his pants are super tight oh yeah

They said what?

Pairing: Bellamy Blake X Reader
Requested: Yes
Warnings: light cursing, and mentions of cat calling
A/N: I’m super sorry about how late this is but with it being the end of the school year, and exams I completely forgot I had this in my inbox!!
Word count: 875


You’d had a shit day. First at work you had been passed over for a promotion in favor of your male coworker that has only been working for the company for six months while you’ve been there for two years. Then someone had spilt their steaming hot coffee on your pants so you had to borrow one of the girls extra skirts. Which was too small for you and tightly hugged your skin. Finally when you were walking home after getting off the bus two guys driving past had cat called you. They screamed profane comments about your ass as their car slowly rolled by. It was horrible– you hurried home, hoping they weren’t following you.

Once you unlocked the door to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, Bellamy, you rested your back against it. You leaned your head back, breathing heavy, with your eyes closed.

“Y/N? What’s wrong honey?” Looking up you see your boyfriend walking toward you, a worried expression on his face.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. You don’t need to worry about it, really,” you stuttered through your response as he neared you. There was no use in lying though, Bellamy could read you like a book, he knew something was off. Bellamy was finally in reaching distance of you, so he pulled you close and embraced you in a bear hug.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to,” his deep voice consoled you. His hands untwined themselves from your body, instead opting to rest on your hips as he looked you in the eye.

“How about I make us two cups of hot chocolate, while you grab the fluffiness blanket we own, and we can cuddle and watch whatever movie you want to, does that sound good?”

Nodding your head you give him a quick hug before hurrying off to grab blankets, and change into pajamas. You rushed into your bedroom, basically ripping your clothes off, and threw on one of Bellamy’s shirts. You loved wearing his clothes because of how loose they were on you, this shirt came down to your mid thigh. Rushing out of the room, the bed’s comforter in hand, you saw Bellamy already on the couch waiting for you.

You plopped down next to him after putting a Disney movie in the DVD player. Bellamy placed his arm around your shoulders, and you happily snuggled into his chest. Once the movie was over you had somehow managed to lie down so your head was on his lap, as he played with your hair. Relaxed, and in a better mood you decided to hell him what went down.

“I’m ready to talk about it now,” the words left your lips before you could second guess them.

“I’m ready to listen,” his hands continued to run soothingly through your locks.

“Well, you know that promotion I tried for?” Bellamy hummed in acknowledgment not wanting to interrupt you, “They gave it to Greg! It’s so stupid considering I’ve been working there for nearly two years dedicating my time, and hard work to better the company when he’s just started and always takes the credit for other people’s work.”

As you rant Bellamy starts to trace patterns along your exposed skin, trying to calm you down.

“Then the new intern spilt his coffee all over me, staining those new white pants I bought. Luckily, one of the girls had an extra skirt I could borrow so I wasn’t stuck in them all day. But the skirt was super tight on me, which prompted some random guys to cat call me on my way home,” at that Bellamy stopped playing with your hair and tracing patterns on your skin.

“They what?” His tone was anything but sweet, his teeth were clenched tightly together, his jaw twitched in irritation. Uh oh, maybe you should’ve left that part out. Knowing Bell he was somehow going to find them and beat the shit out of them.

“Uh, yeah when I was walking home they yelled at me. It’s no big deal though Bell, really. It used to happen a lot more when I lived in a worse neighborhood. This is the first time I’ve been cat called since we moved in together,” the words left your lips as you sat so you were straddling his lap. You started running your hands up and down his forearms in an effort to calm him down.

“Still Y/N, it shouldn’t happen at all, ever! I just wish I could have been there to stop them, or at least make you feel safe,” his words started loud but trailed off into a soft volume, close to a whisper.

“Bell, I’ll be fine,” you told him as his hands encircled your waist pulling you so you pressed against his chest. He started rubbing your back, comforting you.

“I know baby, I just never want you to be put in that position again. I love you, and I’d hate myself if anything bad happened to you. Especially if I could have been there to stop it,” his voice was soft, whispering into your ear as you continued to hold him tight.

“I love you too, Bellamy, so much,” you whispered before kissing him.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Steal My Girl

Part 1 of the Husband Reacts series: Photos of the Boys.

Part 2 of the Husband Reacts series: Best Song Ever

I am proud to present Part 3 in the series: Steal My Girl

“Wait…..is that Danny DeVito?”

“Yes I have a question…is this video over yet? Also, are we sure that’s not Harry Styles playing Danny DeVito?”

(He doesn’t trust them after Best Song Ever. He thinks every character is played by one of the 1D guys dressed up.)

“It’s like the Planeteers. Earth! Wind!! Fire! Water! Zayn! With our powers combined, we are super lame!”

From L-R Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall (he assigned these himself, but he still doesn’t know all their names, so I guess from L-R it would be Zayn, Harry, Bush-Head, Javier, Donald Trump)

“Oh yeah Javier destroying balls of inhibition, that makes sense. Actually, its pretty fitting, considering this video is destroying my balls, too.”

“Why is Zayn wearing a dress? No wonder he left the band.”

“Are his pants that tight, or are his legs painted black? You can’t just paint someone’s legs black, the FCC doesn’t like it.”

(he said this right after)

“Zayn looks like Uncle Jesse.”

“This makes it seem like the chimp is his girl. Or trying to steal his girl. I dunno which is worse.”

“I bet that chimp is a better singer than the entire band.”

“This is some weird Siegfried and Roy shit.”

“They stole this from the Truman Show”

“Harry is wearing a coat in the desert. He looks out of place. But so does the whole band, so its fine.”

“It’s over and we never saw a girl. The song is called Steal My Girl and we never got to see the damn girl. Are they singing about each other??”

You’ve cracked it, husband.