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hello, angel

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kai x reader. fluffy fluff. 2.4 k words. sorry for disappearing..lost interest in writing for awhile, but then i saw tons of notifs suddenly appearing then i decided i’ll start writing again. but for now, here’s an old writing of mine i’m reposting.

He sees her, and he knows he’s home.

[Name] wakes to the soft snoring of her boyfriend, his arms slithered lazily on her waist and nose pressed against the back of her neck. With every warm breath that leaves him, she feels her skin tickle. The curtains are drawn closed, obstructing the sun’s light that would usually glare down on her face until she stirs awake. Barely opened eyes are closed again by the overwhelming drowsiness that still clings, her sore limbs nuzzling back into the body next to hers as she falls back asleep to the sensation of cold sheets.

The bed rustles not even 5 minutes later, the body she’s resting against moves restlessly, causing her to open her eyes and glare at the hand that had left her waist and now caress around the bed in search for her hand to hold. He shouldn’t be waking this early, he should be savoring his rest in the limited time that he has, she thinks. She pretends to fall back asleep, ignoring his fingers probing at her sides that’s asking her to wake.

“Wake up.” He whines.

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