his old life is gone


Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 


Night’s Kingdom by @misshoneywheeler​ 

“Jon,” she says, only his name, nearly as a question, and it breaks something loose inside of him, some crucial piece of his old life that’s gone forever now. I’ll never leave her side again, some small part of him thinks, and though he immediately tells himself it’s untrue, he fears that it’s not.

I don’t think I like my TC anymore.

But when I see his face on Monday I think I’ll fall in love with him all over again.


As he stepped out of the shower Cooper smiled fondly when he heard music coming from downstairs. It seemed that his kid brother finally gotten home. He’d wanted to surprise him with a visit, but the surprise had been on Cooper himself when he first arrived and found the house empty. He knew his parents wouldn’t be there but to find Blaine not home on a random weekly afternoon, it had him puzzled. Who knew his kid brother had a social life. 

He’d gone up to his old room, dropped his luggage on his old bed and decided to take a shower to get the airplane smell off of him. Hearing the piano being played he dried himself of and as he wrapped a towel around his waist he made his way down to the music room. “You’ve gotten even better, Squirt.” he mentioned in way of greeting as he stepped into the room. 

dean/cas fic: heartstrings (2.3k)

heartstrings; 2.3k, pre-coda, angst and Lucifer, inspired by the 11x11 extended promo.

“Follow your heart,” Mildred says, patting his chest. “You do that… all the rest just figures itself out.”

Dean makes himself smile.


The spook turns out to be a guy named James who spent the last decade of his life at Shady Palms. He’d died in his sleep at the age of ninety-four, outliving all of his family except a great-granddaughter who’d moved to South Korea on one of those teach-English-abroad deals and never came back. No messy murder, no unfinished business, no enemies. The best Dean can figure is, James just hadn’t wanted to leave a place he considered home. He’d stayed with his friends instead of walking into the light.

But eventually, those friends had died. They’d been replaced by faces James didn’t recognize, and without a tether to his old life his spirit had gone straight off the deep end. His victims were all newcomers who’d intruded on his usual stomping grounds– his apartment, his favorite table in the cafeteria, his favorite chair in the day room.

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the god delusion - au with thorsthunderthigh

thor’s life has been reduced to the confines of a hospital bed for reasons he cannot fathom. there are men and women dressed in white who refuse to listen, who give him pills and let him be when he is quiet and who strap him to the bed and force them down his thoat when he tries to make them see the truth. there were pills at home, too: they had dulled his visions of his old home, of his old life, and his mother’s face had gone pale when he spoke of returning to asgard. his family has been stripped of their title, living as mortals in frail mortal bodies, calling him by a name that isn’t his own. even loki looks upon him with pity and confusion when he begs him to remember something, anything of the centuries they spent side by side…

Steve x Nat Analysis Civil War

Steve x Nat 

As expected there wasn’t many scenes between Steve x Nat but to expect a whole movie of them together would be unrealistic and would take away from the message of Civil War. (Could possibly work in a Black Widow movie?) The scenes with them together were all great as it was intimate and showed how much both of them progressed both together and as well as individuals. The church scene was short but also showed a level of understanding between them that you just don’t see between anybody else in the movie. When Steve stood in that church alone he was truly alone as everybody from his old life was basically gone. The one women he ever loved was gone. Steve didn’t say anything to anyone when he left but Natasha knew and she was the one with him at that church. I feel like she used the excuse of her coming to convince him one more time to sign the accords as a cover up to why she really came and in the end she admitted she was here to be there for him to remind him he wasn’t alone. It seems like a small scene but aside from Bucky Natasha may be the only one who truly understands Steve Rogers these days. Natasha choosing Tony’s side wasn’t as big a deal as everyone made it out to be as the movie itself blurs the line between both sides.  Everybody has there motives but they’re not fully invested to completely destroy the other side. I like the fact that Natasha knew what Steve was going to do once Bucky was involved and she only warned him. Not once did she ever get in Steve’s way and throughout the whole movie I just knew she was never truly on Tony’s side and she even admits to playing by what she believes to be right. This of course showed during the end of the airport scene when she was the last one in front of the quinjet and Steve/Bucky were in between her and panther. The look Steve and Natasha gave each other as well as their interaction just showed how well they understood each other. Especially when she asked him “You’re not going to stop are you?” even though later on she repeats it with the answer she already knew to Tony as a statement.  Every time she said that or something like that it was with a level of understanding of just who Steve Rogers was. She may not have fully believed in Steve’s Point of View on things but she believed in Steve Rogers. This is why she stopped Panther and let Steve and Bucky go and later on faced the consequences by disappearing again or maybe meeting up with Steve and T’challa in Wakanda? There wasn’t a lot of romance or anything in this film and there shouldn’t be. With so much story and characters in this movie there was just the right amount of everything as nothing was too forced. I loved the continuous character development of both Steve and Natasha and they’ve really come far since their first appearances. Steve Rogers understands the world he is now in as well as his purpose and Natasha is really coming into her own and accepting who she is as a person. I don’t think the kiss between Steve and Sharon was really anything serious as it seemed like Steve just did it to see if it’d work between them and the look they gave each other seemed like those situations where you kiss a friend but your both able to realize you’re better off as just friends. And it also provides some comedy as Steve Rogers has been know to be a mess around woman and the scene after with Bucky and Sam laughing at him shows that. Overall I loved this movie and I think Steve and Natasha have a real chance especially if there is a black widow movie as it could focus on the two of them as individuals but if not the best chance is in infinity war and this relationship won’t seem forced as they’ve slowly build it throughout various films and established a foundation. The only thing I feel like stopping this pairing is time constraints as infinity war is going to be a huge movie and there may not be time for romance. But then again it would be cool for them to finally end up together in what may be their last two movies together and it’d be another avengers movie just like when they first met in the original avengers.