his name is lucian

Arranged to be Wed || @charmed-redemption


“This is so stupid, just because our kingdoms are fighting we have to be suitors to the enemy..he better be handsome or polite” Lucian huffed as he sat across from his cousins he had been complaining the whole carriage ride there while James stared out the window fidgeting with a trinket he had made his potential husband if he was chosen he would give it to the other.

“Cease your complaining Lucian its unbecoming and gives our family a bad name” Desmond scolded glaring at his cousin.

“Ugh whatever” Lucian whined giving an exaggerated sigh.

Unexpected Visitor


The amnesiac frowned as he looked to his left metal arm. Why did he have metal limbs? He had yet to figure that out, as well as many other things including his name (as Lucian Argon, he was sure, was not his real name, even if it was close enough for now). 

And all these scars, all….all over the left side of his body. It didn’t feel right. No….it did. In a strange way. He had these before he ended up in this town, this..Storybrooke. It was strange for him. He’d gotten released form the hospital just hours ago and he thought it would be good (after getting a place to stay at for now) to examine himself closely, literally, to see if he could remember who he was. But that only brought several more questions about himself that he had no answers for.

As he began hearing footsteps approaching his door, he quickly re-buttoned his shirt and threw on his waistcoat, buttoning it up as his tailcoat still hung off the nearby chair. In a few strides he approached the door, opening it and blinking once in surprise to see a young boy.

“May I help you?” He started, adjusting the large eyepatch over the left side of his face with his metal hand. Perhaps the boy was one of the numerous residents of this town…why was he here?