his pants are super tight oh yeah

Husband Reacts to 1D: Steal My Girl

Part 1 of the Husband Reacts series: Photos of the Boys.

Part 2 of the Husband Reacts series: Best Song Ever

I am proud to present Part 3 in the series: Steal My Girl

“Wait…..is that Danny DeVito?”

“Yes I have a question…is this video over yet? Also, are we sure that’s not Harry Styles playing Danny DeVito?”

(He doesn’t trust them after Best Song Ever. He thinks every character is played by one of the 1D guys dressed up.)

“It’s like the Planeteers. Earth! Wind!! Fire! Water! Zayn! With our powers combined, we are super lame!”

From L-R Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall (he assigned these himself, but he still doesn’t know all their names, so I guess from L-R it would be Zayn, Harry, Bush-Head, Javier, Donald Trump)

“Oh yeah Javier destroying balls of inhibition, that makes sense. Actually, its pretty fitting, considering this video is destroying my balls, too.”

“Why is Zayn wearing a dress? No wonder he left the band.”

“Are his pants that tight, or are his legs painted black? You can’t just paint someone’s legs black, the FCC doesn’t like it.”

(he said this right after)

“Zayn looks like Uncle Jesse.”

“This makes it seem like the chimp is his girl. Or trying to steal his girl. I dunno which is worse.”

“I bet that chimp is a better singer than the entire band.”

“This is some weird Siegfried and Roy shit.”

“They stole this from the Truman Show”

“Harry is wearing a coat in the desert. He looks out of place. But so does the whole band, so its fine.”

“It’s over and we never saw a girl. The song is called Steal My Girl and we never got to see the damn girl. Are they singing about each other??”

You’ve cracked it, husband.