his onepiece

This Day in 1D History - February 20


  • Louis rocks his OnePiece before the X Factor Live Tour concert – Birmingham, UK #2


  • Harry has some fun on Twitter :)))


  • pre-BRITs dinner at Nick’s!


  • Nick calls Harry during the Breakfast Show to chat about the Brits the night before (“LIVE, LIVE, YOU’RE LIVE)


  • Lirry meet fans!
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Perth, Australia 


  • Louis and Danielle go out in LA :))
  • LOUIS PICK UP YA DAMN PHONE (lmao) (via Liam’s Insta :))

anonymous asked:

You seem to be having a rough time so I thought I'd cheer you up with some piss. Imagine, if you will, Gabe and Jesse in their locker rooms, drinking beers together, getting a light buzz on after a tough training simulation. They both haven't bother to bath yet, instead choosing to take time to bond, joke together. McCree stands, slurs a small comment about needing to take a leak, and he starts wandering over to the urinals, unzipping his ridiculous onepiece uniform - but the zipper gets stuck

continues under the cut but omg this anon is the good shit??? @lizenzkreuz @kirinlust

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you can tell when they kiss ‘cause sanji’s hair switch sides.