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Totally Spies

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Spit Or Swallow

Requested: No

Pairing: Gerard x Reader x Frank 

Warning: Smut, Fluff

   Gerard held your hands in his and rubbed soft circles with his thumb.

   “I leave in two days.” He said softly. You sniffled a little and smiled.

   “I’m excited for you. Really. It’s not like we were dating or anything.” You said pulling your hands away to wipe your eyes. “I’m glad you got into collage. And a good one too.” You said warming your hands with the coffee in front of you. Your gaze wandered around the small cafe you and Gerard visited frequently. Best friends with benifits. Thats what he called your relationship. You chuckled a little and he smiled at you.


   “I’m just gonna miss you. And you’re the best lay I’ve ever had.” You said laughing a little. He rolled his eyes and grinned.

   “Same to you. No one will ever know how to push my buttons like you do.” He said making you giggle.

   After another hour of banter it was time to leave. You said your goodbyes. The last time you saw Gerard was as he drove away towards New York, off to college.

   You pulled your cropped School Of Visual Arts sweater down a little as you walked into the bar. An old fling sent it to you one of the few times he’d mailed you stuff from college. You looked over the current contense of the bar. The usual. No one new. No one interesting. Except there were some people on stage this time. Live bands in these local dive bars never particularly interested you. You watched the loud performance for a few seconds as you waited to get the bartenders attention. The bassist looked familiar. You couldn’t tell why. You might know him? Michael? Mitchell? Doesn’t matter. The guitarist was cute. He was shorter than most guys you’d liked. He had dark hair. The lighting of this bar sucked. From what you could see of his face he was attractive. You glanced once over and the lead singer. His back was to you and he was on his knees yelling into the mic. His presence sent a pang of familiarity through you but the bartender interrupted your thoughts. You ordered your drink and waited as he prepared it. When he was done you took the Jack and Coke and sipped it slowly. You downed another one and after a few minutes you felt someone brush past you and stand next to you. You turned to see the sweaty guitarist. He looked at you a smirked.

   “I’m Frank.” He said looking you over. You smiled slyly.

   “Well Frankie, I’m Y/N.” You said swirling the ice left in your glass. He quirked and eyebrow and smiled showing surprisingly nice and white teeth. 

   “Frankie? Well aren’t you bold? What are you up to tonight?” He asked placing a hand on the small of your bare back. His warm hand set your skin ablaze. 

   “Nothing yet.” You said playfully placing your hand on his chest. He looked down at your hand and then back up at you. He reached up and grasped it with his own. Without a word he gently pulled you off the bar stool and towards the backrooms behind the stage. He pushed you into the first unlocked and empty one. You glanced around the surprisingly clean bathroom. He pushed you against the cold tile and roughly pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and tugged. He moaned and dug his nails into your hips. He loosened his grip trailed one hand up your bare stomach and kneeded at your bra clad breast. You whimpered and he smirked against your lips. He pulled away and you flicked your gaze from his kiss bruised lips to his lust blown eyes. He helped you pull your sweater off and unclasp your bra. He leaned down and began sucking on your neck amd he toyed with your nipple. His rough hands groped at you and you felt him rub his erection against your thigh. You reached down and palmed him through his jeans and he groaned against your skin.

   “Suck me off.” He said pulling away from you. You dropped to your knees quickly and began undoing his belt when the door flew open. 

   “Hey we’re busy!” Frank yelled at the guy who stood in the door way. You caught a flash of his black hair and pale skin as he shielded his eyes. The man chuckled and smiled.

   “Sorry man I-” He started before dropping his hand and making brief eye contact. You started at each other in shock and horror. 

   “Gerard?” You asked frozen in place. Here you were, topless and on your knees with someone who you assumed to be Gerards friend. And this also happens to be the first time you see him in years. 

   “Y/N?” He asked softly. He looked good. Better. He was taller. Slimmer. His features were gaunt. Vampire like even. Frank looked between the two you and pulled up his pants.

   “You know eachother?” He asked as you hurried to your feet and covered yourself with the old sweater, Gerards sweater. Gerard gave a nervous chuckle.

   “Yeah. We used to fuck.” He said diverting his gaze to Frank.

   “Yeah.” Is all you could muster out. You looked over him again and noticed his erection. He got hard. Seeing you about to suck off his friend. Same old Gerard. Into just about everything.

   “Oh. Then I think I should go.” Frank said clearing his throat.

   “No.” Gerard said quickly. You and Frank looked at him in confusion. “It’s fine. You can go on. I’ll piss somewhere else.” He said giving you a small nod and leaving. You and Frank looked at each other and you shrugged, ignoring the growing pit in your stomach.

   “Let’s go somewhere else.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on.

   “If you want. My place is down the street.” He said buckling his belt and putting his hands in his pockets. You nodded and slipped on the sweatshirt.

   “Yeah sure. Lets go.” You said taking his hand and leading him out of the bathroom. On the journey put of the bar you passed an open green room. One guy darted out.

   “Frank.” He called out. You both turned to look at him and your stomach flipped. Mikey. That’s his name. He was also Gerards younger brother. Mikey looked at you and cocked his head. You waved a little and Frank waited impatiently for him to finish his thought.

   “What?” He asked.

   “Oh yeah. Um Ray says he needs you back by 10 tomorrow.” He said trying not to stare at you too long. Frank nodded and said a small thanks before continuing to lead you out and to his car. You got in and he reved the engine to life. The car ride was silent and tense. You could feel how hesitant Frank was to fuck you now. You and Gerard had an obvious past. He pulled up to an apartment building and one of his neighbors buzzed you in at the door. Once inside his place Gerard had seemed to be forgotten. Upon closing the door he’d pressed you against the wall and had you shirtless. He attacked your lips again and rutted his hips against yours. You worked on his buckle and he undid your jeans. You shimmed out of them and pulled away from him. You took off your bra as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. He ran a hand through your hair and tugged on it, exposing more of your neck. He sucked harshly making you cry out in pleasure. He placed his hands on your hips and ran his thumbs over the waistband of your panties. He ran one hand down your stomach and slipped it in. You shivered as he used two fingers to spread your folds. He ran them across your slit and and hummed against your neck. He pushed them in and you bucked your hips. He pumped them rapidly and used his thumb to rub your clit. Something Gerard knew you weren’t particular fond of. Gerard knew every button to push. But this wasn’t Gerard. It was his friend, Frank. He pulled away and placed his arms around your waist and you placed yours around his neck. He slapped your ass lightly, signally you to jump. As you did so he adjusted his grip to your thighs and carried you towards what you pressumed to be his bedroom. He kicked the door gently open and took you to the bed. He dropped you down and slipped out of his boxers. He got a condom from his bedside table and rolled it on his painfully erect dick. He got in position above you and you wrapped your legs around his waist giving his better access. He pushed in slowly and gave you a few seconds to adjust. He began rocking his hips gradually gaining speed. You dug your nails into his back and he took the hint, slamming into you harder and faster. It felt good. Not great. Not Gerard. Every touch touch, every brush was deliberate with him. Thinking about Gerard pulled you from reality. A few moments later Frank came cursing. He pulled out and you laid there for a second, taking a deep breath. Having thrown away the condom, Frank laid next to you and sighed.

   “You didn’t finish.” He said. You looked over at him at shrugged.

   “Don’t worry about it.” You said sitting up.

   “Is it because of Gee?” He asked. There was no anger or even sadness in his voice. Just curiosity. Your eyes widened a little.

   “What?” You asked faining confusion. He rolled his eyes.

   “There’s no way you guys just fucked a few times and that was the end. Gee was shaken up seeing you. Even Mikey. And you were wearing one of his college sweaters.” Frank said getting up and pulling on his boxers. He tossed you your panties and you slipped them on.

   “That was a while ago. It’s nothing now. He probably forgot about me until tonight. I’m not worried about it.” You lied. He cocked and eyebrow and you watched him leave the room. He came back moments later with his phone in his hand. You watched him text someone quickly. You looked at him questioningly and he smirked.

   “Don’t worry.” He said simply. You watched him skeptically as he placed his phone on the dresser and sat down next to you. “You’ll see.” He said leaning in and kissing you more gently. He placed a hand on your hip and the other toyed with your nipple. You moaned softly into his mouth and began tugging at his hair again. He groaned and pushed you on your back. He trailed kisses over the hickeys he’d previously left and ran the pads of his thumbs over your skin. *Buzz*

   Someone was asking to be buzzed in. Frank smirked against your neck and got up. He shot you a sly grin and told you to wait. He closed the door behind him and you waited patiently on the bed. You toyed with your hands and jumped a little when the door opened again. You looked up to see Frank accompanied by Gerard. Your jaw dropped a little and Gerard smiled.

   “We never got to properly say our hellos did we?” He asked licking his lips and looking over your mostly naked frame. He shrugged off his leather jacket and placed it over the back of the chair in the corner. You nodded. He chuckled and sat down in the chair. Frank sat down on the bed next to you and you gave him a ‘What the hell’ look. He smiled and watched Gerard expectantly. He got up and stood in front of you. He bent down and took your face in his hand. “I hear he didn’t make you cum.” He said cooly. You watched Gerards eyes glint as he looked down at your kiss swollen lips. “Because you were thinking about me. You know thats quite rude. I think you should apologize.” He said leaning in closer to where his lips barely ghosted over yours. “Suck his cock.” He commanded letting go of you. You stared at him and nodded.

   “Yes sir.” You said turning to Frank and palming at his already hard dick. He watched you with fascination as you pulled him from his confinements. You bent down, sticking your ass in the air, and took him into your mouth. He shuttered a little and you began bobing your head.

   “Oh- fuck.” Frank groaned tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling your farther down. You relaxed your throat and let him. You felt two hands on your hips. Gerard dragged your panties down and let them fall around your knees.

   “Still as pretty as the last time I fucked you.” He cooed. You wiggled your ass a little to tease him. He tssked and spanked you. He moved to lay on his stomach facing you with his chin in his hands. “I think you’re forgetting this is punishment kitten. But you love this don’t you?” He asked whipping away your running mascara as Frank thrusted upwards into your mouth. He tightened his grip in your hair and shoved your head down so your nose touched his pelvis. He shuttered as he came in your mouth. You tighted your lips around him and pulled off slowly with a pop. You sat up and looked at him expectantly. “Spit or swallow?” Gerard asked. Frank cocked his head to the side. 

    “Swallow.” He said. You obeyed and he watched you in awe. Gerard rubbed your cheek affectionately.

   “You’ve been great kitten. Now I’ll make you cum like you havent in years.“ He said. You quickly laid down next to Frank who watched your every move. He ran a tumb over your nipple and over your stomach and looked at Gerard.

   “You really have a hold on her don’t you?” He asked smiling as he felt your now errect nipple as he graced over it again. Gerard smiled proudly.

   “It’s beem a few years but she still knows who fucks her best.” He said placing a hand on your thigh. “She knows I know her better than anyone. I can make her squirt whenever I want. Make her scream.” He said fondly running his hand up and leaving it at the apex of your thighs. Frank quirked and eyebrow.

   “You can make her squirt?” He asked looking down at you and smiling. Gerard nodded and grinned. You took his hand that rested next to you and took two fingers into your mouth. He licked his lips and watched as you took his fingers from your mouth. You looked down to see Gerard spreding your legs apart and popped the fingers out of your mouth. You watched him dip between your legs and level himself with your heat. You dropped a hand down and into his hair tugging him closer. He chuckled and licked a thick stripe up your heat and bumped against your clit. You cried out and gripped his hair tighter. You looked up at Frank who moved to suck on your nipple and rolled the other between his fingers. You moaned and pushed towards Gerard. He smirked against you and wrote his name with his tounge on your clit. Your eyes rolled and Frank gave the same attention to the other bud. Frank sat up and looked down at your slightly open mouth and attacked your lips in a needy kiss. He bit at your lip and placed a hand on your hip. You removed your hands from Gerards hair and gripped Franks bicep. Gerard sucked harshly on your clit and your thighs clamped down on his head. He held tightly to your legs as came close to the edge. When he felt you tense he stopped. You whined at the painful cease of contact. Frank pulled away and tugged your lip between his teeth. You looked down at Gerard who just smiled at you. You dropped your head back down on the pillow.

   “Please Gerard.” You begged. He moved to sit across from Frank and rubbed your cheek softly.

   “Sorry doll. Frank wants to see how pretty you look when you squirt. You’re doing amazing.” He praised leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss. You missed how warm and inviting he was. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him closer. You felt Frank move between your legs and gently tease your entrance with his fingers. You shuddered and scooted towards him. You heard him chuckle and push two fingers into you. You moaned into Gerards mouth and placed a hand on his thigh. You ran it over his zipper and pulled it down. He helped you push his jeans out of the way and pull out his erect dick. You ran your thumb over his slit and spread precum over his tip. He pulled away leaving a trail of spit connecting your mouths. You propped yourself up and took him into your mouth. He gasp softly and sat back as you began bobbing your head. Frank began pumping in and out faster making you squirm. You moaned around Gerard making him buck his hips. You took him deeper and flattened your tounge against the underside of him. He pushed your head down more and you gagged. Frank flicked your clit with his tounge and your body jolted. You pulled Gerard out of your mouth and began jacking him off with your hand. He looked down at you and watch your face contourt in pleasure as Frank hit your g-spot. You pumped Gerard faster and looked up at him. He gave you a hazy smile and you took the tip back in your mouth. He moaned and pushed your head down again and held you there as he came in your mouth. You slowly pulled off of him and swallowed. Frank hit your g-spot again and you cried out urging him to continue. He hit it again and again until your vision went black. A few seconds later you slowly came to and saw Gerard smiling at you. You looked down at Frank who was looking down at the soaked sheets. Gerard leaned down and kissed your forehead.

   “Good girl.” He said helping you sit up. You rested your head on his shoulder and he rubbed your shoulder softly. Frank stood up and stretched. You looked at his fully erect dick.

   “Do you want me to-” He cut you off with a laugh.

   “No don’t worry. I can do that later. You’ve done enough to night.” He said finding his boxers and pulling them on. You stood up and rubbed the back of your neck a little as you began the search for your clothes. Gerard zipped his pants up and picked up your sweater. He looked down at the faded logo and chuckled.

   “You kept this? After all these years?” He asked as you took it back and out it on.

   “Hah. Yeah I did. I couldn’t have gotten rid of it if I wanted to.” You said slipping on your panties and reaching for your pants. You pulled them on and turned back to Gerard. “Wanna drive me home?” You asked. He nodded.

   “Sure. Same place?” He asked picking up his jacket.

   “Of course.” You said turning to Frank who sat on his bed still only in his boxers. “And it was nice meeting you Frank. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.” He stood up and hugged up.

   “Can’t wait.” He said slyly. You laughed and he showed you and Gerard to the door.

   Once back down on the street you followed Gerard to his car. You got in and he paused before starting the car.

   “What? Did you leave something?” You asked. He shook his head.

   “No. I just missed you.” He said starting the car and driving down the street.

   “Well we should get coffee tomorrow. Catch up. I’m sure a lots happened with you.” You said watching the street lights go by.

   “Yeah.” He said quietly. The rest if the car ride was silent. He pulled into front of your apartment building. You walked up the stairs in quiet. You unlocked your door and turned to say goodnight to Gerard.

   “Well. It was nice seeing you.” He said pulling you into a hug. You burried your face into his shoulder and stood there for a moment. With his chin on your head he mumbled “I don’t want to let go.” He said laughing at himself. You laughed and pulled away.

   “You could come in?” You offered. He smiled and walked you backwards into the apartment and kicked the door closed with his heel. He kissed you softly and you pushed off his jacket. He placed his hands on your lower back and pushed up your sweater. He softly trailed his fingers over your skin and you pulled away breathlessly.

   “Bedroom.” You said. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to your room and dropped you down on your bed. He hovered over you and leaned down to whisper in your ear.

   “I’ve been waiting to have you to myself when I saw you on your knees in that bathroom.” You chuckled and kissed his nose 

   “Well then this is your wish come true isn’t it?”

   “Damn right.” He growled and attacked your lips again.

   Later that night you lied in bed next to Gerard, sharing a cigarette. He wrapped a sweaty arm around you.

   “I’m glad we ran into eachother.” You said turning into his side and closing your eyes. He nodded and took a final drag from his cig.

   “Me too.” He said stubbing it in the ashtray next to him and shutting his eyes.

   “Goodnight.” You said quietly He hummed in response and left it at that letting you both fall asleep in silence.

Headcanon that when Yuu’s being annoying (aka trying to get Mika’s attention when he’s clearly focused on something else) he’ll start using irritating variations of his name like


And so on until Mika finally snaps

#2 5sos preference : You are drunk


Ashton was trying to keep you steady as you kept stumbling while trying to attempt walking.

“You are pretty” you poked his nose

“ But my boyfriend is the prettiest"you gigled.

“Really? tell me about him” he said as you stumbled through your shared bed room.“He has this smile so adorable with his cute dimples….and he has strong arms .He is sweet person.He is so cute …oh yeah and he has bouncy and fluffy hair” you continued .

“And he is a drummer!” you exclaimed. He chuckled and placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You will be jealous,he is so beautiful,my Ashton” you yawned.

“Good night ,cutie” he kissed your cheek drifting into sleep with you in his arms.


Your friend knocked yours and Luke’s apartment door with her arm around your shoulder.Luke opened revealing other three boys.

“she is completely drunk,have fun” with that she left.

“Hey Lukey!” you almost hit your face in the floor but Luke grabbed you.

“Oh my god! y/n” Michael laughed and helped you get up.“Luke,is this your girlfriend? She is really beautiful! ” you giggled making Ash and Cal laugh.

Luke shook his head and carried you bridal style.“do you want to know a secret?” you whispered.“what babe?” he asked.“you are a Giraffe Luke!” you laughed as it was a big joke.

“You are adorable” he kissed your cheek still keeping you in his hands. He put you in bed.

“sleep babe” he kissed you and left the room.


“Cal, can you pick me up? ” you slurred in your phone.

“sure babe. I’ll be there in ten minutes” he hung up. You really enjoyed your friend’s birthday party. By the time Cal saw you, you tried to remove your shirt and started to dance. Cal immediately reached you and pulled your shirt down.

“I want another one! "you yelled. "no y/n” he grabbed you by your waist. “I wanna drink ” you bawled.

“Babe, please”  he sighed. “No! ” you screamed. Everyone turned their heads towards you.

“sorry” Calum apologized. “y/n, come on we are leaving” he said patiently. You shook your head “ I don’t wanna”  you continued. He picked you up and walked towards the door.

When you guys reached home, he picked you up bridal style. “Cal, I’m gonn-” you puked in his shirt. “ Sowwy Cal” you started to cry.

“Don’t cry babe, it’s just a shirt,  its okay y/n” he removed the shirt and changed into another. He helped you change into your Pj’s and washed your face and helped you brush your teeth.

“You are never getting drunk again” he sighed. Man, you were handful. “wuv you Cal” you tried to kiss his lips but managed to kiss his eyelids. He couldn’t help but smile.

“ Love you too, y/n” he kissed your temple.

Michael :

“ Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey! ” you continued to shout his name.

“y/n , what’s wrong? ” he asked with concern. “Michael, will you be my boyfriend? ” you asked in serious tone. He burst into laughter.

“ I’m your boyfriend ” he kissed you. “ really? "you smiled. ” that was easy” you hugged him.

“ I’m gonna buy her some meds for her headache tomorrow. Guys, take care of her” he said to the other boys. They nodded and he left.

When you realized Michael wasn’t there you began to cry. The boys tried to calm you down but you continued to cry. When Michael entered the door, you stopped crying. “Dude, she didn’t stop her crying the moment you left ” Luke said to Michael.

“y/n, let’s go to sleep, yeah? ” he said to you as if you were a small child. “only if you stay” you pouted.

“ Mikey, she is so cute” Calum cooed earning a glare from Michael. You jumped into bed. Michael went to change. “Mikey stay! ” you shouted. “Let me change. I’ll be back” he kissed your forehead.

When he laid down next to you, you clung to him. You blabbered randomly for a while. Michael nodded and listened patiently. You finally went to deep slumber.

“clingy baby” he kissed your forehead and began to sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hey so if you call Mic ‘Mick’... wouldn’t his full name be like Mickey lmao

Actually it wouldn’t be Mickey just because I call him Mic lmao it’s just my accent and way of speaking from growing up in my country

But here’s the thing… everyone calls him Mic but did you know??? His real name ain’t Mic or Mikey. He’s just used to people assuming and calling him that he went ‘oh well, sure’ and going along with it that it got stuck as his ‘real’ name.

He’s way too fond of it to let it go👌 he pretty much considers it his name now. He’s just so used to it, Mic wouldn’t even or forget to respond his actual given name

Rooftops: Mikey x Reader


Requested by: Anonymous

Hello (⌒▽⌒) god I absolutely love you and your blog! Your an awesome writer! ♥‿♥ if it’s not to much trouble could you please write a Mikey x reader were the reader is on the roof playing video games on there laptop or something and he’s watching there cute reaction and then he trips and reveals himself but there super chill and invites him to play or chill with them please? Is this to pacific? I don’t want to pressure you I just thought this would be cute 😂

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The Ghost Of You

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “okay! can i request a non-sad oneshot about ghost!reader and revenge gee? i dont have any specific ideas in mind so anything is good! xx”

A/N: Not sure if I delivered on “non-sad”, but here ya go. 

“Wow, this venue looks like it’s really old,” commented a loud voice, drawing your attention.

So another group of musicians had come to the place you had called home since your death. There hadn’t been a show here in a while. The throng of young, living people here for the concert tonight would certainly make your haunt less lonely.

“Yeah, this bar was originally a speakeasy in the 1920’s,” the owner of the building said informatively as he unlocked the door.

“That’s so cool,” another voice said excitedly. “So, why isn’t this space used more often?”

“Well,” the owner confessed as he opened the door, throwing bright sunlight into your dusty abode, “some people say it’s haunted.”

“…..Haunted?” repeated the first speaker as he walked in. He was an oddly dressed man, with a partially shaved head and a bulletproof vest. Was this the fashion in the land of the living nowadays?

“Yeah,” the owner said nervously, entering second. “Why, does that make you want to reconsider performing here tonight?”

“Not at all,” grinned the second man you’d heard speak, and your eyes widened when you saw how handsome he was. He had long, black hair, and he wore a black suit with a red tie that was much more in line with the fashions you remembered. “We all love horror movies, so haunted’s a plus!”

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Mikey Meets Your Child

Request/Prompt:: It’s okay if not, but would you mind doing a fic (after the current one of course! I love it so far!) of Mikey’s gf of a few months inviting him over for the first time and introducing him to her toddler she hadn’t mentioned before?

No warnings. Just Mikey cuteness.

Glancing at the clock, you curled your lip between your teeth and began nibbling on it nervously. Today had been a day of major screw ups. You had gotten into an argument with your boss, which was totally his fault of course. You had forgotten your lunch at your flat which meant going out during rush hour traffic in the middle of Manhattan for food, in turn that put you late getting back to the office which ended up in your boss again treating you like shit.

After eight hours of that torture you just didn’t feel like doing anything but getting a nice long bath in your tub and curling up with your favite tot. However tonight you had a date with your boyfriend of three months, Mikey. You two had met through a high school friend, Casey Jones. Honestly, you were terrified when you met the turtles but once you got to know them, you didn’t see giant mutant turtles. You saw them as people, your friends. When Mikey shyly asked you out, well, asked you to join him for a moonlit pizza date, you couldn’t refuse. You had developed a little bit of a crush on the orange clad ninja.

Everything after that was history. You two instantly clicked and took off like wildfire. Normally after a hard day, you’d call Mikey or go visit him. He knew just what to do and say to get you smiling and giggling, but tonight….tonight You just weren’t up for it. You pulled out your phone and began typing away.

As You locked your phone, you tossed it to the table and instantly began to worry. He was coming, he was coming over and you had still not told him your biggest secret.

“Mama!” A small voice pulled you from your thoughts. You instantly smiled and glanced down at your three year old son, Joel. “Mama I colored you a picture!” He beamed holding up the sloppily done picture of a dog….a purple and blue dog to be precise.

You groaned and scooped up your boy, carefully taking the picture to examine it. “My little artist.” You chuckled, leaning in to nuzzle your nose against his cheek, gaining a loud giggle from him as his tiny hands tried to push you away. “Now where should we put this master piece?” You hummed in thought while glancing around your kitchen.

“The fridge, Mama! We always put stuffs there.” He pointed towards the fridge that was indeed covered in your child’s precious art work.

“Of course, how could I forget.” You chuckled walking over to refrigerator, using a small letter magnet to hang the picture next to the many, many others. You smiled and looked over the art. It was a funny turn of events that both the men in your life were both big into art. “Okay, Bud. Listen. Mama’s got a friend coming over tonight and I want you to meet him.”

Joel looked at you with a confused look and tilted his head. “He stay for supper?”

You nodded, sitting your boy carefully on the kitchen counter. “Yes, knowing him he’s gonna bring….” You paused for dramatic effect, almost busting out into laughter as you watched your son’s eyes grow to the size of plates while he waited for you to continue. “PIZZA!” You yelled in excitement.

“I LOVE PIZZA!” Joel screamed.

“I know! Mikey’s bringing pizza but I want you to know something. Mikey is different from other people. He’s funny, sweet and loves to play games of all kinds. You’re gonna love him but he doesn’t look like us.” You tried to explain. You knew this would be a shock for Mikey but you didn’t want your son to run scared of him. One that would be awful for your poor son, but you knew Mikey was very sensitive about people thinking he was a “monster”.

“What he look like?” Picking at his pants, Joel studied your face with great interest.

“Well,” You paused, rubbing the back of your neck, “he looks like a giant turtle.”

Joel gasped loudly that took you by surprise. “He’s green?! Turtles are my favorite, turtles, lions, donkeys, fishes…but I like turtles the mostest.”

With wide eyes, you glanced down at your boy with a shocked expression. This was not the reaction you had expected. A part of you wondered if he just didn’t grasp exactly what you were trying to tell him. You opened your mouth to speak but we’re cut off by a light tapping on your window. Your stomach instantly began doing flips. This was it. “He’s here. I want you to wait in here until I come get you okay?”

“I hide?” Joel asked excitedly as you places him gently on the floor.

“ Yes, you hide until I come back.” You chuckled kissing his cheek before turning and rushing into the living room. This was it. Mikey would either be pissed at you for keeping your child a secret for so long, or he’d freak out saying this was too much and he didn’t want to deal with a kid now since he was only in his early twenties, or he’d be completely thrilled and want to bond with your kid. Those were the scenarios that were running through your mind as you opened up the window to let Mikey inside.

Mikey climbed in through the window and as you expected, he had a large pizza box in his grasp and a backpack slung over his shoulders. “ Hey, babydoll.” He smiled, leaning in to peck your lips lightly. “I brought comfort food and in this bag of goodness, are many movies and candies that brighten anyone’s day.” You smiled and watched as Mikey started to make his way towards the kitchen to lay down the delicious smelling pie.

“Wait!” You screeched, reaching out to grab his bicep before he could move another inch.

Turning his attention to you, Mikey frowned, flopping the pizza box down on the coffee table. “What’s wrong, babe?” His voice was laced with concern having never heard you yell like that before. His large green hands took hold of your waist and pulled you closer to him, a natural reflex of his.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” You spoke with a shaky breath, your fingers moving to trail up his plastron. “I haven’t been one hundred and ten percent honest with you about why I can’t let you stay the night or why I can’t stay the night at your place.”

You watched as Mikey’s face hardened, his mind automatically coming to the worst case scenario, another man! “You cheating on me, Y/N?” He asked, slowly peeling himself away from you. “Can’t say I’m surprised. Just look at me.” His defense went into immediate start up mode.

“What?” You nearly gasped. “No! God no, baby.” You were quick to cut him off by cupping his face in your hands, kissing his snout lightly. “I’d never cheat on you, but there is another man who lives here with me and he’s here now.”

Mikey tensed up slightly. “Then I should go…” He muttered slowly peeling himself away from you.

“No, Mikey, this is different. I really want you to meet him. Just, don’t freakout or he’ll freakout and then I will too.”

“I dunno, Y/N.” You could hear the nervousness in Mikey’s voice as he began to fidget with his hands. You stole another kiss and begged him to trust you. It took a few more moments and kisses of persuasion before the young turtle finally gave in and sat down nervously on the couch.

You ran into the kitchen to find your son hiding under the table. “Joel,” You smiled holding out your hand. Your boy scrambled to his feet and placed his tiny hand in yours. “Remember the turtle thing?” You asked to remind him not to freak out. Joel nodded silently and with his free hand he gripped onto your pants nervously.

Slowly and cautiously, you walked Joel into the living room, glancing up at Mikey who’s jaw went slack when he saw the tiny person walk out with you, clinging to your legs. “Joel, this is Mikey, mama’s friend.” You spoke in a chipper voice as your son peeked out nervously towards the giant turtle sitting on the couch. “Mikey, this is Joel. My son.” Your eyes went between Joel and Mikey, Joel to see if he was frightened and Mikey to see if he showed any signs of anger.

“H-Hey, little dude,” Mikey started after gulping, “I, uh, I brought pizza. Do you like pizza?” Scrambling, Mikey picked back up the box and opened it up for the kid to see the steaming pepperoni and cheese pizza.

You nudged Joel to get a reaction from him, shocking you, he dropped your hand and slowly walked over to Mikey. Once he got within arms reach of the pizza, you laughed as he slowly took a slice, not once letting his eyes fall off Mikey. “Yous a turtle?” He asked softly before taking a nibble of his pizza.

Mikey smiled, clearly relieved that your kid didn’t scream and cry. “Yeah, little dude. I’m a real turtle. Got three bros too.”

Joel smiled and climbed up on the couch next to Mikey. “They turtles? I like turtles. I like pizza too!”

“You’re my kinda man, kiddo!” Mikey laughed as you walked over to sit down next to Joel, kissing the top of his head. “I love being a turtle and pizza is the best thing in the world! Ya know, if you like turtles so much I could give you one of your own. He’s big and his name is Raph–”

“Mikey!” You playfully scolded, reaching over to pop him on the arm.

Joel giggled as Mikey laughed and rubbed his arm. “Sorry, babe. Can’t blame me for trying.”

After that, your crappy day had morphed into the best night of your life. Mikey and Joel became the best of friends and watched cartoons together while coloring, all laid out on your living room floor. Mikey had stolen a kiss while Joel ran to his room to fetch more coloring books. “You must like me a lot to introduce me to your kid.” He beamed as he nuzzled your neck.

“I do, Mikey. I trust you enough to let you near the most precious thing in my life.” You blushed, hugging him close to your body.

“I love ya, Baby doll. I promise I’m gonna protect both you.”

Once Joel returned you watched the two bond for what felt like hours before hopping up. “Who wants some ice cream?” You asked, picking up the now empty pizza box. You giggled as both Mikey and Joel raised their hands and hollered excitedly.

While in the kitchen, while you were busy putting together three ice cream Sundays, you listened in on Mikey and Joel talking and laughing. You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face until you heard it…..the thing no mother ever wants to hear being told to their toddler.

“Now these, little dude, are called Nunchucks..”

Your eyes went wide and you bolted right back into to the living room, “MIKEY!”