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Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU Masterlist (2)

it’s in the way that he moves -  The one where Viktor is a world renowned quidditch star who returns to Hogwarts with every intention of sitting his NEWTs and nothing else and Yuuri is a talented seeker who quits his house team after losing the house cup who has absolutely no intentions of returning to the sport.

Jolly Yule Time -  First, Yuri had his name announced that he’s participating in the Triwizard Tournament, and gone through a near death-experience. An introvert person and never have the confidence in himself, Yuri wasn’t sure if he’s going to win. While moping about the whole Tournament going on, he failed to realize the upcoming Yule Ball and what a surprise he has Victor Nikiforov, a fellow champion hailed from Durmstrang asked him to be his date for the ball. If only the Invisibility Cloak exist because it’s the right time for him to hide himself.

Love in the Air - The flyer was a beautiful motion of speed and grace. He flew with ease, long silver hair trailing in the wind like moonlight. Moonlight! In the bright of day, Yuuri had marvelled.Hogwarts AU : Yuuri, a reserved Hufflepuff, was inspired to fly by one Viktor Nikiforov.

Love in the Air -  Victor Nikiforov finds himself distracted in Potions class by thoughts of a certain Hufflepuff he’s come to know.

Magic & Ice -  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has begun accepting NEWT transfer students. For 5th year Yuuri Katsuki it’s a dream come true, and a chance for his to find his place in the world, both on the ice and off.

Magic on Ice - Yuuri’s first accidental magic took the form of a miniature snowstorm in his room. By the time his parents realised something was off, Yuuri’s bedroom was one feet deep in magical snow. Yuuri was only five years old, at the time.Then, one day, upon returning home from school, he found an owl perched on the windowsill in his bedroom. It had brought him a letter.And the rest… was history.(( In which Katsuki Yuuri grows up in Hogwarts, gets involved in all sorts of shenanigans and eventually meets his quidditch idol, Victor Nikiforov - not necessarily in that order. ))

Magiya -  The thing about Yuri Plisetsky was, when he was beaten by something, he gained the incredible drive to come back and completely demolish what had defeated him. Once, when he was a small child, he came in second in a spelling bee, a muggle tradition his parents kept with them, and he became so focused on winning that simple thing that he became incredible advanced in all things literature. By the time he was ten he was reading Dickens, and Hemingway, while kids his age read stories like the Boxcar Children or something like that. This, while helping him become very intelligent and advance quickly in life, it alienated him from other people, being too mature for the people his age, and too young to be taken seriously by anyone older than him.

Mystical Lessons - Another year, the same school. Yuuri Katsuki is the boy who causes trouble, the boy who has trouble following him no matter where he went. Yuuri Katsuki is… A wizard.A new teacher has joined the row, a new teacher younger than all, and his eyes were set on Yuuri as soon as he had looked out towards the students walking into the hall. Is it love? Is it just infatuation? Their love progresses, his teachings commences, and slowly… After private lessons… That’s when the trouble begins.

Of Monsters and Men - Yuri shrugged. “I mean, you’re the only cool person if this class. Even if you’re old.”“You just met me. And you’re still insulting me.”“Look, are you going to be my friend or not?”(Harry Potter AU with some twists)

Passing By - Midterms at Hogwarts are, simply put, hell. Especially for Katsuki Yuuri, Muggle-born student who transferred all the way from Japan only for his career as a musician to come to a standstill and for his grades to plummet.Thankfully, Ravenclaw Prefect Viktor Nikiforov seems to have taken an interest in him.

Red and Green -  Victor was a pure-blood, famous Gryffindor and Yuuri was a muggle-born Slytherin. Yet somehow, they could make red and green work.

rumour has it - Viktor Nikiforov is a genius. He tops the level without having to study and he can perform most spells without his wand. He was the second-ever first-year Seeker in the school, and the first Slytherin one at that. He’s a Parselmouth and he’s tamed the other basilisk hidden in the school’s plumbing. He has washboard abs and really defined hipbones. He’s the only son in a long line of pureblood Slytherins and he’s half-Veela and he can speak Mermish and he was born as Voldemort’s secret daughter which is why he’s prettier than half of the girls in school and—‘Where do you even get all these?’ Viktor asks, eyebrows drawn together in bemusement. ‘I’m not even a pureblood, I’m Muggleborn.’

A Sketchbook of You -  Nearly two weeks ago, Yuuri came across the most beautiful sight he seen. He had gotten out of bed early to hopefully sketch and paint the fresh snow-ridden Hogwarts scenery, but was distracted instead with an ethereal figure gracefully ice skating on the Great Lake.

Strange Magic -  In which Viktor Nikiforov is the Pride of Durmstrang and the Seeker for Russia, Yuuri is Hufflepuff’s Hero and a Hot Mess, and there is a Triwizard Tournament, which is a shame because Yuuri really needs to play Quidditch this year, and he doesn’t really have time to fall in love.

those of great ambition - Yuuri thought that Hogwarts was stressful before the Triwizard Tournament started. But now he’s struggling to find a balance between finishing his fifth year, being the Hogwarts champion, and dealing with his growing feelings for a wizard he’s supposed to be competing against.Or…Yuuri Katsuki is probably a terrible Slytherin, but he’s doing his best


Hi~ I actually hv a new project of making food puns with sebong kids’ names and i’ve already drawn 10 out of 163836336621939 puns (JKD but there’ll more!)

Some of them are made with Thai words (since i’m thai :p) so here we go! check out the explanation below

note 1 - D(KFC) is quite obvious tho it’s a food brand. As you may notice that some Korean fans call Vernon ‘볼농 (Bol-nong)’ and nong pronounces like Thai word for chicken drumstick

note 2 - i bet you have some clues for Won-nutella (워누텔라). And for seungcheolly bear, i made a pun with his real name and a snack called ‘jolly bear’ which is bear shaped jelly (곰젤리) / just like HARIBO but we (thais) call it jolly bear

note 3 - short term for Joshua is josh, right? and it sounds quite similar to ‘sauce’ + it’s kinda like thai aegyo (?) like when a kid can’t pronounce /s/ sound

note 4 - Verrito and Shi’s burger

note 5 - Thai word for vegan is Mang-sa-vi-rat so i replace 'mang’ with 'ming’ from mingyu. Also, there are thai fruits/veggie with word 'mang’ too such as mangosteen (mang-kud), dragon fruit (keaw-mang-korn / mang-korn is dragon) and chinese chives, known as gui-chai which gui is similar to gyu

note 6 - Thai word for butterfly pea is An-chan which is quite clear? And again, Chandae instead of sundae. Same idea as that josh one.

Hope you enjoy tho…I wish we had one universal language lol

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Hufflepuff!Ace cuz he's such a sap and so loyal to his brothers and Dadan and wb that he has Dadan's bead necklace and wb tattoo displayed on his back and Sabo's jolly roger with his name. What if ASL planned to get into gryffindor. And Ace was the one who went up to the sorting hat first and got hufflepuff. Then Sabo and Luffy subsequently mind spammed the sorting hat to give them hufflepuff to be with Ace even though they both have qualities to be sorted in gryffindor.

awww YEEE.  that’s really the only other option i could see happening in a legitimate au scenario and i love it too tbh.  i can just picture the hat being like “such courage…don’t you want to be in griffindor?” to sabo and luffy and them being like “NO HUFFLEPUFF HUFFLEPUFF HUFFLEPUFF” and the hat’s like sheesh all right i get it you really want to be with your bro

…………i just now realized what a menace these three would be if they were sorted into hufflepuff together omfg…….because THE HUFFLEPUFF DORMS ARE RIGHT BY THE KITCHENS.  

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Psssst! Can I come bug you with a prompt?! How about CS for #3 :)

you very well know that the answer to that is always yes, Lana. I’m super rusty so forgive me if this is all over the place ahhh

3. “Where did that cat come from?”

edit: now with a second part

In all the years he’s spent knowing Emma Swan, Killian has become accustomed to her habits and her routines, has adapted a sort of sixth sense when it comes to reading her and predicting what she’s going to say a millisecond before she says it.

Still, there are moments that she surprises him.

Moments like when they’d spent far too long untangling and putting up Christmas lights in her apartment, a little tipsy on rum, and she’d told him, for the first time, that she was glad that he was in her life.

Moments like when she’d grabbed him by the lapels of his leather jacket and kissed the living sense out of him after she’d showed up at his apartment in the middle of the night.

Moments like when he asked her not to run, and she didn’t.

Moments like– well, like finding her huddled on their couch with a black kitten in her lap, its body curled into a ball and purring a soft rhythm. He’s frozen in place suddenly, the gentleness of the whole picture making his chest feel warm.

“Oh, hey,” Emma says, a little startled, obviously not having heard him come in. Her eyes dart to the takeout bag in his hands. “You brought dinner.”

“I did,” he nods. He turns to the kitchen island and drops down the bags, unable to tear his eyes away from Emma and the small smile on her face as she scratches behind the kitten’s ears. He tries to recall if when he’d left for work this morning, whether or not there was a kitten mulling about. He’s getting old, but not old enough to forget something like that. “Where did that cat come from?”

“I found him on my way back from work, and he looked hungry.” She shrugs, and Killian feels the smile tug on the corner of his mouth. Her compassion is one thing she cannot hide from him, no matter how hard she tries.

“And since when have you been partial to felines?” he teases, sliding down next to her. He curls his fingers into the kitten’s soft fur and hears him purr louder.

“I like cats.” Killian hums disbelievingly. “I do.”

There’s a stripe of white that runs down from the kitten’s nose to the base of his stomach, and Killian grins as Emma traces it from where it begins to the tip of his chin. She does it absently, like she’s already done it a hundred times.

“You know, Liam and I had a black cat much like this one when I was younger,” he muses. It’s one of the fonder memories of his childhood, one that reminds him of the calm in between the harshness of the life he and Liam shared growing up. “His name was Jolly,” he chuckles, more to himself than anything.

The nod Emma gives him is faint. When he looks up at her, she’s got a twist to her lips he can’t quite place. “Liam might have mentioned it to me a few weeks ago,” she mutters out quickly.

It takes Killian a second, his hand hovering to a halt over the kitten’s small paw when he registers her words. He furrows his brows in confusion, but Emma must take it as disapproval because she rushes to explain herself. “I know, I probably should have asked. But, Liam said you loved your cat growing up and that he’d never seen you so happy than when you were playing with him, and I thought, you know, you should have something in your life that makes you that happy. And that, okay, maybe you don’t want a cat, because you would have gotten one yourself if you did, but–”

He stops her rambling by surging forward and pressing his lips to hers. She melts into it immediately, and he feels a swell of adoration for her that’s larger than anything he’s ever felt before.

“You got a cat for me?”

Emma gives him a nonchalant shrug of her right shoulder. “Well, he’s kind of ours, but, yeah.”

“Thank you,” he tells her seriously, so she knows how much it means to him. He kisses her once more, chastely. Against her lips, he murmurs, “But please remember, love, I do have something in my life that makes me that happy. I have you.”

She grins, and then tampers it down a few notches before saying, “Could you not one up me when I’m trying to show you how much you mean to me?”

Killian huffs out a laugh. “I will attempt to keep my displays of adoration for you to a minimum, how about that?” She hums, and he wraps an arm around her and resumes his sifting his fingers through the kitten’s fur. “Swan, honestly, you told me once you’d never have a pet because they were too much effort.”

“Look, buddy, we have the cat, we’re keeping him.” Her tone leaves no room for argument. “Besides,” she adds softly prodding the kitten enough that his eyes flutter open in response, “you two have matching eyes. And I already have to deal with you, what’s one more blue eyed guy that steals my bed space?”

Killian releases an affronted noise from the back of his throat. “Well, in that case,” he announces, “I demand that I, too, receive regular cuddling.” He releases her and stretches himself out on the couch, his head in her lap, right next to the kitten who has resumed his nap.

Emma laughs loudly, but buries her other hand in his hair, and caresses him until his eyes drift shut in contented sleep.

want a drabble?

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Heey welcome *.* May I request a scenario? How about Genos when he met his s/o? If she's cute, funny, shorty and loves cats *--* thank you so much, i'll follow you forever (brazilian fan here, sorry about any mistakes <3 )

<3 Hope you like it! 

Word Count: 2947

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(sabo hc time bc it's the law and ur the sheriff on this blog) after ace's death (or if that bad dream didn't happen after Sabo remembers) Sabo gets both Luffy's strawhat Jolly Roger and Ace's spade Jolly Roger on his shoulders bc he loves his brothers and will 100% be there if they call him. (and if he's also able to poke fun at Ace's commemorative tattoo of Sabo's jolly Roger by mispelling his own name well that's his job as a good brother)

aWWW YES.  i’ve heard and considered a lot of different headcanons for potential tattoos that sabo could have in honor of his bros and i love all of them tbh; this is a great idea too.  and i fully believe that sabo is both 1) a sentimental boy who loves his bros so much and 2) an asshole who likes to tease his bros, so anything that allows him to do both at the same time he’d be 100% down with.

Come On, Tiny One

Rap Monster request by anon: “Gah I need a rap monster scenario hehe maybe a daddy one hehe thank you <333333”

Oh god, rapmon is such a great guy.

I have a classmate (also a secret crush) that has an idiotic smile like his. They remind me each other a lot.

I really enjoyed writing this. Sorry it’s a little short though.. Hope you’ll like it.

-Admin Lizard

“Baby…” Namjoon sighed desperately, "Open your mouth.“

But your baby shook her head aggressively. Namjoon sighed again. "Come on, tiny one. You need to eat.” but once again, the baby shook her head. When Namjoon brought the tablespoon full of baby food closer to her mouth, she moved her head to the side as far as she could and whined, making an unwilling, unpleased face. Although Namjoon insisted that she was as gorgeous as you, you could definitely see the similarity between these two, and you swore that if she’d grow a little afro and had a deep voice like his, she’d definitely look like him. 

Namjoon whined as well and tried to repeat the action several times, earning the same reaction every time. “Mommy,” he whined.

You approached him and placed your hand over his shoulder. “What’s the matter honey?” Namjoon sighed and looked at you, “She won’t eat.” then he turned to your six months old daughter “Why can’t you eat?” he asked with his lips attached together in a thin line, narrowing his eyes and making a weird voice. His face was so close to your daughter than he managed to make her smile, a gentle, quiet giggle escaping her lips as she clasps her hands over his cheeks and shoots his a genuine giant smile. 

“Aigoo…” he melted and sent his lips forward in a pouty motion “Kiss?” he asked. Your daughter was happy to comply and gave his a small peck. “Aren’t you just cute. So sweet I could eat you!” he tickled her, earning a jolly laugh. He made nomming noises as his face planted small, toothless bites over her stomach. “Delicious!”

You stared at these two with a giant smile smeared over your face. When Namjoon stopped and the baby relaxed, he took the chance of her being distracted by her high from the laughter, and inserted the tablespoon in her small mouth. Your daughter’s mouth clicked a few times and she swallowed. Maybe the food wasn’t that bad as she thought after all, or perhaps she got hungry from playing with her father. 

“Victory!” Namjoon closed his eyes while smiling widely, waving a fist in the air. “I got you!” he laughed and pointed at the baby who looked at his clueless and opened her mouth for more food while whining. “Hungry now, huh?” he smirked and fed her.

You left them alone to take care of the dishes. A few minutes later, when you were done, you felt Namjoon’s hands wrap around your waist, after he placed the small empty bowl of baby food in the sink. You turned around and smiled to him, but he was already wearing a lovely smile. He pecked your cheek, then your lips, muttering against them “I love you." 

You turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, planting small loving kisses on his lips. "I love you too.”

Just as he was about to kiss you, your daughter made another whine. Namjoon turned around and saw her sending her arms forward, hinting him to lift her up. He quickly held her in his arms and started planting small ticklish kisses all over her body. “Yes, yes. I love you too, tiny one.”

Bill Evans original proof-sheet by Burt Goldblatt 

Great pic of Bill in the bottom right corner! 

Burt Goldblatt (1924-2006) was a photographer and prolific jazz LP cover designer in the 1950s and 1960s, best known for his Jolly Roger and Bethlehem covers. Bud Powell named a tune for Goldblatt, and Chris Connor scatted lyrics in his honor. He designed the front covers of Bill Evans albums like “Peace Piece And Other Pieces”, “The Secret Sessions” and “The Complete Riverside Recordings

(Merry Christmas, @ladyknightley! I really hope you like it!)

“Mummy, mummy! Is it time to go yet!?” Rose exclaimed excitedly as she ran into the kitchen, with Hugo hurrying in behind her.

“In a minute sweetie” Hermione knelt down and kissed both her children on the forehead. “Is your father ready?”

“Daddyyyyyy” Rose called out. Hugo giggled.

Ron walked into the kitchen “Yes Rosie?” He picked her up and spun her around in his arms. Rose laughed, as she held onto Ron.  He kissed her on the forehead before he placed Rose back on her feet.

“My turn!” Hugo cried.

Hermione watched Ron with love in her eyes, as Ron repeated the same thing with Hugo.

“Who’s ready to meet Father Christmas!?” Ron exclaimed as he put Hugo down.

“Meeee!” Rose cheered!

Hugo clapped.

“Well we better get a move on, shall we?” Ron turned, and winked at Hermione.

“Of course!” Hermione chimed, as she picked up Hugo resting him on her hip. “We’ll take the floo network I suppose?”

“Let’s go nowww!” Rose grabbed hold of Ron’s hand, and tugged on it.

“Okay, okay” Ron laughed “Do you know what you’re asking Santa for?” He followed Rose into the sitting room, where the fireplace was. Hermione grabbed their winter jackets, then followed into the sitting room.

“I’m going to ask Santa for a toy broomstick! Like the one that Albus has!” Rose exclaimed, as she started putting her jacket on with a bit of help from Hermione.

“Are we ready to go?” Ron smirked as he zipped his jacket.

“I think so” Hermione smiled “Why don’t you take Rose, and Hugo and I will be right behind you.

“Alright. Let’s go Rosie!” Ron picked Rose up and stepped into the fireplace.

Hermione held out the container with the floo powder to Ron “We’ll be right behind you. I love you” Hermione kissed Rose on the forehead “And I love you” She turned to Ron, and kissed him on the mouth.

“I love you too” Ron smiled as he grabbed a hand full of floo powder.

Hermione backed away from the fireplace.

“DIAGON ALLEY” Ron called out.

With a flash of Green flames Rose and Ron where gone.

“It’s our turn Hugo!” Hermione kissed Hugo on the cheek, grabbed herself a hand full of flood powder, and stepped into the fireplace.

“DIAGON ALLEY” She shouted

Another flash of green, and they disappeared within the flames.

When Hermione and Hugo arrived in Diagon Alley, Ron was standing there holding Rose’s hand with a smile on his face.

“Hi hunny.” Ron said as he made his way over to Hermione and kissed her on the cheek.

Hermione blushed. “Who’s ready for Santa?” She looked at Rose who has a huge smile on her face, showing all of her teeth.

Hugo, still in Hermione’s arms, rested his head on Hermione’s shoulder.

“This way” Ron said as he lead the way down the brick streets of Diagon Alley.

Snow was lightly falling from the sky. Everything was lit up for Christmas. All the buildings with bright lights, and a giant Christmas tree decorated from top to bottom, with colourful lights, and thousands of different ornaments. Tinsel was currently being laced around the tree by a short witch, with white hair, and a round face. She had her wand out, using it to gracefully decorate the tree.

In the distance, they could see next to the tree was a giant chair, with a very big man sitting upon it.

Rose’s eyes widened with glee as they got closer and closer the big man. “Is that him?” she whispered.

“Yes. That’s him Rosie. That’s Father Christmas” Ron whispered in her ear.

The wizard Father Christmas, wasn’t the same as the muggle Santa.

He did have the long white hair and beard, round body, chubby face, and rosy cheeks, and he was just as jolly as ever.

The only difference was that this Father Christmas was that he didn’t wear the traditional red suit and hat. He was dressed in a navy blue cloak, with a matching hat, that stood strait up in a point.

Lucky for them, there wasn’t a very long line of other families bringing their children to meet Father Christmas. Ron and Hermione got into the short line with their children.

“Wow” Rose whispered as she glanced around her surroundings, leaving her view on Father Christmas, sitting in the chair, a child on his knee.

Their turn was next.

“We’re next!” Rose jumped up and down excitedly, shanking Ron’s hand that she was still holding onto.

Rose and Hugo watched as the child jumped of Father Christmas’ knee.

There was an elf wearing a green pointed hat who was managing the line. “Next” he called out in a squeaky voice.

Rose ran up the stairs to Father Christmas as fast as she could. Ron and Hermione followed behind her. Hugo still in Hermione’s arms.

Father Christmas was helping Rose up onto his knee and Ron and Hermione got to the top of the stairs. Hermione placed Hugo on his other knee.

“Hello!” The jolly man said. “What are your names?”

“I’m Rose!” she said with a giant smile

“And you are?” Santa turned to Hugo with a smile

“Hugo” he said quietly

“And what do both of you want for Christmas this year!?”  

“I want a toy broomstick!” Rose exclaimed. “My cousin Albus got one last year, and I’ve wanted one ever since I saw it!”

“A toy broomstick! I’ll see what I can do!” Father Christmas cheered. “What about you Hugo?”

Hugo thought for a moment before he yelled out “sweets!” with a giggle.

Father Christmas laughed “Just any kind of sweets? What’s your favourite?

Hugo thought again before he answered “Chocolate Frogs!”

“Chocolate frogs! Gotta collect all the wizard cards?”

Hugo giggled as he nodded his head.

“I think It’s time to go kids” Hermione said “Santa has a lot of other children to see today”

“Bye Santa!” Rose said with a smile as she hopped off his knee.

Hermione picked Hugo up in her arms.

“Happy Christmas to all of you!” Father Christmas called out as they walked towards the stairs to head back home.

Once again they walled the brick street to the other side of Diagon Alley, to take the Floo Network again. It was time to go home.

Hugo in Hermione’s arms rested his head on her shoulders. Rose was holding onto Ron’s hand talking about how excited she was for her toy broomstick.

“Father Christmas was very nice!” Rose said with a smile “Do you think I will get the toy broom stick?”

“I find that very likely Rose” Ron said as he gave her hand a little squeeze.

They walked a little further until they reached the fireplace for the floo network.

“I’ll see you at home sweetie.” Hermione said as she kissed Ron and kissed Rose on the cheek.

Hermione stepped into the fireplace, and smiled at Ron with loving eyes. “I have a strong feeling this is going to be our best Christmas yet.”

A Christmas Wish or Two

Day One 

Prompt: Riley tells her wishes to the mall Santa who she doesn’t know is her old high school boyfriend back home from college in Texas. (Sent by an anon)
Word Count: 4,001 (I did not originally plan for this to be so long)

                                                      ❅ ❄ ❆

“Zay, where are you?” Lucas asks through the phone, “I’ve been standing by the fountain for almost an hour.”

“About that..” Zay chuckles nervously on the other end.

“Who is she?” Lucas lets out a knowing sigh.

“Her name is Amanda and we’re really hitting it off,” Zay says, “I’m just going to hang around the Christmas party a little longer to see where it goes..”

“The only reason I came to New York for the holidays was to see you,” Lucas whines.

“Flattering but false,” Zay laughs, “You’re here because your parents are sipping martinis in the tropics.”

“Okay fine, I’m here because wallowing in self pity is extra sad during the holidays,” Lucas lets out a groan, “You happy?”

“Extremely,” Zay laughs, “Look, I’ll be back around eight, maybe nine depending on how well things go.”

“Gross,” Lucas rolls his eyes and looks at his watch, it’s just after 5pm, “What am I supposed to do until then? You’re my only friend in New York now.”

“Yeah and whose fault is that?” Zay knows he’s poking an angry beehive but his pot stirring is something he’s held onto, even years after high school.

“Have fun with Amanda,” Lucas says sarcastically.

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Only to You

A/N: Contains spoilers for 4.09 (or 4.10, whatever the number is supposed to be). Just a short drabble to help me deal with my feelings.
Also available on FFN.

They are all at Granny’s – the now traditional setting for a celebration after defeating the latest villain. Emma is seated in a booth with Killian, securing tucked into this side, unable to let him out of her sight.

The entire diner seems to be Anna’s captive audience as she tells of her adventures, Kristoff needing to cut in at some points to put her back on track or to limit the embellishments.

Emma takes Killian’s hand from her waist as Anna continues, fingers needing to check the small beating of his pulse before she links their fingers together.

“Unless you think you put it back incorrectly, love,” he whispers into her hair, “I can assure you, my heart is still where you left it.”

“I know,” she says, not taking her eyes of Anna although she cannot hear a word that other woman is saying, “I just like to check.”

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Hey. Sorry to bother you, but kinda new to Tumblr and the fandom as a whole. (Although I have been an OUAT fan since pilot and a CS shipper since the beanstalk). I feel like may have missed something. I have seen the BTS spoiler pics with Hook & Rumple sword fighting and the Excalibur with the names engraved etc. my question is, how do we know this is a good thing? Had something been revealed that I have missed? Couldn't Hook of been turned dark & so that is why his name is there? ...(1/2)...

..(2/2)…. I’m not trying to be negative or anything I am just generally curious because everyone has been reacting so excited about it and I have tried to keep up but thought maybe I missed something that kind of spelled it out or something. It is really awesome and I do hope it means good and heroic things. But was looking to see if you could refer me to whatever explained that his name being on it is good thing. Didn’t Merlin say NOT to take yet out though? So confused. Thank u!

Okay, so I was planning to do a general meta/speculation/roundup post about all this, so this is as good a place as any. Here goes.

Obviously, there’s the first caveat that these are a handful of out-of-context spoiler pictures from the penultimate episode, 5x10, and we cannot know for SURE what is going on with them. No, it won’t be a dream sequence or not real or all the other cop-outs that fandom often goes to in order to explain things that seem out of place. Killian really has a real Excalibur with his name on it, and he’s fighting Rumple with it on the Jolly. Given the amount that needs to happen between the last episode we’ve seen (5x03) and seven episodes in the future, that’s a perfectly feasible and well-foreshadowed outcome. So applying the fact that Merlin doesn’t want the sword out NOW (i.e. 5x01, which was the last time he directly appeared and said anything, and also 25+ years ago in regards to real time) doesn’t really make any sense. The fact is that the story is building to the moment when Excalibur is pulled out and reunited. That is what the payoff is, as well of course the next twist; of course it won’t be just yanked out and put back together with no consequences. This isn’t yet the finale, as I said, so there is still one more stage of it to come. Killian is probably fighting with it under the impression that he may have to go back and die/give up his life to pay the price of the magic. He won’t, but we’ll get there in a minute.

Second, some people seem to think this means Killian has turned dark and is somehow the villain here. I could of course be wrong, but I really, really don’t think so. First, we already know that RUMPLE is supposed to be the “hero” to pull the sword out and wield it. I’ve also already said that this isn’t going to work. The Dark One (the ultimate evil) cannot make a real hero. We’ve seen that in the last four seasons of the show and Regina and Killian’s work on their redemption, while Rumple just gets worse and worse. No magic in the world can make him a hero if he won’t choose to be one. That was what the entire finale of season 4 was telling us. Rumple created a fake world where he was supposed to be a hero, and he was still a villain. OUAT can be hit or miss on this whole thing, but it’s very clear about the consequences of choosing to be or to do either good or evil. Rumple isn’t a hero. It’s been demonstrated over and over. Plus, he is fighting with Killian’s old cutlass, the one Dark Swan took from his ship in the last episode. The sword is associated with being a villain, as Killian said so himself. He picked it up and explained his villainous actions (against Rumple, because we’re being set up for a script flip where Killian is the hero and Rumple is the villain). Rumple has the villain’s weapon. Killian has the hero’s weapon. There’s more, but that’s a pretty simple setup. Dark Swan cannot artificially create Rumple into a worthy man, when we know he isn’t. Whereas we’ve seen, ever since the end of season 2, Killian’s multi-season struggle to do and to be just that. OUAT is not at its core a cynical show. It’s not going to give Killian all this character development and then twist it around and be like “lol jk still a villain.” His entire journey has been leading to this point.

Third, Excalibur. It’s the archetype for all mystic/magical/light swords of a hero’s destiny throughout all fantasy fiction, and it’s also playing into a central theme of OUAT, which is choice. The original Excalibur is a weapon of great power, and part of it was used by Merlin to create the DO dagger to control and contain the darkness. @ifitcanbebroken and @killians-tinkabelle have written great metas on how the design and classical mythology of Excalibur all set it up as a hero’s ultimate test of worthiness and ability to succeed against challenges. But in the end, Excalibur is just a tool. In the hands of the ultimate darkness, it has the power to do what the DO wants, which is destroy the light forever. In the hands of a hero, it has the same power to defeat the darkness forever. It just depends on who’s doing the wielding, and the choices they make. And when you have the names of your heroine and her true love on the blade, after several seasons’ worth of them fighting internal and external obstacles and their love being explicitly stated as the thing that gives her hope against the darkness, it’s pretty clear you’re not setting them up to fail at the final test. Killian is fighting with the culmination of the last several seasons of storytelling and development for them. What we’ve seen from both Killian and Emma is what makes this possible.

Fourth, Killian and his character background. @captainswansource typed up a post featuring several of the references to the fact that he’s apparently had a connection to Excalibur all along, and I think @onceuponamirror did some work on it too. We’ve known since Killian’s first appearance on the show that he wanted to destroy the Dark One somehow; this isn’t new information. When Emma actually became the Dark One, that took on a poignant and deeper twist. Killian’s past has remained fairly mysterious and they’ve waited for the right time to do it, and now they’re finally bringing it in in the middle of this story. They’ve said that his past would be important in the first half of the season, and they’re of course bringing in Papa Jones and said we’d see Liam again (praise). Plus, this is a show that rewards close examination. They confirmed that the symbols on Killian’s rings contain hints to his past and his story, which is something the general audience would never even look at or think about. They know we pay attention and put clues together, and those things are there to reward us for that, not mislead us.

People often have the idea that the showrunners are just lying to them or deliberately not doing things they want or changing stories or whatever. They’re not. Our conclusions might not always be accurate, but there are breadcrumbs out there for us to pick up on. Killian’s connection to Excalibur and his entire purpose as a character being bound up with the existence of the Dark One/being Emma’s TL is a big one, and there’s nothing to think it’s not accurate, at least in the broad strokes. Remember, CS has been planned from the start. They knew where they were going with this story and what Killian needed to do and be. These are not real people acting randomly with no reason. They are characters that writers are manipulating to do significant actions and behave in accordance with narrative structures. That’s why Killian didn’t randomly wander up to the door in Emma’s house for no reason, and why it was him there in connection to the “other half” dialogue in the sneak peek. These are hints. They’re guiding you subtly to think in a certain direction. Dark Swan went to Killian after the whole exchange with Rumple about “getting the hero to pull out the sword.” It was set up as a misdirect in episode 3, yes, looking like she just wanted to get the sword to make RUMPLE into said hero… but that, of course, is not how it’s going to play out. We’ve already been told that things in the early part of this arc are not as they seem. We’ve also been told that a big part of Dark Swan’s motivation centers around her love for Killian. That’s going to come out soon.

Fifth, obviously this isn’t going to be about Killian defeating the darkness all by himself while the rest of the cast sits on the sidelines. I’ve written up my theory about Regina sacrificing herself for him (possibly paying the price of the life for Excalibur instead of letting him do it). The second half of the season will not be about having to rescue Emma again; they literally just did that. You’re going to have to tell a new story, and remember, Adam and Eddy did confirm that Regina’s belief in Emma (and the outstanding debt that Regina owes Emma) would come back to play a role. Henry and Snowing will too. Emma certainly isn’t going to have to “be saved” by Killian or anyone. She can’t just decide one day not to be evil, as that is not how this works, but once again – we do know that Killian is central to this. This IS a story about him, her, and them together. So creating Excalibur, a heroic sword of their true love, out of their two halves makes perfect sense for everything we’ve seen thus far. Maybe this makes Killian King of Camelot, maybe it doesn’t. The interpretation is definitely possible. But the point of the story and the sword being in his hands is to signify a hero. This is a show about fairy tales. It uses a certain set of narrative tropes and rewards. The sword in the stone is one of the central fairytale ideals of determining a hero, and Killian is worthy to be it. That’s what, if nothing else, to take away from this.

Sixth, as I have said, the purpose of the Dark Swan arc was never to make Emma permanently evil, destroy her character development, or deprive her of her happy ending. OUAT isn’t that show. Dark Swan is a narrative stumbling block, a foil to that process, where Emma has to confront both the worst and the best parts of herself and ultimately defeat it. It’s a hero’s trial in the most classical sense. I wrote a post comparing her to Harry Potter – another orphaned “savior” figure with the darkness of an evil soul in him, and the choices he had to make to undo it, a major part of which was the love of family and friends. OUAT has the same kind of philosophy as Harry. The purpose of Harry’s story wasn’t to turn him into Voldemort, even as much as he flirted with the darkness and the idea that he could. It was to represent his triumph over that impulse and the fact that like Emma, he had been destined to be and to do something before he had any say in the matter. Harry sacrificed himself, just as Emma did. But that didn’t mean he died and Voldemort won and everything was terrible. We can be quite sure that the same thing will happen on OUAT. It is a show about hope and love and the good guys winning, even if never easily. There is no chance that the Dark Swan arc ends with Emma permanently evil and arbitrarily undoing Killian’s character development, as he’s already proven he’s not going to humor the darkness or just give in and join her for the sake of supporting someone she’s not. It’s about them learning and re-learning to be heroes at the darkest and most desperate hour of need.

So yes. We don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out, and we shouldn’t think that the climax of the Dark Swan arc and Emma’s eventual retrieval from it is going to be focused on CS alone, because it won’t be. Theirs is just the part of the story we have some idea about. But that also doesn’t mean we should think they will just be a sidenote or unimportant throwaway. Having their names together on Excalibur is HUGE, and something we justly should be excited about. I think that aside from Emma, Killian, Regina, and Henry will be the most important to the end of 5A, probably about in that order, just given everything that we’ve seen and what’s been foreshadowed. I think a Save Regina trip to the underworld is likely just as the logical corollary and outcome of 5A, but I also think Daddy Jones is definitely around for multiple episodes, and we have to see CS dealing with the outcome of Dark Swan. There’s a lot to be excited about, and no reason not to be optimistic and validly hopeful for some great moments for Killian and Emma both individually and as a couple, along with  the rest of the cast and the overall arc of the show.