his only good movie

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hi its the emoji movie anon and the only good thing about it is that they showed the donkey keith trailer before the movie started

(at the recording studio)

steven: hey jeremy how does it feel to have lance’s birthday be the same as the emoji movie’s release date


jeremy: dunno, how does it feel to have donkey keith be a thing


I just realized that the Good Omens movie will never be as good as it could have been simply because Christopher Lee is not alive to play or voice Death and I got sad.

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Have you seen the documentary "The Sweatbox"? It's a documentary about how Kingdom of the Sun became Emperor's New Groove, and the troubled production behind that film. It's fascinating, and you can only watch it online because Disney will not release it to the public.

Definitely! I have watched it more than once, in fact. I’ve had this fascination for Kingdom of the Sun for years, now, and this is practically the only way you can get any info on it, after all.

I’d say that this documentary is probably one of the most honest, non-glorified looks you will get of how big name animation studios actually make their movies. I mean, that should probably go without saying, but still, The Sweatbox is nothing like other Disney and Pixar documentaries, because those were made by and for themselves. They won’t make the production of their movies look too chaotic, even if they were total nightmares. They can’t make themselves look too unappealing.

The Sweatbox, on the other hand, was made by Sting’s wife, independently. And at the time, it was just supposed to be an interesting little documentation on how Kingdom of the Sun came to be, so, no issue there. Instead, it became the documentation of the movie’s death, and how incredibly stressful the whole process of change and executive meddling can be on the artists. No wonder Disney banned it…

I find it hard to be mad at the change, though, because I do love Emperor’s New Groove. And to be honest, I know that most of my fascination for Kingdom of the Sun is due to the fact that, well, it’s a mystery, an unfinished project. There’s something inevitably enticing about that. It’s likely that, if the movie were finished as intended, it would have been an unmemorable piece of early 2000′s Disney animation… or, it could have been a classic. Or just a fun little movie. Or a catastrophically bad one.

We can never know, and that uncertainty is definitely an appeal, to me. Although either way, The Sweatbox can at least give me enough for me say for sure that Yzma’s villain song would have been amazing!

  • Person: Renfield is nothing more than a creepy bug eater
  • Me, who has every instance of Renfield dialogue bookmarked: ok but he's not tho
Façade [Chapter 6]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue

You look out your apartment window, drained. You wish nothing more than to be able to sit here like this and just do nothing, think about nothing.

But you know in about half an hour you need to go back on set to film your movie. Seeing Chanyeol every single day like this is draining the life out of you and you don’t know how long you can keep this up.

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Just got back from seeing Wonder and I cried a lot and they did a really good job and the kids were all incredible and Daveed was amazing and it was a really good movie and y’all should see it if you can.

Wedding (Sam Drake Headcanons)

Requested by Anon.

Request: Bit of a cheesy one but would you mind doing either a Sam x reader on (and maybe just before) their wedding day or just a headcanon about Sam on his wedding day? Thank you!!! (:

A/N: Hey! I did some headcanons, so I hope that’s okay. Enjoy! :’)

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Matthew Mercer as Malcolm Wagner in “The Evil Inside”



You know what I like about you? And it’s not your face, you’re only medium-cute

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So, operating under the assumption that a DCEU Superman sequel can A. Be Good and B. "save" Superman the way "Ragnarok" seems to be doing for Thor... how would it go? Who would you have write/direct/whatever? Who would the villain be? What would the general plot be?

Staying within the bounds of pragmatism, I’ve gone into this before: a Metallo/Glorious Godfrey movie, with the trilogy capper starring Brainiac and a heavily reconceptualized Luthor (whether that means giving Eisenberg better material - I think he was fine for the first 2/3rds or so of BvS as a new take, and I imagine he could do far better given the opportunity - or having Lex Luthor Sr. turn out to be alive and also Bryan Cranston or something, and he becomes real Lex). Matthew Vaughn directing the way we’ve heard he might would be a-okay by me.

But if we were going way further into total pie-in-the-sky territory with no restrictions, as calibrated specifically for this version of Superman rather than my general ideal Superman flick - another thing unto itself - I’d actually go for something much different.

Remember this scene in BvS?

My dream DCEU Superman movie would basically be two hours of that.

See, much as I dislike the execution, the Superman of this world has some really interesting ideas behind him, and I’d hate to pass up the opportunity to get a more hard sci-fi, socially relevant take on him just because the first two attempts fumbled at the goal line and blew outright, respectively. And I really don’t think the best way of exploring them is through him fighting Bizarro or whatever.

Here’s the pitch: most of, if not the entire movie takes place in Lois and Clark’s apartment, where they’re holding a viewing party with their coworkers for the new TV Superman documentary, since a bunch of them were interviewed for it (as Lois is known as having been the first to discover him, and being involved with saving Earth from Zod, so the Daily Planet’s relation to his arrival is considered a note worth exploring by the filmmakers). You get Steve Lombard, you get Ron Troupe, you get Cat Grant, Jenny or a new version of Jimmy Olsen or both show up, Perry White unexpectedly sticks his head in about halfway through, and you get all the Daily Planet banter there isn’t time for when Doomsday’s wrecking Gotham. The movie cuts back and forth between the documentary, and conversations between everyone during the commercial breaks over snacks (they may overlap, such as someone commenting on the show, or hearing a commercial in the background during conversations that could slot in some Easter eggs without having to pull away from the story).

So while half the movie is the lot of them bantering back and forth - compounded by Clark having to awkwardly hide how personally invested he really is, leading to a few moments where he and Lois sneak away for a private conversation about the subject matter of the film - the other half is all documentary shit. Scientists talking about how his powers must work and don’t seem to abide by physics, researchers with grants to explore the ruins of the Black Zero discussing what they’ve pieced together of Kryptonian history and customs, sociologists and census-takers and political analysts discussing the global social impact of his presence, all the heavy-duty “realistic superhero” material you can only go so far into in a regular flick, all centered around the idea that we are small and irrelevant in the face of this. Maybe even some interviews with Lex Luthor, with his first appearance in it having a little note saying these were conducted prior to his arrest, so you can fit him in too.

Not that this would be an action-free movie, mind you. There’d be plenty of Superman footage spliced throughout the documentary, but while it’d be easy to do something like zoom into the TV and then join the fight or rescue in a more traditional cinematic style before cutting back to the regular format, I’d prefer to keep the setup consistent, i.e. we only see him through news crew footage, camera phones, Youtube videos and so forth. A Cloverfield/Chronicle approach to Superman, or perhaps more relevantly in the vein of BvS’s take on Man of Steel’s climatic brawl with Zod, where Superman himself is a barely-perceptible distant figure who the world shatters around and people are miraculously whisked away to safety in the vicinity of, who we never get a close look at until near the end.

The climax would actually be seeded in two ways:

1. Clark has to keep cutting out throughout the show to deal with emergencies. This would mostly be played for comedy, since brief news bulletins mentioning what Superman’s done always pre-empt Lombard’s interview segments.

2. Throughout the documentary we get periodic interviews with an amoral science bastard of some type aside from Luthor - Rudy Jones, Hank Henshaw, Emmett Vale (paired with John Corben showing up as an amoral military bastard in the latter case), etc.

Culminating in a major battle with Metallo/Cyborg Superman/Parasite/whoever that’s covered to the attention of the entire group, with Lois having to conceal that she’s on pins and needles as her fiancé gets the shit kicked out of him by a freak of science on live television. In the end he wins - and a reporter gets close enough to get the only good look at Superman in the movie, and his only couple of lines to them - and flies away, as the next second Clark walks out of the bathroom and asks the couch if he missed anything.

As the documentary and the movie itself wrap up, we cut to the final interview segment, with a Mr. Clark Kent. His hometown of Smallville was the first site of the Kryptonian invasion, and then he moved to the city of its conclusion while it was still under reconstruction: why pick up sticks and head there of all places, just as everyone else was leaving? Well, he has to say, he’d head out to Metropolis to help out with the cleanup, when he saw reporters - including one who’d been in his town, the one who helped Superman - helping dig people out of the rubble and taking care of them. He said that for all Superman does - and he likes to think Superman’s a good thing - that the reason Clark Kent came here and stays here is because of them, and what they show him people can do. They inspire him him to do his best, and from how he’s kept on putting his life on the line for them no matter what he faces or what they think of him or how dark the world gets, he thinks that goes for Superman too.

So that’s my movie. Not sure who I’d have direct it; when a writer comes to mind, it’s Warren Ellis given he has some experience writing for animation, and I think his strengths would suit this well. It’d be a financial disaster and probably most people would hate it since overwhelming chunks of it would be info-dumps, but I’d like it.


that moment when you realize that chunky ripped off grugs old pair of underwear and not just the back of his vest.

My Review of Death Note as Someone who has never seen the anime.

Do I think Nat Wolff is a shit actor? Yes.

Do I think the girlfriend is a psycho? Yes.

Did I laugh hysterically at a bunch of parts? Like the whole bit in the class room when he screamed like a little bitch? Yes. Yes I did.

Do I not understand why ryuk wants the book passed on? 100% I do not understand. It makes it seem like that’s all he wants but WHY.

Was this maybe cause I played Candy crush through at least 45 minutes of it? Most definitely.

Do I think the entire basis of this is ridiculous? Oh, Yes.

Is Ryuks make-up/costume awesome as fuck? Double yes.

Also I do not understand why Light wrote his GF’s name in the book as like a “gotcha” then said something about only being able to burn one name, when he could have just burned his own name. Overall it was a shit movie and the only good thing about it was Ryuks makeup.

Also I don’t understand why he didn’t use it to kill like Kim-jon un or whatever that fat fucks name is.

Pajamas ( Dick Grayson x Reader )

Summary: (y/n) finds herself alone on a lonely balcony, but soon to be accompanied by a certain Dick Grayson.

Pairings: Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings: wala (it means none heh)

a/n: sorry, this is so short. update: I realized I wrote in warning in Tagalog/Filipino.. sorry

You strutted up to the balcony in your black gown, bedazzling at every movement. You rest your elbow on the barrier of the balcony and looked up at the moon. You liked attending ball and parties; it was just that this was tremendously boring. Barely anyone was dancing and all the socializing was about business. You sighed at the faint thought of what it could’ve been. You heard the door behind you creek open and slam shut.

You look towards the origin of the sound to see a young man at about your age. He had dark raven hair, blue eyes, athletic build, but it seemed his attire was the total opposite of formal. It was pajamas. You covered your mouth from the giggles arriving, but it was hilarious. You burst out in a fit of laughter and he just raised an eyebrow at you. “I’m really sorry.” You said in between laughs. “It’s just that pajamas.” You pointed out.

“Oh yeah.” He acknowledged rubbing the back of his head. “I live here.. I didn’t know this part of the mansion was part of Bruce’ business thing..” He continued.

“Oh, so you must be Dick Grayson?” You asked. You heard many things of him from the news, from who’d he sleep with to his unpredictable antics. The media depicted that as his true form, but you saw his true form right now. Pajamas. “Yup, and the gorgeous lady infront of me?” He returned the question and ran a hand through his hair.

“(l/n),(y/n) (l/n).” You looked away with his statement, covering the terribly flustered face you had. You couldn’t fall for him, he had much more on his hands, but it was only you, him and the moon. You thought of other conversation starters quickly as you realized the scene unraveling itself. Nothing was coming into your mind and you were in a panic, so you blurted out.

“I see you workout.”

You mentally facepalmed at your dumbfounded response. It was the opposite of your usual personality. Worst was you looked him straight in the eye. This was not bad, it was catastrophic. You pinched the bridge of your nose and walked to the door.

“I’m sorry, ignore that. I’m just going to leave before this turns into actual conversation.” You placed your hand onto the knob of the door, but before could twist it, he grabbed your wrist. You stared at him for a few seconds then he realized he was gripping to hard and let go.

“Um. I’m sorry. It’s just that I was wondering. What brings you to the balcony?” He questioned.

“Well, My parents invited me and I usually love going to balls and stuff, but it turned out it was pretty much 99.99% business.” You groaned, remembering you had to go back before your parents noticed you were gone.

“Oh. Well do you want to have some fun?” He asked smirking the slightest bit.

He was extremely cute, but he was way out of your league. He seemed so caring and concerned, but he probably had way too many women on his mind. It was an opportunity punching right in the face, but you were scared to take it and just fall deeper. You knew you weren’t going to get him off your mind if you said no and You wanted him so bad.


“Oh my gosh, yes.”

You sighed in delight as the movie credits rolled. You nudged Dick in the shoulder teasing “See, it was a great movie.”

He put his hands up in defeat. “Okay, it was pretty good.”

His cheeky little comments only made the movie even better. At first he was nitpicking all the errors, but then he learned to love it. Well, that’s what you thought. He laid his arm around your shoulder in the middle of the movie which made you go red one again. You actually talked a lot during the movie. You learned of the numerous women knocking on his doorstep begging for a date, the media labeling him negatively, and how he was just a happy little cinnamon roll. He also got to know you a lot better. You two had a grand time just getting to know the real identities of each other, not the fake mask media force on. The only problem was that you just fell for him even harder.

“So you were right, You know what that means.” He said raising an eyebrow.

“Uhm.. Nop-”

He brushed his lips onto yours and a few seconds later you were actually functioning and able to react. You kissed back and didn’t feel fireworks or butterflies, but a calm sense of happiness like an ocean wave. It wasn’t extravagant or exquisite; it was simple and sweet. Relief spread to your whole body as you both pulled away.

“Yup, I didn’t know.”