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I’ll gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be with you all…

Never Looking Back - Bucky Barnes x reader oneshot (Part 2/2)

Fandom: Marvel, the Avengers
Warning: Blood and hurt reader
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Summary: The team finds reader and she’s badly beaten but Bucky takes care of her.

Part 1 here


A/N: This has been laying waaaay to long in my askbox and on my to-do list. Sorry it took so long.

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Real name? I once had a real name, so long ago… I don’t remember it.

That still kills me, because when Darth Vader chose to walk away from the Sith, he became Anakin Skywalker once more. “Vader” was the name of Sith Lord, a man who killed children, a man so distinct from Anakin that Obi-Wan blamed Vader for Anakin’s death.

But Maul is always Maul. He can discard the title “Darth” but the name Maul is all he’s ever known, all he’s ever been.

Even when Talzin remade his body and pulled his mind from the depths of darkness, he was still Maul. She could have given him any name, perhaps even the name she gave him in the womb, in his first yowling moments of infancy, but no, instead she christens him Maul, reborn Son of Dathomir. Perhaps she did it to spite Sidious, to reclaim the creature Maul in the name of Dathomir, and there’s a sort of poignancy to that, a certain strength that comes from taking back what was stolen, but still, it strikes me as incredibly sad that even in his second life, Maul is Maul, a weapon, an implement, a tool of vengeance.

And it’s even sadder that when Maul casts aside the ways of the Sith, there’s no piece of his old life for him to reclaim. His people are gone, his planet ruined, his family, slain. He can’t stop being Maul the way Anakin could stop being Vader; and there’s no one to lift him out of the darkness and remind him of who he once was.

I suppose what strikes me most of all, what has always struck me about Maul, is that he didn’t have a choice in becoming Sith, not like Vader or Tyranus; those were names given to fallen Jedi, but Maul was born to be Sith, not just once but twice.

I want to believe that he can choose to walk away from it. I want to believe that even though he will always be Maul, he can choose to define that name for himself. I want to believe that even someone who has always known darkness can choose to turn towards the light.

The Fate Of Some Characters

As this is the final season, it looks like they are either killing or getting rid off Characters.

Rahzar dead and gone to the Netherworld  
Undead Shredder and Kavaxas gone to the Netherworld
Tatsu and The Hammer dead
So we definitely won’t see these characters again. 

Eric Bauza tweeted that End Times is Tiger Claws last appearance.

Obviously this is the last appearance of Ho Chan.

Fishface has gone back to his old life as a thief, So I doubt we will see him again.
As Baxter returned to human in Owari and wasn’t in these latest episodes, I doubt we will see him again.

Vizioso and his goons gone to jail, so I doubt we will see them again

Might see Bebop and Rocksteady again.

We only saw Shinigami in The Forgotten Swordsman, hopefully she will be in more episodes.

Leatherhead was the only Mutanimal in End Times, hopefully we will see the Mutanimals before season 5 finishes.

Updated it

(A fourth, and the shortest installment of my Strangebatch fic–I was supposed to be finishing up the actual first chapter, and this happened midway through.  Sometimes the characters just take over!)

by sobeautifullyobsessed, dedicated to my romantically minded mutuals who continue to support and encourage me  💗 💗

part one

part two

part three

Teyla broke from his gaze—his questioning gaze—and looked down as she took his right hand in both of her own.  Tenderly, she traced the scars on the back of his hand; but not like she had that day she had worked her pain-relieving spell.  Her gentle touch was no healer’s touch this time—though innocent, it felt as intimate as a lover’s touch.  It was the touch he had been craving since the day he’d been forced to accept that his old life was irrevocably gone–although he hadn’t known until this moment, how badly he’d been missing it. 

Stephen’s breath caught when she raised his hand to gently brush her lips across the back, before laying a soft kiss upon it. Teyla tilted her head so she could nestle her cheek against his scarred flesh, eliciting a low moan of mixed surprise and delight from him.

She looked up at him, her dark eyes wise and solemn, a small, soft smile playing at the corners of her mouth.  “I’ve only ever found them beautiful, Stephen.  Your beautiful scarred hands—they are part of what makes you…you,” she told him, wonder in her voice and on her face, “Through pain and sorrow and despair, they brought you to your destiny.” Her smile spread, lovely as dawn after a stormy night, as she admitted shamelessly, “They are the first thing that I came to love about you, on a list that grows longer each day.”

With that, she laid his hand over her heart, and then rose on her tiptoes to whisper against his ear, “And if you be moved to—one of these nights–I would have your beautiful hands touch every part of me.”  With a kiss on his cheek, Teyla withdrew, turning away without looking back, closing her door, and leaving him standing alone—wholly astonished, and dizzy with sudden joy, that so bright a soul could find him worthy of her love


I made gifs of Jack and his new puppy…

(WINTER in 4 words (YIAY #230))

I will probably never get over the thought of Mycroft Holmes standing back while John Watson was dating and marrying an assassin Mycroft not only knew about but even once “found reliable” while his brother was away, alone and in danger, destroying Moriarty’s network and returning home after two years only to find out that his old life was gone forever. 


Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 

I got a request for some more recent Steve/Bucky fic recs, so here’s a quick list of some I’ve enjoyed recently. (I haven’t found that many recently published fics I like, unfortunately.) I still plan on making a wartime + postwar rec list, and updating my prewar rec list too!

Cascades by orange_crushed - I am OBSESSED with this. Every time I get a notification that a new chapter has been posted, I drop everything and devour it like the most delicious meal in the world. :D It’s a WIP, but there’s only one chapter left to go (sob).

Sing Me the Alphabet series by thesardine - Unusual and cute and funny and incredibly sad and SO GOOD. One of the only fics to make me cry. That said, I re-read passages from it all the time because it’s so enjoyable. This particular Bucky is so broken and heartrending and trying so hard it kind of kills me. One of my favorite portrayals of Steve/Bucky’s complicated relationship.

You’re Gonna Have It Your Way or Nothing At All by biblionerd07 - My favorite post-Civil War fic by a mile.

The Dead Forest by hansbekhart - Steve dwelling on how much time has passed and how his old life is irreparably gone and stewing in misery is basically my favorite thing. :D

Guide by sleepswithcoyotes - In present day, Steve visits the old apartment he and Bucky shared in the ‘40s, which has been converted into a museum, complete with actors playing the boys. Loved this concept! One of my other favorites in the “Steve mourns the past” genre.

Out of Time by ibroketuesday - Modern day Steve and Bucky get thrown back to 1937 by an enemy, and have to figure out how to get back.

Letters We Never Sent by newsbypostcard - Bucky finds the unsent letters Steve wrote to him back during the war.

A Contest of Stories by hansbekhart and Scappodaqui, with art by albymangroves - Great alternate universe fic where Steve doesn’t get the serum but he joins the war’s “ghost army”, and Bucky plays Captain America in the ruse. Features the Howling Commandos, particularly Gabe, a lot more than most fic!

Malibu by glitteratiglue - Steve and Bucky survive the war, and move to California together, and have to figure their civilian lives out.

Item One by cheesethesecond - Post-WS Bucky mistakenly thinks that he and Steve are dating, so he tries to figure out how to be a boyfriend.

1A by tinzelda - Together but not really together, even though Bucky wants to be, before and during the war. 

BONUS PWP-or-near-enough recs:

Secondhand Source by elise_509

And From My Knees Grew Flowers by yasgorl

I Was Born in a Factory by nightanddaze

Eternal Summer Shall Not Fade by trisarawrtops

Our Secret Place (Simon Lewis x Reader)

Originally posted by lanasfeather

Imagine: Simon Lewis

Pairing: Simon x Reader

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Summary: When Simon needed someone, his old friend Y/N shows up and comforts him.

It’s been a while now since Simon turned into a vampire. But since Clary hangs out with the other Shadowhunters, she doesn’t have time for Simon anymore and that hurts him.

He never really talked about this with anyone besides other vampires. His old friends were gone and everything in his life changed somehow.

But he wasn’t alone. He thought that everyone he knew was gone. Y/N was there. She helped Simon through a lot of things. She would always listen to him about Clary. She would listen to him about his band. He would talk about comics, about TV shows and she still would listen.

They were close friends back then. Until Clary came. After that, he kind of started to give Clary his attention. He loved her. But Clary didn’t feel that way towards Simon. But he was too blind to see it.

They still would be in contact and meet up sometimes. After she heard that Simon went missing for a few days but then suddenly appeared again, she knew that something was up. She always knew that something was up. When he was sad or angry. She could just tell.

When they were younger, they had a special place, where they could escape reality for a few hours. That was a hidden spot in a small park. They didn’t go there for years. Well, Y/N still goes there. Because she always felt safe there. But Simon never really showed up anymore. She would sit there all alone by herself. But she didn’t mind.

Y/N was really smart. And she really hoped to become something big. She wanted to become a lawyer, just like her dad. Her father died when she was 7 and that’s why she wanted to pursuit her dream. Today was the 11th anniversary of her dad’s death. Normally Simon would be here with her. But he wasn’t.

She rather wanted to be alone, so she slowly walked to the old park, to her old spot. But she spotted someone sitting there. It was already dark outside and cold. But that person didn’t shiver at all. He just sat there in silence.

The closer Y/N got, the better she could see that it was Simon who sat there. She couldn’t believe her eyes at first. Was Simon there? Was he? As she stood next to him, she was 100% sure that it was him.

Simon? ”, Y/N slowly asked and sat down next to him.

“Y/N?”, Simon looks at her with wide eyes. “What are you doing here?”

Y/N studied his face. He looked different. He didn’t wear glasses anymore and he got paler as well. Something was off. She couldn’t tell what.

“Uh, I still come here if I want to be alone.”, Y/N answers truthfully. It was true. Back then, she came here to talk to him. But now, she comes here to be alone. “But what are you doing here? You never came.”

He shrugged. “I guess I needed a place, where I could escape reality for a few hours. And then I remembered this place. I really missed it. It’s a shame that I forgot about this place.”, Simon said quietly. His voice sounded sad.

“You are sad. Don’t say anything. Don’t try denying it. I know it and you know it as well. I want you to tell me, what’s wrong. Just like the old times.”, Y/N said and put her hand on his shoulder. “Please, trust me. We were best friends, Simon.”

Simon never stopped trusting her. He still trusted her with all his heart. But he didn’t want her to think that he was crazy. Because he wasn’t. He just needed a shoulder to lean on. And when he needed Clary most, she wasn’t there. He left multiple messages on her phone but there was never an answer.

Was it fate that brought them back together? Simon reached his deepest point and he was about to crack. He really needed someone. And that someone was Y/N. She was here to listen to him. She always listened. She was there for him in hard times and he really appreciated it. He saw his mistake. The mistake of letting her go.

“First of all, I want you to know that I still trust you. I never stopped. You’re still one of my best friends.”, Simon started. Those words made Y/N’s heart flutter. He didn’t forget about her.

“And before I tell you what was going on with me.. I want you to promise me one thing.”

“Of course, what is it?”, Y/N asked curiously.

“I really care about what you think about me. So please don’t think that I am crazy. Listen till the end and then judge me. Believe me or not. Just don’t laugh at me. Just listen.”, Simon said, his voice slightly shaking.

“Did I ever judge you, Simon? No. But I still promise you. Don’t worry about it.”, Y/N told him and smiled at him.

“Well.. Weird things have happened to me. I always thought creatures like werewolves or vampires weren’t real. But since Clary’s 18th birthday, things started to get weird. She got sucked into this world of supernatural things. She learned that she is a Shadowhunter. Someone who hunts demons. You might think that I am crazy but listen. I wanted to be there for her through the hard time she was having.”

“But somehow I was in trouble too. I died. Because of Vampires. I got buried and I woke up as.. As a monster. A bloodsucking monster. But I accept it now. It’s been a while now since that happened. Before and after that I really needed Clary’s support. But she had her own problems. She had no time to think about me. I kind of understand it, but after all things I’ve been through.. I expected her to be there for me too. Even if it’s a little bit.”

“Maybe you saw that something changed about me. I don’t need my glasses anymore and I am pale. Really pale. My teeth are sharp and I can’t even look at sunlight, since I would burn alive. I can’t even say g..You know the guy you pray for in a church. My life has been complicated. I really really needed sometime for myself. I can’t tell my family. But I tell you and I don’t know why. I guess because I know that you won’t judge me. I know that you will listen and that you will be there for me. Like when were kids.”

His whole speech left her speechless. So the supernatural was real. But he was one of them too? Wow, that was something she didn’t expect at all. They sat there in silence. She thought about the whole thing, while he was concerned about what she thinks about him.

“You know what? It’s okay. You’re a vampire? Cool. You’re still the Simon I know. You’re not a monster, you are you. I bet I can still talk about comics, mangas and TV shows with you. You have other eating and drinking habits now. That’s it for me. You are still my best friend even though we didn’t talk for a long time. I am here for you, whenever you need me. I’m just a phone call away, Simon.”, Y/N told him truthfully and hugged him. “You really mean a lot to me.”

“About the other thing.. I am really sorry. We didn’t talk anymore. I can’t even remember the last time I saw you. I was too occupied with Clary that I forgot about my first best friend. The one who invited me to play with her on the playground when no one else wanted to. The one who shared her food with me when I forgot mine at home. The one who fought with me about my comics. I missed you. And thank you for accepting me for the way I am.”, Simon finally said and pulled her in a hug. He really needed that hug and her.

He was cold. He had no warmth anymore. And as she put her head on his chest, she couldn’t hear a heartbeat. He was really dead. But she didn’t care. Simon was here now with her and everything was fine. As long as they were together, they could to anything.

“I will always accept you. No matter what happens.”


So this was my little Simon Imagine! I thought of a part 2, should I do it? Tell me! This imagine was the imagine of long talks :D I guess I got carried away. I really felt the chemistry between you and Simon😹 Well I hope you liked it! btw I didn’t read it so if you find grammar mistakes I’m sorry!

A new beginning | open

Thomas stoked the fire before retaking his seat in front of the small hearth and resuming his whittling. The small backroom of the shop that he dwelt in now was a far cry from the monstrosity that had been his home for the first thirty three years of his life. That old place was rotting away. No one wanted anything to do with that haunted mansion. Least of all him.

No, Thomas was quite content living alone in the humble place he now called home. A small toy shop in London square. He moved his hand across the small scar beneath his left eye. An action that he did absently whenever his mind wandered to his old life; to his sister. She was gone now. Alan and Edith had returned to New York. Or so he had heard. He knew she believed him to be dead. It had been a miracle that he had survived. He often thought about trying to contact her but he never did. What he had done was far too horrible to ever ask for forgiveness.

Thomas froze in mid motion when he heard a creak along the wooden walkway in front of his shop which was followed almost immediately by a faint knock. Whoever would come here at this hour of night? The young baronet  let out  a soft sigh before steeling himself as he slowly stood, lifting the candle from its place along the small table and moved out into the main part of the store and  toward the door. “Who is it?”

Originally posted by welcometoimaginelandia

Where is the horse? Where the young warrior? Where now the gift-giver?
Where are the feast-seats? Where all the hall-joys?
Alas for the bright cup! Alas byrnied warrior!
Alas the lord’s glory! How this time hastens,
grows dark under night-helm, as it were not!

Stands now behind the dear warband
a wondrous high wall, varied with snake-shapes,
warriors forsaken by might of the ash-spears,
corpse-hungry weapons–famous that fate–
and this stone-cliff storms dash on;
snowstorm, attacking, binds all the ground,
tumult of winter, when the dark one comes,
night-shadow blackens, sends from the north
rough hailstorm in anger toward men.

All is the earth-realm laden with hardship,
fate of creation turns world under heaven.
Here goldhoard passes, here friendship passes,
here mankind passes, here kinsman passes:
all does this earth-frame turn worthless!

So said the one wise in mind, at secret conclaves sat him apart.
Good, he who keeps faith, nor too quickly his grief
from his breast makes known, except he, noble, knows how beforehand to do cure with courage.

—  The Wanderer (translated from the Old English)

Night’s Kingdom by @misshoneywheeler​ 

“Jon,” she says, only his name, nearly as a question, and it breaks something loose inside of him, some crucial piece of his old life that’s gone forever now. I’ll never leave her side again, some small part of him thinks, and though he immediately tells himself it’s untrue, he fears that it’s not.

pipistrellus replied to your post: pipistrellus replied to your post : …

I don’t recall but they definitely do a weird fridging the Butler thing with him in the series and it’s weird and jarring

yeah, I don’t… quite get the narrative purpose of it. I understand that a big part of Strange’s arc in this part of the book is, “Mr. Strange is unprepared for war and learns how difficult it is to be a gentleman and a soldier, but, in doing so, becomes a more original and talented practical magician, thus causing his relationship with Mr. Norrell to fracture more because their perspectives cannot align.” So I can… sort of see why a screenwriter would want to Fridge the Butler so as to to set up a big sign saying, “LOOK JOHNATHAN STRANGE CANNOT GO BACK TO THE WAY THINGS WERE EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED FOR HIM HIS OLD LIFE IS GONE FOREVER” but the books getting destroyed is I think more effective?

Stupid Overwatch Headcanons

Reaper is INSANELY GOOD with a guitar. On sillier days, he’ll run into battle with only his guitar, screaming something in spanish as he plays. Lucio is afraid of him when this happens.

Zenyatta and Bastion are known to sit together for long periods of time, arguing about… something. Whatever it is, Bastion appears to consistently win- as Zenyatta floats away, grumbling, while Bastion makes a sound akin to laughing.

Reinhardt has his own D&D group within the Overwatch teams. He plays a paladin- while Mercy runs around as the team cleric, Hanzo plays as a ranger, and Winston acts as the mage. McCree consistently wants to play, but Mercy insists that “Badass gunslinger dude” is not a class.

Often times, Genji and McCree get in fights on which is better- Cowboys, or Ninjas. People often report someone screaming “IT’S HIGH NOON” when this happens, along with the sound of gunshots- and a blade reflecting them.

There was once an accident where Zenyatta made Reinhardt lose his shield. Others report that Zenyatta was seen moving at roughly 20 miles per hour in Transcendence, gripped in a charge by Reinhardt. The two do not want to talk about it.

D.VA and Lucio once collaborated on a song. Lucio said he “wasn’t that much of a fan of the beat”, but people have reported seeing it on his official daily playlist.

While Bastion units may still be horrific to the general populace- a symbol of the Omnic Crisis- The Bastion unit reported to operate with Overwatch is sometimes seen in public areas, with a sloppy drawing of a sad robot magnetized to him- with the words “I’m Sorry” written on him. Some people think this is a cruel joke from the robot, laughing at the horrors of the war. Others say it recognizes what it did in the past, and hopes for forgiveness.

Symmetra gets very defensive when people call her autism into question. It is a personal outrage to her that people would suggest that she’s unfit for her line of work due to her mental difference- and she often gripes about it well throughout the day.

Roadhog had a little sister back home who died when the Australian Liberation Front destroyed the Omnium’s fusion core. While his old life- and his humanity- may be gone, he keeps a small locket with her picture inside it on his person at all times, and can sometimes be heard saying something along the lines of “Please come back”.

Junkrat is very defensive of Roadhog- and will often take gruesome revenge on people who hurt Roadhog’s feelings.

Winston, D.VA and Symmetra designed a special set of ammunition compatible with Bastion’s cannon- when fired, it causes small flowers of light to spring from the cannon, replacing normal ammunition. They use this whenever Bastion wishes to go out.

Steve x Nat Analysis Civil War

Steve x Nat 

As expected there wasn’t many scenes between Steve x Nat but to expect a whole movie of them together would be unrealistic and would take away from the message of Civil War. (Could possibly work in a Black Widow movie?) The scenes with them together were all great as it was intimate and showed how much both of them progressed both together and as well as individuals. The church scene was short but also showed a level of understanding between them that you just don’t see between anybody else in the movie. When Steve stood in that church alone he was truly alone as everybody from his old life was basically gone. The one women he ever loved was gone. Steve didn’t say anything to anyone when he left but Natasha knew and she was the one with him at that church. I feel like she used the excuse of her coming to convince him one more time to sign the accords as a cover up to why she really came and in the end she admitted she was here to be there for him to remind him he wasn’t alone. It seems like a small scene but aside from Bucky Natasha may be the only one who truly understands Steve Rogers these days. Natasha choosing Tony’s side wasn’t as big a deal as everyone made it out to be as the movie itself blurs the line between both sides.  Everybody has there motives but they’re not fully invested to completely destroy the other side. I like the fact that Natasha knew what Steve was going to do once Bucky was involved and she only warned him. Not once did she ever get in Steve’s way and throughout the whole movie I just knew she was never truly on Tony’s side and she even admits to playing by what she believes to be right. This of course showed during the end of the airport scene when she was the last one in front of the quinjet and Steve/Bucky were in between her and panther. The look Steve and Natasha gave each other as well as their interaction just showed how well they understood each other. Especially when she asked him “You’re not going to stop are you?” even though later on she repeats it with the answer she already knew to Tony as a statement.  Every time she said that or something like that it was with a level of understanding of just who Steve Rogers was. She may not have fully believed in Steve’s Point of View on things but she believed in Steve Rogers. This is why she stopped Panther and let Steve and Bucky go and later on faced the consequences by disappearing again or maybe meeting up with Steve and T’challa in Wakanda? There wasn’t a lot of romance or anything in this film and there shouldn’t be. With so much story and characters in this movie there was just the right amount of everything as nothing was too forced. I loved the continuous character development of both Steve and Natasha and they’ve really come far since their first appearances. Steve Rogers understands the world he is now in as well as his purpose and Natasha is really coming into her own and accepting who she is as a person. I don’t think the kiss between Steve and Sharon was really anything serious as it seemed like Steve just did it to see if it’d work between them and the look they gave each other seemed like those situations where you kiss a friend but your both able to realize you’re better off as just friends. And it also provides some comedy as Steve Rogers has been know to be a mess around woman and the scene after with Bucky and Sam laughing at him shows that. Overall I loved this movie and I think Steve and Natasha have a real chance especially if there is a black widow movie as it could focus on the two of them as individuals but if not the best chance is in infinity war and this relationship won’t seem forced as they’ve slowly build it throughout various films and established a foundation. The only thing I feel like stopping this pairing is time constraints as infinity war is going to be a huge movie and there may not be time for romance. But then again it would be cool for them to finally end up together in what may be their last two movies together and it’d be another avengers movie just like when they first met in the original avengers. 


“she’s more than that. i haven’t been myself since we’ve returned, i should have realized the reason why. it’s because i don’t have her .”

“her? you talk about the vessel as though she’s a woman .”

I don’t think I like my TC anymore.

But when I see his face on Monday I think I’ll fall in love with him all over again.