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What are your opinions on Milo Yanopolus (whatever his last name is supposed to be written) ?

White supremacists like him can go to hell.


New Giveaway Blog~

Hi everyone! The name’s Milo the Milotic and this is my very first Pokémon giveaway blog! I’m hoping this will be a good experience for all of us. I’m hoping to start my first giveaway on Friday, March 17. My deposit Pokémon will be a Feebas named MiloGA, but for my very first giveaway, I will allow a Magikarp with the same name so that everyone gets a chance to snatch a Milotic for breeding for my future GAs.

So everyone get ready! You’ll need 6 Feebas or 6 Magikarp named MiloGA for my first GA on Friday, March 17!!

I’ll have a post with all the Pokemon I’ll be giving away up by tomorrow or Thursday!

And I know I’m new, but could I get a boost so everyone knows for Friday?
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Flashbacks - RP with apesfollowkobanow

It had all started with the small forest fire that the band of hunters had managed to put out the day before. No one had been seriously hurt, but one or two apes had suffered minor burns, including Grey.

The chimpanzee had not given much thought to the incident at the time, and the pain had been negligible. Sparrow’s healing skills had seen to that. But the slight burning sensation must have triggered something unbeknownst to Grey, because for the first time in ages, he had had a bad dream that night.

It was a dream about the days when his name had been Milo; a nightmare about the human named Tommy and his shock-stick, and how it had burned so when the human had first used it.

Grey had awoken shivering in fear like a white-tail, Tommy’s harsh voice still ringing in his ears.

“Goddamn stupid monkey! That’s not how you do it! Can’t you even balance a ball, you useless animal?”

The chimpanzee remembered how he had shrieked at the first surge of agony, almost wetting himself with fear. He had only been a white-tail then, and only used to kind treatment from humans until that fateful moment.

He recalled his first human caretaker, the circus owner named Golda. She had been like a mother to the then Milo – he had never known his own mother, and he had loved her dearly. But she was old and had become very ill, and her son, who had taken over managing the circus, had decided that he had no interest in having animals in the show any more. People thought it was cruel, he had said, and fewer humans were coming to the circus because of this, so he had decided to find new homes for his performing animals, among them little Milo.

Tommy had promised Golda and her son that he would be kind to the young chimp, and that he would make him into a TV star. He even said that when the ape grew to adulthood, he would be retired to a primate sanctuary where he would be able to find a mate and have a family of his own.

But Tommy had lied – Milo had known only pain under his so-called care.

At least there had been one good thing about life with Tommy – the chimp had been able to make a friend. His very first ape companion – a bonobo named Koba, who he was now re-united with in his new life of freedom in the Muir Woods under the leadership of the kind and wise alpha male chimpanzee named Caesar.

Grey decided to seek out Koba and talk with him about the nightmares, as he was concerned that such dreams might be affecting Koba too.

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make me suffer: 10 from the way you say 'i love you' and hydejackie


The way you say ‘I love you’: 10. Not said to me

Regardless the uncomfortable stares of everyone but the now engaged couple, Steven Hyde didn’t move from his sit at the Forman’s table. Not even when everyone forgot he was there, and the cheers and claps started; his ex-girlfriend and her now fiancée, this asshole named Milo, smiled to the crowed room. Jackie didn’t even gave a look on his direction, not even once. She sat down with Milo, and eat the special meal Mrs. Forman had prepared for her and the few people she had asked the owners of the house to invite for her birthday celebration. All their friends and their families were there, Kelso and his very pregnant for the second time wife, his daughter and Fez with his now again girlfriend, Caroline. Forman and Donna had looked for a second or two at him, he just lowered his eyes to the food and ignored the happy aura of everyone around him, because this was something that would had happened eventually and the time had come at the end. Jackie was free of his ghost, had been free of it since the moment Donna, that big red cupid, had introduced her to this Milo guy. It ws Jackie’s 22th birthday, and her biggest dream had come true: she was getting married.

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