his name is milos


“This isn’t some vanity nameplate.” says self-promoting wanker about company literally named after himself, which has been founded expressly to promote his books, tours and merchandise and to get him on the telly and radio.

in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t “fit in,“ and i don’t WANT to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? that’s weird.

me nd my best friend are going 2 build-a-bear workshop tomorrow to build our son so we can take pictures of him in weird/cool places nd journal his “”adventures”” in a notebook (or through ig) nd we’re going to send it to our interweb friend so she can do the same nd it’ll be the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Bear nd im so EXCITED

Dog Whisperer

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Jackson x Reader



Word Count: 1662

Author: Admin Jay

           “We should do something it’s pretty outside” Jackson groaned loudly after looking outside the window of their dorm. “But we get to finally rest from schedule” Youngjae said sleepily rubbing his eyes. “Come on guys, we can’t be cooped in here all day, and sleep the entire day” Jackson said. “Actually we can” Jaebum reminded Jackson.

           “That’s not the point, besides who’s going to walk Coco?” Jackson pointed at Coco scratching at the gate. “He does have a point” Mark chimed in eating a bowl of cereal. “Come on, it would be great. We need some sun. We need Vitamin D for our bones” Jackson explained trying to cheer everyone up. “I still don’t understand how you have this much energy for the morning” Jinyoung said sitting on the couch watching TV. “I’m trying to motivate you all” Jackson said cheerfully.

           “Please!!!!” Jackson began to beg sweetly using all his aegyo techniques. “We can always relax at the park and play games” Jackson continued. Jaebum couldn’t resist the cute side of Jackson. Jaebum sighs and finally answered “Yeah, we can go”. “Yes” Jackson cheered and ran off to get dress.

           Everyone was ready except one. “Bambam, hurry up. We don’t have all day!” Mark shouted. “I’m coming, I just don’t know what shoes to wear!” Bambam yelled back. “We’re just going to the park; how hard can it be?” Jackson asked. “Alright, I’m ready” Bambam came out in black polished shoes. Mark grabbed quickly the tent while Yugyeom gathered all the blankets. Youngjae putting a leash on Coco’s collar.

           “Alright, let’s go” Jaebum ordered letting everyone go ahead of him before locking the door.

           The park was located across the street from their dorm alongside Han River. It was beautiful outside. The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight. The sun beamed with a slight breeze. Birds chirping. Cherry Blossoms were blooming everywhere. It was perfect Spring weather.

           They settled down in an open area where they weren’t disturbed. The park was perfectly peaceful; it was a common area for couples to walk and children to be at the playground on the other side. “This is a good spot” Jinyoung said looking around. “Let’s put this tent together” Jaebum instructed. Everyone decide pitched in to help and finally got the tent settled.

           Youngjae and Mark walked Coco around while Bambam and Yugyeom started playing Frisbee and kept dabbing at each other. Jaebum immediately fell asleep as Jinyoung sat next him reading a book. Everyone preoccupied, Jackson decides to go a nearby convenient store to buy snacks for everyone.

           On his way, he hears a someone shouting in the distance, “MILO, GET BACK HERE”. He stops himself so he could find which direction the shouting was coming from. No need, he saw a Labrador retriever chasing a squirrel. He saw you running top speed after Milo. You shouted again “MILO”. Milo kept running. You were almost out of breath chasing him. You paused for a second as you saw Jackson. “Excuse me, I’m so sorry to disturb you, but can you please help me catch my dog” you ask politely. “No problem” Jackson offered.

           “Thank you so much” you said moving your hair out of your face. You two started walking together. “What is your dog’s name?” Jackson asked. “His name is Milo” you answer. He nods his head and extends his hand, “I’m Jackson by the way”. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you”. “Do you mind coming with me to the convenient store?” he asked hesitantly. “Why?” you paused. “I think there’s a way, we can get your dog back” he speculated. “How?” you wondered. “We’re going to get some snacks and sausages” he concluded.

           You two walk in and he finds sausages rotating in a toaster oven, he grabs nine and wraps in aluminum foil while you grab chips and other snacks. He pays for all the food. “You didn’t have to do all this” you insisted, “I’ll pay you back”. “No, it’s ok. I want to help” Jackson reassured. The both of you head outside and searched for Milo, you spotted him barking up a tree at the squirrel. “Milo, come here boy” you called out to him. Still no progress. “I got this” Jackson stepped in, “Can you hold this?” he asked as he grab a sausage from the bag. “Do you think this will work?” you questioned. “Don’t worry, I’m a professional. I’m very good with dogs” Jackson declared as he walks towards Milo.

           Milo suddenly pauses and sniffs the air in Jackson’s direction. Milo approaches Jackson with caution. Jackson holds the sausage out and place it on the ground. Milo sniffs some more and decides to lay down while eating. You come next to Milo and start petting him softly. “Thank you so much for helping me” you said looking up at Jackson. “No problem, he’s a good dog. He’s probably just hungry”. “He probably is” you replied. “Can I sit with you?” he asked. “Sure” you approved. He sits on the opposite side of Milo petting him also. “How old is he?” Jackson wondered. “He’s three years old” you huffed, “I have to keep a good eye on him, he’s always getting into everything” you admitted.

         “You’re really good with dogs” you smiled. “Yeah, we have a dog at home named Coco.” He explained. “Awww, Coco is a very cute name” you said. “You know what’s funny?” Jackson hinted. “What?” you leaned in wanting to know the answer. “I have a lot of nicknames and one of them is Wang Puppy”. Jackson did an impression of a puppy. You laughed. “Well, I think I should be going” you said standing up. “I’ll walk with you” Jackson said.  You immediately grabbed Milo’s leash, you were determined to not let him out of your sight. “I’ll hold the leash for you” he said grabbing it while you carried the bag.  

           You two engaged in very interesting conversations varying from subject to subject. Jackson was a very thoughtful guy and sweet. Each time he smiles, you couldn’t help but smile also. He has a very warm personality, which was rare to have these days. The amount of eye contact he gave, made you flutter inside. You couldn’t help but admire him, not only his good looks, but what his personality had to offer.

           The rest of the members saw you two walking from afar. “Jackson!” they called, “Where’ve you been?”. As you guys finally approached “I was helping Y/N catch her dog” Jackson said. Everyone looks at you, “Hi, I’m Y/N and this is Milo” you introduced. “Hi” they waved. “I brought snacks for you all” Jackson said handing the bag over to everyone.

           “Jackson’s got a girlfriend now” you heard Bambam snicker under his breath. Jackson eyes widen, “I’m so sorry” Jackson apologized. “It’s fine” you said as Bambam came over to pet Milo. “I’m Bambam by the way but you can call me Double B” he said. “I’ll take keep that in mind” you smiled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t properly introduce everyone, That’s Jaebum, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Yugyeom” he said as each member waved again.

           Coco walked near Milo and started sniffing each other. “Well, that’s rare, Milo doesn’t get along with others these days” you observed. You stayed with the group a little longer while Milo and Coco played together. You looked down at your watch and realized how much time has passed. 

           “Oh God, I have to get going” you said as you whistled Milo over. “So soon?” Jackson pouted. “Yeah, there’s some work I need to do around the house, well it was nice meeting you guys, but I better get going” you said waving good-bye. “Let me walk you home, just to make sure you get home safely” Jackson insisted. “Sure, I’d like that” you smiled as Jackson placed himself alongside you.

           You both were shoulder to shoulder. You two couldn’t stop smiling at each other. Jackson had this glow, his eyes twinkled happily as he continued to talk to you. He did his very best to make you laugh as much as possible. You appreciated that about him, his sense of humor and excitement about life. Deep down, you were starting to feel this could lead to something further.

           “Well here we are, I live here” you said as you reached your apartment door. “You actually don’t live that far from us” Jackson stated. “Yeah, that was 20-minute walk”. “Thank you for walking me home, I appreciate it” you said. “It’s my pleasure” he said happily.

            There was this awkward pause, “Well, I’m going to go now, I guess I’ll see you around…. ” you opened the door. “Hey before you go?” Jackson stopped you, “I wanted you to know that I really had a good time with you. I know we just met but I would like to keep seeing you. Can I have your phone number?” he asked bluntly.

             You knew you had a great time with him also, so why not? “Let me grab a pen and pencil really quick” as you went inside. “Sure” he said smiling. You hurried inside and fumbled through desk to find paper and pen. Milo relaxed himself on his doggie bed as you wrote your number down.

             “Here you go” handing the paper over to him. He glanced and nodded. “I’ll call you or text you, which do you prefer?” he asked. “How about both?” you suggested. “I can do both” he said, he walked towards you and embraced you in a hug. You pulled slightly from his embrace and kissed him gently on the cheek. He smiled so hard afterward, he hugged you some more.

Before Jackson left, he glances back at you one more time eyeing you up and down. You winked back at him. Once Jackson left your apartment complex, he looked back to your balcony and thought to himself, this is just the beginning of something new.

I love that Milo’s name fits his character so well. Like. Y'all know Milo means “destroyer” in Greek but also “merciful” in English and i think the Germanic translation is “soldier” like well done team. Well done.

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What are your opinions on Milo Yanopolus (whatever his last name is supposed to be written) ?

White supremacists like him can go to hell.



- There was a sudden pain in your lower abdomen then a splash.

- You looked down to a swamp of water and blood.

- “Erik… Erik… Erik!”

- “What, what is… Jesus Christ.”

- “My water just broke.”

- “I’ll get the car.”

- Erik sped across town.

- “Please don’t get pulled over,” you moaned.

- “We’re gonna make it, baby.”

- “My wife is giving birth!”

- Nurses rushed into the lobby and put you on the stretcher.

- “She’s already crowning,” one of them said.

- “Take her E23,” another said.

- The soft bed was a god-send.

- But that didn’t stop the intense agony.

- Your doctor calmly paced into the room.

- He asked your husband to stand back.

- “I’m sorry, but this is a hectic one.”

- Erik sat in the corner.

- He hated the way you screamed in pain.

- “I see the head,” your doctor yelled.

- You heard a gagging sound.

- Erik might have thrown up.

- You weren’t sure.

- You were kind of busy pushing a tiny human out of your body.

- In a final attempt you gave it all you got followed by cease of tension.

- A small cry emerged in the midst of the anarchy.

- The doctor stepped back, infant in hand.

- He gingerly handed it to the nurse beside him.

- She then carefully placed them into your arms.

- “Say hello to your son,” the nurse said.

- Erik scuttled to your side.

-You smiled foolishly to your husband.

- “Do you want to hold him?”

- “Is that even a question?”

- Erik began to cry the second he touched his first born.

- “What should we name him,” he asked.

- “What about Milo?”

- “Yeah, baby Milo, he agreed, “a beautiful name for a beautiful boy.

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