his name is also jared

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His face pays my bills. His face pays MY bills. That's such a loving thing for a wife to say about her husband. That's from the post you reblogged for decoding j2. Also yeah Jared 1000% forgot his own daughters name. How does that happen? I don't know what's going on with that family but I do feel bad for Jared.

Hey nonnie. I have to be honest here I don’t have much feeling for that line. My mom often jokes “Your work pays my bills” “Your money fills my wardrobe” to both me and dad, and she does love us. G might be joking too, BUT to a fan? Who is also a complete stranger? YES, that was weird and unnecessary.

It’s tired to keep finding excuses for this whole thing. I avoid to read anything before watching that video. Jay kept forgetting his daughter’s name is my first hesitation, glad I’m not the only one. I do feel bad for him too, he seems exhausted, but, that was their choice to do such things so… You know, it’s difficult to express my true feeling on these.


Some clothes inspired me to draw J2 in them. Then I drew them down. These scenes seem to be a J2 AU love story.

J2 Love story AU
Once Jensen shopped in supermarket and didn’t have enough money. He borrowed from a tall guy behind him. This guy named Jared was also in his university. Then they became friends. In an unexpected rainy, their relation went further than friends.
(My English sucks. Please skip the text if u’re dizzy :p )

I had a fever dream where Blizzard introduced a new hero who was also a cowboy, but he had a gattling gun, heart-print boxers, WW2 tanker helmet with a cowboy hat on top, disheveled beard, eyepatch, and no pants. His name was Jared.
He was also McCree’s dad and his introduction video was just McCree yelling at him to go away for about 3 minutes.