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I wanna know more about your OC Benji! >:3 he seems like that chill guy you'd go with to a 7-11 with to get a slushie and chill out


SAY HELLO TO BENJAMIN KHAN he is definitely the chillest guy you will ever meet

  • one of the members of the school newspaper club alongside mona and RJ
  • also in tech club (he loves it) and mona throws a fit over it. “benji you TRAITOR you SCOUNDREL you FIEND you already have the newspaper club how could you stab us in the BACK like this!!”
  • mute, uses ASL to communicate but is quiet even by those standards. RJ and mona know him well enough to understand what he’s thinking/saying by the most basic/vague signs or head tilts or looks. it’s unnerving how in tune they all are with each other
  • kind of a wallflower and keeps to himself but he’s not particularly lonely?? likes keeping to himself
  • he and RJ got mona a hijab with newspaper print on it. he and mona got RJ a cool camera case with fun cheesy stickers to decorate it with. mona and RJ got him a cool binder with his name embroidered on it. they are a gift giving trio of friends
  • kind of an enigma since he’s big on responsibility but will absolutely cut classes in order to go to the local 7-11 and get slushies, you were right on track with that line of thought anon
  • good with kids and small animals, particularly rodents, for some inexplicable reason
  • like the only person mona listens to since he balances out how over-the-top she can get
  • looks tired all the time since he has sleepy eyes but that’s just how he looks. he takes a lot of naps. also great to nap with
  • a gentle giant. would help a cat or small child out of a tree
  • pierced his ears by himself while simultaneously eating swedish fish and watching a documentary on how bubblegum is made. he is so cool
  • the kind of guy who checks the weather and makes sure you bring a jacket or an umbrella but still carries and extra of one or both in his bag just in case
  • he’s super super invested in music and has a deep appreciation for it
  • wears his headphones a lot but there’s a 50/50 chance he’s either listening to music or pretending to listen to music so people don’t bug him
  • has three little sisters (triplets) who gave him his headphones for his birthday. it looks like a cat

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Hi. My name is RJ, and I'm currently questioning my gender. Do you think you could write 3 short paragraphs about my blog using she/her, he/him, and they/them pronouns? Thank you so much in advance!

RJ’s blog is great she posts a lot a great quality content especially if you’re into her fandoms.
He seems to be really nice so you should check out his blog and if you like it follow him.
Send them some nice, positive messages as they need support during their time of questioning.

I hope this helped RJ! Don’t be afraid to ask again if you still are unsure! Finding your gender identity isn’t easy and it can take a long time!

Mod Intro: RJ

Hi hi!!!

My name’s RJ, and I’m the other new mod that’s here to help! I’m so super duper excited to be here!

Name: RJ!

Main Blog: lilyacnl

Pets: 3 dogs (Sisco, Pixie, and Rufus), and then my boyfriend also has a dog (Theo), 2 bunnies (Nacho and Cinnabun), and his sister owns a kitty (Toby)!!!

Fav. Food: I rly like potatoes, specially french fries or mashed potatoes! But watermelon and apple are definitely my fav fruits. I could eat those all day long.

Fav. Drink: I like water! Rn I’m drinkin’ a peach Faygo and it tastes like those peach ring candies!

Fav. Cartoon: I can’t pick a favorite cartoon :c. But I been watchin Rick n’ Morty lately with boyfriend, and I like small shows like The Little Einstein’s and Blues Clues and Care Bears!!!

Interests: Writing! I write a lot a lot a lot and I also journal a ton too! It’s a way to make me feel better abt my life n stuff c:. I wanna be an author! I also like witchcraft (been a witch since I was born!), reading, elephants (I am one, after all), and stuffies!

The Hitchhiker who was the Phantom of a Hitchhiker

Okay so, guess what. There was a guy, right? And he was out driving around in his car. He really liked just driving around. I mean he was young, so it was like “hey, here’s the whole world,” you know?

Also, he had a coat on because of how it was fall. He had a coat on even though he was in his car and it wasn’t even that super cold out. He was still wearing a coat. And driving a car. Oh, and it was night out. Night as hell!  

This guy in this story didn’t have a policy or anything about picking up hitchhikers or not picking up hitchhikers, but I mean honestly, he’d never really seen one until this night, which all this to say the guy saw a hitchhiker. A pretty young girl. So he asked his brain, “If I pick up this hitchhiker, am I obligated to a pick up all future hitchhikers?” His brain shrugged. This guy was like “fine, okay, whatever, brain,” real cutting, and he pulled over.

If you want the truth, he unlocked the door. Then she opened the door and got in the car and that’s about everything there is to that part of the story.

“Where you headed,” the guy asked. “My name’s RJ,” he said in voice that felt like he was pretending to be about three years older than he was.

Rather than answer the guy with words, like you’re supposed to in society, this hitchhiker just pointed. Spooky, right? A little. He was all “okay much?,” And went where she pointed. He didn’t say “okay, much?” He just thought it.  

Oh also? She was shivering too, the hitchhiker. Like a lot.

So this guy in this story, I think his name is RJ, he’s nice. He offers the hitchhiker his coat. Maybe his heater was broken, I don’t know. She took his coat, smiled at him a little - like more than a polite thanks, but less than like “oh my god, you’re my hero about it,” and then continued to guide him down the roads they were driving on out to other roads.

It’s not the way hitchhiking works, I bet. Where the hitchhiker calls all the shots. Usually it’s “where you headed?” and then the hitchhiker says their ideal destination and the driver says “I’ll take you as far as …” wherever he’s going. But this guy was the kind of guy who goes wherever a pretty girl tells him. That’s his deal.

Anyway. They get to a place. A cul de sac or something. She holds up a closed fist like a military guy, as if to say “stop” and he does. He drops her off at the top of a long driveway. It’s a little totally spooky. There’s like mist or something, you know what I’m saying?

Foreshadowing of some sort happens here. You just know the guy’s gonna come back tomorrow to get his coat (that he is forgetting to get back at this point) and he’s gonna find out some crazy business about this hitchhiker who as far as he knows is not a phantom. So she takes off. And he drives away. And on his drive home, he remembers about his coat but decides to get it the next day. It’s late.

So. Next day. Guy finds the place. Thanks to his Garmin, which got him home last night by the quickest route and made it super easy to find the place again. The Garmin is so easy to use – it’s just intuitive. It’s reasonably priced and you’ll never get lost again. Garmin – don’t just get there. Arrive.  

The guy parks at the top of that long driveway from before. You remember. It’s steep and the guy’s car is long in the front. It’d scrape if he drove down the driveway. So he gets out and when he does and looks around, there’s that feeling of foreshadowing again. No mist though. You just feel a little spooked. More you than the guy, even. You’re ahead of him. That’s part of it.

So the guy goes down this steep driveway and rings the bell of the house. There’s only one house down there. Sometimes you get a driveway like that, it splits off. But not this time. He rings the bell and some lady answers. Not the same lady. An older lady. The guy explains his situation. That he dropped off a hitchhiker girl there last night.

The guy gets no response. The guy describes the girl a little and still. Nothing. Cold fish. It’s like – “what?” But then what he does is he goes into even more detail and the lady freaks out a little.

She lays this on him “it sounds like you’re describing my daughter. But it can’t be her,” and it’s like instead of the lady freaking out, the guy starts to.  He goes “why not?”

Are you ready for this? The guy isn’t. This woman says, about her daughter, who they were talking about, “She died ten years ago last night. In a terrible hitchhiking accident on Foxhound Road,” which is actually the name of the actual road where the guy picked her last night up, by the way.

“Holy cow,” the guy says, only he doesn’t say cow so much as what comes out of a cow, and I don’t mean milk. “That means that the hitchhiker I picked up was her ghost. Or phantom.”

“Obviously,” says the mom. “That is the most logical conclusion you could draw.”

So the guy leaves, because what else could he do? He leaves all like "whoa.”

The mom watched him go, the guy. When the guy was good and gone, she closed the door and she and her daughter who was totally alive giggled and high fived. They put that guy’s coat on the pile with the others. Five years later, they would open a used coat store. And they would get rich off it. Just absolutely butt-ass rich.

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So I used the prompt generator and got "Castle and Beckett take care of a litter of abandoned kittens/puppies" and thought it was really stinkin' cute...


Chloe & Boo

“Castle, no.”

He’s standing in the middle of the living room when she walks in, hefting a box of what looks to be smoky gray kittens. RJ is at his feet, jumping as if to see into the box, despite the fact that he was still under three feet tall and doesn’t even reach half of his father’s height. He stops hopping when he hears his mother’s voice and whines along with his father.

“But, Mo-om!”

“But, Beckett!”

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For a couple months now, I’ve been staying up unreasonably late playing my PS4 thanks to the lovely people listed below. I may be constantly tired, but I don’t regret it. They are some of the coolest dweebs I’ve ever met and it physically hurts me that we are so far away from one another. However, being able to hop on my console knowing I’ll almost always have a couple people to talk to is such a good feeling.

I’ve decided to make this Follow Forever: Fabulous Friends Edition because they deserve to be put on a pedestal. Not only are they amazing individuals, but they all have some fantastic blogs to boot. And as if this wasn’t sappy enough, not only will I direct you to their blog pages, but I’ll also say a few words under their URL because why the hell not?


Elle is a one-of-a-kind Master Class. She is deviously funny and always has a good time. She can rap better than anyone else I know and is constantly blasting current hits such as “Angel” by Shaggy during our gaming sessions. And on top of all that, Elle finds RJ as gross as I do and that’s a huge plus. She’s my blessed sister in-crime and I love her until death do us part.


Nikki is a beautiful nerd who could probably kick anyone’s ass three years into the future and eighty years into the past. Her video game skills are off the chain. I always know we’re gonna win when Nikki plays because she ain’t even close to messin’ around. She and I connect on a spiritual level as she, too, does the whole “stays up really late despite having class early in the morning” thing. She does so with way more grace than I do, though. Bless Nikki.


Sam is so witty, it actually hurts. She is generally up as “late” as I am, but that probably has something to do with the fact that she lives in Australia. I appreciate that geographical difference, though, as even after everyone has wisened up and gone to sleep, she’s still going strong. And there’s no one cooler to keep me company, to be honest. She’s a riot and always has something funny to say.


If you have been following me for a while, chances are you know exactly who this nerd is. He goes by RJ, but his real name is King Dweeb IV and he is about as lame as they come. And when I say “lame”, I mean awesome. Talking to him is like the equivalent of hanging out with a pack of puppies. I owe him more than I care to admit as he is the main reason I am now friends with so many of you (the six listed here included). That said, unfollow him. He’s a dweeb.


I have mentioned it a couple times, but when Jer followed me last year, I about fell out of my chair as I love his blog and I was shocked that I was worthy of a follow. Now, not only am I friends with him, but he is the best Daps Buddy (and Possum Pal) in the history of daps and every day, I thank Lisa from P.T. for his dappy existence. He’s just an extremely rad dude. And if you ever find yourself in need of a good laugh, Jer’s your guy.


Last, but certainly not least, my girl Brittany. The first time I ever played games with this fabulous lady, she made me feel funny (which I am not) as she laughed at nearly everything I said. Fast-forward a couple months and, just like everyone above, it’s like I’ve known her my whole life. I can talk to her about anything and everything and I do not take that for granted. Brittany is an awesome person with an awesome heart and y'all are dorks if ya ain’t following this chick.

That’s all I’ve got. If you are not listed here, please, don’t think it’s because I don’t consider you a friend. This post is meant to pay homage to the lovely people I game frequently with and I’ve known for a while now. I could easily talk about amazing individuals such as


(honorable mention here ‘cause Julian is on every night gaming with us, but I sadly don’t know him as well as the others),




























, etc. Chances are I just haven’t played with you frequently (or at all), or we just don’t talk as much (yet). You know how much I love y'all. Now go follow these nerds before I come after you.