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Lost & Found (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Summary: Your day gets quite a bit more interesting when a small pug shows up at your door. Not knowing who owned the poor dog, you let it inside to make sure it doesn’t get hurt. Then, someone shows up at your door claiming the pug is theirs.

Word Count: 1038

A/N: Hi. I’m J.B. trash. I now write about pugs with a side of actual people. I’ve wanted a pug for a long time so I’m living vicariously through my writing.

At the moment, you were dancing around your living room to whatever song happened to pop up on the radio. However, you paused at the sound of a dog barking at your front door. You turned the radio down to be sure you weren’t just hearing things, only to discover small claws scratching at the door. Raising an eyebrow, you cautiously shuffled over to the front of your home and opened up the door. You were met with what had to be the cutest pug you had ever seen giving you the infamous ‘puppy-dog’ eyes.

Frowning, you peered around the door frame to get a better look at the street, “Where’s your owner, little guy?” Your question was met with a small whimper and a single paw held up in the air. You knelt down to get closer to the height of the dog, noticing a collar. When you checked the tags, however, all you found was the pug’s name, “J.B., huh? It’s a pleasure to meet you,” you then shook the paw that was still hovering in the air. Glancing around outside one more time, you figured that no one was coming for the pug at your door. 

You sighed and looked back down, “Would you like to come inside?”

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themaskismyface  asked:

Okay okay. More yandere asks: How about yandere hcs for each team prime member? Like, their traits and tendencies as yandere bots, and what makes them fell that hard to the s/o? Thanks friends UwU <3

Combining these two!

Yandere!Team Prime Bots

Optimus Prime

- Optimus is definitely one of the more subtle yanderes out of the team. Most of what changes is how affectionate he is around the object of his affection; he’ll be much more gentlemanly and protective if his dearest is around. You bring out the best and the worst in him.

- The worst being that he could kill someone and no one would think for a second that it’s him. He could kill a target right in front of you, but you and he both know that no one would believe if you told them.

- Gets much more Ultra Magnus-type stern after he’s encountered a threat.

- Optimus is more likely to fall for kindred souls. Kind people who love their planet, or care about him and his team with all their heart. If you are loving to others, he’ll always love you.

- He also has a thing for long hair.


- As a yandere, Ratch is much more… grumpy? For the longest time, you believe he hates you. He ignores you completely, cuts you off as you’re talking, and barely listens to you. But you eventually understand why once the kids tell you.

- “It’s kind of like a 8-year-old schoolboy crush.” Miko chirped at you, making rapid hand movements to match her little speech. “He’ll pull your hair and act like a total jerk, but it’s really cuz’ he likes you!”

- Ratchet, once he gets over that little phase, is quite the clingy type. He acts like the worst kind of control freak mother hen.

- The doc-bot’s got a thing for logic and patience. He wants to have a forever-mate who can put up with things he does, as well as handle situations with him. He wants a true love that he knows he can put his trust in.


- Bumblebee is the “quiet, innocent” type yandere. He’s the most obvious out of the team, having an “innocent crush” on you. That is, until he kills someone because they were flirting with you.

- ‘Bee is the most clingy of the group, unsurprisingly. He’ll constantly ask you where you’re going, who you’re gonna see, when he’ll see you again, can he come with you??? No??? Are you sure?????

- He’s like a stingy dog that doesn’t want to let his owner leave the house.

- Bee is definitely attracted to sweet singing voices, as well as anyone very innocent and sweet. But honestly, he’s the one with the least standards; you could be a whiny brat but he’d still obsess.


- H O O B O Y

- Bulkhead is the yandere-who-doesn’t-know-he’s-a-yandere type. Very chill. He won’t be overly-possessive of you, and lets you do your own thing, but when someone threatens you or your relationship? BULK SMASH.

- Otherwise, he just seems like a very affectionate and protective friend. You know your Bulky would never hurt you, and only ever wants the best for you. He’ll drive you to school/work whenever he can, and always makes sure to make an exaggerated “Mwah!” before you leave the car. It’s endearing, and he swears his spark soars every time you return the gesture. He’s… not really understand of the fact it’s meant as platonic.

- Ol ‘Bulko gets worse as it goes. It’s basically a downward spiral from affection to obsession.

- Bulkhead is definitely more attracted to independence. If you’re hard-headed and can take a hit, as well as defend yourself the whole way through? Be still his beating spark.



- Not a very obvious yandere herself, but not any less dangerous. She’s possessive to a point it hurts even herself.

- She’s lost a lot of people in her life. Those close to her, and those she loved above all else. When she encountered you, it’s almost as if her spark imploded on itself; filling it with emotions she’d never thought she’d feel again. She vowed to keep you safe through any means nessessary.

- Very stalker-y. Will make sure you get home safe every time you travel, calls you consistently to check up on you. Gets jealous extremely easily; more than once your dates have stood you up for… unknown reasons.

- Arcee is attracted to calmness, but she also has a weakness for pretty eyes/optics. If she can get lost in them, there’s a high chance she’s already staring.

My Neighbor is Haunted - PurrtlePuff - Youtuber RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Youtuber RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Sean McLoughlin, Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes, Molly, (what even is molly’s last name), Felix Kjellberg, Ken Morrison, Suzy Berhow, JP Woodward
Series: Part 6 of The Supernatural Adventures of Jacksepticeye

Jack finds out the previous owner of his house, Wade, is looking to settle down. Good thing his neighbors just moved out!

Well, it was, until Mark finds out his best friend is in the house. Things start getting nuts from there. Jack is determined to help Mark move past this, but he might need to find out how Mark died to figure it out. Sometimes it’s better not knowing the answers.

I think I just broke a record for how many words I stick into one chapter, but since some of you have been waiting a year to know the juicy details, it’s justified :D

For those who haven’t read previous parts, Mark is a ghost and lives in Jack, Felix, and Ken’s house. So you’re going to need to know that to enjoy any of this. Everything else can be filled in by reading titles of previous parts (like no joke haha)

Anyway, grab your tissues now, because you’re going to need them :D

Wrap Your Tail Around My Heart

Summary: Phil is an abused neko that is rescued and put into a shelter. Dan just so happens to be looking to adopt a neko of his own and wants to help the broken boy.

Word Count: 13,116 (this ended up way longer than expected)

Trigger Warnings: abuse, rape, blood, vomit, alcohol

Phil curled up in the corner of a dark room, his tail wrapped tightly around himself. He was shaking as he waited in silence, hoping his owner wouldn’t find him, but knowing he would eventually.

It was obvious that the day had not been kind to his owner as he came screaming through the door when he returned home. The other nekos he owned raced to meet him, but Phil stayed back, too scared to move. Once his owner took notice he told them all that the only way his frustration would be released was through seeing his nekos train. Phil whimpered at the words. Training was never good for him. His owner entered the other nekos into illegal fights and since Phil was the smallest and weakest of them all, it meant that he became the punching bag.

Just because they were of the same species didn’t mean that the others went easy on him. They were loyal to the owner and loved to witness Phil in pain almost as much as the owner did. Every scratch and bite and whimper of pain brought them joy. Phil still felt sore from it all and knew that he was still bleeding from some deeper wounds.

After Phil was left alone in the fighting ring to suffer, he managed to lift himself up into a sitting position, holding back any noises of pain. The drops of blood stained the ground around him as they dripped off. His stomach growled loudly, an effect of not having a meal for weeks. Phil tried not to think about it too much. It had been pounded into his brain that only the good kitties received food and he was not one of them. He didn’t deserve it. But the growling and empty feeling in his stomach made his thoughts foggy.

He didn’t remember much. There was the pain that surged through his body as he attempted to lift himself up, making him hiss in pain. A blank in his memory hid what happened from him and before he knew it he was in the kitchen surrounded by plate shards. From what Phil could piece together, he was trying to sneak something to eat, but managed to knock over a few dirty plates that had been left on the counter. He could already hear the angry roar of his owner and quickly ran off to hide.

That led him to now. It might not have been the best idea, but Phil was terrified. The wounds from earlier were enough. Phil didn’t think he could handle the brutal beating he would now be receiving. He wasn’t thinking straight when he decided to bolt into one of the guest bedrooms. There was no place to hide, leaving Phil completely exposed. His ears stood straight up, twitching every now and then as they picked up even the quietest of noises.

Suddenly, heavy steps started to slam against the stairs, coming closer and closer to the room Phil hid in. He shuffled closer into the small gap between the bed and nightstand, trying to make himself as invisible as possible.

The door slammed open, surely leaving a dent in the wall from the force. As light poured in from behind him, Phil’s owner stood there absolutely fuming. It wasn’t long before his eyes landed on Phil’s poor hiding spot and he quickly stomped over to him, pulling Phil up roughly by his hair. Phil let out a loud yelp in pain.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Hiding when you know what you did, you filthy creature.” His owner snarled.

“I-I… I’m s-sorry sir, I-” Phil was cut off by a hard slap. The sound echoed through the room and the stinging of Phil’s cheek increased as the noise died down.

“Did I tell you to speak? Good kittens do as they’re told and you, you’ve been nothing but trouble. Bad kittens deserve their punishment.” The owner growled, letting go of Phil and watched him drop to the floor with a dull thud.

Phil was quick to curl up after the first kick landed against his stomach. He felt the wind being knocked out of him. Every kick, every punch all led to the extreme build up of pain that Phil felt. He could only manage a small scream in pain, the rest only coming out as whimpers. Suddenly, it all stopped after what felt like an eternity to Phil. His entire body ached and he could tell a few wounds were bleeding once more alongside new ones.

As glad as Phil was that the pain had ceased, he knew that couldn’t have been all. The punishments usually lasted longer, so why had his owner stopped? Before he had time to question it, Phil felt himself being lifted up onto the guest bed. Once Phil touched the bed, it suddenly clicked as to what his owner was planning on doing.

“N-no p-please…” Phil pleaded, but it only earned him another smack.

“You’ve gone and made me all stressed and worked up,” his owner said, working on getting Phil’s pants off. “Now I think it’s only fair that you help me relieve it all considering you made me this way.”

Phil couldn’t say anything more. In times of great stress or if his fear was too much, Phil’s vocabulary deteriorated into useless cat noises. He couldn’t beg for his owner to stop, all he could do was yowl loudly as he tried to deal with the pain. However, it became too much, the combination of all the beatings and fear piled onto him until finally Phil sunk into a world of darkness.
When Phil started to come around, he immediately shut his eyes again due to the brightness of the room. However, this confused Phil as his owners house was never very bright, the curtains always drawn shut to keep out the light. Phil slowly opened his eyes once more and saw he was in a room he’d never seen before.

The room wasn’t very big. It was painted a soft cream color and a white window behind Phil let in light. A heavy looking tan door with a small rectangular window and silver handle allowed entrance and exit to and from the room. Phil cast his gaze downwards to see he was on some sort of bed that accommodated his size and a blanket was laying on top of him.

Phil tried to sit up, but his body was still sore and protesting the movement. Once he was in the best sitting position he could manage, Phil knocked off the blanket to reveal his body. Rather than the torn up clothing he had before, Phil was now in a pair of soft grey sweats, with a hole for his tail, and a faded blue t-shirt that was a bit too big on him. There were many cuts and bruises littering his visible skin, bit the wounds seemed to have been cleaned. The major wounds were bandaged up to keep from infection. When Phil reached for his tail he noticed a bandage wrapped around that as well.

Phil wrapped his tail around himself as he brought his knees to his chest, ignoring the pain it brought him. Where was he? The last he remembered, he was at his owners home, so how did he end up here? The thoughts scared Phil. He was confused and wanted anyone to explain to him exactly what was going on. Was he here because he’d been bad? “That must be why,” Phil thought.

The sound of the door handle moving made Phil snap his head up. A young and friendly looking woman walked in. She had lovely dark skin, her curly hair tied back in a tight ponytail. In her hands was a small basket filled with various medical supplies.

“Oh, you’re finally awake. Good morning, I’m glad to see you up.” She said with a smile.

Phil watched her carefully as she stepped closer to him. He shrunk back a little, his ears lowering to lay flat on his head.

“Hey now, it’s okay. You don’t need to be scared, you’re safe now,” The woman told him as she sat down on the floor in front of Phil.

“Where-” Phil coughed trying to clear his scratchy throat. “Where am I? W-who are you?”

“My name is Rachel and you’re at the London neko shelter. We had to bring you here after someone reported that they suspected there were nekos being abused. Apparently, you were making a lot of pained noises which led the neighbors to call us. It’s a good thing they did, you were in pretty bad shape. That was a couple days ago. You’ve been passed out ever since,” Rachel explained.

Phil frowned, trying to understand what she was telling him. Abused? She must have that wrong, Phil thought. He had always been told the punishments were because he was bad. That made more sense to him than anything. Rather than try to argue with her, Phil stayed silent, casting his eyes downwards.

“I was just coming in to check on all your injuries. They seem to be healing quite well. Can I please take a look?”

Phil shifted around a little. He was unsure if he wanted her to start poking and prodding at him considering she was just a stranger to him that had taken him away from home. Reluctantly, he nodded his head. Rachel flashed him a kind smile and moved closer, getting to work immediately.

“You know, we still don’t know your name.” She said, gently cleaning off some scrapes on Phil’s legs. “Do you think you could tell me?”

Phil bit his lip and nodded. “P-phil.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Phil. Do you think you can answer another question for me?” Phil shrugged.

“That’s okay, let’s just see if you can. If you can’t, it’s alright. Do you know how old you are?” Rachel asked.

Phil scrunched up his face slightly, trying to see if he remembered. His owner never kept track and never told Phil his age. It was never very important. Phil eventually shook his head, disappointed that he couldn’t give an answer.

Rachel smiled at him and patted his leg gently. “That’s okay, don’t feel bad. It’s not often that the nekos we rescue have any knowledge of their age. Looking at you, you still seem a bit young. No more than 16 or 17 I’d say.”

Rachel continued to talk to him as she worked. Phil stayed mostly silent until she changed the bandages on his tail and cleaned up a wound on his ear. He had begun to make noises in protest, squirming away from her or moving his ears and tail so she couldn’t do anything. Even so Rachel stayed patient, only scolding Phil a little which caused him to finally stay still. Every now and then, Phil’s stomach would growl, reminding him of how hungry he was.

“You poor thing, you must be starving. I’m going to go and get you something to eat, okay?” Rachel told him and she packed up all the supplies.

Phil nodded slowly and watched as Rachel exited the room, the door closing behind her with a loud click. Looking around the room again, Phil sighed softly. While it wasn’t his home, everything seemed to be nice enough. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as Phil originally thought.
Dan woke up excited for the day. Today he was finally going to adopt a neko of his own. Being 22 years old, he’d seen many who owned their own nekos, including his best friend Chris. There was a certain appeal that the hybrids had and Dan waited until he was finally in a stable enough place to adopt one.

Knowing it was a huge responsibility to be taking another into his home, Dan wanted to make sure everything was perfect. He’d inherited a good amount of money from his family. They were quite wealthy though Dan hated to throw the fact around. It was one of the reasons he’d bought a small home rather than something massive. He didn’t want to be judged based on luxury, but rather personality.

By the time Dan reached the shelter, he was practically buzzing with excitement. A kind woman named Rachel took him to the back where many doors were located, most housing a neko or two behind them. Dan peeked through every small window, smiling at the nekos that were playing around. Yet none quite grabbed his attention yet.

Just as Dan was getting worried he wouldn’t find the perfect neko, he spotted one that made his heart skip a beat. This one was curled up on the carpeted floor, napping in the sunlight pouring in from the window. He had soft looking black hair with two fuzzy ears poking up from the top of his head. A long matching tail was wrapped around himself. Many injuries were prominent on the pale skin of the boy that made Dan frown.

“Who’s this one?” Dan asked.

“This is Phil. Sweet little guy. We had to rescue him from an abusive home, hence all the injuries, but I don’t think he quite understands why we took him away from there.” Rachel said with a small sigh.

Dan felt a bit of anger when she told him he was abused. “Was his previous owner caught?”

“Sadly, no. They ran off once they saw our cars pull up. Poor Phil was the only one left inside. He was unconscious when we found him. Took a few days for him to wake up, but he’s a little fighter.”

“What’s he like? Does he lash out due to his previous treatment?” Dan questioned.

“He’s very quiet and extremely shy and cautious. Never has he intentionally hurt us and he was always incredibly remorseful afterwards. I think he’s too accustomed to his treatment before and expects nothing else.”

“What do you mean he never intentionally hurt you guys?” Dan asked, looking back at the curled up figure.

“He’s still a bit young, 16 or 17 we guessed. There are a few kitten qualities he has yet to be rid of. One thing is his teeth. There are times when he needs to chew on something, and his little sharp teeth aren’t exactly kind to fingers. We’ve now been giving him bubblegum to help and that seems to work. He loves the stuff.” Rachel laughed a little.

“Another thing is his claws. Nekos keep them retracted most of the time and Phil does, but sometimes he’s not very good at keeping them that way. He’s still learning, that’s for sure, but he never does anything hurtful on purpose. He just needs some time and someone willing to help him.”

Dan nodded. He remembered when Chris had first gotten his neko, PJ. He was still a little young and his kitten urges had lead to the destruction of one couch thanks to his sharp claws. But as time passed, PJ was better at controlling himself and was able to act like an adult with just a few cat quirks showing through.

Dan couldn’t help, but feel that he needed to help Phil. There was a pull to that boy and Dan was ready to accept the challenge of helping him in any way that he could.

“I think Phil is the one I’d like to adopt. I realize he might be a bigger challenge with his past, but I think I’m ready for that. I know I can’t leave without him,” Dan told Rachel.

Rachel smiled brightly. “Oh I’m so glad to hear that. You really seem like someone that Phil needs. Let’s go fill out the paperwork and you two can meet.”

Dan smiled and followed her out of the hall, sending one last look at the broken boy.
Phil opened his eyes slowly and stretched out, his body warmed up from being in the sun for so long. He heard the click of the door that was starting to become familiar to him and lifted his head up. As he rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of the drowsiness, he spotted Rachel coming in.

“Hello, Phil. Did you take a little nap?” Phil nodded with a faint smile.

“I’m glad you had a good nap.” Rachel said, scratching Phil behind his good ear. “I do have something to tell you.”

Phil held back a purr when Rachel scratched his ear. When she said she had something to tell him, his ears lowered a bit. The thought of him having possibly done something wrong worried him.

“Well, I was just showing a nice man around and he wanted to adopt a neko. He saw you and wanted to adopt you.” Rachel explained slowly.

Phil furrowed his brow in confusion. In order for Rachel to know he didn’t understand, Phil tilted his head.

“Adopting you means that you’ll go home with him and live there. He’ll become your new owner. Does that make sense?”

Phil nodded as he moved his head to look at the floor. He started to wonder if he was really that bad. First he was brought here and now he’s being shipped off again. Who knew where he would go if this new man didn’t want him. Did anyone truly want him? The thoughts made his throat tighten a bit, signaling that tears would be soon to follow if he didn’t stop. Phil shook his head a little to try and clear away the thoughts.

“I know this is another big change, but I promise you’ll like it. This will be a better arrangement for you. Now, I want to bring Dan in so you can meet him, okay?” Rachel told him as she stood up.

Phil waited, keeping his eyes on the floor as he picked at the carpet. The door clicked open again and some whispering followed. Phil’s ears would’ve picked up what they were saying, but he was purposefully blocking them out. Once they walked into the room, Phil could see two pairs of feet. One pair in familiar faded white slip ons and the other in black with zippers placed in weird spots. Phil thought they looked a bit funny.

“Phil, I’d like you to meet Dan. He’s going to be the one adopting you.” Rachel said softly.

Phil took a shaky breath and lifted his head up. He found a tall man standing next to Rachel covered head to toe in black. Black jeans, black jacket, black shirt. The only things that didn’t follow this color scheme was the man’s hair and eyes. They were deep brown, his eyes also containing bits of gold in the right light. This alone made him give off a warm aura, but Phil was still terrified.

“Hi, Phil. I’m Dan. It’s really nice to meet you. I can’t wait to show you your new home.” Dan smiled.

Phil shrunk back a little when Dan outstretched his hand. He was wary of this person, he didn’t know them at all. After just getting used to life at the shelter, Phil didn’t want to learn another life. The way he was acting might be coming off as rude, but he didn’t care. He was scared, confused, and ready to cry. Not the ideal mood for exchanging pleasantries.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” Dan told him. “I know you’re scared, but I’m going to do nothing but take care of you. I don’t want anyone hurting you again.”

Phil looked back down at the floor, his hands moving to grip onto his tail. Rachel kneeled down and placed a hand on Phil’s shoulder, asking him if he was alright. He managed a small nod. There wasn’t much of a fight he could put up, he’d been taught to be obedient. As much as Phil hated it, he needed to go along with what others wanted from him.

It took a little while before it was time for Phil to leave with Dan. Phil reluctantly stood up, tail wrapped around his waist. Despite his best efforts, Phil was shaking a bit. Rachel smiled sadly and pulled Phil into a hug, causing him to tense up.

“You’ll be okay. Dan will take great care of you. Things will be better for you this time.” Rachel said softly.

Phil nuzzled her shoulder. “T-thank you, R-rachel.”

Taking a deep breath, Phil pulled away and walked slowly over to Dan. Being so close to him, Phil discovered that he was a bit shorter than Dan was. Dan led him out into the hallway filled with other doors Phil had never seen before. Peeking inside as they walked, Phil saw the other nekos inside. Seeing them sent a chill up Phil’s spine. While he was almost positive they wouldn’t hurt him like the others had, there was still a bit of doubt that was enough to scare him and Phil shuffled a tiny bit closer to Dan.

The two reached the front door and Dan reached out, holding the door open for Phil. He hesitated for a moment before walking out into the sun. It was brighter than Phil thought and he had to hold up his hand to block the sun from getting in his eyes. People bustled around, the sidewalks crawling with them all. Phil had never been surrounded by so many people and it frightened him, causing him to lower his ears and shrink back towards the shelter.

“Phil? It’s alright, the crowds won’t hurt you. My car is right over there,” Dan said, pointing across the street. “You could hold my hand if you’d like. That way we’ll stick together and you’ll know I’m there with you.”

As much as he didn’t want to, Phil thought it would be the best option. Phil removed one of the arms he he wrapped around himself and reached down, grabbing Dan’s hand. It was soft and warm. Dan looked surprised for a moment and Phil wondered if he had done the wrong thing until Dan smiled. Together they walked towards Dan’s car and Phil crawled into the backseat. He moved to the car window and gave a small wave towards the building they’d exited as Dan began to drive away.
The entire car ride left Phil with jitters. His leg refused to stop bouncing, his fingers tapping. This was the first time he’d been in a car and it was hard to tell if he enjoyed it. In all honesty it made him feel a little sick, but if it was from the ride or his nerves his didn’t know. The car suddenly lurched to a stop and Dan turned around in his seat to face Phil.

“We’re here now. Your new home.”

Phil peeked out the window to see a tall home that appeared to be older as ivy strands crawled up the walls. The grass was a brilliant green, cut down to a perfect and even height. Bushes lined the outside of the front porch, blooming with pastel purple and blue flowers. Phil thought he recognized the look of the peculiar bunches but couldn’t think of their name. Nonetheless, he found them to be beautiful.

Dan noticed Phil’s interest in the flowers and smiled. “Those are hydrangeas. Pretty aren’t they?”

Phil nodded his head and followed Dan as he exited the car. They walked up the paved path towards the the big wooden door that led inside. As the passed the flowers, Phil took a moment to inhale the sweet scent. Somehow it helped calm his nerves which Phil was grateful for.

The inside of the home wasn’t too large. As Dan led him around the different rooms, their feet made loud clacking sounds that echoed on the hardwood floor. On the main floor was the lounge, a bathroom, kitchen, and a small office that Dan often used for work. Upstairs were three bedrooms and another bathroom. Dan explained that one bedroom was his own, another for guests, and one he’d made up just for Phil.

When Dan led Phil into his room, he nearly lost it. The room itself was plain. It was painted a light brown with two small windows. The full sized bed was pushed in between then and a nightstand sat on either side of the bed, a lamp sitting on one of them. A closet took up one half of the room, it’s white doors slid shut, and a dresser occupied the other.  While it was nothing special, Phil had to try his hardest not to cry at the sight. He’d never had his own room before and everything he’d been shown looked so lovely and made him feel warm inside.

“Phil, are you okay?” Dan’s eyes widened a little. “Hey, you’re crying. What’s wrong?”

Phil hadn’t realized a few tears managed to escape and soak his cheeks. He just shook his head and smiled. “T-thank you.”
The first night together hadn’t gone quite smoothly. Phil was still nervous and wasn’t sure what to do with himself as he didn’t want to break any rules. In the end he decided that if he stayed on the couch in the lounge then he could do nothing wrong.

However, Phil became antsy and the habit of needing to chew on something came back to him. Not wanting to potentially damage anything, Phil opted for biting along his fingernails, but the sharpness of his teeth proved to be stronger than the skin and a few new cuts were added to his already long list of injuries.

He didn’t know what to do once his fingers started bleeding and despite his hesitancy he knew he’d have to find Dan to help. Phil walked around cautiously, scared of if he should find Dan. The blood was smearing on his hand now and Phil curled it up in a fist to try and contain it all. Finally, Phil found Dan in the kitchen chopping away at some sort of vegetable on a cutting board. Phil saw the knife and sucked in a breath, freezing in his spot. He won’t hurt you remember that, Phil told himself.

“Um… D-dan?” Phil squeaked.

“Yeah, Phil?” Dan set the knife down and turned to look at him, eyes bugging out when they landed on Phil’s hand. “What happened?”

Dan quickly rushed over and pulled Phil over to the sink, turning on the cold water. Phil opened up his hand for Dan to survey the damage.

“Okay, it’s just a few cuts. The blood is making it look worse than it is. Here, put you hand under the water to rinse it off, I’m going to get some band-aids. Stay right here.” Dan said before rushing off.

Phil did as he was told, hissing when the water touched the cuts. The water turned red as it dripped off of Phil’s hand and flowed down the drain. Dan was quick to hurry back with the needed medical supplies and shut off the water. He grabbed a small towel and dried off Phil’s hand before applying small amounts of ointment and band-aids to Phil’s cuts.

“There we go, all better. That ointment will help prevent infection and help it heal faster. Now, do you think you could tell me what happened?”

Phil looked down at his feet. “My t-teeth were s-starting to hurt a-and I didn’t w-want to ruin y-your things s-so I chewed my f-fingers instead.”

“Oh, Phil. Next time I don’t want you chewing on yourself. I’m going to get you some bubblegum, okay? Rachel told me you love to chew on that when your teeth bother you. That’ll be better than hurting yourself.” Dan told him.

Phil nodded and looked at the bandages now wrapped around his fingers. The cuts still stung underneath and what little blood was still coming out began to make a dark stain on the band-aid.

“You know what? How about you help me with dinner? That’ll be better than sitting by yourself.” Dan offered.

Phil frowned a little. “I-I um… I don’t k-know how to c-cook.”

“That’s okay. If you want to try I can teach you, but if you really don’t want to, you could just sit in here with me.“ 

Phil shook his head. He’d much rather just sit and watch Dan rather than risk messing something up again. Dan nodded and rose to continue his cooking. There was something about how Dan cooked that fascinated Phil. Everything was done very precisely and he moved with ease from one pan to another, almost like a type of dance.

Soon enough, Dan was setting down a plate in front of Phil. It was filled with chicken, various vegetables, and a small salad. Phil stared at it for a moment, his stomach growling loudly. He was still horribly underweight and even during his stay at the shelter he hadn’t eaten much. He didn’t deserve to. This had to be his punishment for being bad. Being just within reach of a meal, but unable to have any. Dan noticed Phil wasn’t eating as he sat down with his own plate.

"Phil, is there something wrong? You can eat you know. I know you’re hungry, I could hear your stomach all the way over here.”

Phil shook his head, holding his tail tightly. “B-bad kitties don’t d-deserve food.”

Dan nearly choked when he heard Phil say those words. “Phil, you aren’t bad at all. Whoever told you that lied to you. If you’re worried because of the cuts, don’t be, it was an accident. I promise you can always have something to eat. I won’t let you starve.”

Phil felt very conflicted. The differences between Dan and his previous owner were huge and he didn’t know who to listen to. All his previous teachings were burned into his mind and to abandon them felt wrong. Yet, Dan was his new owner now, so he had to listen to him as well. It was enough to make Phil’s head throb from the confusion.

Slowly, Phil cut off a small bit of the chicken and placed it in his mouth. The flavor immediately hit him and his stomach growled for more. It went on like this for awhile, Phil taking only small pieces at a time while Dan watched him carefully as he completed his own meal. Dan knew that Phil was going to be a big challenge, but he was ready.
Three days later, Phil was barely functioning. He hadn’t been able to sleep, leaving him to force his eyes to stay open as he walked around like a zombie. Even though the state he was in was obvious, Phil tried to hide it from Dan. He tried to act like everything was normal, like he hasn’t been having nightmares every night that left him too scared to sleep.

To make things worse, Phil had agreed to join Dan at a party that was being thrown for his work. Dan had invited him along due to the fact that he didn’t feel right leaving Phil alone at home just yet. He could’ve turned down the offer, but something made Phil say yes. He didn’t want Dan to stay behind because of him and ruin Dan’s good time.

The party was scheduled for later in the night, which left Phil’s nerves on edge. He rubbed at his eyes as he wandered into the lounge. Dan was already sat on the sofa watching a show on the television while eating cereal. Another bowl sat on the table in front of Dan, presumably for Phil. As he shuffled into the room, Dan noticed him and smiled.

“Good morning, sleepy head.” Dan greeted. “I made you some cereal for breakfast. You should try to eat it all, we have a long night scheduled.”

Phil curled up on the sofa next to Dan. His eyes felt heavy and he yawned loudly. Food was the last thing on his mind when he felt so tired.

Dan noticed Phil yawning and frowned a little. “You still tired, kitten?”

Phil nodded sleepily. He moved into a position to lay down, his tail wrapping around his waist protectively. Before Dan could say anymore, Phil was already passed out with his head in Dan’s lap. Dan sighed softly, setting his bowl down before stroking Phil’s hair gently.

“Sleep well, kitten,” Dan mumbled.

Phil woke up a few hours later to someone shaking him. He slowly blinked his eyes open with a groan. Though the sleep had helped him, he still felt exhausted.

“Come on Phil, time to wake up. We have to get ready now.” Dan said softly.

Phil rubbed his eyes as he sat up. He discovered that a blanket had been placed over him while he slept. In his sleepy state, Phil didn’t feel up for walking and reached his arms up at Dan.

Dan chuckled. “Fine, but only this once because I know how tired you are.”

Dan looped his arms around Phil and lifted him up while Phil’s legs wrapped around Dan’s waist. He purred happily against Dan’s shoulder. Over the few days Phil had been living with Dan, he’d become more affectionate towards him as he felt safer.

“Let’s go get you into the shower, okay?” Dan said as he carried Phil upstairs.

After a quick shower that left Phil dripping wet and smelling of raspberries, he was ushered into Dan’s room for clothes. They’d been unable to go shopping for Phil’s own clothing so he’d been borrowing Dan’s. Phil didn’t really mind though as Dan’s clothing still smelled of him and the familiar scent was calming for Phil.

“Are you sure you still want to go, Phil? You still seem tired. We don’t have to go if you don’t want to. We could always stay here so you can rest,” Dan told him as he searched for clothes that Phil could wear.

Phil shook his head. “I w-want to go.”

Dan sighed softly and set the pile of clothes down on the bed beside Phil. “I’ll leave the room so you can get dressed.”

Phil nodded and watched Dan leave the room with his own bundle of clothes. He was delighted to see that Dan had given him a warm Christmas sweater, despite the fact that the party asked for more formal attire. The sweater gave him sweater paws as the fabric reached over his hands. All of Dan’s clothing was a bit too big for Phil due to his extremely skinny frame, but Phil didn’t mind. He slipped on the rest of the clothing, his tail sticking out the back of the jeans through a hole Dan had cut in them just for Phil. Once he was done changing, Phil wandered out of the room in search of Dan.

There were some shuffling noises coming from Phil’s room. Phil knocked softly on the door. Despite it being his room, Phil didn’t want to be rude.  He gripped the ends of the sweater sleeves as he heard footsteps coming to the door. A feeling of surprise washed over Phil as the door opened to reveal a shirtless Dan. His cheeks burned and he quickly turned his face downward.

“I-I’m sorry. D-did I interrupt y-you?” Phil mumbled.

“No, not at all. Don’t worry about it. I was just about to get my shirt on. But I’m glad you came to find me. You look very cute in those clothes.” Dan said with a smile, ruffling Phil’s hair.

Phil felt his cheeks heat up, knowing his face must resemble a tomato. He watched as Dan strode back into the room and pulled on a long sleeved black button up shirt.

“I think we’re ready to go now,” Dan said, turning to face Phil.

Phil nodded nervously and followed Dan out to the car. The ride was peaceful, unlike Phil’s first experience in a car. Every now and then the soft sound of Dan singing along to the radio would cut into the quiet, making Phil smile. The car began to slow down outside of a large mansion. The sheer size of the building intimidated Phil quite a bit. As soon as he stepped out of the car, Phil wrapped his tail around his waist as his ears lowered, showing his discomfort.

“Hey, are you okay, Phil?” Dan asked, placing his hand on Phil’s shoulder.

“B-big house,” Phil said quietly.

“It’s okay. Just stay with me, okay? If at any time you feel uncomfortable and want to leave, just come and tell me and we’ll go back home.”

With a nod, Phil cautiously reached down and slid his hand into Dan’s. He didn’t know if that was the right thing to do, but it helped him to know that Dan was right next to him. Dan wasn’t expecting Phil to grab his hand, jumping a little in surprise, but gave Phil a smile and gently squeezed his hand as they walked inside.

The mansion was already filled with all sorts of people laughing and talking with drinks in their hands. Soft piano music drifted through the room, it’s source hidden. Phil lowered his ears, both showing his fear and trying to make himself as small as possible. As he surveyed all the people he noticed that there was no one like himself among the crowd and it made him feel nervous and out of place. Many of the people came up to Dan as they noticed him and Phil shrunk away trying to hide behind Dan’s back. He was vaguely aware of the people asking questions about him, but it was hard for him to pay attention to what they were saying when he was still so scared. Suddenly, he felt an arm going around his shoulder and looked up to see Dan looking at him with concern.

“You okay, kitten?”

Phil forced a small smile onto his face and nodded. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin Dan’s good time.

Rather than expose his true feelings, Phil suffered in silence for the next few hours. He stayed close to Dan and watched as he mingled with everyone. It might not have been the best choice as Phil soon realized with his nerves completely on edge.

“Phil, I’m going to go grab us some drinks. You sit right here and I’ll be right back okay? These guys are going to watch you while I’m gone.” Dan said, breaking through Phil’s thoughts.

The thought of Dan leaving him alone made his nerves skyrocket. There were so many people and even though Dan had told him that he’d be watched, Phil still had a bad feeling. Yet, Dan was telling him to stay and Dan was Phil’s master now so he had to listen.

“O-okay,” Phil said quietly as he sat where Dan told him to.

Dan disappeared, once more promising that he would return. The group he’d left Phil with all turned to him with sudden fascination. Phil could smell the alcohol that came from some of them and it made him shake with the memory of his old owner. Through all the fear, Phil’s body still remembered that he hadn’t slept in awhile and forced him to yawn.

“Feeling tired are you? Here drink this, it’ll wake you up,” said one of the slightly more intoxicated men that was around him.

A small glass was thrust into Phil’s face filled with a clear liquid. If he couldn’t smell the strong scent of alcohol coming from the glass, Phil would’ve assumed it to be water. Phil didn’t want to take the drink. After the many years of seeing what had happened to his owner after drinking the stuff, Phil wasn’t too fond of the drink. Yet, Phil was just a neko and these were supposed to be Dan’s friends. He couldn’t just disobey them.

With a shaky hand, Phil took the small glass and downed the drink. It burned as it traveled down his throat, making him cough and his eyes water. In a way the man hadn’t lied and it did seem to wake him up. Before he realized what was going on Phil had drank about 5 of the small shots and the effects were hitting him hard. His vision was clouded up and everything felt weird. Just as he was about to drink yet another, a hand was pulling the glass out from his fingers.

“Phil, come on. We’re leaving now.” Dan said a bit harshly as he helped Phil up.

Phil felt dizzy once he stood up, his stomach feeling like it was practicing gymnastics. He laid his head down on Dan as they walked. But Dan’s tone of voice Phil knew he had done something wrong, but he was too drunk to properly process anything.

“Where are we going, Dan?” Phil asked, his words slurring a bit.

“We’re going home,” Dan told him with an irritated sigh.

They continued to walk together, Phil stumbling, until they reached the car. Dan helped Phil into his seat and buckled him in. As Dan began to drive, the movement of the car only made Phil’s stomach churn more. The two weren’t far from the house before Phil couldn’t control himself anymore and vomited, making a mess of the floor of the car and his front.

“Shit,” Dan mumbled as he pulled into the driveway.

Dan hurried out of the car and over to Phil’s side, nearly gagging when the smell of vomit hit him. Phil was still too out of it to really understand what had happened.

“Okay, Phil, let’s get you inside and cleaned up so you can get to bed.”

Carefully, Dan maneuvered the seat belt off of Phil and lifted him out of the seat. It wasn’t hard when the boy didn’t weigh much at all. Dan decoded he’d get Phil inside and in bed before coming back out to deal with the mess.

“Dan, I’m tired,” Phil mumbled into Dan’s shoulder.

“I know you are. You’re going to bed now.” Dan explained as he carried Phil inside.

“Don’t want any nightmares,” Phil whined.

Dan paused for a second, not realizing that nightmares had been the thing keeping Phil awake for the past few days. He continued to take Phil upstairs, deciding it would be easiest to each Phil if he slept with him tonight. Gently, Dan placed Phil on his bed and tried to take off the soiled clothes.

Phil was vaguely aware that he was being set down on a bed, but when he felt someone tugging at his clothes, he instantly snapped back into the past. The man who was trying to take his clothes off had the face of his old owner. If the clothes came off Phil knew what would happen next.

“N-no please! I was good I promise, please!” Phil screamed, trying to force himself away.

“Phil, it’s okay, we just meet to get these dirty clothes off so you can have new clean ones,” Dan said calmly, worried by Phil’s sudden outburst.

But Phil wasn’t hearing Dan, his mind stuck somewhere else. “P-please don’t punish me! It h-hurts so bad!”

Tears were starting to stream down Phil’s face as he continued to try and get away. The alcohol in his system was doing nothing to help the situation, making it harder for Phil to move correctly. Dan didn’t know what to do, but he did remove his hands from Phil. Phil curled up in a ball as he cried, mumbling words that Dan couldn’t hear or understand while his breathing became faster. It broke Dan’s heart to be unable to help his neko, but his attempts only seemed to make things worse.

It took awhile for Phil to calm down again. He was drained of almost all his energy and struggled to keep his eyes open. Dan saw this moment of vulnerability in Phil and decided now would be the best time to try and help him again.

“Phil? Can I help you put on some pajamas? You can go to sleep after that.”

Phil nodded slowly, rubbing his eyes. Dan was quick to grab a pair of sweats and a large t-shirt and gently helped Phil out of his clothes. The smell that emitted from the clothing burned Dan’s nose, forcing him to hold his breath until he set the soiled clothing into the laundry basket. Phil sat shivering on the bed with his tail wrapped tightly around himself. Dan coaxed him into lifting up his arms and helped him stand up long enough to get him in the sweats.

Phil was soon cuddled under Dan’s blankets, his head resting on the pillow. The thought of being alone didn’t feel right to Phil.

“Dan, w-will you sleep with m-me?” Phil asked quietly.

“Of course I will. I just need to go clean up the mess in the car first, but I will come right back, I promise.”

Phil whined in disapproval, but nodded. Dan left the room and headed towards the car to clean up. It took about 20 minutes before was done and when Dan reentered his room, Phil was fast asleep. Yet it wasn’t a peaceful slumber as Phil was whining and moving around.

Dan frowned and shed his clothing, quickly changing into his own pajamas before sliding into the bed next to Phil. He pulled the neko in close and sang softly to him in an attempt to calm the younger down. Phil seemed to react to Dan’s voice as he relaxed into Dan’s hold and his tail wrapped around Dan’s waist. Dan sighed in relief and kissed Phil’s head gently.

“You’ll be okay, Phil, I promise.”
The next day, Phil was feeling awful. A blinding headache left him unable to move and the nausea left him feeling like he’d throw up any minute. However, the sliver lining was that he’d woken up in any pair of warm arms that had no intent of hurting him. Dan’s face was inches from his own and his arms wrapped protectively around Phil. He was unable to remember how he’d ended up in Dan’s room. All Phil could remember from the previous night was that Dan had seemed angry during the party, everything else was a blur in his mind. Phil almost didn’t care as all he wanted now was cuddles to take the pain away. He nuzzled his had against Dan’s chest, purring softly as he did. The sudden vibrations on his chest was enough to drag Dan out of his slumber.

“Good morning, kitten. How are you feeling?” Dan’s voice was a bit husky, laced with sleep.

Phil shook his head slowly. With his ears being so close to Dan’s mouth, the words were extremely loud to him and only made his headache increase.

“Q-quiet, please,” Phil mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” Dan said, lowering his voice. “You must be feeling poorly. How about I go get to some tea and some medicine to help that headache of yours? And what about something to eat? Think you can handle that?”

Phil shook his head again. “Tummy r-really hurts. B-but tea sounds nice.”

Dan nodded and kissed his forehead. “Then I’ll go get that. There’s a trash bin next to the bed in case you feel like you need to throw up. I’ll be right back.”

Phil watched as Dan left the room and settled back down onto the pillow. Everything was suddenly colder without the addition of Dan’s body heat. It caused him to whine a little as he felt himself craving the heat again.

Once Dan reentered the room with a small box in one hand and a cup of tea with steam curling off the top in another, Phil had his head in the trash bin that was now in his lap. The twisting in his stomach had finally made him break and vomit poured out if his mouth, splattering against the bag inside the bin. As disgusting as it was, having finally thrown up did leave Phil feeling a bit better.

Dan quickly put the items in his hands down on the side table before sitting down beside Phil and began to rub his back. It was a couple minutes before Phil was finished and pulling his head out from the bin.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t w-want to make a mess.” Phil said, his voice a little scratchy from the puking.

“Trust me, Phil this is no mess. Last night was a bit of a mess, but this is easy clean up. Plus it’s better you get all that stuff out of your system rather than trying to keep it in. It’ll make you feel better.”

Phil nodded, but then his face twisted into a confused expression. “Last night? W-what do you mean?”

Dan frowned. “Do you not remember? Last night you got sick in the car right before we got home.”

“I-I did?” Phil suddenly became fearful that Dan would be angry with him. “I’m s-so sorry!”

“Hey, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it, Phil. I’m not mad, I promise.” Dan spoke calmly. He could see Phil was starting to revert back to how he was the previous night and Dan wanted to prevent that from happening.

“Y-you’re not m-mad?” Phil asked, confused.

“Of course not. I can’t get mad at you, especially for something that you couldn’t control. I still don’t know a lot of what happened to you with your previous owner, but I’m not going to treat you like they did. I don’t want you to fear me and I don’t want you hurting.”

Phil felt tears welling up in his eyes. He wanted so badly to understand that Dan wouldn’t hurt him, but his past wouldn’t allow that. At least not yet. It would take time to fully understand and even then Phil might still be scared. However, right now Phil was overwhelmed by Dan’s kindness towards him. It wasn’t exactly something he was used to quite yet. He set the bin back down on the floor and launched himself into Dan’s arms, sobbing into his shoulder. Dan was quick to wrap his arms around the shaking neko, rocking him gently as he tried to soothe him.

“Shh, you’re alright, Phil. You’re alright.”

“P-please don’t l-leave me,” Phil sobbed. “I-I know I c-can be a bad kitty a-and I don’t understand a lot of t-things, but y-you’re so n-nice to me and I r-really do feel safe with you. I d-don’t want to lose that feeling.”

Dan felt a few tears of his own spring up in his eyes. “Don’t worry, Phil, I’m not going to leave you. I wouldn’t dare think about leaving someone like you. You’re very special to me and I’ll always stick with you.”

The words were enough to calm Phil down. Once his sobs were reduced to only a few sniffles, Phil didn’t want to pull away from Dan. He was warm and safe and hugging him made Phil feel all tingly, something that was new to him, but he found that he liked it. Instead of pulling away, Phil snuggled closer, his arms still wrapped tightly around Dan. He purred softly once Dan began to stroke his hair, feeling more content than he had in awhile.
A couple months had passed and things were going better for Phil. He was starting to adjust to his life in Dan’s home. The bruises and cuts had faded, some leaving behind a few scars. Under Dan’s watchful eye, Phil was starting to gain back weight. While he was still very underweight, his bones were becoming less prominent every day.

Phil was also becoming more and more attached to Dan. Together they realized that Phil had less nightmares when he slept with Dan, so Phil was moved into Dan’s room where he cuddled up to Dan every night and was lulled to sleep by Dan’s singing. It became rare for Phil not to feel butterflies fluttering in his tummy everytime he was around Dan. He wasn’t sure what they meant, but he was too embarrassed to ask Dan for clarification. He’d already asked Dan to teach him many things and he didn’t want to be selfish by asking more.

When Dan had to leave Phil alone on the days he had to leave the house for work, Phil would spend his time waiting for his return. It was boring and left Phil feeling restless. Most of the time he’d spend the time sleeping to try and make the time go faster.

Phil was now curled up on the couch in another one of Dan’s oversized sweaters. He was just waking up from another nap when he heard keys jangling another the front door. Without another second thought, Phil got up and rushed to the door to meet Dan. A blast of cold winter air hit him as the door swung open to reveal reveal a smiling Dan. Phil quickly pulled him into a hug, nuzzling his head against his shoulder.

“Hey, kitten. I’m glad to see you too, but let’s get back inside, it’s freezing out today and I don’t want you catching a cold.” Dan said, pulling Phil inside and shutting the door behind them.

“I missed you a lot. It’s no fun around here by myself,” Phil pouted, lowering his ears a bit.

“I know, but I do need to go into the office sometimes. I’d stay home all the time if I could.”

Phil nodded in understanding, but frowned a bit when he saw Dan was empty handed. “Where’s your briefcase”

Dan looked down and groaned. “Shit, I must’ve left it at the office. I really need the papers in it too. I’ll have to call and see if anyone into still there that could drop it off for me. Thanks for noticing, kitten. I’m such a scatter brain.”

Phil smiled a little as he watched Dan go to make the phone call. Having reassurance that he was doing something good always made him smile. It let him know that he wasn’t as much of a failure as he was lead to believe. It wasn’t long before Dan strode back into the room.

“Luckily someone was still there. They’ll be by soon to drop it off, but until then, I’m all yours.” Dan told him.

As they waited for Dan’s co-worker, Phil managed to convince Dan to start a fire to get rid of how chilly the room was. They cuddled up on the couch together, watching a random TV show. The butterflies in Phil’s tummy were going absolutely crazy. Just absolutely Phil was about to doze off again, the doorbell rang. Dan got up to answer it, but Phil, being curious, followed closely behind.

Dan stood talking to another man at the door, his briefcase now back in his hand. The other man was muscular, his hair shaved away. Phil almost didn’t recognize him, but one look into the man’s dark eyes was enough to tell him who it was. His previous owner was now in front of him once again. All noises cut out for a moment and Phil watched as Dan stepped aside to let the other man inside.

“-I want you to meet Josh.” Dan’s voice suddenly cut back in.

Phil swallowed hard as he saw the devilish smirk plastered onto Josh’s face. That look was enough to freeze him in place, his teeth clenched tightly together. With a quick glance at Dan, Phil didn’t feel like himself anymore. It was as if a switch inside his brain had been flipped, turning off all control he had. The only thing running through his mind was that he needed to keep Dan safe.

Dan seemed to notice the sudden shift in Phil’s personality. “Phil, are you alright?”

Through no control of his own, Phil’s claws grew out, sharp as ever. His eyes were slightly wider than usual, glazed over in a sort of haze. At the same moment Josh went to take a step forward, Dan set his hand on Phil’s shoulder. In his state of mind Phil was unable to know it was Dan who had touched him. He believed it to be Josh’s heavy and rough hand upon him and that was enough to make him snap.

With a sharp hiss, Phil sent his claws flying into the nearest person, ripping the skin. There was a loud yelp in pain and the yelling that came after was enough to knock Phil out of his trance. With his vision clear once more, he could see that he had done no damage to Josh, but instead to Dan. Dan had four clean scratch marks running along his arm, beads of red already beginning to trickle out and join together making long strips of the liquid. It felt as though the wind had been knocked out of Phil as he realized that he had hurt Dan. There was no other explanation. He created those marks and made the angry red liquid pour out.

Dan held held his hand over the wounds to try and contain the blood flow.

“Phil, you need to go upstairs right now and go to your room. I don’t know what has suddenly gotten into you, but I’m not going to allow this,” Dan said coldly.

“D-dan I-”

“No, Phil. I don’t want to talk to you right now. Get upstairs and do as you’re told.”

Phil shrunk back and ran up the stairs with shaky legs. He’d never heard Dan with such an angry voice before and it terrified him. Phil began to pace his room with his ears flat down against his head. With a voice like that, Phil thought, he must have fucked things up. Guilt pooled in his stomach as he replayed what he had done. Fear mixed in when he remembered who was still in the home.

Phil heard the downstairs bathroom door close and soon heard steps coming up the stairs. That must be Dan, he thought. While Josh was in the bathroom, Phil could warn Dan. Just as a plan was starting to solidify, everything was shattered as those cold eyes stared back at him in his doorway. Josh strode in, closing the door behind him.

“Well, I never thought I’d see you again. What a shame you left. Always were selfish. Thinking of nothing but yourself. I gave you a good life and how did you repay me? Crying out like a little bitch and ran away to another home,” Josh spat.

Phil was trembling. All of the confidence he’d had earlier was gone and he felt paralyzed with fear, useless. The first smack echoed around the room, the noise seeming to increase as it bounced against the walls. Phil’s cheek burned and a few tears slipped out of his eyes. Suddenly, Phil was being pinned against the wall with Josh snarling in his ear.

“It’s all an act. Dan doesn’t care about you. No one could care about something as hideous as you. You’re a mistake Phil, a creature that shouldn’t have been born. You should do everyone a favor and just leave.”

With every word a slap followed. Phil’s cheeks were bright red and hurt like hell. Suddenly, he felt as sharp pain in his arm. Josh had taken out his pocket knife and sliced into his arm, carving a jagged line into into it like he was a piece of wood. Phil wanted to scream in pain, but Josh quickly silenced him.

“Make any noise and I hurt Dan next.”

Phil couldn’t stand the thought of Dan getting hurt, especially because of him. He endured the pain, his entire body screaming at him. The wound was bleeding quite a lot already and Phil feared what would happen.

“You’re going to leave now. Get out of this house and don’t come back or Dan will be in worse shape than you.” Josh growled, adding another small cut across Phil’s cheek.

Phil had no choice. He wasn’t going to see Dan get injured because of him. If that meant not seeeing Dan again, then he’d have to take that risk. In a few shaky steps, Phil reached the window. He climbed out onto the tree that lay just outside of it and took one last glance at the house before hurrying off into the cold.
To say Phil was freezing would be an understatement. The sweater he had did nothing to protect him from the cold air. It had begun to snow it was so cold, the little white flakes falling down from above to blanket the ground.

The only place Phil could run to was the the forest area near Dan’s home. He was running out of strength. The blood loss from the cuts on his arm was starting to make him dizzy  and the cold was making him shake violently.

As Phil continued to trek through the deep forest, he hadn’t seen where he was going and fell into a river filled with rushing water. The ice cold water bit into his skin, causing Phil to lose his breath for a moment. He had yet to know how to swim, the need never coming up until now. Phil flailed as the water caused his clothes to become heavier and try to drag him down. After inhaling much of the water, Phil was able to pull himself to the bank of the river and freed himself.

Phil just lay there as he coughed up  water, trying to breathe again. In a futile attempt to kept warm, Phil wrapped his tail around himself. While it didn’t help at all, it acted as a sort of comfort for Phil. All of his energy was drained. He couldn’t move and the loss of body heat was starting to effect him. If he looked close enough, his skin was starting to take on a blue tint.

There was no one here to save him this time.
Dan came out of the bathroom, his cuts now clean and bandaged up. His mind was still racing from earlier. Phil was in such a state that Dan had never seen before. The change had been almost instant and if he was being honest, it had scared Dan a little. He hadn’t meant to get so angry at Phil and the look on his face made him feel guilty for snapping. But it was in the heat of the moment and Dan knew he couldn’t just let Phil get away with his actions.

It was all very confusing and he hadn’t had much time to think before Josh came down the stairs.

“Thanks for letting use your bathroom before I left. I’m sorry about what happened with your neko, he didn’t seem to like me very much.” Josh said.

“It’s no problem. And I should be the one to apologize. Phil really isn’t like that, he’s never tried to attack someone before. I don’t know what has happened, but I’m going to talk to him about it later.” Dan told him.

“Maybe you should let him cool off for a bit first. You know, so you don’t get any more injuries. Anyways I’ll see you in the office on Monday.”

As Dan led Josh out, he could’ve sworn he saw a smirk on on his face. Deciding to take his advice and let Phil cool down, Dan started to prepare dinner for the two of them. When everything was complete, Dan headed upstairs to fetch Phil.

Once Dan opened the door, he noticed Phil wasn’t in his room. With a frown Dan went to check his own room to see if Phil was in there instead. Again, no Phil in sight. Dan started to freak out as he searched every room and came up with nothing. He quickly ran outside and shouted Phil’s name, hoping for and response, but none came. Dan didn’t know what to do and his first thought was to call Chris.

“Hello?” A voice answered after the third ring.

“Chris, I-I don’t know what to do, Phil’s gone,” Dan said quickly.

“Woah slow down, Dan. You mean your neko? He’s missing?”

Dan nodded, but remembered that Chris couldn’t see him. “Yes and I don’t know where he’s gone. He was just in his room less than an hour ago. I snapped at him before that because he scratched me. This is all my fault isn’t it?”

“Dan, don’t blame yourself. It won’t help anything. Look, PJ and I will come over and we will help you look for him. With PJ’s ability to smell better than us, we’re sure to find him.” Chris said calmly.

“Okay, okay thank you. Just please hurry, I don’t want him getting hurt.” Dan said quietly.

Tears started welling up in Dan’s eyes once he hung up the phone. He tried to wipe them away. It broke his heart to not know where Phil was right now or what had happened. It didn’t seem like Phil to run off, that wasn’t his personality. What Dan wanted to know most of all was what made Phil decide to leave.

Dan had been thinking so much he barely knew how much time had passed until the ringing of the doorbell broke him from his trance. He lifted himself off the couch, rubbing at his eyes once more before opening the door. Chris and his neko PJ stood on the doorstep, bundled up in warm coats and scarfs. Dan quickly grabbed his own coat and threw it on.

“Let’s hurry up. I didn’t know how bad it was snowing out here. PJ, do I need to give you anything to help you find Phil?”

PJ shook his head, his curly hair bouncing. “I can smell Phil’s scent on you already.”

“Then let’s go,” Dan said, closing closing the door behind them.

The group walked together, occasionally calling out Phil’s name. Every now and then, PJ would catch onto Phil’s scent, his ears twitching everytime he did. The cat-like nature only made Dan’s heart hurt more as his fear for Phil grew. Suddenly, PJ’s ears began to twitch more than ever.

They were in the middle of the woods, a thin layer of snow already covering the trees and the ground. PJ started to run forward, leaving Dan and Chris to chase after him. The faint sound of rushing water hit Dan’s ears and panic began to rise in his stomach. It was common knowledge for him that Phil couldn’t swim and if there was water nearby it could be a disaster.

“Over there!” PJ shouted as he pointed towards a river that was coming into view.

Dan noticed a lump on the edge of the river thar had two pointed ears sticking out ftom the top. He felt his heart drop as he bolted to the figure. Phil’s body was shaking violently and he was barely conscious. The clothes he wore were sopping wet, one arm dyed a crimson color that broke Dan even more. After seeing how blue Phil’s skin was turning, Dan went Dan went to check his pulse, finding it to be almost non-existent.

“Chris! Call for an ambulance now!” Dan shouted as he pulled Phil into his arms, trying to provide him with as much heat as he could.

“You’ll be okay, Phil. Just keep breathing for me, okay? I know you’re tired, but just try to stay awake.” Dan said quietly, running his hand through Phil’s hair.

“I-I… I’m s-sorry I was b-bad. D-didn’t mean t-to hurt y-you…”

“Phil, you weren’t bad. My arm is fine. I’m the one who needs to apologize. I’m so sorry for snapping at you like that, I never meant for you to run away.” Dan told him.

“W-wasn’t you,” Phil choked out.

“What do you mean it wasn’t me? I made you run away, didn’t I?”

It looked like it took all of Phil’s energy to shake his head. Before Dan could ask any more questions, sirens started coming closer. Dan lifted up the freezing boy and began to carry him towards the ambulance alongside PJ and Chris. Dan decided to ride in the ambulance with Phil while Chris and PJ would meet them at the hospital.

The entire ride had been stressful for Dan as he watched the paramedics work. Upon arrival to the hospital, Dan was taken away from Phil and ushered into the waiting room despite his protests. Dan’s sat restlessly in the small chair, bouncing his leg and tapping his fingers. When PJ and Chris arrived, they sat beside him and tried to comfort him, but it only made him breakdown. All he wanted was for his neko to be okay.
When Phil awoke, he still felt the cold running through him, but now to a lesser degree. He heard machines beeping and and he looked down to see various wires in one arm while his other was wrapped up in gauze. No longer were his clothes drenched in water, instead some kind of gown covering his body. The room seemed too sterile and the lack of anyone else in the room made Phil nervous. The noise of the door clicking open made Phil’s ears twitch a little and look towards the source of the noise. A short woman with her hair pulled back and wearing a white coat while holding a clipboard walked in.

“Oh, Phil, you’re awake. You gave us quite the scare. I’m Dr. Jackson. How do you feel right now?” She said.

Phil pulled the blankets covering him up further to try and help warm himself up more. “S-still cold, but n-not as bad as b-before. I’m really confused a-and sleepy.”

She nodded, writing a few things down. “We’ll have to keep you here here few days. Your body heat was dangerously low, it was a good thing that those boys called when they did. You wouldn’t have lasted much longer.”

Phil scrunched his face up a few little, trying to remember what had happened. He remembered a lot of the events, but some things were still fuzzy due to the state he had been in. Suddenly, a face popped into his head.

“W-where’s Dan? Is h-he okay?” Phil asked urgently. He didn’t know if something could’ve happened to him due to Josh’s threats.

“Dan is perfectly fine, a bit nervous but fine. He’s been waiting for you to wake up. Would you like me to get him in here?”

Phil hesitated for a moment, biting his lip. Even if it was impossible for Josh to be anywhere near him at the moment, Phil still worried that the contact with Dan would lead to him getting harmed. However, Phil was already missing Dan’s affection and when he felt so awful he needed it more than ever. Eventually he nodded. Dr. Jackson did a few quick checks on Phil before exiting the room to fetch Dan.

Phil was picking at the blanket nervously before the door opened again. He didn’t even have a chance to look over before someone was hugging him tightly.

“Thank god, you’re okay. I’ve been so worried about you. Nobody was telling me anything. Oh, your arm! And you have a cut on your face. I can’t believe this happened.” Words poured out of Dan’s mouth so fast, Phil barely had time to process them.

“Dan, too t-tight,” Phil said, referring to the hug.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Dan quickly loosened his grip and pulled away, still holding onto Phil’s hand. “I guess I got a bit too happy to see you.”

“I’m g-glad to see you too, Dan,” Phil said with a faint smile.

“Phil, I have to know. Why did you run off? What happened to your arm and face? I know you couldn’t do that yourself. You also told me it wasn’t me who made you run away, so what happened?” Dan pleaded.

“I-I um…” Phil mumbled, gripping onto the sheets as tight as he could in his weakened state.

“Please, Phil. I want to make sure you’re okay. I care a lot about you and I don’t like seeing you this way.”

Phil took took a deep breath. “It was Josh. H-he was my old owner a-and when I s-saw you with him s-something snapped. I n-never meant to scratch you, I p-promise! W-when I was in my room he… he came a-and he slapped me and cut me. H-he told me that if I d-didn’t leave he’d hurt you. I couldn’t stand you g-getting hurt, s-so I left. I’m sorry!”

Phil was bawling his eyes out by the end of the story, while Dan story at there getting misty eyed himself. Arms wrapped around him once again, but gently this time as if Phil was fragile and Dan was afraid to break him.

“I’m so sorry, Phil,” Dan whispered.“I’m supposed to protect you and I let this happen.”

“It’s okay, Dan. Y-you couldn’t h-have known.” Phil said quietly.

“But I should have! You were acting so strange when he came in and I didn’t think anything of it. You practically shouted that he was dangerous and I didn’t listen.”

“P-please, don’t blame yourself, Dan. I d-don’t so y-you shouldn’t.” In an attempt to reassure Dan, Phil squeezed Dan’s hand lightly.

The room grew silent, only the steady beeps of the machines cutting through. Every so often Phil would shiver as the cold ran through him.

“Dan? W-would you maybe l-lay with me?” Phil asked quietly.

Dan was quick to nod. “Of course, Phil.”

Phil slid over as far as he could to give Dan room to lay down while Dan slipped in next to him. He felt as arms wrapped around him once again and warmth slowly started to pour onto him. Being squished together in the small space normally wouldn’t be comfortable, but Phil felt cozy and relaxed. Before he knew it, Phil started to doze off, his tail slowly curling around Dan.

“Get some sleep, Phil,” Dan said. “You’ll be okay.”

Just as Phil was about to lose consciousness, he heard Dan speak once more.

“I’m not going to let anyone hurt you again.”
A few days later, Phil was released from the hospital with a small cold and a stitched up arm. It took awhile for Phil to adjust back at home. The attack from Josh having sent his progress backwards. Nights became harder as his nightmares changed to include Dan. Little things like knocks on the door and the sound of footsteps in the halls at night would cause Phil to freeze up, his heart pounding in his chest.

These were the times that Dan was thankful for Phil’s cat-like mannerisms. Phil’s ears would lower while his eyes seemed to glaze over, his tail puffing out slightly. Those signs helped Dan figure out when Phil needed the most help as Phil wasn’t very vocal about his issues.

There were the bad days. The ones where Phil couldn’t stand a single touch and curled up into a ball, crying his eyes out as he relived memories. There were also the good days. The ones where Phil would happily chew on bubblegum and beam with excitement when he learned something new. Those were the ones that they both loved the most, but they both knew it couldn’t always be that way.

Currently, Phil was laying in the grass of Dan’s backyard, soaking up the sun. It was early spring now and despite the warmth of the sun, Phil still had to wear a jacket to keep the cold out. A bright red ladybug was crawling along his hand, moving from finger to finger as Phil watched with wide and curious eyes. A sudden laugh nearly made Phil drop the small bug. Phil turned his head slightly to see Dan walking out with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket.

“Looks like you’re having fun out here,” Dan said, taking a seat next to Phil.

The butterflies in Phil’s stomach started fluttering once again from being so close to Dan. It made a small smile come to his face.

“I-I think I’ve made a new friend,” Phil said with a giggle.

“I’d sure say you have. It’s hard not to want to be a friend of yours.” Phil blushed in response.

Dan ran a hand through his hair. “There was something I wanted to tell you. I just got off the phone with the police department. They caught him, Phil. They really caught him.”

Phil stopped for a moment. “Y-you mean…?”

Dan nodded. “Josh is going away for a long time. He can’t hurt you anymore, Phil.”

The ladybug flew off of Phil’s finger and landed on a nearby flower. Overcome with happiness, Phil flung himself at Dan, knocking them both back into the grass. Phil didn’t think he could hug Dan any tighter.

“Thank you, Dan, thank you,” Phil muttered over and over.

Dan smiled as his heart swelled with love for the boy. Phil pulled away for a moment, his face just inches from Dan’s face. Both boys had tears in their eyes from the revelation, overwhelmed with emotions. They locked eyes and Dan raised his hand up to glide across Phil’s cheek.

“Phil? Can I kiss you?” Dan asked softly.

Phil nodded slowly, the butterflies going crazy in his stomach. The two met each other as their lips connected. It wasn’t perfect, Dan being the more experienced out of the two, but it made them happy. They kissed once more before Phil rested his head back down on Dan’s chest.

“I t-think I figured out what the b-butterflies in my tummy meant.”

Dan raised his brow. “Butterflies? What butterflies?”

“T-the ones that c-come when I’m around you,” Phil mumbled,  his cheeks heating up.

“Aww, kitten,” Dan cooed.

Phil buried his face in Dan’s chest. Dan laughed and began to stroke Phil’s hair. Content purrs began to flow from Phil. Even though the scars of the past still marred his brain, Phil was sure that the future was to be filled with something he’d never had before. Love.

I came across an interesting clip from the popular documentary, “Hidden Colors 3.” In it, legendary comedian, writer, and activist Dick Gregory, gave a brief assessment on racism in America. He also said something that was quite startling—George Washington Carver was a victim of castration.
George Washington Carver who is known as one of America’s greatest scientist was born into slavery sometime in 1864. Much of his early life was unknown; but what we do know about this great man is that he was the inventor of many food products that eventually became everyday staples in the diets of Americans.
Carver who never married, devoted much of his time to science and kept himself busy with a plethora of hobbies such as knitting, painting, sewing, and of course his research as it related to agriculture.
Gregory insisted that George Washington Carver was stripped of his dignity and manhood. When Carver was a little boy, he was castrated by the man who owned him. Allegedly, Carver became a house servant and since he was going to spend a majority of time in the house, his owner didn’t want him to rape his daughter, so he took away his ability to mature into a full functioning adult male.
What was also startling about this story is hearing the actual voice of Carver. It was quite high pitched—I can’t even describe it.
So I had to do my research.
While some research states that Carver’s voice was high pitched due to scarring on this throat as a result of developing whooping cough as a child, others state that castration was much likely the cause.
In her 1981 book George Washington Carver: Scientist and Symbol, author Linda O. McMury notes that when asked why he wasn’t married, Carver vaguely eluded to friends in 1937 that an unpleasant event from his past prevented him from every marrying or having children. He never specified what happened.
Authors Harley Flack and Edmund D. Pellegrino stated in their 1992 book African-American Perspectives on Biomedical Ethics, that Carver had his critical body parts removed by a “Dr. Dιck.” The authors stated that the incident took place when Carver was only 11 years old and he actually approved of the procedure, as he didn’t want to be seen as a threat to society. He also wanted an education and dedicated his life to service. The authors state that Carver’s owner put the young man through the procedure because he “needed a new house servant and companion for his daughter.”
Further proof came from biographer Peter Burchard, who in 2010 did an interview with Iowa Public Radio in which he suggested that c@stration was also a factor. Burchard stated that a person close to Carver spoke with the doctors who examined him when he died and confirmed that where there should’ve been testicles, there was scar tissue.
What the hell?
In renaissance times, it was quite common that Eunuchs (men who’d had their reproductive organs removed) be used to guard the castle in many European countries. The King would put these Eunuchs in place because they knew that it would be impossible for them to carry on s-xual relationships with the Queen and Princess’s of the castle. It’s only feasible to assume that the practice was carried over into slavery.
Although I wasn’t able to gather concrete evidence, I came across many websites that suggested that Black slaves in America were often c@strated if they were assigned to work in the homes of their Masters.
Carver’s voice never fully developed because it’s possible that his male hormones never developed properly. Throughout most of his life, people thought he was a homosexual. At one point, he courted a woman by the name of Sarah L. Hunt for three years. But historians suggested that the union lasted until she took a teaching position in California.
Why am I bringing up old stuff again? Because this is another example of the atrocities committed against Black men in this country. I saw George Washington Carver one way before I learned about this atrocity. Now I see him as a victim. Yes, he created a great legacy for himself and is down in the history books as one of the greatest scientist to ever grace American soil. But his right to reproduce was traded in for such an accolade. His right to marry and have sexual relations was stripped away from him.
Nevertheless, he is again one of the greatest scientists in America’s history.

By: Yolanda Spivey for blacktimetravel.com

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What if Mulder sold the unremarkable house in season 11?

The stiff, yellow legal-sized envelope arrives two weeks after she leaves for good.  It sits, unopened, on the countertop for another two weeks.  

He avoids looking at it every morning as he stumbles down the stairs, dragging a hand over his face and blinking eyes bleary with sleep.  He still catches himself getting two mugs down when he makes the coffee, and he swallows hard and ignores the sputtering of his heart when he gently returns the extra cup to its spot in the cabinet.  He definitely does not notice it sitting there when he deliberately turns his back to it as he microwaves his pitiful frozen dinners for one.

The return address is from a law firm in Dupont Circle.  A quick Google search tells him that they specialize in real estate.  He doesn’t quite know why, after he glances over their ‘About Our Firm’ tab, he squeezes his eyes shut and releases the air he’s been holding in one long, slow whoosh.  Of course it wouldn’t have been a divorce attorney; they were never legally married. But the fact that he’d been half-expecting it to be tells him more about their relationship than any ring ever could have.

When he finally picks up the envelope and pulls the tear-away tab with trembling, sweaty hands and slides out the single piece of paper, the rest of the print goes blurry when the title of the document comes into focus.  


THIS DEED is made this 29th day of February, in the year 2013, between Dana Katherine Scully, as Grantor; and Fox William Mulder as Grantee,


That, for consideration of $0.00, the Grantor does hereby grant and convey, without warranty, unto the Grantee, the following described property located in Fairfax County, Virginia…”

Mulder lets the notarized deed slip out of his fingers and flutter to the floor.  

He’s finally a homeowner.

Too bad the house he now owns is haunted by the ghost of his last chance at happiness.


Three Years Later

It’s not until after he begins to commute back and forth to Washington, D.C., for work Monday through Friday in his gas-guzzling used pickup that he quickly realizes coming home to an empty house in rural Virginia is untenable.  

Scully grimaces at him when he walks in ten minutes late for the third day in a row.  

“Traffic?” she asks unnecessarily.

Mulder just groans and sheds his jacket, draping it on the back of his desk chair.  

She makes sympathetic noises, but Mulder thinks he sees a flash of something genuine – longing? regret? – slip past the mask of detached aloofness she usually wears to work before she turns to take the file they’d been working on out of her briefcase, diving right in to tell him that the theory he’d postulated the previous day is wrong, and here’s why.  

As he watches her eyes light up, an antagonistic smile quirking the corners of her beautiful lips, he realizes and doesn’t care that he’s stopped listening to her line of argument altogether.  The drive wouldn’t be nearly so bad if he had company, he muses.  He works up the courage to tell her so all morning.  

But just before lunch, she lifts her buzzing cell phone from her suit pocket, smiles gently at the screen when she sees who’s calling, and excuses herself.

The flare of hope that he’d been foolishly kindling for the past few weeks, ever since she’d call him “her Mulder” and smirked up at him wearing nothing but his old t-shirt and a cocked eyebrow, is doused with cold reality.  

Mulder calls their realtor as soon as she slips out the door, the phone ringing in the ear he has pressed to the phone as her soft laughter echoes down the hallway.


James Corden was an old high school friend of Mulder’s that he’d kept in touch with after he’d relocated from Martha’s Vineyard to the D.C. area.  J.C. had quickly dropped out of college and gotten his real estate license, much to the chagrin of his parents and the delight of his close friends, Mulder being one. He was a viciously savvy realtor, successfully marketing himself to the upper echelons of D.C. society and climbing his way steadily up the real estate ladder until his sharky white grin was gracing bus stop benches and highway billboards in the inner city and along the 395.

When Mulder and Scully had finally thought it prudent to settle, after they’d finally tired of running, J.C. had been the first person Mulder had thought to call.

When Mulder finally gets through to him once more, the first words out of his old friend’s mouth sting like saltwater seeping into a papercut.  

“Fox!  How are you and Dana liking that rickety old house, you crazy bastard?!”

J.C. is instantly contrite when Mulder’s muted response is that the house is fine, it’s served it’s purpose, but no, Dana isn’t still living there.  And yes, he’d like to put it on the market as soon as possible.  He can fax over a copy of the deed today.

“Jesus, Fox…I’m sorry,” J.C. says, and Mulder hears genuine remorse, and is grateful for it.  J.C. had apologized in the exact same tone after he’d accidentally busted out the attic window of the house Mulder grew up in during a pickup baseball game the summer before they’d both turned 10.  

Their house…no, his house, he reminds himself…is placed on the market the very next day.


Scully’s ridiculously oversized SUV winds its way up his long dirt driveway.  She parks and steps out, shielding her eyes and surveying their home like a stranger, as though the memory of her hasn’t already seeped into its every nook and cranny.

He squints at her from the porch and smiles, takes her hand and leads her down the path that winds its way around the property.  They talk about things the way they used to – tangentially, abstractly.  

When her small fingers worm their way between his, when she’s looking at him like she expects him to ask her to stay, he finally tells her.

“I put the house up for sale.”

She has the good grace to look stunned for a moment before she recovers.  She nods, looking back at their unremarkable home over her shoulder.

“Any interested buyers?”

He ignores her feigned nonchalance in the interest of keeping the peace.

“Not really, not yet. J.C. said it could take awhile.”

Making a humming noise in the back of her throat, she drops her hands and stuffs them in her pockets, turning back to shuffle towards her car.  He flexes his fingers against the loss of hers.

When she goes to leave, placing a dry, chaste kiss goodbye on his cheek, she allows her eyes to roam over the ramshackle lines of the house they once called home, sighs, buckles herself in, and leaves.


The call doesn’t come until a couple of weeks later.

“Fox, we actually have a potential buyer.  They seem really interested.  Can you make yourself scarce tomorrow afternoon around 3 p.m.?” J.C. asks, and Mulder promises he’ll leave the house in decent shape.  

He leaves just after 2 p.m., fretting over a coffee he allows to grow tepid while he glances nervously at his phone every couple of minutes at the local café in town.  

J.C. doesn’t call him until the following day, but Mulder can hear the relief in his old friend’s voice when he says they’re offering almost $10,000 over the asking price.  He starts talking about townhomes he’s been eyeballing for Mulder in Truxton Circle and Lincoln Park.  

Mulder tunes him out and signals his server, paying his tab with his eyes downcast, and wonders how he can ever pack up and say goodbye to the home where he scooped her up and carried her across the threshold, marking it forever as theirs together.


A few weeks later, and he opens the documents J.C.’s office forwards, noting with a frown that the signature lines of the buyers are blank.  He calls and is patched through to his friend immediately.  

“Agh, shit.  Sorry, Fox, I meant to look everything over when their realtor faxed it to me, but I didn’t have time this morning.  Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.  Just go ahead and bottom-line the offer and we’ll send it back over to their realtor right away.  It must have been that the buyers were so enthusiastic and excited over this house that they overlooked those signature lines.  Just sign the title documents and send them back, and we’ll get it taken care of today.”

“I already emailed the paperwork back to you with my signature, J.C.,” Mulder sighs, and rubs his eyes.  “Just make it happen.  Tell me when we can close so I can start looking for a new place.”

J.C. says all the right things and Mulder hangs up, the escrow closing date looming the following week. Mulder mentally starts packing, preparing to exorcise himself of their home, of their furniture, of their bed he hasn’t been sleeping in for the last two years.  

Impossibly, the sheets still smell like her.


The day finally arrives when he’s to hand the keys over to the new owners of his haunted house.  Every room has been packed up and shipped out. The house now sits empty and gaping behind him.  He stands on the porch, shuffling his feet back and forth and absently fingering the set of keys in his pocket.  

He squeezes his eyes shut when he sees a car and a moving van approach in the distance, their arrival heralded by a cloud of kicked-up dust.  With eyes still closed, he hears gravel crunch under tires, gulps past the absurd lump of emotion that’s formed in his throat, and raises his head.

The glint of foxfire hair reflects off of a comically gargantuan SUV.  It really is far too big for someone that small to be driving.  

A coy smile plays over familiar lips, lighting up her eyes as they rake slowly over him when he leans one hip against the porch banister and crosses his arms, squinting down at her.

“I’ll have you know,” he intones, cocking his head as she mounts the stairs, “this house is haunted.”

She stops a few steps short of the landing, her eyes crinkling in the corners. She extends her arm, hand outstretched, and meets his gaze. There is nothing about her posture now that spells defeat, and he straightens his back in return, reaching down to place the keys into her cupped palm, his fingertips lingering on the soft skin of her hand.

She smiles up at him, inviting him in.  “I’ll take my chances.”


Sprocket, as you can probably see, is a beautiful and affectionate boy.

His previous owner lost his housing, so Sprocket made his way to his friends at Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco.  He’s 8 years old, and requires a special diet, but it’s really easy to manage. 

Sprocket would make a wonderful companion cat.  He’s fine on his own, or with mellow dogs or female cats.  He loves to play and is very outgoing.

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