his nose is my favorite

Bard, yo.  I’m suddenly madly in love with Luke Evans :D I feel like I might have mentioned this before, but drawing someone can often make me feel a million times more attracted to them.  Noticing the nuances of their features endears them to me in an almost indescribeable way. His nose is my favorite feature FYI.

That happened when I drew Fili for the first time.  I wasn’t really into Dean but after a few sketches he suddenly became my dream man with beautiful beautiful lips :P 


Fursuit head for Spacehusky on FA, as part of a full fursuit commission that will be finished very soon. :) Look out for this cutie at BLFC!
I knew I wanted it to read as a husky versus generic dog, so I looked at a lot of reference photos and put my own stylistic spin on it. I think my favorite part is his cute candy pink nose!

Fursuit heads, partials, and fullsuit commissions are closed as of this posting- hoping to reopen before the end of 2015. Keep an eye out here to be informed when I’ll accept new price quote requests. :)

This is probably my favorite icon of Nate because look at how his face lights up at whomever/whatever. Look at how that wide, toothy smile reaches his eyes and look at how he is ( for however long it lasts ) genuinely happy. It’s not a tired little smile, it’s not a run-of-the-mill “I’m going to give my all to people because they deserve to see it” smile, no no. This is a smile that blooms so naturally across his face, that speaks “thank you thank you thank you” for making me feel this way. This is a smile that not just anyone or anything gets to see. All of his smiles are warm, but this one is positively glowing, and it could probably put the very sun to shame. Like I said not just anyone gets to see this smile it’s so rare, and if you do then by gosh you are lucky and you better hecking treasure it because you may never see that smile ever again in your lifetime.

Not sure where this came from, but oh well 

“Marry Me.”

“Raincheck on that?” You laughed, tossing your head back with a loud laugh. “I just met you, how do I know that you don’t sleep with socks on?”

“That’s a sin.” Michael gasped, pressing his fingers to his chest as you smiled. “That’s so wrong on so many levels, it’s like suffocating your poor feet after they’ve been trapped inside shoes all day.”

“How do you feel about coffee?” You asked, the hustle and bustle of the dressing room lulling down for just a moment as you moved a few steps closer to Michael to hear him better, a bottle of water in your hand.

“Not my favorite.” He scrunched up his nose. “I don’t even like the smell of it.”

“Oh thank god!” You sighed, brushing your hand over his bicep. “Wow, I just pulled quite possibly one of the dumbest tricks in the book. Sorry, I’m going to refrain from touching you like a school girl and flipping my hair from now on, I promise.”

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so I know I wrote a whole thing about Prompto's nose so obviously I'm a fan, but I felt bad for leaving out Noct. So here's the Noct's nose appreciation post: Noctis' nose is not one of those noses that just messin around yet it's still delicate. Prompto loves to draw the outlines of Noct's nose when they're laying together, slowing dragging his finger down to where it ends in a point, making Noct's cheeks flush a dark red. It also creeps up his nose which is just about the cutest thing ever.

BLESS OMfg this is such a happy thing,,, omg Noctis needs more happiness like that
I need to draw this or something

tbh I think Noct’s nose is my favorite feature of his besides his eyes
it’s so pointy and cute

Ahsjdjajshd I love him I need Prompto to come play with his stupid nose now

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"yes, and you know what?" she pulled away and booped his nose "you are my favorite patient" she said and smiled, petting his cheek "always remember to keep that pretty head held high and be proud of yourself!"

Matthew nodded a bit, giving a slightly forced smile. 


we kept touching each other
but not in a sexual way or anything
we were getting to know each other for the first time again but better
because we didn’t just let our ears and words discover
we let our hands discover
my favorite places to run my fingers were his nose and lips
that and his eyes are my favorite parts of him
He seemed to enjoyed my arms and cheeks
we didn’t really go any further than touching each others backs, belly, arms, and face
but it was just enough for me to get to know him on another level
Running my fingers on him was like touching the bark of a tree and discovering its roots and really seeing how beautiful this natural piece of work is
—  I guess I’m falling in love with spring and my best friend

me: i liked BVS

someone: FUCK YOU! zack snyder came INTO MY HOUSE, BROKE in, like he climbed through the motherfucking WINDOW, took a SHIT on my BED, blew his nose on my FAVORITE SHIRT, ate my leftover chinese FOOD, kicked my goddamn DOG like he’s bleeding INTERNALLY, i had to take him to the VET, he ordered PORN on my TV and JACKED OFF on my SOFA, broke every single fucking piece of GOOD CHINA i had in the CHINA CABINET, bent all my SILVERWARE, took ANOTHER shit and MICROWAVED it, pissed in my BATHTUB, used my TOOTHBRUSH to brush his OWN TEETH, punched himself in the FACE just to spit BLOOD in my SINK, poured GASOLINE in my SWIMMING POOL, slashed all the TIRES on my CAR, and finally hired a BULLDOZER to knock the MOTHERFUCKING ROOF OFF MY HOUSE FUCK


Yoongi placed his arm around Jimin’s shoulder, leaning them back against the couch. There was some drama on tv but Jimin couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying. He took a sip of his coffee knowing it would do the exact opposite of calming his nerves. Yoongi rested his head on his shoulder, arm sliding down around his waist. Subtly, or at least that’s what he thought, he turned slowly until his nose pressed into the side of Jimin’s neck.

“Is this okay?” He asked voice low.

Jimin could only nod his head. Scenting was something only done between couples. But they weren’t exactly a couple yet. He didn’t mind this though because he really liked the way Yoongi smelled too. Yoongi was letting out hot puffs of air that made Jimin break out into goosebumps. His grip tightened on Jimin’s waist, nose pressing behind his ear.

“You’re my favorite scent Jiminnie.” His voice barely more than a sigh.

“How would you know hyung? You’re always wearing that suppressor.” Jimin teased.

“Not today.” Yoongi shook his empty wrist. “You can scent me too if you want.”

He loosened his grip to lean back against the couch, eyebrow cocked in a daring way.

hello this is a little reasons of why you should stan seokmin/dokyum

- first of all he’s really tall ????

- he has the biggest brightest smile

- his cute pointy birdy nose is my favorite!!

- his adorable ovalish ears :-)

- the way he slouches when he stands and how he bends a little ??

- how he has the habit of always sticking his thumbs/hands in his pockets.

- how he has really cute thighs! he isn’t really overly thin he’s kinda bulky a little?? like a lil chubby it so cute.

- how he always wears baggy clothes TT

- his vocals ?? ok ?? hes a beautiful singer and he loves singing.

- hes kinda like a mocking bird because he mimicks the person next to him a lot. so when seungkwan makes a joke he follows thru.. and how woozi claps in a certain way he’ll do the same?? he also during all of svt tv mimicked all the jokes soonyoung and him would do. he’s 100% synchronized w/ the members lol

- he’s a big smiley cry baby loaf and he deserves more love!!

- he’s horrendously funny.. especially during andromeda.. when he did the ninja naruto run.. etc, and all of the jokes he did w/ soonyoung during seventeen tv.. like that one banana episode and he pretended he was a monkey?? like what??

jehan with flowers weaved into his dreads

jehan with a septum piercing and rocking it with a floral pattern romper and one of enjolras’ old red blazers

jehan with sun spots on his shoulders and just before his hairline

jehan with heterochromia and a gap between his two front teeth

jehan in baggy galaxy-print sweaters with plaid leggings and a paisley thirteen-foot long scarf

jehan with weights with tiny flowers in the center

jehan going through a physics phase and constantly wearing something with information about gravitational pulls on different planets or relative theory or m-theory or whatever awesome concept he’s feeling that day

jehan wearing flats because he’s self-conscious of his height

jehan wearing platform high heels because he’s self-conscious of his height

jehan going through a goth phase because he saw that one totally un-punk guy at the library and he needs to show that mofo up