his penguin friends ;;

Per Angie Carducci, “the only way Penguins held onto Fleury at the trade deadline was if he’d already agreed to waive for the expansion draft.”

Marc-André Fleury could have said no. Many of the teams looking for a goalie at the trade deadline were likely contenders. There’s almost no question any team he would have been traded to is projected to be more competitive over the next two years than the Vegas Golden Knights.

And he chose to stay.

Flower gave up playing the rest of his career with a contending team for one last run with the Penguins. There was no guarantee he’d get to play in the playoffs at all. Even so, he chose to stay with his friends for as long as possible.

I hope he enjoyed every second of it.

Kris Letang #1

Requested by Anon:  Can you do a Kris letang drabble the promo could be what ever you want

*I hope you like this one! Every time I get a request without a prompt, I try to stick as close as real life so it’s more relatable, I guess. AND WHO SAYS NO TO ALEX!!!? Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 1, 139

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You looked up to see Kris watching you with an amused smile on his face, “what?” you asked, fixing your son’s beanie one more time, tucking a strand of hair under it… just to make sure that he’s warm enough and that he won’t freeze his teeny tiny butt off in the ice.

Kris dropped beside you and tied the scarf securely around your son, “he’ll be fine,” he smiled at you, “it’s not his first time skating.”

You waved your hand above your head, “it’s chilly out,” you told your husband, “I’m just making sure he’s warm.”

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Jess. In my mind, Sam & Cait rowed out to see the penguins with his friend James and his SO and likely some Barbour people were there also and they're all enjoying a wonderful day and toasting together under a moonlite sky. Just leaving this here, because why not??? 🙏😘

hippytater replied to your post: things i cry about: single dad Sidney getting…

and Sid doesn’t care one bit about any gold digger stories in the media because he has his little family, and his new penguin friends now :)

omg!! Maybe there’s like a magazine Q&A article about the little Crosby-Malkin family, and in it there’s a quote from Malkin saying, “We have big fight before, once. It was about money; he doesn’t like me spending so much on him when we were dating. I know he’s more than capable of supporting himself. He’s amazing. I’m so lucky to have him. We had a very long talk about it afterwards.”

Episode Review: ‘King’s Ransom’ (S07E21)
  • Airdate: January 15, 2016
  • Story by: Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis, Pendleton Ward
  • Storyboarded by: Hanna K. Nyström & Andres Salaff
  • Directed by: Adam Muto (supervising), Sandra Lee (art)

The bond between Gunter and Ice King has always been a strange one. Despite Ice King’s insanity and his tendency to treat those around him like rubbish, Gunter, for whatever reason, has grown attached to the crazy old wizard. And as it turns out, Ice King has grown attached to his little penguin friend. That’s why when someone kidnaps Gunter, Ice King is out for blood.

The plot to this episode is fairly straight-forward. Gunter has gone missing, and at first, Ice King suspects that Finn and Jake stole him. However, our heroes decide to help Ice King track down his little tuxedo person. They discover a ransom note that orders Ice King to hand over his crown to a group of foxes. Finn and Jake try to give chase, but the foxes each have a duplicate tin foil crown, and things get confusing fast. Eventually, Finn, Jake, and the Ice King track down Gunter’s kidnapper to an abandoned building overrun by lava. Ice King, without his crown, cannot freeze the molten goo, and is forced to precariously climb across a fiery hot river of death. He perseveres, and is reunited with Gunter. It’s revealed that none other than Betty had kidnapped Gunter; she used his Orgalorg power to do something to the Ice Crown, but we’re not quite sure. Betty disappears before Ice King can say or do anything of importance, but he mentions that his crown does feel different.

Dun dun duuuhhhhhh!

There are really three excellent things about this episode: Finn and Jake’s willingness to help Ice King, Ice King and Gunter’s bond, and Betty’s attempts to manipulate the crown. The Ice king has proven to be a pain in Finn and Jake’s butt for most of the series, so when they decide to help Ice King find his penguin friend, it’s a nice character moment that shows just how much our duo have grown. Likewise, Ice King’s determination to save Gunter epitomizes his growth as a character. Finally, Betty’s attempt to adjust (fix? manipulate?) the ice crown suggest that she has not yet drowned in madness and still, deep down, cares for Simon. These three factors make this episode quite the feel-good story.

The episode was storyboarded by Hanna K. Nyström (who previously storyboarded “Everything Stays”) & Andres Salaff (one of the show’s supervising directors), two individuals who are both new to the Adventure Time storyboarding world (although Salaff had plenty of experience as a storyboard artist on Regular Show). They’re a breath of fresh air for the show, as each brings a completely new voice to this episode and the series as a whole. I’ve been eagerly following Hanna K’s work for some time now; she’s an insanely gifted artist, and I’m really excited to see what other episodes she’s going to make. If she can maintain the quality of her last two, she may very well be this season’s MVP.

While this episode isn’t as hard-hitting or emotionally touching as season six’s “You Forgot Your Floaties” (the last time we saw Betty), “King’s Ransom” manages to perform said episode in one key aspect: it’s funny. In my review of “You Forgot Your Floaties”, I noted that while the story was intriguing, it lacked Moynihan’s trademark sense of humor. This episode, on the other hand, provides an abundance of laughs. From Jake replicating seven clones of himself to go on a literal fox hunt to Ice King interrogating fan-favorite Mr. Fox (voiced by the outstanding Tom Herpich), there’s not a dull moment in this whole episode.

And that’s what makes the ending so shocking. I’ve written before about how the funny episodes of Adventure Time allow for the more serious episodes to have more impact. This episode is a microcosm of that philosophy, spending a good deal of its time trying to entertain, and then shifting gears at the last moment. In this way, it joins the likes of “In Your Footsteps” and “Something Big”—goofy episodes that end with game-changing cliffhangers.

Mushroom War Evidence: In the forest, abandoned cars and tanks can be seen. Betty’s lair seems to be some sort of pre-war factory.

Final Grade: “‘King’s Ransom’ is a humorous episode with a (potentially) game-changing ending.”

PS: With the airing of this episode, we are officially over halfway done with season 7. Hard to believe, right? It only started two months ago! I fear a hiatus is on the horizon…


Even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, the Christmas-themed commercials have already begun – and this one is sure to warm your heart on a blustery November day.

The advertisement, for British department store John Lewis, features a little boy named Sam frolicking with his penguin friend, Monty. 

Watch the full commercial here and be ready to get the warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling despite the fact it’s far from Thanksgiving. 

do you ever wonder what it’s like to be friends with 5sos? like do ya’ll think luke sends his friends penguin facts at 4am and they just text back “go the fuck to sleep, hemmings” or that Michael’s personal snapchat story when he’s on break is just 180 seconds of him cursing at a video game, or that calum facetimes all of his friends shirtless or that ashton takes really cute off guard polaroids of his friends that make them look like models

idk i want to be friends with 5sos

  • Panda-san: yo will you listen to my theories about what happened to Law. like I think there was no way he got away but he's definitely not dead so. he and his crew was probably sent flying too. so yeah I wanna make random guesses about where they went because why not
  • Ciel Étoilé: yeah sure why not
  • Panda-san: LAW. why not a winter island where he freezes his butt off with a bunch of...I dunno...weirdly shaped people he could fix with his power or something
  • Ciel Étoilé: hehehe. this reminds me of a thing. weirdly-shaped people though. pfft. like mutants
  • Panda-san: I'm not done that's only Lawww. let's move on to Kid. he went to be with the telletubbies
  • Ciel Étoilé: god
  • Panda-san: the telletubbies are surprisingly strong
  • Panda-san: also why don't we say Bepo is with like a life coach that's trying to give him confidence
  • Ciel Étoilé: Bepo went to canada
  • Panda-san: and is known there as Kumajirou
  • Panda-san: eheheh
  • Panda-san: and ummm....Killer went to be with the sky islanders to learn about Calgara who looks STRANGELY LIKE HIM. and I think those are all the names of these people that I know so yeah
  • Ciel Étoilé: Penguin. what of Penguin
  • Panda-san: ...well I know nothing about him so. Who is he?
  • Ciel Étoilé: Penguin's hat says penguin. He's one of the members of the Heart Pirates
  • Panda-san: Penguin went to penguinland to be with the penguins. he is currently keeping a penguin egg warm for his penguin lady friend whos husband unfortunately died
  • Ciel Étoilé: oh dear
  • Panda-san: he has special feelings for his penguin lady friend, but will he be brave enough to reveal them when she comes back to him after two months of feeding?
  • Ciel Étoilé: oh deaaar
  • Panda-san: anyone else who I could make guesses about?
  • Ciel Étoilé: make guesses about where Kuma would send himself
  • Panda-san: ...tropical island with hawaiian shirt sipping girly fruity drinks on the beach but he doesn't give a fuck awwwww yeeeeeeee
  • Ciel Étoilé: beautiful
  • (ciel is thisiswhynobodylikesme on tumblr)