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A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.


Do you remember the last thing I said to you?


“In that moment, we were just kids.” 

Friend (Jon): So you’re really cosplaying Ango? When you have the perfect height, body type and hair to cosplay Chuuya??


(pun by @myshipwillsailon <3)

Sometimes I wonder how the interpersonal dynamics of Vox Machina would change if people switched seats, even for just an episode.

Like imagine if you had on the left table (in order): Travis, Marisha, Liam.

You would get Grog/Keyleth interactions, which I firmly believe there should be WAAYYY MORE of those, even now with the Raishan Arc complete. Because given the last episode (84) and Grog’s obvious development, his interactions with Keyleth going forward could be so S W E E T ;-;

Also Vaxleth, right there. Give it to me.

Then on the right table (again in order)***: Sam, Laura, Taliesin.

BECAUSE LOOK I NEED MORE SCANLAN/VEX INTERACTION OKAY! I think they get each other a lot, even though neither wants to admit it. Like, going back toward the beginning of the Spice ordeal, and Vex’s perception check on Scanlan. “For the first time you start to see his facade crack.” 

Plus her desperation over his resurrection, and joy when it worked. They’re good bros and I need more of those bro TIMES PLEASE.

And of course Perc’ahlia, right there. Give it to me.

I believe Laura is the most hesitant to change seating, but it could be so good! It wouldn’t even have to be a forever thing, just an episode here and there. 

*** If Ashley is around, please to put her on the end next to Sam, then she could radiate goodness and light for Scanlan. Pike can grill Scanlan on his shit, and maybe she and Vax can have more God Talk… hopefully with funbuns. 

Is anyone else excited for Lady Layton?? I know I am! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ I love the Professor Layton series, so here’s a small Catoleil Layton ready to solve puzzles!! 

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always a slut for natan and shirtless supernatural beings


Kol and Freya in 3x22 (Guilt)

(Part 2)


When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you.

IamValC: Great seeing my girl Zendaya…as busy as we are, it’s always important to make time for family #evenifitsanewyorkminute  

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Pretty sure Gabriel ran into someone stealing from the pantry (da boots) and was coerced into helping them plunder Alexandria. You hear him say "just checking" quietly as he looks over the food log. Why say that out loud unless he is talking to someone and trying to calm his/her suspicions. (Plus he seemed very agiatated)

Okay, that’s kinda what I figured at first, because it seemed like a continuation of the boots scene from 7x08. But everyone was treating it like a giant mystery, including the show (why not just show the boots again?), so I thought I was jumping to conclusions. (I was also distracted by Beyoncé the first time I watched this, lol.) But okay, I’m glad I wasn’t totally off. Thanks! 👍🏾

don’t get me wrong, i like anime tsukiyama just because he’s funny and eccentric, but they’re making him so creepy and turning him into garbage.  i doubt they’re going to put his character development into the anime too, which is very upsetting because more people are going to start hating him and giving him a bad name because they wont read the manga-

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✥ 見詰める ’’..Oh..? So you weren’t really asleep,…

Minu didn’t really hear much of what Hako said when he curled up against her she almost went to sleep instantly. “Hm, thanks..” she mumbled trying to thank the snake for agreeing to cuddle with her even though she kind of felt like a big baby instead of an adult for getting him to do this for her. In fact, in her mind, she couldn’t believe that he would agree to it but she was still thankful for his hospitality. She fell asleep in no time with his skin upon her plus the blanket making her feel super snug and protected with him beside her. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so warm and comfortable like this she made a note to repay the benevolent snake in someway when she wakes up.  She rested her head onto his shoulders curled up on her side with the blanket over her she wondered if he ever slept with his children like that he mentioned earlier.