his name is tweet

hi in case ur wondering what the highlight of my day/life was i tweeted the actor aka ivan mok who plays tuan aka my new fav character on the americans aka my fav show and he faved my tweet and retweeted it an replied and had a heart emoji in his tweet and also included my name and spelled it right and then i tweeted him back hoping i didn’t seem like too much of a creep and he FAVED THAT TWEET TOO.


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


I have to make a post about this ♥

When 24K were on Sound K a few days ago my friend Maddie sent in a msg asking if Jeonguk could name my new kitten for me and when he read my name he started talking about how he knows who I am, he even remembered which country I’m from I was so surprised and I’m still so shocked about it
“Ah Jodie! I know Jodie”
He pronounces my name like Joodie haha I think it’s really cute though 

Anyway after a bit he chose the name Catuk lol he’s so precious he literally combined the word cat with his own name 

So I tweeted him to show him a pic of the kitten he named and he actually faved it ♥

Jeonguk is seriously my favourite person in the entire world, I love him soso much 

A/N: this one is about any human being you waaant


Imagine being in class and you tweet something like “@y/t/n: I need to get out of here, i cant handle this. Someone help meee” and in like half an hour the class door opens and a dragon comes in, it places you on his back and burns everybody and flies away to take you with your prince/princess, (h/n), who’s waiting for you at domino’s with your fave pizza ready for you.


I met Benjamin Alire Saenz and I didn’t even begin to adequately express how much his words mean to me, but I didn’t just break down sobbing as soon as he said hello to me so that’s a plus


Even by the way he responds to them you can tell he has different ways to love them each.

He calls Liam and Louis by their established nicknames. It’s cute, and brotherly, and his ‘Love ya’s’ are casual and begin the tweets.

He calls Harry by his real name, and uses an ellipses (which he only ever does when he really means what he’s writing), and ends his message with his 'Love ya.’

…..lol it’s been months since we’ve had anything pls let me have this haha.

  • dan howell, probably: oh you like amazingphil? really hmmm,,... how many of his videos do you watch each day? what's his mother's maiden name? on april 3rd 2010 what did he tweet about? name five of his hairstyles over the years.... yeah i didn't think so