his name is barold

My favorite of my personal TAZ headcanons has to be that Barrys actual last name is like Blujean, pronounced like the color and the french name Jean. Calling him Barry Bluejeans was a work meme long before they took off on the Starblaster, and the moment he accidentally introduced himself with that last name his life was over and no one would let it go.

Same with Taako calling him Barold. I think his name is Baron Jean Blujean, but thats. Just far too fancy.

storysongandstars  asked:

"Or is it like a Jerry/Gary situation where everybody calls him that, even their captain." Davenport is under the impression that it's his real name. That was part of the joke, convincing the captain that his last name was actually Bluejeans. They broke into the file room and changed all the records. Barry's given up on his actual name since he never really minded being called Bluejeans. By the time Shit Goes Down it's become more his name than his actual name so Lucretia lets him remember it.


they also joked about like. his entire name. the J isnt’ even his real initial - they all say it stands for jeans and he’s run with it. 

his real, full name, is actually Barold B. Benson