his pinky

speaking of jimin’s pinky, i saw a fancam yesterday and it went like:

(after comparing jimin’s pinky with everyone else’s)
jimin: guys, i usually hint my pinky whenever i show it so it looks short but actually it’s like this *straighten up his pinky*
yoongi: yeah still short.


Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri


quick little mbmbanimation! travis draws a tiny smiling man on the underside of his pinkie


[HD] 170218 BTS The WINGS Tour in Seoul (Day 1)
©Merry White

Maknae line comparing their pinkies….
Does Jimin’s pinky even reach half of Tae & Kook’s? *-*

cute harry mannerisms:

  • pushing his hair back then delicately tapping the curls at the bottom
  • idly twisting his rings
  • “i think…….for us….”
  • rubbing the bottom of his nose with 2 fingers
  • prayer hands and peace signs 
  • that scrunchy face you know the one
  • pulling his bottom lip between his fingers
  • how his pinky outstretches like a mile away from his other fingers especially when he walks with his hands pointing out to his side

ok Uh a concept ? klance with keith being sooo clingy??? at first, theyre barely touching each other bUT then whilst standing, lance feels a pinky link w his pinky and he looks to his left AND KEITH IS VERY RED AND TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM AND SO LANCE GRINS AND LIKE. GRABS KEITH’S HAND AND KEITH NEARLY EXPLODES

but thats not the en d . oh no, after 5 literal days keith is just .. on lance. he doesnt know how to stop. lance will be talking w pidge and the others and keith will just. Just. lay his head on lance’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around lance’s waist and just lay there. he doesnt even do anything, he just wants to relax and even sleep bc he just likes the feeling of lance and he feels so safe ?? pls

and tbh everything is Kinda Weird but lance soon finds himself enjoying it especially when its just the two of them and its quiet and keith is just sitting on his lap like a literal baby and playing w his hands and everything ???? please give me clingy keith i love clingy keith

ways andrew and neil show affection:

  • andrew helping neil out of his gear when he blows his arms out during a game and can barely lift his racquet anymore
    • if neil notices how andrew’s hands linger a little longer on his skin than they should, he doesn’t mention it
  • andrew waking up to the smell of coffee, and a just-came-out-of-the-shower-and-dripping-wet neil, messing around in their kitchen making breakfast for them both
    • he’ll never admit it, but neil does it mostly so he can have andrew’s silent thank you kiss on the back of his neck
  • sitting on the couch or in a booth or anywhere just a little too close, just so that their thighs touch and neil can remember that this is home
  • andrew letting neil’s head loll on his shoulder when they’re in the bus back from a game and neil is too exhausted to stay awake 
  • ‘i hate you’
  • walking side to side close enough that their shoulders bump every few steps
    • on the best days, andrew holding neil’s pinky with his own
  • neil leaving notes every morning before going for a run, and ending them with ‘i’ll be back’ everytime
  • when they’re watching tv, andrew letting neil lay his head in his lap and carefully running his fingers through the mess of his hair, brushing his bangs out of his face and tucking them behind his ears
    • (neil has never been able to tell who doing this calmed down more)
  • the familiar weight of andrew’s hand on the back of his neck, and a calm but strict ‘abram’ spoken into his ear
  • neil sleeping on the couch on nights andrew can’t stand having him close, and never asking for more than what he’s given
  • ‘yes or no?’
  • the weight of the name ‘neil’, pushed into his mouth along with andrew’s tongue, grounding him and making his head spin 
  • sharing cigarettes and kisses on rooftops in the cold and dead of night until neither of them can feel their lips or fingertips
  • ‘stay’
who else loves how Suga’s pinky fingers curl up?

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You know what really got to me when I watched Louis performing Just hold on? He looked so fucking small and young, clean shaven with that short haircut. There was no “power stance” TM there, just a little boy who lost his mum and was singing his heart out and that broke my heart in two.  

By the time the song ended, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I felt like he climbed a mountain. I felt like he climbed it and moved it at the same time. Like he could rule the world with just his pinkie. 

People wonder why we love him so much? Why we would go to the end of the earth for him. I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is no one else can make me go through that many emotions in three and a half minutes, no one else manages to make me root for them as much as him. No one else give that much of themselves in three minutes.

Let’s give back people. Give him that number one.