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not sure what i was trying to do, but here’s this height chart i guess??

I have like two complains about season 2. Just 2, because the rest was pretty awesome.

1. Hunk. 

Not that I mind the food jokes much, specially since I’m well aware how much the little kids are losing their shit over them all the time. It’s just that Hunk is the funniest character in the show and his thoughts and the stuff he says is gold. And to waste a time where Hunk opens his mouth on a food joke, seems like such a WASTE.


Like ok, when you introduce a cool mecha with choir singing and drama and shit and it gets destroyed after 2 minutes. It makes it seem like garbage.

This robeast was WAAAAAAY cooler and seemed like a way bigger challenge and a stronger enemy than Zarkon’s dumb show off armor suit that he made just to make himself look cool I guess.

Cmon VLD where is the real Epyon to my Voltron??

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Everyone was shocked that Angel was actually allowing Patton to hug him. "Angel, why... why are you letting Patton, hug you? I know you aren't one for physical contact, but this is just surprising," Roman drawled, looking between Patton and Angel. I Don't know what to do after this. Any Ideas?

Anxiety wouldn’t meet anyone’s gaze, but surprised them all further by shakily raising his hands to clutch the back of the others shirt and hide his face in the others shoulder.

“I…..” He can’t speak, his mouth feels like its stuffed with cotton, and his chest is full of spiderwebs, and his mind is foggy.

“It’s okay,” Patton whispers. It’s all he says, but it’s all Virgil needs.

It’s okay. It will all be okay.

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wht are some reasons you stan seongwoo? (: i like reading why people stan their faves!

*Takes out reading glasses and produces dusty list in fine print*


1. His smile
I try to not stan idols by appearance because I recognize that a lot of their job is also their talent and that visuals by no means should cover up for it but DAMN this boy has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen? Like the way his eyes wrinkle and his mouth just kind of opens when he smiles really big and it fills me with joy.

2. His beauty mark constellation
Okay so he has this triangle of beauty marks on his cheek. And I honestly think its charming as hell. I love beauty marks, and his are hands down my favorite like DAMN HIM WITH TOO MUCH MAKE UP THAT IT COVERS THE MARKS ARE NOT RIGHT THAT IS WRONG. 

3. His dancing?????
HIS POPPING AND LOCKING AND HOLY SHIT. I fell in love from the beginning and his audition blew me away. Like his ability to dance to That’s What I Like and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars was SOOOOO AMAZING. And his dancing in Get Ugly? DID I EVER SAY HOW I LITERALLY WATCHED GET UGLY LIKE 50000x AND I STILL WATCH IT ALMOST RELIGIOUSLY?

Ong is known more so for his dancing and his humor but this boy has the voice of an angel? Like I know I’m biased but I was honestly sad he wasn’t lead or main vocal in Wanna One (NOT THAT I DON’T LOVE THE OTHERS ITS JUST I WANT TO HEAR HIS VOICE FOREVER). In Sorry Sorry he literally had like 1 line but it was still beautiful. In Get Ugly he was the main vocal and that BLESSED MY SOUL. His thank you video for clearing Stage 2 of the Ma Boy challenge HE SANG AND IT TOUCHED MY SOUL. And his voice in Never, Hands on Me, and Always SENT MY SOUL TO HEAVEN. 

5. His humor
There’s no way you can watch Produce 101 and not laugh at at least one thing this boy has said or done. Like there’s no way Mnet could even touch or evil edit this guy? He’s literally the dumbest and most extra man, and he gave me so many laughs and smiles when I was buried in 11ft of work with another 6 ft of my parents snapping at me to do more work. 

6. His personality in general
When Park Woojin joined Get Ugly’s team and felt left out as the lowest level, Ong was the first person to genuinely welcome him. When Daniel needed reassurance during the results being revealed, Ong held his hand. He helped lead the team, and became a leader himself for Hands on Me. And on top of that, every interview during or after the show had him depicted as a fun and chill guy that everyone wanted to be friends with.

7. He’s the most hardworking person
Seongwoo is similar to Jisung in that they both had to go through fucking HELL to debut. He was stuck in a company that would not support him or let him do anything, so he took up modelling part time to help support his family and make a name for himself. He finally got out of that shit hole and went to Fantagio, and even there he was almost debuted as an actor when all he wanted to do was be an idol. He worked for over ten years through dancing, and taking vocal lessons at his church, and he worked hard in musicals during college to continue to improve because his first agency didnt do ANYTHING. He’s literally a self made man.

8. Personal ideal type
This crosses over to my personal taste, but he is basically a guy with no flaws to me. Hardworking? Absolutely. Talented? DAMN RIGHT. Personality of gold? That’s the truth!!! And my personal bonus is that he’s also religious because I am too. The first thing he said when he made it into Wanna One as 5th place was “Firstly, I want to thank God for this.” He’s also one of the church boys in Produce (along with Donghyun, Sewoon, and Jaehwan among others), and I adore that. 

9. The way he loves his mom
Maybe it’s because I was raised by only my mom, but I love how he thanked his mom over and over for getting where he is now. Popularity did not get to his head. The first time he ever cried on the show was when his mother’s video message was played in the last episode. In the M2 video afterwards, he also thanked her for raising him so well and never giving up on him, and said he would be a filial and loving song. I LOVE THIS TOO.

10. The way he loves what he does
Honestly speaking as a Korean, I know that being an actor is a lot more ideal. The job has greater longevity, you get more recognition for a longer time, you don’t have as hard of a lifestyle, and he has the looks and talents for it. Seongwoo is Alright is a film that I watched too many times, and his acting was honestly better than a lot of actors I’ve seen. Which is why when he was so adamant about sticking to an idol and turning away from 5URPRISE U, I was so amazed at his willingness and loyalty to what he loves. Being an idol is death. You don’t really sleep, you’re in a fiercely competitive world, you have too many stalkers, no privacy, no break, and you’re shipped off to a lot of places just to film a small segment of a music video with your joints deteriorating from dancing and your vocal cords dying from singing too much. But he chose the harder path because it’s what he believes in. 

And THAT is why I stan Ong Seongwoo. 

"...upon occasions when my heart was touched."

Before he can look and delay any longer, he’s almost kissing the flushed head, already wet at the tip, so Credence goes. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth, trying to curl his tongue against the underside like he’s seen done. He puts his hands flat on Mister Graves’s thighs, he can feel the muscles shifting under the fabric of his pants. He doesn’t know if he can use anything besides his mouth. Better to be safe.

He keeps his groans back, can’t give too much too soon. The boy is doing surprisingly well for his first time though. He gives the belt a short pull, not enough to gag Credence but enough to get his attention, “Good boy. But I think you can take more.”

Credence tries to just breathe. He doesn’t know if he can, but the belt is a firm enough nudge. He leans forward and relaxes his jaw a little more. The taste isn’t bad, but his mouth hasn’t been stretched so wide in, well, ever. It’s not a good feeling.

He threads his fingers into the dark hair, “Do I need to fuck that pretty mouth? Or are you going to pick up the pace?”

He doesn’t know how to apologize, so he just backs off, and then swallows again, before taking Mister Graves’ cock as deep as he can, sucking hard,  until his jaw aches. He’s going to be good. He is.

like it? read the rest from the porno AU collab/former RP thread I did with @waywardgraves

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To be fair, I do see people writing redeemed Ben or never turned to the darkside Bens as very not Kylo in pretty much all aspects, but I've never seen one of those Bens portrayed as very Finn-like either. More like generic good dude. Finn is very not a generic good dude. He's kinda anxious and frenetic and lets his mouth run away from him... never seen a Ben/Kylo like him. :/

idk, i just feel like in my personal experience that’s not true?? now that could be because i nope out of fics very quickly that feel OOC to me. i’m sure fics like this exist but i don’t see them much and i read a lot of reylo fic.

of course redeemed Ben or never-turned-to-the-dark-side Ben is going to be different than when he’s Kylo in some ways, but there are some inherent traits that have to be there to make him Ben/Kylo (they’re the same person, after all!). and those traits, imo, are that list i made. for example, he can have happy moments, but if there’s not this thread of deep-seated sadness that runs beneath it, that’s just not Ben?? but at the same time, Ben having a happy moment doesn’t take away from his characterization or turn him into Finn.

what makes me mad is really this whole idea antis have that if we want to write about Ben as anything other than Kylo we’re just whitewashing Finn. and that’s just patently false. Kylo and Finn have completely different personalities and histories and burdens (and on top of that Kylo is quite clearly an introvert and Finn is an extrovert which hugely informs their personality differences).

anyways, yeah, sorry this got so long and i’m sure you’re right about some fics, but this accusation they’re making incenses me when i think of all the beautiful, thoughtful, deeply moving fics i’ve read that include Ben, a Ben who both is and isn’t Kylo, and most definitely is not Finn.

The Shadow’s Tale

The Dark Woods..

It wasn’t often he returned here, usually just to ensure Diaage had been training as he instructed, but tonight was for a different reason entirely. Tonight he needed answers, and he knew just who to ask for them..

The scent in the air told him hints of the story that awaited him, charred wood, ash, blackened dirt.. magic. Traces of the spells cast here set his mouth watering, his jaw flexing, and his stomach.. his stomach felt like a knife twisted inside him. When he reached the perimeter of the training area his shades appeared to greet him..

“You saw everything that transpired here, children.. Spin your tale.” The bloodmage sat at the edge of the charred earth, steepled fingers to his lips.

And what a tale it was to tell..

One shade took the center, Diaage, he thought to himself.. Even as he watched everything unfold he couldn’t help but critique her form, her guards, her parries.. As the story continued he saw two other shades patrolling the edges, one held the scent of magic, forcing the undead elf to shake his head and refocus. 

A suspicion gnawed at the back of his mind, and at first he couldn’t put his finger on it until he saw the faint flicker of something out of the corner of his eye. Someone was watching the grounds as she trained..

But who, I wonder.. He put the matter out of his mind as he looked back, the shades were gathered now, something spooked them. Whatever it was caused them to look out at the trees. Where the flicker remained..

He stood and began to pace around the perimeter until he found the disturbance, the place where the shadows seemed to collect. Kneeling down and looking from where the flicker was he found his eyes settling on the trees in the distance. You should have had spotters with you, Diaage.. He cursed to himself as the thought came to mind, gun.. No sooner did the thought form that the shades in the center moved. Their reactions told him they were being attacked from a distance and from multiple angles. Each attack staggered as the attacker likely kept on the move to avoid them narrowing down his location.

Jin sighed heavily as he saw the shade he took for Diaage be carried away by another, Like a damned travel pack..

It was chaos now, shadows streaking back and forth as projectiles pierced the magical scene that played out before him.. A new shade appeared in the center, looking to the others as they fled. A surge of energy, in the form of what he could  only discern as fire from the traces and the destruction that used to be his training grounds, burst from the newcomer. The shades vanished.. leaving Jin with a question as he came to a stop. The last place Diaage was seen by his spells.. 

To the water or the mountains?

He had no answer.. And this troubled the undead deeply. A chance could have come if he could find their trail but the fires made that impossible. The bloodmage’s last hope came from the whispers he’d sent after the Director, if he could narrow down her location, just get close..

They will lead me to my pupil..

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that pouty thing™ haechan does when he talks


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 


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