his name is turkey

When World Meeting is over...
  • Portugal: Come on, Romania, say again that you love oranges.~
  • Romania: GO AWAY! *Runs*
  • Turkey: What's... happening...?
  • Bulgaria: ... He found out that Romania uses his name to say "orange"...
  • Turkey: ... Are we the next ones...?
  • Bulgaria: I don't know, but I hope not...
  • Greece: Same here...
  • Egypt (and other Arabic-speaking countries): Me too...
salt mural

some of my fave responses

  • “i love taylor swift and her cat andrea”
  • “is nicki a name or a disappointment???”
  • “this flower wall is almost as bad as trump’s”
  • “at&t who? don’t know her”
  • “hi guys my name is turkey and i love flowers”
  • “i hope these flowers die of thirst”
  • “am i allowed to sue for false advertising”
  • “i got on my laptop just to complain”
  • “where’s kevin from taylor nation when you need him” “in turkey”
  • “@ past me: ya thought so hard”
  • “who let this happen”
  • “does taylor even have at&t as her carrier”

One night Duke wakes up around 4am, he looks around the room, having no idea what woke him up, only to come face to face with Damian he stares at him for a second before saying the first thing on his mind.

“Damian, why is there a turkey in my room?”

“His name is Jerry, he’s ours now. Father just doesn’t know yet.”

happy 3rd gotcha day to my boy boo

name: Bilbo Jet Walker

haha no seriously his real name: Boone

species: turkey drumstick

star sign: Libra

alignment: Chaotic Good Boy

turn ons: leaving your sandwich unattended for a minute while you go to use the bathroom, squirrels

turn offs: weather thats over 68 ° f

ID #63792

Name: Elif
Age: 17
Country: Turkey

Hi! First of all I truly love meeting people from other countries so that’s why I would love to have a pen pal. And well I’m 17 I love reading a looot and I also adore cats. Looking forward to meet any of you guys ! :)

Preferences: Unless you’re a racist , sexist or a hateful person feel free to write me .

Here come the Hetalia head-cannons

- Canada grows a stubble just like France, he just shaves it regularly.

- Australia is the official dad of the micro-nations. He calls himself daddy and it pisses off Hutt River

- South Korea once sued China and almost sent his whole country into bankruptcy for using the word “when” without permission.

- all the countries come together, put aside their quarrels and party every time the world is predicted to end. Because when it actually does end, it can end on a good note.

- NEVER put Australia and Turkey in the same room, alone. All hell will break loose (Greece isn’t the only one with a vendetta against Turkey).

- despite his name, Iceland has warm body temperature, thats why the Nordics like to hug him.

- Hungary is an excellent singer. She discovered her ability when she wanted to play an instrument to impress Austria

- Romano low-key plays Neko atsume. He sometimes sends pictures of tubbs to Germany with the caption: this is you, you fucking fat potato hoe

- America goes into a Southern American accent when drunk. France finds it hot.

- Spain loves the Monty Python series. He loves it so much that he once got France and Prussia together and got them to pop up in random places yelling: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

- Finland sings in the shower. Very loudly.

- America once re-enacted the entire James Bond series. Most of the other countries were part of the cast without realising it, but Russia knew about it, he tried to get cast as the villain every time.

- Prussia likes reading those PrussiaxReader stories, so he can put himself in the readers place so he can be shipped with himself.

- Scotlands ability to play the bagpipe is at its highest when hes drunk.

- South Korea’s love for breasts came from Japan. Japan went to South Korea for opinions of a new style of art. Let’s just say he really liked what Japan had to show him.

- England played cooking mama once, he ended up throwing his DS out the window because of how bad he was at the game.

- Russia has a kiss the cook apron, we wears it regularly, even when he’s not cooking.

- Egypt was the one to introduce cats to Greece, he’s kind of regretting it now.

- Tony inherited that vulgar tongue from America. When he was still in space, America sent a time capsule containing all the famous Hollywood movies, most of them containing swearing. I think you can guess which ones were Tony’s favourite.

- the micro-nations go cloud watching regularly, sometimes Australia joins in, he annoys them by saying things like: “hey that cloud looks like a dick.

- Wy is an excessive tim tam eater. No one can stop her. She owns all the flavours, and she doesn’t share easy.

- Sweden talks like pewdiepie when he’s drunk.

- Australia and Prussia are the kings of stubbing their toes on table legs, hitting their heads on doors, and falling over nothing. They recover in the most obscure ways, Australia mostly dabs and whips when he trips while Prussia says something witty and pulls a silly pose (that may or may not make it worse)

- America has the slowest reaction time. When someone (England) punches him, it takes about 2 seconds for it to register into his brain before he reacts.

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Greece introducing himself to others like:
  • Greece: Hello my name is Hellas you can also call me Ellada!
  • England: Well okay Greece!
  • Germany: Griechenland!
  • Greece: No wait I told you that my name is Hel-
  • Italy: Yes! We understand! You're name is Grecia!
  • France: Yes it's simple! Grèce!
  • *Turkey walks in*
  • Greece: Turkey you bastard! Tell them my name is Hellas!
  • Turkey: Okay.. Guys his name is Yunanistan!
  • *Norway appears*
  • Norway: Oh good morning Hellas..
  • Greece: ...
  • Greece:
  • Norway: Why are you cryi-?
  • *Greece hugs Norway*
  • Greece: Finally! Finally someone understands!
Bartender, Heartbreaker (Jason Todd)

My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry & 14 dollars? Is it magic fucking whiskey? Does a motorcycle come with it? Is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe? with Jason for Anon

WELL HERE IT IS!!! Don’t go too hard on me and remember to correct me if i’m wrong with my grammar or something, Hope you guys like it :)

Saying that Jason was tired was an understatement, he was done with everyone’s bullshit, especially with Bruce’s and all his hypocrisy, all those “Jason no” and don’t forget about the daily “you can’t do this” and his best friend “you can’t do that”, Jason came to the bar that night thinking some alcohol would work to help him relax a little… boy he was wrong.

“That would be 14 bucks, Oreo hair”

“14 dollars? Is it magic fucking whiskey? Does a motorcycle come with it? Is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe?” Jason grumbled

“I don’t know about the motorcycle or Jesus’ shoe” you laughed “but I’m sure it is magic, give it a try, Oreo” you said giving him an apologetic smile, Jason took a look at them, detailing how their smile was almost saying sorry about the price dude, but I’m not the boss, how their hair was all messy and how their eyes smiled. Not his type, but definitely cute.

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ID #99069

Name: Doğuş
Age: 26
Country: Turkey

Hi! My name is Doğuş. I’m a very talkative person and i love to meet new people. I love to make video calls, listen to music, watch youtube and netflix.

I am a video game developer, love to cook, love martial arts.

Preferences: age 18-30 but im not too picky.

ID #68280

Name: Zeynep
Age: 16
Country: Turkey

Hi! I’m looking for friends to write. English is not my first language but I can say that I’m fluent. I love reading books and manga, watching series and dancing. I really like studyblr and aesthetic things.

Preferences: ages between 15-17

(Eruri Family AU Drabble) To Grandmother's House We Go


“Is everyone ready?” Erwin calls to his miniature infantry of…infants.

“Yes, Poppa!” Eren exclaims back dutifully, the construction paper turkey hat he made at preschool proudly atop his head.

“Here.” Mikasa announces softly, standing next to her little brother with one wary eye on him. She is in kindergarten; Eren knows so precious little about the big world, making Mikasa feel responsible for him.

“We’re ready,” Levi says, carrying a freshly bathed, changed and dressed Armin in his arms, a diaper bag over one shoulder.

“Great! Let’s move out, troops.” Erwin leads the way to their car where he and Levi have a near flawless system of getting everyone secured in their car seats in record time. All diaper bags, backpacks and other sundry carriers are inspected as they are placed in the trunk (save for the Car Entertainment Bag Erwin keeps close by). With a kiss for good luck, Erwin hands the keys to Levi before they settle in and set off.

“Pway the Turkey radio, Daddy?” Eren asks within ten minutes of being on the road

“What’s turkey radio, Eren?” Levi asks.

“You know. Like Chwistmas songs but for Thanksgiving.”

“I’m sorry, Turkey Lurky, there isn’t a radio station for Thanksgiving songs because Thanksgiving songs don’t exist.”

Extremely displeased with this answer, Eren frowns deeply and crosses his arms angrily over his chest. “Noooooooo.”

“Do you want to listen to Christmas music?”


“Eren,” Erwin says with a warning in his deep voice. Eren remains sour faced, but ceases vocalizing his displeasure.

“You can make up songs,” Mikasa quietly suggests.

“That’s a brilliant idea, Mikasa!” Erwin praises his daughter for her quick thinking.

Eren does not look convinced, though, as he scrunches up his face suspiciously at his big sister. “Nooooooooooo,” Eren whines. 

 "No!“ Armin repeats gleefully. "No! No! No!” He concludes his parroting with a shriek of delight. 

 "Stop it, Armin,“ Eren grumbles, feeling mocked. 

 "He doesn’t know what he’s saying, Eren, be kind.” Erwin reminds Eren, reaching back to gently take hold of his middle son’s chubby knee and give a tickle, hoping to ease Eren’s tense mood. Eren giggles despite himself and shares a silly face when Poppa smiles at him. 

Everything is quiet and happy again, with the baby beginning to drift, snuggling his peachy pink blankey and happily sucking his thumb. 

 "I know a turkey whose name is Eren,“ Mikasa begins to sing quietly under her breath, pausing to look at her brother, whose eye bulge and mouth opens at her audacity. "He wears paper feathers and goes gobble gobble gobble all day long." 

 "That doesn’t even whyme!” Eren shouts. 

“Eren, lower your voice,” Levi warns.

“I hate your song!” Eren growls in a loud whisper. 

 Mikasa stares at her brother blankly for a few moments before calmly announcing, “We EAT turkey on Thanksgiving, Eren. And when we get to Nana’s, we’re going to eat you!" 

 Eren’s jaw drops incredulously. "Nah-uh!”  

“Yes. We fattened you up, and then we’re going to stuff you and cook you and eat you. That’s what we do to turkeys on Thanksgiving." Mikasa sits back deeply in her car seat, impressed with herself as she rubs her tummy and adds, "That’s why turkeys go gobble gobble gobble. We’re gonna gobble you up.”

Eren can no longer take her torture as he draws in a deep breath, lurches as forward as his car seat will allow him and shrieks, “DAAAAADDDDDYYYYY!”

The Best Christmas Dinner

For @driftnfly​ for 2015 Captain Swan Secret Santa gift exchange. Sorry this was a bit late, but I do hope you like it. It was wonderful getting to know you and I hope you have the merriest of Christmases!!

Summary:  A series of shared Christmas dinners over the course of Emma and Killian’s lives mark the milestones of their relationship.

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The first Christmas dinner they share she is 15 years old picking holes into a red and green striped vinyl tablecloth in the dimly lit basement of the local YMCA. There are crafts, and handmade paper chain decorations, and an earnest but slightly pathetic volunteer “Santa” in an ill-fitting suit handing out presents from a metal folding chair.

It should feel sad and awkward, these wayward orphaned children clutching their generic gendered gifts as if they are precious treasures, but the basement is warm and the kids are excited and Emma likes the lights.

It’s much better than her last Christmas at the Owen’s where the only gift she received was a bulk holiday card with a candy cane taped to it from her homeroom teacher, the same bulk holiday card each and every student received that day.

Her Christmas dinner that night hadn’t been too dry turkey covered in lumpy gravy and sticky stuffing but a microwaved bowl of Spaghetti-o’s and one solitary chocolate covered cherry she had saved special from the pack she lifted from the drugstore.

He is there with his volunteer older brother, his accent surprising, and his expression sheepish, but he offers her a warm smile and his blue eyes twinkle, and Emma blushes immediately, looking away.  Their elbows brush as they eat with plastic forks off compartmentalized festive red plastic plates and drink slightly flat, watered down, soda from green Solo cups.   

His name is Killian she finds out, as he shuffles, embarrassed to the front when his name is called to collect his gift, and he is just slightly older than her. He avoids her gaze as he plops into his seat, and picks at the paper but doesn’t open the gift, frowning down at it through thick dark lashes instead.

Anger flares in her belly.

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bts at disneyland
  • jin: he'd be wearing the classic mickey cap with his name stitched on it, stuffs his face with a turkey leg, he tries taking as many pictures with disney princesses as possible. makes everyone try the dole whip. would clutch onto yoongi on the haunted mansion ride, gets mistaken as a disney prince tbh. favorite ride: Teacups
  • yoongi: he would man the map, would carry everyone's bags, basically on stroller duty. other moms would ask "how old are your kids?" "...21, 24", would buy all the members souvenirs, probably be comforting hoseok after splash mountain. would buy the kids ice cream. the only reason he'd go would be to buy tsum-tsum's, favorite ride: the ride home. jk, the Matterhorn.
  • hoseok: super pumped because these are rides he can actually go on. on the jungle cruise he would make insane noises and try imitating the animals. organizes how everyone is gonna pose on splash mountain, but ends up being the only one screaming in the photo. would want to take pictures in front of the sword in the stone. would be seated next to yoongi on each ride. favorite ride: It's a Small World and Peter Pan's Flight
  • namjoon: wannabe disney expert, he thinks he knows the fast pass system but manages to mess it up, pulls random facts about the park out of nowhere, would try to dance in the parade, competes to be the tour guide on the Jungle Cruise. tries imitating the accents of each country on it's a small world. “Why is there only one Asian” favorite ride: Autotopia
  • jimin: Mickey enthusiast. would make sure everyone can see the fireworks even though he's the shortest, gets a happy birthday button even if it's not his birthday, would buy those expensive 12$ Mickey balloons, talks about bringing his family or significant other next time. makes everyone ride all the character rides, favorite ride: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • taehyung: the pin collector, he would wear his lanyard decked out with his favorite pins, he would talk to the kids in line and play with them, sits in the front of the parade with the little kids saying hi to Aladdin and the princesses, would share his churro with hobi, would score the highest on AstroBlasters, takes blurry pics of everything, favorite ride: space mountain
  • jungkook: he would want to visit the iron man interactive museum, would track down iron man to take a picture with him, freak out when he sees pluto, participates in the jedi training and ends up making the other kids cry, favorite ride: Indiana Jones because he's finally tall enough to ride the ride and it's not closed