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The Matrix

“Hey Ry?” Gavin started, tugging at the leg of Ryan’s jeans.

“What’s up buddy?” Ryan asked, his eyes never leaving the screen of the laptop that sat before him. He was studying the code, trying to find some kind of weakness that he could utilise for his nefarious purposes.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Hacking.” Was Ryan’s simple reply. “Aren’t you playing with Michael and Ray?”

“The games only for two people. And they said I can have a go when someone dies. But they’re both really good, so they’re not dying.” Gavin pouted, folding his arms across his chest.

Ryan paused for a moment before lifting Gavin up and placing the young boy on his lap. “Come on. “I’ll show you how my game works.” He gave Gavin a small smile, pointing to the screen. “You can help me hack.”

“This isn’t hacking.” Gavin stated as he examined the screen.

“No?” Ryan questioned with a small chuckle.

“No. The numbers aren’t green.”

It took Ryan a moment to figure out what Gavin meant. “It doesn’t always look like it does in The Matrix.”

“What?” Gavin gasped, totally betrayed.

Ryan laughed. “No Buddy. That’s just a movie. I’ll show you how code really works.” He promised, explaining what he was doing as he returned to his frantic typing.

Gavin watching in amazement as Ryan worked, enthralled by the ever changing screen that lay before him. In the end, he was glad that he had been left out of Michael and Ray’s game. This was so much cooler.

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nuge has such a nice face tho. like, it's just so.... satisfying? so aesthetically pleasing. the perfect eyebrows. the dimples. the elegant nose and cheekbones. the permanent, slight pout to his lips. the way his hair sometimes falls across his forehead. he's so incredibly pretty, its not fair.

please yes his face is such a good one? and i feel like it’s pretty symmetrical too (except for his right dimple being deeper than the left one) so it makes mathematical sense as well, which does also explain why he’s so damn pretty.

and this whole description, YES, oh my god. his eyebrows are just striking but also? damn his eyes? i’m kind of obsessed with their color, even though the light teal isn’t exactly that rare or anything but it’s just a beautiful, bold color and i love it a lot. and jesus christ his lips like what did he do to deserve them?? truly incredible

also have this photo in which all of his beautiful features are just highlighted in some ridiculous way (except for his smile because damn i love his smile):


Author: Tara Stanford

Summery: Reader wants to sleep in on her day of but Duke has other plans, as he wants her up so they can do what he has planned.

Word Count: 395

Characters: Reader, Duke Crocker

I felt the blankets get yanked of me and whined for them back.

“Not happening” I heard a familiar male voice say.

“Fine” I mumbled opening my eyes.

i sat rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and i saw my dark brown close to black hair boyfriend Duke Crocker standing at the end of the bed with the blankets in his hands. Duke had a smirk on his face and sleepily pouted.

“Don’t give me that look” Duke told me.

“Why? You said i could sleep in today but you lied” I asked before a yawn came out.

“Because it makes me want to kiss you” Duke replied smiling.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” i mumbled sleepily.

“You’re cute when you’re sleepily” Duke mumbled to himself but i still heard him.

I felt my cheeks heat up and Duke dropped the blankets. he walked over to me and the floor cricked with each step he took. He stopped in front of me and lean’t down. 

“I love you” Duke whispered before I felt his lips on my own and I returned the kiss.

Duke stood up and pulled me with him without breaking the kiss. We stood there kissing and we need air so we broke apart.

“I love you” I said out of breath.

“Get ready” Duke said pushing me towards the bathroom and ruining the moment we just had.

“Fine” I said walking into the bathroom.

I saw a pair of black tights and a green tank top sitting on toilet seat. i stripped down to my underwear and put the clothes that was on the toilet seat on. Once I was done I walked back into our room and found Duke waiting at the door. I walked over to him.

“Lets go” Duke said grabbing hold of my hand.

Duke pulled me out of our room and through our boat. He stopped at the step ladder and we climbed up it. It lead outside and once we were outside Duke dragged me across the boat to the dock. We stepped onto the dock and he dragged me up it.

“Where are we going?” I asked confused.

“A walk” Duke replied grinning.

Duke dragged me onto the cermet and I just followed him as I knew that he went to all this trouble to plan something. Plus this beats staying in bed any day.


spock holds things and looks cute