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I'm enjoying the body swap AU too much and I just wanted to tell you that, but I felt I should at least add something to it so I thought... The team and other soldiers are sent after a criminal and he's running away and avoiding the bullets. Someone mentions it's time Colonel Mustang uses his Flame Alchemy and then everyone looks at Riza expecting her to use it. She has no idea what to do. Roy shouts that he thinks he saw another suspect turn a corner and suggests Riza to go check together...

Then Roy asks Riza for the gloves. He puts them on and they look for the criminal on their own, making sure the others don’t see them. So “Riza” uses Flame Alchemy to trap the criminal into a corner. Real Riza doesn’t know how to feel about that, and is worried that she might have to learn some alchemy, although she doesn’t really want to.

Ahhhhhhh yes I love it, Elenya! ;A;

Not going to lie, I was thinking about something similar earlier! The idea that “Riza” uses Flame Alchemy instead of Roy. Guhhhhh the thought that the actual Riza has to learn some alchemy in order to masquerade as Roy is so interesting to think about because she has no desire to learn it or know about it.

Now I have to wonder how many people know about the body swap :O

Hey guys? Remember how we always complain about Roy’s mustache at the end of Brotherhood?

I figured out how we can be optimistic about it and make some positives out of it~!

For example…..

ZORO (Antonio Banderas) COSPLAY!!

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)


Anime aesthetics: Team Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. Here at Central Headquarters, there was a band of brave soldiers, all willing to make that sacrifice in the name of peace. This is a tale of love and courage. A tale of the Flame Alchemist, Colonel Mustang, and his loyal team.

Edward Elric vs. his male role models

lmao spoiler warning; this is going off of Brotherhood, btw

I was thinking today how it’s really interesting how Edward’s relationship with his father and his feelings toward his father are reflected in the way he acts toward male figures of authority in the military, at least outwardly. See, look at these three main ones:

Roy Mustang: Ed acts very defiant and stubborn around him. He openly mocks him and defies him, even though he’s outranked. He does respect Mustang, but he rarely expresses this.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Ed rebuffs Armstrong’s enthusiasm and affection with apparent aggravation at being shown such sentiments. He often tells him to get out, or put his shirt back on. Like his feelings toward Mustang, he also respects the Major, but doesn’t tend to display it openly.

Maes Hughes: Ed was often frustrated and exasperated by Hughes’ obsession with his family. After his death though, Ed was genuinely rocked to his core, and it’s obvious that he had respected Hughes the whole time, but he hadn’t really ever shown it. (In Hughes he also saw a father devoted wholeheartedly to his family, quite unlike the father Ed knew.)

So it’s clear by the way he acts around these three that he does respect his male role models, but he just finds it incredibly difficult to actually express this. However, look at his change in attitude around female role models:

Riza Hawkeye: Ed shows a clear respect for her, talking to her civilly and seriously (look at the conversation the two have about Ishval). I can’t recall a time when he was rude or mocking to her.

Maria Ross: When he and Al sneaked away to the Fifth Laboratory, they were disobeying Armstrong, not Ross. But when Ed was slapped by Ross and she scolded him, he accepted it and knew that he deserved it. Not only that, but when Ross was accused of Hughes’ murder and “killed” by Mustang, Ed was furious, and actually attacked the Colonel on Ross’ behalf.

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Ed is cut down to size immediately by General Armstrong, but instead of lashing out like he would to Mustang, he is cowed and doesn’t attempt to fight back. He’s afraid of her and respects her.

Izumi Curtis: It’s true that she’s not a part of the military, but I would argue that Izumi is one of the most major role models that Ed has. He respects her values and opinions, which is why he was afraid to tell her that he and Al had committed a taboo. She’s his and Al’s number one teacher, and therefore number one role model. 

So, judging by this, Ed has a problem outwardly showing respect to his male role models, whereas to female role models and figures of authority, he willingly expresses his respect for them. This seems to me like a direct reflection of his relationship with his parents. 

His relationship with an absentee Hohenheim is full of resentment and bitterness, and his relationship with his mother is one of love and respect. I think it’s these core relationships that shape Edward’s relations with others in positions of power. I also think it’s really cool that something so psychological and subtle can be woven throughout this show.

Do let me know if I missed anything, or analyzed it wrong, or anything like that.


30 Days of Fullmetal Alchemist Challenge

Day 18- Team Edward or Team Mustang

As much as I love Edward and his pals, Mustang’s team wins by a long shot. I love the whole lot of them, and it’s obvious that Roy took a long time in deciding who would become his loyal subordinates. He takes pride in them, and honestly, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t. 

Has anyone else noticed this? In the scene in the manga in the tunnels where Envy grabs Riza and slams her into the ground and Roy fries Envy and saves her, Roy has this look of complete anger, his eyes glowing like some kind of creature in the dark, as he glares at Envy, but when he turns to Riza and tells her to stop being reckless, his eyes are gentle, soft, almost melancholy. And he doesn’t shout at her.

He was so completely caught up in his anger and revenge, but it’s like her presence kept some part of his normal self from being overtaken, letting it show up even for just a second. Like, despite being so absolutely furious, he still treated her gently because it’s Riza and he would never look at her or speak to her with the kind of ugly emotions he was feeling toward Envy.

And then as soon as he turns his attention back to Envy, he immediately becomes terrifyingly angry again.


Fullmetal Alchemist 30 Day Challenge {insp}
Day 12 » Favorite Alchemist » The Crimson [Lotus] Alchemist
“The one thing worse than death is to avert your eyes from it. Look straight at the people you kill. Don’t take your eyes off them for a second. And don’t ever forget them, because I promise that they won’t forget you.”