his neck

luke probably looks so pretty in the morning. his back would be turned away from the window, creating patterns along his back muscles and his hair curling up a little at the back against the nape of his neck, and when he woke up and rolled over his baby blue eyes would catch the light really quickly, but he would squint and smile before sliding his hand along his face and rubbing his stubble and muttering a “good morning” in a heavy, gravelly voice 

[clears throat and takes a deep breath]


Look What You’ve Done To Me (3903 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, mostly - Freeform, inserted with some headcanon, Dom/sub, Bondage, Spanking, but only lightly, nothing crazy, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Anal Sex, Basically, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Top Harry, Bottom Louis
Series: Part 2 of Sexy Times

Harry allowed the silk to lightly brush over the skin of Louis’ neck, then his shoulders. As he swirled it down towards the small of his back and the beginning swell of his bum, Louis couldn’t help but shiver. Harry continued to draw it across the sensitive skin of Louis’ ass and thighs before laying out his plan.

“I’m going to mark up your thighs until you can’t remember what they looked like before my mouth got ahold of them. And then I’m going to work you open, slowly, until you can’t hold back anymore.” Harry spoke quietly, measuring his pace to match that of the scarf across Louis’ body, happy to hear the whimpers coming out of him unbidden. “Only then will I untie you, flip you over, and make you come, untouched, as I wreck you…” Harry held off the last part until he knew every atom of Louis’ attention was on his voice, “and you will be blindfolded.”

This is once again dedicated to my ladies, who gifted me with a lovely smutty convo to inspire me: tommosgun, reminiscingintherain, ostricacida, and thisismysupersecretblog! 😘😘

Happy smuttily ever after!

Taylor Swift comes out with her boyfriend Calvin Harris: watch how many kisses and hugs the two shared at Billboard Awards

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: it’s official, they are a couple. They had never attended a public event together… but in Las Vegas, during the Billboard Awards they shut down any doubt. They had been spotted together (watch), but never during an official event.
At the MGM Grand Garden Arena, the 25 year-old couldn’t resist staying away from Harris, first she sat away from him but then Swift joined him and sat by his side. Things only got better: looking into each other’s eyes, sweet looks, she wraps her arms around his neck as he holds her as tight as possible. 
In case someone still had doubts, they’d better change their minds: the beautiful Taylor is in a relationship, and is as happy as she could ever be. 


I Can’t Lose You [ft. V]

t h a n t o p h o b i a;

the phobia of losing someone you love 

Requested by our-happyendings

“Where have you been, oppa? I tried to call you so many times! I thought something happened to you-”

Taehyung pressed his lips against your, smoothly shutting you up. After he’d pulled away, you stared at him dreamily as he smiled down at you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the phone. I was kind of busy.” He explained softly. “I walked into Eunji earlier today.”

You furrowed your brows, the name sounded so familiar to your ears. Yet, you couldn’t seem to be able to remember who he meant. “Eunji?”

“Yea, Eunji. You know, my ex-girlfriend.” Taehyung rubbed the back of his neck, smiling nervously at you. “But nothing happened! I swear, ___!”

You chuckled mildly at how quick he was to assure you that nothing happened. “I know, oppa-ah. I’m not that type of girlfriend that will hunt you down just because you spoke to your ex. Don’t worry.”

Taehyung let out a small breath as his body relaxed to your words. He knew it was stupid of him to be nervous, he knew you well enough to know that you could handle him speaking to other females without going crazily jealous about it.

“How’s she doing?” You asked out of pure curiousity.

You weren’t really fond of that woman, not since the day Taehyung told you about how she went behind his back and dated another man as the two of them were still dating. When he later found out about it and confronted her, she put all the blame on him and said that he was the one leaving her with no choice.

She told me that she couldn’t keep dating a child.

“She’s pregnant.” Taehyung sighed. “But the father to the child cheated on her and told her he didn’t want anything to do with them so now, she’s left all alone here.”

“What?!” You felt bad for the girl, even though she’d hurt Taehyung in the past and you hated her for doing that, no one deserves to go through that. “What about her parents?”

“They don’t really want to get involved either and she just came to Seoul. She doesn’t really know anyone here, except for me of course.”Taehyung looked at you carefully, didn’t really know how to tell you about Eunji’s request.

“What is it, oppa?” You could see the conflicted expression on his face. Taking his hand in yours, you gave him a soft smile. “You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

Taehyung stared into your twinkling eyes he’d fallen in love with since the day the two of you met.“Sh-She asked me if she could stay with us for a couple of weeks and I… I said yes.”


You weren’t going to lie, you were shocked and a little bit disappointed that he hadn’t asked you before giving the girl an answer. After hearing her story, you would be more than happy to help the pregnant woman out. But the more you thought of it, the sadder you became. The fact that Taehyung hadn’t asked you hurt. It was as if he thought you would really say no so that’s why he made the decision himself.

“She told me she’s only staying here for a couple of weeks, until she finds an apartment of her own. Plus, she only has like around a week left until the baby is born and she needs someone to be there for her when it’s time. ” Taehyung explained, reaching out for your hand. “I know I should’ve asked you, I’m sorry, ____-ah.”

“I don’t like the fact that we didn’t talk about it before you gave her an answer but since she really needs our help, I think I can forgive you this time.” You said honestly.

After hearing your rather positive response, Taehyung smiled brightly before pulling you into his embrace. “I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“I can’t believe you’re mine either.” You chuckled softly against his chest.

“Thank you, for being so understanding.” He said before pulling you into a passionate kiss.


A few days after your talk, Eunji moved in into your shared apartment. She’s really beautiful, even now when she’s pregnant.

No wonder she was Taehyung’s first love, you thought bitterly. 

You felt a hint of jealousy whenever the ex-lovers talked to each other which you shouldn’t be feeling since Taehyung had already assured you that it was nothing going on between them and that he loved you way too much to care about other women.

You believed him.


“Oh, are you leaving already, ___?” Eunji asked, she was sitting on the couch comfortably, watching you put on your shoes in hurry.

“Yes, unni. I’ll see you later.” You gave her a small smile. “Oppa, I’m leaving now!” You shouted over your shoulder, just as you were about to open the front door you were pulled back and ended up being pressed against a warm body.

“I really have to go, op-”

Cupping your face with the palms of his hands, Taehyung leaned in and nibbed your bottom lip softly, causing you to let out a small moan before pulling back to place a huge smooch on your lips.

“I’ll see you later.” He smiled sweetly at your dreamy face, causing you to blush furiously.

You punched his chest out of embarrassment before turning around to leave.

Taehyung couldn’t hold back a smile from his face as he watched you ran out of the door. You were such a cutie.

“You really love her, don’t you?” He heard Eunji ask, turning around he was surprised how close she was.

He was sure he just saw her sitting on that couch just a few seconds ago when he was passing by.

Taehyung cleared his throat, feeling uncomfortable about the lack of space between them. “Yes, I do.”

“From what I’ve seen, she seems to be really old-fashion. Tell me, Taehyung-ah. How is she in bed? Is she as good as I am?” She asked before shamelessly leaning closer to press a kiss just below his ear. “How about we have-”

“No.” His voice was firm as he pulled back from her. “Eunji-noona. I don’t think you’re in your right mind right now.”

“I know you’ve been through a lot these past few weeks.” He continued, this time with a softer tone as he placed his hands on both of her shoulders. “Let’s just forget what just happened, alright?”

Pulling his hands back, Taehyung was about to walk passed her but failed as he felt her hand around his wrist, stopping him.

“Eunji-noon-” Taehyung turned around to ask her to let go but she seemed to have other plans.

Right in front of him, Eunji started to take off the dress you just bought for her as a present only a few days ago and to Taehyung absolute horror she had nothing under that dress, she’s fake pregnant belly was also lying on the ground together with the dress.

What the-”

Eunji smirked, feeling satisfied with the man’s reaction to her naked body. “Trust me, Taehyung-ah, you won’t regret this.” With those words, Eunji slammed her lips against his before taking his hands to put them on her back.



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How about sex with Michael??

  • fuck okay sex with micHAEL
  • THE FIRST time you have sex he’d be asking you repeadingly if you were okay with this and wanted it to be pERFECT
  • he would cover your body with his, pressing his dick against your thigh and just smirk at you, eyes traveling down to your lips before connecting them together
  • he’d be gentle at first but the kisses would quickly be all sloppy and desperate and he’d twist his fingers in your hair and hold your face in place with a steady grip
  • a lot of hip thrusting 
  • “you want this baby?”
  • when you’d been apart for a longer time he’d be so desperate, just pressing you up against the wall with strong arms, breathing deeply against your neck, his breaths leaving shivers down your spine
  • “i need you so bad”
  • “fuck baby, you make me feel so good”
  • baBY
  • when you suck him off he’d be moaning your name, fingers twisting in your hair, lips parted and just before he comes he’d push you back against the bad, fingers grasping on your skin, leaving marks on your thighs as he’d work two fingers inside of you steadily until you’re begging him to fuck you
  • B A B y
  • d e s p e r a t e 

Daichi didn’t know what he was asking about, but he nodded anyway. Sugawara grinned and turned on the camera, tucking himself close to Daichi, his head nestled perfectly in the curve of his neck and before Daichi could even register what was happening, he heard the click of his camera and Sugawara was quickly looking down at the screen, pleased at the photo he had managed to capture on his own. He giggled and passed the camera back to Daichi.

“Send me that one too.” he said, and in a flash, the model had stood up and began walking back to the path.


I wanted to draw this picture from my fanfic the moment I wrote it, and of course I couldn’t resist the chance to draw some proper DaiSuga for once! Hope you guys will like it! :D Think of it as a thank you for everybody who’s read so far c: <3

What’s a Witch 14

Alright, this chapter is dedicated to my on-the-side waifu brokenangelwings83. It was her birthday! So I wrote this for her! Everyone say happy birthday~

Pt 13 Pt 15


There were not many things Natsu feared.  In fact, if anyone were to ask him what he was most afraid of, he would have only three answers at the ready. Erza, Vehicles, and the Titania.  He was ignoring the fact that two of those were the same because the red headed fairy was frightening enough to merit mention twice. But now, one of those slots had been replaced by something even more frightening.

A certain human.


No, he wouldn’t look.

“Natsu,” A soft touch graced the back of his neck, brushing light fingers across the thick scar across his throat.  It was sensitive to the touch, and sent sparks racing down his spine. A simple caress. But it was one powerful enough to bring a demon king to his knees. In seconds.

Dipping the tip of a finger down into the collar of his shirt drew a sharp inhale.  It was impossible to ignore and his assailant knew it. It was at Lucy’s soft giggle did he know he had lost.  Sighing, he drew his eyes up to her and faced his fate with no small amount of reluctance. It wasn’t like he could say no to her.

Her hand slid across the expanse of his shoulders. The press of fingers sinking into the tense muscles of his back caused him to grind back a low growl. A distracting hip pressed into the hollow of his waist.  He was man enough to admit he sucked in a tiny, sharp breath.  Praying Lucy didn’t hear it, his hopes were dashed when he caught the sound of her giggle fill the room.

No luck at all.

The worst thing about these ‘innocent’ touches, was that Lucy knew precisely what she was doing to him. Every touch and caress made heat stir in his blood. A slow, ribbon of tension flexed in his belly. Slow burned the flame she coaxed to life.

“What do you want from me devil-woman?” He whined at her, finally turning to look fully at her.  But he already knew what her hear craved.  The one thing Natsu had no desire to give her.

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Imagine your dad Tony not approving of your relationship with Steve // not my gifs

You stepped onto your tiptoes and kissed your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, passionately. You were both covered in dirt and dust from the battle that had just taken place but you wrapped your arms around his neck anyway. 

You were interrupted by an awkward cough behind you, turning you noticed your dad, Tony Stark, standing there with a stern expression on his face, “That was disgusting.”

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'You'll always be my Batman.' - Stiles please :) x

You were lying down on Stiles’ bed, your head resting in the crook of his neck, your fingers tracing patterns against his chest, while his arm wrapped around your waist. You always liked times like this, you two could relax and just take a moment to breath. The silence was comfortable, but quickly broken by your boyfriend. 

“Hey…Y/N, what…what if I can’t protect you next time?…What..if…” His voice was broken and you lifted yourself up on one arm to look down at him. You knew what he was talking about…only recently had you nearly gotten hurt thanks to all the supernatural bullshit that the two of you dealt with. The only reason you were fine was because of him. You knew Stiles could be insecure. He wasn’t the strongest person. He wasn’t the best fighter. He was only human, but he had nothing to worry about in your eyes. The fact he worried just made you love him more. 

“You’ll always be my Batman, Stiles…whether you are there to protect me or not.” You rested a hand against his cheek, and caught his golden eyes with your own, a small smile started at the corner of his lips and continued to grow.

“Always?” He asked, eyebrow raised. You didn’t often talk about the future, but goddamn did you hope Stiles was in it. You were pretty sure Stiles was it. That he was the one….even if it seemed just like stupid teenager talk. But you loved him. You loved that you could watch stupid programs with him, that you could eat tonnes of food together, that he’d walk you to class, and drive you to school. You just loved him. 

“Always.” You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and went to pull away, but a gentle hand twisting into your hair pulled you back in and you smiled against him. Yes. You loved him. You loved your Batman. 

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(:3) *pinkswift was taking a relaxing swim in a lake, her armour was on the ground and she was completely naked*

Piccolo was flying over the necklace still around his neck, seeing her armor he landed.

syaviee asked:

i also realize whenever D.O is uncomfortable or about to get angry or sensitive , other members would touch his hand or rub his neck , "skinship" to soothe him. your opinion on this ? And pictures pleaseeeeee. So nice to know other members understand him in a way.

HI! omg I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I had finals and then I had to move from my dorm to my summer apartment (I got an internship and its on my college campus so I gotta stay here for the summer TAT) and then I had to settle in and then the internship started and everything’s just been really hectic. And my mom just came in today and she brought me a bunch of stuff and I had to reorganize my stuff. Anyways…

I totally know what you are talking about. Kyungsoo is the type to get embarrassed really easily and Jongin is usually the one who is there to soothe him. (Because they are totally dating and of course his boyfriend will be there to calm him down :P)

Here I don’t think Kyungsoo was feeling that great (I vaguely remember something about his eye hurting) and there’s Jongin just petting him *internally screaming*

After Jongin comforted him Kyungsoo was able to sing perfectly. Coincidence? I think not =D

Here as you can see Kyungsoo is being shy so his hubby is there to make him feel better :]

This is probably one of my fav moments. 

I’m sorry I can’t provide more examples, its kinda hard to find the right ones. And sorry this is all KaiSoo, I can’t really think of any moments that stick out to me that aren’t…it’s probably cause I’m biased though :/ Anyways, sorry again for taking so long to reply and I hope this helps!

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Sub Mat? idk with who but sub Mat is love :3

The out-of-season scarf makes sense when Matt finally takes it off, arranging it on the coat hanger before making a straight line to his room. Foggy looks at his neck - not hickeys like he’d been expecting, but faint red lines of the outline of a collar - and puts a few things together.


After the third dumped girlfriend, Foggy buys the newly-single Matt a few six-packs. (Cheaper than a bar.)

“You know they have sites for it, right?”

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"Why are you copying me?" With Isaac please!

You sat across from Isaac completely bored out of your mind thanks to another boring maths lesson…who invented maths because they were a complete asshole. 

You watched as Isaac lent his chin against his fist and did the same, the same hand, the same expression. Over the course of the next 10 minutes every time he changed what he was doing you would copy him, when he put his hand up you put your hand up, when he scratched his neck you scratched yours…soon he noticed. 

“Why are you copying me?” He rose an eyebrow obviously not too annoyed at the moment, but more confused than anything. 

“Why are you copying me?” You repeated after him a smirk on your lips. 

“Y/N.” You could see him growing increasingly more annoyed with you. The scrunch in between his brows was a sure indicator as was the warning in his tone of voice. 

“Y/N.” You copied him again, laughing to yourself this was honestly quite amusing. Far better then maths at any rate. That was just dull…

“You’re-” You cut him off repeating him and stopping where he did himself.“You’re-” He was beginning to look incredibly angry and while usually you’d rather see a smile on Isaac’s face, if you were being honest you quite enjoyed riling him up.  

“I love you.” He said, a smirk now gracing his own lips and you started to copy him, but quickly stopped confused  by the words.“I lo-wait what?” You stared at him in blatant mysticism.

“Ha ha! I got you!” What? The bell rang just as he said those final words and you watched him grab his back and start for the door.

“What…Isaac?! Isaac come back here!” You grabbed your stuff following the tall werewolf out of the maths room, utterly confused and demanding answers as to what just happened. Maybe copying people wasn’t the best idea in the world…


“Why can’t you just tell me how you feel?”, you yell. You had been trying to get Kai to admit his feeling for you, you knew he felt the same way but he wasn’t admitting it. He sighs, “It’s not like it’s going to make a difference”. You roll you eyes, sighing, “Of course it is. I love you, stupid”. You saw a smile threatening to break out on his but he bit his lip to prevent it from happening. “Really now?”, he says. You smile slightly, “Yes”. You move closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Now kiss me, stupid”. He smiles, grabbing your hips, crashing his mouth onto your. He kisses you passionately and you know no words are needed. He kissed you with all he had, showing you how much you mean to him. When you pull away, you’re both breathless. “I hope that proves to you how I feel about you”, he says breathlessly. With you lips hovering over his, you reply, “It definitely does”. He smirks, pulling you in for another kiss.

Requested By: Anonymous