his pride would be hurt

Game of Thrones Preference: They're attracted to you

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Joffrey liked keeping you in his company all the time, if it was possible. But a fact he loves you – it was something he never allowed himself to admit. Moreover a fear of rejection was too big. What if you laughed at him? He was a king and such shame would be hard to handle. It would hurt his pride. But when Cersei started to arrange marriage with Margaery he knew he must tell what he felt for you. Or he’ll lose you forever.



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Sansa was your very close friend. So it took some time for her to realize what she felt for you was actually something more than friendship. She decided to keep it as a secret because she was unsure how would you react. If you didn’t take a first step and confess, your love would probably stay only platonic.



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Jaime was surprised he could be so attached to someone else than his sister. True, you had blue eyes and blonde hair but it was all new for him. You started spending more and more time together and it meant getting closer. One day Jaime found you crying in the garden. You refused to tell him what happened and he let it be. But he promised to himself he’ll never make you suffer like this.



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Ramsay eliminated every man who just looked at you. What if one of them confessed before him? And steal you away? You belonged to him. You were his, you’ve always been. You just didn’t know yet. But it was a small detail. Something he didn’t have to worry about. He already had a plan in his wicked mind how to make you officially his. How to make you his lady.



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Daenerys always stared at you. She could stare for a couple of minutes which was very uncomfortable. But she had a reason. She was wondering why did she feel affection towards a woman. On top of that towards someone like you. She was aware there was nothing special to be so amazed by you but she simply was. Once she was sure what she felt was really love, she went straight to a point and confessed to you.



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Tyrion showed he cared for you more than for anybody else in a very specific way. Whenever Joffrey tried to raise a hand to you, Tyrion showed up and saved you. Even when Joffrey was insulting you, he slapped him without any regret. He didn’t mind he’ll be punished later. All what mattered was he defended you successfully.



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Oberyn had many sexual interests. And he didn’t try to hide it. You were also one of them. But unlike others, he never had you. You knew who prince Oberyn was and you weren’t interested in one night stand. Everytime he got close to you, you avoided eye contact and walked away. And exactly your ‘‘playing hard to get‘‘ (how Oberyn liked to call it) moved his heart and for the first time in his life he felt something.



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Tommen didn’t know how to tell you. Everytime he tried to confess, he got nervous and lost his words. Like this, he failed countless times. It was enough for him. So instead of telling you he loves you, he was surrounding you with presents. Usually with beautiful dresses or expensive jewels only a king could afford. He just needed to wait for a right time which didn’t come yet.



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Yara didn’t hesitate to show she was highly interested in you. Not even in a middle of a crowd of people. Whenever you appeared in her sight, she whistled, checking you from head to toes. She also tried to get you with pick up lines but you just blushed and looked at the ground. Yara knew you were shy but it was what made teasing you even more fun.

BTS reaction to you telling them they have a small dick (in an argument)

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He would look at you with horror - example: You killed all the puppies or you killed his goddamn food.

“You did not say that!”

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His pride would be low-key hurt but he would shrug it of

“At least I have one - and yesterday you didn’t seem to mind”

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“If mine is small you have some high standards lady”

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Jimin tries his best to defend himself (and Yoongi laughing his ass of in the background)

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Tae would start whining and stomp his feet on the ground like a small child arguing back ‘till the sun goes down that he doesn’t have a small dick. He wouldn’t be offended though - he just want to prove his point

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“Bitch what”

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Hello! Thanks for the request, it was really cute :) I have another one : How would Sinbad, Kouen, Judal and Ali Baba react if their s/o make a declaration to them in the first place (so before they become a couple) If there is too many characters, don't bother yourself and just do the ones you prefer :)

i’m glad you enjoyed it and i hope you enjoy this one to! don’t worry about the characters because it’s not to many at all (/^▽^)/

Sinbad: While Sinbad would be ecstatic over the fact that his crush felt the same way that he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop his pride from being a little hurt. He would’ve had an eccentric and romantic plan as to how he was going to confess to them all ready to go. He’d suck up his pride though and tell his partner that he returned their feelings before asking them out on a date. 

At least some of his plan could still be put to use.

Kouen: A proud smile would come across Kouen’s face as his crush confessed to him. He’d try not to show to much of it, but he would be overflowing with happiness. The fact that his crush had had the guts to confess to him would make him feel even better about their future relationship. With a nod of his head, he would take his crushed hand and place a gentle kiss on it before telling them of his own feelings.

Judal would smirk as his partner confessed to him and his eyes would light up with glee. With the smirk still on his face, he’d take this as an opportunity to tease them and get them flustered. He’d casually ask if ‘that meant that he was allowed to take them to bed now?’ or ‘so you think I’m cute huh?’ Once he was done with his teasing however, a small but genuine smile would come onto his face as he to, told them how he felt.

Alibaba: At first, Alibaba wouldn’t even realise that crush was confessing to him. He’d be to caught up with staring at them and admiring them to actually take in what they were saying, so when he heard the ending of the confession, he got quite the shock. With a beet read face, he’d ask them to repeat what they had said. Once that was done, he’d nervously take their hand and tell them that he felt the same way and that he intended to protect them with his life.

Reaction: When you fight back against you harassing ex before Ikon can step in

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Hanbin would literally just stand there for good 5 minutes, wondering what the hell just happened. He was about to teach that guy a lesson when you stepped in and did that job pretty well. It would be just weird and a little funny to him, of course he is proud but he rather takes the job of protecting you. Although he would be a little relieved that he didn’t have to step in no not because he was scared.


“that’s my girrrlll”

Bobby would cheer loudly and be so damn proud of his girl. The first thing he’d do is give you a high-five and a hug just because you were so cool. He would laugh too and repeat all the amazing things you said and did to him because in his eyes you were amazing.


“whoa there”

Junhoe would also be in daze because he never saw you like that. His pride would hurt a little because you were the one who did something against your ex but at the same time be amazed and even feel embarrassed for your ex.


“it’s okay, let’s go now” *awkward laugh*

Chanwoo would feel embarrassed and just wanted to ignore the guy with you because he isn’t really a person who’s start a fight or so. So seeing you like that, he’d just try to calm you down and escape the situation as soon as possible. It’s not like he is a coward but he just wants to avoid the situation to get worse.

and thank you for the love! <3

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Loras had been working and training nonstop since the tourney in the North. His performance was far from poor. However, his record did not emerge untainted. Defeated, in front of peoples from all kingdoms, his family, his lover. It was more than his pride could take without repercussions. If he could be bested in a tourney, what was keeping him from being beaten as he protected his king? More than his pride would be hurt in any case.

Loras swung his sword skillfully, sounds of frustration leaving his mouth while he moved. It was late and the sun had gone to sleep long ago. This, however, would not deter his focus. His body grew tired from the effort despite his health, only encourage his frustration when he heard someone approaching. ❝It is unwise to stand where a sword may soon swing…❞