his mustache makes up for his terrible personality

I told Amante de Bigote that I wouldn’t post any pictures of us from earlier today, because it was so corny and we felt stupid, but I was looking at what I took and I fucking took a picture of myself blinking! WHO DOES THAT? Me, obvio.

Today was one of the best days ever! Amante and I drove to a roller rink and we were probably the only adults there on the track, which sounds and probably looked creepy now that I think about it more. It was your stereotypical skating rink, where they played every single number 1 hit from 1995 to 2001 like Who Let the Dogs Out, Barbie Girl, and Blue; it was all pretty Hilaribad (I just made that word up and it makes sense for now) . Kids were biffing it left and right and it was glorious.

We also went to the mall to waste some time so we weren’t stuck in traffic, where I learned that fifteen year old girls like to point and stare at a cute man with a mustache; cool, I know he’s a handsome man but y'allz don’t need to throw shade at me because I’m with him! We didn’t buy anything but it made a good day for people watching.

Anyway, (you guys can scroll past, this is gonna make you vom) I’m so lucky to have a sweet, funny, cute dude who wants to take care of me and puts up with my neuroticism and other issues that I cannot fix at the moment. Okay, I’m done being a mushy butthead for now.