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Rooftops: Mikey x Reader


Requested by: Anonymous

Hello (⌒▽⌒) god I absolutely love you and your blog! Your an awesome writer! ♥‿♥ if it’s not to much trouble could you please write a Mikey x reader were the reader is on the roof playing video games on there laptop or something and he’s watching there cute reaction and then he trips and reveals himself but there super chill and invites him to play or chill with them please? Is this to pacific? I don’t want to pressure you I just thought this would be cute 😂

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This Was An Ask...

… But for some reason it broke and the text wouldn’t appear when I answered. The ask was;

‘How would the boys go about waking up their little son or daughter up for training? It would be so cute if you let them have little nicknames and a cute daddy moment with them! Pretty please!’

Let’s see if my answer works here;

Oh, be still my beating heart <3 That’s adorable. A lot of this is personal head canon about what the guys kids would be like, so there we go, but roll with it)

Leo -

Leo would want to get his little one into the habit of waking up as early as he does, given he’s always been a sucker for training. Luckily he’s experienced with getting other people up for this exact thing- Namely Mikey most days and Donnie anytime after he’s been up way to late finishing some experiment. Or maybe watching anime (And Donnie totally watches anime, no one will ever convince me otherwise)

So it comes as second nature to him, venturing into his son’s room to try and stir him from his sleep. He’d be kind enough to leave the lights out as he made his way over to sit on the edge of his bed.

“ Hey, squirt, time to wake up. You’ve got training in half an hour, ” He encouraged him softly, only to be met with tired groans of protest, causing him to chuckle.

“ Ugh, five more minutes dad, ” Kameko grumbled as he buried himself even further into his blankets, causing Leo to sigh.

“ Alright, five more minutes, ” He relented. He didn’t mean to be so easily defeated but he’d do anything for his own son.

Raph -

Raphael however is not quite as… Gentle as a father figure as Leonardo is. He loves his kid just as much, of course, but in typical Raphael style his way of parenting was a lot… Louder.

“ Up and at ‘em, half-pint! ” Raph boomed, door flung open, lights switched on like it was a spotlight. A cushion was thrown his way but bounced harmlessly off of his shoulder. Before his daughter could react further, she’d already had the covers thrown off of her and been hoisted up onto her father’s shoulders.

“ Daaaad, ” Kelly yawned, as she rubbed sleepily at her eyes, already being piggy backed through to the kitchen to get some breakfast before training. “ It’s too early. ”

“ Yeah, you wish it was, ” Raph retorted, dropping her carefully to the tiles of the kitchen floor, like one might handle a China doll. While he might act like a big, tough scary- He was in fact a massive softie. Especially when it came to matters of his family. Especially his daughter, who he adored more than life itself.

“ … Kameko, did you eat all the Cheerios again? ” Kelly complained, looking to her older cousin who was currently halfway through munching said cereal.

“ … No. ”

And suddenly there was milk and half eaten Cheerios everywhere. A spoon went flying. Kelly had vaulted the table and tackled poor Kameko when he was halfway through a mouthful of breakfast.

Raph looked to his side, to see Leo, who could only sigh before the two of them went to go break up their fighting children.

Some things never change.

Donnie -

Don is a pretty fussy sort of helicopter parent… But he isn’t, because he’s read the terrible statistics of what might happen to a child who is coddled too much. He’s read every book on parenting, and is likely trying to discreetly check on his child at ever turn. But only because he loves them!

As such, and because of his terrible sleep pattern as well, Don would probably opt for an extra loud alarm clock to wake -both- of them up. It probably wouldn’t work.

“ Dad, uh, hey dad? ” Tesla asked, shaking his father’s arm slightly. Donnie would peer one eye open to look at his son, scooping him up into his arms to settle him in bed between himself and his mother.

“ What’s the matter, whizz-kid? ” He asked him, speaking quietly as to not wake his sleeping wife.

“ Um it’s just… I think we slept through our alarm again, ” He explains sheepishly.

“ Really? But I just made it louder. What makes you think that, little genius? ” Donnie asked, stretching out slightly.


“ … Grandfather does, ” The kid explained, retreating under the pillows, while Donnie checked the alarm to see- Yep, they’d somehow slept in again.

“ I’ll… I’ll upgrade the speakers again later. Uh, for now let’s… Let’s just hide. ”

(This one is a little sad given how many versions Splinter dies in… Oops, didn’t mean to stir up any feels)

Mikey -

Mikey, even far into his adulthood, is still a child at heart. He understands his kids struggles, he remembered hating waiting for training… Scratch that he still hates waking up for training now… And waking up, in general. So when he does have to wake his precious little one up, he’s more than soft about it.

“ Psst, huggy-buggy, widdle-waddle, my tinker-doodle, ” Mikey whisper-shouted, kneeling beside the bed and resting his elbows on the edge of the mattress.

“ Ugh, dad, that’s so embarrassing, ” Tiara complained sighing, stretching out slightly. “ Do I need to go? ” She asked him, not with her usual air of sleepy defiance as expected from any child who did not want to do something. Rather, genuine sadness.

“ Why? Are you sick? ” He asked, beginning to make a fuss as he ever did when his precious baby was ill.

“ Do I need to go to training if I’m sick? ” She asked him in response, holding her blankets to her chest with a frown.

“ No. ”

“ Then I’m sick, ” She insisted, a few tears dripping from her eyes. Mikey instantly went to scoop her up, pulling her down from the bed to side on his lap, tugging the duvet with her.

“ Hey, little princess, what’s the matter? ” He asked her, rocking her gently.

“ I… Everyone else is better than me, ” This comment left Mikey gobsmacked.

“ What? ”

“ W-Well, my cousins are all… Better. Kameko is really good at getting everyone to work together, Kelly is sooo much better than me and fighting and Tesla is like, super smart, ” Tiara explained. “ … And then there’s me, ” Mikey’s heart sank. Not just because his daughter was feeling so low but because… He’d felt like that growing up too. He’d always felt his brothers were better than him.

“ Well, maybe, pfft~ So? Can they cheer everyone up? Are they sneaky enough to steal the last cookie from the jar without Grandpa noticing? Do they have the high score on pinball? ” He asked her, before proceeding to launch a tickle assault on her, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.

“ N-No! ” She squealed.

“ Then who does!? ” He asked, pinning her as his fingers found their way to her armpits, causing her to roar even louder in hysterical laughter.

“ Me! I d-do! ” Tiara squealed.

“ That’s it! So you get in there and you show em your stuff, Waddles! ” He encouraged.

“ Daaaaad! ”

(And there you have it. Just as a little explanation as to why I picked the names / nicknames I did.

Leo - So I picked Kameko because it’s Japanese and Leo is a sucker for all that. Plus, it means 'son of the tortoise’ and y'know, haha. Close enough to turtle right? Squirt was something in the same sort of punny, eh, squirt ad in squirtle… The Pokemon?… Just me?

Raph - Kelly means warrior, think that’s pretty self explanatory. I feel he’d also want a short name with a lot of meaning for his kid. And 'half-pint’ I just feel Raph would be one to obsess over, omg look how small his kid is. Short-stack / shorty are also totally viable options.

Donnie - Tesla, as in, the scientist Nikola Tesla. I thought it was cute as well. Whizz-kid and little genius are just part of that. Einstein maybe from time to time. Plus, those are also somewhat compliments? And I feel Don would be one to smother his kid in praise.

Mikey - Mikey would definitely want a 'celeb’ name for his baby. It’d have to be unique and a bit odd, but not so strange the kid would hate it. Something that was cute and nice. So Tiara, since y'know, connotations of royalty and princesses. Plus, I actually have met someone with this name! ^.^ As a middle name know, but still. I figure as with nicknames, Mikey would go overboard. He’d have a million and one embarrassing nicknames on the go at all times, with no reason or rhyme to them. )

The Ghost Of You

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “okay! can i request a non-sad oneshot about ghost!reader and revenge gee? i dont have any specific ideas in mind so anything is good! xx”

A/N: Not sure if I delivered on “non-sad”, but here ya go. 

“Wow, this venue looks like it’s really old,” commented a loud voice, drawing your attention.

So another group of musicians had come to the place you had called home since your death. There hadn’t been a show here in a while. The throng of young, living people here for the concert tonight would certainly make your haunt less lonely.

“Yeah, this bar was originally a speakeasy in the 1920’s,” the owner of the building said informatively as he unlocked the door.

“That’s so cool,” another voice said excitedly. “So, why isn’t this space used more often?”

“Well,” the owner confessed as he opened the door, throwing bright sunlight into your dusty abode, “some people say it’s haunted.”

“…..Haunted?” repeated the first speaker as he walked in. He was an oddly dressed man, with a partially shaved head and a bulletproof vest. Was this the fashion in the land of the living nowadays?

“Yeah,” the owner said nervously, entering second. “Why, does that make you want to reconsider performing here tonight?”

“Not at all,” grinned the second man you’d heard speak, and your eyes widened when you saw how handsome he was. He had long, black hair, and he wore a black suit with a red tie that was much more in line with the fashions you remembered. “We all love horror movies, so haunted’s a plus!”

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Requiem for Assassins

A/N: A little something I started writing… I’m up to five chapters hand written and two typed but I’m putting out the first chapter… see if the fandom likes it? I get nervous posting my stories since I’m more of an illustrator rather than a writer. Would love feedback for sure!! ~MagickDream

CHAPTER ONE: The Black Lotus

New York, a city full of hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even a year after the defeat of Shredder and Krang, a year after Bebop and Rocksteady were put behind bars; life was back to normal for the citizens of the Big Apple. All thought that with Shredder gone there would be some semblance of peace. That did not seem to be the case what so ever. Karai had managed to slither her way from being apprehended by the police and eagerly kept up with the mantle of leader to the Foot Clan. She was doing everything she could to prepare for the return of their master back to this side of the galaxy with the help of Baxter Stockman. The Foot Clan continued their reign of terror and with that, there came no rest for the unsung heroes of New York. Four brothers, mutant turtles, that stay within the shadows to protect their city. Their home. The events with Krang helped ease the burdens of being detected by the normal people. They now had the complete support of the New York Police Department, a new friend in the former Corrections Officer turned Hockey-masked vigilante and as always they had the continued support of their savior, friend, sister; April O'Neil. Activity still going with the Foot Clan and the rise of a new gang calling themselves Purple Dragons, there was definitely no rest for anyone.

The nightly patrols were a consistency in their lives now, some of those nights yielded complete boredom for them due to lack of anything going on. This night was feeling like one of those nights as the four vigilantes kept watch from atop of one of the many buildings in the city that offered a good view of the streets. Their eyes watching as they waited for something, anything to happen. What they were unaware of at that very moment; they themselves were being watched.

“We’ve got them where we want them, Tanuki. If we don’t do this now they’ll be even harder to find tomorrow night.” A female voice whispered sharply from behind a maroon and white fox mask. She got closer to the edge of the building clad in her maroon and black samurai lookinggear. She looked down seeing the brothers from the advantage point just slightly above them thanks to a higher connected building. A male clad in black and navy blue gear similar to hers gripped her shoulder, his mask that of a raccoon but in the navy and white theme as his clothing.

“Your impatience is starting to wear me thin, Kitsune.“ His whispered words he knew were harsh yet very stern. His light gray eyes beneath his mask locking on to her bright violet ones. He could almost hear her rolling them. "Just wait a few seconds more and we will strike.” “You two keep fighting like that and our marks will bring that fight to us.” Another woman leaning against the door that leads to the stairwell for the building was looking at them. Her dark violet eyes seemed pure black in the shadows she kept to, the white and amber wolf mask hiding her facial features. Uncrossing her arms and walking over to the ledge she took a peek at their marks, her amber and black clothing similar to Kitsune but a bit more elegant. “Go easy on them, Ookami. After all the months of surveillance hasn’t been kind on any of our nerves.” The third female of the group spoke up, her voice came out in a whisper though the tone was more cheery than any of the others had been. That voice came from a figure that stood on top of the ventilation cage to the left of all of them, the plum and black colors of her cutesy outfit made it almost impossible to see her without light. She had her dark gray eyes trained on the four turtles below, her plum and white rabbit mask keeping her face just as hidden as her partners’ masks did.

“Cheerful as always, Usagi.“ Tanuki released Kitsune’s shoulder as he got even closer to the edge. For the fifth time since they came to the rooftop, the turtles gathered to the farthest right corner. The only difference this time was the way their body language translated. They were planning to go to another location and within the next few seconds, Tanuki was sure of it.

“Your call, wonder boy.” Kitsune spat out in a harsh whisper using her favorite nickname for their little groups’ leader. She reached behind her to grab a hold of her weapons she had hidden beneath her cloak. Her twin tessen.

“Usagi, get their attention would you?” Tanuki ordered gently as he grabbed up his naginata from its resting place on the ledge.

“As always, I get to start the fun.“ Usagi reached into the pouch that sat against her right hip, pulling from it four throwing knives. Ookami poised herself as she pulled out her kusarigama she had tucked at the small of her back. With a soft chuckle, Usagi let loose the throwing knives, her aim set at the back of the turtles’ feet.


“I’m tellin’ ya, Leo! Somethin’ ain’t right!” The biggest of the four brothers had been complaining most of the night. There had been something off in his mind every time it was a quiet night. Like they were missing something or were not seeing the whole picture.

“Everything is fine, Raph. It’s another quiet night, so let’s get moving.” The eldest turtle in the blue mask was not about to get into another pointless argument with his red-clad brother. He himself was convinced that tonight was going to be just one more added to the countless nights of peace. Oh, how wrong he was. The sound of metal being buried into the asphalt covered roof made all of them pause.

“You were sayin’?” Raphael sneered at his older brother as they all turned around. The knives that stuck from the pebbles were not at all comforting to the notion of peace. Neither were the four shadows on the rooftop just above their own.

“Get ready. I don’t think they’re on our side.“ Leonardo carefully withdrew his two katana before putting himself in a familiar defensive stance.

“Man! Our dinner is going to get cold!” The youngest clad in the orange mask pulled out his set of nunchaku with a teasing whine in his tone.

“Shut up, Mikey!” The three brothers spoke out in unison.

“Why are they just standin’ there?!” Raph had been itching for some action all night and with this new challenge, he was becoming even more impatient. He gripped both sai tight in his hands, his teeth clenched.

“Chill, Raph. They’re just trying to get our attention.” The fearless leader glared up at the four shadows; prepared for either a fight or a very interesting exchange of words.

“If that was their only motive why do I get the feeling we’re being played?” The tallest out of the brothers adjusted his grip on his bo staff, making sure to keep his golden green eyes on the ones that were sizing them up.

“What if they’re ninjas like us, brah?“ Mikey grinned sparing a quick glance to the purple masked brother; that proved to be an almost painful mistake. He quickly deflected the next dagger that was aimed at him with his nunchaku. His baby blue eyes looked to where the four shadows were just in time to watch them leap down, joining him and his brothers on the same roof.

“Insults like that can get you killed, Michelangelo.” One of them spoke as the group moved toward the light. The way their gear looked slightly confused the youngest of the turtles. They had the whole Ninja vibe going with the weapon choices, the masks and the outfits they were wearing. Ookami had been the one who spoken first while Usagi had taken full advantage of Mikey’s lapse in judgment. “Granted, none of you will be leaving this rooftop alive.”

“Just how do you know his name?!” Leo shifted closer to Mikey taking note that both Raph and Donnie did the same. His eyes caught the movement of the four in front of them mirroring the movements like they were stalking prey.

"It isn’t just his name that we know, Leonardo.” The man in the raccoon mask had spoken up this time, which by the tone and the way he was carrying himself, Leo, figured that he was the leader.

“For fuck’s sake can we drop the small talk?!” Fox girl seemed like a short fuse as she brought her hands from behind her back. With a pop of her wrists the bladed fans opened, the metallic riveting sound they made emphasized her intent. “We got their attention what more do you want, Tanuki?!”

“Ain’t you a piece of work.” Raphael had his eyes set on the girl in the fox mask. Her attitude was something similar to his own. Actually, damn near the exact same as his.

“Rude much, Kitsune?” The one that looked like a bunny had more knives in her hands. “What fun would it be to kill them off quickly? We could at least play with them for a little while first.”

“Or you could tell us why you’re trying to kill us in the first place. Are you working for the Foot Clan?” Donatello had not seen any of the usual tattoos denoting the Purple Dragons or even a Foot Emblem either anywhere on their clothing. He quickly spun his bo, knocking a throwing dagger off course.

“Didn’t Ookami just say insults could get you killed, Donatello?” Usagi’s voice was seeming a bit too sweet to be a cold-blooded killer. That’s when Donnie really looked them over. The shape of their hoods, the emblems that were a connecting point for their sashes; should have all been a dead give away but only if someone were a huge fan of that particular franchise.

“Code name. Hooded robes. I’m going to make an assumption you all have wrist blades hidden in those kimono sleeves.” The purple clad turtle was trying to give his brothers a helpful hint or two about who they were dealing with.

“Woah! No way!” Of course, the game nut would be the first to catch on. “You guys are Assassins! Sweet!” Mikey was proud that he was able to get something right on the first guess and he may have played the games on too many times.

“Give that turtle a cookie!” Ookami laughed which only made the other three Assassins groan out. She looked at them and shrugged, feigning complete innocence. “What?”

“I’m done with the warm and fuzzy crap! We end this now one way or another!” Kitsune growled out and hastily ran towards the four brothers.

“Finally, some action!” Raphael was all too eager to greet the Assassin’s hotheadedness with some of his own.

“Kitsune, stop!” Tanuki knew that his orders weren’t going to work on her now, she was too angry with all of the waiting around. He rushed in after her as he saw not only Raphael advancing on her but Leonardo was joining in with his brother. He managed to swing his naginata in time to catch the twin katana that were about to slice into Kitsune’s side. Kitsune had been able to block out both of Raph’s sai but was taken by complete surprise as he kept rushing her, giving her no choice but to back peddle. The battle officially kicked off as each of the Assassins squared off with one of the brothers. Usagi kept the distance in her favor staying as far from Donatello’s bo staff as she could while still keeping him on his toes with her throwing knives.

“It really is too bad we have to kill you and your brothers. You’re pretty damn cute, Donatello.” Usagi was toying with him, trying to get him to not focus as much which she had a feeling it would not work on him.

“Exactly why do you have to kill us?” He was not at all surprised at how quick and agile she was. The rabbit mask definitely fit her. With each step he took to get closer she was leaping away.

“Don’t you say a word, Usagi!” Kitsune groaned out as her back slammed against the side of the building they had jumped from. Her tessen were closed and hooked in Raph’s sai as he kept her against the wall.

“Aw, is the little fox having trouble with her mouse?” Usagi giggled out as she jumped to the ledge above the both of them. She had been a little too careless teasing Kitsune which bought Donnie enough time to get up to the ledge and behind her. He put his bo over her head and pulled her back against him, cutting off her oxygen as he pressed the weapon to her throat.

“Damn it, Usagi!” Kitsune growled softly and brought her head back down so she could keep an eye on Raph. “Tanuki! Ookami! A little help here?!”

“A little busy, Kitsune!” Ookami was keeping Michelangelo at bay with the use of her kusarigama cursing every time he would bat away the chain with one of his nunchakus.

“Come on.” Mikey teased her in a sing-song voice knowing she was getting frustrated fighting him. “Just tell us why you’re wanting to kill us and Donnie will let the little bunny go.” He was actually having fun with this. Well, it beat having to be bored on another event-less patrol any day.

“Excuse me? Little!” Usagi yelled out before she grabbed a hold of the bo. She did not give the poor turtle behind her a second before she launched him down to his red masked brother below. Kitsune rolled out of the way the second she felt Raph’s focus falter and she had to bite back the laugh seeing both Donatello and Raphael now trying to untangle themselves. Usagi jumped down and stood next to the fox masked woman, leaning against her. A second later laughter rang out from the two women as Michelangelo joined the pile having been kicked there by Ookami.

“Man, we did not just get our asses kicked by girls!” Raphael sat up pushing his brothers off of him but his eyes widened seeing Leonardo now flying right at them. Tanuki had been able to use the dull end of his naginata to send the fearless leader off his feet. The four Assassins surrounded the brothers ready to carry out their mission.

“This is a simple act of revenge for the family you destroyed!” Tanuki pointed the blade of his naginata right at Leo’s face, the anger in his voice heard loud and clear. “Murderers don’t get the luxury of long lives.”

“Dude! We’ve been called a lot of things but, murderers hasn’t been one!” Mikey rubbed the back of his head but he stiffened as the blade of the kusarigama Ookami wielded as right at his jaw, the tip pressing uncomfortably against the skin.

“Do not lie!” She spat out the words like venom. Her patience was beginning to wear thin which was a rare thing for her. “Thirteen years ago you four killed our parents and set our home on fire!”

“For cryin’ out loud lady, it ain’t us!” Raph growled and was not too happy that fox girl had her bladed fan open and at his throat.

“What proof do you have that it wasn’t you, Raphael?” She growled softly wanting so much to slice his neck wide open.

“How ‘bout the fact we’re eighteen!” He grabbed a hold of her wrist since she had got so carelessly close and he pulled her down easily getting her into a headlock. He and his brothers managed to move away from the other three Assassins as Raph kept a tight grip on Kitsune. When he felt her shift her weight he grabbed a hold of the wrist that was trying to connect to his temple and that’s when he saw the hidden wrist blade. “You don’t know when to give up do ya?”

“Part of my charm.” She winced feeling his grip around her neck tighten.

“Let her go.” Tanuki put himself in a stance and bit back a curse seeing the turtles were not backing down on this.

“Tanuki, was it? Can you honestly tell me you saw four six-foot talking turtles come in the middle of the night just to kill your parents and torch your home? We’d be kind of hard to miss.” Leo did not falter from his stance but he sighed out wanting to at least get some kind of headway in all of this. “Raph, ease up. Let the poor woman breathe at least.”

“Ch’ fine.” He loosened his arm hold on Kitsune’s neck and smirked hearing her gasping for air. He had not really noticed how tight he had gripped her. Taking the wrist he had a hold of he placed it behind her back toward the middle of her shoulder blades. Feeling her wince he knew he got the point across for her not to try anything.

“Alright, you’ve made your point.” Tanuki eased his stance placing his naginata at his side in a completely rested position. “Stand down girls.”

“Aw, so we’re done toying with them?” Usagi chuckled as she put the knives she had in her hands back in the pouches on her hips. “Looks like it’s your lucky night, boys.”

“Usagi, don’t be an airhead.” Ookami, let out a chuckle as she put her kusarigama in the holder at the small of her back. “Look we had to give you some kind of reason to attack you. We had to see for ourselves how good you guys are, so we could see if you would be able to help us. Soon as we got the marks for you and were told you guys were responsible for what happened to our parents, we did the math ourselves.”

“Wait a minute. You want our help? Help with what?” Mikey was completely confused. “Can you guys take off the masks? Your faces are hard to read and they’re creepin’ me out a little.”

“This sounds like it’s going to take a while to sort out. Maybe we should take this off of the rooftops?” Donnie was pretty certain that they were not in the safer parts of town.

“Donnie’s got a point.” Leo was trying to think of another place they could all go, somewhere they would not be interrupted.

"Put me down.” Kitsune had her head tilted slightly upward toward the red-clad turtle’s face. She had figured when the weapons were being put away he would have let her go but seeing that not being the case she was starting to get pissed off again.

“You gonna try an’ hit me again?” He raised a brow ridge at the woman he held on to and he smirked seeing the look in her eyes. He knew that look because he’s given it all too often. “Yeah, you’re gonna try an’ hit me again. We’re good right 'ere.”

“Raphael, I would put her down befo-” Tanuki did not even finish the sentence having heard a soft whistle sound. He saw the dart come from the right and was heading straight for Raphael.

“Look out!” Kitsune growled as she kicked up blocking the dart with the side of her knee, taking it from the intended target of Raph’s neck. She groaned plucking the thing off with her free hand when she put it in range. A wince came next when she realized the arm that had been forced behind her back had dislocated from her trick. She glared up at Raphael. “Put. Me. Down.”

“Alright.” Raph was grateful to her for blocking the dart so he sat her back on her feet. He could see the arm he had a hold of was now dislocated which made him feel a little bad but he was caught off guard when she stumbled a little. “Hey, woah. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. We’ve got bigger problems now. Looks like you guys have a Foot Clan infestation too.” Kitsune grabbed up both of her tessen from the ground making sure to put one away for now as they became completely surrounded. “Yo, Ookami!”

“What now?!” She caught the dart Kitsune tossed at her and her eyes widened. “You’ve got about ten minutes before you’re completely knocked out, Kitsune.”

“Thanks. I just need five.”

“Or you could sit this one out and let us deal with these jackasses.” Raphael had his sai out again and moved in front of Kitsune all but ready to fight again.

“You four are coming with us.” One of the Foot Clan members leveled their tranquilizer gun toward Tanuki who was none too happy with being surrounded. “Either willingly or unconscious your choice; Black Lotus Assassins.”

“Cough and wheeze”// Joeck Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word Count: 703

Requested: yes || Request are open

Summary: Jack has asthma and they go and play football and hides having asthma symptoms from Joe until he has an asthma attack and Joe takes care of him.


Joes pov

“Jack, do you have everything?” I asked for the millionth time. “Yessss,” Jack said to me. “Ae you sure you don’t want to take your inhaler?” I asked him. “I should be alright, want some water?” Jack asked grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. “Yes please.” He grabbed one and handed it to me. 

I not only grabbed the bottle but then grabbed his hand and pulled him close. “I love you,” I said kissing hs soft lips. He kissed back gently and smiled. “I love you too,” he said smiling wide. “Are you ready to go?” He asked. “I think so,” I said. We decide to walk instead of drive to meet the boys to play football (soccer). I pulled out my vlogging camera as we walked through the streets of London. I decided to put it back in my backpack so I could hold Jacks hand instead. He smiled as our fingers gently intertwined. 

We walked making small talk about whatever crossed our minds. I released his hand as we approached the boys to avoid teasing, even though they all knew about the relationship. We walked onto the field to see Conor, Josh, Caspar and Mikey kicking around the ball. “Finally,” Conor complained. “Piss off,” I joked. “Okay boys, who are team Captains?” Josh asked. “I say it should be the love birds,” Mikey said. Jack rolled his eyes and I gave him a dirty look. “Alright Jack is team Captain and Joe is a team Captain. RPS (rock paper scissor) for who picks first,” Conor said. 

We RPS for who went first and Jack won. I playfully frowned. “Alright first I’m going to choose Conor,” he said. “I’ll choose Casparrrr Leeee,” I said exaggerating and dragging his name out. “Hmmm I guess Mikey because Josh just kills my vibe,” Jack joked. I laughed. “Thank you for that I have the South Africans on my team,” I said.

 We played for a while and I noticed Jack had started to cough and wheeze but I didn’t acknowledge it. Jack’s team won and of course, he wouldn’t let it go. We said goodbye to the boys and we walked back to our flat. Jack had to stop a few times to catch his breath. “Are you alright?” I asked. He nodded and took deep breaths. 

As we walked into the door of our flat, he grabbed his inhaler. He took a puff and I walked to the kitchen. “Hungry babe?” I asked he nodded. I cooked us food and we got showers and chilled for the rest of the night until it was time for bed. We both were really tired so we decided to go to sleep early. We laid in bed and I ran my fingers his soft hair. His eyes were shut. “I love you,” I whispered as soft snores escaped his lips. Lightly kissing his cheek, I turned over and fell asleep.


My eyes fluttered open as the warmth of Jack’s body disappeared. I heard heavy wheezing and coughing from the bathroom. I turned on the light on the nightstand to see the clock read 3:22 am. “Jack?” I said. I stood up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to see Jack learning over the sink. “Jack?” I said louder. He coughed and continued to wheeze. 

I quickly walked into the living room and grabbed his inhaler off the table. I walked back into the bathroom. “Jack here, come sit back down and take this,” I said. He took a few puffs before going back and sitting on the bed. I sat down and he sat next to me. “Lay down babe,” I said. He laid his head on my chest, taking a few more puffs of his inhaler. I stroked the side of his head to calm him down. After a while, he returned to his usual state. “Joe,” he said. “Hm?” I replied. 

“Thank you for taking care of me. I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” I said back with a smile. “And you were right. I should have taken my inhaler,” he said. We remained quiet for a moment, “but I still kicked your ass.”


“When I was a kid, me and my brother, we used to dream. I know, right, he’s so fucking loveable, that even at the mention of his name, people cheer. Mikey Way. That’s because everybody loves Mikey Way. There are more people that love Mikey Way than love Gerard Way, and I am–I am fucking cool with that. Because he’s my sweet dear brother.”


The black void was peaceful. There was nothing there. No sound, no sight, no feelings, nothing. Just endless peace and calm. There were no distractions. No fighting. No laughing. Only a sea of stillness.

If this was the afterlife, Mikey fucking hated it. There was nothing to do here!

He had expected heaven to have a bit more action going on in it. Weren’t there legends of virgins, and everything you could ever want, and big pearly gates you had to pass a door keep to get in? Mikey got jipped if there was.

Or maybe he hadn’t done enough, and he hadn’t proven himself worthy enough to enter there and went down instead. This felt more like hell honestly. Anyone who knew Mikey knew that he hated not having anything to do. Forced inactivity was akin to making a dog sit for twenty minutes before you gave it a treat. That backside was just waiting and twitching to leap forward to grab that treat.

But this didn’t look right either. The fires were missing, the three headed dog, the lost souls and demons. And where was the dang devil himself? Mikey had a bone to pick wit him. A lot actually. Maybe he saw Mikey coming and locked the damn doors.

Great. He was in limbo between the two destinations, because no one would let him in. Eternity was gong to suck giant ass balls if that was the case.

It happened so slowly and subtly, that Mikey didn’t notice the shift at first. Noises came to him first. So many garbled mismatch smushed up underwater sounding noise began to register. Well finally. THe elevator was going either up, or down, but at least it was moving.

Or was it?

“Donnie, come look. I think I saw his finger move.”

Wait, Mikey knew that voice… And that name… Donnie? Did Leo kill him too?

Huh…. Hel-looooo! I’m over here! Donnie! Give me one of your gizmos to play with! I am sooooo bored! Wait, if mikey couldn’t see anything, does that mean he had no clothes? was he a naked ghost? Was Donnie a naked invisible ghost? Hope nobody calls the Ghostbusters…..

“What on earth are you babbling about Mikey.” 

Ghostbusters! Man… Mikey was really looking forward to that movie too. To bad they blew everything all to hell before it could come out.

“Mikey! Wake up.”

What? I can’t dude! I’m dead! Leo killed me. A brief emotion full of sadness overwhelmed him at that moment. And he could have sworn he could feel the tears slipping down his cheeks. He missed his brothers so much that he could swear he could hear Donnie calling him a dip.

“You dip! You aren’t dead so you can quit crying.”

Say what now?

Then a bright light hurt eyes that started to crack open, stinging his blue orbs as they watered and tried to blink the pain away. It took a few moments, and a lot of squinting, but his vision still swan for quite a while before he could focus in on Donnie. The taller turtle was leaning over him, a grin on his face despite the names he had been calling Mikey just a short while ago. Well wasn’t he a happy tall pickle with a purple olive on top.

“H-hey…..” Mikey croaked out. His throat dry and parched. And sore. Very, very sore. “They don’t have no virgins on the other side. Somebody lied. And dying sucks.”


I can’t WAIT to see what Mikey names his baby considering he prides himself on coming up with cool band names and his brother named his kid Bandit so he’s well aware of how high the bar has been set.

Question To All TMNT Fans...

I don’t really know when this came up, but it did. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in any episode, has Mikey ever said his brothers full names before? I don’t recall ever hearing him say Raphael, Donatello or Leonardo. What about you guys, has Mikey ever called his brothers by their full names, and if he did can you tell me what episode it was in please?

.Werewolf Michael AU

.Bonus Part

.Michael x OC

*Smut Warning

.Aven P.O.V


You had decided, after the first time you went into heat, that it was the worst possible thing about being a werewolf.

As soon as you felt that intense heat pool in between your legs towards the end of each month, you knew every minute was going to be uncomfortably unbearable until you got to Michael.

You were still working your job in retail but you had worked really hard with Michael trying to find him a job, anything to just get him started and thankfully, a tree surgery company took him on last month.

Michael wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea but you had told him it was easier to get a job once he was in a job. The best thing about it was the company had offered to give Michael a weekend training course to give him more qualifications. Of course you had urged him to go for it but by the afternoon on the Friday that he’d left, you went into heat and that sent you into immediate panic.

When it got to six o’clock you couldn’t wait any longer, surely Michael would have finished for the day by now.

You dialled his number and he picked up on the second ring.

“Good evening Beautiful.”

He sounded absolutely exhausted and you were angry at yourself for calling about such an inconvenient thing.

“Mikey, I’m so sorry but I’ve gone into heat.”

You panted down the phone and there was a brief moment of static silence before you heard your mate groan in disbelief.

“Aven… er… Oh, Fucking hell.”

He growled down the phone and you whined in response, the wolf side of you desperate for your mate’s attention.  Michael wasn’t going to be home until mid-day on Monday and you weren’t sure how much of this you could take, the longer you went without your mate, the more aroused you became.

“Can I make it to Monday?”

You asked quietly but Michael sighed heavily in response.

“…You’re going to have to Beautiful, you’re not working this weekend are you?”


You whined back, dreading the thought of aching like this for a whole weekend; you had never had to wait more than a few hours before.

“Just go and have a cold shower Aven, it will make you feel a little better I promise.”

You whined quietly but nodded your head.

“Okay… I love you Mikey, I’ll call later.”

You managed weakly before ending the call. You could feel your body itch with aching frustration but did as Michael suggested and headed for a cold shower.


By the time Monday rolled around you were just a hot grouchy, whining mess, lying flat out on top of your duvet with your clothes tossed long forgotten on the floor. You were burning and desperate and you hadn’t slept a wink last night; you couldn’t, not in the sweaty state you were in.

You had no idea what to do with yourself and you had lost a lot of your human thoughts, you felt like an animal and you could barely keep your mind straight you were that worked up, pinning for your mate’s attention.

When you eventual heard the fait ‘tick’ of the lock releasing on your front door you sat up, suddenly very aware that someone was here.

An audible groan resounded from the kitchen as something smacked onto the floor moments before a male with messy red hair rounded the corner into your room. He smelt strongly of sap cover leaves and splintered wood; a smell that you didn’t recognise at all. You half whined half growled in warning as you shuffled back, trying to put some distance between yourself and this man who insisted on prowling closer.

“It’s alright Beautiful, it’s me. I’m back now.”

His low, husky voice purred and it seemed to flick a switch of recognition in your head. Still, you instinctively backed away as he climbed on to the bed and crawled towards you, making you feel even more uncomfortable and upset.

“It’s Michael, Aven… Come here.”

His voice was gentle as he pushed himself over you, but the closer he got the stronger the horrible sappy wood smell became.

“Get off me!”

You snarled as you shoved him back but your actions were weak.

The male snarled in frustration but backed off and stormed out of the room.

Moments later you heard the faint sound of a jet running and within ten minutes he was back, his flaming red hair damp and wild and he was dressed in a fresh set of clothes. You snarled weakly as he clambered back over to you but he smelt different this time; much more familiar and the forest smell was almost gone.

“It’s me Aven… Don’t push me away, you need me and I need you.”

He whined as he nuzzled and licked against your throat and you couldn’t fight it anymore.

“I want my mate.”

You almost sobbed and Michael pulled back to look at you square on.

“Look at me.”

Michael growled and it took you a minute to properly focus on his face.

“I could smell you out on the staircase… I’m so sorry I was gone for so long, you wouldn’t be this bad if I had gotten here sooner.”

Michael nuzzled his nose lovingly against yours and you sighed as he lay a hand on your waist.


You eventually panted and your mate groaned heavily in appreciation.

“Good girl, come on… I know what you need.”

He gave you a short kiss before scrambling off the bed and stripping out of his clothes. You whined and you crawled after him but turned around once you reached the edge of the bed, poised on your hands and knees facing the wall, more than ready for him to pull you back onto his hard shaft and give you want you wanted.

You weren’t waiting long.

Michael groaned as he grabbed you by the hips and roughly pushed into you with a grunt. A relief filled gasp fell from your lips as your mate clamped his fingers over your skin and rutted into you at a quick, smooth pace.

You scrunched your hands into the sheets in an effort to try and keep yourself in place as Michael’s rough thrusts insisted on pushing you forward.

Every noise that fell from your mate’s mouth was just heaven to your ears and you wished you were closer.


His name was all you could manage to moan and you could almost hear the smirk in his voice as he panted.

Shortly, Michael loosened his grip on your hips in favour of trailing on hand around to your stomach and the other over your back. You felt him gather up as much as your long hair as he could before gently tugging it back, signalling for you to push up into a kneeling position and lean fully back against his chest. You whined as you felt his strong hand supporting your stomach whilst his other took a hold on your throat, holding you close as he sunk his teeth into the back of your shoulder, never slowing his persistent pace.

You could only lean back and pant and whine in pleasure as you let your mate handle your body for you. You covered his hand on your chest with your own as you began to feel a warmth in the pit of your abdomen build.

Michael knew you were close because you couldn’t keep yourself from clenching around his slick cock and he encouraged you right in your ear.

“Come on Beautiful, you’ve done so well… Just let go.”

You whined as you edged closer and closer. You shuffled uncomfortably but turned your face sideways towards your mates and gasped in relief as you came undone. Michael nuzzled proudly against your nose and it wasn’t long after when Michael gave you exactly what your body needed and released inside you with a hard thrust and a pleasured groan.

For the first time in three days you finally felt your body begin to relax and cool down, no longer on the edge of need and you felt yourself return back to your right mind. You were very aware of who the male behind you was and you tentatively turned in his arms to greet him with a breathless kiss.

“Mikey, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, it was like a didn’t recognise you.”

Michael shook his head before peppering your face with kisses.

“It’s not your fault Beautiful. It’s because you had to wait so long… We need to look at your patterns closer and make a note of them. That way I will never be away when you need me again.”

You blushed lightly as you nuzzled against each other, purring with complete satisfaction.

“Shall we go and wash up?”

Michael suggested and you could think of nothing better.


Michael was super excited on the day he came home with his third pay packet.

When Michael started to work you had explained to him the importance about building up and saving money, and not to go and blow it all as soon as it landed in your bank account.

You explained how to budget and how to cover unexpected costs and Michael took it all on board. The first thing he did after your talk was to write down how much he earnt a month and how much he should save. You had watched him scribble down numbers with a fond smile and before long he came to the conclusion that he would have enough to make a decent purchase on his third pay day.

He threw his bag down in the hall way, bounded into the living room where you were sat watching T.V and dived into your lap.

“Mikey! What’s happened?”

You asked, slightly taken aback but cuddling up to him anyway.

“I’ve been paid! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I’ve started and I know what I want!”

You giggled at his enthusiasm as he pecked your cheek.

“You don’t have to spend it right away Mikey.”

He grinned and shook his head, his eyes shining with excitement at he looked solely into your own.

“I know what I want.”

You blushed under his stare and he began to purr as he nuzzled warmly against you, his tone suddenly becoming rather serious.

“I want to take you out tomorrow for dinner.”

You felt your chest tighten in bashfulness.

“I don’t want you to spend your hard earned wages on me.”

Michael just laughed and shook his head.

“You told me to budget and I have. I know exactly just how much I have to spend and some of that money involves taking my beautiful mate out for dinner at a decent restaurant, so you had better find your best dress out.”

He shot you a wink and licked your lips before climbing off you and sauntering off to take a shower.


Saturday night dawned on you before you knew it and you were currently sat in front of your mirror, adding the finishing touches to your hair that you had just finished curling. You didn’t normally apply much make up but you allowed yourself a natural touch up before stepping into a sparkling but discreet silver skater dress.

After giving yourself a final check in the mirror you slipped into a pair of flat black ballet shoes and grabbed your black clutch off the bed before making your way into the living room to wait for Michael.

When he appeared about five minutes later, clad in his black skinny jeans, black laced boots, band tee and denim jacket, you couldn’t keep the blush off your cheeks; he was so handsome.

“Aven, you look absolutely beautiful.”

His tone was awe filled and you got to your feet, shyly walking over to his side and cuddling up to his warm torso.

“Are you ready to go?”

He asked, almost sounding nervous but you nodded enthusiastically as you laced your fingers together.

“Absolutely. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

You leaned up to gently peck his cheek and he smiled proudly as he lead the way out of your flat and into town.

Making good time on your walk into town, you were seated and had your dinner before you all within under half an hour.

You had never been to ‘Frankie’s’ before but your spaghetti bolognaise was the best you had tasted anywhere, apart from your mother’s, and Michael couldn’t stop complimenting his pizza.

Michael never once took his eyes off you and kept his legs placed on the outside of yours so he could occasionally knock and brush up against your bare skin.

Your mate insisted on ordering the biggest ice cream sundae on menu to share afterwards and when you saw the size of it when it came, you were grateful of Michael’s massive appetite.

You managed to eat about a tenth of the glass before placing your spoon down in defeat.

“I can’t eat any more Mikey, I’m so full.”

“Aw, come on Ave, I’ve saved you all the brownie pieces, look.”

You rolled your eyes and forced down a few more bites before holding your hands up.

“That’s it.”

Michael grinned as he licked the ice cream off his spoon in playful seductiveness and you blushed.

Once you were finished Michael paid the waitress, even after you’d insisted again that you would pay, took your hand warmly in his before heading back out into the night.

“You know the night is still young, do you want to go to a club?”

Michael asked but you sighed as you leaned up next to his side. You felt like a lead weight with all the food you had just ate and you didn’t think clubbing was a good idea.

“Not tonight Mikey, I’ll end up being sick I think.”

Michael chuckled as he kissed the top of your head and pulled you closer at the waist; he didn’t say anything as you walked back home.

Once you’d reached the car park, you felt Michael stop and hesitate. You immediately turned to look up at him but before you could ask what was wrong, he placed his hands on your hips and ushered you back, shortly coming into contact with the side of your car.

“What’s wrong Mikey?”

You asked, suddenly feeling rather concerned, but your mate just nuzzled against you with a quiet groan.

You ran your hands over his shoulders and up into his hair, causing him to whine weakly as he kissed your lips.

“Tell me…”

You whispered softly against his lips and Michael took a deep, steady breath before looking down into your eyes and asking.
“Will you marry me?”

It was your turn to hesitate before blinking in confusion. Marry him? Werewolves didn’t get married they just mated, at least that was what Michael had told you. After your confused moment had passed, you felt yourself blush as your heart fluttered in happiness.

“You told me werewolves don’t get married.”

You whispered with a smile as you nuzzled up against your mate while continuing to scratch your fingers into his hair.

“They don’t… But you’ve lived your life as a human and I’ve seen you watch those shows on television. You’ve mentioned before about weddings so surely when you were little, you dreamed of having a wedding too. I know normal werewolves don’t get married but we’re not exactly a ‘normal’ pack are we? I may not understand it all but if it will make you happy, I want to make it happen.”

It was true. You had always dreamed of your wedding day and what sort of dress you would wear. You had joked in the past and discussed in detail with your mother about what you would want for your big day, but since meeting Michael the thought had never crossed your mind.

Marriage didn’t matter as long as you were always with him, but since he had asked…

“Yes Mikey, I would love to marry you.”

You enthused with an excitable grin and Michael smiled handsomely at you before sealing your lips in a passionate, sensual kiss.

The feeling of Michael’s fingertips on your neck and jaw made you moan quietly and your mate chuckled as he pulled back to lick your bottom lip.

“…What is it that I call you now? When two people are getting married?”

You grinned again as you cuddled up close.

“So, we’re engaged and now, that makes me your fiancée...”

You explained, but quickly added.

“But I am first and foremost your mate.”

Michael smirked as he lowered his lips to your ear and accused in a low growl.

“You only prefer that because it sounds more possessive.”

You could only nod in response; he had hit the nail on the head.

Michael groaned as he ran a heated lick up your neck before nuzzling into the edge of your jaw.

“Shall we go for a run? I need to shake all this excitement off and I don’t think it would be fair to wear you out in the bedroom.”

You flushed as you nudged against your mate and pushed him back.

“You can go for a run but I don’t want to change, I can just ride you.”

Michael’s smirk twisted smugly as he pushed you back against the car.

“Oh baby, you can ride me all night long.”

“That is not what I meant!”

You tried to stifle your laugh as you wiggled away from him.

“Hurry up and change otherwise you can forget it.”

Michael glanced around to make sure no one was around as you placed your clutch bag behind your back tire for safe keeping and when you stood back up, you were greeted with a warm, furry nuzzling hug from your wolf.

You wrapped your arms around his head and pulled him close, causing him to groan.

After a few moments he crouched to the floor and you slipped around to climb onto his back, only standing straight when he was sure you were settled.

“Are you comfortable, Beautiful?”

You shuffled up a little closer to his shoulders as you ran your hands through his coarse fur.

“Yeah, I’m ready whenever you are Mikey.”

You grinned as your wolf broke into a steady jog before shifting into a flat out run, making quick work of getting through the town and into the forest and once you were in the trees, it was like you were in a different world; one where only you and your mate belonged.

Michael ploughed through the familiar path that he often traced when you were together but tonight, he took a slightly different route.

Slowing down to a prowl he pushed his ways through the tight trees before dropping down a small hill. Once he was at the bottom he rounded back on himself and you came face to face with a large den. You stilled in surprise as your eyes took in the blankets and pillows that were already tucked into the corner.

Michael groaned as he lowered his body to the floor and let you slide off.

“What’s all this?”

You asked with a smile as you stepped off the dry dirt and onto the soft blanket that was laid out on the floor.

“For you, if you still want to spend a night in a den with your wolf.”

Michael’s voice floated anxiously through your mind, you turned to see him standing a few yards away from the entrance, his head and ears low as he looked at you.

“Come here Mikey.”

You pleaded softly as you sat down towards the back, leaving more than enough space for your large wolf to step in before you. You reached up and ran your fingers into his fur down his neck, pulling your mate closer into a hug as he groaned in content.

“I do.”

You smiled and whispered against his muzzle.

Michael licked across your cheek before shuffling around to lay on his side, his back facing the outside of the den and his front facing you. You carefully lay down as well, curling up into the warmth of his body and sighing in happiness as he lay his head to your side so you were surrounded almost entirely by him.

“Are you sure we’ll be safe? I won’t be able to hear when we’re asleep”

Michael nodded his head slightly as he grumbled.

“Yeah, I scouted the area out early and I’m one hundred percent sure we’ll be okay. Anyone trying to come between a wolf and his mate must have a death wish; I won’t let anything hurt you.”

He gave you a warm lick again and you blushed as you cuddled further into his warmth.

Even though the position you were in now wasn’t exactly what you had imagined when you had painted the wolf mural in Kerry’s café, it was so much better than you had imagined.

As you lay in warmth, brushing your knuckles soothingly against the soft fur before you and gazing into Michael’s lush green eyes, you felt complete.

“Thank you, for saving me…”


You simultaneously brushed against each other as your mate purred in loving affection. You closed your eyes as you felt your mate shift begin to shift. You shuffled backwards a little to give him some room but once he was back in his human body he crawled on top of you, sealing your lips in a hungry kiss.

Your tongues fought for dominance but in the end, Michael won and celebrated with a triumphant nip to your lower lip.

“I love you, Aven.”

Michael growled proudly as he caressed your cheek, and you closed your eyes as leaned into his touch.

Your mate removed his jacket and placed it comfortably over your shoulder before laying down next to you. You snuggled happily against his chest and when you looked up to see his smug, adorable grin you melted.

“I love you too, Mikey.”

His eyes sparkled at your confession as he reached around for one of the blankets to throw over your bodies.

After a while you removed your hearing aids and placed them in the safety of Michael’s jacket pocket, going deaf to the world and feeling just slightly more alone without any background noise.

“…Don’t be afraid.”

Michael purred as he spoke to your mind, catching you by surprise. Michael talking to your mind without your hearing aids in was something that you had never tried before.

His breath was calming and his licks soothing as he comforted you and your smile was wide as you realised that you weren’t really alone at all.

“I’ll always keep you safe…”


fall out boy albums, a summary
  • Take This To Your Grave: Bby fall out boy's first album and the national anthem is on here
  • From Under The Corktree: you can smell the eyeliner and sideburns
  • Infinity on High: Hi my name's Pete Wentz and this is my gay summer romance with Mikey Way
  • Folie a Deux: cryptic af, best album af
  • Save Rock and Roll: *back in black plays in background*
  • American Beauty/American Ps*cho: Fall Out Boy! Less cryptic more memes! Bonus: low-key petekey vibes!