his point is that its not true

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Melly- it was so obviously rigged. I know from Sony's perspective it makes sense to go with an active project rather than one that has ended and I am not naive- I know that this is how awards shows work, although the Brits have not been so blatant in the past. What irks me is that 1) he was obviously told the day before which is unnecessary and 2) his "fans" are too busy talking about a pregnant woman and not on this. Rant over.


Well and also to add to your point, the Brits is a tv show first and foremost, and a lot of what dictates who wins is who’s actually going to be there. I know there are folks in my inbox who feel Zayn’s loss was racism, and I understand where they are coming from, and its absolutely true that Zayn has faced racism and Islamophobia throughout his career, but (and please don’t throw tomatoes at me you guys), I don’t feel racism was a factor in his loss last night, though. There were other POCs that won awards. I think Zayn’s loss for British Single was rigged, but it was rigged in favor of, as you said, an active project and for artists that were in attendance to accept the award. Is it super fucky and unfair? 187%.

Speaking of a pregnant woman, in a very gross tip of the hat evildoer kind of way, you have to give it to her - Pregnant Cheryl™’s grand maternity photoshoot news was timed perfectly with Liam’s award acceptance. That’s a professional stunt queen at work. 


That was probably the wrong answer…

it’s just like…whenever i call trump out on being misogynistic, racist, ableist, bigoted, etc. his supporters don’t even deny it they just straight up use slurs and threats as if that makes me wrong, and they only prove my point?? like good job buddy, u calling me a dirty farmer c*nt or wanting me to get raped by trump and then killed don’t make the things i say any less true or you any better of a person


You’re not that person anymore.

So, this whole “Jesus is still on his throne” and “Our citizenship is in Heaven” rhetoric…

That is technically true, yes. However, the whole point of our heavenly citizenship is that we would actively pursue the Kingdom of God here and now. So when you use that concept as a tool to suppress outrage at the election of an oppressive administration, you are fundamentally missing the point of that theological concept. While Christ is already enthroned in heaven, he has not yet come back… and that means that there is work to do… which could not be more obvious given the circumstances.

So when you say “Christ is still on his throne” or “Our citizenship is in Heaven” you had better follow that up with… “Therefore, how are we going to try to change and resist this oppressive and authoritarian administration to bring conformity to the ideals of the Kingdom of God?”

Simply A Gentleman

“Shit, are you bleeding?”

Simply A Gentleman

James was many things. Handsome, graceful, quite, an introvert, kept to himself, didn’t talk unless he had to, a simple gentleman. So when he spotted a red stain beside him over the couch once his fellow Tech avenger had gone up to the bathroom complaining her stomach was hurting, he was concerned. Because he had no fucking clue what the hell was happening.

“Shit, are you bleeding?” He hollered, the girl hadn’t even stepped foot out the living compound when his voice, ever so elegantly made its way to her ear.  

She stood frozen, afraid if what he said was true, and if so she had just stained Tony’s million dollar couche cushion.

“Crap, Doll your on your period.” Bucky concluded, pointing to the stain beside him. He had finally connected the dots. Realization washing over him, he stood up and instantly flipped the cushion. “Tony’s gonna kill you.” He stated, moving over to her fragile form. “Let’s take you upstairs.” Bucky murmured softly, as he pushed her in front of him and kept behind her to block the scarlet stain.

She still didn’t say anything. What could she say? Wearing white cotton shorts and a tank top side had its perks for being comfortable in, but what she wasn’t expecting was Mother Nature knocking her eggs early tonight.

“I’m sorry,” She finally uttered, her hands fumbled with the hem of her tank, her hair in a messy bun but streaks slithered out to frame her cheekbones.

“It’s fine,” Bucky nodded. It was the least he could do to her, she had helped him in so many ways he couldn’t even count. Taking her to his bathroom was not even considered helping the poor girl. “Take a shower, I’ll get you something to wear.” He instructed once they entered Bucky’s room. He locked it, rummaging around his closet for his slim fits. While the girl went in his bathroom, the sound of running water filled the void in his room.

After a few minutes, he knocked on the bathroom door. His old shorts that don’t even fit him with it’s matching navy Henley shirt in his giving hands. “Sweetheart, wear these…” His voice was smooth, like he was afraid of what she would think of his proposal. The team had made fun of them being too close, albeit the platinum haired man was beyond happy Bucky was conversing with a female.

Non the less, she opened the door with a towel wrapped around her body, “Bucky, I need a pad… and… never mind I’ll get it myself.” She trailed uncertain after receiving a worried look from the brunet. He still didn’t understand all that female products.

“No,” Bucky abruptly answered, “Just show me a picture of what it looks, you go sit on the toilet.” He suggested, trying to push her back in the confined bathroom.

“It’s fine,” She answered. Taking his cloths from his hands, “I’m going to change in my room.” She stood on her tippy toes, then reached for his stubbly cheek. “Good night Bucky.”

“Wait, why are you taking my cloths then?”

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On this day, forty eight years ago, the Apollo 8 spacecraft swept around the dark side of the Moon to begin its journey home. As Earth climbed above the Moon’s horizon, astronaut Bill Anders pointed his customized Hasselblad 500 EL camera out the window and took this photograph – Earthrise . ‘It’s ironic,’ Anders remarked later. ‘We came to discover the Moon and we actually discovered Earth.’

Until now, only 551 humans have made the journey into space where they could gaze down in wonder at our small blue planet, floating in the infinite vastness of the cosmos. The experience has given them a new perspective, allowing them to appreciate the true extent to which everything on Earth is connected and interdependent. The anecdotes and descriptions provided by these astronauts led science writer Frank White to coin a term for this profound psychological shift. He called it the ‘Overview Effect’.

It is that same idea that inspired this project and all of our daily posts. Three years in, we are beyond humbled to see everything that has happened and wildly excited about all of the new perspectives out there to discover.

So I did a thing. Here’s Percy in a Slytherin uniform for an AU that has got me itching to make a sketch of ever since I saw one of those Hogwarts AUs going around in blogs. 

A lot of people have been putting Percy in Gryffindor, but I beg to differ.  Gryffindor house emphasizes the traits of courage as well as “daring, nerve, and chivalry,” and its members are generally regarded as brave, though sometimes to the point of recklessness. They can also be short-tempered. A lot of these things while true for Percy just doesn’t match up. Of course, Percy is brave, daring and chivalrous sometimes, but we might be forgetting that those things are strongly backed up by his cleverness and wit. 

Let’s take a look at the Slytherin house traits. Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation. Not to mention a certain penchant for “disregarding the rules”. While Percy would lack the ambition and being achievement-oriented, the way on how he strongly relies on his cunning and shrewdness balances it out. Not to mention that Percy has been described to be loyal to a fault, which is a key Slytherin trait. 

Also, I believe that Percy would fit in better with Slytherin because if we take his character in the series, we have to remember that ever since PJO, Percy has been shown to have a dark and manipulative side in him and have only been clearly noticeable in HoO:

  • The way he’s ready to get rid (turn him into stone) of Gabe just so Sally could be free from his abuse.
  • The way Percy wished for Annabeth to kill Luke just as when he was struggling to take his body back from Kronos’ control.
  • The way Percy blackmailed a god just so he and Annabeth could have a date in Paris.
  • The way Percy manipulated Bob’s thoughts into doing something for him and Annabeth just because Bob’s their friend
  • The way Percy manipulated poison just so that Misery won’t hurt Annabeth. 

All in all, I think those are the traits that would make him more Slytherin and less Gryffindor.

Nico’s version could be found here

The 25 Best TV Episodes of 2016
Even while just keeping to the scripted television world, we had a tough time narrowing down our favorite installments, from “Veep” to “Atlanta” to “Game of Thrones.&#…
By Ben Travers, Hanh Nguyen, Liz Shannon Miller

24. “The X-Files,” “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

As much as we missed Mulder and Scully looking for monsters in primetime, we might have missed Darin Morgan just a little bit more. History will be the true judge of “The X-Files” Season 10, but from the first moment we heard that Morgan (who won an Emmy for his writing work on the show during Season 3) was writing and directing an episode called “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-monster,” we were pretty sure it’d be one of the best things we saw all year long. And in fact, this funny alternate look at human nature, rich with in-jokes for superfans and solid comedy for newcomers, was a delight. Negative points, to be sure, for its cliched and dated take on a trans character, but it was great to see a glimpse of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny flexing their not inconsiderable comedy muscles, in the name of exploring the unknown. It’s always thrilling to hear those words: “It has a monster in it.”

Among the best❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Do you have any ideas about how the Volturi members handwriting would look? I'm just really into handwriting

Aro’s handwriting is fancy and swirly to the point of illegibility. If he writes you a note, you’re going to be guessing 50% of its contents. 

Caius has rushed, cramped handwriting. It’s very angular and not all that pretty. 

Marcus’ handwriting is sprawling and loopy and thin. It looks like he hesitates before writing each letter, and it’s true– he totally does. Because his spelling has never been great and he’s thoughtful in general. 

Sulpicia has practiced, calligraphic handwriting. She’s aiming for a combination of legibility and “damn, that’s pretty.”

Athenodora has what we’d call ‘mad scientist handwriting’. Or ‘doctor handwriting’, if we’re putting a nice spin on it. She just wants to scrawl everything down as fast as possible. 

Ever since the last quidditch match, bokuto’s been absolutely SMITTEN and has been dropping off ‘anonymous’ love letters to the ravenclaw seeker akaashi via his Animagus form every morning. in his owl mode, he freely studies akaashi’s reaction to the letters and (if he’s lucky) even gets hand-fed some breakfast by his favorite person. of course, it doesn’t take long for akaashi to uncover the true identity of his secret admirer…

…(*/ω\*) i am in preeeetttty deep in this hell….

One big performance

According to the Anderson’s theory about how Sherlock faked his death, John was hypnotized by Derren Brown. The mentalist played with his mind like Mofftiss play with ours at the moment.

There is no Anderson in Series 4 because WE ARE ANDERSON opposite the screen. We do research, make up theories, point things out. We’ve cracked the code on Derren Brown. This is what we’re speculating about right now.

But remember that Anderson (fandom actually) is the last person Sherlock (Mofftiss actually) would tell the truth. Therefore, we weren’t told the TRUE STORY. Derren Brown must be a hidden puzzle of the complete narrative.

Due to the elusive implication, Sherlock Series 4 has an ace up its sleeve. This inference can possibly correlate with the precise meaning of a joker emoji in Amanda’s tweet. She pasted an emoji of the joker in a deck of cards, usually appearing like a court jester. To make it clear, a jester was “historically an entertainer during the medieval and Renaissance eras”, “also an itinerant performer <…> with a wide variety of skills: principal ones included songs, music, and storytelling”.

Some lines supporting the main idea:

  • “It’s all just one big performance.” (Pure Drama 2017 trailer)
  • “He’s planned something, something long-term.” (The Six Thatchers)
  • “This is not a trick, it’s a plan.” (The Lying Detective)
  • “Do you see how it was done? I know you like explanations.(The Final Problem) — They are literally teasing us!

It’s not the end of the line. No rush to get off. More to come.


I believe that it wasn’t just by chance that we met but that it was written in our plan long before anyone knew. I think that by [God] placing us together was his way of letting us know that we needed each other. Looking back to the day we were formed I would have never thought even in my wildest imagination that we would make it to this point. I love you all for each of your own reasons. I love you for making my dreams come true. 
                                                                                       -Normani Kordei Hamilton

book-empire said: Hmmm not to be a bother, but I noticed kook/min fans tend to make assumptions about the two and they mostly come true haha like the sleepin together during bon voyage (and it was show in the last behind the cam) and even now. Fans kept wondering if Kookie slapped his butt or smthng else 8) and then the fancam of Kook literally rubbing and smackin the jibooty. I can’t believe 

Yeah, every time an assumption turns out to be true  I kind of pause and react the same way as you: Disbelief followed by a “Wait, really?” and then a solid “…Nice.” And finally I finish off with this victory dance:

The best part? Nobody is really trying.. it really is that easy to connect the dots.

The Myth of Damien Echols: Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

Despite being only one third of the trio accused of brutally murdering three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, AR, in 1993, Damien Wayne Echols and his legend have eclipsed much of the case and its subsequent trials, often to the point where the lines between fact, fiction, and fantasy have become hopelessly blurred. Echols himself seems to have trouble articulating his personality as a teenager, though many times over the years he has attempted to downplay or ignore various accusations and facts so as not to hurt his innocence campaign. Thankfully, independent and unbiased sources have provided the astute researcher with all the information they need to answer the burning question: who was Damien Echols in May 1993? Was he simply a troubled young man afflicted with the same issues of angst and depression thousands of people his age have, or was something far more sinister going on in his mind?

Damien Wayne Echols was born Michael Wayne Hutchison on December 11, 1974. His mother, Pam, was only fifteen and had a number of health issues while pregnant with him. She told a defense appointed psychiatrist that Echols was a withdrawn, quiet baby who was delayed in reaching many of his developmental milestones, and admitted she did little to alleviate his asthma problems and heart condition as a child.

Growing up, Echols’ childhood was marked by frequent moves, parental neglect, and terrible poverty. Often the family did not have enough money to pay rent or buy food, and relied on donations from charities to get by. After the birth of his younger sister, Echols parents divorced and Pam married Jack Echols, who adopted the children and gave them his surname. Echols remembered his stepfather as a miserly, fanatically religious man who would abuse him verbally over the slightest provocation.

At one point, the family lived in a clapboard shack in the middle of a field that was regularly doused in toxic pesticide. There was no electricity or running water, and the unsanitary conditions and isolated location was a source of great pain and annoyance to Echols. He took solace in Stephen King novels and skateboarding, and it was around this time he started dressing all in black and growing his hair long.

After legally changing his name from Michael to Damien, Echols began a relationship with a young girl whom he identified as a Wiccan, or witch. The girl introduced him to her occult beliefs and encouraged him to expand his beliefs beyond the insular, evangalical Christian religion of their home town. Their relationship ended when she and Echols attempted to run away, and this incident led Echols to be formally charged and sent to a mental institution, apparently for threatening to eat his parents alive and other disturbing statements.

Echols would be hospitalized three times over the course of two years. During all these stays it is noted by staff that Echols was suffering from severe depression, aggression, volatile emotions, and psychotic thinking. Once, when a fellow patient cut his wrists, Echols grabbed the patients arm and proceeded to suck the blood from it, showing no remorse after being removed. He also claimed to various staff members he was a vampire, and could see cameras and microphones behind the mirror in his room. His self assesment questionaire revealed a number of disturbing thought patterns; often Echols wrote he did not feel anything, was often bored, enjoyed having power over others, and that he “hated the human race”.

Echols’ did not attend school in the year prior to the murders, and his record reveals that he was suspended 7 times in his most recent school year for trying to claw a classmates eye out, setting his classroom on fire twice, and general delinquent behavior.

A few weeks before his arrest, Echols mother separated from Jack Echols and entered a relationship with his biological father, Joe Hutchison. At this point, Echols was deeply involved in the Wicca religion and dressed in alternative style. Alongside best friend and fellow accused Jason Baldwin, Echols wore black, listened to heavy metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeath, and carried knives. He had also impregnated his current girlfriend, Domini Teer, and gotten a part time job with a roofing company. He had applied for and recieved full Social Security disabled status on the basis of his mental illness.

Perhaps one of the biggest distortions about this case and Echols himself concerns the extent and severity of his mental illness in 1993. Being mentally ill in no way makes you guilty of murder, BUT in Echols case he tries very hard to deny he was mentally ill at all, an assertion that can be very easily demolished once you consider his history of violence, his record of hospitalization, and, most tellingingly, Echols application for disability benefits ON THE BASIS OF HIS MENTAL ILLNESS. In his own handwriting, Echols listed the symptoms of his mental illness as being the reason he couldnt work, and among the symptoms listed there was “drug and alcohol abuse”, “sociopathic”, “suicidal”, “paranoid shizophrenia” and - wait for it - “homicidal”.

Yes, thats right. Damien Echols actually wrote down that his homicidal feelings were a disability that prevented him from working….and his disability was granted to him.

In later years Echols would do a 180 and say, while he was depressed and often felt angry, that these problems were well within normal realm, and his troubling behavior was just ‘typical teenage stuff’. A compelling idea, but one that is sadly overshadowed by the sheer volume of evidence that suggests otherwise - evidence that Echols himself exploited at one point for disability benefits.

So, knowing all this, can we REALLY say that Damien Echols was just your average teen with average teenage issues? It would be a stretch in this writers opinion.

Jung’s Ti, Abridged

These articles are an attempt to condense Chapter X of Psychological Types into a more readable format. I’ve tried to stay as true to the original texts as possible. Enjoy!

Remember, these describe “pure types”, or types without a differentiated auxiliary function.

Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking is mechanistic reasoning guided by subjective tendencies that have their roots in the collective unconscious. This subconscious influence might manifest as a vague sense of structure that guides logic, or a more or less complete idea that only needs to be intellectually formulated. In either case, the theories that Ti creates aren’t derived from external facts, however much the Ti type would like that to be true in the name of being “objective”. The idea has its roots in the psyche, and facts are only used to confirm it or provide evidence of its validity.

However, Ti has the dangerous tendency to give the subject too much credit, at which point it might twist and mangle the facts to fit a subjective theory, or ignore them completely and engage in a kind of intellectual fantasy. This Thinking starts to show a mythological streak, the result of its basis in the collective unconscious. The strong convictions of the Ti type come from the evolved validity of these “eternal truths”. However, their value is lost as long as the Ti type neglects to link them up with objective facts and ideas.

Over-introverted Ti risks creating ideas that say nothing real or relevant. By contrast, over-extroverted Te risks becoming nothing more than stating the facts. Ti says, “I think, therefore I think,” while Te says “It is, therefore it is”. If this intensification continues, the Ti type’s outer life goes to another function in the unconscious, usually Feeling. His relationships with people and things will be infected by childish complexes, fears, anxieties, and the negativity characteristic of the unconscious.

The Introverted Thinking Type

This type pursues his intellectual goals like the Te type, but inward instead of outward, going after thoroughness and clarity instead of applicability or relevance. Like all introverts, he has a strained relationship with the outer world. With people, for example, he gives off the impression of being anywhere from indifferent to avoidant. He might be polite, amicable, and kind, but his subtle uneasiness shows a subconscious desire to pacify the outer world and its troublesome influence.

His neglect for the outer world and his inability to communicate his inner thoughts makes him prone to misunderstandings, which only get worse if, in order to compensate and fit in, he builds up a persona with the help of his inferior functions. Although he never shies away from following an unorthodox or dangerous thought to its logical conclusion, he gets extremely anxious when it comes to bringing his ideas into reality. When he does, he dumps them there without any special presentation – in his mind they are right, and everyone should see that. It doesn’t help that his work is full of doubts, saving clauses, and all kinds of precise technicalities. He has trouble seeing that while his logic might be clear in his head, it can be totally incomprehensible to others.

In his personal relationships, he either doesn’t talk much or is regularly misunderstood. He’s often awkward, and anxious to avoid being noticed, or else childishly naive and unconcerned about how he comes across. Casual acquaintances might see him as antisocial, prickly, or arrogant, but the people closest to him know and value his intimate side. In his field of interest he sparks violent controversy, which he has little clue of how to deal with, and he struggles as a teacher, since he’s more interested in the material itself than in presenting it to his students.

The more he cuts himself off from the outer world, the deeper his theories might get, but he’ll be increasingly unable to express them and relate them to the objective world. What’s more, they’ll inevitably be poisoned by the unconscious bitterness, emotionality, and touchiness brought on by his isolation. His Thinking is no longer creative, but destructive, and he responds to criticism of his work with viciously personal remarks. He thinks withdrawing more and more into solitude will solve his problematic relationships, but it only increases the destructive internal conflict.

The personality and the things of the senses have to be sacrificed in order that the Higher Self may manifest; there can be no dispute on this point. All the Initiates have declared it to be so. We are inclined to think that, having sacrificed the personality, we shall be bereft of all things. This is because the mind of the West still clings to its habit of believing that the death of the body ends existence. So we believe sub-consciously that the death of personality ends enjoyment of the fulness of life. We forget that the merchant who sold all he had was able to purchase the Great Pearl. True, he had realised all his assets, but they were re-invested in something of far greater value. The Gospel story implies that he bore off the Pearl in triumph. So it is with us if we make the sacrifice of the things of the senses that permits of the incarnation of the Higher Self in the physical body.
—  The Training and Work of an Initiate, Dion Fortune