his nice suit and those colors


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Warnings: mentions of blood, violence, prostitution.

  • Actual Hitman!Taemin. Picture it now.
  • Most of the time he’d either have his jet black hair or that white blonde color.
  • And he’d always have the really thick, smoky eyeliner ringing his eyes (picture the Ace era makeup) when he’s working.
  • It makes him look a little tougher (and a little unbalanced, at least, according to Kibum).

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hello!!! who is this!!! it is the gosh man!!! my baby!!! and all of YOU GUYSes baby too if i’m not too mistaken. goshiki has many doting parents. no wonder he’s so spoiled.

goshiki sure is sticking his hand up in several of these pics. almost a Bangs Pose… but not quite?! come on anime crew! let goshiki do The Pose!!! either way there’s some adorable heroic posing going on. goshiki tries so hard to be cool and relevant. also i just noticed that everyone has their own color for those line thingies on their shoes. goshiki’s color is a nice blood red that suits his passionate personality. do you think there’s a reason for one kneepad to be longer than the other or is it just a fashion statement.

his hair and eye color ended up a lot colder than the initial manga color illustration, but several little things changed between that first illustration and say, the first shiratorizawa comic cover. goshiki’s eyes were brown at first, then grayish on the cover. his eyes here are a little colder than they were at first, but still more brown than blue. all right!

he displays a wonderful array of emotions on both of his character sheets. his hair turned out so perfect. i can’t wait to see it animated. LOOK at those wild little cowlicks. LOOK AT THEM!!! goshiki is too good for this world.