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Distance - chapter 49

A/N - Chapter 49 of Distance is finished! Woohoo! I love this chapter too, because Kaidan finally sees Gina’s synthetic limbs and show’s her in his own special way how beautiful he still finds her. I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter! (Art is by @marceline2174)

FFnet: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10824329/1/Distance
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Distance - Chapter 49

The Normandy hummed gently as she passed through the velvety black of space; almost completely silent except for the gentle thrumming of the engines. The sounds, so familiar and comforting, kept Gina company as she sat alone in her cabin, her stomach turning in knots as she waited for Kaidan. And waited. And waited. And waited. His heartbreak over the death of Rodriguez had been immediate and apparent, as had his self-recrimination. Jack hadn’t helped, and the biotic had predictably piled the responsibility for her death at Kaidan’s door, blaming him for slowing her down.

“We shouldn’t have stayed outside cowering behind rubble!” she’d railed at him furiously, her biotics burning around her in a halo of dancing blue flames, her anger and pain raging out of control. “This is your fault!” Jack had almost screamed, jabbing a finger into his chest; causing Gina to hold her breath as she waited for Kaidan to react. “I could have saved her! I could have saved her!”

But she couldn’t have, and some small part of Jack had known it.

Gina hadn’t been there when the temple had come down and Cerberus had initially attacked them, but one glance at Rodriguez’s broken body had been enough for her to see that the young woman had been crushed by a falling column when the roof collapsed. There was nothing anyone could have done for her, let alone Jack.

But Kaidan hadn’t said that; he had taken Jack’s wrath, all of it, until it had burnt itself out and she finally collapsed in on herself.

“This is my fault,” she whispered finally. “God fucking dammit! She shouldn’t have been down there! None of them should have; but I took them. I took them on this mission.”

“We both did,” Kaidan said eventually, and he stepped forward and placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder. “But it wasn’t our fault. We didn’t kill her; Cerberus did.”

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Or at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2615129/chapters/22088900

For me, and for the more than 62 million people who didn’t vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, this is not a political moment. It’s a personal one. The same goes for the millions of other Americans who didn’t or couldn’t vote. And Trump has managed, in his own special, made-for-TV-or-Twitter-way, to bring us together in a historic and yet fragile coalition of people who see clearly what’s at stake.

I’m black. I’m queer. I am a woman and happen to own a piece of genitalia that — perhaps if I were white and blonde and, you know, “beautiful” by his standards — Trump would feel entitled to grab at any moment. I was raised by a single mother in the “inner city,” and I’ve lost people, “good” people, to gangs and violence and AIDS and drugs.

My survival was made possible by the very public assistance programs Trump and his appointee for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, are determined to make disappear. I was educated in the public schools Trump’s appointee for education secretary, billionaire philanthropist Betsy DeVos, is determined to turn into privatized vessels of “God’s Kingdom.” My grandmother was driven out of Mississippi by the white domestic terrorist organization Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, didn’t think was all that bad until he found out they smoked weed. People I know and love are at risk for deportation by a Secretary of Homeland Security pick, John Kelly, who “[doesn’t] know” if the department he’s tasked with leading will deport hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who found temporary relief from deportation under former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

It’s people like me, whose lives are being threatened by Trump’s administration, who are coming together and speaking out. Here we are, in an era when everyone from Meryl Streep to Metro Boomin’ can agree on the danger posed by Trump and his administration. Trump’s tiny fingers have managed to wage Twitter rants at civil rights hero John Lewis and Republican Gov. John Kasich. And now that he’s the most powerful man in the world, his tirades are no longer just threats. They could be a matter of life and death.

So, thousands of people are converging on Washington for the Women’s March, billed as one of the largest gatherings on the Capitol and easily the largest gathering of people living with disabilities that the United States has ever seen. Millions of others are gathering in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta. The entire state of California is up in arms and has vowed to fight against Trump’s political agenda. Their needs aren’t the same and their demands are different, but their target is clear: It’s Donald Trump and his antiquated ideas, his hateful ideologies, his inept form of leadership. People are organizing in new and collective ways and sharing their resources like never before.

Obama’s presidency may have fooled many into believing power could look and sound like us, but Trump is here to remind us that real power concedes absolutely nothing without a fight — and that even those concessions are never, ever guaranteed to last. They must be protected.

Nobody proves that more than President Donald Trump.

— Jamilah King, President Donald Trump has united America like never before — just not the way we expected

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Harry Potter Preferences - Part 7: Valentine’s Day

Draco: You would basically already wake up under a pile of presents. It’s not that Draco wouldn’t spoil you anyways, but on days like this he would go *slightly* over the top. Jewelry, flowers, chocolate and dinner at a fancy restaurant. You would’ve tried to tell him that this wasn’t necessary, but you knew he only ment good, wanting to show you that you deserve everything this world has to offer.

Sirius: Since he wouldn’t be that much into cheesy traditions, Sirius soon developed his own way to make this day special for the both of you. Every year he’d take you on a road trip, never telling you where you’d be going this year, but it would always be some kind of place that you wanted to visit for quite some time now.

Remus: Considering that Remus already had a thing for chocolate, you were the one that decided to visit a chocolate factory that offered guided tours. You loved the look on his face when his expression changed from surprise over confusion to basically sugar sweet excitement.

Neville: With Neville you would practically drown in flowers. He would not only give them to you as soon as you woke up, but it also became a tadition for the two of you to visit the zoo. It might seem childish to some people, but years ago you thought it would be a funny idea since both of you loved animals, which is why you just stuck to it.

Cedric: Both of you would enjoy classic, more simple activities that would allow you to focus on each other. Which is why Cedric would take you to a cozy little restaurant, with some prive space to dance afterwards. You two would spend the whole night talking, dancing and in the end just curling against each other when you arrived back home, not really needing a special day to show the other one how much you love them.

Fred: Fred would take you to a Quidditch game every year. Both of you were huge Quidditch fans and visiting those games on special occasions would remind both of you of the day you met. You would grab something to eat as well, but the bigger part of the evening would be spent laughing and cheering with thousands of other people.

George: Cheesy romance wouldn’t really fit with the two of you, which is why you developed a rather unconventional Valentie’s Day tadition. Every year the two of you would go to an ‘Escape Room’. Getting locked somewhere and having to solve all kinds of riddles to get out wouldn’t only be fun for both of you, it would also once again show what a great team you guys are.

Harry: Neither of you would really enjoy going out on Valentine’s Day, because the thing you enjoyed most would be each others company. This is why you would usually stay inside, cook together and afterwards some cuddling in front of the fire place.

even bech næsheim, please protect and love this boy, who wants to give isak so much, so so much. so much love and affection and attention. who, in his own special way, wants isak to feel like he is wanted, that isak is worthy of so much.

protect and love this boy who, at first sight and impression, will look like your standard 19 yr old guy, all “joints behind his ear” and “smug smirks” and “quiffed up hair”, but oh god, once you get to his core, his inner workings, he’s nothing but filled with love. the softest. with such vulnerabilities and fears of loneliness and insignificance, but he’s got so much love to give.

protect and love this boy that cannot find it easy to open up to people. that has dreams of making films and becoming a director and is into the arts and theatre. who cooks cheese toasties with spices for isak. who speaks of death like it’s an escape. who doesn’t sleep at night. who’d break into someone’s house just to kiss isak in the swimming pool. who rides his bike and wants to take isak with him.

protect and love this boy who, for once, is okay to exist in a different universe, so as long as he’s with isak. otherwise, even the prospect of thinking about it scares him.

protect and love this boy.

Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ is sensing perhaps some tension, nay fear, in the tags this morning regarding our glorious shiraz swilling Serena and the attentions she may pay a certain swarthy bobby.  Just as I did with @cinemastill I come to calm the troubled waters my lieblings.

***swans about sprinkling the sapphic waters of serenity***

While it is true that our endless toil of waiting for the beloved a bit emotionally thick BMAM to return from fannying about in Eastern Europe from her pilgrimage of how the hell do I deal with the reality that I’m soul-destroyingly in love with that brunette surgeon self discovery, our wait is almost at an end and we must forbear as Serena puts her house into order and lays waste utterly to her idea, however fleeting, of a future with the police force.

Be not afraid of the bumbling, neanderthal copper.  He is but a passing moment for our gorgeous Sass Queen.  She is exercising her goddess-given right to hedonism in all its glory and yet it may come to pass that she finds their lip-lock perhaps not up to the same sapphic, heart-pounding lingerie destroying caliber that she has become used to as of late.

CUE: This Looks Like a Job For………….

yes I know I have used this gif before but is there a such a thing as overuse with it? Really? Like can that actually be a thing?

So I know I said I wanted Bum happy and safe but this current arc is just giving me such a thirst for murder husbands.

Like Sangwoo is just so desperate to get Bum involved with his shenanigans and in his own warped way is trying really hard to make it special. So yeah, I want them living some weird fucked up domestic life in prison together; where Sangwoo still has massive mummy issues, Bum is his prison wife and he’ll stab anyone who looks twice at them.

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omg, I never thought JJ would be the first to make me cry!

Awww anon ! Don’t be sad *hugs you* I’ll try to cheer you up so hang on tight with how it begins haha :’) 

I think it was actually interesting to see this side of JJ ! He looked very ambitious and confident, but even he can feel pressure ! He’s only human too :) People expect a lot from him, and he doesn’t want to disappoint them. But look at how his fiancée cheered for him even though he was at his lowest. The crowd cheered him up, and I thought that was very beautiful ? I’ll be honest though, I first thought “woah the audience is really crying Tears™” lmao :’) Despite his low score, they kept on cheering for him to show their love and support. JJ’s relationship with his audience and fiancée looked very special in its own way, it still is but holds a meaning. This moment was beautiful and interesting :) 


Neutral Zamasu

Kinda disappointing that we didn’t get to see a timeline in which Zamasu stayed neutral. Imagine him actually becoming a Supreme Kai and bringing order to the gal… er, universe in his own special way. “Hear me, mortals.The first to start a war will be eradicated” or “Mortal, you didn’t segregate your waste. Prepare to be punished”. He could’ve been a very interesting (and proactive) deity.


These guys did so many beautiful things for their teams…I have a big respect for them! They showed us how to truly love and value every moment of our lives! Hats off to all of them! ✋ Even if I like Schlieri the most …even if he is the hero for me…I really respect every single ski jumper! Everyone is special in his own way…they all are hard-working, humble and full of passion! They all should be appreciated and respected because it’s not easy to be a flying eagle! 🙄🙄
I chose these two pics because these podiums were the best for me…these five men are the greatest..they are my favs from each team! But…as I said…there are many more amazing ski jumpers…I mean…all of them…they deserve our appreciation!!

'cause nobody saves me baby, the way you do - lelex - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: William “Dex” Poindexter, Derek “Nursey” Nurse, Eric Bittle
Additional Tags: Sharing a Bed, bc I’m absolute trash for that trope, Love Confessions, Emotions of mass proportions, in which Nursey has a lot of feelings, Fluff, there is some baking as well, predictably, canon typical drinking, barely, the Derek Nurse is Emo As Fuck podcast, and Dex tries to assist with those feelings in his own special way, also sorry bits you had to take the fall in this one

And for one horrible second Dex is about to apologize, about to take it back, when Nursey is sitting up straight again and essentially shouting into the quiet of the library. No fucking wonder they always get kicked out of this section of the stacks.


Honestly, the way he waves, I just find myself doing it that way now too. It’s his own little special thing, and the way he introduces himself is more like “hello, I’m Mahee from The Nine-een-sevenee-five” and it is the CUTEST thing.

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My Favourite Distraction

Characters: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Summary: A request from the lovely @badwolf-nine.  I kinda went in a direction with this, hope you like it. Inspired by some actual events.

Hey, could you please do a reader/bones imagine, where the reader is staying up late with paper work and Bones sees her and decides to help in his own special way. Pouring her a drink, teasing her and being generally unhelpful while trying to help. <3

Word Count: 1107

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