his name is sparta


I just came back from the vet, after saying goodbye to one of my very best friends. I got him as a kitten when I was 10 years old, and he has been a central part of my life ever since. This was the guy who taught Sparta to respect her elders. His name was Lord Casper, and he lived up to it.

He first started showing signs of aging at about 8 years old, and lately he struggled with poor dental health, a seemingly faltering immune system, renal failure, and signs of dementia. Yesterday, he refused to eat. Today, his body had had enough.

May 16th, he would have been 13 years old. He may have been a grumpy old bastard, but he was my grumpy old bastard, and I’ll miss him like crazy.

Hellu Queen of Cats~
I love your blog by the way I love cats too <3 I am the crazy cat lady if it wasn’t for my family, I’d have a house full. Anyway here is my baby boy, his name is Sparta and he’s sleeping on my purple pillow like the Diva boy he is :3 He’s named after the mean kitty because he reminded me of the mean kitty when we first got him.

He’s go nicknames too
The most popular one being “Spoota.”