his neck is s o cool

Reaction #3: Their S/O randomly nuzzles their face into their neck because they are cold

SeokJin (Genie):

Because he’s mostly an innocent smol pink princess, he will definitely not think twice to cuddle them because they are cold or just in general.

“Aw Jagi you’re cold, come cuddle with me”

(make pretend you are the lucky bear in this gif)

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

Yoongi, oh Yoongi, he would pretend not to lose his cool and would just notice you laying there, chill nose/face hitting his neck and would slightly jump and make a nonchalant comment about how cold they were, but he deep down actually thought it was really cute when his S/O did that and enjoyed it a lot. A little later he then responds again and this is how the conversation goes:

“Okay fine I guess we can cuddle”

“Really?? wow this is the first time you actually suggested-”

“Ahh Don’t ruin it y/n” he would say trying to hide back his smile, but nonetheless, still gives his S/O that small smirk.

( Aw Yoongi just can’t help himself ;) )

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hobi would LOVE when his S/O would randomly nuzzle their nose or face into his neck when they are cold or shy and would look down adoringly and wrap his arms around them.

“AHH!! you’re so cute when you do that Jagi!”

(The heart is for u)

Namjoon (Monie):

Like Hobi, he would think that it was cute whenever they do that and would kiss their forehead EVERY.SINGLE.TIME because namjoonie just can’t keep his hands or lips off of them. 

“You’re so cute y/n. Now let me warm you up.”

(Look at this cheeky boy)

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

This smol mochi would be so shy. As soon as his S/O would nuzzle their cold nose or face into his neck he would get all giddy and he automatically will give you that smile that lights up the whole wide world and his cheeks will turn a shade of pink.

“Ah y/n you’re making me blush”

(Jimin is shy shy shy)

Taehyung (Jack):

This boy would be so extra about it and as soon as his S/O nuzzled their cold nose or face into the crook of his neck, 2.5 seconds later he would automatically cuddle them and wrap his S/O in a tight embrace because we already know that he’s a cuddle master.

“Yayyy cuddlesssss” he says as he automatically nuzzles his face into your hair or forehead.

(How cute!!)

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

It had became a typical thing for you two. Every time his S/O is cold, they would automatically do a small cute gesture like nuzzling their nose or face into the crook of his neck, hold hands, or anything and he would always keep you warm. Even though this smol baby would be shy around you, he would always find a way to warm you up, whether it be covering you with his jacket or blanket.

“Oh y/n you’re cold! uh- here you go” he would say with a shy smile.


A/N: Ahhh sorry this was terrible but I tried, but side note, I do NOT own these gifs, credit to those who do!

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Headcanons for the chocobros when they discover their lover keeps photos of them with embarrassing captions like "love of my life", "best bf", "prince charming" xD

Omg I love this idea so much! :’) I’m sorry if these are a bit long!


- Noct would be lounging around in the tent one day, probably looking forward to going to sleep or something.
- His eyes happen to land on his s/o’s bed set up, realising they hadn’t put away all their stuff properly. Something in particular was quite curious…
- Of course, this boy cannot resist going over to check it out. (This is the same guy who wants to check out dungeons just because after all).
- He’d pick up the slip of paper to see it was actually a picture. Of him. With a cutely drawn crown on top of his head. Underneath his face were the words ‘My prince charming!’
- Noct would gasp and blush like mad.
- Awkward mode initiated.
- But he would also feel so happy and loved. God damn it my lover is too cute.
- He’d also really like that they used the phrase prince charming, since he half jokes that he is one constantly.
- Once he’d recovered his cool as best as he could, he’d head out of the tent.
- “Be back in a bit guys!”
- When he comes back he is super shifty, s/o notices at once.
- “Can I uh… uh speak to you, like, over there?”
- Chocobros are amazed at his smoothness as always. S/o humours him and they finally have privacy.
- He is so adorable and awkward. One hand behind his back, the other scratching the back of his neck and dear gods his can’t make eye contact.
- “So… I just went for a walk, and well, kinda found these.”
- Literally shoves flowers into his s/o’s hands.
- Crickey is it hot in here? Nope, just my face.
- S/o can’t stop grinning. It’s obvious he went to look for them.
- When they return to camp, the others look at each other and just shrug.
- Noct mentally pats himself on the back.
- Ah yes, smooth as silk.


- Would be walking behind his s/o one day seeing that they have a photo in their hands.
- “Hey, whatcha got there?”
- S/O would grip the photo tightly and run around the room, Prompto would literally have to chase them down if he wanted to see it! Which of course, he’d be dying to.
- Finally manages to snatch the photo out of his lovers’ hands, only to see it’s a candid picture of him that he didn’t know existed. With some writing on the bottom?
- “Sunshine boy, l-love of my life…?”
- His face is on fire. Like, tomato boy red, his hand covering his mouth.
- Heart is racing. I’m… I’m the… of their life?
- Doesn’t realise he has the most ridiculous, most goofy grin on his face behind his hand!
- S/O is like… “Prom, are you okay?”
- Finally snaps out of it.
- “Yeah… but you could have used a better photo of me, look here are some of my selfies from our journey.” Tips a handful of photos out, mostly with his chocobo. Distraction tack-tick!
- S/O face palms and snatches the picture back.
- Prompto is smiling for the rest of the day, cannot get the image out of his head!
- Would tell everyone. “Hey, hey guess what I am. A sunshine boy!”
- I don’t think his s/o would understand just how much it would mean to him. Is an absolute lovely dovey mess.


- Gladio and his s/o would be lounging under a tree together in the brief moments they could manage to steal away together.
- S/o would be laid on his chest, both with a book in their hands.
- They would turn the page, totally forgetting what they had been using for a bookmark.
- Both watch as the little square falls and lands on the centre of Gladio’s stomach.
- His lover goes to reach for it but damn it he is so much quicker.
- Damn those lighting fast reflexes!
- “Hmm what’s this?”
- It’s a picture of him that Prompto had taken mid-fight, his s/o must’ve swiped it from him. And in the corner was a heart with the words ‘My gorgeous Gladdy’ scrawled in it.
- S/o has their head in their hands this is so embarrassing.
- Gladio laughs so warmly, and moves the fingers obstructing his lover’s eyes.
- “So you think I’m gorgeous huh?”
- He is not shy at all, he thinks that it is so cute.
- His heart is singing, confirming just how much he was head over heels for his partner.
- “Ob coush.”
- Gladio sits up causing his s/o to move their hands and repeat themselves.
- “Of course.” They can’t look at him.
- Gently he would lift their head until their eyes make contact, seeing that dazzling, warm smile of his they loved so much.
- “Let me show you how gorgeous I think you are.”
- His arms bring them back down on the floor where he gives the most passionate kiss his could muster, hoping that he was getting across just how happy that photo had made him.
- He was.


- Iggy would be at his s/o’s house, waiting for them to come back when he spotted their jacket on the sofa.
- Can’t resist picking it up and putting it back on the coat hook for them.
- As he puts it away, something falls out of the pocket and flutters to the floor.
- “Hmm?”
- He reaches down to pick it up and put it away, but stops as he sees it’s a picture of him.
- “What…?”
- It’s a picture of him and his s/o laughing at something Gladio was saying, but it looked like there was writing on the picture…
- Ignis’ heart would thump as he read the words written in the handwriting he knew so well.
- World’s best boyfriend!
- Would definitely love knowing his s/o felt that way, but would seriously want to live up to those expectations not that he doesn’t already.
- S/o gets home finally to see a banquet pretty much, prepared for them with all their favourite things.
- Ignis pampers them anyway, but that night he would seriously ramp it up a notch.
- Backrubs? You got it. Kisses? Constantly. Cuddles? Absolutely!
- Here let me run you an extra bubbly bath.
- S/o wouldn’t say anything because they would be enjoying it too much, but wonder what brought it all on.
- Later they would go to sneak a look at the picture they keep in their jacket pocket like usual, but this time look at it in surprise.
- There was now some more elegant script on the photo next to them.
- World’s most precious partner.

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Whoo! New imagines blog!!! Welcome to the family lol. May I please get a possessive Todoroki and bakugou please?


Katsuki Bakugou:

  • He’s not very good at hiding any sort of jealousy in the first place let’s be honest here. If anything he’s going to be a little more high strung than he usually is when his s/o is with him. It’s an immediate sort of possessiveness when he sees another guy trying to talk to his s/o and it’s not like he doesn’t let them talk to other guys. He just feels the need to really hit home about how he won’t tolerate anyone flirting with his s/o.
  • Bakugou tends to pull his s/o really close to him when they’re in public together and his s/o probably won’t think much of it (if anything they’d think of it as being a little cute). And he definitely isn’t above telling people he thinks are making his s/o comfortable to fuck off. When the two of them are out and about he usually keeps a firm hand on their waist or a strong arm around in some sort of fashion. Fights the urge to yell at every person who looks at his s/o funny, whether it be out of interest in them or complete disinterest. He’s ready to fight. 
  • When waiting idly somewhere he’ll grab them from behind and rest his head on their shoulder or head while securely wrapping his arms around them. Glares at everyone he can. His s/o should also expect to get random rough kisses from him. Overall he keeps a pretty well trained eye on his s/o if they’re out and if he can he suggests that the two of them do more activities at his house instead of going out sometimes. Calls his s/o, “Mine,” at least once a day.

Shouto Todoroki:

  • Even though he’s usually a pretty cool customer, when he’s around his s/o his demeanor changes just a tad bit. He’s a little more vocal with his s/o and tends to try and sweet talk them a little bit. It goes as far as him getting more affectionate when others are around especially if it’s other guys. Likes to hold his s/o and place kisses on their neck/shoulder when idle.
  • I wouldn’t say he gets handsy but he does put a little more effort into any touches on his s/o. His hands linger a little longer and his hold a little firmer. Walks around with an arm around his s/o’s waist and keeps them closer to his person. He’s very subtle about most things or at least, he tries to be. His s/o can tell if he’s being more possessive than usual because he’ll keep a firm grip on them no matter what and insist on going everywhere with them. 
  • He won’t get mad if his s/o tells him to relax a bit and give them some space. In fact, he’d rather him tell him than come off as too overbearing. But I really do see him as manifesting his possessiveness as being needier. I’d see him as being a little touch and attention starved so he wants to keep his s/o from harm no matter what. He needs attention and his s/o is the only one to give it to him in a long time. Could you blame him for being at least a little possessive with them? 

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how about the RFA members reacting to MC giving their s/o an extremely visible hickey, like on the neck or something

~No problem!

◉ Yoosung

  • Woke up and went to the bathroom to take a shower
  • When he got out and stood in front of the mirror all sleepy and ready to do his hair 
  • He saw it
  • A giant hickey on his neck!
    • “So cool!” he thought 
  • He had never been one of those people walking around with love marks before!
  • He doesn’t even bother to cover it up 
  • Goes to class with it just as it is 
    • “Woah, what’s that?!” one of his friends pointed to his neck as he sat down 
    • “Oh, heh…girlfriend,” he smiled and shrugged
  • Inside and outside he was beaming 

◉ Jumin 

  • Normally would not like you to leave marks 
  • He’s the one to mark you
  • Not the other way around
  • But it happened 
  • He inspected it in the bathroom mirror for a few seconds before sighing and heading out for work 
  • Didn’t bother to cover it 
  • One of the guards was staring as Jumin gave orders 
    • “Repeat what I just said,” Jumin commanded 
    • “Oh…I-uh…I’m sorry,” he stuttered 
    • “If something as insignificant as this is enough to distract you then perhaps I chose the wrong person for this job. Should I fire you, now?” He asked 
    • “No! It won’t happen again, Mr. Han!”
  • People at C&R knew better than to make any comment about it 
  • Though Jumin still noticed a few stares 

◉ Zen 

  • Ah!
  • He had a rehearsal today but there was a giant mark on his chest!
  • And it was a shirtless scene!
  • He still kind of liked it though…
  • Grabbed for the concealer and powder to try and cover it up 
  • He thought he did a pretty good job 
  • Rushed into hair and makeup 
  • Of course the first thing the makeup artist did was point and smirk 
    • “What’s this, Zen?” 
  • He turned so red 
    • “My girl…she get’s carried away sometimes. Can you blame her?” he grinned 
    • “Hah, I guess not. But let’s cover this properly, before anyone else sees it,” she laughed 

◉ Jaehee 

  • So embarrassed! 
  • Woke you up to point it out and scold you 
  • You just laughed and she hit you with a pillow 
    • “How am I supposed to run the cafe today with this?!” she cried 
    • “Jaehee…calm down. It’s a hickey not a perverted tattoo or something…” you rolled over and went back to bed 
  • She rummaged through the closet to find a scarf 
  • Threw it around her neck and was off 
  • Omg she was sweatin 
  • The darn thing was making her so warm but she wouldn’t dare take it off 
    • “Isn’t it summer?” a customer asked, “why the scarf?”
    • “I just…think it goes nicely with this outfit,” she smiled 
  • The customer shrugged and left with their drink 
  • It was going to be a long hot day for her 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Hadn’t even noticed until he was brushing his teeth and looking in the mirror 
  • A giant visible hickey on his neck 
  • He didn’t even remember you doing that last night?
  • He inspected it with his fingers 
  • Finished brushing his teeth 
  • Ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to wake you up 
    • “Saeyoung what the hell I was asleep!” you yelled 
    • “Look what you did”
  • He pointed to his neck when you turned to face him 
    • “So? Now let me sleep,” you groaned 
    • “No! Now I have to get you back!”
  • He nuzzled your neck and you laughed 

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scenario where the boys give their S/O a kiss while she's asleep and when she suddenly wakes up she ask them why they're so close


Shu - “Why else would I be so close? Mmm you’re far too noisy… unless you wanted something else, lewd woman.” He’d play it cool, and of course tease the hell out of you. You’d find his fangs in your neck after that.

Reiji - “Just checking to see if I should give you the antidote yet.” He has an uncanny way with words.

Ayato - “Your’s Truly came here for what’s his now give your blood.” He’d be as bossy as ever, if not even more, in order to play it off but the blush he was sporting as he sunk his fangs into your neck said it all.

Kanato - Kanato would snarl, the quietest Kanato has ever been, and plunge his fangs into your neck. He needs no excuse.

Laito - He chuckles before going in and kissing you fully on the lips, trying to steer things into another direction.

Subaru - “I was uhh… j-just checking t-to see if you were breathing!” There is no hiding the tomato red blush that stretched across his face when you caught him.


Ruki - “Do not ask such meaningless questions livestock, as your master I will do as I please and you will not question my motives.” He’s embarrassed that you caught him let’s all face it, but are you really gonna try him on that?

Kou - “Oh hey Masokitty you are awake! I was hoping to get a kiss for tucking you in and all~” Of course he gets his kiss

Yuma - “You have this weird bump on your face, I was checking to see if it was a bug bite on not.” There was no bump but he made a smooth recovery at the expense of your looks.

Azusa - “I… gave Eve a… kiss an she… woke up… does that mean you were like… Sleeping Beauty.” He won’t lie to you, but don’t crush his dreams.


Carla - He would only give you that famous Carla look before kissing you again and leaving. He’s not subtle and he’s not gonna play it off.

Shin - “Checking to see if you were breathing dumbass, I heard humans can die in their sleep.” Best excuse as any I guess.

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what are the paladins favorite colors of lipstick for their s/o to wear? gotta leave cute kiss marks for them to notice in the mirror later! <3

Ooo lipsicks~! I didn’t do Pidge because I am uncomfortable writing romantic scenarios for her. Sorry, but I hope you enjoy!!!

Hunk (My Husband):

  • Hunk prefers a soft natural color on his S/O’s lips. He loves when they look natural because he thinks they look beautiful no matter what.
  • He doesn’t like lip gloss much, finding it too sticky when he kisses them, but he loves chapstick and their flavors. It’s fun kissing his S/O and deciphering the flavors.
  • His color choice would be a nude pink.


  • Shiro would like a light color on his S/O’s lips, maybe like a light red or pink, something that pops but is somewhat subtle.
  • He loves them wearing lip stick because he finds it oddly warm and attractive when they do and he just wants to kiss them a lot.
  • (Its secretly a kink of his that is S/O wears lip stick.)


  • Keith doesn’t know much about lip stick, or makeup for that matter so he really doesn’t care much. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find it attractive.
  • He loves when his S/O wears dark colored lip stick like a dark red or even a dark plum color.
  • He especially loves the dark plum color on them because he finds it oddly endearing and sweet his S/O shows it in order to show him that they accept his Glara heritage.


  • Lance adores his S/O in lip stick, especially odd color ones like neon green or a cool ocean blue.
  • He loves, loves, LOVES when his S/O wears blue lip stick though, because it makes him feel warm and happy that his S/O is willing to wear his color. (His S/O says she only does it for Blue the Lion but we all know thats a lie.)
  • He loves when his S/O kisses him every wear and leaves lip stick marks on his face and neck. He struts around with them on like they are a badge of honor.

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Bakugou and his s/o go swimming with the boys? Please?

Your order coming right up Non! 
I just included Sero, Kirishima and Kaminari. 

In all honesty, who the fuck came up with this stupid idea to go swimming with those guys and his partner in the middle of the morning when it was freakingly cold outside?
Of course it was either Kaminari or Kirishima, hell, probably both if the blonde, explosive boy took a mild guess.
It may be a free day but their origin plan for the couple was to study for an upcoming exam, not voluntarily intending to fail any grade because else Aizawa would slay them – referring more to his partner because Bakugou would NEVER fail any classes, obviously. Nevermind that, though…

If people were to imagine the whole couple scenario of going to swim, seeing each other in swimsuits and blushing furiously like two idiots, you can never expect that from this oh-so-cool boy who stood beside the pool, kicking at basically nothing in annoyance. It was early so not many people were there anyways – which at least that he appreciated.
There were enough people to piss him off already.  
Aaaand was then pushed by his s/o into the water. Good reflexes or not, he did allow himself to let his guard down and what a damn mistake that was, considering how cheeky his lover could sometimes be.

„You got him good, (Name)!“, Sero scoffed and high-fived his friend’s better half who jumped up and down at their own success for pushing off Bakugou Katsuki.
All they wanted for him was to have fun so they had to take more drastic measures to get him into the mood, even if it did start with a death wish from their boyfriend’s side. „OI SHITFACE!“, they almost screeched at the loud tone of the blonde, knowing very well who he meant which made it clear: Time to seek for a safety zone so they ran off in a fit of giggles.
The ground was quite slippery but Bakugou didnt give a shit and used his quirk to avoid the surface at all cost to not land face ahead onto it with a thud and embarrass himself in the process (and also he was bit worried that they might fall but psht).  

„Get back here, you prick!“, they gasped when he appeared in front of them all of a sudden. ‘Shit!’, as fast as always, wasnt he? He slung his muscular arms around their waist and heaved them up with ease, roughly placing them onto his shoulder. Time for revenge. His lover couldnt stop but to laugh and hit their palms onto his back, whining to be put down again. There was one thing he did enjoy about this and that was the physical contact he had gained.
„Bakugou, please!“

„Stop whining, that’s what you get for being a cheeky fuck.“, his red eyes glared straight ahead. Suddenly he felt their palms grabbing his butt cheeks when they gave him a bold squeeze, a shit-eating smirk on their lips and it caused the male himself to internally scream.
He was SO CLOSE to throw them into the water right on, losing his composure a tad bit but was stopped at Kaminari silently tripping both of them.
„Huh?“, his red iris went small, smaller than it already was when both of them clashed into the cool-ass water of the tinier pools.

„Kaminari you traitor!“, Bakugou’s s/o yelled after the thunder boy while they had pushed themselves up again on his shoulders. 
Being able to feel the groan of the furious boy even underneath the water he resurfaces as well and holy crap, what a scowl. Instead of letting the rage quit get the better of him, they wrapped their arms around his neck and placed a chaste kiss onto his lips before pulling back with a loving expression crossing their features. His hands found themselves on their hip by reflex, a huff escaping him as the sight of his partner pleased and calmed him down a bit.

Both of theim now finnaly drenched and dripping off droplets just how it was supposed to be! The cool air caused his love to shiver, so the skin on skin contact was luckily  making it a bit more comfortable and bearable.
„Enjoying yourself?“, the boy asked with a hoarse voice and bringing their two bodies closer, not missing the fact that they were freezing a bit. 
„Definitely!“ Okay it was worth their shitty smile, he supposed. 

Kirishima ruffled his hair off some water and stretched his figure:
„I think they are a great match.“ And the other two quietly agreed with a hum.    
„We will still study after that, y'know?“
There they go complain again about how studying sucks and that they were totally not up for it which made him roll his eyes.

I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you guys like it. 

Admin Shiro

BTS Reaction | You looking sexy

Anon:  bts react to come from practice and find there S/O in (cute/sexy) bathrobe with a sweet smell. 

A/A:  Otayy ❤️

Kim Seokjin

Jin would get turned on by the fact but wouldn’t act on it. Although He’d compliment you and let you know that you smell good and look good.

Originally posted by lostmyseokjin

Min Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t really get vocal with it. He’d put his nose on your neck and take a long sniff then demand that cuddle you with him…bathrobe and all.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would’ve complimented you the minute he walked through the door. He’d kiss you and you guys would engage in a heated make out session. Nothing pass that though. *Shrug* Sorry.

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

Park Jimin

Even though you and Jimin were a couple. He’d still be shy with you. He’d find you in the robe and think “Goddamn she sexy” but he wouldn’t be vocal about it. He’d act as if he wasn’t hard as a rock seeing you like this and your smell would’ve made him even harder. He’d act as if it was nothing.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon has two personas. There’s Rap Monster….who’s a monster in every aspect of that word and there’s Namjoon…who’s a little puppy. When he came home and find his S/O in only a bathrobe, smelling good as hell..Rap Monster was in control. Naturally, he’d compliment you and aim for your neck. He’d kiss you there and ended up taking the bathrob off. In his own words “Take it off now girl, Take it off. “

Originally posted by rapnamjoon

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would’ve probably died in the inside but act cool on the outside. He’d definitely get turned on by it but wouldn’t act on it.

Originally posted by pjmjjk

Kim Taehyung  

V would’ve let you know his feelings on the spot. He’d think that you looked sexy and your smell was wonderful and then act on his feelings. He’s pretty simple.

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Ooh, I just remembered Todoroki's ice breath *Eyebrow wiggle* Maybe, if you can, do a scenario or headcanons involving Todorki's ice breath with his s/o~? XD

I very much hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! =)

- Todoroki sometimes does it if his partner feels too uncomfortable in the summer heat. He takes their hands in his and gently blows on them so they have something cool to hold to their neck or face. Most of all though, he tends to place a hand on their back or arm to cool their clothes a bit.

- He’s not teasing his partner with it. Todoroki never wants to make his partner uncomfortable, so he wouldn’t even think about sneaking up on them and icily blowing across their exposed neck or something of the sort. If anything, seeing them jump or flinch from it would make him feel bad.

- If his partner enjoys the cold however, they can convince him to cool their skin when they offer it or ask him to do it. Todoroki has good control over his ice-side, so he wouldn’t mind doing it.

- Aside from that, he wouldn’t think of any uses for his quirk that lie outside of fighting or help in small, domestic situations (like cooling food down so it can be eaten sooner) and if his partner wants to try or do something, they would have to suggest it first, so he can consider and think about it.

anonymous asked:

Sleepy s/o using Revali's chest or neck as a pillow while they sleep in their lap pls and thank you 😁

How Revali deals with your sleepy butt

  • Revali and you were under the shade of a tree, the breeze was light and cool causing you to lull between realities.
  • He was reading and you were sitting up with your head bobbing
  • You heard a tongue click, “[Name], you are falling asleep.”
  • ”No, I’m not…”
  • He rolled his eyes, “Why is there drool coming from your mouth then?”
  •  You didn’t realize and wiped your mouth, “I was trying to attract hummingbirds.” 
  • He chuckled, “You will attract flies rather than hummingbirds.”
  • You only mumbled in retaliation, blinking wearily.
  • He sighed and grabbed the back of your shirt, pulling you back to him
  • Your head was now on his chest, his wing around hugging your back
  •  He moved his wing from your back to hold his book and started to read
  • Softly and low, he read the book aloud to you.
  • His chest was soft, and the vibrations from his reading was pleasant
  • You were out not too long after, but he kept reading to you despite it all
  • Revali would never say it aloud but he loved when you were sleepy. You were easy to deal with and adorable trying to be awake for him.

anonymous asked:

Hi ^^ love your blog to the moon and back! If you're feeling it, some headcanons or maybe a scenario of Todoroki's and his S.O's first time would be amazing!

hi anon! and thank you ♥


Todoroki Shouto

-He would be very nervous. Not just about the compromising situation he finds himself in with his s/o, but also with the fact that they trust him enough to do this and he doesn’t want to let them down. 

-He would be so confused. He usually can keep a cool front when he doesn’t know what to do, but when it comes sex he is lost. Oh so lost. Where does he put his hands, why can’t his face cool down, why is his heart beating so fast?

-That would all be before he even touches his s/o. Then when they kiss, he would start to feel calmer because he knows that part, nothing new. But he would still have that looming cloud of the unknown in his mind and be quietly concerned about that. 

-The touching and undressing would most likely be simultaneous. Kissing his partner’s neck while sliding off their shirt and vice versa. And when his s/o would slide their hands over his torso, the reality of what he is about to do would hit him. 

-There would just be a frozen Todoroki sitting on a bed, staring at his partner. Is he scared? Did too much of his blood go down south too quickly? Did he change his mind? Kinda, most likely, and no. He tends to like to know what he’s getting into but didn’t want to go into this with any false expectations so he didn’t look a lot up on what to do.

-His partner will have to kiss him back to reality and ask him if he still wants this. Talking to him is probably the best thing that they could do. As long as the two of them are comfortable and on the same page, it’ll be okay. And this is the very day that he Todoroki would discover that he likes bedroom talk. 

-Not really him saying it. In this situation, he and his partner vocalizing how they feel and how they are making each other feel would be very important and intimate. And that communication would bring them closer. And thus lead him down a path of pillow talk and talking dirty. Not in the degrading way, more of the “tell me exactly what you want to do with me and then tell me how it feels while it’s happening” variety. 

-All in all, this would be a major trust thing for him, and his partner most likely. If you think about it, who he was supposed to learn trust from was either in an institution or a power-driven maniac who consistently broke his trust. So being with his s/o and being able to trust one another to the point where they can be completely vulnerable with one another would be huge. 


I hope you liked it!

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Since all the guys have hair log enough to cover the backs of their necks... what would their reaction be to their s/o gently pushig their hair away to kiss the back of their neck as a little surprise? (... Gladio and Ignis would probably have to be sitting down for this to work with an average s/o pfft)

They’d definitely be sitting for these. 


This poor boy would jump a mile in the air first off. He’s a lot jumpier than one would expect. His face would turn red and he’d probably try stuttering out a question. Which would never make it out of his mouth, because his S/O would just laugh and walk off, confusing him. (He’d really like neck kisses though.)


Prompto would shiver at the feeling of cool lips pressed against his neck. He’s definitely not used to anything touching his neck, so he’s going to flush a very dark red, but smile in appreciation all the same and return their affection with a kiss to their cheek.


He’d probably hum in acknowledgement, not outwardly showing any surprise, and before they could step away pull them into his lap and kiss all over their face. They’d both laugh, and press their foreheads together. (The other make fun of them once they’re done for being so sweet together.)


Pressing a kiss to Ignis’ neck as a surprise, and then expecting a reaction, is NOT a good idea. (Or maybe it is depending…) He’d be the one to turn it into a game. They’d press a kiss to his neck, so he’d, later on, press a kiss to that small area beneath their earlobe and whisper sweet nothings to them. If they manage to pretend to be unaffected, they’d try and come up with a way to draw a surprised reaction out of him. (While he’d do the same.) The others can see whats up, but don’t mention it. It’s slightly entertaining watching them. Like watching a spy vs spy cartoon. 

anonymous asked:

Oh sorry about that >< somehow when i opened the blog on mobile and clicked to rules i see nothing so sorry ;;;; well about the motherly S/O i'd like to see it with akira and akechi bc they needed the love :")

So many Akira and Akechi requests (not that I’m complaining, since they’re my favourites)! Hopefully this is to your liking, and thanks for the request!


Akira would never admit it, but it was hard being the leader of the Phantom Thieves. He enjoyed his role immensely, but there was no denying the toll that it took on him both mentally and physically. He was always exhausted after a day of Mementos, and although he was careful to keep his expression carefully poised when parting ways with his friends for the day, he didn’t make the same effort to hide his exhaustion from S/O.

To be fair, they’d be able to tell even if he tried. They had the keenest pair of eyes and the strongest sense of empathy than anyone else he knew.

Despite obviously being tired themselves, they insisted upon accompanying him back to LeBlanc that evening. They were greeted by Sojiro as soon as they walked through the door, and the older man paused in wiping down the counter to squint at them.

“…You kids okay? You look like hell.”

Akira grumbled a dry “thanks” in response, but S/O was quick to laugh. “Y-yes, we’ve just had a long day studying.” They knew it was a flimsy excuse, but since midterms were coming up, it seemed believable enough to them…so long as Sojiro didn’t see the bruise that was probably blooming over Akira’s hip from an encounter with a particularly violent Jack Frost today.

It would be hard to explain just what kind of study session they had been having then.

S/O suddenly planted their hands on Akira’s chest, startling the boy into looking down at them. “That being said…you do look really exhausted.” Even moreso than usual, they’d wager. “Why don’t you go to the bathhouse and relax for a bit? I’ll take care of Morgana while you’re gone.”

Akira protested, but he had known it was futile as soon as he saw S/O’s motherly side coming out. In the end, he gave in and went off to soak in the bath for a good hour or so. By the time he returned, Sojiro was nowhere to be seen, but S/O was there and waiting for him with a cup of hot cocoa and a towel.

“I knew you wouldn’t dry yourself off properly,” they said in way of greeting, moving towards him with the fluffy towel and tossing it over his head. Akira let it happen without complaint, his arms winding around their waist as they dried his hair off for him. Once that was done, they removed the towel and giggled. Apparently Akira’s hair could get even fluffier than it usually was already.

Sensing the question he must have wanted to ask as soon as he entered, S/O jerked their head in the direction of the bar. “Sojiro-san said that I could stay over for the night so long as we behaved ourselves.  I hope you don’t mind, but I took him up on the offer.”

“Of course I don’t mind.” Akira kissed them on the forehead, and then drew back to sip at the cocoa that  had been prepared for him. Once he had drained the small cup, he wordlessly held his hand out for S/O’s, lips curling into a smile when they immediately settled their hand into his.

Together they went upstairs and head straight to the bed. Morgana—who had been completely fatigued as well from the day’s events, poor thing—was already curled up and snoozing by Akira’s pillow. Carefully, the pair of teens climbed up onto the bed and lay down beside each other. The boy immediately buried his face against the crook of S/O’s neck, eliciting a quiet laugh as they lifted a hand and gently combed their fingers his hair.

“You always work so hard,” they murmured, their tone tender, “Get some well-deserved rest.”

Akira’s only response was to press a kiss to their neck and then let out a contented sigh. Warm and comfortable, the infamous Phantom Thieves leader drifted to sleep, with his love following after him shortly after.


“This really isn’t necess…necesse…achoo!

S/O gazed down at their bedridden boyfriend in sympathy, taking in his pale complexion and the abject misery that was on his face right now. They knew that he hated the fact that he was sick right now, and they also knew that he probably wasn’t too keen on having them here taking care of him either. Akechi had been alone for so long that that was all he knew; he didn’t know how to rely on others.  In the past, he had had to deal with everything by himself, whether it be stress from school,  his job, or getting a horrible cold like the one he had contracted now.

The thought was enough to make their heart hurt and to prompt a very strong determination to ensure that that changed from this point onwards.

“Hush and just behave.”

Akechi fell silent when he was suddenly given a kiss on the forehead, wondering to himself if such an action was typically considered maternal or not. He couldn’t claim to know from personal experiences, but if the media he had grown up watching was of any indication, it did seem like a pretty “mom” thing to do.

He watched hazily from his bed as S/O busily came and went so that they could check his temperature, change the damp cloth on his forehead, and make sure that the rice porridge that they were cooking on the stove hadn’t exploded into flames. During one trip back to the kitchen, they were taking so long to return that Akechi instinctively began to feel a little antsy at their absence, and had been about to get up and go find them when they returned with a tray in hand.

“Can you sit up?” They set the tray on the bedside table and reached out to help him up, making sure to fluff and prop his pillows up behind him. Akechi could see that there was a bowl of steaming rice porridge on the tray, along with a glass of water and some pills.

He immediately felt both touched and embarrassed by the care that he was being shown right now. Unsure what to say, he lifted a hand and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “I-I’m sorry, you didn’t have to go to all of this work for me. I would have been fine on my ow—”

“—I wanted to do it.” S/O immediately interrupted him. They weren’t looking him, their gaze instead fixed on the bowl of rice porridge that they were slowly stirring in an attempt to help cool it down, ”Goro, you don’t have to apologize whenever I do something for you. I know that you’re…that you’re not used to it, but please, lean on me sometimes, won’t you?”

They looked up, their eyes meeting his head on. The two were silent for a moment, and then Akechi smiled crookedly. “I can’t promise that I’ll be good at it, but…I’ll try.”


“…Thank you.”

A flood of warmth spread through S/O’s chest at those two little words, and they returned Akechi’s bashful smile with a bright one of their own. Their smile quickly grew mischievous, however, as they held up a spoonful of porridge. After blowing on it gently, they cupped their free hand beneath it to avoid any spills and held it out to the boy.

Akechi suddenly went red, the smile dropping from his face completely. “W-wait a second. I can at least feed myself!”

In the end, despite all of his protests, S/O won the battle. Smugly, they picked up the dirty dishes and went off to wash them. As Akechi watched them go, he slowly slid himself back down into the warmth of his bed.

…Maybe…it’s not too bad being doted on once in a while.

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can i ask for akira minato ryoji and yu narukami with their s/o who have a really low body temperature? like their body are really cold that you thought they already died or they just facing blizzard outside :o

This made me laugh really hard so thank you anon! Your wish is now granted!


-One of the boy’s weaknesses is to the cold. Like, he would wear five jackets if it was socially-acceptable.

-When he and S/O get together, he first thinks that they were just in a really air-conditioned room or the like.

-When summer comes around though, he about takes his S/O to Takemi for any illegal drug to cure whatever the hell they’re going through.

-His S/O only laughs, saying they have always had a lower temperature and they don’t really mind.

-Akira does tho and is constantly wrapping his arms around them in the cold so they won’t die from lack of heat.

-During the summer however, he likes to constantly brush up against them so he can have like five seconds of coolness before the heat-wave takes over.

-S/O will sometimes touch their face during the winter to make Akira blush from the cold, him slapping their hand away before his nose gets frost-bite.


-Minato isin’t really phased by his S/O’s cold temperature.

-Infact, his body temperature is lower than average like theirs so it gives them something to bond over.

-His S/O uses it as an excuse to constantly cuddle and share blankets

-Minato acts like he doesn’t care but secretly enjoys how his S/O wraps their selves around him.

-He ain’t saying that out loud tho lmao

-Sometimes both of them will like to scare Yukari by placing a hand on both of her shoulders.

-She usually jumps and runs away, leaving Minato and his S/O to a laughing fit that wakes the entire dorm up.

-Only they can withstand the summer heat, snorting at the state of the other SEES members.


-He’s totally using this fact to his advantage!

-Ryoji will constantly be touching his S/O, etheir hand-holding, hugging, carrying, anything that involves physical contact this boy will do.

-He’ll claim it;s to help warm up his S/O but really just wants an excuse to be constantly touching.

-He is somewhat mortified by the fact they’re still cold even during the summer.

-Even him not technically being a human still has normal functions when it comes to that and chalks it off to his S/O being extra special.

-The boy loves to wrap his scarf around his S/O, keeping them close to him and liking the physical contact that they get.


-Bowl-head is the complete opposite when it comes to temperature.

-Maybe that’s why Rise was always flirting because the boy is literally on fire 24/7.

-This greatly contradicts with his S/O who is the human-version of a freezer. 

-It’s actually somewhat beneficial to both with their odd temperatures.

-During the winter, Yu likes to cuddle with his S/O, sharing his inner-inferno with them.

-During the summer, his S/O likes to get a piggyback from Yu, keeping the boy’s shoulders and neck cool.

-Honestly, reminds me of Shark-boy and Lava-girl for some reason lol

-Their friends like to call them “Fire and Ice”; actually becoming their ship-name in the group.

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TFP Ratchet, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, Ultra Magnus, Breakdown, Predaking, and Starscream reacting to their Cybertronian s/o giving them surprise neck kisses? (Sorry if that's a lot)

Wheeljack: save a horse ride a cowboy ;););)

Ratchet would try to shoo you away, but he’s flustered. You keep going and his servos stall over the console and his cooling fans kick on.. He’s determined to not to let you tear him away from his work, but…that feels…so nice… like a massage, and… Don’t you have a patrol to be on?!

Wheeljack tilts his helm to give you room, but he’s still concentrating on whatever he’s building. Once he’s finished he pulls you into his lap and returns the gesture ten-fold. He might surprise you sometimes after that.

Smokescreen is a hot mess. At first when you hugged him from behind and he was all “hey babe” all cool but as soon as you kissed him his fans kicked on. He makes the most pitiful noise and suddenly he has to go right now immediately. Have mercy on this poor innocent boy.

Ultra Magnus politely reminds you about the policies on PDA. You politely remind him that you don’t care. He pretends to be cross with you but all day he’s actually thinking about how good your lips felt on his neck cables. He keeps dropping things and stuttering. You ask him what’s wrong all innocent-like and his cooling fans kick into overdrive. 

Breakdown gasps and starts laughing; he’s ticklish. He gives you smooches in return and you’re both giggling and tickling and kissing each other. Then Starscream comes in and you both have to go back to pretending to work. Breakdown keeps smiling and winking at you, though. 

Predaking moves a servo to where yours are wrapped around his waist and intertwines your fingers. He turns his helm and tilts your chin up to kiss you, then scoops you up and takes you to his quarters. I’ll leave what happens next to your imagination ;)

Starscream hums sighs; he really enjoys the attention. But! He is a very busy SIC and he has to get back to work. Looks like you’ll just have to wait until that night for him to return the favor. He’s a total tease the rest of the day, giving you bedroom eyes, smirking, fluttering his wings, bending over more than he needs to, and swaying his hips. You can’t wait for that night.

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hcs of the paladins favorite ways to kiss their partner?

- He’s very gentle
- He wants to convey how happy and grateful he is to have found S/O
- He likes to kiss S/O on the cheek, or the tip of the nose
- When he’s more tired, he’ll kiss S/O on the lips and these kisses will be slower than normal
- If they’re about to go to sleep, he likes to have S/O face to face with him, and he’ll just keep his lips on their forehead

- He’s not a big kisser
- But he likes to just press kisses to S/O’s forehead or hands
- If he really missed S/O, he’ll kiss them on the lips and it’ll be slow and true
- Likes to have his arms around S/O’s waist/on their hips while they kiss

- Lippy lip
- He likes to kiss S/O on the lips
- And neck
- S/O is the softest being around to him
- He likes to see S/O blush; he’s cool with PDA

- Both parties are pretty shy
- Mainly cheek kisses
- Occasionally, if they get shy, they’ll bury their face in S/O’s neck and kiss them there

- Pretty intense
- Likes to kiss S/O on the lips
- Also on the hands/wrists
- Usually reserves big, passionate kisses for after a mission or when he’s missed S/O

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Bakugou and Shouto (separately) with a tol and muscular female s/o?

Thank you for your request! Hope you enjoy it! <3

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Extremely proud that their s/o is strong
  • Ask for a fighting round to see who’s stronger because boi always want to be the best.
  • Pulls their head down because he likes smashing lips together.
  • I can imagine him getting flustered if his s/o picks him up.
  • Honestly he can still be shy when they ask for hugs and holding hands.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Trains with them tbh
  • Neck kisses, in a cute way
  • Insists on pulling s/o into his lap.
  • Looks at their muscles because who doesn’t?
  • “I really like your muscles they feel really cool…”
  • Admires everything about you and will tell you.

Hi!!! How would the sdr2 guys’ would bring up the subject if they wanted to make love with their s/o? And how would they react when the s/o accept? I need more of the sdr2 guys… Thank you!

My, my, that for sure was interesting to write. I hope it’s satisying!

~Mod Junko

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Ryuji having a crush on Iwai's employee

•Ryuji first saw S/O when he went weapon shopping with Akira one day
•they had the same cold, almost terrifying eyes as Iwai’s but had a soft smile on their face when the pair walked in
•it didn’t take long for Ryuji to form a crush on the employee,
•Akira started to talk to them about the secret menu
•the way S/o chuckled and smirk when they told the boys to meet them in the back made his heart melt
•he’ll never know how someone can look so attractive while they talk about illegal weapons
•he wouldn’t even be able to listen to what their saying fully, he’d be too focused on S/O lips
•when Akira and Ryuji left the store he automatically pulled his friend over to ask questions
•"dude who was that in the store? Do you know them? They look the same age as us right? What are they doing working their!?“
•Akira could only laugh as he watched his friends flushed face as he talked
•eventually Ryuji found out that Iwai was their uncle and that they helped out at the store every Friday and Sunday
•he makes a mental note to visit the store on those days
•it doesn’t take long for the other phantom thieves to find out about his not so secret crush
•mostly because he mentioned it himself in passing
•"hey Akira are you going back anytime soon? We could always use some new protective wear”
•everyone can see through this lie, especially Anne
•plenty of teasing within the group
•it takes weeks for Ryuji to pull over Akira and ask for help
•"bro you have to help me! How do I ask them out?! I doubt they even know my name…“
•"wait who are we talking about?”
•Akira knows exactly who he’s talking about but why not have some fun with this right?
•"are you kidding me!? The badass person who sells guns! Who the hell else would it be?“
•poor Ryuji is so flustered that he can feel his face heating up
•being the good friend that Akira is he agrees to help
•mostly because he wants to help a friend
•but also because he knows S/O has had their eyes on Ryuji since he first came in
•akira gives pretty simple advice
•"just be yourself, go in there ask them out on a date and be confident”
•"that’s terrible advice! That doesn’t help me at all!“
•poor Ryuji is stressed to the max
•not only does he think S/O is too good for him but he also realised that their uncle is Iwai… the man that could murder him no problem
•in the end Akira just ends up pushing his friend into the store one Friday after school
•seriously Akira just shoves Ryuji into the store and wishes him luck
•he literally stumbles into the store, almost bumping into one of the stands
•as he stands himself up he hears a snicker from behind the counter
•when he lifts his gaze he sees S/O grinning behind the counter as they struggle to keep back a laugh
•he was mortified, Ryuji could have crawled into a hole quite happily right there and then
•he scratched the back of his neck and apologies before walking towards the counter
•"no Akira this time? That’s odd, he’s usually the one to get all the goods”
•Ryuji’s mouth felt dry so he just nods and clears his throat
•with a deep breath he straightens his back and stared straight at S/O
•a million things rushed through his head
•should he be romantic and sweet?
•maybe he should act all cool and say a pickup line
•in the end he doesn’t neither
•"Please go on a date with me!“
•his voice was much louder then he intended it to be
•he could feel his hands shaking as he stared at S/O’s raised eyebrow
•the silence was deafening
•"I thought you would never ask, pick me up from her at eight… that’s when my uncle lets me go home”
•a grin spread wide across Ryuji’s face as he nods frantically
•"y-yes of corse! W-we can go to the planetarium o-or something!“
•S/O nods and laughs, saying that it sounds like fine
•just before Ryuji turns to leave S/O leans over the counter and kisses him quickly
•his eyes widen as they pull back and laughs
•"see you then Ryuji”
•he walks out of the store red face and a dumb grin on his face
•Akira just smirks as he sees his friend
•"Told you just had to be yourself Ryuji"
•in turn Ryuji mumbled at him to shut up as he rushed home to get changed
•after all he has to get ready for his date

Dating T.O.P Would Include

“I’m late , sorry , but do you still take ‘dating would include’ ? If yes , could you eventually do it with TOP and Jackson? ( they are my fav ) Your previous ones were so good *_* thanks ! <3″

T.O.P is my ultimate so I cannot NOT. Hope you enjoy <3

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