his name is garfield

good things about the adventure zone

-when griffin scream laughs
-when they’re like “do i need to do a check” and griffin is like “no you’re goo-” and they’re like “i got an 18” and griffin is like “OH SHIT YOU JUST DO IT SO GOOD. ONE HAND NO LEGS.”
-when clint makes a dick joke and they boys are like “EW NO GOD NO” and he’s like “they did it!!!” and the boys are like “YOURE MY DAD”
-when travis tears up about magnus’s backstory and/or love of dogs
-“and then you all died oh nooo well that’s the end see ya everybody- no i’m kidding”
-“you and the box both drink the poison and you’re dead and the box is dead and you’re both dead. bye.”
-fuck what’s his name. the coin guy. i love him.

“My sister moved in, her five cats moved in, and her ex-husband moved in. It’s driving me nuts. My sister watches those murder programs. And her ex-husband is Irish so he keeps talking about the potato famine. He loves that potato famine. Always the potato famine. And those cats. Little Louie is sweet, but the biggest cat looks like Garfield and won’t stop meowing. His name is Nitro. I’m trying to keep it together. I just picked up one of those positive thinking books.“

Evolution Of Spiderman
  • Toby MacGuire: Angst , lots of angst, occasional coolness, NERD , can protect himself but cannot adult at all.
  • Andrew Garfield : " Hi my name is Peter and wHY IS EVERYONE MEAN TO ME?!" Cute nerd , angsty bits, sadness , EMOTIONSSSSS, must be protected
  • Tom Holland : Probably knows every trivia answer out there, stutters around new people, doesn't understand how to be serious, CoNfUSeD , What???? No poker face at all , Aunt May has known he's hiding something for six months( she hopes it's a boyfriend) , he gives Clint awful arrow puns to use in fights and steals all of Tony 's snacks , and Tony sends him stupid memes all night long , and he sends Tony witty one liners and Star Wars jokes.

I want Deadpool’s love interest in the second movie to be played by Andrew Garfield.
And his name is “Pete” instead of Peter, because movie rights are a pain in the ass, but it’s there. It’s implied. It’s perfect.