his name is also jared


Some clothes inspired me to draw J2 in them. Then I drew them down. These scenes seem to be a J2 AU love story.

J2 Love story AU
Once Jensen shopped in supermarket and didn’t have enough money. He borrowed from a tall guy behind him. This guy named Jared was also in his university. Then they became friends. In an unexpected rainy, their relation went further than friends.
(My English sucks. Please skip the text if u’re dizzy :p )


I had a fever dream where Blizzard introduced a new hero who was also a cowboy, but he had a gattling gun, heart-print boxers, WW2 tanker helmet with a cowboy hat on top, disheveled beard, eyepatch, and no pants. His name was Jared.
He was also McCree’s dad and his introduction video was just McCree yelling at him to go away for about 3 minutes.