his nose looks a little weird

snowman emoji review

pure little happy snowman, bad shading takes away from some of the cuteness, complete with all facial features…4/5

something is a little off with this snowman. first of all, it’s gray, has no nose, hat, or buttons. still has a really cute face so…2/5

it has some promising features: nice colors, a nose, scarf, and a hat. but what is up with that outline? it looks like an ms paint glitch. typical of microsoft…2/5

nice little happy snowman, weird colors but that’s okay, this little dude needs a hat tho, his head is gonna get cold…3/5

WHAT AM I LOOKING AT? aside from the terrible shading this is the most uncomfortable, forlorn snowman i have ever seen, it looks like an emo packing peanut, i relate but a snowman should never have to look like this…-10/5

look at this happy little dude, i like him. aside from his missing nose i think he’s perfect: simple colors, happy little face, pure soul…4/5

i love this little snowman. practical shading, cute face, nice hat, everything you could ask for in a snowman. good job facebook!…5/5

another pleasing snowman. three buttons, carrot nose, top hat, nice colors, very nice job messenger…5/5

something about this snowman makes me a little uncomfortable. the coloring is nice, the hat is nice, but i feel like it’s… watching me with those beady eyes and the creepy smile, also who has pentagon shaped buttons?…2/5

what an unsettling little fellow. the front-view nose looks like a scared mouth, and orange arms make it look like there’s a person inside it, looks like he’s missing a button as well. i don’t trust him…1/5

one arm, intense shading, a sunhat (?), no nose, red buttons, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS SNOWMAN? a happy amputee snowman with an eccentric sense of fashion…-1/5

Jake Virtanen #1

Requested by Anon:  Omg I love your writing!!! <3 Could you do one with Jake Virtanen? any prompt is fine but a bit of fluff :-) :-) :-) [thank you so much!! I hope you enjoy this one. :)]

Word count:654

The barista tapped your table, making you look up from the book you were reading, “huh?” you asked her with a confused look on your face.

She pointed behind you, a weird look on her face, “there’s a guy outside trying to catch your attention.”

Still a little confused, you turned around to see you very full-grown boyfriend outside the coffee shop. He was sticking his face against the glass, making pig noses.

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Ship Meme: Blue Beetle

Hey everyone! Here’s the ship meme, as requested. This is going on YJ blue beetle b/c I haven’t read any of his comics yet. Feel free to request more of these, I love doing them!

Gives nose/forehead kisses

He does - especially when he thinks you’ve been in danger, in which case he’ll look you over for injuries like a worried hen and plant little kisses all over your face and neck. 

Gets jealous the most

It’s kind of a weird situation, but it’s not either of you who get jealous of other people: it’s the Scarab, because Jaime was his first friend and stuff and the Scarab feels like you’re stealing him, sort of.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

That’d be him, except he usually tells you to meet him outside and flies there. It’s not often you really get drunk, but neither Jaime nor the Scarab will even think of letting you drive if you’ve had a drink. You’ve found it’s kind of comforting to listen to what sounds like Jaime talking to himself as you’re being carried home.

Takes care of on sick days

It goes both ways. If you’re sick he and the Scarab will sort of team up to make sure it’s nothing serious and that you’re comfortable, while when Jaime gets sick, you find him absolutely adorable and, if you can, take the day off until he feels better.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Dragging Jaime (literally) might be taken as a threat and would probably end badly. On your first beach trip together, he was thinking of flying you out low over the water and dropping you in until he found out that deep water terrifies you. So you stick to the shallows and the sand, and are perfectly happy, thank you very much.

Gives unprompted massages

That’s your department. Usually it’s at the end of the day when you’re watching TV together, and he’s started to fall asleep; you’ll just reach over and start rubbing his shoulders without looking away from the screen. The first few times he woke up confused and a little scared like he thought there was danger, but both him and the Scarab have gotten used to it and look forward to it now. He never says anything, but he’s always hoping you’ll do it again.

Drives/rides shotgun

Neither of you really has a preference, and you’ll usually take turns.

Brings the other lunch at work

Jaime does, and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world. He flies there with the food (usually something his mom insisted on making) but walks in in normal clothes like a nice, normal boyfriend and all your co-workers (rightly) think he’s adorable.

Has the better parental relationship

Are you kidding Jaime’s family is awesome, unless you have seriously amazing parents, he wins this round.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

It happened once. We do not speak of it.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

You are a terrible dancer regardless of blood-alcohol level, but that doesn’t stop you and Jaime from dancing to the radio in the kitchen whenever a song you like comes on. Sometimes he stops dancing and just watches you with this goofy lil smile because he think’s you’re super-cute.

Still cries watching Titanic

He doesn’t cry, but he always gets mad because “there was room for both of them on that raft.” He’ll still be muttering about it all the next day.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Halloween sort of sneaks up on him usually so you have to throw things together, and don’t have time to plan anything special.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

I think he’s much more likely to do something than buy something as a gift; like if there was snow, he’d build both of you a fort to spend Christmas in. That kind of thing.

Makes the other eat breakfast

Jaime has good instincts when it comes to these things, passed down to him from his mother, and he will absolutely insist you eat something before you leave. Like he’ll be all arms crossed and giving you a serious lecture, and then he’ll stop, listen for a minute and sigh. “The Scarab says to tell you your blood sugar’s kinda low and if you don’t eat you’ll probably pass out.”

Remembers anniversaries

Both of you because you’re a pair of sentimental, gooey, adorable goofballs and it’s honestly kind of sickening how in love you are.

Brings up having kids

Neither of you does for the moment, since you’re so young. Maybe in the future if (when) you’re still together/get married, because let’s face it. Jaime would make an amazing father.

I read about the de-aged!Dean episode and got excited

“So, if you’re Sam,” Dean folded his arms, scrutinising his younger brother who was now twice the size of him, “Where’s dad?”

Sighing, Sam averted his gaze, running a hand through his long hair before he looked back at Dean. It had taken ten minutes for Sam to make Dean believe that he was, in fact, Sam. The concept was a struggle for fourteen year old Dean, who knew Sam as a snot nosed, little kid who followed him around like a puppy. The guy towering above him, with way too long hair, wide shoulders, and a freaking giant- the idea of him being Sam was downright weird.

“Uh,” Sam swallowed, “He’s not here at the moment. On a hunt,” he offered with a weak smile.

“Okay,” Dean shrugged, finding that plausible. In 2014, Dean and Sam were old enough to do shit without John watching over them. Still, it kind of sucked that Dean was stuck with an older Sam who he hardly recognised; at least with his father, he would look more like the man he knew from his time frame.

“I’m-” Sam took a step back, looking freaked out by the situation, “I’m gonna call Cas.”

“Who the fuck is Cas?” Dean retorted.

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Blonde Yoongi (=`ω´=)

  • I honestly love everything about Phil
  • •his sense of humor
  • •the way he can brighten up someone's day within 2 seconds
  • •the weird way he sticks his hands in his pockets
  • •his slightly crooked nose
  • •his toothy smile
  • •his obsession with lions
  • •the way he doesn't swear in his videos because little babies are watching
  • •his motive to put everyone before himself, but also take care of himself
  • •the amount of love in his eyes when he sees a Fan
  • •his hugs look amazing, I want one more than my highschool diploma
  • •his hair
  • •his northern accent
  • •his attempts at an american accent
  • •his awkwardness
  • •the way he attracts crazy but sane people
  • •Everything about his beautiful personality
  • Phil is an all around great person and I hope someday I'll get the chance to meet him
dean/cas fic: bring it on home (2.5k)

bring it on home: episode tag, 2.5k, spoilers for 12x02.

“Really?” Dean asks, pausing in the doorway. He wrinkles his nose a little; the kitchen smells like scalded water. “Tea?”

A weird look crosses Sam’s face ─ one part embarrassed and two parts determined. “Yeah. It’s for Mom.”

“You ─ why do we even have tea?”

“Oh.” Another weird look. Sam fiddles with the box; it’s bright yellow and covered with white flowers. “It’s, uh. Chamomile. Cas bought it. He thought it’d help with your insomnia when you were, um ─” he grimaces. “You know.”

For a split-second, a phantom something itches on the inside of Dean’s arm. He clears his throat and says, “Right, yeah.”

“She ─” Sam grimaces again. “She likes tea, right?”

Dean hesitates. He pictures their old kitchen in Lawrence ─ the floral wallpaper, the walnut cabinets, the pots and pans hanging on hooks. Sheer, white curtains had hung in the windows, and Mary had left them open because she’d liked plenty of sunlight. It had smelled like coffee in the mornings. Dean had always lined his army men up on the table before eating his Cheerios.

“I don’t know,” he admits. “She ─ maybe.”

“Well,” Sam says, peeling the teabag out of the packet. “I guess we’re going to find out.” He drops the teabag in the mug and fills it with water. The kettle ─ Dean didn’t even know they had a fucking kettle ─ looks old enough to have witnessed World War I first-hand. “You calling it a night?”

Dean glances around the kitchen. “Yeah, in a minute.” Mary put all the leftovers in the fridge, but there are still plates and take-out boxes all over the table. A handful of beer bottles are scattered across the counter. Their dad’s journal is there too, sitting next to a pile of caps. “What’re you doing with this?”

“Oh, yeah. I was going to let Mom read it. I figure it’ll help her ─ you know. Fill in some of the blanks.”

[read it at AO3]

If Seungkwan were a pocket sized companion that rode on you and went with you everywhere

“Ew Y/N don’t make that face”

“It’s just my face I don’t-”


He’ll be sassing you

sass level: BEYONCE

But he’ll also be complimenting you

“You look great today Y/N”

“So cute” *cue him booping your nose*

Whines til you give him what he wants

Likes to ask weird questions

“Why aren’t there any pink cows?”

“For what?”

“Strawberry milk? C’mon Y/N I thought you’d know by now!”

“Shut up Seungkwan”

Him cuddling you 

But when you cuddle him his face turns pink bc he cute and satisfied #choice

Poking your cheek

Being cute so you don’t get sad

Wiping tears off your face with his little hands

“Don’t cry Y/N, they don’t know you like I do”

Nose kisses

Helping you clean or cook

“ooOOOHHHHHH LLAADDIIIEEESSSS” at like 2 in the morning

“I will throw you out the window”

“You love me”

Snuggling into your side at bedtime

More versions: Jeonghan/ Vernon/ Hoshi/ Woozi/ Jun/ Joshua/ Wonwoo/ Mingyu/ The8S.Coups/Dino/ DK/

A/N: Hope you liked this one!!!

I’m literally so in love with Danny Edge, just like….everything about him.
His hair, his eyes, his cute fucking nose. His lips, his teeth, his skin.
When he wears flannels with his band shirts (all of them), his lil sweatpants-joggers thingies. I love how he wears Converse because he looks so adorable in them.
His little giggle and blushiness when he gets embarrassed or flustered. I love how he swears repeatedly when he fucks up, but it always ends in a giggle.
I love how sometimes he wears random ass pajama pants with crazy patterns.
I love when his hair looks like a mushroom.
I love his weird habit that makes him constantly fix his hair.
I adore the fact that he loves us potatoes so fucking much he can’t explain it.
When he cries I can’t help but sob because he doesn’t deserve to feel the way he does.
I would do anything to make that baby boy smile, and he would do the same for us.
When I meet him I’m just going to hug him and never let go.
I’ll tell him how much he means to me, and how much I love him.
He’s a walking ball of sunshine and I hope he’ll soon realize that he lights up the lives of lots of people.
Danny is the sweetest guy ever and he deserves the world, but the world doesn’t deserve him.
I love Danny Edge.

Jackson Imagine

Jackson throws the ball into the net, scoring the winning goal for Beacon Hills.

“WHOO!” you yell while jumping up.

The entire team starts celebrating on the field as a couple people give you weird looks, but look away after a moment. Probably because they realized you’re wearing his away jersey, meaning you’re his girlfriend.

A minute later Jackson looks at you from the field and motions for you to go down.

You shake your head and pinch your nose. You refuse to go near him after a game until he showers, because he always reeks.

He laughs and shakes his head but jogs towards the locker room.

You slowly start walking down the bleachers, to the field. It’s kinda cold out, but since Jackson’s jersey is a little big on you it gives you some extra warmth. You get down to the field and lean against a wall, waiting for Jackson to come out.

He comes out a few minutes later with his bag over his shoulder. “Hey.”

You smile at him. “Hey? You just won the game for Beacon Hills and all you say is hey?”

“Um… hola.”

You laugh. “I assumed you would’ve started with a victory kiss.”

“Well then,” he smiles a little while pressing his lips to yours.

You kiss for a moment, before he pulls away.

“Can I say hey now?”

You laugh. “Hey.”

“C’mon.” He grabs your hand and starts pulling you somewhere. “There’s a party at Danny’s.”

You sigh. “I don’t know… it’s late and we’ve got school in the morning…”

“It’s one night.”

You sigh again. “All right. But just this once.”

Sorry this one took so long,had to eat and shower and do homework and stuff… :/

Confession: when I first heard Jackson’s name I thought Jackson was his last name and spent half of season 1 trying to figure out what his first name was

His Favorite Thing About You *Physically*

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Steve Rogers - Your Body: Steve doesn’t care if you’re skinny or not, he’s just lucky to have you. He loves all  the curves and everything that makes your body unique. He loves the way that his hands fit on your hips and the way that your face looks when you smile.

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Bucky Barnes - Your Hands: It may sound pretty odd to most people *including you* but he loves your hands. He loves how small they look compared to his and how they look when you’re holding his hands, not to mention how soft they are.

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Tony Stark - Your Nose: For some reason, Tony loves your nose. To him your nose is adorable and he loves to peck little kisses onto it, only when you’re in private of course. You find his little obsession with your nose odd but he doesn’t find it weird at all.

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Natasha Romanoff - Your Lips: Natasha loves, loves your lips. She loves how perfect they look and how they feel pressed against your lips. It’s not just that, she often finds herself just staring at your lips when you talk, just entranced by the shapes that they form.

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Wanda Maximoff - Your Legs: During the whole time the two of you had been dating Wanda has always had an odd fascination with your legs. She loves how they look when you’re training or on missions. She also loves how they look when you two go running.

Crystal Grumps Headcanons!

Suzy was really uncomfortable with fusing with anybody for a long time. She fused with Arin first, and then Holly, then Dan. After that, she grew more and more comfortable with fusion; although she doesn’t fuse randomly.

Kevin is the most in touch with the human world (possibly followed by Vernon???😏). His nose looks a little… off, but it’s passable when he needs to travel. Suzy helps him put on makeup. His gem always feels weird but it’s worth it.

If dead set in a task, the Grumps can go for days without stopping. Once, Arin and Dan played video games for 36 hours straight. Ross’s streaming record is 11 hours.

Dan is in love with rock candy, Brian hates it. Dan knows he eats it anyway.

Holly cried the first time she saw a pigeon.

Barry knows the Troupple King dance from memory, and performs it in secret.

Me 3 weeks ago; I don’t see why people like this game. Yoosungs a nerd, Zens narcissism is enough to give me a nose bleed, Jaehee is too much like me, Jumin probably fucks his cat, and 707 is weird

Me now; I didn’t sell my soul to the game, it looked me dead in the eyes as it ripped it and what little innocence I have left out

M!A: Human


Toby had just been outside playing when the weird shadow had started to move towards him, it was strange really any other time something that had looked like this would have sent the young hybrid running start back to Eliza and the cabin but for ever reason this time he didn’t.

The exchange with the being was short they just poked his nose and said he got to be a normal little boy now, and then they vanished, Toby didn’t really understand what had happened but when he looked down he screamed.

I love you

Stiles is thirty-three when he gets his first gray hair.

He freaks, of course he freaks, because he’s still in his early thirties and no one else his age, or even slightly older, has gray hair. It’s just around his temples, and it would look classy or refined or whatever if he wanted it to, but it just makes him look weird in his opinion. So he dyes it. Doesn’t tell anyone. Derek wrinkles his nose at the weird smell in the house, the harsh chemicals irritating to his sensitive nose. But he doesn’t say anything if he knows what the smell is.

Stiles keeps living life like normal, but becomes pretty obsessive about his hair. He checks it every day, keeps it perfectly hidden, panics when he sees more and more that he has to dye until it’s practically his entire head. (It isn’t, but he thinks it is because he’s so worried about it.)

And then Derek takes him on a vacation. They leave Beacon Hills for two weeks; no pack responsibilities, no bookstore duties for Derek, no cop duties for Stiles, and it’s just the two of them and it’s nice. And while they’re enjoying the downtime, he forgets about his hair. He forgets about keeping it covered. And it’s still not noticeable when he gets back, but he forgets to check for it and eventually forgets that he has it because he’s gradually grown used to seeing it little by little. (You know how your hair gradually goes back to how it used to be after you dye it. You notice it a little, but your brain just kinda ignores it because you’re used to it)

And then someone points it out.

And they ruin everything.

Stiles freaks out again, but the whole pack, he’ll the whole town, knows by now that he’s graying and looks kinda like Reed Richards (which isn’t bad per say, but he’s thirty-three, he shouldn’t be gray!)

And Derek comes home from his shift at the local used book store to find Stiles locked in the bathroom arguing with himself about whether or not to dye his hair again now that everyone knows. And Derek, being the good husband that his is, elects to ignore the warning signs telling him that Stiles wants to be left alone because he knows it’s not good to leave him like that for too long.

And they fight.

Well, not fight, but Stiles argues with him. While sobbing. On the floor or the bathroom. Derek knows better than to really argue with him, so he lets him get it all out - “I’m too young for this, Derek! I still have a baby face and now I’m gray. What are people going to think about my age? I can’t keep it Derek, I need it gone! I’m not old enough to have gray hair! It’s not fair!” - and he doesn’t hold anything against him because Stiles has always looked young, has always been treated almost like the baby of the pack because he’s the youngest looking and he’s the human, he’s not nearly invincible like werewolves are.

But he’s not the baby, because he had to grow up that much quicker. They all had to grow up fast, but Stiles is the one who had to help take care of everyone else, who learned responsibility early on in life because his mother couldn’t always take care of him and his father couldn’t take care of himself, who was the emotional support for most of the pack at at least one time or another. Stiles had so much stress in his life, that Derek wasn’t really surprised at his hair aging quicker. Besides, he knows werewolves age slower because their metabolisms keep them looking younger for longer. So he knows part of it is just human aging.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for Stiles to accept.

He tells him that he’s still the same Stiles, he’s still a good cop and a good friend and a good person. He tells him that he’s still plenty young, and that a lot of people gray prematurely. He tells him that it’s perfectly normal.

But Stiles still hates it. He still insists that he has to dye it, he has to fix it.

Until…Derek uses his last resort. He tells him that he likes it. It looks good on him. He’s honest, saying that it makes him look just a little older, that it brings out the amber in his eyes. He tells him that he loves it and runs his fingers through it. He kisses him until he can’t remember what was so wrong.

And he ends up keeping it gray, because Derek loves it and everyone else reassures him that he does look good. When Lydia approves, because she’s his go-to fashion queen, he maybe tears up a little and hugs her because he knew that she’d be brutally honest no matter what.

But he trusts Derek most of all, and if Derek says he likes it…well, he’s never been able to tell Derek no when he says he likes something.

Any thoughts on this @hoechlbutt ?