his pants are super tight oh yeah


MEHS Thane! OMG. So terrible.  @jimmy-unicorn asked for some Thane Krios goodness but… um… I would LOVE to draw Thane… except I can’t seem to decide on a design!! UGH! Thane is so hard to draw I dunno what I’m doing omg. (like would the side things on his face make a really good beard??) Anyway…

In MEHS, Thane is totally the hawt (younger) teacher that every student has a crush on. He teaches Literature in Citadel High. He is also very fond of using Hanar poetry as source material in his classes. He finds their writing very inspiring. He also tends to cut off mid-conversation to recite lines of poetry… seemingly at random. Mr. Krios also wears super tight pants and his shirt is partially unbuttoned. One day he’s gonna get in trouble with the school discipline master, Samara.

Oh yeah, and Kolyat is 5 year old brat that tries to shoot his water gun at a municipal councilman. Shepard stops him.