his name is jolly


Hi~ I actually hv a new project of making food puns with sebong kids’ names and i’ve already drawn 10 out of 163836336621939 puns (JKD but there’ll more!)

Some of them are made with Thai words (since i’m thai :p) so here we go! check out the explanation below

note 1 - D(KFC) is quite obvious tho it’s a food brand. As you may notice that some Korean fans call Vernon ‘볼농 (Bol-nong)’ and nong pronounces like Thai word for chicken drumstick

note 2 - i bet you have some clues for Won-nutella (워누텔라). And for seungcheolly bear, i made a pun with his real name and a snack called ‘jolly bear’ which is bear shaped jelly (곰젤리) / just like HARIBO but we (thais) call it jolly bear

note 3 - short term for Joshua is josh, right? and it sounds quite similar to ‘sauce’ + it’s kinda like thai aegyo (?) like when a kid can’t pronounce /s/ sound

note 4 - Verrito and Shi’s burger

note 5 - Thai word for vegan is Mang-sa-vi-rat so i replace 'mang’ with 'ming’ from mingyu. Also, there are thai fruits/veggie with word 'mang’ too such as mangosteen (mang-kud), dragon fruit (keaw-mang-korn / mang-korn is dragon) and chinese chives, known as gui-chai which gui is similar to gyu

note 6 - Thai word for butterfly pea is An-chan which is quite clear? And again, Chandae instead of sundae. Same idea as that josh one.

Hope you enjoy tho…I wish we had one universal language lol

Bill Evans original proof-sheet by Burt Goldblatt 

Great pic of Bill in the bottom right corner! 

Burt Goldblatt (1924-2006) was a photographer and prolific jazz LP cover designer in the 1950s and 1960s, best known for his Jolly Roger and Bethlehem covers. Bud Powell named a tune for Goldblatt, and Chris Connor scatted lyrics in his honor. He designed the front covers of Bill Evans albums like “Peace Piece And Other Pieces”, “The Secret Sessions” and “The Complete Riverside Recordings