his nice suit and those colors

Unexpected Stranger

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“Are you sure this is the kind of route you wanna take? I mean after all, you have your pick at any girl in Villenueve.” Lefou asked as he watched Gaston wallow in ale at the tavern after another of his infamous failed attempts to woo Belle into marrying him.

Gaston lolled his head to the other side of the armchair to give him a half-hearted scowl as he sighed heavily. “They’re not the same, Lefou. Belle is the only one who intrigues me, everyone else pales in comparison to her.” He lamented.

“There must be someone else worthy enough for you.” Lefou exclaimed as he made a grand gesture of looking across the crowded floor to examine the ladies standing around and laughing with one another.

“How about her?”


“Hmm, her?”

Gaston shook his head. “Forget it, Lefou. Belle is the only one for me.” 

Lefou looked on at his friend in discontent, not knowing how to make him feel better, not even an incredibly catchy song that ends in a dance.

Deciding to let him have his moment, Lefou sat back and didn’t say anything else on the matter.

The bar was filled with it’s usual ambience, small creaks of bar stools being bushed about and an endless murmur of conversations that all swirled together and created an overall hum to the place. One could only describe it as peaceful, until the front doors were unlatched and the distant howl of the wind outside came whirling in and distributed that peace.

Naturally, all heads turned to discover who was causing the disruption, they all must have recognized the person because in an instant everyone back to their own affairs.

“Who is it Lefou?” Gaston asked, his hand now lazily covering his eyes.

Lefou stood up on the ledge of the fireplace and looked over the heads of people, his eyes found the girl and his eyes went wide before he sat down again. “No one.”

“You’re a terrible liar, Lefou. Now tell me before I grow impatient.”

Lefou looked around before leaning his head closer to Gaston’s ear. “The old musicians daughter, you know, the one who used to play the violin for the Opera in Paris?”

“I never knew he had any children.” Gaston said, his intrigue piqued, leaning his head up to find the girl.

Lefou’s face contorted into one of worry. “Y-You really needn’t bother, she’s sort of…”

“I’m fairly certain the word you are looking for is blind,“Came a voice from the other end of the fireplace. "My eyesight maybe gone but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear every word you’re saying, Lefou.”

Gaston’s eyes followed the voice and he came face to face with the girl, his head immediately came foward. You were a pretty thing, he wouldn’t have been able to even tell you had no eyesight had it not been for the unfocused gaze of your eyes and the fact that your hand had a tight grip on a leather leash of the dog next to you.

Gaston cleared his throat. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to you.”

Gaston watched your head tilt slightly to the side as an unreadable expression flickered on your face. “Oh, that’s new, I’ve never heard your voice before.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

A gentle smiled graced your face, and Gaston found himself eagerly awaiting your next response.

“I never forget a voice, a small perk that sort of makes up for the lack in sight.”

A smile of his own worked it’s way onto his face and he nodded. “I believe you. My name’s Gaston.”

“Well I’ve certainly heard of you,” You mused as your hand readjusted itself around the leash. “Regardless, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. My name’s (Y/n).”

“Lovely name, it suits you.” Gaston said as he took in more of your appearance. Your clothes were simple but in very fine condition, the colors of the fabric were more muted and toned down in comparison to those around you. But to him it made you stand out all the more.“

A tall man in a blue overcoat walked up to you and gently tapped your shoulder before placing a small brown bag into your hand before disappearing with a farewell.

"You must excuse me, I am only running an errand for my father. But it was very nice to meet you, Gaston.”

Gaston stood from his armchair and slowly took your hand in his own and placing a short kiss to the back of it. “It was very nice to meet you as well, Miss (Y/n).”

He saw the smile rise on your race before you nodded and tugged on the leath, letting the dog lead you out of the tavern with ease.

Gaston watched you until the doors close behind you, blocking your view from him, before he returned to his chair.

Lefou watched him get lost in his own thoughts again, but it was different. Gaston’s expression was soft and there was a certain glimmer to his eyeew that Lefou couldn’t place.

“Perhaps it’s time we head home?” Lefou said as he stood from his own spot, only to notice Gaston still stuck in his dreamlike state.



“Shall we head home?”

Gaston’s eyes focused again and he looked up at Lefou before shaking his head and moving to his feet. “Let’s, but on the way tell me more about this (Y/n) girl.”

Lefou helped him with his coat and hat before eyeing him curiously. “Any particular reason why?”

Gaston smiled off into the distance as they walked outside. “Because I would like to know.”

Happy Valentine's Day - Bucky Barnes x Reader (2017 February song challenge)

Words: 1146
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint
Warnings: Swearing.
Song Challenge with Jadyn!
Authors Note: So this is my song challenge for Feb. and I know it’s early but the theme this month was love so i decided why not put it out today? This is based off the song Happy Valentines Day (I’m Alone As Fuck) by Austin Jones and you can check it out here! (It’s literally 30 seconds.) Fluff af fic.

What is this? Jadyn’s Challenge

Challenge Masterlist. Masterlist.

Pink, red, white, and even a dash of purple. Those colors in February just made you angry. Everyone seemed to be so excited to celebrate a day of love, which happened to be a random Tuesday, while you couldn’t care less about it.

Love is hard to find with your job. Fighting to save the world can come with a price and makes everything much harder. Relationships were almost unheard of, unless you are Super-Dad-Husband Clint Barton, and love was not easy. Many people would be all for being with an Avenger, but the second things get ugly and life threatening, they leave you.

And of course, the last few years, something always happens on Valentines Day.

After months of being with someone you really connected with, the horrid day rolls around. Some villain always decides to have their fun and try to ruin the day, meaning you had to leave your valentine and go protect the world. And that’s when they always realize that this is how it’s always going to be; the world comes first, their love comes second.

So you didn’t bother.

But that did not stop the Avengers from trying to make your miserable day a little better. Tony insisted you join him to a nice breakfast fit for Valentines. And while it was the nicest breakfast you had ever had, and a great effort from Tony, it all felt weird. You didn’t know how to act, especially with a million couples surrounding the two of you stealing kisses every four seconds. You were just friends with Tony, not Valentines.

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A prequel to my fic ‘Acknowledge

Summary: Rich CEO Phil Lester meets Dan Howell, an adorable pastel-colored boy who is looking for a job, and decides that he has to hire him immediately. 

Phil Lester, CEO of Lester Global Inc, was exhausted and irritated. About once every three months he would pick a day to interview many different potential employees to work at his company. Those days usually ended up being pointless. Today just happened to be one of those days.

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Warnings: mentions of blood, violence, prostitution.

  • Actual Hitman!Taemin. Picture it now.
  • Most of the time he’d either have his jet black hair or that white blonde color.
  • And he’d always have the really thick, smoky eyeliner ringing his eyes (picture the Ace era makeup) when he’s working.
  • It makes him look a little tougher (and a little unbalanced, at least, according to Kibum).

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Surge wandered about the detailing shoppe, he had just bought some more gloss for the gold detailed areas on his paint job, it was part of his morning routine to slick the shiny substance along his helm kibble to protect the paint and allow it to shine in the light of the nearby stars. There was also the fact that it simply felt good to pamper ones self with nicer waxes and glosses, and that in the mornings it was nice to massage ones helm. It could be said that Surge took care of his looks, but he wasn’t particularly vain, he just liked to look nice for himself.

The others in the shoppe looked like those of a few types. The type that was young and spry, looking for a new color to suit their maturing build, the type that was simply there to grab a few things and take care of their looks when they got home, and… oh what was that one’s type? He looked… interesting. He was perhaps a touch younger than Surge and definitely more athletic. He looked adventurous- and Surge caught himself staring too long. Look away, perhaps the mech didn’t notice…

The Hybrid- Part 6

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 6 (so…not longer than part 5… even 100 words shorter…sorry ^^’)

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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“Niklaus, you are my son. And I am here to forgive you.”

Klaus looked at his mother like she was speaking a language he didn’t understand. Actually, all her children were looking at her like she was an alien.

“Mother…” Rebekah was dazed by the words she had just heard.

“Peace,” Esther insisted. She turned to Klaus and he couldn’t tell if she was to be trusted or not. He reached for Ariel’s hand who was still behind him and she squeezed it before she put her other hand on his shoulder, trying to hide from his family. Esther frowned as she saw a figure behind her son.

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Day 202: Please Blink

I need to write more Freedom Fries. Inspired by this lovely picture by @groottoot

A quiet night in 2Fort, the hot summer sun having long given way to the cool star-spangled dark of night. In the halls of BLU Base, there are only a few lights that remain on. Soldier’s room has one.

Sleep is normally not come hard to the American, but tonight it is the last thing in his mind. Instead, all he thinks about is the photograph in his hand. How right now, the only red, white, and blue that he can think about involves the Tricolour instead of the Stars and Stripes, and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that.  

The photo is of a man. Spy, to be precise. Soldier recognizes it as a personnel photo, but not one that should ever be left in a file. Spy’s blinking, and Spy would certainly never let an imperfect photo of himself be in his official record. Maybe that’s why he’d found it laying in the middle of the hall.

He looks down at the face in the photo, and lays a finger over the mask to trace the line where fabric met skin. Soldier has never liked eyes. All they do is look at you. That’s why he’s never bothered refitting his helmet. It keeps eyes away from him. Maybe that’s what was different about this picture. There are no eyes, and he can just look at Spy’s face.

Spy has eyes, of course. They’re just closed. In the photo, the man’s head is tilted down, obviously not ready for whoever at BLU HQ was taking the personnel photos. His mouth is slightly open, revealing white teeth under that soft, knowing smile.

The photographer was probably a dame.

Soldier has never liked dames, either. Not that he dislikes them, he’s just never really concerned himself with them. And when everyone thinks you’re crazy, no one tries to fix you up with a nice girl. At least, not if they like her.

But he likes Spy, even if he can never bring himself to say it. He adores that sly grin and fluid body. He marvels at that trickster mind and clever tongue. He wants to know what sort of man wears a tailored Italian suit in a gravel yard warzone, and what color hair hides under that mask. And there is the problem.

With his mask, Spy is all eyes. Anytime Soldier tries, those blue-grey eyes bore into him, holding him in place until the Frenchman gives him that exasperated look and walks away. It’s happened time and time again, and he’s sure that Spy has started to wonder. The last time, the look was different.

Soldier runs his thumb over the refined features and wonders.

But he shouldn’t.

Spy left it for him to find.

Down the hall, the Frenchman sits on his own bed. He reaches over to pull open the drawer to his nightstand to see nothing inside. Just as he left it. Removing the drawer’s false bottom, he takes out the worn copy of Candide that is safely stored within and lets its pages fall open. There, tucked between chapters ten and eleven, is a photo of his own. It is worn at the edges, with deep creases from where it has been folded and refolded time and time again.

It is of Soldier.

And Spy no longer wonders.

Game of Seduction (Rap Monster) *NSFW*

There were times in your life when you felt especially adult and tonight was one of those times. Clad in a black dress that hugged your waist and left just enough to the imagination, Namjoon sat across from you in a beautiful black suit that contrasted the light color of his hair. He looked up from his meal to see you staring and smirked at you. He knew how much you loved him in a suit; it was a nice reprieve from some of his more daring outfits. For your anniversary dinner—you had been dating three years now—Namjoon had taken you to a nice fancy restaurant. You always loved an excuse to dress up and so you looked fucking great tonight. You knew Namjoon thought so too; he had been throwing you dark looks and innuendos all night. You enjoyed having power over him in small ways like this. Sometimes you felt as if this was a constant game the two of you were playing, a game of who can make the other more messed up. The anniversary dinner was no difference. As soon as you had sat down, Namjoon worked his angles and took any moment he could to touch you. While waiting for dessert he took your hand and simply held it, running his long fingers across your wrist as you talked with him. He smiled down at you when you shot him a look as if to feign innocence but you knew he was trying to get you riled up.

When dessert arrived, you knew it was your turn to mess with him and so, withdrawing your hand from his grasp, began to eat the small portion of ice cream you had been served. You made sure to let a little bit dribble over your lip before swiping it away with your tongue, watching his face as you did. You saw him swallow as he tried to keep himself together and smiled coyly as you returned to your ice cream. Namjoon meanwhile surely didn’t want to lose to you either and so when a little bit more ice cream made its way to your lip, he swiftly moved to wipe it off with his thumb, running it roughly over your lip. He brought his thumb to his own mouth and licked before returning to his meal and you bit your lip, knowing you had lost.

You figured you still had the car ride and so you simply planned your next course of action as the meal was paid for and you walked out of the restaurant. As soon as you were standing again, Namjoon had his hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the car and telling anyone around you were his, no one else’s. His dipped slightly too low to feel up your ass as he opened the door to let you into the car and you shot him another look.

“We’re in public,” you reminded him, your voice light and teasing.

“Not for long,” he warned as he shut the door and sat back in the leather of the car and fingered the zipper that went up the chest of you dress, knowing how to fuck with Namjoon.

He slipped into the driver’s seat and took off, heading to his apartment. You held light conversation for a while before slowly zipping down the zipper a bit, exposing just a bit more. You stretched and leaned over to turn down the heat in the car.

“It’s just a little too hot in here,” you said and Namjoon’s eyes immediately slid over to you, receiving quite the view as you leaned over to turn down the heat.

“Really now?” he said, tapping his fingers along the steering wheel impatiently as you waited at a red light.

“You’re not?”

“I’m a bit,” he conceded as he glanced once more at.

“It’s because you’re wearing so many layers. You need to take some off,” you said casually as you reached over to loosen his tie slightly and unbutton one top button of his shirt as he drove.

“That should help a bit,” you said leaning back in your seat and watching the lights of the city as they sped past your window.

“Oh yes, that was very helpful,” he said sarcastically as he shot you a glare.

“It’s not like I made it worse,” you said innocently and he scoffed and turned up the air conditioner even more.

Finally, the two of you were back at the apartment and you leisurely wondered who had won this completion of seduction. You quickly received your answer when Namjoon’s large hand quickly grabbed your wrist and you were practically dragged to the elevator. Normally he would slow his stride to match yours, your legs much shorter than his, but now he walked with large steps, pulling you roughly behind him in his desperation and you smiled knowing you had won.

He tapped his shoe on the floor in irritation as he waited for the elevator to come and as soon as it did he pulled you in impatiently and hit the number for the thirtieth floor before hitting the close door button. Even before the doors had closed he had yanked you to him, not even having the time or patience to push you against the wall he simply held you to him with his strength, one hand grabbing your ass and the other holding harshly onto your hair, pushing your face to his. His mouth met yours in a desperate fervor, his kiss overwhelming you as his tongue quickly pushed past your lips and mingled with yours. You held onto the jacket of his suit as you attempted to hold yourself up, weakened by the kiss. You were thankful for the hand on your ass as it did help in holding you up. The elevators pinged as the doors opened, thankfully to an empty hallway, and Namjoon quickly broke the kiss and sped you around, putting his hand around your waist as he led you speedily down the hallway. He quickly entered the pin for his apartment and herded you inside. You stepped out of your heels and, as soon you had, you were spun around and pushed against the wall of the apartment. Namjoon took off his shoes by stepping on the heels and took off his jacket without breaking the kiss. He grabbed you by the shoulders and began to walk you backwards to the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. He stopped to slam you up against another wall and unzipped the top of your dress, pushing the straps down your shoulders. You aided him in pushing the dress down before stepping out of it and before you knew it, you were walking backwards again to the bedroom. Namjoon pushed you back onto the bed and unbuttoned his shirt. He took the tie and threw it on the bed before shedding the shirt and his pants quickly.

“Take off your bra,” he said, his voice low as he moved close to you again. You quickly did as he picked up the discarded tie on the bed. He took the bra from your hands and tossed it to the side, taking your hands in his large ones, he tied the tie around them.

“That’s not going to do much to restrain me,” you sassed him and he smirked at you as he turned on the carefully curated sex playlist the two of you always listed too in the moment. He sat the phone on the bedside table and walked back over to you.

Drawing his face closer to you he leaned down to whisper in your ear. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you can’t move,” he whispered and you could hear his mirk in his voice as he picked you up and moved you further up the bed.

He held your tied hands above your head with one of his and resumed kissing you. His mouth was rough against yours, his lips pillowy and soft despite the ferocity with which he kissed you. He moved down to kiss along your jaw before beginning to suck hard on your neck, knowing the specific spots to get you more worked up after three years. Every time he moved his mouth to another place along your neck, his teeth grazed your skin and you knew it wasn’t an accident, although you didn’t complain. His hand your wrists as he moved to hold your waist but you obediently kept them in place above your head.

His mouth dropped to your breasts where he left more hickies as he kneaded the breast his mouth wasn’t busy attacking. He switched to suck above your right breast and meanwhile roughly pulled on the left to elicit a whimper, looking up at you as sucked on your skin to see the pain flash across your face.

His hands and lips left your chest and he pulled down your panties. You aided him, using your legs to push them off and he dipped his hand down, circling his fingers around your clit. You pushed your pelvis up towards him but he didn’t increase pressure. You let out a whining moan but only smirked at you and leaned down to leave a soft kiss as his fingers ventured south and he ran them up and down the opening of your pussy before slipping one long finger in. He quickly added a second, pumping in and out as he kissed you. You gyrated your hips against his hand. You moaned against his mouth as his thumb continued to massage your clit. Finally he pulled away from your mouth and slid his fingers out of you. He quickly cleaned them off with his mouth before taking off his boxers and positioning himself to quickly enter you. His rush indicated that how worked up he was and you couldn’t help the slight smirk to your smile as he leaned over you and began to pump in and out. His hand went back to your wrists, remind you to keep them above your head, as he leaned to kiss you roughly again.

Namjoon was known for his excessive use of force, and you were always at the brunt of it, getting random bruises where he grabbed you too hard, kissed you too hard. You never felt it more than when he fucked you. He was rough and fast. Making love wasn’t exactly a phrase he knew, you were sure. As he slammed in and out of you, you let out cries against his mouth. It was a pleasurable pain but it was intense. Every now and then he would slow down but gentleness went out the window when Namjoon was needy. His mouth dropped again to your neck as he went over the same places he had sucked earlier and his hand that was on your wrists dropped again, snaking down your waist to grabbed onto your ass and hold you in place as he continued to fuck you. Now that his mouth was no longer dominating yours, you were able to verbalize your pleasure saying Namjoon’s name over and over as best as you could, your voice strained and breathy because of how weak he made you feel.

You were already close to orgasming from the foreplay and soon enough you felt your muscles spasm, and evidently Namjoon felt them too, biting down on your neck before he too came. After a short while, he slid out and united the tie around your wrists. You immediately reached up and put your arms around his neck pulling him close and he flipped you so you were cuddled on top of him before hugging you back, enveloping you in his arms. He ran a hand through your hair lovingly as he pulled you close to him.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” he said relaxed as he leaned up to kiss the top of your head. “I love you so much.”

You looked up at him and moved to peck him on the lips. “I love you too,” you said as you rested your head on his chest. You ran your fingers over his chest contentedly. “How did I ever end up with such a nice boyfriend?”

“I’m not even all you deserve,” he said tiredly and you smiled.

“You’re more than I deserve.”

“We could fight over this all night, couldn’t we?”

“I think I’m all out of fight,” you joked, your eyes slipping closed as the feeling of his hand in your hair lulled you asleep. You wondered what you would do for your anniversary next year.


hello!!! who is this!!! it is the gosh man!!! my baby!!! and all of YOU GUYSes baby too if i’m not too mistaken. goshiki has many doting parents. no wonder he’s so spoiled.

goshiki sure is sticking his hand up in several of these pics. almost a Bangs Pose… but not quite?! come on anime crew! let goshiki do The Pose!!! either way there’s some adorable heroic posing going on. goshiki tries so hard to be cool and relevant. also i just noticed that everyone has their own color for those line thingies on their shoes. goshiki’s color is a nice blood red that suits his passionate personality. do you think there’s a reason for one kneepad to be longer than the other or is it just a fashion statement.

his hair and eye color ended up a lot colder than the initial manga color illustration, but several little things changed between that first illustration and say, the first shiratorizawa comic cover. goshiki’s eyes were brown at first, then grayish on the cover. his eyes here are a little colder than they were at first, but still more brown than blue. all right!

he displays a wonderful array of emotions on both of his character sheets. his hair turned out so perfect. i can’t wait to see it animated. LOOK at those wild little cowlicks. LOOK AT THEM!!! goshiki is too good for this world.

the-cucumber-kat asked: One in which Dean goes suit shopping and sales-assistant!Cas gives him some help.

Author’s note: Several other people also submitted this prompt (or at least a similar one) so here you go. :) 


Dean grimaced as he checked out his own reflection in the full-length mirror of the store’s dressing area. Well this was a sight he hadn’t seen before… Dean Winchester, in a suit. And boy did he hate it.

This was all Jo’s fault. Dean’s best friend was getting married in two weeks, and she had made it perfectly clear that Dean would better be dressing up for the occasion; his usual jeans and plaid were not an acceptable outfit as far as Jo was concerned.

Which is how he had ended up here, trying on one of the less fancy suits that the store had to offer. Regardless, aforementioned suit was still entirely too fancy in Dean’s humble opinion. With Dean being a mechanic, most days he walked around in ripped jeans and old shirts, often covered in grease. This was the complete opposite of that, and he didn’t like it one bit.

“I look like a monkey.” He mumbled miserably as he glowered at himself in the mirror.

“That’s not true, I think you look quite stunning, sir.”

Dean yelped, startled by the gravelly voice that suddenly came from beside him. He turned around, directly staring into a gorgeous pair of azure eyes that belonged to a well-dressed guy who clearly was a sales assistant. Dean’s heart stuttered. The guy couldn’t be much older than Dean, and he sure was easy on the eyes.

“Jeez, dude! You scared me! Did no one ever tell you not to sneak up on people like that?” Dean asked, feeling a bit breathless.

The guy shot him an apologetic smile, running a hand through his untamed ebony hair. “My apologies, sir. I was simply wondering if maybe you needed help. You seem to feel very uncomfortable in that.”

Dean laughed rather hysterically, shaking his head at the guy. “Nothing gets past you, does it? And please stop calling me sir, it makes me feel old. It’s Dean…”

Blue eyes nodded, then shamelessly looked Dean up and down. Probably because it was his job to do so, Dean figured before he could even consider feeling flattered at the attention.

“Alright, Dean… Although you seem like the type of person who will never feel truly comfortable wearing an outfit like this, may I suggest we try a different color to see if maybe you like that better?”

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things Dino looks good in
  • honestly the UDF outfit man
  • like the bandana around his thigh like wow
  • how old are you again?? cause i swear people your age where I live never look as good as you omg he’d be a senior in the US
  • like it was super small and like not really noticeable but when i first saw it i was taken back
  • like i did’t know i needed to see dino with a chain on until now i have been blessed
  • jeans
  • i have so many pictures of dino in jeans i swear it’s for science
  • that one outfit he had when the performance unit had solo stuff!!
  • that one was really nice i really really liked that one 
  • cause like his hair was styled so so so well
  • i think it was after mansae promotions
  • like they had him grow out his hair and it honestly looked really nice
  • shorts shorts shorts
  • once again makes his legs look suuuuper nice
  • oh those plain/graphic tees that are sorta cuffed on the shoulders and like the sleeve cuffs are a different color from the whole shirt
  • those make his arms look really nice
  • oooh also like a button up shirt like yes please ESPECIALLY WHEN THE SLEEVES ARE ROLLED UP YES
  • but then again all of seventeen look good in suit but ill just add it in cause he looks real good in them
  • lie that whole thing was really going for him like yes v v nice
  • when he wears a collared shirt under a crewneck WHEN THE TOP TWO ARE UNBUTTONED TOO MAN
  • not like legit shirt over shirt over shirt
  • but more like the ize photobook outfit.
  • the hoodie under another jacket i love doing that when it’s cold in cali. keeps me uber warm

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omg i wrote a lot lol

Its N̶o̶t̶  A Date!

“Hmm….mhmm…..mhmmm~” Moaning with a smile, he felt so much warmth, his snootle twitched as his eyes opened slowly. Ahh, he could see that he was in bed! It was nice and dark with his snout pressed against the others…wait….“W-WHAT?!” The goat bucked himself backwards. “O-OWWW!!!” He winced as he hit the wall, groaning as a paw went behind his head to rub it. The goat snarled, glaring at his counterpart….but….it was only then he remembered that he was wearing only his underwear. Looking down at himself, he was too! Rainbow colored ones, sheesh, they were so flashy! Compared to those plain ones though…they….“They really suit him…”

Eyes went wide as he hit his head. “W-What are you saying?! I….I….hmm?” He..He didn’t really feel so angry, not like he usually was. It…Its like he didn’t feel angry, he just didn’t have the steam! He looked down with a contemplative look. Turning is gaze then at his sleeping counterpart, he couldn’t help but…feel…feel happy? Closing his eyes, he groaned as he wiped his face down with a paw. “Oh god….you have got to be kidding me….w-what…hmm….” He actually produced a small smile. “Mhmm…you may be me…but…you aren’t entirely me….right?” he questioned the sleeping prince. “That would make it possible and…wait…NGHHH!” He growled and levitated out of bed, coming to the other side of the sleeping goat. He looked at him, a bright blush came as he glared angrily, but also bashfully.

“Hmph….maybe….maybe my feelings…THESE feelings….b-but…” He gulped and hissed. “Pfft, oh please….b-but….heh…” He smiled sheepishly. “G-Geez…maybe if I treated you….repay you for all that you’ve given the great hypergod of death….then…these…t-these feelings will go away!” He snapped with a wide grin. “Y-Yeah..!! Heh….w-well….” He looked down and smiled…warmly. “At…err….well…thanks for um….” He just couldn’t express it good but…he was truly thankful for the other being so honest and brave, heck, for all that he had done. It was a sour taste in his mouth but it was hard to admit that…his hatred was really going…l-low.

He scooped his counterpart, diving his paws below his legs as he carried him with ease, scoffing, making sure he was leaning close towards his own body. “Huff! Nghhh, b-better not wake up now, y-you fatty!” he scolded lightly. He took slow steps towards the door, his eyes watched that pure, sleeping face…“P-Please don’t wake up! I-I don’t….NGHHH, I-I’m just owing you a debt, o-okay?! I-Its not like I want to carry you…j-just…I don’t need ya waking up and teasing me about t-this!!!”

He had made up his mind. Maybe this could be part of his original plan? Maybe, he was just feeling charitable? Maybe he’ll go with a date! 

W-Wait, i-its not a date!


anonymous asked:

what seasons of the year would each of the boys be? like who would be summer, who would be winter, spring, atumn?

oH hmm good question! let’s dive on in and discuss it, shall we?

louis: spring / because he can be loud and full of energy (rain storms, thunder and lightning) but he can also be soft and delicate (new flowers growing) plus he brings out the warmth in everyone! (the sun coming out after a long winter)

liam: summer / he’s always ready to have a good time (fun in the sun) but can sometimes get a little too crazy (heat wave, late june and july) but a lot of people like to be with him to have a good time and forget about their troubles (summer break, no classes, etc) he’s got the energy to party, but at the end of the day you know he loves to snuggle deep under the covers 

niall: summer / similar to liam, niall is relaxed and ready to have a good time, but niall is closer to the autumn spectrum of summer (settling back into a routine) niall is coming home, he’s comforting (having a laugh with your friends at one last bonfire before classes start) and adorable, and he’s always there with open arms

zayn: autumn / zayn is soft ‘n cozy, and studious (settling into october) and he likes to have time to himself (head down in his books, chilly late september nights) but he isn’t afraid to have a sly sense of humor (chillin’ with his dorm mates) overall he’s a snuggly bugger who likes to be with the people he cares about (bundling up together when it really gets cold) bonus: with his raven hair, halloween black ‘n white suits like a charm!

harry: winter / it’s hard to ignore how nicely harry glows in the pale months when it’s nice ‘n cold (he is his own snow flurry) plus the fact that he likes to look after those around him (insulate them with a snow blanket!) he glows under spotlights, which bring out his doe eyes and (dare i say… frostbite colored?) pink lips