his name is zen

  • Shirayuki: You don't think I can fight because I'm a girl.
  • Zen: I don't think you can fight because you're wearing a wedding dress. For what it's worth, I don't think Obi could fight in that dress either.
  • Obi: Perhaps not, but I would make a radiant bride.

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What about an imagine where the RFA are already in relationships when they meet and fall in love with MC? How would they feel and what would they do? Eventually they find out that MC reciprocates their feelings but is keeping quite and holding back because of their relationships.

Gah! These ALMOST turned out into mini-fics!! There’s just so much material to work with >_<

For now, I only wrote Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee and Jumin. HOWEVER, due to Seven’s circumstances as a secret agent, I do not believe he would be in a relationship with anyone—even considering the possibility of a mission, it is unlikely that it would be long-term or serious.

If you’d like to see other characters for this ask, you may request it, but I’m also working on about 4 other asks right now, so please be patient <3 In the end, I’m writing for you guys anyway, so, I hope you’ll understand!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!! I had fun writing this ^~^ (Jaehee’s might break your heart i mean what)



He’s been dating this cute, girly college student from his class, and he had been determined to have a stable relationship with her, since she was his first girlfriend. She’d been the one to confess to him, and he giddily accepted, excited to experience “love.” He constantly felt pressured to say cute things a boyfriend should say, and act gentlemanly, sweet and romantic. It took a lot to keep her happy.

When you joined the RFA, he was excited to get to know you, and the two of you hit it off easily. He found himself looking forward to your messages, and he always felt happy during your calls. He’d never even met you, but you were able to make him so… so happy. Not like his girlfriend at all. He had to force himself around her. He felt conflicted. Was this how a relationship is supposed to work? Is he supposed to feel stressed and tired because of his girlfriend?

At the RFA party, Yoosung overheard your conversation with Zen. He listened quietly from behind a wall, as you cried to Zen about how you’d fallen in love with Yoosung, but it could never work out because he’s already in love with someone else. He felt his heart clench in pain as he listened to your muffled sobs against Zen’s shoulder. Jealousy stirred in his chest, wanting to be the one who wiped away your tears instead of Zen. And it was then that he knew, you were the one he loved.

With his feelings sorted out, Yoosung decided to break up with his girlfriend before doing anything with you. But before he could even say anything, his girlfriend broke up with him over text: ‘Hey, Yoosung… I’m really sorry but I don’t think we’ll work out. I realized that I wasn’t in love with you, but I was in love with the idea of having a boyfriend. I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to continue our relationship based on these shallow feelings of mine. Thank you for everything.” While it was true that he was never really in love with her, he did shed a few tears for losing the relationship they had. It wasn’t like he hadn’t liked her at all—he would still feel emotionally attached, despite their short relationship.

After a short while, he finally gathered up the courage to tell you about his feelings. It was over a brunch date, and there had been a painfully awkward silence prior to his confession (as neither of you knew what to say. Him, because he was nervous to admitting his feelings, and you, because you were miserably in love with him but couldn’t express it)

His confession surprised you. You hadn’t expected that his girlfriend had broken up with him, nor that he reciprocated your feelings! You’d thought it was a painful, one-sided love, and the fact that it wasn’t made you relieved to the point of tears. “I-I thought I would have to be your friend forever… just watching you smile beside h-her… and not me,” you sniffled, sincerely confessing your thoughts. “I thought that you’d never look at me, and that I’d have to k-keep giving you advice on how to make your girlfriend happy…”

“If you’ll be my girlfriend, then I hope you never stop advising me on how to make my girlfriend happy, because I want to make you the happiest woman on Earth.”


As a publicity stunt, Zen had been forced to date Echo Girl. He was against the idea, but as an aspiring actor, he had no choice but to follow his management’s orders. Besides, it would be good practice for roles where his character was in a relationship. He didn’t really care, since this wasn’t a real relationship with sincere feelings. Echo Girl hardly knew him.

He never expected that he would actually fall in love with someone so soon after his relationship with Echo Girl was made public. Your appearance in the RFA was sudden, after all. But Zen had fallen in love with you at first sight. You were kind to everyone, listening to their thoughts quietly whether you agreed or disagreed. And you weren’t pretending to be nice, either. Nobody would be able to keep up an act like that for so long—he would know, he acts everyday, and he can’t get into character every time.

He fell in love with your voice, just as he fell in love with the rest of you. But your voice had a special appeal to him. You sounded so sweet and sincere, and prior to the party, it was his only way of feeling connected with you. He’d savour the sound, loving the way his name rolled off your tongue. “Hey Zen… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you?” His heart almost stopped at the question, but he eventually managed to squeeze out an “I don’t know.” You had sounded so genuine, his heart was racing with the possibility in mind.

Despite not confirming your feelings, Zen approached his manager, demanding that they put an end to the relationship publicity stunt, or he would publicly announce that the company was lying to build his image. When it was all done and dealt with, he proceeded to beg and beg Seven for your apartment’s address. Zen would be in debt to Seven for thousands of Honey Buddha Chips, but it was all worth surprising you for your smile. With his knee to the floor, and a bouquet of roses raised towards you, he imitates your confession to say…

“MC… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you back?”


She’s been dating a man for a while before she met you. He had asked her out during one of the C&R business events, and fallen in love with her at first sight. While Jaehee knew that his feelings were sincere, she wasn’t sure about how she felt towards him, but he told her that he was willing to wait.

Fortunately for her, you’d soon joined the RFA, and she felt that she was able to confide in you about her problems. You would listen to her as she ranted about her admiration for Zen, Jumin’s irritating tendencies, and relationship problems, amongst many others. With each conversation, Jaehee became more and more relaxed talking with you, and your ability to ease her burdens only got better as you learned more about her.

Jaehee’s boyfriend noticed the way Jaehee’s expression had grown softer lately, and how she always replied to your texts immediately in the midst of their conversations. He watched knowingly as Jaehee’s eyes gained a happy glint in them, her laughter sounding more feminine and relaxed, compared to her forced, unsure chuckles from before she’d met you. He was fully aware that Jaehee was most likely in love with you, and that he would have to let her go soon.

He prayed to the gods to forgive him for forcing someone who wasn’t interested to stay in a relationship with him, begging for just a little more time with her. He knew that he should support her and push her towards the one she truly loved, but he wanted to be just a little more selfish, until she would realize her own feelings.

So when Jaehee finally confronted him, he was prepared for her confession. “I’m really sorry. I… thank you for being so patient with me up until now. I truly did enjoy spending time with you, and I am honoured that you would fall in love with someone like me, so I believe you deserve a proper apology,” Jaehee forced herself to look into his eyes despite the guilt in her heart.

But he deserved a serious, proper explanation from her, because he’d been nothing but kind to her throughout their relationship. He’d put his best efforts in making her happy, and she knew it. “I’m really grateful for your feelings, and I’m truly sorry to say that I can’t return them. There is… someone else who has already stolen my heart,” she admitted softly.

Finally, he was able to let her go. He left her with one last kiss on the forehead, and bid her farewell, “Thank you for everything. I hope that whoever you love will be able to love and care for you much better than I was able to. Please, be happy from now on.”

Jaehee couldn’t help but shed a few tears, for losing a good relationship with an honest, sincere man. But no matter how amazing he was, her feelings for you would not change. You were the only one who could make her feel so relaxed, comfortable and happy even when her work pressured her to no ends. You were the only one who she felt could understand her, and she wanted to give you the same happiness she received.

Although she was now single, she still believed that her love was one-sided. Love between women was becoming more socially acceptable, but she had no idea about your views about it. And even then, it didn’t necessarily mean that you returned her feelings. But imagine her surprise when you burst into her house upon hearing the news that she’d broken up with her boyfriend. Tears were streaming down your face—you were crying for her. You explained, “But Jaehee… didn’t he make you happy? Why aren’t you crying? It makes me really sad when I think about everything you’ve lost with him… I had been s-so happy that he was there for you through all your struggles…”

Gently, she wiped your tears, looking affectionately into your eyes. “The person standing right in front of me is the one who I’ve fallen in love with. MC, you’re the one who makes me feel happy. Your kind words have always cheered me up. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I will try my best to win your affection, okay? Because MC… I love you.”


Money, fame and looks… Jumin Han had it all. He had never had trouble getting anything he wanted, although he was still dying to understand love—not that he would ever admit that. Instead of expressing this desire, he hooked up with various women, trying to find someone who could match his preferences.

He was in yet another of these shallow relationships when he met you, but he hadn’t been attracted to you immediately. It had taken a lot of time and conversation before he developed any feelings towards you. At first, it was a fond interest. ‘MC sure can be cute, trying to argue with me about the business world… Doesn’t she know I have a large advantage over her in that area?’ It slowly changed into admiration, as he observed how you were able to get along with everyone in the RFA. He often had trouble with Zen, but you seemed to handle the narcissist without a problem. (No Jumin, Zenny just hates you..)

It wasn’t until he read a magazine in which he took a quiz, ‘Are you in love?!’ (he actually believes this stuff, thinking that they publish credible information) Thinking of his latest hookup, he circled answers in pencil, and calculated his score, which resulted in, “SADLY, NO: but we hope that you will find ‘The One’ soon!! There’s gotta be somebody for you out there :)” Sighing, Jumin threw the magazine to the floor. He would never find ‘The One,’ at this rate. He’s already failed so many times…

A thought struck him. Hesitantly, he retrieved the magazine from the floor, and attempted the quiz again, with thoughts of you in mind. ‘Does he/she make you smile when you talk?’ Yes. ‘Do you want to know him/her more?’ Yes. ‘Do you want him/her to be a part of your life forever?’ If you would, then yes. “WOW: It looks like you’re in love! See our next issue to find out if they could be ‘The One!’”

Flustered, Jumin scowls at the magazine despite the happy feeling bubbling in his chest. Maybe this magazine isn’t that credible after all. (Now you think that?? You tsundere.) He spends the night drinking wine, complemented with dazed thoughts. He’d never truly loved a woman in his life before, not even his own (gold-digging) mother. And yet this magazine claims that he’s in love with… you? You, a woman who’d just waltzed into his life and captured his genuine interest. …Fuck. Maybe I do have feelings for her.

“What is love?” he asks you over dinner, swirling the wine in his glass around the brim. You reply sadly in a mock posh accent, “What is love, but an emotion that only serves to break one’s heart?” Surprised by your answer, he wonders what makes you say that. He quietly questions you if someone had dared to break your heart, voicing his shock that anyone could possibly turn down a sincere, kind-hearted woman who could pique one’s interest in conversation, such as yourself. You laugh bitterly, shaking your head in disbelief. “It’s you, idiot,” you mutter, facing downwards. Avoiding his eyes, you stood up abruptly from the table. “I… I’m gonna go.”

Alarmed, he catches hold of your hand. “Wait!” he calls out to you before he even realizes what he’s done. “MC… I think I’m in love with you. I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet, but I’m really, really interested in you. I don’t understand it myself, but I do know that you’re special to me. Will you wait for me?”

Softly, sincerely, he stares into your eyes, silently begging you to understand. And you stay.

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Can i request headcanons for Mc with a fainting problem? With the RFA! maybe she has an episode at the party?

Guys I genuinely normally try to be hella eloquent but I’ve been depressed and I cope with shitty English so I’m sorry my children


  • This boy has just come back from a huge ass mission with Seven where they almost died
  • He’s making a speech proclaiming his love for you and then you just, fall
  • Thank God Zen caught you because you were on your way to bashing your head in on a polished marble floor
  • Yoosung runs over mid panic attack like ‘Is2g MC if you died I’m gonna die.’
  • The Doctors that you had invited rush over to help you and inform the party goers that you’re fine and have just fainted.
  • They sit you in a chair and prop your legs up to try and help the blood flow return to normal
  • Yoosung is still having a panic attack, don’t mind him
  • When you come to though he’s sitting next to you and holding your hand.
  • He kisses you almost immediately and sits with you until you feel all back together and conscious again


  • You were watching in partial awe and horror as you saw Zen take the stage to try and clear up everything that had happened in those ten days with Echo Girl
  • Of course you were happy to know that he did love you dearly.
  • He called you up on to the stage and s2g you were almost there and you just dropped
  • Zen is s h o o k
  • Everyone is still photographing this mind you, be prepared to be like, dead in the paper in the morning
  • After collecting himself, Zen picks you up and carries you to a room that’s not populated by the general public and lays you down
  • He can’t help but laugh at the fact that he set up this huge press conference and you just friggin f a i n t e d right in front of everyone
  • He’s worried yes, but he knows you’re breathing so at least you aren’t dead?
  • When you come to he’s still chillin with you, drinking some champagne that he was given
  • “Hey sleeping beauty ;))”


  • Literally nothing had even happened yet and you’re down for the count
  • Jaehee is just like C h i l D
  • She rushes over to make sure you didn’t bang your head too hard
  • When she’s sees you’re fine, well, fine for someone who just fainted, she calls for Zen to help move you somewhere more secluded
  • When you come to Jaehee has you explain to her that this is normal and that you’re okay
  • She’s become prepared to basically ‘trust fall’ with you at any moment


  • He is preoccupied with his father to notice you faint when it happens
  • But he can hear Sarah cackling
  • “They’re so pathetic! They’ve just fainted!”
  • Jumin had to restrain himself from decking Sarah
  • Sarah and Glam are forcefully removed from the party
  • He calls a doctor and has them take you to a hospital because this boy is Extra
  • The doctors explain to Jumin that you just faint regularly ever since you were young
  • When you wake up Jumin is sill adamant you stay in the hospital to recover and you have to fight him to make it back to the party on time


  • Of course, because of Seven’s background check on you he knows you’re constantly fainting
  • He’s stayed with you long enough as well to know you faint more often than he thought
  • When you faint at the party he’s ready
  • Kid is ready to catch you and already knows what to do to help you
  • He makes sure your legs are propped up
  • When you wake up he feeds you and sneaks you out of the party so the two of you can relax at home

Love, Peony

yo can u do fluffy relationship headcanons for juzen and yooseven? ily !! <3

I love you too, anon! I apologize if this isn’t very good, I haven’t dabbled very much into mm ships.


  • They’re the exact opposites, which is one of the main reasons they fell for eachother
  • Zen is a really physical person while Jumin is very shy, so Zen is always being handsy or cuddling with Jumin
  • Most of the time he ends up sneezing though because there are traces of Elizabeth everywhere
  • Jumin can actually be quite a tease and likes to playfully flirt back with Zen, leaving the poor actor blushing
  • I think after some time into the relationship Jumin would start calling Zen by his real name, ‘Hyun’
  • Zen always takes cute selfies with Jumin and posts it all over social media
  • Zen also tries to teach old man Jumin how to use social media but has to give up because Jumin is impossible sometimes
  • Jumin is always buying things for Zen, especially strong allergy meds jfc
  • They are a total power couple


  • These bois are the epitome of fluff
  • They love to bundle up in a blanket together to watch movies and just cuddle aaaaah
  • Yoosung and Seven use the computers and laptops so much, none of them belong to either one in particular anymore, it’s their’s to share
  • Gaming sessions together!
  • Yoosung is always fretting over Seven and cooks for him all the time
  • In return, Seven loves to help Yoosung with college work 
  • Kisses e v e r y w h e r e
  • Seven loves kissing Yoosung’s forehead the most (since he’s taller) and Yoosung tip-toes to Seven’s nose or lips to peck
  • Seven also likes to randomly just lay on Yoosung
  • Like Yoosung will be sitting on the couch or bed, and Seven will just come over and plop down on him
  • Seven likes to call him ‘Honey~’ and (jokingly) ‘My loving wife~’
  • Yoosung still calls him Seven, despite knowing his real name

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RFA and unknown with chubby!mc on the beach. Some guys harass her abt being fat in her swimsuit. How does each person react?

HELLO MOD SAERAN HERE :)) *WARNING*: heavy body shaming please read at your own risk, as a chubby person this can trigger >.< so please read at your own risk BUT IF YOU DO JUST KNOW EACH MAN/WOMEN DEFENDS YOU LIKE THE BEAUTIFUL GODDESS YOU ARE!


-In exactly two weeks, your boyfriend will have his first day off in months because he started his new movie. After the RFA party, Zen became a bigger name in Korea. He even reached all the way to the United States. For exactly 6 months you and Zen were in Los Angeles, California, filming one of his new movies. You were handling the fame well according to Zen’s eyes but…. he didn’t know that you contemplated leaving him so many times. The reason for that is because you were bullied by fans every day….. from social media….the press…..and his fan letters. Nothing compares to his extreme fan girls because they all made fun of you because you were chubby.

-Before his rise to fame, Zen knew you were insecure of your body and he always reminded you he loved your rolls. He loved grabbing it and kissing it when you guys were intimate *cough fucking cough* so you slowly were learning to love yourself by the help of Zen. However, it wasn’t easy because you were with the most perfect man in the entire universe. He was the head of many Fashion Magazines and was even offered to be a model. He declined the modeling job because he wanted to focus on acting. So you were always the girl who “ was lucky to be with him”. But you learned to hide it well because you didn’t want Zen to worry about you.

-The day finally came and you were hoping he would just want to stay home and relax with you at the house. You heard his footsteps coming closer to you and you were anxious of what he was going to say. “ Baby!! How is my princess” he ran to you hugging you and then picking you up twirling you around. You were always worried about breaking him but he insisted that you were light. “ I’m fine… so where does my Prince Charming want to go on his day off” I giggled while flicking his nose. He smiled and casually said “ let’s go to the beach! I’m in the mood for some waves! I’m going to try surfing again babe! I know.. IT’S NOT GONNA BE LIKE LAST TIME! I will not fall” he laughed while heading towards the closet. You walked after him thinking about why does he WHY the beach. You didn’t want to show your body. People weren’t lying California Girls were beautiful. Sun Kiss skin. Skinny and beautiful. You? Fat. Ugly. Rolls everywhere. Zen notice the change of your face and went to you and grabbed your chin to make him look at him “ if a guy flirts with you I will punch them because you are gorgeous inside and out. I will punch them baby I swear” he brought you closer to him and kissed your forehead gently.

-You guys finally reached the beach and you were wearing a dress swimsuit and Zen was just wearing shorts and a tank top. He looked like one of those Hollister models while you looked like a potato. He held your hand proudly and dragged you so you guys can find a seat. He found an umbrella that was vacant and he got the chairs he was carrying and set everything up. You plopped down the chair and gave a heavy sigh. You were doing okay till you heard a group of guys laughing. “Holy shit EVERYONE LOOK IT’S ZEN AND HIS SHAMOO GIRLFRIEND. I’m surprised you didn’t break the chair sweetie. Next time warn us when you are about to throw yourself !! We are a earthquake state and we don’t want to confuse your falls with an earthquake!!” He was laughing and all his friends were high fiving him. Yo got home and tried running but the sand was slowing you down. “ Awww is the whale having problem running!! You should run more so you can actually look good in a swimsuit” his voice sounded like poison while you fell onto the sand and cried your eyes out.

-You wanted the sand to swallow you up because you can’t believe that Zen even wanted to be with you. “HAHA miss piggy is laughing !! Awww is she to fa-” you heard a body fall onto the sand and heard human flesh being beaten. You turned around and saw Zen rearranging the dudes face. “Don’t you fucking DARE talk about my girlfriend like that. *punch* I am *punch* lucky that she *punch* wants to be *punch* with someone *punch* like *grabs his head and slammed it into the ground* me.” The other friends were starting to run off screaming and Zen was running after his prey. He jumped onto this guy and kicked the air out of him. “ And you wanna be James Franco *kicks* I heard *kicks* your smart remark *kick* that you thought *kick* she deserved *picks him up and throws him to the water* to fucking fall”. The rest of the group were apologizing and left running.

-Zen ran to you with bleeding knuckles helping you up. “Baby I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry those guys hurt you. I’m sorry baby. I’m honored to be your boyfriend. Shit. You are the only one for me I don’t care if you are plus size. Regular size is boring trust me *he gave you a wink* *he hugged you and grabbed onto your ass and smacked it.. hard…* I love that I have more to grab on. Now let’s go wash my baby up so I can eat you” you blushed heavily and left to the car.


-Jumin loved everything about you. He loved that you were plus sized. He fucking lived for it. He especially loved it when the two of you were having sex and you sat on his face. He loved being suffocated by your pussy and it juices. From the day he first met you, he loved you. He fucking loved you so much, he would shit talk on designers who didn’t make plus size clothing. He would say it in front of their face. Shit he didn’t give a FUCK. He hired plus size designers to make your clothes and lingerie. If you hated a roll, expect that roll to have hickies and love bites on it. He loved you from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. Don’t get me started on how he loves that Elizabeth 3rd loves cuddling with you.

-One day he decided to work from home because he wanted to spend time with you and Elizabeth. You were making a big breakfast as always because you cooked for the both of you and the guards. He honestly loved that about you. You were so selfless that you always put yourself last. He just chuckled seeing his employees eating their breakfast nervously because they weren’t use to eating on the clock. However, to ease the situation, you created a system. One group of men would be eating while the other would be outside guarding and then once the men or done eating they will eat. Jumin loved your thinking so he made sure the fridge and cabinets were always in stock. The chef was still employed because you needed help making a big breakfast, lunch and dinner !! When you and Jumin were going out on dates you made sure the chef made food for the guards that were protecting the penthouse. Jumin sweared that each and every passing day he fell more in love with you.

-When he was signing documents and editing them because people can’t tell the difference between Arial and Arial black he overheard you talking to Elizabeth 3rd. “ My lovely Elizabeth…. how I miss the ocean…. I’m not sure if Jumin ever took you near the beach but just hearing the sound of the waves….feeling the wet sand between my toes makes me feel at peace.” You heard her heavily sigh and you heart was about to burst. How can this angel… JESUS Christ. What kind of a man am I for not taking her to a place that she loves. You were about to go to her and ask her for forgiveness until you heard her crying. “ but Elizabeth *meow* the thing is I don’t tell Jumin because I’m ashamed of being next to him in a swimsuit. I’m ugly and fat and he is perfect. He is famous for being rich for crying out loud. Aren’t rich people suppose to be with supermodels and people who are gorgeous, tall, lean, and bright eyes!! I’m fat, ugly, short, with boring eye color.” Jumins heart broke. The guards who were hearing you from the outside were crying. Elizabeth was meowing sadly. The chef who was cleaning his hands in the sink were crying. The whole world was crying. Jumin was going to take you to the fucking ocean even if it means millions of dollars buying out a whole resort with a private beach. GUESS WHAT he did the next min. He bought a fucking resort that had a private beach.

-Jumin was already packing his shit. Jumin was packing your shit. Jumin was packing Elizabeth 3rd Shit. Jumin went outside to the guard and told him to call homes to get their shit pack. He called driver Kim to get the limo ready and to get the jet ready as well. He came to you and told you the news of how he decided to buy a resort and why not use it right now. You hugged him and told him that you were going to get everything ready. You were about to leave for the room but he hugged you from behind and told you that everything was already ready. You told the guards that had to stay :( sorry and that she wishes that they could come along. They fucking loved you. The guards who went along with the chief of security had their bags ready and everything. Because they knew…. they were able to sorta enjoy this mini vacation.

-When you two got there..people were waiting outside to greet the two of you. You guys proceed to head to the presidential suite. You told the guards to take turns sleeping and enjoying the resort. The guards fucking loved you have I mention? They wouldn’t hesitate taking a bullet for you. When you entered the suite you ran to the balcony to look out doors. You were in awe you had to.. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO NOW. You went back inside and Jumin was already in shorts ready to go and he gently threw a swimsuit towards you. You notice it wasn’t your usual dress swimsuit. It was a real bikini one. You looked at Jumin shook. He should know how you feel about this. “You look sexy kitten trust me. It’s going to be only us two it’s a private beach! Please baby pleaaaaseee wear this for daddy ?” He pouted :3 JESUS CHRIST WHEN JUMIN HAN CALLS HIMSELF DADDY WHEN YALL NOT FUCKING IT’S A SERIOUS DEAL. You rolled your eyes and he knew he won >:D.

-You PUT it on and JESUS CHRIST the bikini was beautiful and he went closer to you and wrapped his arns around you tenderly. You flicked his nose “ last one there is going to be submissive” and YOU FUCKING RAN. YOU WERE LIKE RUN FOREST RUN. You ran past some of the guards who were waiting by the elevator “ PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON PLEASE AND STAAALLLL HIM” they loved moments like these >:3. They pushed the button and you pressed the closed door and you saw Jumin running to Stop the door from closing but a guard was like Mr. Han wait she took the stairs. Jumin knew that wasn’t you because who the fuck like taking stairs. He heard you laugh when the door closed and he took the stairs. He went down 13 flights of stairs quickly and then went to the elevator and pressed the button and when it opened you were shook. He was sweaty and had a smirk on his face. When the elevator hit the 1st floor. You pushed him to the far corner of the elevator and ran for it. He obviously caught up to you and picked you up and had you over his shoulder laughing. You two finally reached the beach and he put you down gently and kissed you. He loved seeing you smile because it made him feel warm inside.

-The other guards were patrolling the area to make sure there were no intruders in Mr. Hans resort. You waved at them and they waved back. You ran to the ocean till you heard a group of girls calling for you. You looked around and you saw a group of girls with their boyfriends. You knew they were making fun of you and it hurt so much. “ Wow I didn’t know fat people like you actually have Bikinis made for them. Sweetie 2 piece are only made for us skinny people.” She laughed. “ Yeah whoever told you that you actually looked decent lied to your fucking face because god *he closed his eyes* you would even make a blind man cringe in disgust”. Tears were rolling down your face so quickly. You just wanted to have a good time but this THIS group had to ruin everything. You turned back and you saw mad fucking men. Jumin was giving death glares to the man who was harassing you. The 3 guards on his each side of him was ready to fucking attack because no one messes with you ESPECIALLY CAUSE YOU WERE SO NICE AND LOVING TO THEM. Jumin slowly walked to the guy and looked down on him “ you really think you’re a big shot aren’t you. News flash. You ain’t shit *looked at the female who made fun of you * and you ain’t shit. Now if you would excuse me *HE FUCKING PUNCH THE GUY AND HE WAS K/O WITH ONE FUCKING PUNCH. Jumin had a serious face “ attack now.” THE GUARDS WERE UNLEASHED AND THEY FCKING CHASED AND BEAT DOWN THE OTHER MALES. Jumin picked up you and took you to the ocean. He whispered words of love and care into your ear until you started to believe them again.


-Yoosung joined the coffee club and he actually participated in every single event :’D. He was amazing at making coffee now thanks to Jaehee help. You loved it because every time you woke up, there was always a different smell lingering throughout the apartment. You loved it but in the beginning it was nasty smells because POOR BABY WAS WAS WAASSS JUST EXPERIMENTING. But after months of patients and LOVE, he became really good at it. For Christmas one year, jaehee bought him a coffee making set and you bought him all the ingredients he needed. He cried so hard because you always believed in him from the very beginning. He always told you that you were his inspiration for trying to make the best coffee in the world.

-So slowly, yoosung was climbing thru the ranks of the coffee club and ended up Vice President :’D. When he was announced that he was chosen to be Vice President, he was being manly and told them that they will always make amazing coffee. When the both of you got home, HE TACKLED YOU AND HUGGED YOU AND CRIED. POOR BABY. Yoosung being Vice President actually made the coffee club more fun because there were always bonding activities. You always refused to go and told him to spend time with his friends and that you were gonna stay home and continue studying. He was hesitant that something was wrong but being the theater major that you are, you convinced him that nothing was wrong :).

-However, you promised him to go to one event and that he better chose it good. You thought he forgot about it but one day he came SCREAMING into the building and you heard him all the way up from the 3rd floor. JESUS he was that loud. “ BAAAABBBBBYYY BAABABBABAYYYYYY I HAVE NEEEWWSS  FOR YOU!!” You heard him singing baby and oh god what is it now. He kicked the door open and he was in flip flops and shorts with an LOL tank top. “ BABE GET READY WE ARE HEADING TO THE BEACH. THIS IS MY EVENT OF CHOOSING LETS GO” He said with a grin. You heard him breathing heavily and you were thinking, did he really ran all the way to the house from campus. Dear god he was serious. You went to the bedroom and changed into your two piece that can be mistaken for a swim dress but it wasn’t. You then put regular clothes over and ready to go face the beach with a fake smile :(. When you were on the club bus to head to the beach he notice that you didn’t have a real smile on your face and he asked what’s wrong and you just shook it off and said nothing that you were worrying about an assignment. HE BLAMED HIMSELF FOR DRAGGING YOU THERE. HE EVEN TOLD YOU HE WILL PRACTICE LINES WITH YOU AND EVERYTHING TO MAKE UP FOR THE SUDDEN ADVENTURE. You gave him one of your famous smiles and he kissed your forehead. If only he knew….

-You guys arrived at the beach and you wanted to just say sitting on the bench. You saw the rest of the members taking of their clothes to be just with their swim suits, running to the ocean. You wish you had the confidence to do that. Yoosung took of his tank top and and was ready to run for it but he saw that you weren’t moving. He went closer to you and you know you had to do it before he started worrying again. You took of the clothes and were just in your swimsuit and his nose started to bleed. He always believed you were a thick goddess made just for him. You cleaned his nose with your shirt. He grabbed your hand and made you run with him. You were starting to enjoy yourself because your boyfriend was laughing and his laugh made you smile. You guys made it to the water and jumped in. You were having a blast till….. “DAMN FAT ASS YOU CAUGHT US OFF GUARD. YOU CREATED AN EXTRA WAVE.” they laughed while pointing at you. Yoosung notice and he looked at you and everything clicked for him.

-”EVERYONE A WHALE IS IN SHORE OH MY GOD EVERYONE BE CAREFUL WE MIGHT GET A TSUNAMI.” The group of jerks continued to laugh. Tears were forming in your eyes and you grabbed yoosung hands and tried dragging him away. He took his hand away from you and you saw his eyes were dark purple. Oh shit. The man as come out. He ran there like a fucking bull and jumped onto the guy and was destroying him. The guys friends were calling 911 because yoosung was going animalistic. The police came and it took 4 officers to get yoosung off the guy. Yoosung was yelling and him and you were crying. You were a mess. You called Jumin because you needed help bailing yoosung out of jail. Jumin picked you up 3 mins after you called him and followed the police car to jail. Before they were going to book him, Jumin put a briefcase down and pushed the button to open it. There was 2 millions dollars in that suitcase and they let yoosung go without booking him. Jumin gave the two of you a ride in his limo back to his apartment and he asked what in the world happened. You told him with tears in your eyes and he looked at yoosung and gave him a smirk. He told him that he was proud. you guys got home and you gave him the biggest hug and told him thank you. He cried.

Jaehee *she is gonna be short*

-You guys were set to go on a date on the beach. She knew your insecurities but she didn’t give a fuck what other people said because she loved you and your thick self. So to make compromise with you because she wanted you to have a good time and be comfortable, it was suppose to happen around 7:30.

-you decided to meet her there because she wanted to go early and prepare everything. She wanted everything to be romantic. So since you knew there were going to be few people there are the beach, you decided to wear a bikini and you wore a dress over it. You were excited to go see the love of your life :’D

-you arrived at the beach and now you were just looking for the tower she texted you to arrive at. You were walking on the sand heading your way over to the tower. Fuck. You saw a group of college students having a bonfire. Shit they are drinking. You start to pick up the pace hoping PRAYING they won’t notice you. Sadly, god was busy taking other people’s request. “HEY DONUT WHY DON’T YOU COME OVER HERE AND LET US ROAST YOUR FATASS”. His other friend “ YEAH I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO USE CURTAIN DRAPES AS CLOTHES” she laughed evilly. God you wanted to cry but you kept walking. But then the bitch who told you about using curtains as clothes followed you calling you names. You wanted it to stop. You wanted to find jaehee. You started to run and the BITCH was running after you calling you names. You kept running faster until you heard a thud behind you. You decided to stop running and you looked back. You saw your girlfriend kicking her fucking ass. She dislocated her shoulder and broke her nose. She got sand and threw it to her face and then Jaehee spit on her.

-She walked over to you and hugged you and kissed your lips gently and then went towards your neck and gave it little nibbles. She loved you for who you are and she kissed you again while gripping your thighs.

Saeyoung: *he is gonna be short as well*

-You guys finally decided to get out of the house for once. You both wanted fresh air and he insisted on going to the beach and you told him no. You wanted to go to the mountains. He told you no. He said beach. You said mountains. But you felt bad because he really wanted to go to the beach and you weren’t going to let your DAMN insecurity keeping you from having a good time. You finally said yes and he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him for a deep kiss. He gripped your ass and you guys had a quickie. Lol.

-You guys took a shower together a quick one and got ready. You were putting on a swim suit dress and he shakes his head. He made you put on a bikini because he believed that you had the sexiest body ever. You blushed because he looked at you with hunger. You put a shirt and a skirt over it so you can go out in public normal. He got ready as well and it was off to the beach !

-When you guys got there he notice the sand was really hot. Like burning hot and he didn’t want your feet to get blisters. So he told you to hop on his back and that he was going to carry you till you guys got to the squishy sand. He notice that you were hesitating so he just picked you up bridal style and gave you a smirk. He was strolling by the volleyball court and you were nervous. He were hiding your face between your hands. He told you that he wasn’t going to let you fall but oh boy. That was the last thing you were thinking. You notice that two men were laughing and pointing at you and you were guessing your boyfriend didn’t notice. Damn how you wanted him to move faster. WHY WAS HE BEING SO SLOW. “Hey bud!! Red head” one of them yelled. Saeyoung turned around to face them “ yeah what is it?”he said with a blank expression. “ do you need help with carrying the heavy load” his friends were laughing. Saeyoung put you down kissed your foreheads and smiled. He went over and basically made the guy lose 2 teeth. He then looked for his wallet and destroyed everything of his and his family and his friends when you two got home. He left them bankrupt. He put them as felons. You name it he already did it. He wasn’t going to let a fuck boy hurt his goddess shit. You two still HE a nice time at the beach tho C:


-you two were already at the pier. Both of you guys finished your bi weekly appointment of therapy. He was slowly going back into society. You loved him so much. He was in love with you and he believed he owed his life to you. Therapy was always interesting because the session was suppose to be about him but someone he made it about the both of you. So it was like couples therapy. You were annoyed at first but then Saeran said the both of you should become better people. When he notice how much you hate yourself because you categorize yourself as “ fat” he knew he had to change your mind. No matter how many times he called you beautiful, you didn’t pay attention to him.

-That’s when he started talking about your insecurities and how it affects him because he gets so flabbergasted that an angel sent from the heaven above… Hates herself. The therapy was good for each individual but it made the relationship stronger. You guys were able to communicate more and everything. The love was amazing, the sex was phenomenal, the communication was great, life was perfect for him. He started to call saeyoung brother and not idiot brother. Everything was going good C:   

-You guys were eating ice cream on the pier enjoying each other’s presence and the sounds of the wave crashing onto the sand. He looked at you so lovingly as if he was admiring the work of art. “Pecan *YES HE CALLS YOU AFTER AN ICE CREAM FLAVOR* can we go down to the beach?” He said softly. You got up and cleaned your mouth and cleaned his *HE WAS BLUSHING MY POOR HUSBAND* and went your way down to the beach.

-You took off your sandals and he took of his shoes and rolled up pants. You were wearing shorts so you were good. You guys strolled down the whole beach with the water reaching up to your ankles. You felt so happy. So truly happy. You saw this old couple and you asked if they were nice enough to take pictures for they both of you and they happily obliged. You guys had a little photo shoot and each and every single picture was of the both of you smiling and kissing. The couple prayed that you will last until the both of you reached the heaven above. Everything was perfect. Until you saw a man pointing at you and laughing. He came closer and you were waiting for him to say something mean. You closed your eyes waiting to hear the poison entering your brain. But. Nothing. FUCKING. Happened. You opened your eyes and saw the guy looking a bit nervous. He then proceeded to tell you that you were very beautiful and that you guys look like an amazing couple. He then ran off and you looked at Saeran and before he could change his facial expression he had his death glare on. Then he changed into a smile and kissed you and smacked your ass lightly. You laughed and he did too and you continue walking with him hand in hand


anonymous asked:

Can I request a sequel to your MC reset theory where MC gets a lil' drunk on the first or second day of the reset and just calls their fave and blurts out everything? Bonus points for "You're my favourite, I wanted to stay with you" Thank you so much!

OHMYYOFSJNJ thank you so much for requesting this, i really appreciate knowing someone actually liked that!! you’re so welcome, and again thank thank thANK THANK THANKKK YOUUU!! side note i c ried,, a lil writing thi,,s,


  • when you called him he picked up so fast
  • you sound so happy
  • after a couple minutes he realizes that ur deadass drunk
  • then all of a sudden ur voice goes real sad and soft
  • “is ur eye alright nowww? i was so worried you know?”
  • you’re slurring but somehow he can understand you
  • my eye???
  • what about my eye?????
  • and you go on about his dreams about being a vet
  • what???
  • didn’t we just meet yesterday
  • how do u know all this
  • “of course i know these things!! but this dumb ability doesn’t let you rememberrr”
  • he’s really confused
  • you talk more about some gibberish he can’t comprehend
  • something about a cat named lisa or something
  • and again about his eye
  • eventually you fall asleep on him
  • and he’s so??
  • his heart kinda hurts a little
  • ?? what is this
  • he plays games all night to forget
  • but then ever since that happened he never brought it up again
  • he thought about it a lot
  • but will literally never say anything about it
  • the air between you two stays awkward and it probably makes him turn away from you a little
  • :’(


  • he thinks u sound cute drunk
  • he’d make fun of u for a while
  • until u literally just start crying
  • “??? mc?”
  • you start babbling nonsense and he assumes u must be one of those emotional talkative drunks
  • issa rlly cute
  • but then u start talking about how he saved you from a dangerous white haired man in the apartment
  • ??? what kind of imagination does this girl have
  • he plays along asking u what happened next
  • at this point u kinda forgot u were talking to him
  • but you continue
  • going on and on about a hacker
  • and how you spent the night at his house
  • zen is puzzled
  • hey hey hey this is getting a bit..
  • eventually all he hears from the other side of the line is your soft breathing
  • he wonders if you fell asleep
  • “sweet dreams, mc.”
  • he’s about to hang up but then hears you mumble something that sounded like his name
  • “don’t go..”
  • after this zen found it kinda hard to approach you
  • he wanted to know what you meant
  • he spends his nights frequently waking up from dreams he can’t recall
  • yet he acts like nothing happened in the chatroom
  • but when he can’t help the growing feelings along with the feeling it wasn’t the first time this had happened
  • he starts to remember what his dreams were about


  • she was at home
  • working like always even when she isn’t at the office
  • then she gets a phone call from you
  • she hesitates a bit
  • i mean she just met you today so
  • “hello? this is kang jaehee”
  • “aah.. jaeheee..”
  • you sounded relieved to hear her voice
  • “uh.. mc? are you.. feeling okay?”
  • you were pretty sure you were drunk
  • but right now all you wanted was to hear her voice
  • “i wish we could go back to the way we used to be”
  • you sounded really sad
  • jaehee didn’t really know how to react
  • so she just listens
  • “hey..”
  • your voice is all hoarse and cracking
  • “do you think if i hadn’t chosen you then i wouldn’t have to be so sad now?”
  • “but then..”
  • “i wanted to stay with you in the end”
  • she didn’t need to see your face
  • to know that you were in tears
  • jaehee doesn’t know why but she ends up hanging up
  • without a word
  • she continues to work
  • with a heavy heart
  • i don’t even know what she looks like
  • and for the first time
  • she fell asleep at her desk with her work left unfinished
  • and dreams of a blurry face with a smile warm like the sun


  • he was a bit surprised to see a phone call come in from you
  • considering how it was only the second day since you had joined
  • he certainly wasn’t expecting this
  • although he strangely could listen to your voice all day
  • you called him often at night
  • though he can tell pretty quickly that you’re hammered
  • he advises you to take it easy and rest
  • he doesn’t really pay attention to what you ramble about
  • but decides to humor you one night
  • if he was getting any closer to you
  • and opening up his heart now
  • this definitely would have closed it back up
  • “i keep forgetting how you were before i came here”
  • he didn’t understand a single word you were saying
  • it sounded
  • unreal
  • “i loved you”
  • “i loved you so much”
  • he would probably close off any feelings he was starting to have
  • or already had
  • he just
  • can’t comprehend it
  • his heart
  • his mind
  • cannot understand such feelings
  • such thoughts
  • are too much for him
  • the distance between you two would only grow overtime
  • jumin would probably be as confused with himself as he originally was when he was just learning to love
  • he needs time
  • before he can talk about it again with you


  • woo yall just love to see me suffer
  • seven would already be one of the only people to call you pretty frequently after only the first couple days
  • so one night you call him
  • you were tired from drinking a bit too much earlier while reflecting
  • and just laid in bed still drunk
  • “hey! what’s up?”
  • his voice alone was enough to make you tear up
  • “i can’t sleep”
  • “so i thought hearing your voice would help”
  • he chuckles and your stomach twists
  • because you could tell he was trying to not take it seriously
  • “are you trying to say i tire you out? i’m hurt, mc”
  • you know he’s just trying to cover what you said
  • but you were just so tired
  • “keep talking”
  • and talk he did
  • until you fell soundly asleep
  • seven is silent on the other line
  • contently listening to your soft breathing
  • “sa..saeyoung..”
  • he freezes
  • and his finger presses to end the call
  • just who were you
  • who
  • “..are you?”
  • he becomes frantic
  • and hacks into notes you kept on your phone
  • his insecurities come spilling out faster than before
  • how did you know so much about him
  • how could you pick out every flaw and fear he had
  • so perfectly
  • so effortlessly
  • his facade crumbles
  • and he has so many questions
  • “just who… am i?”
Multilingual MC

I should probably be writing all the requests I still have left over from before I dropped off the face of the earth but this one piqued my interest. As you guys may know – if you’ve ever read my About the Author page – I myself am trilingual so this was right up my ally
Hope you enjoy!


♬ even when dating for a while and fully committed, certain things just never came up

♬ they weren’t dirty secrets or lies you told about yourself

♬ merely facts that had never seemed relevant enough to be brought up

♬ until one day, due to the strangest of coincidences, said thing comes up

♬ Zen was rather surprised to find out that you were fluent in multiple Slavic languages

♬ which he only really learned, because his new potential director was Croatian

♬ her name was Cintija Ašperger and while she lived in Canada now, she was born Croatian

♬ you could have talked in English, but you decided this way you could score bonus points

Oh Čintija, ne mogu ti opisat koliko je savršen za tu ulogu, vjeruj mi.

Ma ne, on nikad ne stvara probleme. Zahvalan je za svaku mogućnost, spram drugih glumaca.

Stvarno? Savršeno! Čujemo se, pusa.

♬ once you hung up with Cintija you informed Zen that he’d gotten the part

♬ he barely reacted, still staring at you with wide eyes and a slack jaw

♬ he broke out in a wide grin, telling you how amazing you sounded in whatever language that was

♬ later he sometimes spoke with a Croatian accent because that was just so damn cool


★ some people think that once you’ve been with a person for a year, you truly know them

★ those people are wrong

★ if anything, you only knew a person once you’d lived with them for a year

★ and even then there were always things that ended surprising you

★ like the one day Yoosung came home from work a little earlier

★ you’d stayed home, sick and wrapped into a blanket with litres of soup waiting to be eaten

★ he’d closed the clinic early so he could come home and take care of you for a change

★ he did not expect to find you screaming at your laptop in what sounded like perfect Japanese

★ 後に続け!意地になるな!

★ 感情について話すのはそんなに難しいか!?

★ 彼女にキスしろ! 彼女に既にキス!

★ as it turned out, you were a huge weeb that taught herself Japanese because of Anime

★ everyone else might have found that strange, but Yoosung was perfect for you, so he loved it

★ now you could sing anime openings together!

★ sometimes you even used certain phrases in daily life to annoy the others


♛ for your first anniversary of marriage, Jumin decides to take you to Paris, France

♛ because of course he did

♛ the day was magical, as you got to explore the city of love

♛ at first you did all the typical tourist things like kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower

♛ but towards the end of the day Jumin took somewhere out of town

♛ it was a small but fancy winery, of course, where else would Jumin Han possibly take you

♛ the man keeping the place, however, had difficulties speaking English, let alone Korean

♛ which is when you finally managed to pipe up

Ah, monsieur! On peut avoir une bouteille de vin rouge, s’il vous plaît?

Bien sûr! Que désirez-vous, Mademoiselle

Le Château Lafite de 1865.

♛ Jumin looked at you with wide yet somewhat hooded eyes

♛ at first you were confused, but then you realized that he was turned on by your display

♛ you barely finished the bottle before he was tugging you towards the bathroom

♛ apparently you sounded different moaning in French, a fact Jumin explored in great detail


☼ You and Saeyoung had been dating for quite some time at this point

☼ he’d become quieter since you’t met, a little more mellowed out in a sense

☼ despite having mature some, however, he was still a man-child

☼ especially now that he had his brother back and that weight was off his shoulders

☼ other than turning making toys into a job, he still loved pranks

☼ which you knew rather well, because he constantly pulled them on you

☼ they were innocent and silly, but sometimes you didn’t have the patience for his bullshit

☼ like that one day he’d put a lockdown on the door, even for you

☼ lucky for you, you know how to play that game

☼ أفتح الباب اللعين!

☼ the door unlocked and you winked at the camera, knowing he was watching

☼ Seven choked on his PhD pepper, spitting all over the screen

☼ you spoke Arabic?!

☼ he was equally impressed as he was terrified when you verbally whooped his ass

☼ you went off for half an hour and in perfect Arabic at that


☀ certain things in life are utterly unpredictable

☀ it can be an illness you didn’t expect or an accident that wasn’t supposed to happen

☀ you generally try to stay on top of things, be as practical as humanly possible

☀ learning a couple of languages to be able to communicate in emergencies, was one of those things

☀ you didn’t use your German for a very long time, until Saeran happened

☀ to be more specific, the guys brilliant idea to join his brothers old agencies

☀ leading, of course, to you being sucked right in after him

☀ which someone resulted in the two of you ending up in German prison…don’t ask

☀ the whole thing would have ended in disaster, had it not been for you

Wir wurden von einer Koreanischen Argentur geschickt um Schrödinger auszuschalten. Er hat all die Morde begangen und dann versucht sie uns anzuhängen. Wir haben beweise!

☀ Saeran had no idea what you’d said, but it resulted in you being freed eventually

☀ honestly he’d never been so grateful that you were such a dork

☀ also, you sounded strangely sexy in German, all raspy and dangerous

☀ he’d never admit it to anyone, but you talking German was a huge turn on

☀ sometimes when you got freaky in bed he wanted you to do it in German


📷 when Jihyun finally returned, he decided to take you on a trip

📷 apparently he wanted to share the beauty of the world with you

📷 your first stop was Italy, Rome to be precise

📷 the inner city was as ugly and stuffy as any big city, but there was beauty to be found

📷 everything from the thermal baths, the catacombs up to the coliseum was mesmerising

📷 but the best part about Italy was still the food and not only the ridiculously overpriced restaurants

📷 the markets were filled with smells and spices you’d never experiences before

📷 Jihyun told you about how he’d want to buy some, but couldn’t due to language barriers

📷 apparently he’d planned on painting with spices and you liked the idea

📷 Scusi signore, io e il mio ragazzo vorremmo comprare delle spezie.

📷 Sí, prego. Per cosa vi servono? Alcune sono specifiche per alcuni piatti.

📷 Oh no, non vogliamo mangiarle. Il mio ragazzo é un artista e vuole usarle per i suoi lavori. Per favore, ci dia le piú colorate che ha.

📷 Jihyun watched, completely in awe, as you cheerfully chatted with the man

📷 in fact, he asked you to do all the talking from that moment on, just listening

📷 you inspired him and his new collection painted with Italian spaces bore your name

  • Jumin: Hi my name is Zen and my ego is bigger than my dick HUuuuuuHH
  • Zen: ...
  • Zen: Hi my name is Jumin and I have a cat because I can never get real pussy HUUUUUUUUUUH

anonymous asked:

Hello~ would it be alright if I requested an angsty nfsw? The RFA reacts to MC saying another RFA member's name other than theirs during the fricklefracklfricklity?

Hellooo, I’ll only really be doing their reactions for this, I’m not all too comfortable writing smut, sorry;;

Hope you’ll still like it ^^

In parts due to its length. Dunno when I’ll upload PART2 lolol


Request Killing: 11/30

Saying Another Member’s Name During… PART 1


  • The one thing he looks forward to the most during the nights you spent with him was the sound of his name leaving your lips
  • It was so sweet and intoxicating, he always wanted more. He wanted to hear you scream your love for him more.
  • One night, you were drinking together, after you’d challenged that you could outlast him. He had scoffed, knowing very well he could hold his liquour better than you.
  • Halfway through your competition, you were already drunk, and grew bored of the game—rather, you’d lost focus.
  • You hugged Zen’s arm as you stared up at him with wide eyes and pouty lips. “Zenny~ I don’t feel like playing anymore,” you whined, batting your eyelashes at him innocently
  • He caught on, hearing the playful tone in your voice. “Are you sure? That would mean I win this drinking contest, jagi,” he drawled, smirking. “You know that I means I deserve a prize, don’t you think so?”
  • You giggled, finding it funny in your drunken haze, and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. “But I don’t wanna go home yet…”
  • “We can get a room here,” he reassured you, chuckling as he gently led you upstairs by the hand.
  • It wasn’t long before the two of you were all over each other, moans and gasps escaping your lips without pause. He was leaving a trail of kisses up the inside of your thigh when he suddenly heard you moaning loudly for him. He listened carefully with a smile as you continued,
  • “Oh, baby, please… mmn, touch me already, I-I need you, Jumin!!”
  • Zen’s eyes sprang open in shock. What?
  • You didn’t seem to notice he’d stopped for a second, and Zen tried to dismiss your earlier words, continuing to shower you with kisses. Maybe he had heard wrong.
  • Yes, he pretended not to have heard it the first time, and ignored the fact that you never said his own name throughout the rest of the night. But it would weigh on his mind for the span of the next 3 months he continued to date you, and eventually he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
  • He’d suddenly say it out loud during a movie marathon together: “Let’s break up.” When you stare at him in surprise, he repeated the words, as if to confirm the end of the relationship for the two of you. “Let’s break up, MC.”
  • He’d get up from the couch, throw on a jacket and head for the door, letting you watch him. “I’ll stay at a friend’s for the week. Please move out by then. I’m sorry.”
  • He’d leave without an explanation. He never wanted to blame you. Had this been about anything else, he would’ve talked to you about it instead. But he had always been insecure about himself, and he didn’t want to hear you confirm if you really loved someone else. He wouldn’t have been able to take it if you loved the man he called his polar opposite, someone who was born with everything. It would only hurt.
  • Although the fact that you had been silent the entire time he was leaving hurt more than enough.


  • She had come over to your place when you called her, feigning sickness. When she arrived, worried about your health, you surprised her by wearing a sexy set of lingerie.
  • Jaehee reacted positively, taking you into her arms and slowly moving towards the bedroom in the midst of hot kisses.
  • But she froze when she recognized the name you called was not her own. And you didn’t even seem to realize it.
  • “Mmn… Saeran,” you sighed quietly, loving the feeling of the hands on your body. But they left, and your eyes snapped open in confusion.
  • “It’s because I’m not a man, isn’t it,” Jaehee murmured softly, realization reflected in her eyes. “You should’ve just told me sooner… I would’ve understood. Then you wouldn’t have had to waste all those months with me. You could’ve talked to me, MC… You don’t trust me?”
  • It was then that you realized your mistake. You opened your mouth, trying to explain.
  • But she cut you off before you could speak. “I wouldn’t have minded just being a best friend to you. I know not everyone is comfortable dating the same gender. I don’t blame you for it. And well, Saeran is pretty hot… I wouldn’t have minded listening to you ramble about him, and I would’ve fully supported your relationship with him.”
  • Dread filled your heart as you held your breath in anticipation of her next words.
  • Jaehee turned to face you properly, tears in her eyes. “There are so many things I would’ve done instead if you would’ve just talked to me, MC. But no, I just had to find out the truth while we were supposed to be having a romantic moment instead. My god, MC, I’ve given all of myself to someone who was never able to love me in the first place, just because I’m not a man.
  • You didn’t know what to say. So you didn’t.
  • You just let her leave, until she’d walked out of your sight the way she had come only hours ago.


  • He was crying. You had only walked into the living room to find him in tears.
  • “What’s wrong, baby?” you asked softly.
  • He raised his head from his arms briefly, directing a tear-filled glare in your direction. In truth, you knew exactly what he was crying about. You were only pretending not to know. But every detail of last night was clear in your mind.
  • “Zenny,” you moaned, your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Yoosung’s ears perked up at the sound, picking up the fact that it wasn’t his name.
  • He had suddenly let go of you, his movements slower and less intimate. After the two of you had finished for the night, he turned to his own side of the bed instead of cuddling like you normally did, and he didn’t say anything to you.
  • “Yoosungie~?” you questioned him, pouting on purpose. Your voice was sickeningly sweet to his ears, and he wanted nothing more than for you to shut up.
  • He closed his eyes, trying to dismiss the jealous thoughts whirling in his mind. You had clearly said ‘Zenny.’
  • ‘Even though she said she loves me?’ he thought. ‘I know we’re not dating, but she told me that she’d wait until I was ready for a relationship… Why is she moaning another man’s name during OUR time together, then? And Zen, of all people. Does she even really love me?’
  • He fell asleep to those thoughts, and he tried to avoid talking about it with you for the next day as much as possible, but it got to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore, leading you to the situation now.
  • Yoosung looked at you with pained eyes. “I know I’m not as handsome as Zen, and I don’t have his height, his muscles, his fame, or his acting skills,” he began. “But I really believed you when you told me you loved me and that you’d wait for me. I believed you when you said you were attracted to me even though I’m a crybaby, immature and unreliable… And yet, you’re calling the name of someone who’s the exact opposite of me.”
  • You let him finish speaking before you revealed it: “I did it on purpose.”
  • When he looked at you in confusion, you repeated yourself, “I don’t love Zen. But I said his name last night on purpose.”
  • “…Why?” he asked, eyebrows knitted together as he only grew more confused by the minute.
  • “To put it simply, revenge. You broke my heart, so I broke yours. Well, I don’t even know if you even care about me enough to be hurt by what I did. After all, I’m not the one who’s been unfaithful, Yoosung,” you murmured lowly, a flash of resent in your eyes. “You probably don’t remember but, on our first night together, after we finished, it wasn’t my name you said as you fell asleep.”
  • His face grew pale as he dreaded your next words.
  • “It was Rika’s.”

RFA & V & Unknown comforting a depressed MC

(AN: These last few days have been… incredibly difficult. I’m hoping this’ll help somewhat, and if not if it even helps one other person it’ll be worth it ^^ I’m not 100% on the characters yet so they may be slightly OOC. I’ve only done Yoosung’s route thus far and am relying on what I’ve seen on here and on the Wiki tbh ;; I’m gonna work my way through the routes but obviously it’ll take time, so if you want to say anything to me to correct how I portray the characters I’m open to it ;u;)

Keep reading

bat-yo-us  asked:

I really love your writings !! Keep up the good work!!, if you have time can you write about a scenario where jumin thought he had protect or shield mc from getting shot or an accident , but at the last minute mc turn the table around and protect him instead. Whether she survives or not you choose. I really want to know how our jumin will respond during and after the incident if it's convenient for you.


For real though, I had so much fun writing this  angst is life. It was supposed to be an hc but I felt like it would be better if everything was fleshed out; I hope you don’t mind :) Sorry it took so long too! ;A;

I hope you like it! \ (•◡•) /


Jumin’s eyes widen as she pushes him back and he loses his footing, falling against the table. He watches as the bullet pierces through her body and she stumbles back, her mouth open in a slient scream.

Everything is silent for a while. A million thoughts are running through his mind and he’s desperately pushing down the panic rising in his chest. But he can never control his emotions whenever MC is involved. 

And then he hears her soft cry as her shaking hands reach up and touches the bullet wound on her chest. Jumin rushes to her and takes her in his arms just as MC’s knees buckle and he sinks to his knees on the ground, cradling her in his arms.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Jumin cursed himself over and over for making decisions too rashly, for being selfish and reckless.

Of course Sarah Choi would be angry at him. It’s been less than a year since he last saw her, and that was during MC’s first RFA party. But Assistant Kang always checked on her status and she reported to him that Sugar Round was no more, Glam Choi and Sarah Choi were in hiding because of all the bad publicity they received.

Still, Jumin had always prepared for the worst, keeping his wife safe and secure from possible threats from the two women.

Except tonight.

He had wanted a private evening with his wife at one of his hotels. Jumin sent away the bodyguards as he took MC to the garden, where a romantic dinner under the moonlight greeted them.

Everything should have been perfect.

Until Sarah Choi appeared and pointed her gun at MC.

She completely bypassed security because she had cut her hair and dyed it black, blue contact lenses over her eyes and an entirely different nose sticking out of her face. He could only surmise that she killed the ones guarding the entrance to the garden. Jumin loathed that face with every fiber of his being.

“Sarah, put the gun down and walk away.”

“Walk away? Do you know how long it took to get to you two?! You’re so high and mighty that I couldn’t get past your bodyguards! But not tonight! Tonight, my vengeance will finally be complete!”

“Ms. Choi, please—” 

“Shut up, you fucking gold digger!”

Jumin tried to move closer to MC, to block Sarah’s line of sight, but Sarah pulled back the safety.

“One wrong move, Jumin, and she dies.”

Then she turned her attention back to MC.

“I actually admire you very much, MC. You’re such a conniving bitch! How did you ever make C&R’s CEO propose to you? Hmm? What do you have that I don’t?!”

“Sarah, please, let’s discuss this calmly—”

“No! I’m done playing nice. This pathetic whore deserves to die after what she did to me!”

And then Jumin was running in front of MC. Everything around him moved in slow motion. He could see Sarah pulling the trigger, could see MC’s eyes widening. As he neared her, relief flooded his body, knowing he would be able to shield her with his own body. But suddenly, MC was pushing him away, pushing him back.

“MC, please, hold on.” Jumin tells her, holding onto her hand.

He suddenly feels the cold barrel of the gun pressing against the side of his head and he freezes.

“I’d like you to watch as your wife dies in your arms. And then when the light leaves her eyes, I’ll let you join her.” Sarah tells him, a mad edge in her voice.

“You can do whatever you wish with me. You can have all my money. Please, just let me save her.” Jumin replies. MC’s eyes flutter as they turn to him, her breathing getting shallower by the minute. Blood seeped out onto her white dress, the dress he gave her for this special evening. She looks so beautiful in it. But now it’s stained with blood, just like his hands.

Sarah let out a hysterical-sounding laugh. “Wow! Jumin, do you honestly think I’d let that woman survive? After what she took from me?!”

She raises her arms in frustration, pulling the gun away from Jumin’s head momentarily.

In that split second, a bullet flies across the air and hits her right between her eyes.

Sarah’s body crumples to the ground behind Jumin as his bodyguards rush to the garden.

“Call an ambulance!” Jumin screams, turning his attention back to MC.

“MC, my love, please bear with it a little longer, help is on the way,” he tries to reassure her, holding her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. A tear slips down MC’s cheek and she gives him a small smile before her face twists in pain.


“MC, don’t speak. Conserve your strength. Stay strong for me, my love.” Jumin says, the fear evident in his eyes. He can’t stand to hear her say those words to him. Those three words that could very well be a farewell.


MC won’t leave him.

She can’t. Not like this.

Finally, the paramedics arrived and lifted her onto the stretcher, MC closing her eyes and biting her lip against the burning pain spreading across her body. Jumin stays beside her the entire time, refusing to ride in his car and forcing himself into the ambulance, not letting go of her hand.

Jaehee, having been informed of the incident, makes calls and has the streets cleared so the ambulance would be able to pass through quickly without having to worry about other cars or pedestrians crossing.

As the paramedics wheel MC into the emergency room, they push Jumin back, forcing him to let go of her hand. 

Her cold hand.

MC’s eyes are closed but before their hands could be separated, he tells her one thing, “MC, please don’t leave me.”

And then the wait.

The RFA members rush to the hospital as soon as they can but it’s the handsome actor who spots Jumin first.

And the jerk looks worse than he imagined during the motorcycle ride to the hospital.

Jumin’s arms are crossed, his eyes closed, blood all over his hands, his outfit, his face. Worry is practically etched onto his face and Zen could see the businessman’s shoulders slightly shaking.


He doesn’t even open his eyes. Doesn’t respond. Zen stands in front of him and calls out his name again.

“Jumin. It’s me, Zen. Talk to me.”

At that, Jumin leans his head back against the wall and opens his eyes slowly.

Zen’s eyes widen as tears flow down the man’s cheeks. Jumin meets his gaze and Zen could see the sorrow, the worry, the fear —and the guilt.

“Jumin, it’s not your fault.” Zen immediately tells him. Jumin clenches his jaw, digging his nails into his arms. Zen leans down close to him and grasps his shoulders, giving him a reassuring squeeze. “It’s not your fault. She’ll make it through this. I know she will. That lady loves you more than anything else in the world. She can fight this. I know she can.”

Jumin closes his eyes again, not wanting to say anything because he knows he would never be able to stop crying once he allows his emotions to take over.

“You may see her now.”

Jumin opens the door to her room and he could swear that MC could hear his heart banging against his ribcage. In fear? Anxiety? Happiness? 

He couldn’t say. All Jumin can think of is seeing his beloved open her eyes once more and have her smile for him, hear her laughter and feel her warmth.

As he steps into the room, he sees MC lying on the bed with tubes attached to her. Guilt pools in the pit of his stomach. Despite Zen’s words, he knows it’s his fault that his wife got shot. He should never have been foolish enough to believe they could spend time together without any bodyguards.

Jumin makes his way to her side and gently holds her hand, his eyes taking in her pale face.

“MC, I’m so sorry. I should have never let this happen to you.”

MC stirs and Jumin leans forward, eyes wide. She opens her eyes and her hazel eyes settle on him —and she smiles.

“You’re alright. Thank God.” MC says, tears in her eyes.

Jumin falls to his knees beside her bed, holding her hand close and kissing the back of her hand. “MC, my love, I don’t deserve you.” 

MC looks at him in confusion but her husband merely places her hand on his cheek as he looks at her through sad eyes.

“I couldn’t protect you. But please, put your trust in me. I promise to do everything I can to make sure you’re never hurt again.”

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AO3 fic masterlist

Here’s a masterlist of all of my AO3 fics!

I’ll sort them by rating, but I’ll add other details too~

Last updated: June 5th 2017

Rating: General Audiences

Blanket Fort - Saeyoung x MC/Reader, but that’s in the background. You show Saeran how to make a blanket fort, and start telling stories in it.

Valentine’s Day Gift - Saeran x Reader. You get your boyfriend a Valentine’s gift, and he gets you a better (and cuter) one in return.

Rating: Teen and up audiences

Critical Hit - A multi-chaptered Saeyoung/707 x MC/Reader fic. Based after the secret endings, and has developing relationships between Saeyoung and MC with Saeran as he’s in hospital. Unfinished.

For your safety - Angsty 707 x MC/Reader oneshot based on one of 707′s bad endings. Completed, as it is a oneshot.

Welcome - No prevalent relationship, but the main characters are Reader/MC and Unknown. Oneshot with the events leading up to the prologue bad ending. Also, It’s the first part of my In The Unknown series on there.

True Happiness - Multi-chaptered fic on the developing relationship between Unknown and MC/Reader at Mint Eye, with her being his assistant. Sequel to Welcome. Unfinished.

Caring - Saeran x Reader oneshot, basically summarised as Saeran looking after reader in the morning following a ‘busy night’ together.

“I don’t know!” - Oneshot. Poor Saeran having a panic attack post-secret endings…

Chores - Saeyoung’s mess being a risk to everyone’s health, Saeran and MC try to tidy up. Oneshot.

Papa’s Girl - Fourth part of my In The Unknown series, where Saeran and MC/Reader now have a daughter together. Unfinished. On a temporary hiatus.

The Art of Saeran Choi - MC is an artist and makes something for Saeran. It in turn makes him want to take up doing some art, with MC’s help. Unfinished, and most likely will be updated on a whim.

No use crying over spilled ice cream…? - Unknown/Saeran x Reader fic. The two of you get into some ice cream based situations… Oneshot.

Cuddling - MC/Reader x 707/Saeyoung, and some unrequited love from Saeran for MC/Reader. You and Saeyoung are watching a film together, and Saeran wants to join in. Oneshot.

Exhaustion - Jumin X MC/Reader. Jumin ends up working himself to the point that he collapses from exhaustion, so you have to look after him. Unfinished.

VFA: Vampire Fundraising Association…? - Mystic Messenger Vampire AU. MC is bitten by somebody at the RFA party, and turns into a vampire… then they discover that the rest of the RFA are vampires too. No determined ships yet. Unfinished.

The Drawing - This was a gift for a friend, in which Saeran (as Unknown) is trying to find out what MC was keeping hidden from him. Oneshot.

Zen’s Gifts - Zen x MC. Zen decides to get MC some gifts due to their one year anniversary approaching! Oneshot.

Bad Party Ending - MC doesn’t feel as though she fits in with the RFA, and gets an invitation from a mysterious person at the party. Oneshot.

A hacker’s investigation - Zen x MC/Zen x 707 x MC. Fic from post-Zen route, from 707′s point of view as he tries to find out the identity of the hacker. Unfinished.

Little Hana Kim - Yoosung x MC. Yoosung adapting to being a father with MC! Unfinished.

Beckoning of a Siren - Siren Zen AU. Zen x MC. The RFA go on holiday celebrating the success of the recent party… But MC keeps getting into trouble due to a rumour surrounding a Siren known as ‘Zen’.

A guy in glasses - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. Saeran has an incident with his contact lenses.

The world in reverse - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader. Mystic Messenger role-swap AU.

Fear of Biting - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader. Everything about your relationship had been fine up to the point where Saeyoung started avoiding you. When you and even Saeran began to worry about him, Saeran makes a discovery about what is bothering his brother. You are a human, Saeyoung is a vampire.

Rating: Mature

A Snowy Angel - Jumin x MC/Reader fic, based just after Jumin’s Christmas episode ending. Completed. A sequel is in planning.

To Finish His Work… - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader, alternate take on his route. Vanderwood kidnaps MC to make 707 get his work finished. Oneshot.

Somebody New - Zen x OC/Reader (named Hyemi Han). Without being aware of it, one of Jumin’s half-siblings attends an RFA party… Unfinished.

Absence - Yoosung x MC/Reader. MC is one of Yoosung’s classmates, and happens to live a few floors below Rika’s apartment. On a day where MC asks for Yoosung to escort her home due to feeling as though she was being followed, a strange app downloads on her phone… Based on prologue bad ending. Unfinished.

Providing Support - Saeyoung/707 x MC/Reader. Something bad happens when MC and Saeyoung are out, leaving Saeran stuck in the difficult position of being the supporter and not the supported. Unfinished.

Senses - V x MC/Reader. You and V become friends following your first RFA party, but a few weeks later, he turned blind. V wants you to help him adjust to life without sight. Unfinished

Recovery - Saeran x Reader. You have to go to therapy, and at one point, a man called Saeran used to do the same. But why did he stop going? Was he safe…? Alive….? Unfinished. Fic on temporary hiatus.

Turning Them - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. You are the only human member of the RFA. Everyone else is a vampire, except Saeran - he isn’t a fully-fledged vampire yet. Somebody has plans to do with that… And all for the sake of bringing the RFA to paradise.

Rating: Explicit

Confessions - V x MC/Reader. V escorts you back to Rika’s apartment after the RFA party, and makes a surprising confession. Oneshot.

Companions - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader. 3rd part of In the Unknown series. MC is not just Saeran’s assistant now - she’s his girlfriend. The Saviour seems to approve… at first. Completed. My most popular fic to date!

Provoke Him - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader AND 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader. After MC goes off with the hacker, 707 is desperate to bring her back. But after the discovery over just who the hacker is… He makes a drastic decision leading to a surprising change in affiliations. Completed.

Sleepless Night - Saeran x Reader/MC. After you said that you’ll be there for him at any time, Saeran asks for you late at night. The following consequences are surprising yet nice for you… Not so good for Saeyoung’s car though.

Together - Unknown/Saeran x Reader. The two of you are members of Mint Eye, and are known as a close to unstoppable pair. But the Saviour involves you both in the absorption of the RFA into Mint Eye… And Saeran needs reassurance that you won’t fall for his twin in the process. Unfinished.

Taken, and losing the will for freedom - Unknown/Saeran x MC/reader. MC is going home after a night out when she is asked for directions by a stranger. The next day, she is asked to find somebody at the exact same address… Unfinished.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader and Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader (though it isn’t a polyamorous relationship). After Saeyoung had ignored you for days, you had enough. You ask for Saeran to take you back to Rika’s apartment. Completed.

Punishment for escape - Unknown/Saeran x Reader. You try to escape when you are meant to be his assistant… So he punishes you in response.

Fangs aren’t just for biting - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. Saeran invites you around to the bunker for the day, saying that he couldn’t go outside to visit whilst it was during the day. You weren’t expecting to make the discovery that Saeran - and the RFA - were vampires in a very out of the ordinary love confession.

Bitten by Twins - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader x Saeran/Unknown. You’re a human living with two vampires - the Choi twins, for that matter. To stay with them, you have to let them feed off your blood… But when you are no longer needed for that, what do they do? They bite you.

RFA reacts to MC’s birthday

(this is just something really self indulgent as it’s my birthday today! Please enjoy a lot of fluff)

-Keeps you up until midnight so he can be the first to wish you happy birthday
-Also makes you put your phone away because he doesn’t want someone else to try to text you first
-Will cover you in kisses
-Hopes you never stop smiling the entire day
-Gets up at horrible oclock in the morning
-So that’s what a sunrise looks like
-Makes you breakfast in bed
-Spends literal hours making sure everything he cooked was perfect
-Feeds you spoon fulls and holds you super close to him
-Present time?
-You just know this boy has been trying to figure out the perfect gift for you for months
-Inside the little box you find a locket with a picture of both of you
-it’s engraved with “Forever Yours
-You definitely feel like tearing up, but turn to look at him when you hear him sniffle
-The poor boy has overwhelmed himself with his own gift giving
-You tell him how much you like it and he tells you there’s one more thing
-He’s arranged to take you to your favourite restaurant for dinner
-You both come home late and all dressed up
-You’re greeted with the loud sound of people screaming surprise
-Of course he wanted to tie the night off with the rest of the RFA
-When it gets late he shooed everyone away,he has one more thing in store for you
-Tries to pick you up bridal style but has hardly any arm strength
-Ends up giving you a PIGGYBACK RIDE to the bedroom
-It’s honestly so romantic and the perfect day, wow you love him so much

-I’m sure you already knew he’d been planning something
-Tells you he’s been telling people for months he can’t work today
-He has to be with his one true love on their birthday
-Takes you out for a lovely lunch
-He didn’t want it to be too crowded
-But he also has other plans for the evening you’d be sharing together
-He gives you his gift while you’re at lunch
-The first gift was a white box and you suspected he’d got you one of your favourite cakes from a bakery you love
-Little did you expect to see his face printed nicely on the icing
-Of course you can’t help but smile, it’s such a Zen thing to do
-You tell him you absolutely love it and reach for the other bag he’d brought for you
-You pull out a picture frame and give it a look over, smiling to yourself before gazing back up at him with so much love
-It’s a picture from your first date together, something you both hold as a very special day
-”Please keep it with you when I can’t be around, I never want you to feel lonely, and this way, you’ll never be without me. We’ll always be together in heart and spirit”
-You can feel tears pricking at your eyes, you loved this idiot so much
-When you get home, you don’t know how he did it but the whole place it candle lit and covered in roses
-He offers you a hand to escort you into a world of passion and love
-Zen loves being praised and hearing his name
-Lets just say he heard it a lot that night

-You got an adorable letter from her in the mail inviting you to her house on your birthday
-You get dressed up and meet her in the evening, excitement bubbling in your chest
-When you get there, you’re greeted with a big hug before being invited in to sit down
-She’s already brewed your favourite coffee and placed it on the coffee table
-She has gorgeous romantic music playing in the background and you could tell she had gone out of her way to clean extra, just for you
-She came and sat beside you, and bit her lip, she looked a bit shy before she finally started to talk
-She so adorable when she’s nervous
-”I wasn’t sure what to get you…so I made something for you instead”
-She quickly gets up and goes to the kitchen before slowly coming back with what looked like one of the most extravagant cakes you’d ever seen
-The cake read “Happy Birthday ‘____’ and was covered in gorgeous icing roses and intricate design and details
-You couldn’t help but gaze at it, unbelieving that someone would put so much time and effort into something for you
-You help her place it down and without a beat missed you pull her into a kiss
-Soft and warm and slow
-All your passion and gratefulness pushed into a kiss
-When you pull back she’s totally rekted 
-Her face is red and she’s almost stunned
-Almost as if on queue the music changes
-You smile and offer her your hand to dance
-You both dance slowly in each others arms
-Of course when you get to the cake she’s praised greatly
-It was the best thing you’d ever tasted
-You were almost sure you’d never see her blush this much again

-You know he could give you anything you wanted
-But you tell him all you want for your birthday is a night with him
-Of course he does whatever he can to take the evening off
-You both decide on a romantic night in
-You both just wanted to be with each other, no one else
-What you weren’t expecting was him to buy a new suit just for the occasion
-Walking out of your room to find a sexy Jumin, a gorgeous meal and a small gift waiting for you made you blush and almost like you wanted to walking back into that room to prepare yourself
-He acts quickly with coming over to you and bringing you into a slow deep kiss
-He escorts you to the table and pulls out your chair
-Dinner is amazing
-But you could hardly think of the food with Jumin staring at you so intently from across the table
-When you finally ask him what’s up he tells you you look especially amazing today
-He finally slides the box across the table to you and you can see the anticipation in his eyes
-You open it to find a small ring, the middle stone shaped like a heart, is your birthstone, accompanied with two diamonds on either side. 
-You look up almost as if you’re questioning it and he gets up to come over to you
-He takes the ring and you suddenly feel like you’re going to faint, he’s not??? no???
-He smiles and stops to kiss your forehead “Before you over react, no, I’m not”
-He replied almost as if he was reading your mind
-He takes your hand and slips the ring onto your finger
-”it’s simply a reminder that I’ll always be yours, and that, when the time is right, I’ll make that promise to marry you.” 
-He pauses for a moment and you smile up at him
-”But also…it’s a warning to every other man that you’re mine, and not to touch you.”
-You feel your heart beat a little harder and you pull him into a deep kiss, dragging him by his newly bought tie
-It doesn’t take him long to pick you up and take you to the bedroom
-You both didn’t get much sleep that night~

-He’s hardly slept in three days because he wanted to take your birthday off
-He climbed into bed 2 minutes before midnight and drags you close to him
-He wishes you happy birthday and kisses your neck slowly 
-”I don’t have much money to buy you something, but after days of hard work, I’m all yours for the next 24 hours”
-Honestly thats the best gift ever???
-You both plan a big fun day out together
-You guys go to an amusement park and make out on the ferris wheel
-Then to a bad horror movie, where eventually, you end up making out again
-Honestly this boy can’t keep his hands off of you all day
-After a long drive he tells you you’ve made it to your final destination
-You aren’t sure where you are but there’s a large dome and you seem to be in the middle of no where
-Saeyoung greets the security and they let you in
-The room is dark so you hold onto his hand tightly and he bring you over to lay down on the carpeted floor with him
-He sighes and pulled you close to him and kissed your forehead before looking up
-You followed his gaze and suddenly the ceiling switched on
-There before your eyes, was the gorgeous sky, no…space
-The place he always said he’d take you, it’d felt like you both had finally made it
-He turned to look at you, face in a blush and a soft smile on his face
-”Even though I can’t take you to space, I hope this is enough for you. Honestly despite how beautiful it is in here, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. Please, never leave my side, now that we’ve made it to space, we can do anything”
-You try your best to hold back tears
-You can’t help but roll onto him and kiss him
-You both spend the entire night there, together, in your own world, floating in space
-But this time
-You did a little more then make out

anonymous asked:

Hi i hope you don't mind me asking but could you do a hc where RFA + V and Saeran react to MC having glasses, braces, and ironically tattoos? I love you blog so so much :) -anon with anxiety

I’m glad you enjoy my blog ^_^ I have anxiety too so I know that asking things is scary even on anon sometimes, thanks for your request, hope you like it :) 


  • Loves MC’s appearance so much, it’s such a geeky style, he’s obsessed with it
  • Gushes over MC’s tattoos(he always wanted to get one but was afraid it would hurt too much)
  • He wears glasses too so they could get matching pairs
  • Stylish couple
  • Thinks MC’s braces are cute, especially if they have these colorful rubber bands on them


  • A bit jealous of the tattoos(he wanted to get one during his motorbike years but thought that could interfere with his career)
  • Jokingly asks MC to get his name tattooed on them
  • Albinos usually have bad vision so I think Zen wears contacts(isn’t there this one CG of him wearing glasses though? Guess he just prefers contacts)
  • Doesn’t really have an opinion on the braces but reassures them if they’re self-conscious about them
  • They’re temporary anyways + isn’t it trendy nowadays to have braces?


  • MC tries her glasses on out of curiosity and it turns out Jaehee has perfect vision
  • She likes the fact that MC has braces because kissing feels more interesting to her 
  • Loves MC’s tattoos but a bit concerned if they’re in visible places because they are against dress code in many workplaces


  • Mesmerized by MC’s tattoos
  • Nobody from his social circle has them so he’s very curious
  • Asks a ton of questions
  • “Did it hurt? What’s the meaning behind each one? Are you planning to get more?”
  • Doesn’t mind the braces but if MC is self-conscious about them he offers to change them to those invisible or the ceramic ones
  • Orders a bunch of differently-rimmed glasses to coordinate with MC’s outfits(he loves picking out MC’s outfits as well)


  • It’s canon that he has at least 3 similar, but slightly different pairs of glasses extra af
  • One time he put on MC’s glasses by mistake and thought his eyesight became better because he couldn’t see anything while wearing glasses
  • Jokes about MC being his metal/robotic 606 because of the braces
  • Loves MC’s tattoos(he’d prefer to be the only one who can see them though)


  • Traces over MC’s tattoos and asks to describe each of them to him
  • Only noticed the braces when he and MC were making out because something felt odd
  • Didn’t realize what it was at first but didn’t comment on that anyway
  • MC talked about getting a laser surgery for themselves to convince V to fix eyesight(#makevgeteyesurgery2017)


  • Loves the fact that MC has tattoos
  • They could get some matching ones(edgy, not cheesy)
  • One time he hid Seven’s glasses to get back at him for pulling pranks
  • Turned out it was MC’s glasses
  • Saeran gave them a tub of his favourite ice cream as an apology
  • Loves MC’s braces(hell yeah more metallic accessories)