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playing video games with jungkook would include?? :)

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  • he can honestly be one of the two…
  • either he helps you work the controls & lets you win some of the games
  • you can be his babe, but even you won’t get in the way of him keeping his reputation as THE gamer!!
  • he’d probably provoke the heck out of you when he sees that you’re not doing so well
  • and most likely would brag every time he wins
  • you might just end up giving up soon and end up doing something else
  • but he would beg you to play another round w/ him
  • “come on!!! you’re actually not that bad. i’m just better!! one more round”
  • you give in bc he starts giving you the puppy eyes & pouting
  • you lose… again
  • so you no longer want to play w/ jungkook & tell him to play w/ some of his other friends
  • except when he does play with his other friends, you start messing w/ him a lot for the fun of it
  • such like taking away his controller in the middle of the game
  • causing his teammates yell through the headphones, asking him what the heck was going on
  • jungkook freaking the heck out & asking you to give the controller back
  • you do end up giving it back to him
  • actually watching him play
  • and he actually looks pretty hot when he’s gaming seriously??? you also admit that he’s a really good gamer
  • ordering pizza when you’re hungry & you feeding kook while he’s in the middle of a game

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Grossly Codependent - howboutinotdothis - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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Now, here Jared is, cleaning out his stupid fucking minivan with Evan, one half of ConnorandEvan, because the other half is out of town at his stupid science camp again and Evan’s junior park ranger bullshit just ended and Jared just got back from camp a week ago and all of his other friends are too busy to hang out, so there’s no reason to not spend time with Evan aside from the fact that Evan’s being gross and codependent with Connor and not him. And he’s not upset about that.


He’s not.

Spots of Sunshine [Prompto x Reader]


I’m sorry this took so long. 

Please forgive me. 



Your freckled skin 
Brags of your unique character
and I realise as I kiss each freckle
I will never know someone else quite like you…

Prompto leaned forward, staring at his reflection on the mirror, analysing with furrowed brows every single detail on his face. His fingers then began to probe at the spots which scattered themselves along his skin. If Prompto hated anything more than bugs, or fighting Behemoths, it was his freckles.

The blonde was rarely the type to care about his appearance, however when it came to those spots pigmenting his skin, it was enough to make him want to rip out his hair and scream. To him, they took away the masculinity, and made him look like a child; a weak pitiful child compared to his other friends. Prompto crumbled at the thought. If he ever had the chance to remove them from his face, of how he would talk it in a heartbeat. 

“Prompto are you done?” your voice sounded from the other side of the bathroom door.

Prompto quickly pulled away from the mirror. He didn’t realise how long he’d been inside the bathroom floor. Time sure flies when you’re staring at your flaws. However he was not quick enough to answer before you opened the door, catching his reflection in the mirror. You grew concerned

“What’s wrong Prompto?” you asked.

“It’s nothing.” he quickly replied. “Sorry, the bathrooms all yours.” and he swiftly walked past you, brushing his shoulder against yours.

However, despite his words, you didn’t fail to notice the flat look on his face. For someone who was as bubbly as the blonde, to suddenly become gloomy was something that could not leave unnoticed. Instead of going to the bathroom like you originally intended, you followed the blonde to where he sat in the living room, scrolling through his phone.

Quietly, you approached your boyfriend and sat yourself beside him, luckily going unnoticed. Peeking over, you saw that he had his search engine open, but what he was searching up shocked you the most. 

How to remove freckles

You frowned. “Prompto, what are you doing?”

“Ah!” Prompto yelped in fright and dropped his phone. “[Name]! You scared me.”

As much as his over reaction was amusing, you couldn’t bring yourself to laugh. Your frown still lingered as your eyes wandered to the phone now on the floor with the window open. Prompto froze when he realised what you were looking at, and quickly he snatched the phone from the ground in hopes that you did not see what he had open. But alas, everything was revealed. 

“Why?” you asked.

 “Why what?” Prompto replied with a question, pretending as if he had no idea what you were referring, when in reality, you both knew perfectly well what you were directing your question at.

 “Why are you searching up how to remove freckles?” you asked again.

 Prompto lowered his gaze. There was no point hiding it from you, you saw the search engine with your own eyes. “It’s because I hate them.” he confessed. “I hate my freckles.”

 “Why do you hate them?” you continued to question.

 “Because.” Prompto bit his lip. “They make me look weak, they make me look like a kid compared to the others. Everyone who sees me thinks I’m a child, a good for nothing teenager.” he said lowly, curling his hands which lay on his lap curled into fists.

 By now your frown had faltered and replaced with that of a look of concern upon witnessing and hearing the young blonde confess about his freckles, a feature you adored on his face. Without responding you edged closer towards him and with a pointed finger, you began to poke at his face, you finger tip aiming at the freckles with adorned his skin.

 Prompto’s brows furrowed at feeling the constant poking on his face. “Stop it!” he cried.

 “No.”you simply replied with a straight face and continued to poke.

 It wasn’t long until you began poking at his buttons and the blonde began to feel a fuse fizz out within him.  “Can you quit itt!” he shouted and in a flash took hold of your wrist with a tight grip.

 You blinked at Prompto, your straight face did not waver. “Then don’t hate your freckles.” you said.

 Prompto blinked. “What?”

 You moved yourself till you were now sitting on his lap. Prompto blushed at the sudden close proximity of your face only a mere inch away from his. Without warning, you then began to plant small and quick kisses on his face.

 “[N-Name]!” Prompto spluttered and pulled you away with his hands on your shoulders. “What are you doing?”

 “I love every single of of those freckles you despise.” you finally spoke. “They’re what makes  you you, and without them, you wouldn’t be the Prompto Argentum I fell in love with. So don’t let some stupid words take that way from you.”

 Prompto stared at you stunned. “[Name]…” he murmured out.

 “Don’t hate your freckles Prompto.” you said again. “Don’t hate yourself either.” you said sternly and cupped his face in your hands. “Do you hear me Prompto Argentum!”

 “Y-Yes Ma'am!” Prompto yelped.

 You breathed out a sigh of relief and dropped your hands. “You make me worry so much you idiot.”

 Prompto lowered his gaze in guilt. “I’m sorry..”

 You shook your head, a smile gracing your lips. “But you’re my idiot.” you said, and planted a kiss on his freckled cheek.

Bulletproof Monk

Witnessed in my friend’s campaign.

Friend of mine asked the GM if his friend could join our campaign. Graduated with a bachelors in fine arts and my friend thought he would bring interesting role-play to our games. So all of us start thinking to ourselves “this guys gonna be at Bard” but we were all surprised to find he actually was a Monk.

And not just a monk. The Bob Ross of monks. The nicest yet simultaneously the most terrifying character we’d ever witnessed. This is the story of how he beat the first serious boss of our campaign.

We were pinned behind cover vs a Gunslinger.

Gunslinger: “Come out. Come out. Wherever you are SO I CAN SHOOT YOU!”

Party talks about what to do and Monk is silent.

Then, as we are talking, he yells, “Ok. I’ll come out, but you better make that shot count!”

Monk OOC: “So there’s about 40 ft between me and him right?”

GM: “Yeah, and your speed would let you get there.”

Monk OOC: “Ok, but I deliberately want to walk slow enough so he gets a chance to shoot me.”

GM: “Uh, ok. Sure.”

Monk going towards him slowly: “Show me what you’ve got.”

Gunslinger: “You’re some kind of stupid, boy!” *Shoots*

GM: “That’s a hit. You take.”

Monk OOC: “I use Snatch Arrows.”

GM: “Wait…does that work on bullets?”

-One Rulebook Check later-

GM: “Ok so the rifle goes off and *Monk* reaches up faster than any of you can see and catches the bullet with two fingers. *Gunslinger* turns white as a sheet.”

Monk then proceeds to walk up and take a seat next to the guy, putting an arm around his shoulders while holding the bullet in his other hand.

Monk: “Hey, friend. Looks like you almost lost this. Good thing I grabbed it for you, huh? Why don’t you put the gun down before you lose any more?”

Monk OOC: “In case it’s not clear that’s an intimidate.”

GM: “Ok, roll for me.”

Nat 20

GM: “Of course it is. *Gunslinger* immediately puts his gun down in front of him and actually starts crying.”

Monk patting Gunslinger’s back: “Aw, there, there buddy. You almost got me. Why don’t you come with us now? Hands behind your back please. I’d hate to have to chase you.”

Our Wizard OOC to my friend: “So why did you never tell us your friend was Ace Ventura?”

Okay but you know what doesn’t sit well with me? The fact that Gansey doesn’t actually receive a lot of validation from his friends?? They all think about how amazing he is, how admirable, how unique, etc (I’m looking at Ronan and Adam POV’s, cause whoo boy), but how often do they actually tell him this?? 

I mean, Gansey didn’t actually understand how much his friends loved him until they followed him into the cave/tunnel in trk!! And he didn’t even think they would come in the first place!! I’ll admit, maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of months since I read the books and fanon is influencing my interpretation, but while someone will think something nice about Gansey, all they’ll say out loud is, “Your shoes are hideous” or “You’re such a buzzkill” or “Why do you talk like that?” Like, he doesn’t actually receive a lot of nice comments from Ronan or Adam??

please just compliment my boy Gansey and tell him that you love him

hey, remember when lars:
  • obviously had social anxiety issues and desperately wanted the cool kids to accept him and to fit in
  • didn’t exactly get along on the best of terms with steven, but still wasn’t a complete asshole to him (was visibly apologetic when he made steven angry for insulting his mom, smiled and returned the chest high-five steven gave him)
  • was, as a kid in the flashback in horror club, shown as kind towards ronaldo and accidentally, not on purpose, tore his picture apart due to his major self-esteem issues
  • actually attempted to credit steven for saving the cool kids from rose’s moss despite the fact that he could have taken all the credit due to his desire to be accepted and thought of highly by the cool kids
  • was shown having hidden talents, such as cooking
  • got genuinely concerned over spilling coffee on garnet in the episode future vision and asked if she was okay

had a jerkish, standoffish personality but obviously had many self-esteem related issues underneath it all that could have potentially been fleshed out and allow him to grow to become a wiser, well-rounded character and realize that it’s okay to be yourself? i miss that lars

IDK why current Marvel is so insistent on making sure Tony has no friends ever? Historically he’s done best as a character when he’s been:

A) Having a great time with his long-time well-established friends
B) Getting support from those friends
C) Saving or being saved by those friends

Like yeah, sure, ok give me so delicious “life is pain but I must overcome” Tony Stark TM self-sacrificing behaviour, but please let him have FRIENDS while it happens? Stop vagueing about it, Marvel! Just let people say they like Tony! 

Preferably to his face.

Some days I am absolutely convinced that the Legends of Tomorrow writers room just consists of a bunch of people playing a weird tabletop RPG and writing down whatever happens:

DM: the countdown is nearly up, and NASA is about to discover the time travellers on the moon

Stein’s player: I start singing the ‘Banana Boat Song’

DM: *sighs* roll


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

  • Percy: Grover is my best friend but so are you.
  • Jason: You can't have more than one best friend.
  • Percy: Says who?
  • Jason: Says logic.
  • Percy: Well, I call bull on your logic 'cause you're my best friend, too.
  • Jason: (smiling) Okay.

Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

I’m counting on you.

BTS as Roommates


  • ”hey, Third Guy From The Left, pass the remote”
  • cleans up after you, cooks for you, nags a lot; he’s basically your second mom
  • your friends coming over to hit on him
  • which he’s totally down with; “I’m worldwide handsome, what do you expect?”
  • your parents wishing you two would get together
  • you two cuddle sometimes and it’s fine, it’s nothing romantic. just two friends chilling in each others arms,, move along ppl, nothing to see here
  • you’re his taste tester
  • so he often makes you stand by while he cooks, so he can spoon boiling hot sauce from the pot into your mouth to ask if he needs more salt
  • buys you BTS merch
  • “I better be your ultimate bias” “look at me, I’m everyone’s bias and bias wrecker” “the real visual of BTS taehyung better back off”

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  • you joke that he’s basically a ghost
  • he’s usually not there, since he’s at the studio or doing promotions, concerts, etc. and when he is there, he’s sleeping
  • whenever he’s there and actually awake you’re like “who are you? I didn’t know you lived here” “shut up and tell me what there is to eat in this house. are there any lamb skewers?”
  • like I said, he’s mostly not there but when he is, he wants to spend some time hanging with you. the boys are fine but he’s so Tired of their antics that time with you is like a breath of fresh air
  • you don’t do much, just watch tv and order take out but it suites you both just fine. he usually shit talks other celebs during that time, so you know all the inside gossip
  • “wait, he’s cheating on her with the model??” you gasp
  • “yeah, I caught them fucking backstage”
  • “well, damn :( he was my bias”

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  • so f*cking loud omg u wonder why you still live with him
  • he’s energetic and loud (I can’t stress the loud part) for the most part, even waking you up with pans banging or singing in your ear
  • insists on “roommate bonding time” which is just an excuse to go out, get drunk & bring back f*ck buddies
  • has the LOUDEST sex
  • and walls are thin
  • but he apologizes w pizza so,, there’s perks to that
  • walks around half naked
  • flirts w your hot friends/family members but always asks you if it’s okay to make a serious move on any of them. he doesn’t want to cross any lines that would leave tension between you two
  • keeps trynna hook you up with one of the boys “except Joonie he’s gross” “he’s exactly like you” “exactly”
  • always texts & snaps you, sometimes about roommate stuff (”did I leave the stove on?” “which brand of popcorn should I pick up?” “did I leave my keys in the apartment?”) and sometimes just to chat
  • he likes to send you updates about BTS
  • he facetimed you at the BBMAS and does so just in general, so you get to see what idol life is really like … lots of sitting backstage, tired but running on adreneline, being hungry, etc

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Rap Monster:

  • your place is the hangout spot. the guys always come over whether it’s to chill or hold house parties where you’re like “let’s not get twisted and ruin the furniture” but uh,, let’s just say you two aren’t getting your deposits back
  • refuses to let the guys even hit on you; “you’re too good for them. I’d rather hook you up with someone better. do you like Jackson? wait, nvm he’s worse than us”
  • totally cool w you bringing back one night stands
  • hell, he slips you protection too if you need it
  • is also very aware of you when you’re both out, that no one tries to slip you something or take advantage of you
  • takes you home if you’re too drunk
  • nurses you as you throw up but gives you hell for it the next day
  • he’s basically more like your chill cousin than a roommate

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  • proTECT PROTECT Protect at ALL Costs
  • he denies this but he loves having you dote on him
  • it’s a nice feeling, to come back after a long day to your food, a warm home and just chill on the couch with you
  • he feels comfortable around you, talking about his worries or about his day
  • turns into Big Brother mode if you’re going to a party or if you start dating. no guy/gal even sets foot into that apartment unless they’re 100% Jimin approved
  • you’re both protective of each other, like siblings, so living together is a joy

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  • super touchy,, everyone thinks you’re dating but nah man it’s just friends kissing friends, how’s that not normal?
  • will crawl into your bed quite often
  • brings home food
  • insists on late night “adventures” to the convenience store, where you just buy junk food and movies on sale
  • jungkook practically lives there
  • you keep “joking” that he needs to pay rent but it’s not a joke anymore like seriously u use up all our hot water give us money
  • he loves having ppl over, not just jungkook lol, but your friends and his other friends,, your place is usually busy and always a warm environment
  • buys you matching “friendship” outfits and bracelets that legit are just friendship stuff, no dating
  • he tells you about his crushes (even before jungkook but don’t tell him)
  • and you two stay up some nights, stalking yours and his crushes, on their social media accounts, having panic attacks when you accidentally like shit from 38 weeks ago

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  • watching anime 25/8
  • offering him protection when jimin stays over; “but we’re just friends” “yeah right sure. just hmu if you need them”
  • it took him a whole year to warm up to you though
  • he was so awkward and shy, often keeping his distance
  • he walked in on you pooping once and it took two months for him to walk back into the apartment (he’d been sleeping on jin’s couch lol)
  • now he farts around you
  • you two rank the fart based on sound, funniness and smell
  • *choking* *tearing up* “good one (y/n) that’s a solid 11/10″
  • will blush himself to death if you bring home someone
  • doesn’t really bring anyone over himself. he’s too uncomfortable w the fact that you’re there to try anything.
  • doing childish shit like pranks and eating each others sweets
  • “kook did u eat my green sweets?”
  • jk, with green tongue: “no, how could u accuse me??”

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Raymond Reddington in 4x13


tiny children