight hug and wouldn’t let go for a long time. It upset him that if the car hit him then you would have to see him laying on the ground hurt and he didn’t want you to see him like that ever. 

“Thank you babe. You saved my life. I hope you know I love you even more now.

Originally posted by ceohan

JB: Jaebum would have saw the car coming too late. He didn’t have enough time to move out of the away until you grabbed his arm and dragged him back to the sidewalk. Unlike Mark, he would be quicker to thank you and hug you tightly while spinning you around in the air. He would be so grateful you had pulled him away. It warmed his heart how scared you were to lose him and it made him realize how important he actually was to you. It made his love for you grow even more.

“I’m fine you don’t have to worry so much. Thank you though for saving me. Next time I’ll show you how manly I am by saving you.”

Originally posted by wangpxppy

Jackson: I hope your eardrums are ready for the screams that are going to be filling them. He would be on the verge of having a heart attack when he saw the car coming and you pulling him to safety. He would be screaming loudly throughout the whole thing. After he calmed down he would be profusely thanking you and covering your face with kisses. He would be a little upset that you had to be the one to save him and you had to witness him freaking out like that but he was still grateful for you taking care of him.

“Thank you sweetheart. How about I take you out and buy you whatever it is you want? (Ignore caption)

Originally posted by jypnior

Jinyoung: Even though he almost possibly died, he would be more concerned about you. He was constantly asking if you were okay and checking you over in case you were hurt somewhere. After he was done checking you and was 100% sure you were fine and not hurt, he would then pull you into a hug and give you a thank you kiss. He was grateful for having a girlfriend who would put herself at risk to save him. Of course he wouldn’t want this to be a everyday thing since he wanted to be the one protecting you but it was still a nice thought to have.

“I don’t ever want you to put yourself in that kind of situation again for me. I want to be the one to look after you. Thank you though princess.” 

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Youngjae: Another member who would probably burst you eardrums screaming. He wouldn’t even understand what was happening for a minute. He didn’t see the car and was startled by suddenly being grabbed and pulled away. Then he saw the car racing down the street and realized what happened. He would most likely freak out for a good amount of time while crushing you in a hug. The poor boy would be a little terrified knowing he most likely would have ended up in the hospital if that car had hit him. He took comfort in the fact that he was safe in your arms.

“Oh my god I amost died didn’t I? Thank you so much (Y/n) What did I do to deserve an angel like you?”

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Bambam: He would also have seen the car too late and didn’t have time to move out of the way. For a moment he would be terrified of leaving all his loved ones behind if he died. He would be more scared for you though. Who was going to make you laugh, smile, take care of you, and love you when he was gone? He would then feel something tug on his arm and pull him back on the sidewalk. He would turn and be met with your horror-stricken eyes. He would pull you into his arms and give you a kiss ontop of your head. He would try to calm down both of your hearts and it’ll be a while before he let you go still worried about ever leaving you behind.

“I promise I’m okay. I’m never going to leave you alone. You’re stick with me forever baby.”

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Yugyeom: I feel that he would be the most disappointed that you had to save him. He’s the youngest in the group and is always being looked after by the other members. He promised himself when he started dating you that he was going to do whatever it takes to take care of you and make sure no harm ever came your way. But here he was being the one who needed to be saved. It would hurt his pride a little but he would get over it and thank you by peppering your face with little kisses.

“Thank you princess. I promise though I’ll do a better job of making sure stuff like this doesn’t happen. I am going to be the one to protect you.”

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I’m happy to see a lot of people are liking these reactions 😊 I hope you guys like this one ❤️Please continue to send in requests and like my writing 💕

Consoling You - Rafael Barba

p/n: Been so busy at work lately, but still feeling like I have to post a little sumthin’ so here is, will probably find mistakes and edit tomorrow. But I’m #zombiemode right now and I am a stubborn fool. I had to finish this regardless of how sleepy I am.

Rafael Barba x Reader
Summary: Seeing Rafael be harassed by the family of the man he’s prosecuting.

She watched him walk down the stairs of the court house from afar. The family of the man he was prosecuting shouted and screamed profanities and the ugliest things at him. Her lips trembled as her nose burned, causing her eyes to well up with tears. What torn her up the most was not only because they hurled harsh insults at him, but the fact that he looked unfazed. He looked completely unconcerned, as if he was far too familiar with the situation.

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More Than Words (Merle Dixon x Female Reader)

Summary: Merle finds an old love letter from your ex that you’ve kept hidden. He gets jealous and confront you about it.

A/N: Requested by anon. Set before season 1. I hope you’ll like it, dear anon. Thanks to @katelynnhp and @noodlecupcakes for beta reading.

No Warnings just a lot of Fluff.

It never was Merle’s intention to snoop around in your private things. But as the worn-out envelope fell off your dresser, he got too curious for his own good.

He had slept over at your place for the weekend and when Sunday morning arrived, so did your shift at the hospital. The two of you had met there a year ago when he got injured after another bar fight. You had attended to his wounds, dealt with his grumpy temper when he said he didn’t need any pampering and somehow got smitten by his sexist comments and endless flirting. Finally, you had had enough and asked him if he would shut up and let you see to his wounds if you agreed to go out with him. The redneck had merely given you a wide grin and then clamped his mouth shut.

You learned already back then, that Merle was one smooth bastard.

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How do the GoM (-Aomine) act when they're sick?

Kise Ryouta

  • Kise would never let anyone know that he’s sick because he’d be afraid of not looking his best (although the boy looks fine even when he sneezes)
  • He’d complain nonstop about how much he wants to hold or kiss his s/o but can’t because he doesn’t want to get them sick
  • Kise would give in completely to the care of his s/o, enjoying being spoiled and getting all the attention

Midorima Shintarou

  • Midorima simply wouldn’t stay in bed. It would hurt his pride for his s/o to take care of him while he’s sick
  • He’d send his s/o to go fetch his lucky item for him
  • If he were to be cared for, he’d be very specific about the kinds of treatments he wants to get.

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Murasakibara would act like a child. He’d tell his s/o to get his snacks and ice cream
  • He’d constantly call his s/o if they’re away from his house and tell them there was an emergency, causing them to rush to his side only to find that he didn’t want to get out of bed to get a spoon

Akashi Seijuro

  • Akashi wouldn’t admit he’s sick and at any mention of it, he’d deny it and go back to work on his desk
  • He would act really flustered about all the care his s/o would give him, but in reality he loved the attention and concern they had for him
  • Once he gets used to lying in bed with his s/o at his bedside, he wouldn’t take his eyes off of them and watch everything they did in order to take care of him. He would be so vulnerable and silent.

Kuroko Tetsuya

  • Kuroko would be so needy for his s/o and would protest politely if they left his side
  • Kuroko would be completely dazed if he had a cold coming onto him. He would hardly be able to recognize his s/o through his half-lidded eyes but when he did he would be so relieved that they were there for him